[Magireco 4chan summary] Nagisa event story

Oct 29th, 2018
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  1. Summary of Nagisa's story, by the previos Thread:
  2. Nagisa Momoe's a fucking loner who lives in a house full of garbage and loves to read fairy tales with unhappy endings because she has a fascination with the "the end" just wrapping everything up nicely.
  3. Her mom's hospitalized.
  4. Her dad left them.
  5. Kyubey's been pestering Nagisa to become a magical girl.
  6. Nagisa's kind of shrewd and says no to Kyubey introducing her to a magical girl to see what it's like (It's not good to follow strangers) and asks tough questions like "If being a magical girl's so great, why don't you become a magical girl and do everything yourself?" or "You've made lots of contracts before, so what do you think I should wish for?" or "Isn't it a waste to use magic to wish for money, only to buy something not magical?" or "Wouldn't wishing for something be the same as admitting your life isn't enough?"
  8. Kyubey and Inui Itsumi (the girl he wanted to introduce Nagisa to) talk about the Sleepwalking Ghost and how Inui's kind of pissed off that the Sleepwalking Ghost has been targeting someone important to her.
  10. Nagisa's excuses herself after class by saying she needs to go visit her mom in the hospital (a lie). Instead, she goes to the store and buys a shitload of cheese. She doesn't actually like cheese all that much, but she always buys cheese for her mom and eats whatever's left over.
  12. The Sleepwalking Ghost saves Nagisa from a familiar and reveals herself to be Yu, a magical girl with no memory and has to resort to lists of names to remind herself who's friend or foe. She kills people on the 'bad' list, sells what she can from the body, and dumps it in a witch labyrinth. She lists Nagisa as 'good' but notes that she has another Momoe on her 'bad' list. Kyubey keeps telling Nagisa that Yu is an outlier, and not a magical girl that should be taken as representative of anything. He doubts she can even tell witches apart from humans. Nagisa even thought Yu was a witch before she saved her.
  14. Nagisa thinks hard about her wish and quickly realizes she could heal her mom... so that her mom will love her again and realize it was a mistake to stop loving her. To do this, she needs her mom to know that she is the cause of her getting healed. Thus, Nagisa wants to heal her mom for her own self-satisfaction. And to do so, she needs her mom's consent.
  16. She brings all the cheese to her mom, who scolds her for buy so much when she can't eat all of it. Her mom then goes on to say that her husband abandoned her, and Nagisa's just pretending to care for her, just like everybody else.
  18. Nagisa tells her mom that she can wish for anything, even to cure her illness.
  20. Instead, Nagisa's mom asks her to kill everyone.
  21. Everyone that laughed at her. Everyone that pretended to care for her.
  22. She doesn't care about getting cured.
  23. Her life went downhill when Nagisa was born.
  24. Nagisa runs away to where she told Kyubey to wait for her (Kyubey didn't see the point since he could've just gone up with her since her mom can't see him)
  26. Nagisa decides to wish for a cheescake.
  27. The yummiest cheesecake in the world.
  28. The yummiest... in her mom's eyes.
  29. Nagisa becomes a magical girl and swears to live freely, for herself, and only herself.
  31. Inui and Yu get into a fight since Yu wants to kill the guy important to her. Inui gets her ass handed to her and is about to go witch. She asks Kyubey to kill her, or she'll turn into a witch. Kyubey thanks her for fulfilling her duty.
  33. Nagisa gets caught in Inui's witch barrier.
  34. Kyubey tells her she can't defeat the witch at her level and asks why she cares if her mom dies since she gave up on curing her and she's going to die anyway. Nagisa swears she can't let her mom die because she's going to save her. Her selfish wish saved her.
  35. Yu saves her and kills the witch as Nagisa faints.
  37. Nagisa wakes up and realizes that Yu's gonna kill her mom. Kyubey bids her farewell and expresses regret that she couldn't have worked harder, and that he has to go get Mami to hunt her down.
  39. Nagisa enters her mom's hospital room, only to find Yu has stabbed her. Yu finally realizes that it was Nagisa's mom and reassures her that everything will be fine now that she killed her. Yu wanted to sell her organs, but it's only right that Nagisa get her mom's body. Nagisa tells her to leave. Yu bids her farewell and says she considers her a friend.
  41. In her dying breaths, Nagisa's mom begs Nagisa to call a doctor since a horned, humanoid monster stabbed her. Nagisa just stands there silently as she disobeys her mother order for the first time for the last time: Please Respond.
  43. The story ends with a fairy tale of how Nagisa became a magical girl alone and died alone on a day not-too-cold, not-too-hot. The last thing she remembered seeing was being surrounded by more candy than she could eat.
  44. But the cheese was gone.
  45. So much candy, but no delicious cheese.
  46. Cheese, cheese, where is the cheese?
  47. Mom loves cheese. Nagisa loves cheese.
  48. Cheese, cheese, where is the cheese?
  49. The end.
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