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  1. Forums usually simple, but it's a lot of small things that help make them work.
  3. For general features, I suggest a regular forums tab, a support tab and possibly something else
  5. I'd heavily suggest against a live chat or even a discord server. A live chat could quite likely make the website look very dead, desprete and overall just another thing that is uneeded to moderate. Later on if the forum grows I recomend going back and discussing this topic.
  7. As for the literal forum. A vouch's/reputation system could be in place. I would say to just have a guestbook where people could write reviews. You could report a review for being false, fake or something on the lines of this. I do heavily think that we should break down the reputation system in depth.
  9. We also need to remmeber if we give thje users a good platform, they will adapt to what we provide.
  11. It's likely users are going to ask for a discord server. This could lead to many scams and such, and anything we do to try and prevent these will likely have loop holes. I would say a 0 moderated discord server or just a simple server with WTS, WTB and chat.
  13. Annoucements should be posted 2 weeks apart minimum. The website should start with strong security and consider what sort of site it wants to be.
  15. Clean- MC-Market
  16. Semi- OGU - allows methods, cracked accounts and such but still goes and has legit stuff and overall a less black hat market
  17. BlackHat- Nulled
  19. Scoll you need to decide this above and think strongly if you decide Clean. Most people allow cracked accounts or in this case nitro methods, but it depends on what you want. This could be a thing you would have to moderate heavily.
  21. Staff-
  22. Admin, Manager, Owner, Moderator, Section Moderator, discord mod?*
  24. Admin- Focuses on rules, section placement, overall user happiness, major problems
  25. Manager- day-day management of the site
  26. Owner- runs the site from above with interactions with the community
  27. Section moderator- before moderator, similar to chat-mod. This role moderates a certain section ie: discord nitro.
  29. The site will also have to decide how they want to be strict or non-strict about rules and such. Less strict means happier users but  more problems long-term and moderation. Strict means unhappy users and possible blockades on the site. The middle is the best place to be but hard to be. This is where you get people judging decisions if it goes to one side more easier than another.
  31. Another consideration is if you want to include sales of other products. If the site grows it's likely that users are going to request sections for other products. This should be decided by you on how you want to go into thinking about it.
  33. I would recommend attempting to stay discord focused but it's likely you'll have to branch out at some point. Not always a bad thing.
  35. Sales of resources for the site-
  36. A resources tab is a ridiculusly hard thing to moderate. It's going to be annoying if people always post shoptify links and such and it's the question of blocking them. I suggest allowing all links in that case related to sales but keeping it in mind that some sort of moderation will need to be done.
  38. The commmunity-
  39. There's going to be users that are more used to Nulled/OGU, users that just use discord and then users that are in these forums like MCM and want to sell their product.
  41. We want to grow a communtiy. Not just a place where people dump sales. Giveaways, active community events, a lot of advertisment helps this. It's just the beginning of taking off.
  43. But once you do, be prepared.
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