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Товарищи Hack Foreign Minister Email Account

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Feb 21st, 2012
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  1. Privet.
  2. Товарищи hacked into Foreign Affairs Ministers email account. This is year ago.
  3. We see reports from New Zealand tv. It show some emails. We will leak the emails he talk about.
  4. This is not important to us. This is skid stuff. We move onto more things now.
  5. (Sorry for bad english).
  7. - Long Live RBN
  9. - @TheComradez
  11. до свидания
  12. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. --- On Wed, 20/4/11, Halia Haddad (MIN) <> wrote:
  15. From: Halia Haddad (MIN) <>
  16. Subject: NZDF plane availability
  17. To: "Minister blackberry (" <>, "Billie Moore (MIN)" <>, "Minister McCully (" <>
  18. Date: Wednesday, 20, April, 2011, 3:45 PM
  21. Minister
  24. As discussed, the broad indications NZDF has given me regarding possible plane availability in May/June is as follows:
  26. - 23-27 May: a 757 and a 757 backup available
  27. - 30 May to 3 June: one 757 available. Would need to look at an alternative backup.
  28. - 8-11 June: one 757 available. Would need to look at an alterntive backup.
  29. - 21-24 June: no 757s available. Only one C130 available. i.e. probably no backup planes available.
  30. - 27 June - 2 July: no 757s available. Only one C130 available. i.e. probably no backup planes available.
  32. Most of July is looking very difficult for the NZDF - no 757s available, and only one C130.
  35. Halia
  37. Halia Haddad | Private Secretary, Foreign Affairs | Office of Hon Murray McCully
  38. Minister of Foreign Affairs | Minister for Sport and Recreation | Minister for the Rugby World Cup
  39. Phone +64 4 817 9738 | Mobile +64 (0)21 420 132 | Fax +64 4 817 6510
  40. 6.1 Executive Wing Beehive | Parliament Buildings | Wellington 6160 | New Zealand
  41. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  45. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  46. Minister, as discussed PAC has provided some further updates on availability of PIC governments.
  47. Solomon Islands, PNG the week of 13 June can be locked in, with a possibility that Timor could be added; details as follows: Papua New Guinea
  49. As discussed, we are locking in the visit to Port Moresby for 17-18 June.
  50. Solomon Islands Honiara advise that Solomon Islands is ok for June and we can lock this in (but not June 13 which is a public holiday).
  51. At this stage the Prime Minister (Philip), and Opposition Leader (Sikua) are available that week.
  52. Assistant Secretary Pacific at MFAET advises that Minister Shannel is travelling to Korea the first week of June but the intention
  53. is for him to be back in Solomon Islands by 13 June, and that Shannel would therefore be available to meet with you. Shannel's travel plans
  54. are yet to be finalised, however if we are able to formally to indicate to the Solomon Islands Government that you would visit on the week of 13 June then this will be taken into account in finalising Shannel's date of return.
  56. The Minister of Finance (G Darcy Lilo) will be returning from Vietnam on 12 June and available from then.
  57. RAMSI Special Coordinator confirms he will be in Solomon Islands the week beginning 13 June.
  58. Based on this availability, we would welcome your views on whether we should go ahead and lock the Solomon Islands the week of 13 June,
  59. combined with the PNG visit.
  60. Timor-Leste
  62. · We are working with NZDF and looking at commercial schedules to Timor-Leste, as well as contacting Timorese officials to seek
  63. their views on a visit the week of 13 June. If it works out this could then be combined into the travel schedule with PNG and Solomon Islands.
  64. Samoa/Polynesia
  66. · Post has re-confirmed that PM Tuilaepa will not/not be in country at all the week of 9-13 May (Samoa is an LDC and we assume there may be a connection with the Istanbul meeting).
  67. · I have spoken with
  69. continues: the Electorate Office regarding the opening of the Food Technology Kitchen at Long Bay College. They advise that there is a
  70. delegation coming from Korea for it, and it would therefore be impossible to move the date. There is the option that another
  71. Minister/dignitary opens the event (and Long Bay College has previously been advised that we could not confirm your attendance absolutely),
  72. however as it is also an electoral event the Electorate Office did not recommend it. Therefore assuming you need to attend this, it would make
  73. it impossible to combine Samoa with Tonga and Vanuatu in the third week of May and have you back for Friday 20 May.
  75. As an alternative, one option we are working on with NZDF and PIC governments is to identify other possible weeks in which we
  76. could combine Polynesian destinations. This would of course need to fit in around your other travel commitments.
  77. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  78. "--- On Wed, 20/4/11, Stephen Parker (MIN) <> wrote:"
  81. From: Stephen Parker (MIN) <>
  82. Subject: FW: Update on Consular Case: Arrest of NZ Woman in Argentina
  83. " To: ""Billie Moore (MIN)"" <>, """" <>"
  84. " Date: Wednesday, 20, April, 2011, 1:00 PM"
  86. " Hi,"
  89. A lot of media attention on the Armstrong drug case. The DomPost have interviewed her in prison and plan to publish the interview tomorrow - so its likely to attract further attention.
  91. The Dom Post is asking for comment but I am declining - unless otherwise advised.
  93. However appropriate consular assistance is being provided and this is being communicated through MFAT comms.
  96. " Regards,"
  98. Stephen
  100. Stephen Parker | Press Secretary.
  101. " Office of Hon Murray McCully (Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sport"
  102. " and Recreation, Rugby World Cup 2011)"
  104. 6.1 Executive Wing | Parliament Buildings | Wellington
  105. DDI +64 4 817 9568 | MOB 021 838 372| FAX +64 4 817 6510
  109. " From: WILLIAMS, Catrina (CMD) []"
  110. " Sent: Wednesday, 20 April 2011 11:51 a.m."
  111. " To: GEMMELL, Andrea (CON); Halia Haddad (MIN); Amy Laurenson (MIN); Stephen Parker (MIN)"
  112. " Cc: TAPLEY, Jane (CON); Annelies Windmill; LAW, Anna (CON)"
  113. Subject: RE: Update on Consular Case: Arrest of NZ Woman in Argentina
  114. Importance: High
  119. Hi All
  121. The Dom Post (Clio Francis) has now interviewed the Sharon Armstrong from prison in Buenos Aires. They've given this info in-confidence to Stephen. Clio reports that Armstrong is distraught and concerned about the level of assistance being offered by NZ. Due to the circumstances of the case there is likely to be a level of sympathy for Armstrong and her predicament. The Dom have asked for comment from the Minister.
  123. At this stage Stephen and my view is that it is best to keep this at an operational level and for comment to continue coming from the Ministry.
  125. As we have a good deal of info on where the story is likely to go next - I think we need to be on the front-foot and go back to the Dom this afternoon with a response along the lines of:
  126. The New Zealand Embassy is Buenos Aires is providing consular assistance to Sharon Armstrong following her arrest last week. The Embassy was informed of the arrest on April 14. An official from the Embassy has visited [will be visiting] [when] Ms Armstrong [when] and the Ministry is in touch with her family. The Embassy has provided [is providing] details to Ms Armstrong for English-speaking lawyers.
  127. " When New Zealanders are detained overseas the Ministry can provide a range of assistance including informing next of kin, arranging for the transfer of funds for payment of bail or other legal expenses, and attending legal proceedings as an observer. The New Zealand Government or its officials cannot intervene in the justice system or law courts of other countries."
  128. " Can someone in CONS pls confirm these with post and get back to me with any amends - the Dom is holding the interview for tmrw's edition, likely front-page, so we'll have til around 6pm to provide comment."
  130. " Also to note that Armstrong's family have alleged to TVNZ that information regarding her situation has entered the media via a leak at MFAT. TVNZ sought comment on this - I've told them its extremely unlikely that this is the case, and the case for running such an allegation is flimsy, but that we would not be engaging publicly with the allegation."
  132. 20 plus calls so far.
  134. I'm also going to alert SLT and PM's office etc on where we are at media-wise.
  138. Thanks
  139. C
  142. " From: GEMMELL, Andrea (CON)"
  143. " Sent: Tuesday, 19 April 2011 12:53 p.m."
  144. " To: ....HADDAD2, Halia (Inet); ....LAURENSON2, Amy (Inet)"
  145. " Cc: WILLIAMS, Catrina (CMD); TAPLEY, Jane (CON); WINDMILL, Annelies (BNA)"
  146. Subject: Update on Consular Case: Arrest of NZ Woman in Argentina
  149. " Further to our email advice (Watson/Laurenson) on 16 April, of the arrest of a NZ citizen, Sharon May ARMSTRONG, on 13 April in Buenos Aires on drugs charges, we provide an update below . "
  152. Background - NOT FOR RELEASE
  155. " On 13 April 2011 NZ citizen, Sharon May ARMSTRONG, was arrested in Buenos Aires, Argentina on drugs charges."
  156. Armstrong was arrested arriving into Ezeiza International Airport with drugs in her suitcase.
  157. The NZ embassy in Buenos Aires has now been in direct contact with Armstrong and are providing consular assistance.
  158. " The main family contact is a sister in Australia, where Armstrong was most recently resident. There is also a brother in NZ. Consular staff at the Embassy in Buenos Aires, NZHC Canberra and MFAT Consular Division in Wellington have been in contact with the family and are providing consular advice."
  159. NZ media are aware of the case and MFAT have received some enquiries.
  160. Armstrong has advised the Embassy staff that she does not wish her name to appear in the media in NZ and would appreciate every effort to ensure her name and circumstances are kept confidential. (She is particularly concerned because she has worked for the NZ government for the past 20 years although she is not employed now).
  162. Media Points
  164. MFAT is aware of the arrest of a New Zealander in Buenos Aires.
  165. The New Zealand Embassy in Buenos Aires is providing consular assistance to the individual concerned .
  166. The Ministry will not be releasing any further details about the individual at this stage.
  168. Regards
  170. Andrea Gemmell
  172. " Consular Officer for Europe, the Americas and Australia"
  173. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  174. Wellington
  175. Ph + 64 4 439 8074
  176. Fax + 64 4 439 8532
  181. " ""The information contained in this email message is intended only for the addressee and is not necessarily the official view or communication of the Ministry. If you are not the intended recipient you must not use, disclose, copy or distribute this message or the information in it. If you have received this message in error, please email or telephone the sender immediately."" "
  182. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  183. "--- On Wed, 20/4/11, [redacted] <> wrote:"
  186. From: [redacted] <>
  187. Subject: SPC MEETING and other observations
  188. " To: ""Murray McCully"" <>"
  189. " Date: Wednesday, 20, April, 2011, 2:03 PM"
  191. " Murray, "
  193. You will by now have talked to others and gained your own feedback but here is my unvarnished view.
  195. The message you wanted delivered has been. I gave no undertaking that you would be signing a cheque. That is for you to decide when Jimmy replies to your letter.
  196. " Your judgement is correct that the region gets precious little outcome for the expenditure of $145 million. The SPC meeting had 176 attendees (7 from Cook Is) for 6 days and cost $250,000 to hold for almost no result. In part because Nzer Capt John Hogan Director of the Economic Division was not on top of his game?..and I expressed disappointment in his performance at a final meeting with Rodgers, his deputy Mann and Hogan."
  197. There is a certain amount of smoke and mirrors around the $6 mill your sitting on. Jimmy said it was actually part of the core budget needed to run the SPC. They can try to tie the money to specific activities with measurable outcomes ?????.but it is still core budget. That?s the space you have been left in by successive generations of NZ officials who have attended these meetings.
  198. I think you have no option but to sign the cheque at this point.. You can give notice of a reduction in the future or create contortions of apparent accountability by tying some or all of the cash to outcomes.. Jimmy knows your view and says he is on board as did Mann privately.
  199. " Seems to me the real problem is that the SPC and Forum are too big a drain on the resources of region. No matter how you look??..drain on manpower and competition with the regions governments for competent staff, drain on cash, drain on time for officials and pollys at meetings that achieve nothing etc and the challenge for the region is how to reduce the burden. Some one at one point said an energy issue had been spinning around for 10 years without resolution because leaders had not taken a decision. There is a case to bring the organisations together under leaders so that decisions can be taken including on technical issues but more important to reduce the cost of endless meetings drain on limited good people etc etc it would lessen dependance on Fiji and bring the whole region and its entities together in a way that might help people resist China. With a careful game plan and some careful lobbying it ought to be possible to get some sort of mandate out of the Forum to advance consideration of the idea."
  200. " A less ambitious outcome from the forum would be for each country to adopt a target for sustainable electricity generation and for each country to adopt aust, nz, us and french energy standards and labelling for household appliances across all forum countries. These labels make it easier for shoppers to identify which appliances would lead to the biggest savings on their electricity and gas bills. The SPC put up a budget of $500 k to pursue this and some outfit we are supporting under NZ aid flew a person to Noumea to give a 12 minute presentation????.all a bit underwhelming but MED and the Aussies could deliver an outcome if you wanted it."
  203. PNG
  204. No doubt PK is telling you how wonderful the visit was. So no need for me to duplicate! We do need a double tax agreement and unless you disagree I plan to write to Dunn to push that.
  206. MFAT Observations
  208. PNG
  209. Seems odd that we have 7 staff ??..3 seconded and 4 local running a $28 mill aid programme yet no trade commissioner in this market which has huge commercial opportunity. I'd have thought you could cut 2 NZAID positions and donate the saving to NZTE if they were to put a trade person into the post.
  210. Thought the Don the FM was especially impressive and he is honest which is not a given.
  212. 2. MFAT Phone Book
  214. Its interesting to take a look at the phone book as it shows who is doing what where
  215. For example??there are 37 positions in the knowledge services division; 105 in Information and Comms technology division and 48 in the Human resources division and 23 FTE in the communications division
  216. All back office
  217. But 6 policy staff in Australia's division and 7 in American division.
  219. When you talk next to JA you could ask:
  220. " 1, why do NZDF, NZTE and MFAT run completely different ICT systems offshore?"
  221. 2. Why does MFAT own its entire ICT platform?.is it an IT company?
  222. 3.What % of MFAT's communications are rated confidential or above? ???.all messages shared with me were over classified.
  223. 4.When GCSB sets the security rules how does it take into account the operational/transactional costs for the affected organisations?
  224. 5. I saw evidence of mindless wasteful admin crap from wellington and am in no doubt insufficient financial delegation is given to HOM's???JA does not have the system humming as I expect he would have had.
  226. Let me know if there is anything you want me to expand on
  228. Best
  230. J
  231. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  232. "--- On Wed, 20/4/11, Halia Haddad (MIN) <> wrote:"
  235. From: Halia Haddad (MIN) <>
  236. Subject: Minister's travel to the Pacific
  237. " To: ""Minister blackberry ("" <>, ""Minister McCully ("" <>, ""Billie Moore (MIN)"" <>"
  238. " Date: Wednesday, 20, April, 2011, 1:50 PM"
  240. " Minister, as discussed PAC has done some work on the priorities for Pacific travel over the coming months, and how we can manage these within the constraints of your schedule and the availability of host governments."
  242. " They have worked within the three weeks we currently have scheduled for Pacific travel (second and third weeks of May, and third week of June). A quick summary of the options they have worked out is as follows:"
  244. Visit #1 : Week of 9-14 May
  246. " Cook Islands (TBC if Cooks agree), Niue, Solomon Islands"
  247. or
  248. " Cook Islands (TBC if Cooks agree), Niue, Canberra (TBC if Rudd still available for talks)"
  250. Visit #2: Week of 16-20 May
  251. " Vanuatu, Tonga, Samoa (NB: including Samoa here would mean not being back in Auckland in time for Friday 20 May)."
  253. Visit #3: 16-19 June
  254. " PNG (with the option of adding Solomon Islands before PNG, if Canberra included in the first Pacific trip)."
  258. " From: NUTTALL, Ruth (PAC) []"
  259. " Sent: Wednesday, 20 April 2011 1:05 pm"
  260. To: Halia Haddad (MIN)
  261. " Cc: SMITH, Andrea (PAC)"
  262. Subject: Minister's travel to the Pacific
  263. Importance: High
  266. Hi Halia
  268. as discussed we outline options and constraints below:
  271. Pacific Visits May/June 2010
  273. Minister?s priority for these visits are the key PIF and bilateral relationships.
  274. These are: Vanuatu; PNG; Solomon Islands; Tonga; Samoa; Niue; Cook Islands.
  276. " In the week of 9-15 May, a number of leaders and senior Ministers are out of country and many are involved in the LDCs meeting in Istanbul. (Pacific LDCs are Samoa, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Kiribati and Tuvalu.) French Polynesia and New Caledonia are relatively low priority in this context, and both are undergoing ongoing, inward-focused political turmoil that is unlikely to be resolved in the next few weeks."
  279. PNG
  281. " PNG has separately advised that they cannot host a visit in May and have offered 17/18 June as a specific time when Foreign Minister Don Polye could host a visit by the Minister, and would like to personally host him on a visit to the Highlands. (Separately Somare has just announced that he is taking ?indefinite medical leave? ? he?s understood to be getting heart surgery in Singapore - Sam Abal is Acting PM.)"
  283. " We understand that 17/18 June is the only window available on Polye/PNG?s part. Polye is a possible successor to Somare and we strongly recommend the Minister agree to this offer, as soon as possible. (June travel option outlined below)"
  286. Solomon Islands
  288. " While Foreign Minister Peter Shanel and Deputy PM Maelanga are planning to go to Istanbul, and Gordon Darcy Lilo will not be in country, PM Danny Philip will be present and welcomes the Minister?s visit. Philip has seen off challenges to his government and now has a strong margin of support. Recently he has been joined in government by relatively high calibre politicians such as Steve Abana and Rick Hou. Post has confirmed that in addition to the PM, leader of the Opposition Sikua, Governor General Frank Kabui and Minister of Development and Planning Coordination (Snyder Rini) expect to be present."
  290. " With Danny Philip being present and we believe it is worthwhile going ahead with a visit in the week of 10 May. However an option would be to add a Solomon Islands visit on to a PNG visit in June, if the Minister agrees to do that."
  293. Samoa
  295. " We have been advised that the Samoan PM will be out of country in the week of 9 May. In the week of 13 June, his only availability clashes with the timing proposed by PNG. "
  297. An option would be to add Samoa to the visit of 16-20 May (to Vanuatu and Tonga for the FTMM). This would conflict with a commitment in the Minister?s diary on Friday 20 May.
  300. Vanuatu
  302. " The programme for Vanuatu has been scheduled for Monday 16 May, on the way to Tonga for the FTMM. This suits Vanuatu - PM Kilman will be returned from Istanbul."
  305. Tonga
  307. " There appears to be sufficient time available in the programme for 16-20 May for substantive bilateral calls in Tonga, which means Tonga could then be removed from the Pacific Mission trip scheduled for June - freeing up time for another destination in the third week of June (e.g. PNG)."
  310. Cook Islands
  312. PM Puna may be in Vienna the week of the Pacific Mission - from 14/15 June. Cook Islands will also be in budget negotiations that week. Post is checking availability urgently with CI officials/PM. It may be possible to keep the Cook Islands at the start of the week of 13 June - allowing a visit before Puna leaves for Vienna.
  315. Niue
  317. " General election on 7 May which could impact on formation of government and a series of electoral petitions could follow. NB. Post recommends a later visit, but a stopover would be possible."
  320. Canberra
  322. Canberra is seeking advice on whether it is still possible to hold talks with Mr Rudd on Thursday 12 May as originally proposed by DFAT.
  326. Visit options (Note: all travel times are approximate and to be confirmed by NZDF).
  329. Visit #1 : Week of 9-14 May
  330. Option A: Cook Islands-Niue-Solomon Islands
  332. Monday 9 May
  333. Depart for Rarotonga after Cabinet (arrive Sunday evening local time) (flight time c. 4hrs)
  335. Monday 9 May (Tuesday NZ time)
  336. Programme in Cook Islands
  338. Tuesday 10 May
  339. Morning: Depart Cook Islands for Niue (flight time 1h 40).
  340. Short stopover in Niue
  341. " Afternoon: Depart Niue for Solomon Islands, arriving Honiara late evening Wednesday local time (flight time c.4hrs)"
  343. Thursday 13 May
  344. Programme in Solomon Islands
  346. Friday 14 May
  347. Return to Auckland (flight time 5 hours approx)
  350. Option B: Cook Islands-Niue-Canberra
  352. Monday 9 May
  353. Depart for Rarotonga after Cabinet (arrive Sunday evening ? across dateline) (flight time about 4 hours)
  355. Monday 9 May (NB Tuesday NZ time)
  356. Programme in Cook Islands
  358. Tuesday 10 May
  359. Morning: Depart Cook Islands for Niue (flight time 1h 40).
  360. Short stopover in Niue
  361. Afternoon: Depart Niue for Canberra (arrive late evening Wednesday local time) (flight time approx 5 hrs)
  363. Thursday 13 May
  364. Talks with Minister Rudd in Canberra
  365. Thurs Evening or Friday 14 May
  366. Return to Auckland (flight time about 4 hours)
  368. Visit #2: 16-20 May
  369. Schedule currently confirmed for Vanuatu and Tonga.
  371. Option: to add Samoa as follows:
  373. Thursday 19 May
  374. 8.35am OR 4.05pm: Vava?u to Nuku?alofa (Chathams Pacific flight time 55 mins)
  375. " (Calls in Nuku?alofa or Vava'u, depending on where PM Tu'ivakano is that day)."
  376. Afternoon: Nuku?alofa to Apia (flight time 1 h 20 - arrive Apia Wednesday 18 May local time).
  378. Wednesday 18 May
  379. Evening: programme in Samoa
  381. Thursday 19 May
  382. Programme in Samoa
  383. Afternoon/evening: depart for Auckland (flight time 3h 45)
  384. Arrive Auckland evening of Friday 20 May
  387. Visit #3: 16-19 June
  388. (NB. 13 June is a holiday in many Pacific countries (Whitmonday))
  389. " PNG (with option of visiting Solomon Islands before PNG, if not included in the visit 9-14 May)"
  391. Thursday 16 June
  392. " Afternoon: Depart Wellington for Port Moresby, arriving late Thursday evening (flight time approx 6h)"
  394. Friday 17 June
  395. PNG programme
  397. Saturday 18 June
  398. PNG programme
  399. Late Saturday 18 June / or Sunday 19 June
  400. Return to New Zealand
  403. " ""The information contained in this email message is intended only for the addressee and is not necessarily the official view or communication of the Ministry. If you are not the intended recipient you must not use, disclose, copy or distribute this message or the information in it. If you have received this message in error, please email or telephone the sender immediately."" "
  404. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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