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  1. Recommended systems: all old units, or 4.1.0 for newer units
  3. Regardless of the unit you have, if you are on system version 4.1.0 or lower, you can use warmboot. The hardware exploit works on all system versions, but it only exists in older models. Open the links below to find out if your unit is older or newer.
  4. If you update normally you will burn your eFuses and you won't be able to downgrade, read below to know more. This is relevant to everyone, including owners of old units, because downgrading can give you access to more software exploits (such as warmboot on 4.1.0).
  7. [start here] Switch hacking guide:
  9. Identifying hackable Switch units from their serial number:
  10. Disabling most telemetry (helps avoid bans):
  11. How the Switch prevents downgrading using eFuses:
  12. How to update and downgrade without burning eFuses (ChoiDujourNX):
  14. Guide for online play using switch-lan-play:
  15. Additional instructions for free online play in Super Smash Bros Ultimate:
  17. Game card dumping tool:
  18. SD to .nsp dumper:
  19. .xci to .nsp converter:
  20. .xci installer (same effect as converting to .nsp):
  21. DevMenu NSP (FW 6.x and higher only):
  22. System updates for ChoiDujourNX:
  24. JKSV (save backup tool):
  25. Checkpoint (also a save backup tool):
  27. Cheat tool:
  28. FTP tool to transfer files without removing the SD card:
  29. Overclocking in Retroarch for better N64 and PS1 emulation (might hurt the console's battery):
  31. SX guide:
  32. Alternative guide (achieves the same result as the "start here" guide):
  33. Scene dumps details:
  36. NEWS
  37. [Apr 26] Atmosphere 0.8.9 released
  38. [Apr 24] System update 8.0.1 released
  39. [Apr 24] Kosmos 12.1.1 released
  40. [Apr 20] Atmosphere 0.8.8 released, includes 8.0.0 support
  41. [Apr 17] System update 8.0.0 released
  44. FAQ
  45. Q: How do I hack my Switch?
  46. A: You have two options. Check out Hekate or any of its variations (free, can be used to install .nsp games) and SX (paid, can run .xci files and install .nsp files) in the links above if you wish to know more or if you need a guide. Use devmenu to install DLC .nsp files.
  48. Q: Where do I download games?
  49. A: .nsp dumps here, including DLCs and updates:
  50. If Google Drive says download limit has been reached, log in a Google account, right click on the file, copy to your drive and download from there.
  52. More .nsp and .xci dumps:
  54. You can find BigBlueBox .xci dumps here:
  55. More .nsp dumps:
  57. Another source is Darkumbra (, it has many .nsp dumps as direct downloads, but people use adfly and you need to block the site's anti-adblock.
  59. Q: Can I get banned from online services?
  60. A: You will get banned if you play online with games you don't own or if you install NSP files.
  61. You can also get banned for doing something stupid, such as using DevMenu to set a custom avatar, which would be impossible for a regular user.
  62. Disabling telemetry (as far as Nintendo lets you do it) is recommended.
  64. Q: Is it possible to mod Switch games?
  65. A: You can do so using LayeredFS, a tool to apply mods without altering the actual game.
  69. [Mar 17] SX 2.6 released
  70. [Mar 15] AluminumFoil released
  71. [Mar 9] Hekate 4.9.1 released
  72. [Mar 9] Kosmos 11.11 released
  73. [Mar 8] Atmosphere 0.8.5 released
  74. [Jan 28] System update 7.0.0 released. Updating is not recommended because it can't run homebrew at the moment
  75. [Jan 24] Atmosphere 0.8.3 released
  76. [Jan 7] SX 2.5.2 released
  77. [Jan 2] SX 2.5.1 released
  78. [Dec 30] Goldleaf 0.1 released
  79. [Dec 19] SX 2.5 beta released
  80. [Dec 17] Part of Dejavu, a 4.1.0 warmboot exploit chain, has been leaked and implemented in hekate CTCaer mod and Atmosphere, despite the original plan of keeping it private until mariko units released
  81. [Dec 16] SX 2.4.1 beta released
  82. [Dec 13] SX 2.4 beta released, includes 6.2.0 support
  83. [Dec 8] Atmosphere 0.8.2 released
  84. [Dec 1] Atmosphere 0.8.1 released
  85. [Nov 30] Atmosphere 0.8.0 released, includes 6.2.0 support
  86. [Nov 20] System update 6.2.0 released. At this time there's no homebrew support of any kind, so updating is not recommended.
  87. [Nov 19] SX 2.3 beta released
  88. [Nov 14] Malicious software (often claimed to be one of the latest games, such as LGPE or SSBU) is being spread in Discord chats and random forum posts. Make safe NAND backups and don't run anything suspicious.
  89. [Nov 12] Atmosphere 0.7.5 released
  90. [Nov 10] Kosmos v11 (previously known as SDFiles) released
  91. [Nov 9] Atmosphere 0.7.4 released
  92. [Oct 31] SX 2.2.1 beta released
  93. [Oct 25] SDFiles v10.1 released
  94. [Oct 24] Atmosphere 0.7.3 released
  95. [Oct 23] Atmosphere 0.7.2 released
  96. [Sep 26] CDN downloads are not as easily accessible as they used to be. Be careful if you want to deal with them, as you may lose your cert or download malware on your computer.
  97. [Oct 20] SDFiles v10 released
  98. [Oct 17] Atmosphere 0.7 released
  99. [Oct 17] HBL 2.0 released
  100. [Oct 16] switch-lan-play is being developed
  101. [Oct 16] daeken published the writeup of a bug he reported to Nintendo a few months ago
  102. -The exploit was already discovered by plutoo and hexkyz, who didn't intend to contact Nintendo to make sure the exploit would be available on more system updates and units
  103. [Oct 16] SX 2.2 beta released
  104. [Oct 9] System update 6.0.1 released
  105. [Oct 8] SX 2.0.1 and 2.1 beta released, the latter includes a cheat engine and a cheat finder
  106. [Oct 3] 2168-0002 released a faster XCI to NSP converter
  107. [Oct 3] Retroarch 1.7.5 released
  108. [Oct 1] According to RetroArch developers, TX offered m4w a deal to have OpenGL RetroArch as an SX OS exclusive. The offer was rejected
  109. -According to GaryOPA, the original deal involved releasing a free version of the software inside SX, with its own custom interface, and it was originally accepted before libretro made "a better offer". m4w and libretro claim some of the information he provided is false
  110. [Sep 26] ReiNX 1.7 released
  111. [Sep 24] hekate 4.2 released
  112. [Sep 23] SX 2.0 released, adds EmuNAND support so you can play legally bought games online without getting banned
  113. -The EmuNAND isn't created in your SD card, but inside the NAND itself. While Nintendo does check NAND to find unusual activity, this feature doesn't seem to cause users to get banned. More telemetry might get added in a new system update
  114. [Sep 29] Official RetroArch releases will start next week, includes netplay feature
  115. [Sep 21] hekate 4.1 released
  116. [Sep 19] Home Menu editing is being experimented with
  117. [Sep 19] System update 6.0 released. Updating all old units is fine, but not recommended
  118. [Sep 16] 2168-0002 released a tool to install XCIs as if they are NSPs
  119. [Sep 9] libnx 1.4.0 released, adds OpenGL support
  120. [Sep 7] ReiNX 1.6 and ReiNXToolkit 1.0 released
  121. [Sep 5] SX 1.9 released
  122. [Sep 3] SX 1.8 released
  123. [Sep 2] SX 1.7 released
  124. [Aug 28] System update 6.0 is seemingly coming soon, it is recommended that you don't update
  125. [Aug 24] Previously banned users report getting banned from the CDN
  126. [Aug 26] SX 1.6 released
  127. [Aug 23] Hekate CTCaer mod v4.0 released
  128. [Aug 14] SX 1.5 released
  129. [Jul 30] The SX bootloader has been cracked. This isn't enough to load .xci games without buying it
  130. [Jul 29] TX claims to have found new exploits that work on all models, including newer ones. No ETA
  131. [Jul 29] The SDK got leaked
  132. [Jul 24] SX 1.4 released
  133. [Jul 22] All old units can now install .nsp games for free using hekate
  134. [Jul 20] Hekate sys module for background music released
  135. [Jul 10] Units with patched bootroms are now being sold
  136. [Jul 15] ReiNX CFW is 95% done according to its developer
  137. [Jul 14] Team Matrix's CFW is coming soon
  138. [Jul 13] After allegedly submitting someone else's bootrom bug for a bounty without finder's consent, Kate Temkin is no longer part of ReSwitched
  139. [Jul 7] hexkyz released an SX unpacking script
  140. [Jul 3] SX 1.3 released, adds layeredFS and eShop games support and removes brick code, according to TX
  141. [Jul 1] Hekate CTCaer mod v3.0 released, supports autoboot and NAND backup restore
  142. [Jun 27] Matrix Team announced free CFW and paid dongle
  143. [Jun 28] SX brick code said to be more dangerous than initially expected, writeup coming soon
  144. [Jun 28] SX uses code written by the homebrew community (violating Atmosphere's license in the process)
  145. [Jun 24] SX 1.2 released
  146. -1.2 changelog:
  147. -1.1 changelog:
  148. [Jun 17] Hekate with LayeredFS kernel patching released
  149. -LayeredFS can also be used as backup loader, aka free piracy
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