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  1. [size=18pt][b]Forum Ban Appeal[/b][/size]
  3. [b]Your forum name[/b]: Decal / Deca / WaterBottle
  4. [b]Your forum profile ( Link )[/b]:  https://cit2.net/index.php?action=profile;u=65826
  5. [b]What did you do to get banned[/b]: Ban Evasion
  6. [b]What message does it display on the screen for the forum ban[/b]: Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
  7. Ban evading topic=297692.0
  8. This ban is not set to expire.
  9. [b]When was the last time you were able to login to your forum account[/b]: About October 2016.
  10. [b]I want this forum user to post here on my behalf[/b]: Amman
  11. [b]Explain why you should be unbanned[/b]: Because my Account was banned for a Disrespectful PM, So I made a new account not knowing it was considered as Ban Evading, and Signed in. It then got banned and I got a Friend to appeal it, then It got accepted. Then it got banned again, So A half a year later, I created a New Account, and now it got banned again. I think I should be Unbanned because I have stuff to Suggest on the forums, and there are some groups and squads which require applying on the Forum. I am very Sorry for Evading Multiple times, and If I get unbanned, I promise I won't do it again. I just want to start using the forums again and suggest things and Request some stuff. I also might start donating on forums but I'm not to sure yet. Please Unban me.
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