My Robot Kain't Be This Moebot

Mar 2nd, 2013
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  1. [20:35:17] <Kain> The time in Treno is hard to gauge without the sun, but it's... probably the same day as before. Maybe. In any case, preparations are still being made and the group hasn't left Treno yet... leaving a certain cat with hardly anything to do.
  2. [20:36:36] <Natalie> "Nnnnnn," goes the cat, who makes that noise to herself as a sort of pseudo-mumble at times like this. And once realizing that doesn't get anything done, she yawns a big yawn... that takes care of a few seconds! Now what?
  3. [20:37:45] <Kain> Now what, indeed? The black mage girls seem to be busy doing other things. T-89's gone out again, Savannah is playing with her own cat, Vivian, Luna, and 404 are engaged in conversation about hair...
  4. [20:37:50] * Natalie begins making a few idle snap-kicks at the air, then quickly attains the realization that there's something else to do. Nat twitches boredly and... begins checking all the rooms in Thetaville, looking for a certain moebot.
  5. [20:38:48] <Kain> Ambrosia on the other hand, is sitting in one of the rooms, staring blanky at a wall, occasionally blinking. Her stare has a distant look to it, like she's somewhere else. But she blinks and looks over when you enter.
  6. [20:39:50] <Natalie> "Hi!" Nat enters supercheerily, adjusting her own ribbon. Ribbons, it's quadtails today. "That doesn't look very fun."
  7. [20:40:36] * Kain is now known as Ambrosia
  8. [20:40:48] <Ambrosia> " I supposed to be having fun...?"
  9. [20:41:18] <Natalie> "Uh-huh!" She answers immediately and prances forward, grabbing Ambychan by a hand. "You're gonna come with us now, right? I just had an idea~!"
  10. [20:41:31] <Natalie> (ye gods I almost started talking in third-person)
  11. [20:41:41] <Ambrosia> She gets dragged with you. "What kind of idea?"
  12. [20:41:53] <Natalie> "Um, have you ever fought before?"
  13. [20:42:47] <Ambrosia> She shakes her head. "...I don't remember."
  14. [20:42:55] <Natalie> "Since we go to lots of dangerous places, and I had to teach myself how to fight... if you don't know how, you might get hurt and stuff, you know?"
  15. [20:43:20] * Natalie drags her outside the house, to a quiet place outside. With a :D on her face. "Yeah, I don't either! But my body remembers most of it, so... maybe yours is kinda like it?"
  16. [20:44:11] <Ambrosia> You end up on the grassy field near the house that comprises most of the estate.
  17. [20:44:36] <Ambrosia> "Maybe..."
  18. [20:45:26] <Natalie> "So, if you're not doing anything else," she already brought her out there, and thus moves a few steps away, lightly getting into a stance. "Want me to teach you how anyway? It'll be fun!"
  19. [20:45:57] <Ambrosia> "..okay." she stares blanky at you as you fall into stance.
  20. [20:46:23] <Natalie> Nat wears a huge smile! ... And then starts getting an INNER MONOLOGUE: Oh crap, how am I supposed to even start? I think there's a way you're supposed to tell someone to do it but I totally lost it... uh... uh... okay she won't notice if I just make it all up. Here goes!
  21. [20:47:04] <Natalie> "Okay! Well first you have to be ready, so um, stand like... With your toes... pointed outward! I'm pretty sure that's it! Since it means you're harder to knock down that way."
  22. [20:47:28] * Natalie nods matter-of-factly at her instruction, then looks down and notices her own are pointed inward. "Oh, uh..."
  23. [20:49:00] <Natalie> "... Uh... maybe nevermind that part actually."
  24. [20:49:32] <Ambrosia> She moves her feet a bit back and forth as she tries to adjust her stance. As she listens to you it looks more like she's doing the 'no place like home' thing from wizard of oz
  25. [20:50:30] <Natalie> "But you can't just stand there staring! If somebody comes after you, then what? Um..." Nat scratches her chin a little. "So uh... attacking's the easy part so that's last."
  26. [20:50:34] <Natalie> Worst instructor ever.
  27. [20:50:47] <Ambrosia> She tilts her head.
  28. [20:51:06] <Natalie> "Okay, I got it- I'm gonna come at you and see what you do, 'kay? Don't worry, it won't hurt, but try to block it or something if you can! You know, instincts!"
  29. [20:51:47] * Natalie stomps the ground and gets into position, then takes a step forward and throws out the laziest snap-kick anybody's ever seen. It's like... going 1/10th normal speed on purpose.
  30. [20:51:48] <Ambrosia> "Okay."
  31. [20:52:41] <Ambrosia> She brings her arms up a bit slowly in a cross guard, in front of the kick. As she's touched though, she stumbles back a few feet and falls on her butt.
  32. [20:53:44] * Natalie beams and bends down, helping her up. A little wisp automatically seeps out from her ruby, even though there's no real wound to heal. "Hey, I didn't even teach you that yet! That means you must've learned it somewhere, right?"
  33. [20:54:22] <Ambrosia> "...I don't know." she's just confused at this point. "What should I do now?" she asks as she's pulled up.
  34. [20:55:29] <Natalie> "Um... okay I messed up. Your feet have to be in a certain way... uh... I wonder if you remember that one too and just don't realize it? I think mine were really in instead of out, so..."
  35. [20:56:48] <Ambrosia> She doesn't move this time, just watching you.
  36. [20:56:58] <Natalie> "So spread your legs, and uh... have one a little in front of you," she demonstrates, "like this! And have your hands at your sides so you can move them quick in case something happens. And make sure your Ruby's alway- ... oh wait, you don't have that."
  37. [20:57:14] * Natalie reaches up and rubs her Ruby in puzzlement. "This is kinda tough..."
  38. [20:58:23] <Ambrosia> She takes an exaggeratedly wide stance like she's a gunslinger in a 1,1half-fae cowboy film, and sort of wobbles, trying to keep her balance.
  39. [20:58:41] <Natalie> (brb throwing up)
  40. [20:58:46] <Minmei> (^)
  41. [21:00:31] <Natalie> "... Pfffhahahaha. That looks silly! Maaaaaaybe I'm kinda bad at explaining this..." She shakes her head. "Okay, okay. Why don't you attack me instead? I'll stand over here so try to.... punch or something if you can." She throws a little wimpy punch at the air to demonstrate. "Like this, see? Then I'll dodge it, and then you can do like I did!"
  42. [21:00:34] <Natalie> "There's no way that won't work!"
  43. [21:01:01] <Ambrosia> She attempts to balance as she throws an extremely wimpy punch.
  44. [21:01:03] <Ambrosia> 2d6+1
  45. [21:01:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Ambrosia, 2d6+1: 11 [2d6=4,6]
  46. [21:01:52] <Natalie> Oh man that's not a dodge even in dodgetank stance. Way to SUCK SHIT, Nat.
  47. [21:02:16] * Natalie smirks and prepares a sidestep, promptly doing so... then trips in the middle of it and lands IN the wimpy punch, taking it to the face.
  48. [21:02:20] <Ambrosia> 15 arm damage~
  49. [21:02:32] <Natalie> "Oof."
  50. [21:02:41] <Ambrosia> "Was that right...?"
  51. [21:02:48] * Natalie gives a thumb-up with fist-in-face. "I... got hit on purpose! Good job!"
  52. [21:03:04] * Ambrosia nods.
  53. [21:03:33] <Ambrosia> She wobbles a little. "Your turn."
  54. [21:03:58] <Natalie> "But if you learn from that you're gonna..." Nat grimaces. "... Okay, try to do the OPPOSITE of what I did, okay? Here I come~!"
  55. [21:04:20] <Ambrosia> Good thing you said that.
  56. [21:04:26] <Ambrosia> She was going to try and block this with her face.
  57. [21:04:38] * Natalie brandishes the actual fistwear she probably has by now, an inner monologue reminding her that she knows SHITALL about upper body combat. And a wimpy jab comes out....
  58. [21:04:43] <Natalie> 2d6+2 I'm actually rolling ACTING
  59. [21:04:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, I'm actually rolling ACTING: 7 [2d6=3,2]
  60. [21:04:54] <Natalie> And what a bad acting job it is.
  61. [21:05:06] <Ambrosia> She does the opposite of what you did, leaning her face away from your punch.
  62. [21:05:10] <Ambrosia> And falls over backwards.
  63. [21:05:16] <Natalie> "Hey, that's perf..."
  64. [21:05:17] <Natalie> "..."
  65. [21:05:20] <Natalie> :|
  66. [21:05:32] <Ambrosia> She blinks.
  67. [21:05:40] * Natalie shakes the blankface off and smiles again, helping her up. "Nah, good job! Just uh, keep standing up next time."
  68. [21:05:42] <Ambrosia> "This seems like a disadvantageous spot to fight from."
  69. [21:06:09] <Ambrosia> She pulls herself to her feet with your help.
  70. [21:06:15] <Natalie> "Then where would be better? Uh...."
  71. [21:06:35] * Natalie spends a second pondering on what a 'spot' would be. "On... top of somebody? I've done that before..."
  72. [21:06:37] <Ambrosia> "Not lying on my back." she says plainly.
  73. [21:06:58] <Natalie> "Oh, well, duh, fighting is all about standing up!" She gives another Dan Hibiki-style thumbs-up.
  74. [21:07:20] <Ambrosia> She adjusts her stance then, standing more normally so she doesn't fall over, then.
  75. [21:07:34] <Ambrosia> and here she comes with a wimpy kick!
  76. [21:07:37] <Ambrosia> 2d6+1
  77. [21:07:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Ambrosia, 2d6+1: 10 [2d6=3,6]
  78. [21:07:41] <Natalie> "Maybe we should just teach you how to not get hit by monsters though..." Nat circles Ambrosia a few times, observing her posture and physically making a few corrections- then that.
  79. [21:08:19] * Natalie is in Impatient Sword of all stances and takes it to the face... or fo the side of the face at least, trying not to flinch.
  80. [21:08:28] <Ambrosia> 14 arm damage!
  81. [21:08:41] <Natalie> "Okay, next lesson... enduring!"
  82. [21:08:45] <Ambrosia> Her puny fist bonks the side of your face.
  83. [21:08:54] <Natalie> How do you kick with a fist?
  84. [21:08:56] <Natalie> Miracles
  85. [21:08:56] <castfromhp> (>kick)
  86. [21:08:57] <castfromhp> (>fist)
  87. [21:09:01] <Ambrosia> *FOOT
  88. [21:09:10] <Ambrosia> Weird, she seemed to be pretty strong when she was carrying you.
  89. [21:09:16] <Ambrosia> "Enduring?"
  90. [21:09:27] * Natalie grins and grabs onto the foot. "Yeah! Since you did that, I can do..."
  91. [21:09:35] <Natalie> 2d6+4 COUNTER oh god this is not a good idea
  92. [21:09:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, COUNTER oh god this is not a good idea: 12 [2d6=4,4]
  93. [21:10:06] <Ambrosia> Of course that hit.
  94. [21:10:20] <Natalie> ".. This!" Nat doesn't pay attention to what she's doing and goes for a THROW... then freaks out after tossing the moebot "ohcrapIdidn'tmeantodoitthathard"
  95. [21:10:28] <Natalie> That's uh...
  96. [21:10:40] <Natalie> Oh we're good, it's only 48 ARM!
  97. [21:10:45] <Ambrosia> She rolls along the ground as she hits it, tumbling over one of the rolling hills.
  98. [21:11:06] <Natalie> "Eeeeeek!"
  99. [21:11:27] * Natalie dashes over and flings out cure spells, a lot of them missing their target and healing the grass. Who knew cure could even MISS?
  100. [21:11:40] <Natalie> "Uh..."
  101. [21:11:54] * Ambrosia eventually comes rolling to a stop near the water's edge, where she just lays for a moment.
  102. [21:12:11] * Ambrosia then slowly picks herself up.
  103. [21:12:17] <Natalie> A nervous hand outstretches to help the poor girl up, Nat's other hand scratching her head. After running all the way over there. "And... that's how you know not to attack tough people!"
  104. [21:12:35] <Natalie> "... You okay?"
  105. [21:12:53] <Ambrosia> "That... hurt." she says, a bit surprised.
  106. [21:13:20] <Natalie> "Sorry... I just meant to give an example but went kinda overboard. Eheheheh."
  107. [21:14:00] <Natalie> "If you had a weapon or something like I have," she taps her ruby, "it'd be a little less dangerous..."
  108. [21:14:00] <Ambrosia> "Should... I fight like that?"
  109. [21:14:08] <Ambrosia> "What sort of weapon?"
  110. [21:15:48] <Natalie> "Why don't you ask Mr. Alpha for one? He's really good at making them, you know! There's probably something easy for you to use... Like," she makes a bowstring motion with her hands, "he fires off something that's a lot like this and doesn't even have to get close! Or you could be like Ammy..." Nat droops down intentionally and mimics a stab, due to there being no dragons around to go Bowser on.
  111. [21:16:18] <Natalie> "Oh, or like Lenny, who doesn't even need weapons because she has magic and stuff! Maybe you have magic too?"
  112. [21:16:35] <Ambrosia> "How can I tell?"
  113. [21:16:56] <Natalie> "Hmmm...." Nat turns around and ponders intently on this matter, making a bunch of funny faces and poses.
  114. [21:17:13] * Natalie spins back 'round. "No clue! Why don't you just chant something at random and see if it works?"
  115. [21:17:39] <Natalie> "All my magic I just sorta... felt, and pull it out whenever I want to. And that works just fine!"
  116. [21:23:04] <Ambrosia> She considers and spins around like you did, and begins chanting, "La seru tu etar..."
  117. [21:23:30] <Ambrosia> A magical aura flares up around her for a moment.. but it fizzles.
  118. [21:23:45] <Ambrosia> "...?" she headtilts.
  119. [21:23:54] * Natalie beams at it. "Hey, I think you did something!"
  120. [21:24:11] <Natalie> "But... it doesn't look like it finished."
  121. [21:24:25] <Ambrosia> 1,1Spell failed. Not enough MP.
  122. [21:25:03] * Ambrosia shakes her head. "I... felt something too, but I'm unsure how to describe it."
  123. [21:25:34] * Natalie ponders on this even more. "Yeah, that's magic! I dunno how I'd describe it if somebody ever asked me.... it just... you know, 'is.'"
  124. [21:25:57] <Ambrosia> She considers a moment and dashes off.
  125. [21:26:09] <Natalie> "That means you mu- ... H-Hey, wait!"
  126. [21:26:24] * Natalie attempts to follow and trips.
  127. [21:26:32] <Natalie> No justifiable reason, that's just cute.
  128. [21:26:34] <Ambrosia> By the time you start going after her, she's already coming back, now holding a broom.
  129. [21:26:50] <Ambrosia> She looks down at you curiously, and offers you a hand.
  130. [21:27:26] * Natalie takes it with a little grumble. "Eheheh.... thanks."
  131. [21:27:28] <Natalie> "..."
  132. [21:27:36] <Natalie> "Oh! You found a weapon already?"
  133. [21:27:41] <Ambrosia> She pulls you up.
  134. [21:27:44] <Ambrosia> "It will do."
  135. [21:27:45] <Natalie> Yoink!
  136. [21:27:58] <Ambrosia> She brandishes the broom at you.
  137. [21:28:21] * Natalie gets up and lets go, stepping back. "Well I dunno if that'll help with magic, but..."
  138. [21:28:42] <Ambrosia> You notice as she grips the broom, she automatically seems to take a vaguely defensive stance.
  139. [21:29:03] <Ambrosia> She seems to be wielding it more like a blunt object than like how a mage might wield a staff.
  140. [21:29:17] <Natalie> "Okay, maybe you know how to use it! When you attack someone, you have to put all your power into a certain part of your body... like, for me it's right here, see?" She taps her ruby.
  141. [21:29:33] <Ambrosia> "All of your power?"
  142. [21:29:35] <Natalie> "So maybe if you're using that it should be in... your hands? Nono, that doesn't seem right..."
  143. [21:29:47] <Ambrosia> She starts to wind up.
  144. [21:30:04] * Natalie nods. "Uh-huh. Like, your weight! You just take a deep breath and think about wherever that is, then you USE it!"
  145. [21:30:24] <Natalie> Worst instructor ever.
  146. [21:30:30] <Ambrosia> 2d6 Haymaker
  147. [21:30:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Ambrosia, Haymaker: 8 [2d6=6,2]
  148. [21:30:52] <Natalie> That doesn't even reach 9. Poor cutebot.
  149. [21:31:18] <Ambrosia> 1,1btw I'm treating the broom as a blade
  150. [21:31:25] <Natalie> 1,1go go go
  151. [21:31:30] <Ambrosia> 2d6 blade reroll
  152. [21:31:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Ambrosia, blade reroll: 4 [2d6=2,2]
  153. [21:31:36] <Ambrosia> daw
  154. [21:31:40] <Natalie> ... Are you sure I can't voluntarily get hit?
  155. [21:31:51] <Ambrosia> You could if you wanted.
  156. [21:31:51] <Natalie> For her self-esteem?
  157. [21:32:34] <Natalie> ... Nah. We'll call it a block, as Natty doesn't move but has to do a very shounen-style cross-arm block in order to not... uh... get hurt a lot.
  158. [21:33:12] <Ambrosia> As the broom strikes your arms, you feel a fuckton of force behind it. If that had hit you wrong you would have actually been hurt pretty badly.
  159. [21:33:22] <Natalie> "... Whoa!"
  160. [21:33:43] * Natalie LIGHTS UP. "Hey, I think you found it! That thing's like it was made for you!"
  161. [21:33:45] <Ambrosia> It's a wonder the wooden implement doesn't just outright shatter.
  162. [21:34:19] <Ambrosia> "Made for me...?"
  163. [21:34:47] <Natalie> "Okay, I get it now." Nat takes a breath and gives another Dan-style thumbs-up. "You don't need training because that's the kind of weapon you can just swing around until it hurts stuff real bad!"
  164. [21:34:51] <Ambrosia> "I highly doubt that. My origin apparently isn't anywhere near here, and the broom was here before I arrived."
  165. [21:34:55] <Ambrosia> She tilts her head.
  166. [21:35:10] <Natalie> "So take it with you and you don't have to worry about danger at all! Ahahahaha!"
  167. [21:35:31] <Ambrosia> "You really think I don't need training...? ...I don't know."
  168. [21:35:33] * Natalie giggles a little more. "Um... well I didn't really mean it like..."
  169. [21:35:37] <Natalie> "..."
  170. [21:35:40] <Natalie> LIGHTBULB.
  171. [21:35:54] <Natalie> "Maybe you COULD get something like that made just for you? And even stronger too!"
  172. [21:36:10] <castfromhp> (wanna grab one of Ammy's mist bottles and crack it open for a training monster for her?)
  173. [21:36:14] <castfromhp> (*Branches)
  174. [21:36:53] <zoofman> (you got a room full of black mages right next to you)
  175. [21:36:58] <Natalie> (that sounds like a brilliant idea)
  176. [21:37:00] <zoofman> (Who are pretty much born knowing how to fight)
  177. [21:37:43] <Ambrosia> "You think so?"
  178. [21:38:10] <Natalie> "Uh-huh! We'll just have to ask about it! But magic..."
  179. [21:39:36] * Natalie hrmphs, pondering hard over this. "I'd let you borrow power from me or something if I could, but I dunno how. Maybe, um... you'll figure it out on accident?"
  180. [21:39:55] <Natalie> "That's always the best way!"
  181. [21:41:11] <Ambrosia> "The black mages seem to be skilled with magic..."
  182. [21:42:02] <Natalie> "Uh-huh," Natty nods. "That's what a 'mage' is supposed to do.... nnnn. Maybe if you just try to listen for it you'll feel the magic coming to you? And then when you're in a pinch you'll be able to use it!"
  183. [21:42:05] <Natalie> "Something like that?"
  184. [21:42:39] <Ambrosia> She walks over to you and pinches your cheek.
  185. [21:43:04] <Ambrosia> "It's a pinch..."
  186. [21:43:07] <Natalie> "Nnn- H-Hey, what's that for?"
  187. [21:43:27] * Natalie shuts up mid-sentence and giggles, trying to wiggle out of it.
  188. [21:43:46] <Natalie> "... Okay, you got me in a pinch, looks like you asked for it! DOUBLE HOLY!!"
  189. [21:43:46] <Ambrosia> You wiggle out of it easily enough. She just sort of stares blankly.
  190. [21:43:57] * Natalie STRIKES A DRAMATIC POSE.
  191. [21:44:05] <Ambrosia> She falls over backwards again.
  192. [21:44:09] <Natalie> "... Just kidding I dunno how to actually cast that."
  193. [21:44:34] * Natalie helps her up again. How many times has that happened this session? Like 6?
  194. [21:45:11] <Ambrosia> You help her up once more! She's just getting used to her battle stances, silly! She thought you were actually casting magic!
  195. [21:45:28] <Natalie> She has been taught so well.
  196. [21:46:41] <Natalie> "Um, if somebody actually casts spells at you..."
  197. [21:46:43] <Natalie> "..."
  198. [21:47:03] <Ambrosia> "Then what?"
  199. [21:47:07] * Natalie strikes another pose, this one emphasizing her forehead. "Don't worry about doint anything then, 'cause I'll reflect it for you! Okay?"
  200. [21:47:12] <Natalie> -doint +doing
  201. [21:47:25] <Ambrosia> "Okay." she nods, completely trusting you.
  202. [21:47:36] <Natalie> Oh god this is going to end horribly.
  203. [21:48:29] <Ambrosia> "So how should I try to fight...?"
  204. [21:48:56] <Ambrosia> "Nothing feels... especially right."
  205. [21:49:00] * Natalie nods proudly, confident in their supposed success. But then pauses to sniff a few times, making a face. "Like you've been doing is probably enough for tonight. If something tries to attack you, dodge and then swing at it until it stops moving!"
  206. [21:49:18] <Natalie> "As long as you do it that way it'll be fine. Nnnn..."
  207. [21:49:21] <Ambrosia> "Okay. Thank you, Natalie."
  208. [21:49:34] * Ambrosia sticks out her arm awkwardly with a thumbs up.
  209. [21:49:46] <Natalie> "No problem! Do your best, 'kay?" Oh god hnnnng. There it goes, there's the hnnnng.
  210. [21:49:58] <Ambrosia> "'kay."
  211. [21:49:59] <Natalie> "I gotta check on something... maybe we can go over it again later."
  212. [21:50:27] <Ambrosia> She nods, watching you.
  213. [21:50:28] * Natalie walks over and jumps up a bit, poking the moebot on the forehead. And then, winking, she runs off into the eternal darkness.
  214. [21:50:42] <Ambrosia> She glances around the field a bit...
  215. [21:50:48] <Natalie> And then there's a screamer in a bathtub and reversed controls and other ridiculous shit nobody would expect in 2001.
  216. [21:50:48] <Ambrosia> "...this is so dirty."
  217. [21:50:54] <Ambrosia> And then begins sweeping the grass.
  218. [21:51:02] <Natalie> (my heart)
  219. [21:51:37] <Ambrosia> That it then?
  220. [21:51:42] <Natalie> Yeah, seems so!
  221. [21:51:45] <Natalie> Arigatou kainchan =^-^=
  222. [21:51:46] <Ambrosia> Alright~
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