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Apr 20th, 2014
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  1. You are Princess Luna. Recently, one of your subjects, Pipsqueak, has been having bad dreams. You've tried to help him in the dreamscape, but have not been successful.
  3. Because of this, you have decided to pay him a visit in pony. Well, being completely honest with yourself, that is more of an excuse than anything. Since Nightmare Night, you've bonded with the young colt. He is one of the few ponies who has been able to look past your crown and see the mare who wears it. He appreciates you for the creature of the night you are; he shares your love of the macabre, and admires you for it, not in spite of it.
  5. You feel a twinge of embarrassment at having formed such a close friendship with one of your subjects, something that'd've been scandalous a millennium ago.
  7. Either way, here you are, laying curled up on the floor next to the colt's small cot.
  9. "Pipsqueak, we know something is troubling thee, and plaguing thee with restless nights. If thou wouldst inform us of what is causing thy nightmares, surely we could help thee to enjoy thy sleep anew."
  11. "It's just, I'm having trouble getting used to living in Ponyville. I mean, everypony's a been really welcoming, but it's a little bit much for me to take in."
  13. You nod your head attentively. "So thou art homesick?"
  15. Pipsqueak shakes his head. "No, not really. I didn't have many friends back in Trottingham. The problem is the ponies here are just [i]so[/i] friendly. I can't go for a walk without some random pony wanting to make small talk."
  17. Ah, so Pipsqueak is simply feeling overwhelmed. A bit of culture shock is to be expected; ponies in Trottingham have always tended to be rather reserved, not talking to one another on train rides, so moving to Ponyville, where everypony wants to be friends with everypony else, must be quite jarring.
  19. "Ah, I see. Thou art still adjusting to Ponyvillian culture. 'Tis to be expected, but trust me that the ponies here mean well. Tell me, Pip, what hast thou been doing to cope with thy new circumstances?"
  21. Pipsqueak noticeably relaxed at learning his discomfort was completely normal. "Well, I usually turn off the lights and bundle myself in my blankets for a while until I can clear my mind. But I always end up getting hungry, or having to use the loo, and I have to start over."
  23. It sounds like Pipsqueak just wants to hide away somewhere safe, dark, and warm in order to give himself time to process things. Some simple sensory deprivation to stop him from getting overloaded with new experiences. You try to think if there is anything you can do to help him satisfy this need.
  25. You're having trouble thinking of ideas, so you decide to ask Pipsqueak for suggestions.
  27. "What wouldst thou consider to be a good solution?" you inquire.
  29. Pipsqueak is silent for a while, thinking. He seems to have an idea, but isn't quite sure about it.
  31. You decide to encourage him. "Go on, Pipsqueak. Tell me, what is thy idea?"
  33. Pip looks into your eyes, down along your body, and back, and takes a deep breath. "Um, well… sometimes, when I'm under the sheets, I try to remember when I was inside of my mummy. I can just barely remember it, but it was really peaceful, and I think that's what I'm looking for."
  35. You nod your head, not quite getting where he's going with this. He must see the confusion in your eyes, because he goes on to elaborate.
  37. "Well, I was just thinking… you know, since I'm so small, and you're so big… could I spend some time inside [i]your[/i] womb?"
  39. You stare at him blankly.
  41. "I–I mean, I should fit pretty easily, right? Your body could give me everything I need, and it would muffle everything so I can finally relax enough to sleep well."
  43. You are stunned. Did this colt seriously just suggest sleeping in your regal uterus? Surely even ten millennia wouldn't make that a normal thing for a princess to do with one of her subjects.
  45. Then again, if he was comfortable asking, maybe things really [i]have[/i] changed that much, and it would be very rude of you to turn him down. This isn't exactly a circumstance you'd thought to ask your sister about.
  47. Pipsqueak seems genuine in his request. He certainly doesn't have any lascivious intent, if he's even capable of such. And if it would help h to properly enjoy your night…
  49. This is a tough decision, but you don't have time to research modern Equestrian mores. There is a young colt right in front of you requesting your help, and he's already getting impatient. You have to decide now.
  51. "Pipsqueak, we are not sure such a thing would be proper for us to do."
  53. Pipsqueak visibly deflates.
  55. "Surely there must be another way for you…" You trail off as his eyes start to water.
  57. "Why? P–Please? I… I just th…thought you…" His voice quickly loses any semblance of coherence and degenerates into sobs, sniffles, and nonsensical babbling.
  59. Wow. This is really important to him. Suddenly you feel very guilty. This colt worked up the courage to ask you for help, and you just shot him down. Swallowing your pride, you lift his chin with your hoof, shod in your sparkly regalia. "If this truly means so much to thee, we would be delighted to bear thee in our womb. We apologize for our earlier reluctance."
  61. Pipsqueak's eyes instantly dry and a grin spreads across his face. You suddenly find yourself in his excited embrace, his forelegs wrapped around your neck. When he eventually releases you, you think for a second you see a hint of mischievousness in his grin, and wonder if you've just been manipulated.
  63. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou! You're even bester than I thought, Luna!" Pip is almost bouncing with excitement.
  65. He seems pretty eager to jump right in, but it occurs to you that you should probably talk to his parents. Then again Pipsqueak has asked this of you in confidence. But then again, his parents might worry. However, one of the things Pip likes about you is that you've treated him as his own colt, not an extension of or owned by his parents. But what would others think if you didn't at least consult with his parents? Pipsqueak clearly knows what he wants, but would others see it the same way?
  67. You take a deep breath. "Pipsqueak, we are not sure about this. We dish to help thee, bu–"
  69. Pipsqueak interrupts you. "If you really wanted to help me, it would be an easy decision."
  71. He really does seem impatient, but if he's been under stress recently, you can't really fault him.
  73. "Please, Pip. Try to see this from my side this is a very unusual request, and…" you falter for a moment, trying to think of something else to say to fill time.
  75. Pipsqueak is having none of it, and takes your pause as an opportunity to speak up. "I can see it from your side, and you're just stalling. You know you're stalling. Please, this is just like when I ask my parents for something and they say we'll talk about it later. I thought you weren't like my parents. Just give me a yes or a no!"
  77. Stalling isn't working on him. He's pretty upset, and a stay in your womb would certainly help him relax and cool his temper. He deserves a straight answer, and you're going to give him one.
  80. You look into Pipsqueak's pleading eyes, and decide you can't say no to an Equestrian in need. Being a Princess means more than just your wings, your horn, and your connection to the earth. It is a title entrusted to only two mares, and carries with it responsibilities.
  82. If you would deny your assistance to one of your subjects who needs it, just to save yourself from an awkward situation, you would be unworthy of the title.
  84. You smile, and tell Pip that he wins. He can spend the night in your womb.
  86. Oddly, Pipsqueak shakes his head. Sensing your confusion, he explains. "I'll let you know when I'm ready to come out. I don't want to rush things."
  88. Oh well. It's not like the length of time makes it that much weirder. You just nod your head, and turn around.
  90. Now all that's left is to decide the best position for him to enter. Should you just stand up? Should you lie on your side and spread your legs? Should you lie on your back and spread your legs? Should you kneel, or lie with your legs folded underneath you? Should you stand with your head lowered and rear raised, to let gravity help? Should he enter head-first or rear-first? Decisions, decisions.
  93. You figure you need to give your belly room to expand, so you lie on your back and spread your legs, motioning for Pipsqueak to come sit between them.
  95. Excited, Pip hops off his bed and does as you instructed, taking a moment just to look at your marehood. Slowly, he reaches his hoof forward and reaches to touch your netherlips, slowly tracing the ridge around your opening. "It's so soft!" he exclaims.
  97. You just smile and nod. It's so cute how innocent he is. He pokes at you with childlike curiosity, and eventually slips his hoof in, cooing at the warmth.
  99. He inserts a second hoof and pulls them apart horizontally, peering deep inside of you. You wonder if he can see your cervix, or if it's too dark. Either way, he soon pushes off with his hind legs and plunges his forelegs in up to the elbow. He pauses looks up at you expectantly, and you nod, lighting your horn and casting an oxygenation spell to keep him from suffocating while climbing in.
  101. You moan slightly as his head slips into you. As he finishes squeezing it into you, his mane pokes at your cervix, which opens itself to allow him to slip deeper inside. Finally, as your vulva tightens around his neck, your vaginal muscles have enough grip to start pulling him in, in a motion reminiscent of peristalsis. As his head slips through your cervix, you breathe a sigh of relief, the largest part of his body safely in your womb.
  103. Given the size difference, only his tail and hind hooves are poking out of you now, and you roll yourself onto your hooves, earning a few surprised kicks from Pip. You just lower your head and raise your rump, allowing gravity to help pull him into you.
  105. Finally, he drops into your womb with a satisfying 'whump', distending your belly and making you look (proportionately) like a mare ten or eleven months pregnant. After getting a feel for your new weight, and how it swings beneath you as you move, you get to your hooves, taking a few experimental steps.
  107. "Well, that was interesting. I assume that thou art connecting to my womb? Um, kick once for yes, or twice for no."
  109. One kick.
  111. "And thou art comfortable?"
  113. Another kick.
  115. Well, that was certainly interesting. Now what?
  118. Before you get the time to consider your options, your rumbling stomach decides for you, reminding you that you are now eating for two. Before taking off, though, you are sure to leave a note for Pip's parents that you are taking him on a "field trip", and that the needn't worry about him.
  120. Flapping your wings experimentally, you find that they can still easily carry their increased burden, and take off into the night sky. It will be a few hours before you need to lower the moon, plenty of time for the royal chefs to prepare some food for you and your new passenger. Maybe one of those cakes Celestia's been raving about, with some ice cream on the side.
  122. As you alight on the balcony to your room in the castle, you decide you will order two strawberry cakes, with Prench vanilla ice cream on the side.
  124. You trot to the kitchen door and tell the chefs your order, your expanded abdomen hidden by the lower half of the stable-style doors. The chefs are perplexed by your unusually extravagant order, but they know better than to question one of the Royal Pony Sisters.
  126. Once you have placed your order and are satisfied that it is being prepared, you request that it be delivered to the private dining room you share with your sister. Celestia will surely want some, and you doubt you could finish it all by yourself.
  128. So you continue on to the dining room at a brisk trot, relishing the sensation of your newfound girth swinging beneath you as you do. All that is forgotten, however, when you open the ornate dining room doors and see Celestia taking rather large bites out of a calzone.
  130. "Ah, Luna, nice to see you take your muzzle out of those tax reforms for a bit. Please do join me; I was just having a snack before raising… the…" she says cheerfully, trailing off as she looks up from her meal and focuses on your belly.
  132. "Well, this is certainly an interesting turn of events. I must say, I do not recall you being with foal. If I may ask, when are you due, and who is the lucky stallion?"
  135. You are caught off guard, not expecting Celestia to be up so early. Still, you quickly get a devious idea.
  137. You feign ignorance. "What dost thou mean by that? Art thou saying that we are… in the family way?"
  139. Celestia raised an eyebrow quizzically. "'With foal', 'in the family way', 'expecting', parturient, preggers… Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. If you do not wish to answer my questions, I will respect your privacy, but playing dumb is hardly a mature response."
  141. Keeping up your charade, you continue. "And why, pray tell, dost thou believe us to be… 'preggers'?"
  143. Celestia just rolls her eyes. "Either you are pregnant, or the legends are true and you have just eaten one of our subjects. If you had wished to hide your pregnancy, you could've used an illusion spell, or even a loose-fitting gown. This is simply comical."
  145. You decide to double down. "We assure you, our regal form is as slender as it has been for millennia. Perhaps thou art seeing things, dear sister. We could call for a servant to veri–"
  147. "Oh, I'm sure you could!" interrupts Celestia. "I'm sure there are plenty of ponies who owe you favors and would be glad to assist you in this little joke of yours. I am 13,809 years old; I know what you're doing, and it's going to take a lot more than this to gaslight me."
  149. You consider standing your ground, but you're getting nowhere at this rate, so you switch tactics. "Okay, fine. You caught me. I am due in… 6 weeks," you say, checking your girth to make sure the date is believable, "and I don't know who the father is. I was in a bar last year–"
  151. Celestia makes a noise like a game show buzzer. "Sorry, try again."
  153. "A witch cur–"
  155. "Nope."
  157. "I drank a magic…"
  159. "Luna, do you think I'm stupid? Either tell me the truth or stop wasting my time!"
  162. You figure Celestia has a point; she's been around long enough that she's not easily fooled, especially not by her own sister. Best to come clean and not get caught in a web of lies.
  164. "It's Pipsqueak!" you blurt out, bracing yourself for the inevitable backlash.
  166. Celestia just blinks. "Pipsqueak? The spotted colt you met on Nightmare Night?"
  168. You nod.
  170. "Huh, so he's of breeding age already? That seems to be happening earlier and earlier nowadays." Celestia replies pensively.
  172. "What? No, no, nonono. I didn't mean Pipsqueak impregnated us. Well, in a w…" you trail off, realizing something. "Sister? Thou thinkest that we are in an intimate relationship with him, and have no objections? Pardon our asking, but hast thou gone mad?"
  174. Celestia shrugs with her wings. "If you've fallen for one another, it is not my place to judge."
  176. You are shocked by Celestia's response. "But Celestia, he is but a foal! For us to have a relationship with him would be extremely inappropriate."
  178. "Luna, think about how old you are. With an age gap already spanning millennia, would an extra few decades really make that much of a difference?"
  180. You are shocked to discover that Celestia is not joking. She has a point mathematically, but still! "'Tia, 'tis not simply a matter of numbers. Adults and foals should never be romantically intertwined, and certainly should never mate! There is simply too much of an im–"
  182. "Imbalance of power?" Celestia interrupts. "You are the immortal Night Princess of Equestria. Unless you plan on dating either me or one of the many foes we have vanquished with the Elements of Harmony, you are sure to have the lion's share of the power. But something tells me I misunderstood you, and Pipsqueak is not the father of your foal."
  184. "Of course not! We would never take advantage of a foal in such a way! Pipsqueak is not the father; he is the foal."
  186. Celestia just stares at you blankly. "What?"
  188. You take a deep breath, figuring you should start at the beginning.
  190. "It is an unusual story, but bear with us. We had noticed Pipsqueak was having trouble sleeping, plagued with unsettling dreams. When direct intervention within the dreams proved unsuccessful, we decided to pay him a visit in pony."
  192. Celestia nods. "Yes. Go on."
  194. "Pipsqueak explained that he was feeling overwhelmed and was having difficulty adjusting to Ponyville's hyper-social atmosphere. He asked if he could sleep in our womb for a time in order to relax. We were reluctant at first, of course, but we could detect no lascivious intent from him, and… if we could help, we felt we must; such is our duty. He climbed inside and we attached him to our womb. We then returned to the castle and ordered food to feed both of us, and unexpectedly encountered you in the dining room. After you saw through our lies, we admitted the truth, though we were unfortunately misinterpreted, spurring a discussion on our options for romantic partners as one of the two Princesses of Equestria. When that was cleared up, I explained that Pipsqueak was the one in my womb, and that the situation had started when Pipsqueak had been struggling with bad dreams and I had failed to deal with them in the dreamscape, leading me to vis–"
  196. You are interrupted by a knock on the door, and quickly rush to the door, opening it with your magic. You hurriedly thank the servant for delivering the food, and levitate it to the table, hiding your belly behind the door before quickly shutting it.
  198. "Ah, the food has arrived! Now where were we? Ah, yes, after that little misunderstanding, we explained that Pipsqueak had been havi–"
  200. Celestia raised a hoof. "As much amusement as I would get out of seeing my sister stuck in an infinite loop, I must remind you that I was here for this part; you do not need to retell your retelling of the story."
  202. You blush, and quickly hide your embarrassment behind a large slice of cake. "Yes, of course. In our nervous embarrassment, we neglected to pay attention to such things."
  204. Celestia giggles softly. "It's quite alright. As for Pipsqueak, he is not in any danger by being inside you?"
  206. You swallow your rather large bite of cake, washing it down with a sip of tea. "No, of course not. We would never endanger one of our subjects."
  208. Celestia nods. "I suspected as much. And yourself? As opposed to the…" she glances at your plate "…increased appetite, you are suffering no ill effects?"
  210. You are about to reassure Celestia that you are fine, when Pipsqueak stirs slightly, rolling over, causing the words to stick in your throat.
  212. "Luna? Are you okay?"
  214. You shake your head to bring yourself back to Earth, before quickly and vigorously nodding your head to prevent any miscommunication. "We are fine. Pipsqueak seems to have just awoken, and we were caught by surprise when he began moving."
  216. Celestia raises an eyebrow. "Oh? Do you mind if I feel or listen to you belly, maybe talk to him? This is so fascinating, and I would love to learn more."
  219. You answer Celestia with a simple nod. She's your sister, so you don't see a problem with her to explore your newly occupied belly. Under the circumstances, you figure it's perfectly reasonable for her to be curious, and you appreciate the opportunity to bond with your older sister.
  221. Awkwardly, you roll onto your left side, allowing Celestia easy access to your belly. She approaches it gingerly but curiously, watching the slight ripples in your taut belly as Pipqueak shifts inside you, adjusting to your new position. She slowly lowers her right ear onto your belly, listening to the soft gurgles and thumps that are the ambient sounds of the young colt's temporary getaway.
  223. "Pipsqueak? Is that really you in there?" Celestia inquires, awe and disbelief in her voice. She lifts her head slightly as she is answered by a kick, one that certainly felt stronger and more purposeful than would expect from an unborn foal.
  225. You grin. "See? We told thee it was him. Didst thou suspect us of deceitfulness?"
  227. Celestia raises an eyebrow at you.
  229. You sigh. "Yes, we concede that we were not as… forthright as we should have been at first, and we apologize for that."
  231. Celestia nuzzles your belly and gives you a loving smile. "I've already forgiven you. Apology accepted."
  233. That's certainly a relief. You're glad she doesn't plan on holding anything against you.
  235. "You're sure he'll be okay in there, though?" Celestia asks, a hint of concern in her voice.
  237. You raise your eyebrow, but nod confidently. "Of course, sister. He is as safe as any unborn foal would be. Our womb is protecting and nourishing him, as is its purpose."
  239. Celestia seems reassured by this. "Could you tell me more about the spells you used? I'd like to double-check just to be sure he's safe. Plus, it's been quite a while since I've had the opportunity to learn new magic."
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