/wvt/ relevant vtubers

Dec 28th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. /wvt/-relevant vtubers
  2. A simple and incomplete reflection of the thread past and present. Arbitrary ordered.
  3. If not updated for a month, consider I finally offed myself and someone should take over.
  5. • Nina (https://twitter.com/NinanininVT)
  6. Mentionned early, grew fast ever since. Very popular among other vtubers. Her singing will heal the most jaded souls. Usually has her own /vt/ thread.
  7. • Koopa (https://twitter.com/Koopachaneru)
  8. Born from a dream. Motherly/caring feel, with a liking for mechas and owner of guns. Usually has her own /vt/ thread.
  9. • Rose (https://twitter.com/TheAverageRose)
  10. Part of what made the thread exist. The most popular for a long time, her unrivaled energy and natural S play charmed quite a few. Now share the spotlight with a lot of other favourites. Usually has her own /vt/ thread with Nekoreen.
  11. • Mocca (https://twitter.com/moccaliebeskind)
  12. A veteran indie, focused on retro gaming, mentionned since the start. Removed himself from the spotlight but still relevant. If Mocca likes a vtuber, it's probably worth checking them.
  13. • Nyaru (https://twitter.com/nyaruchuuu)
  14. Failed idol, close to Yoro. Very knowledgeable about the idol scene and comfortable with mature topics. Love to care for others.
  15. • Yoro (https://twitter.com/YoroYoyoVirtual)
  16. Endearing, immature jokes, well read and a multitude of voices. A long time favourite.
  17. • Veleck (https://twitter.com/Veleck_)
  18. Irish Cat-sìth with a sweet voice and some confidence. Quickly integrated with the community. Readings and games.
  19. • Lapin (https://twitter.com/Laponkotsu/)
  20. The useless idol. Scuffed, adorable, creative, and unarchived streams.
  21. • Picky (https://twitter.com/pickychannel)
  22. A very talented artist with a unique feel and layout. Willing to go to jail for the greater good.
  23. • Alice (https://twitter.com/chainsaw_alice)
  24. Ask this cute serial killer how it feels to be swedish. Focus on horror games.
  25. • Corpse (https://twitter.com/corpse_ch)
  26. A dead being that does not speak but make music. Mentionned for a long time, her unique concept slowly got more traction.
  27. • Megbert (https://twitter.com/megbertonline)
  28. A cheerful monster with a cute voice. Also your imaginary (just) friend.
  29. • IFelt (https://twitter.com/Felti_JP/https://twitter.com/IFeltiEyel)
  30. Megbert's artist, she often stream her work as a manga artist. Mostly talk japanese but also interact in english.
  31. • Shimada (https://twitter.com/shimadatiger)
  32. Sporty hoyden, got traction recently after positive interactions with the community.
  33. • Lily (https://twitter.com/lilyhops)
  34. Popularity rise in early december, great chat interaction and gaming skills quickly made her a favourite despite rarely associating with the rest. Pop.
  35. • Stalker (https://twitter.com/stalkeralker)
  36. A very fast artist, pretty stable and level-headed. Aware of the community.
  37. • Shirara (https://twitter.com/dumplingshirara) : after quite a tumultuous integration, she was brought up regularly in positive light for a few weeks, making her relevant to the thread
  38. • Nekoreen (https://twitter.com/Nekoreen_CH) : associated with Rose. Her voice can raise the temperature.
  39. • Mau (https://twitter.com/mauthe_doog) : here since the start, australian magic dog that needs neutering
  40. • Meat (https://twitter.com/meatscave) : a cavewoman goblin coming from the past
  41. • Newt (https://twitter.com/newt_ch) : a water spirit who like hats, has been in the community for a while
  42. • Little_S (https://twitter.com/Little_Streams_) : aspiring snek, the PGNtuber of all time. Great comedian and drinker of glue.
  43. • Josabelle (https://twitter.com/JosabelleDemon) :  a top huntress imp demon who recently integrated
  44. • Kumagai (https://twitter.com/beatanichisato) : a four leafed bear, bilingual, windows xp, touhou and many others things
  45. • Leon and Alice (https://twitter.com/leonandalice) : a vtuber couple, here from the start
  46. • HoshiAria (https://twitter.com/HoshiAria) : once she straps her belt, the stars are waiting for you. Plays retro and horror.
  47. • Guardian ZET (https://twitter.com/GuardianZETI) : a forest halfling, no challenge is too big for him
  48. • Thinkerbella (https://twitter.com/thonkerbella) : singing focused
  49. • Bessie (https://twitter.com/cowgirlcowgirl_) : southern cowgirl
  51. ___ 4clover children ___
  52. Those local grown vtubers may interest you
  53. • Arypie (https://twitter.com/ArypieVirtual) : a small alien trying to understand and interact with humans.
  54. • Eira (https://twitter.com/eira_ch) : a sweet and nervous welsh sheep, with an idol dream.
  55. • Carmine (https://twitter.com/CarminePChannel) : a cursed being, but actually just a readhead chuuni made for bullying.
  56. • Bunzel (https://twitter.com/bunzel_ch) : a threat to society, and a competent (?) fisher.
  57. • Symmakos (https://twitter.com/symmakos) : the greek RTS god
  58. • Gael (https://twitter.com/GrandVtuber) : grand strategy games focused
  59. • Egg (https://twitter.com/Eggs_Ch) : just an egg
  60. • Charlotte (https://twitter.com/Charlottebearch) : ursus Americanus, edgy goth black bear.
  61. • Alaric (https://twitter.com/alaric_ch) : visigoth warrior-in-training, and poetry.
  62. • Melchior (https://twitter.com/MelchiorChannel) : fallen paladin seeking redemption, focused on RTS, great voice.
  63. • Cliff (https://twitter.com/VCliffMcConaire) : make and teach music
  64. • Spacer (https://twitter.com/SpacerHaywireCh) : independent operator of a torchship courier
  65. • Woyde (https://twitter.com/ChWoyde) : a suspicious man focusing on linguistics
  69. ___ Tsunderia ___
  70. Small corpo that got traction in this thread for a good while, nowadays most of the talk is done in their own /vt/ thread
  71. • Urara/Slugma (https://twitter.com/umiushiurara) : tsunderia staff turned vtuber, down to earth and corporate slave.
  72. • Yuuna (https://twitter.com/niniyuuna) : the more popular of the tsunderia group. Caught browing here on debut
  73. • Meru (https://twitter.com/matsuromeru): more laid back attitude and pretty open about her feels on strea, smoke marijuana
  74. • Killan (https://twitter.com/yazakikallin) : got talks for her drunk stream and being more unhinged than the rest of her gen
  75. • Ria (https://twitter.com/kirihimeria) : her design and voice got people to follow this cute rrat
  77. ___ Mentions ___
  78. Relevant for other reasons
  79. • Kana (https://twitter.com/kamikokana) : a big name and get her art posted, there is however barely any mention of her streams.
  80. • Natsumi Moe (https://twitter.com/Vtuber_Moe) : while not popular in the thread, she does have historical importance, one of the 1st.
  81. • Mushi (https://twitter.com/VtuberMushi) : used to be a thread favourite. Cryptic voice. Hasn't been on topic at all for a while.
  82. • MyHoloTv (https://twitter.com/myholotv) : only mentionned to ask "why isn't anyone talking about MyHoloTV?"
  83. • Rin (https://twitter.com/RinWasabi) : ironic experience who got too spicy for his own good
  84. • Artemis (https://twitter.com/ArtemisVtuber)
  85. Disappointment about debut is part of the reason this thread had to be created. While most people don't seem to care for the person,
  86. fanarts sometimes get posted by that one artemis fan.
  88. This list is obviously totally objective and unbiaised, just like anything posted in /wvt/.
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