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  1. Have you ever been on a Cakewars League team?
  2. I've been on Boomers, which was disbanded. But, I am a TL on a team called Closeters for about a week.
  4. Have you received any punishments on Mineplex?
  5. Yes, they were small punishment such as general rudeness and advertising. But, the last punishment I've gotten was last year, which was for ghosting and I haven't received anything after that.
  7. Do you have any alternative (or "alt") Minecraft accounts?
  8. Nope, I own one account that I use for everything.
  10. Have you ever been blacklisted in an MCL league?
  11. Nope, and I don't plan to be blacklisted.
  13. Knowledge
  15. How often do you host scrimmages in an MPS?
  16. I am very new to being a leader but have done 3 this week. I've been pretty active with it and I feel I can keep up.
  18. What are the current official maps for the Cake Wars League?
  19. Oasis, Milo Realm, Frosted Cakes, Pinecone, Cherry Falls, Chanterelle, Sakura Gardens
  21. What are the current kit restrictions for the Cakewars League?
  22. Warrior: Maximum of 3 warriors.
  23. Archer: Unlimited amount of archers.
  24. Builders: Maximum of 2 builders.
  25. Frosting: Maximum of 1 frosting.
  27. Qualifications
  29. Can you be online for extended periods of time? If so, what times are most convenient for you?
  30. I can be online as long as I am needed. For weekdays, I can say 3 PM EST - 9 PM EST. But for weekends, or no school days, I'd say 9 AM EST - 9 PM EST.
  32. Why do you want to be a Host?
  33. I'd like to be a host on the CWCL because I believe I am able to host very efficiently and able to provide as much time needed for each time. Being a host is basically to give chances for teams to be able to play against each other and provide as much help if needed. As a host, I feel that I can be someone who is understandable and able to as well follow rules. Also, I understand how to work MPS and I feel that I have, I am able to run an MPS efficiently.
  35. How do you stand out amongst other competing applicants?
  36. Well, I wouldn't really put myself in a position that I stand out against everyone, but I feel that I have that brings out the best of me is that I am very patient because I am someone who is able to deal with teams or players with any mishaps that happens. I also believe that I am able to be fast as possible because the faster you work, the more efficient things go, and I am able to go in any pace needed. Lastly, I know basic things about the MPS and basic mineplex needs, as well as PDCL related things. Like, I know many things that people should know, which makes me more professional and competent with things I do.
  38. Is there anything else you think we should know?
  39. Well, I usually go to school around 9 AM EST - 2:50 PM EST. Also, as you already know, I am currently a mineplex trainee, meaning that I will have duties that will stop me from doing hosting at times. But, of course I will always balance time.
  41. Hypothetical Scenarios
  43. A team is not able to get four players online for their required game before the 15 minute delay time. What do you do?
  44. If a team isn't able to get players by 5 minutes, I'd give them 5 minutes extensions. If no one comes, then I'll close the MPS and they can come back when they are ready.
  46. You receive a message in-game from Player A asking you to freeze or screenshare Player B from the opposing team. Player A is certain that they’re cheating. What do you do?
  47. First, I'd have to leave that to the referees as I am a host, not a referee. Then, if they are confirmed to be cheating, then I'd follow the protocol for what I'm needed to do. Additionally, I'd also have to punish them for hacking since it's my job to do so.
  49. A player disconnects from a required game five minutes into the match. How do you deal with this situation?
  50. If someone disconnects within 5 minutes into the match, I'd allow them to give me proof they crashed or timed out. If it provides the date and time, as well as a valid proof, I'd restart the match to give them a second chance. If it is a fake evidence, they will most likely be blacklisted.
  52. Agreements
  54. I agree not to contact any MCL staff members regarding the status of my application. I understand my application will be instantly denied if I do.
  55. I agree
  57. I agree to not share or distribute my responses on this form. I understand my application will be denied, or I will be demoted, if I do.
  58. I agree
  60. I agree to abide by all present and future staff policies otherwise I may face severe consequences.
  61. I agree
  63. I agree to uphold the standards of privacy and secrecy within confidential staff chats and calls. I understand I will be banned and globally blacklisted if I break these standards.
  64. I agree
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