Oct 25th, 2021
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  1. The Spire
  2. Goal: Raise The Spire to open the doorway.
  3. Your team will spawn into the Waking Ruins. Three Vex Sync Plates are located on the left, middle (in front of the doorway), and right of this area. [Map] All three Sync Plates must be activated to raise The Spire in the middle of the zone. If any plates are retaken (they turn red), The Spire will disintegrate.
  5. Break into three teams of two to activate and defend each Sync Plate. Stand on the Sync Plate to activate it, then you can step off. Waves of Vex will spawn trying to rush the Sync Plate. However, only the Minotaurs can deactivate the plate. To reactivate, simply kill the Vex and stand inside the circle again.
  7. The three Cyclopes which continue to respawn can be a major pain. Try to take them down in-between waves of Vex as you have time. Otherwise, there is cover around each plate that can be utilized (remember -- once a plate is activated you can step off).
  9. Once The Spire is fully-formed, it will emit a beam of light into the large Vex doorway behind the middle plate. Continue on through the cave and down a minor jumping puzzle...
  11. Be sure to grab the chest right inside the door before you head down into The Trial of Kabr. There is another secret chest located on the "secret path" below the doorway leading from The Trials of Kabr to the Templar's Well zones. You'll do some light platforming down a green and viney path until you reach the chest.
  13. No Challenge Mode
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