Falling Into Another World TG (Blanc Skinsuit TF)

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  1. I’m so hungry. I could go for anything right now. Pizza, soup, walnuts, even brussels sprouts. Just give me something please…
  3. I look down at my wallet once again and weep. Not a single cent in there. If this were some cheesy sitcom, tumbleweed the size of a dime would somehow be rolling around inside of it. This is the worst time for my parents to start running into financial problems. I got no job, which means I got no money, which further means I got no food.
  5. Enough about all that stuff, let’s get to me. My name is Wolf. As you all can tell, I am in a sort of a pickle right now. I need food and I am out of any known currency. I usually get money from my parents, but they called me this morning to tell me the tragic news. I am quite known for being the extreme shut-in in the neighborhood. I guess what that man said was true though. ‘It doesn’t matter how much you try to isolate yourself from society, when a person has no food, they will eventually work so that can eat’ or something along those lines. It was from an anime that the title escapes me at the moment.
  7. So yeah…I am looking for a job right now. I was wondering why I never got any money in the last few days. Today’s call answered that question. I could probably go for a few more days without food, but I really don’t want it to get to that.
  9. I opened the door and collapsed on the futon laid in the middle of my room. “Well, today was nothing but failure. Guess that would happen when the person being interviewed has almost to zero experience in life.”
  11. I stretched my arm over to the TV and turned it on. I grabbed my controller and started to play video games. This may also be part of the problem right now. A few days ago, I bought a new video game off of Amazon. That was also supposed to be the day that I was going to receive money form my parents. I shouldn’t have been greedy.
  13. “At least I can kick back, relax and play some Megadimension Neptunia VII.” I regret and don’t regret buying this game with the last of my money. Sure, I’m extremely hungry here, but I at least have a way to get by the days. And I also get to hear more form my most favorite of all time waifu. Blanc.
  15. As I played, I could hear it start to rain pretty badly outside. I continued to play the game up until midnight when something unexpected happened. Everything turned off right when the clock hit exactly 12:00 am. The lights, my television, my ps3, and everything else. “Weird. An oddly specific time for the power to go out. What are you going to do? Might as well get some sleep for tomorrow.” I pulled up my blanket, but right as I was about to try and snooze off, my TV turned on with a whole lot of static. “What the heck? Isn’t the power still off?”
  17. What popped up next was also to my surprise. It was of Blanc from the game. “Hey there. Blanc here with something to tell all of you! Ever wanted to get rid of all that worry about money and hunger? Well, just touch that TV screen and all of your worries will simply vanish! Buh-bye!” Then it turned off.
  19. Uh…yeah. That was a thing. I know my ps3 was turned off so something was wrong. That also didn’t completely sound like Blanc. It was her voice, but I don’t think she would talk like that.
  21. Hmm… She said to touch the TV. Sounds an awful lot like a certain video game if you ask me. Midnight channel at midnight (I can’t help but point out the obvious), a person/character on the screen who others desire to see, raining outside, and wants me to touch the screen. There was the addition of the power going off, but that probably was probably a coincidence. That, or it could help make me think that these events are all connected since the TV wouldn’t be on in a blackout. I shrugged. “What do I have to loose? Just better not be some death trap or whatever.”
  23. I get up and hesitantly guide my hand to the TV. Instead of feeling anything, my fingers go through the screen without any resistance. I quickly pull back in fear as I watched the place that I touch ripple like the water. “Holy shit! It actually worked! Should I look through it?”
  25. Curiosity got the best of me and I took a peek. What I saw was to my luck not a mirror version of my world with mindless shadows sans Teddie, but something completely different. It looked completely like Lowee from the Hyperdimension Neptunia games.
  27. I looked around in awe. It was so beautiful. I could even make out the castle that had a striking resemblance to Rosalina’s Comet Observatory from Super Mario Galaxy. It was great until I felt the ground move. It was strong as well. “On no! Earthquake!” And then the TV fell down with my head still inside now engulfing my whole body.
  29. I look down to see the ground slowly come towards me. It would seem I was falling onto Lowee in the video game universe. I screamed in terror, and then blacked out upon impact.
  31. Man, my bed has never felt this comfortable in my life. I stretched my arms as I yawned. “What a weird dream that was. I fell into the TV and into a realistic version of-” I opened my eyes to see a beautiful land of snow and a weird but unique castle. “-Lowee… I must still be asleep.”
  33. I pinched my cheek as hard as I could and only accomplished in hurting myself. I rubbed my check to sooth the pain that I inflicted upon myself. “Maybe not. What the heck is happening?” I look down to see snow. I pick it up and notice that it isn’t cold, but still melted upon touching my body. Maybe that’s why I didn’t freeze to death. I have only been awake here for about a minute and I already like this place. Snow that isn’t cold works for me! I’m also amazed by how soft it is. I wish I had this back in the normal world.
  35. Time to move forward and try to get an understanding for my situation. Upon standing up, I had a massive pain in my chest. I groaned. “Did I injure myself when I fell?” I wouldn’t be surprised if I did though. It was quite high. All of a sudden, I heard my stomach growl loudly. That gave me the answer I was looking for.
  37. I weakly laughed. “Almost forgot how hungry I was. Hopefully I will find something to eat here.”
  39. After about a few minutes of walking, something flashed in front of my face stopping me and making me fall back on my butt. I slowly open my eyes. “What was that?”
  41. In front of me was a crystal floating in the air, specifically that of a share crystal or better known as a sharicite. I wonder what it’s doing here. Usually these are for the CPUs or the CPU Candidates in the games main go to for recharging. Looks pretty valuable actually. Maybe it can be worth a decent price. I went to grab it, but upon touching it, the floating crystal just disintegrated. I dropped my shoulders in sorrow. “That was a let down.”
  43. Before I could take another step, something fell on me. “What the?” I take it off and the first thing I noticed was the feeling. It felt really familiar, almost like skin, but more bendy and hollow. Before I could see it, I thought it was some sort of deflated balloon or something. What my eyes laid upon wasn’t to be expected.
  45. It was a deflated human being without a head. It was also flappy and just utterly freaked me out, but not enough to where I would throw it. I looked it over and quickly distinguished as someone I knew from just the clothing. It was of Blanc! I looked around and noticed a mask of her face on the ground. This was certainly interesting, if not weird. It still gave me chills knowing how this balloon version of Blanc felt. Her eyes also scared me since they were just voids of darkness. Her face looking like a mask sort of reminds me of the Happy Mask Salesman’s masks. As I inspected it, I noticed an opening in the back. It was a zipper that went all the way to where the neck would be.
  47. ‘Put it on.’ I look around. No one was there. ‘Put it on.’
  49. There it is again. “Who’s there?”
  51. ‘Put it on. If you do, all your life’s troubles will go away.’
  53. “M-my life’s troubles. Are you god?”
  55. The voice giggled. ‘Yes. I am a god. I have bestowed upon you a gift.’
  57. I’m already in a fantasy world. I guess gods aren’t unheard of. Might as well trust her. “But this is too small.”
  59. ‘Don’t worry. It will accustom itself for whatever size the being is. Buh-bye.’
  61. That last line sounded awfully familiar, like some deja-vu stuff. Whatever. Must be from the fall.
  63. I put down the suit thing and picked up the mask. “Might as well start with this.” I placed it over my face and instantly felt it burn. “Wh-what is happening!?” I tried to grab the mask and rip it off, but it was stuck. I felt my face and the mask become one. My skin was now soft throughout my face. My skull shrunk and reformed to give myself a feminine visage. My lips plumped up as my nose shrank. My eyes burned as they became light blue, like that of ice and grew in size to make them cuter and more innocent. My eyelashes grew and my eyebrows thinned helping complete my facial features. My hair then grew, but not by much down my neck and changed to a brown color. My neck slimmed with my Adam’s apple shrinking significantly.
  65. Once all that was done, I was finally rid of all the pain. I was gasping as I said, “What the heck…?” I stopped. What was wrong with my voice? It was so high pitched and cute. I made noises with my mouth. “Ahhhhh!” I covered my mouth with my hands in surprise. My voice really was different! If I had to guess, it even sounded a lot like Blanc’s voice.
  67. “Is this turning me into Blanc? That is so cool!” I don’t know why, but I was super excited about this. Quickly grabbing the suit, I ventured in brand new territory.
  69. I slipped my legs into the suit. It felt weird as the hollow skin touched mine, but a wave of pleasure washed through me, as they became one, slimming my feet and legs as well as shortening them a bit. I pulled the suit up more and it now covered everything beneath my waist. I watched as the skin attached itself to my skin. My thighs shortened as well as plumped up a bit. My butt followed suit and plumped up making my rear bigger, but not by that much. My hips cracked out giving my proportions needed for having a child. My manhood turned into a womanhood and rearranged and changed my organs to give me a female reproductive system that helped compliment my new hips. I put my hands and arms though the hollow ones and watched as they to slimed down and became delicate. I pulled the last of it over my shoulders watched as they slimed down decreasing my overall frame giving it a petite form. I reached over my back with my new slimmer and more flexible arms and with ease, pulled the zipper up. Once all the way up, it flashed and disappeared, but I could still feel it meaning it was probably camouflaging from others seeing. The last of the changes commenced. My back arched and my entire body shrunk down a whole lot more making me much cuter. My waist caved in making me much slim. I felt a heat emanating from my chest and looked down to see very small breasts appear. I knew for a fact that they were A-cups from Wikia.
  71. I looked myself over in happiness. “Wow! I’m now Blanc! This is perhaps the happiest day of my life!” I almost forgot to mention, that I was also in her clothing throughout the transformation. Never really noticed that till now.
  73. All of a sudden, the heat returned, a bit stronger this time. “Wh-what is going on now?” The heat situated itself to my lower portion of my body first. My thighs got plumper, my butt got more bubblier, and my hips widened more giving me that of an hourglass figure. The heat then situated itself in my chest and my breasts instantly grew out becoming D-cups. As an extra touch, I grew by a couple inches as well.
  75. I looked myself over once again after the heat left. “Wh-what happened to my body!? I know have curves that Vert may have, but not as big! I’m not complaining though! Flat or big, Blanc will still be the ultimate waifu!”
  77. “That is good to hear. We got a lot to discuss about.” A sinister voice came from behind me. But before I could turn around and check who it was I was smacked on the head and knocked out cold.
  79. “You are going to love the special plans I got for you, very much so. And for all the ideas you guys reading this story on your computers or phones are getting. Don’t worry much about it. Just some funny situations with the other cast of characters. She won’t be subjected to any sexual unenjoyable acts. She will just be put through the test from another writer’s perspective. Que the credits! Ciao!”
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