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Jun 28th, 2015
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  1. C
  3. Lazward: Sigh...No good, huh?
  4. Pieri: Ah-! Lazward got dumped again-!
  5. Lazward: Pieri...
  6. Pieri: Did that girl say something bad to you?
  7. Lazward: Nah, we were talking normally. I was trying to be more eloquent than usual, actually. But I guess nobody liked it.
  8. Pieri: Really? Why not threaten them like "I'll kill you" or something? Then they'd have no choice but to go with you.
  9. Lazward: M-maybe, yeah...but I don't want such a brutal tea party...
  10. Pieri: Hmmmm...Then Pieri will go with you.
  11. Lazward: Whoa, really!?
  12. Pieri: Yup. Pieri likes you a lot, Lazward!
  13. Lazward: Huh...!?
  14. Pieri: Wah- Lazward blushed! You've been hitting on girls but still a rookie-! (not sure about this)
  15. Lazward: D-Don't shout so loudly...It's embarrassing...!
  16. Pieri: Okay then. Pieri doesn't want people to hate Lazward.
  17. Lazward: Pieri...why did you say you like me?
  18. Because we're both Lord Marx's retainer?
  19. Pieri: Uh huh. We're partners, right? We should get along as Lord Marx's retainer.
  20. Lazward: Ah, I guessed as much...
  21. Pieri: But Pieri likes Lazward as a person too, since Lazward has killed a lot of people!
  22. Lazward: ...Uhh?
  23. Pieri: Pieri knows if someone has killed people before. Lazward smells like blood, it's a really soothing scent. That's why Pieri likes you!
  24. Lazward: U-Umm?
  25. Pieri: Now let's go and have some tea and then we can return to Lord Marx!
  26. Lazward: P-Pieri, stop pulling me!
  28. B
  30. Pieri: Ah, Lazward! Pieri had a lot of fun at the tea party the other day!
  31. Lazward: Yeah. Me too.
  32. Pieri: That's great! Feel free to invite Pieri again next time.
  33. Lazward: Thanks. Say, Pieri. At the tea party, you talked about killing servants, right? Did you really do that?
  34. Pieri: Sure did. Pieri always go 'swoosh!' at the servants whenever I feel annoyed. There would be lots of blood, and it would look so beautiful!
  35. Lazward: P-Pieri! You shouldn't do that!
  36. Pieri: No? Why not?
  37. Lazward: Why? Those servants tend to your needs, right? They never did anything wrong, it's not right to kill them...
  38. Pieri: But why-? Lazward killed a lot of people too, right?
  39. Lazward: Yeah...but, I didn't have a choice. It's killed or be killed. But that doesn't apply to the servants, right?
  40. Pieri: This is kinda confusing. Does Lazward always think about these difficult things?
  41. Lazward: Of course. Even enemies have a family and friends waiting for them, I thought. You never thought that about the people you kill? How crushed their family would've felt about their death?
  42. Pieri: Pieri doesn't really understand. Sounds like a hassle, so Pieri never thought that far in battle.
  43. Lazward: Pieri...Okay then. I guess we should give it a rest for today. Sorry...I'll be going back now.
  44. Pieri: Huh--? Why!? Wait-! ....Waaaaah! Pieri got ditched---! Pieri hates, hates Lazward! The pain of losing a family? ...Pieri...Pieri is...
  46. A
  48. Pieri: Lazward.
  49. Lazward: What's wrong, Pieri?
  50. Pieri: About the other day...The pain of losing a family...Pieri also knows how that feels.
  51. Lazward: Really?
  52. Pieri: Uh huh. Pieri's mom was killed when Pieri was little.
  53. Lazward: ...What!?
  54. Pieri: Pieri's mom was covered in so much blood in the kitchen, Pieri thought someone dropped a basket of tomatoes back then.
  55. ...The killer was a servant. He loved Pieri's mom so much he wanted to make her his own.
  56. Lazward: T-That's terrible...
  57. Pieri: That servant was later punished, but every servant seemed the same to Pieri then. It was like mom's killer was still in the house somewhere. That's why Pieri ended up killing servants whenever Pieri is annoyed. Dad knew too, but he never said anything about what Pieri did.
  58. Lazward: .......
  59. Pieri: After that, the servants eventually dwindled...and so Pieri left the house. Pieri gets praised whenever Pieri killed someone on the battlefield, so killing eventually becomes enjoyable...and Pieri forgot about mom for a while. But, when Pieri looks back, Pieri was also very very sad. From that day, the kitchen never smelled delicious again. Pieri...could never eat mom's home cooking ever again.
  60. Lazward: Pieri!!
  61. Pieri: Wah, Why are you hugging Pieri, Lazward?
  62. Lazward: Sorry, Pieri. I shouldn't have said said that you didn't understand loss. It must've been painful, so much you even forgot about it.
  63. Pieri: Are you crying, Lazward?
  64. Lazward: I'm not. You're the one who wanted to cry all this time, right?
  65. Pieri: Huh...y-you're right...Pieri is crying...This is a first...
  66. Lazward: Cry as much as you like. It's okay now. Pieri's mom will always live inside you.
  67. Pieri: Really? That's amazing! Come to think of it, Pieri can make mom's home cooking now! Is it because of mom?
  68. Lazward: That's right. I, too, can dance like my late mom did. Both of us have something important passed down to us.
  69. Pieri: Yaaay! Pieri and Lazward matches! That's kinda awesome. Way to go, partner!
  70. Lazward: I want to tell you something as your partner. From now on, think a bit before you kill someone. Think about how sad you were when your mom got killed, do you want other people to feel like that too?
  71. Pieri: ...Okay. It might take a while, but Pieri will think about it.
  72. Lazward: Thanks, Pieri.
  73. Pieri: Ehehe...It's kinda refreshing after crying so much. Pieri loves you, Lazward!
  75. S
  77. Lazward: Pieri?
  78. Pieri: Lazward! Lokie, lookie!
  79. Lazward: What's with all the food? There's so many...
  80. Pieri: This is a thank you for the other day, Lazward! Pieri made all of them, and they're all exactly as mom made them!
  81. Lazward: You made this? That's amazing, thank you! Now let's dig in.
  82. Pieri: How is it, how is it?
  83. Lazward: They're great! It has a very kind flavor. I knew you were good at cooking, but this exceeded my expectations.
  84. Pieri: Ehehe~ You like Pieri better now?
  85. Lazward: Nah, I'm at my limit. I don't think I can love you even more than I do now.
  86. Pieri: Hmmm? That means...
  87. Lazward: I love you, Pieri. Not as a partner, but as a woman.
  88. Pieri: ! This is amazing...Pieri feels the same way. Pieri, too, loves Lazward as a man!
  89. Lazward: Then, will you marry me, Pieri?
  90. Pieri: M-Marry? Pieri will become a mother?
  91. Lazward: Err...I guess, yeah.
  92. Pieri: Wah-, Lazward's blushing! You confessed but you have no experience at all-! (this too)
  93. Lazward: Please don't tease me...W-well, I'd be happy if you...want to be a mom.
  94. Pieri: Yup, that's good. Pieri will happily marry Lazward.
  95. Lazward: Thanks, Pieri...
  96. Pieri: Pieri will make lots of delicious food for our kid, like mom did for Pieri! Oh, but they probably wouldn't like Pieri's speech pattern...
  97. Lazward: Speech pattern?
  98. Pieri: Uh huh. Pieri talks just like Pieri did back then, when mom was killed. It's always been like this ever since.
  99. Lazward: I see. I'm kinda curious about how you really talk.
  100. Pieri: Really? Okay, let's try it out......I love you, Lazward.
  101. Lazward: ...Pieri...
  102. Pieri: Hmmm- Still feels kinda weird. Oh well, Pieri will talk like usual. Pieri likes it better this way.
  103. Lazward: You don't have to force yourself. I think it sounded great, but I love your usual speech pattern, you know?
  104. Pieri: Ehehe...Pieri is really happy. And just a teeny bit embarrassed.
  105. Lazward: too.
  106. Pieri: We're matching again! Way to go, partner!
  107. Lazward: It's not just partner. From now on, we're partners for life.
  108. Pieri: Right on! Pieri and Lazward will surely be great parents!
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