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  1. script, OKKK
  3. so, SBC asks from pop-tart and BB10 to go buy him some milk for his ''ROYAL CRUNCH''(TM) cereals, and the 2 heroes reluctantly go on their jolly mission.
  4. but when they reach the store, BOOM! a giant explosion happens, and it turns out that satellite-clock, (who has been possessed by the elder gods) has summoned cthulu from ryeleh! OH NO!!1
  5. -the narrator, (or an other clock) says: ''what will our heroes do now?'' and he continues: ''the 2 heroes must have a great plan to defeat that mighty beast while-''  and then, while interrupting the narrator,  pop-tart and bb10 attack the beast, each with the items they currently had in their hands: pop-tart throws a (broken) mixer to the beast's head, and bb10 throws his (also broken) toaster to the monsters groin, instantly killing it.
  6.  they save satellite clock from cthulu's mind-magic, and they return later to SBC's house.
  7. pop-tart: hey SBC, we saved the day today! you wont believe what we had to go through to enter that supermarket.
  8. bb10: yeah, it was a mighty battle, it was lucky that we wanted to get a refund for those broken things, am i right, pop-tart?
  9. pop-tart: yeah. they came in handy, and we kicked that beast back to ryeleh! we are big heroes now!
  10. SBC: have you brought milk with you from the supermarket?
  11. pop-tart: ....shit, i forgot, with all this fighting.
  12. bb10: we've got medals, tho!
  13. SBC: unbe-fucking-lievable. all i wanted was some milk. FFS.
  15. THE END
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