Touched by Angels

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  4. CHAPTER 1: Angel's Grace
  7. White. So much white. White on white, brighter and clearer than the sun, flooding through every inch of Damien’s vision. Then, contrast. Something else, something not-white. Black. The edges of it blurred to nothingness, but they were still there. Slowly, more began to develop. The white dulled in places, sharpened in others. Damien shied away, blinking, eyes dry as dirt, but forced himself to look. Focus. More shapes fell in, became clear. Feathers. A wealth of them making up broad, reaching wings sprawled across his vision. Attached to them was a body, glowing with the warmth of the summer sun. Hair falling gracefully down shoulders in a waterfall of mocoa. Soft cheeks and eyes so blue they glowed. An angel? Had he died? A part of him panicked at the thought, but the all the rest of him could say was,
  9. God, she’s beautiful.
  11. Chestnut lips parted with a sweet ambrosia voice. “Have I entranced you already?”
  13. Damien didn’t notice the giggle in the background, attention locked on the heavenly being looking down on him. She wore a typical doctor’s coat, loose on the chest but tight at the sleeves, and under that a black v-neck shirt showing just a hint of cleavage. Her legs were wrapped up in a short beige skirt that ruffled with the sound of fabric every time she shifted her stance.
  15. No reply came to him. He couldn’t do anything but stare.
  17. “You were right on the money, Nadine. Lethargic from the anesthetics, but that should clear up shortly. Why don’t you hand me that flashlight and I’ll check his responses.”
  19. Blinking, Damien finally tore his eyes away from the beauty. Aside her was a nurse, another angel, smiling at Damien as she followed the beauty’s instruction. Something in his head told him he was supposed to do something at this point, but nothing came to mind. So he stared.
  21. A hand gently raised his chin and his eyes happily returned to the beauty leaning over him. God, those eyes could be an ocean. He was drowning in them already.
  23. “Do you ogle every girl you lay eyes on, or are we just that stunning?” said the beauty.
  25. “I bet this one’s a real ladykiller,” said nurse, Nadine.
  27. A bright yellow light flooded his vision and he squinted away from it, but the beauty held his eyes open.
  29. “Don’t worry, dear, just taking a look at your eyes. I’ll be done in a second.”
  31. Damien kept still.
  33. “Wonderful. You’re looking just fine, I’d say.” She pet his head, pulling his hair back away from his eyes. “How are you feeling?”
  35. The moment he considered the question, his body had a conglomeration of answers. A wave of nausea rose up from his gut, but he held it down.
  37. “Like shit,” he said.
  39. The beauty gave an exaggerated frown and rubbed his shoulder, her touch sending a tingle up and down his arm.
  41. “I’m sorry, I know surgery can be rough. But don’t you worry about that, Nadine here will make sure you’re nice and comfortable. Before you know it, you’ll be hopping on out of here like nothing ever happened. The surgeon did a wonderful job and you’ll have full use of your legs back with just a little bit of therapy.”
  43. Legs? Damien looked down his bed for the first time. Both of his legs were in casts up to the knee and hanging from slings. His first instinct was to try to move them, but he couldn’t feel a thing below his knee, and above it all he got was pain.
  45. Oh. The accident. He’d been jaywalking and a car came up on him too fast for him to get out of the way. He’d jumped at the last second, and while it may have saved him, his legs were not so lucky. Damien’s expression soured. What fucking luck.
  47. A hand cupped his chin and and gave his cheeks a light squeeze.
  49. “Chin up, Damien! You were in a terrible accident and are on course for a full recovery. Not many people can say that,” said the beauty.
  51. The beauty’s smile seemed a touch of mocking now. Chin up? She wasn’t the one who’d been hit by a car.
  53. “I’ve got to run, but I’m leaving you in great hands. If you need anything, let Nadine know and either she or I will get it for you, alright?”
  55. “Yeah, sure.”
  57. “Oh, and by the way,” she said, extending her hand, “I’m Doctor Grace. Joanna Grace. I’ll be watching over your stay.”
  59. Damien reluctantly took her hand and shook it. Even a movement as simple as that brought forth a wave of pain and nausea, this time almost overcoming him.
  61. As he listened to Doctor Grace’s heels click out of the room, he stared at the ceiling with one thought running through his head.
  63. This is going to be a long stay.
  66. **
  69. “Your emergency contact information only listed your brother,” Doctor Grace hummed to herself as she flipped through several pages of documents. “Brent. We contacted him already, is there anyone else?”
  71. It’d been a day since he’d woken up from surgery. He was about to ask Nadine if anyone had stopped by to visit when Doctor Grace had walked in and started asking about that very thing. Or, more precisely, the lack of it.
  73. Damien rolled his eyes inwardly. He wasn’t really surprised no one had shown up, but he couldn’t help but hope. As for Brent, well, that was probably a pretty uneventful call. Damien loved the guy, but he didn’t raise a finger for anyone. That, and he lived 500 miles away. Broken legs probably weren’t enough to get him to visit. Probably.
  75. “No.”
  77. Grace’s eyebrows raised. “Are you sure? No parents, other siblings, distant relatives, friends?”
  79. Damien looked away out the window. “Don’t have those any more.”
  81. A hint of wistfulness snuck into Grace’s voice. “Really, now. Such a pity.”
  83. “Yeah, I know, it’s sad.”
  85. “Oh dear, that’s not what I meant at all. I was just thinking you might feel a bit… lonely. A healthy, handsome man your age and no nearby family? What a shame.”
  87. A wing reached over and caressed the back of his neck. Soft feathers brushed against his skin and drove their gentle touch all the way to Damien’s spine. He shivered, goosebumps raising all over his back. Grace may have meant it to be comforting, but all he felt was cold. When he turned to look at her, she was watching her wing movements, as if the motions were calculated precision instead of spontaneous empathy.
  89. The look disappeared in an instant, though, replaced by a glowing smile. It reminded him of that immaculate beauty he woke up to.
  91. “While you’re here, I’ll do my best to make sure you’re looked after.”
  93. “Thanks, I guess,” said Damien.
  95. “No need to thank me. You deserve it.” She closed the folder of documents with one quick, snappy motion. “That’s all I needed to ask about that. How have you been?” Grace grinned and glanced over to Nadine, who was currently busy tossing some trash away. “Has she been good to you?” Grace leaned in, using her wing as an impromptu wall to hide their conversation. “Put any good moves on her?”
  97. Damien grumbled to himself, trying to keep from scowling. This was just Grace’s bedside manner. Her job. “Hard to put on moves when I can’t.”
  99. “I can hear you, doctor,” said Nadine. “And no, he’s been a perfectly well-behaved patient. If a little quiet.”
  101. “Well then,” said Grace, pulling up a seat. “What would you like to talk about?”
  103. Damien raised an eyebrow.
  105. “You sure you want to spend your time making small talk with me?”
  107. “Of course. Making my patients comfortable is the best possible use of my time. So, out with it.”
  109. He looked over to Nadine for help, but she just shrugged and went back to her work.
  111. “When will I get out of here?” he asked.
  113. “How about we talk about something other than being stuck in the hospital. Something cheery! What are you planning on doing once you leave?”
  115. “I…” Damien looked down in thought. “don’t know. I guess I’d be sick of being trapped indoors, so I’d probably go outside? Ride my bike?”
  117. Grace laid her hand on his shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “That’d be great! The weather will be turning warm soon and there are plenty of bike paths around here to enjoy. Plus, you know how much doctors value staying in shape.”
  119. Damien couldn’t help but smile a bit. As overbearing as Grace could be, her enthusiasm was infectious.
  121. It took all of five seconds for his smile to wilt when his mind went to other things, however. “My job,” he groaned. “There’s no way I’ll keep it through all this.”
  123. “Oh? You have a job?” Grace scribbled a note down. “Where do you work?”
  125. “Used to work, now. The car shop down near 31st. Monty’s.”
  127. “Monty’s,” she said to herself as she wrote. “I’ll let them know. I’m sure I can arrange for you to come back when you’re better.”
  129. Damien frowned. Was that part of her job or a favor? Surely she didn’t do this for all of her patients.
  131. “Any other big plans?” she asked.
  133. “Ahem.”
  135. Both of them turned to look at Nadine, who’d just cleared her throat. She was holding a bucket and a sponge.
  137. Oh no, thought Damien. Is she really going to give me a sponge bath?
  139. “Here,” said Grace, holding her hands out. “I’ll take care of it.”
  141. That’s even worse!
  143. “Really, doctor? I’m completely comfortable doing it myself, I’ve done it plenty of times before. I’d hate to take you away from other important duties.”
  145. “This is one of those important duties, Nadine. Come now, hand it over.”
  147. “I was going to change his sheets as well. And his pillow.”
  149. “Not a problem.”
  151. Nadine and Grace stared at each other a moment, the former confused, the latter hopeful. Grace’s wings gave a subtle flutter.
  153. Nadine sighed and handed the bucket and sponge over. “Far be it for me to get between you and your patient.” She smirked. “I guess this is why they love you so much.”
  155. “Nadine, you’re too kind. They don’t all love me.”
  157. “You try, though.” Nadine looked to Damien and jabbed a finger at him. “You are one lucky dog.”
  159. “Seems that way, huh,” he said with a weak smile.
  161. Nadine walked out of the room, throwing a wave over her shoulder. “See you two later!”
  163. Part of Damien had hoped she would stay. It wasn’t so much that he wanted an audience, but rather that Doctor Grace seemed a touch too enthusiastic about everything and maybe Nadine being here would temper her.
  165. Then again, Grace had been nothing but professional. Why should he think this was going to be any different?
  167. “So, uh, what exactly are you going to clean with that? My back?”
  169. “A little more than that,” said Grace. “Please take off your gown.”
  171. He swallowed. “What was that?”
  173. Grace pulled a shade down over the small window on the door to the hallway, then walked over to the blinds and shut them. She then sat back down wheeled her stool up close. Close enough for him to smell her—a thick, floral scent that hit him with a wave of lightheadedness.  “Nothing to be nervous about, dear, we do this all the time.” A wing reached over and pat him on the head. “Come now, off with your clothes.”
  175. “Ah-alright.” From the heat on his face, he knew he was beet red. He fumbled with the knot on the back of his gown, but he couldn’t get a good grip on it. It was surprisingly hard to maneuver with his legs immobile and hanging as they were. After a few moments of trying to pull it undone, he felt another pair of hands join his.
  177. His hands snapped back and he looked at Grace, who met him with a warm smile.
  179. “I know it’s not easy to undo this knot and you’re hardly the first to have trouble with it. But I can keep a secret.” The sensation of her fingers and knuckles digging into his back as she undid the knot sent shivers up his spine—but the chill when her hands withdrew, taking his gown with them, was ten times worse. Thankfully, the sheets were still covering up his waist and below.
  181. The tension must have shown on his face because Grace was cooing soft words of encouragement.
  183. “It’s alright to feel a shaky, I know you’re not used to it. But you’re also probably feeling a little mucky after doing nothing but sitting in bed, so just lay back and let me clean you up, alright?”
  185. He had a feeling there was clearly a right and a wrong reply here.
  187. “Okay,” he said.
  189. She brightened up at that, sitting up straight and ruffling her hand through his hair. “Wonderful. Now I’ll try to be gentle, but make sure to tell me if I’m rubbing a bit too hard or I hit a sore spot, okay?”
  191. Damien nodded.
  193. “And don’t look so gloomy! This’ll be fun. It’ll let your skin breathe a little, you’ll feel so refreshed afterward, and you get some time to chat with your favorite doctor.” Her grin widened at the last part.
  195. Damien found himself with a small smile on. Everything Grace did was so overwhelmingly cheery, but she seemed so genuine and so, well, graceful about it that he couldn’t bring himself to be grumpy about it any more. It was possible she didn’t actually feel sorry for him and it was all an act, but damn if it wasn’t a good one.
  197. He flinched at the first touch of the sponge, but Grace drew it across his chest slow and gentle, just like she said. He gave her a nervous smile which she responded to by rubbing the back of his neck with a wing. Her feathers drifted against his skin with a touch more complex and airy than the sponge. After a minute under Grace’s careful attention, Damien finally allowed himself to relax.
  199. Grace squeezed out the sponge and laid it over Damien’s chest again. “So, handsome, how did you end up here all alone?”
  201. “My parents…” He paused to take in a deep breath—Grace’s wing kept seeming to steal those away. “My parents left the country a few years back after me and my brother got settled. Wanted to see more of the world. My brother got a job in a little town pretty far away, and I found something here. So I guess you could say that’s how life ended up.”
  203. “Mmm.” Grace hummed in contemplation. “And the accident?”
  205. “A moment of stupidity.”
  207. “Perfect.”
  209. Damien cocked his head and was about to ask her what she meant when the sponge wandered down low. Very low.
  211. “Oops,” said Grace, withdrawing. “We don’t need to go down there quite yet.” She was instead content to rub in circles on his stomach, slowing the closer she got to his waist.
  213. The tension creeped back in.
  215. “Are you comfortable so far?”
  217. “Y-yeah.” Even with the water from the spongebath still drying on him, his body was heating up. “Nadine’s been great. And I guess the bed’s fine too. Would be nice to get those off,” he said, pointing to the giant casts on his legs.
  219. “As soon as we can, we will. Assuming you behave.” She chuckled at the last part.
  221. What did she mean, like not trying to walk before he was ready? He could hardly get out of bed like this!
  223. “Any pain?”
  225. “Well, now that I’m getting feeling back in my legs, yeah, they’re sore as hell. But I’m assuming that’s just part of recovering.”
  227. “It doesn’t have to be. I’ll see if we can’t make you a little more comfortable. Let me check the pumps.”
  229. Grace stood up, setting aside the sponge, and reached over Damien to the drug pumps at the other side of the bed. And with the bed as wide as it was, she really had to reach. She planted one hand next to Damien’s side and a second later her bosom came swinging right into his face.
  231. He sucked in a breath in surprise, giving him the full force of her scent, so thick he thought he might pass out but delightfully intoxicating enough to make him want to breathe in again. Did she know what she was doing? Or was she just so focused on her job that she was oblivious? With all that cheeriness, it was possible she was bit of an airhead.
  233. Damien fought to keep his hands at his sides. She would definitely notice if he started moving around. After a few seconds that lasted minutes, Grace finally stood back up straight.
  235. “There we go,” she said. “That should be enough.” She looked at Damien, face glowing. “Feeling drowsy at all? It usually hits pretty fast.”
  237. “Drowsy? Why…”
  239. It hit him like a wall. His head fell to the bed, eyes rolling about and eyelids heavy as lead. The room around him blurred and faded to black, the last thing he saw being Grace, hovering over him and smiling, an empty syringe in hand.
  242. ***
  245. White. So much white. White on white, brighter and clearer than the sun, flooding through every inch of Damien’s vision. Then, contrast. Something else, something not-white. Black. More shapes fell in, became clear. Feathers. A wealth of them making up broad, reaching wings sprawled across his vision. Attached to them was a body, glowing with the warmth of the summer sun. Soft cheeks and eyes so blue they glowed. An angel? Had he died? He panicked at the thought, the first thought running through his head screaming,
  247. Oh my god, she drugged me.
  249. He called out. Or, at least, tried to, but all his throat managed was a groan.
  251. “There, there,” said Grace, laying a hand on his head. “You’re just coming out of it, it’ll take a moment.”
  253. Grace sat next to the bed, legs crossed and barely hiding underneath her short, form-fitting skirt. Her doctor’s coat was unbuttoned, showing off a dark shirt that revealed notably more of her chest than the one she wore last time he saw her. Whatever statement she was trying to make with her clothes, however, Damien wasn’t listening. He shot her a grimace.
  255. “Oh, don’t pout, you’re fine.”
  257. Nadine. Where was Nadine? Hell, any nurse at all! Damien rolled his head to the side, looking around the room, but it was only him and Grace. Remembering the nurse call button, he reached to press it—only to find he was unable to move his hands. Tight leather clasps held his wrists to the metal bed frame. No matter how hard he yanked, he couldn’t get his wrists free or even loose. With his legs still slung up in casts, he was totally and utterly trapped.
  259. He sucked in a big breath to cry out, but Grace’s hand was over his mouth lightning fast.
  261. “Now, now, no need for that. You had an awful seizure, dear, and I had to strap you down for your own safety. We don’t want you hurting yourself if it happens again, do we?”
  263. Her wing extended to pat down his forehead which he now realized was dripping with sweat. He tried to jerk his head away, but her wing was persistent and he had no room to struggle. While he accepted it, he did so with a glare.
  265. “Why are you doing this?” he said.
  267. “Because I’m your doctor and I could see you needed help. All alone, no family or friends around, getting yourself into reckless accidents, that’s no way for a man your age to be living.”
  269. One of her soft hands began grazing over his chest, fingers dipping into the grooves of his form, their tender touch sending waves of goosebumps over his body.
  271. “I’m perfectly happy with my life, thank you, now let me go!”
  273. “Shh,” she said, the other wing coming down to cover his mouth. “No need to raise your voice. I’m just trying to help, you know.”
  275. “By tying me to my bed?”
  277. “You weren’t exactly hopping out of bed before.” Grace gestured to his casts. “Besides, it’s important to make sure you’re not cheating.”
  279. “Cheating? On wh—”
  281. Her hand made a deliberate move lower, slipping under his gown and resting on his cock. She didn’t squeeze or even fondle it, just let her hand lay there while she stared at him, soaking in his reaction.
  283. “A good doctor always knows what her patient needs. It’s very difficult to help, though, if you don’t behave. You can behave, right?”
  285. Her pointer finger ran up and down the side of his cock, stirring within him urges that he dare not submit to. He bit his lip hard, leering at Grace, trying to pull his attention away from her devious hand, but her gentle smile eroded his will the longer he stared into it. Even in duplicity she was painfully genuine.
  287. Insane. That was the only way to describe it. This doctor was crazy.
  289. “A nurse is going to check up on you now. I hope you don’t disappoint me, it’d be awful to have to punish my patient before we really got to know each other. It might start us off on the wrong foot.”
  291. “Start off on the wrong foot? Seriously?”
  293. Doctor Grace stood up and took a step back just as the door behind her opened. A nurse Damien hadn’t seen before walked in and gave him a smile. Damien frowned and glanced over to Grace. She’d probably had Nadine moved elsewhere. Didn’t want anyone familiar with Damien to get in her way.
  295. “Damien,” said the nurse, “I’m Beth, nice to meet you. I’m just here to—”
  297. “Take these straps off, please!” he said, pulling at his wrists. “I need them off!”
  299. Beth was wholly unprepared. She froze, looked at Damien, then his straps, then to Grace. “Umm, didn’t Doctor Grace already explain why they’re there?”
  301. “She’s crazy. I don’t know what she told you, but it was a lie. I don’t need them, she’s just trying to keep me trapped here. Please, please take them off!”
  303. “Trapped? Why would…” Beth trailed off, taking a step back.
  305. No, don’t run! thought Damien. Let me go!
  307. Beth’s worried eyes darted back and forth between Grace and Damien. Then they lingered on Grace and her face slowly transformed from shock to recognition. A smile grew wide on Beth before she burst into laughter.
  309. “You got me good, Doctor Grace! Oh goodness, do you do this to every new nurse around here?” She wiped her forehead and walked over to Damien’s bed to check his readings. “They warned me about you but I had no idea you’d get your patients involved too!”
  311. Damien’s expression fell. Grace was a prankster? Then that would make his protests look…
  313. His eyes snapped to Grace. She was sitting up straight, composed, barely holding back laughter. The exact sort of face Damien would expect from someone trying to play a prank on him. And Beth fell for it.
  315. “This isn’t a joke!” he said, yanking on his arms. “Let me go!”
  317. “You’re a pretty good actor, too,” said Beth. “What’d Doctor Grace promise you for playing along? A fancy meal? I know the cafeteria food can be a bit dull sometimes.”
  319. “Nothing! I’m not acting! Please!”
  321. Something flashed across Beth’s face. Concern? Doubt? Maybe Damien was getting through to her. But whatever it was, it was gone in a moment.
  323. “Okay, that’s everything I needed to see. And from your behavior, you seem like you’re feeling fine, too, so I won’t bother with the usual interrogation. Let Doctor Grace know if you start feeling different, alright?”
  325. Damien opened his mouth to speak again, but the air vanished from his lungs when something jabbed him right in the kidney. He looked down to see Grace had her hand on his side, two fingers right where they needed to be.
  327. “That’s enough, you’ve earned your fancy meal,” said Grace. “We almost got her. Maybe we’ll have more luck with the next nurse that checks up on you.”
  329. The color drained from his face. Grace was playing right into her cover story.
  331. “Are you sure you’re good watching him?” Beth asked Grace. “You know we could just get a nurse to do it for you.”
  333. “Thanks for coming, Beth,” said Grace. “Don’t worry about me.”
  335. She nodded. “Alright then. Later, Doctor Grace.”
  337. The door’s closing was like a portcullis grinding shut, sealing Damien’s hope off with an impenetrable barrier. Grace shrugged to herself, clicking the lock shut, and threw an exasperated look over her shoulder at Damien.
  339. “Oh well, I guess we’ll have to start with the punishment,” said Grace.
  341. Damien found a renewed strength, thrashing his arms about, giving all his might to freeing his hands from their bonds. He twisted his body, and tried to use the slings holding his leg casts for leverage, but all he got was a fresh wave of pain. Sweat dripped down his face as his attempts grew more frantic.
  343. Grace simply stood over him, arms crossed under her breasts as she watched.
  345. “You really shouldn’t struggle so much, I’d hate to see you make your injuries worse. And you’ll probably need that energy later.”
  347. Soon Damien had exhausted himself, but after a look at Grace, he decided he wasn’t done yet.
  349. “Help!” His voice was hoarse from a dry mouth, and his posture kept him from drawing in the full strength of his lungs, but it was still a yell. “Help!”
  351. “You really are set on misbehaving, aren’t you?” Grace reached inside her white coat and pulled out a strip of cloth. Before Damien could figure out what it was for, she pulled it taught, shoved it in his mouth and tied it tight around his head.
  353. He gnashed his teeth, grinding them back and forth over the cloth, but it held. Twisting his neck, he tried to get his head close enough to his hands to undo the knot, but couldn’t reach. Grace had everything covered. She’d planned this, probably from the moment he’d come in. Escape options exhausted, Damien resigned himself to glaring at Grace.
  355. Seeing him calm down, Grace beamed and glided over to the end of the bed. She positioned herself between his hanging legs, then reached in and had his gown off in a single motion. Carefully, she laid it aside, like a piece of laundry straight out of the washer.
  357. He was completely exposed before her, and the predatory smile on her face made him feel even more naked. Before she started, though, she grabbed a small bottle of lotion and spread it thoroughly over her hands.
  359. “You know, we could’ve been having a nice chat if you hadn’t insisted on that yelling.”
  361. Damien didn’t have the heart to retort. Or, rather, whatever he would’ve come up with would’ve been immediately stolen by her hands.
  363. His breath caught in his throat as her hands swallowed his cock, a chill touch punctuated by precision and vigor. She travelled up and down his shaft with purpose, pausing to cover the head as she peaked and fondle his balls as she crested. His body involuntarily squirmed under her touch, powerful waves of pleasure coursing through him at her command.
  365. “Today’s been exhausting,” said Grace, watching her hands do their wonderful work. “First, I needed to move you this room. It’s much easier for me to get in and out of here compared to your last room. Then, I had to get Nadine moved to another patient because she might have actually believed you.”
  367. Damien narrowed his eyes. Why was she telling him this?
  369. Grace glanced up, seeing him meet her eyes, then grinned as her hands sped up. Once more, those smooth, expert fingers smothered his cock, shocking his member with a lightning storm of bliss. Shivering, Damien moaned and threw his head back.
  371. “But that wasn’t even all of it! Janice, the receptionist, scoffed at me this morning when I told her I’d be taking you under my personal supervision. She hates it when doctors actually take a hands-on approach to care, like it’s some kind of sin.” She shook her head. “I swear, working with a bunch of angels can really wear on me sometimes.”
  373. Damien would’ve pointed out she was one too, if not for the gag.
  375. One of her hands slipped off his shaft and groped his balls, giving them a slow massage with her thumb. “You should try to be like my other patients. They’re all so well-behaved. They listen to all of my instructions, don’t try to get out of bed, and they certainly don’t yell at the nurses.” The hand on his shaft tightened its grip and began to speed up, eliciting another moan from Damien. “Sometimes I wonder why I even try. But I believe in you. I think with a little work you’ll be a better patient than anyone else.”
  377. That’s because you’re not tying them to their beds! Damien screamed in his head.
  379. As her hands continued their work, Damien squirmed. He tried pulling his hips away but there was no room to get away.
  381. “That Janice! Ooh, I just remembered she said I was going to have to fill out all the transfer paperwork myself. That’s her job! She’s the receptionist!”
  383. Grace pumped harder. Her hands made vulgar, slick sounds from the lotion as they moved up and down, a firm grip with a careful attention to his cockhead. On occasion, a hand would drift over his tip, palming it while rubbing back and forth in a brutal rhythm.
  385. “Do you know how annoying those forms are to fill out? Room numbers, patient names, descriptions as long as an essay, approval signatures, ward supervisor signatures, special considerations, and you have to do it twice if you have to move a patient out of a room you’re moving the first patient into!”
  387. The vigor of her motions quickened. It was all Damien could do to hold himself still and resist the urge to thrust into that fervent hand and push himself over the edge. She clamped down harder, sending fireworks of pleasure through his cock. It was all he could do to hold himself back, resist those devious hands determined to tug out an orgasm.
  389. “You’d think that as old as this hospital was, they’d figure out a better system for all of this. And how does someone like Janice get to make the decisions about who does and doesn’t do paperwork? I should go to my boss and give her a word or two about this. It’s ridiculous how—oh!”
  391. Grace’s hands disappeared in an instant, robbing Damien of the release he so desperately needed. He opened his eyes and frantically looked up at Grace then his bare cock, throbbing red with need. Why? Why did she stop?
  393. Grace relaxed, shooting Damien a smile. “You are such a good listener. I know, I shouldn’t let Janice get me all worked up like that, though I do need to finish that paperwork. You don’t mind if I do that in here, do you?”
  395. He gnashed at the gag, trying to spit at her, but only succeeded in making himself look foolish.
  397. “Great.” She wiped her lotion-slick hands off on a towel then picked up a thick manila folder and a pen. Focused on the folder, she sat down on a stool and raised her pen, but paused. She scooted to the left, then the right, then looked down at her stool. “This thing is not comfortable for working on. I wonder if…” Her gaze wandered around the room for a moment before landing on Damien’s lap. “Oh! That looks wonderful.”
  399. His eyes widened.
  401. Sure enough, Grace came over, approaching from the end of the bed, and sat down on him, digging her ass into his stomach, inches from his still-throbbing cock. Damien grunted and pushed out his gut to try to throw her off, but he didn’t have near enough leverage or strength for it.
  403. He gasped.
  405. Her thick thighs clamped together, cocooning his cock in their voluptuous grip. His entire body tensed when Grace flexed her leg muscles, crushing Damien’s cock even tighter.
  407. Grace threw a look back at Damien. “Sorry, I didn’t ask, but this is alright with you, isn’t it? I just really need to get this done and that chair was not working.” She’d turned back around before he could answer, fluttering her wings back at him like a bird would trying to balance itself on a perch.
  409. The assault started slow. At first, it was a simple stretching and loosening of the muscles along her thighs. Just enough to keep Damien hard while holding that precious climax down to nothing more than a distant stirring. Soon, however, Grace started to absentmindedly shift her stance, rubbing her thighs against each other with Damien’s cock a hapless prisoner to their whims. As smooth as they were, Damien could hear the sound of skin against skin, a subtle brushing that made his mouth water.
  411. While he could only see the back of Grace’s head, he could see her attention was directed at the folder in her hand and the rough noise of pen on paper told him she really was working on something beside him.
  413. As her rapturous torture wore on, Damien lost track of time. It could’ve been mere minutes or hours that his release was kept at the whims of her thighs. Whenever he could feel that unavoidable pressure build in his cock to the point of bursting, Grace would slow and sometimes withdraw altogether. And when his cock would dare to soften even the slightest bit, Grace would swoop in with an undulating attack of her creamy thighs, intense to the point he would couldn’t help but moan.
  415. With a yawn, Grace stretched, her arms and wings extending out as far as they could. Damien spasmed as her legs moved as well, clenching together harder than ever before. Even unable to see them, he could make out their perfect, toned shape from the pressure on his cock. Grace returned to her work, the quick scribbling of the pen resuming, but now her thighs were more focused. Constantly they moved back and forth, squeezing and relaxing, soft one moment and firm the next. Just as before, the rumblings of climax began to build up, coaxed closer and closer by Grace’s heavenly thighs.
  417. She then hooked her knees together and brought her thighs up and down, hitting Damien with a new level of euphoria that sucked the breath straight from his lungs. A spark of hope lit within him. Was this it? Which each pump of those all-encompassing thighs, Damien gave himself more and more into them, concentrating on their touch, allowing them to steal every thought.
  419. He started to thrust, hungry for more, damning Grace for her skill. But the moment he thought Grace would finally deliver him from his need, her thighs loosened and spread apart. Damien grumbled, trying to find their welcoming embrace again, but Grace would have none of it.
  421. Release faded away, so far Damien feared he would never know it. He whimpered, thrusting pointlessly into the open air. Grace looked over her shoulder at him and wagged a wing in such a way to say, ‘Naughty boy.’
  423. He bit down and yelled at Grace through the gag, trying once more to throw her off. Deep down, he knew it was exactly the reaction she wanted, but did it anyways. He wouldn’t let her win. He couldn’t.
  425. “Thank you for offering yourself as a chair,” said Grace, standing up. “It helped me concentrate enough to get this done. It’ll feel much better to have Janice off my back.”
  427. I don’t care if Janice is off your back, Damien wanted to say. He leered at Grace instead.
  429. She deflected the look with a grin. “Good, you’re still full of energy. I can make good use of that. But…” She looked up at the clock on the wall. “It’s a touch late for anything more today.”
  431. Damien didn’t know whether to relax or whimper. His cock was still rock hard, naked against the cold air of the hospital room.
  433. “I know, I know, I wish I could do more too. Now,” She walked up to the side of the bed, leaned close and ran a hand through Damien’s hair. The touch of her nails scratching his scalp gave him goosebumps. “I don’t want to keep having to punish you. I’d love to reward my patient so much more than punishing him. I know this gag is a real bother and I’d like to take it off. I could leave it on and tell the nurses you were trying to bite your tongue and no one would think twice. But I don’t think you want that any more than I do. So, if I take this off, will you behave?”
  435. Damien shrunk underneath the powerful gaze of those pure blue eyes. He remembering thinking how beautiful they were when he first saw them, but now, now he saw the whole of it. Authority. Dominance. Intelligence. They were an ocean, just like he thought, but he never considered how dangerous the ocean was. How easy one could find themselves alone, drifting, and drowning. She knew all the nurses so much better than him, knew how to manipulate them. And whoever she couldn’t manipulate, she’d just transfer away.
  437. He nodded.
  439. Grace smiled, reached behind him, and a moment later the gag was gone. She spun it around her finger, looking at Damien as if she was expecting him to say something.
  441. “Thank… thank you,” he said.
  443. “Wonderful!” She slipped the gag back into her pocket. “Now you get yourself some rest. Those legs have got a ways to go until they’re healed, and I’ll need you ready for tomorrow.”
  445. Heels clicking against the floor, Grace walked out, giving Damien one last wave with a wing as she left. When the door clicked shut, Damien laid back into the bed, wondering if, indeed, he’d be ready for tomorrow.
  448. **
  451. Damien was not ready for tomorrow.
  453. It started out well enough, sure. A new nurse came in and checked on him, cleaned the room up, and asked him if there was anything he needed. He considered telling her to undo the straps, but remembered Beth. And the subtle warning from Doctor Grace last night. No, the nurses were not how’d he would escape. If he wanted to escape.
  455. That last thought chilled him more than Grace’s touch.
  457. The morning was hardly over when Grace walked in. The mere scent of her—a sweet aroma thick enough to drown in—stirred his arousal. Today she dressed a touch more provocative, her doctor’s coat left open and underneath a shirt with enough undone buttons to expose a healthy amount of cleavage.
  459. “Good afternoon, Damien.”
  461. He mumbled a reply.
  463. “Didn’t get enough sleep? That’s too bad.”
  465. Without another word, Grace deftly popped open another few buttons on her top, letting her tits hang out. She smiled and sighed. “They have been so choked in there today.”
  467. The next thing he knew, Grace was on top of the bed with him, fumbling with his hospital gown.
  469. “H-hey!” he said, squirming. “Can’t we discuss this at all?”
  471. Grace looked up and gave him a flat stare. “I turned in that paperwork today and all I can think about is that smug little grin on Janice’s face. I need to unwind. There, done discussing.”
  473. “But when are—”
  475. A hand clamped down over his mouth. “Dear, the only things allowed out of your mouth are moans. Don’t make me get out the gag again.”
  477. Damien, blushing with frustration, nodded.
  479. Grace tossed his gown to the side, her face lighting up when she saw he was already hard. Her skirt was off in a second and she plopped down right between Damien’s legs, so close he could feel the heat radiating off her pussy.
  481. Her fingers wandered down to her nethers. A contented moan slipped out the moment she began to rub in little circles over her clit. “Mmm,” she said, thrusting lightly into her touch, “if only you could feel this.”
  483. Damien’s face soured and he looked away, but Grace was impossible to ignore. Even without looking, he could sense her movements, hear her panting, feel her wanton need heavy on the air. And her pussy… he could see it begging for more, hungry as a wolf. Its lips pulsed with the movement of Grace’s fingers, a wet kiss moving closer and closer to Damien’s own heat.
  485. “Help me out, dear.”
  487. Damien seized in shock as those lips kissed his cock down against his stomach and started grinding. He bit down, but couldn’t suppress his moan. She slid up and down his shaft, slick and hot with her full weight behind it. Grace’s fingers continued their mesmerizing pattern, digging into her most sensitive spots. Damien found his own hands pulling against his bonds, desperate to help, to seize, to hold.
  489. “Yess, yes, just like that, there. Mmm, it’s so delightful.”
  491. Grace’s hips did their terrible work, digging her pussy onto Damien’s cock with rapturous precision. He twisted his own hips, trying to find a way to slip inside Grace, but all she would allow him was the taste of her pussy lips. Even with her head held high and deep within the moans of her own pleasure, she had complete control.
  493. “Oh? Are you hungry too?” she asked.
  495. Damien watched with bated breath as Grace pulled up and guided his cock toward her slit. It was dripping with need now, red and pulsing, ready to devour. He swallowed.
  497. Grace thrust forward. He moaned with abandon, intent on driving himself all the way in, but found himself hopelessly short. Grace had barely given him what he wanted, taking in his cockhead and not a millimeter more. Whimpering, he tried to thrust back, but each inch he pushed forward, Grace pulled back.
  499. “Please,” he said.
  501. “Can’t you feel it?” she said, rubbing her clit. “Isn’t it divine?”
  503. Her pussy clamped down on him, hungry for its meal. Damien squirmed and gasped, letting the pleasure roll over him like a tsunami. He couldn’t move within her, but Grace’s pussy didn’t need him to move to exercise its control. Waves of pressure seized and released, embracing every inch of his cockhead, clouding his mind with a raw, animal need for more.
  505. Grace let out more and more moans and exclamations, her own need growing closer to culmination. Damien could feel it in the way her pussy squeezed, in the way those lips dripped her wetness down his shaft, in the heat of her walls melting his cockhead. His balls burned within, yearning for what he could not find yesterday, begging for it, reaching further and further.
  507. This had to be it! Grace’s pussy was clamping down hard and she was lost to her own pleasure, fingers working furiously now on her clit. That heat, and that grip—Damien knew it would happen. Closing his eyes, he focused on the sensation, reaching across that tiny little gap to finally find release.
  509. Grace rattled out a long, deep moan, shuddering over Damien as her body spasmed. Her fingers dove in harder one last time as she shrieked. “Yes, yes, yes!”
  511. No! Damien thrust into Grace, but she’d already pulled back. No, no, no! That was it, that was the time! He threw himself against his bonds, trying to jerk himself, to rub against Grace, anything! But the bonds held, and all he could do was watch and whine as Grace stepped off the bed, bent down, and kissed his tip.
  513. “You did such a good job,” she said to his tip. “I knew I could count on you.”
  515. “Please! It’s too much!” said Damien.
  517. Grace wagged a finger at him. “Don’t be greedy. That was for me, not you.”
  519. “I can’t keep this up.”
  521. “That’s why it’s important I train you. Something as mild as that shouldn’t get you all worked up.” She drew her hair back, prompting her exposed tits to bounce. “But don’t worry too much, I’m not done yet.”
  523. Not done? God, that could mean anything. She might let him cum next, but it might also be another day of more of the same.
  525. Grace came back around to the side of the bed. “You poor thing.” Her arms snaked under Damien’s back and lifted him up. Concerned, Damien tried to look back and see what she was doing. He soon got his answer.
  527. Climbing onto the bed with him, Grace slipped her legs under Damien’s back and let him down. Her smooth, bare thighs pressed against his back and her hand found its way to the back of his head. She scooted forward, placing her bosom mere inches in front of his face.
  529. She was holding him like a baby.
  531. “Now, I’ve found it’s always important to use positive reinforcement with patients, especially when they’re feeling depressed or defeated. So you just lie back and let me help you.”
  533. Without warning, her hand pounced upon his cock. Damien yelped in surprise, a rush of pleasure and icy cold reverberating through his body. His hips shot upward on instinct, but Grace merely held him, not yet giving him the stimulation he sorely wanted. God, to have that smooth, dexterous hand pumping him again… in this state, he would cum instantly.
  535. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? The purpose of this,” she said as her thumb began to trace circles on his shaft, “is to demonstrate rewards for good behavior.” She turned to him and smiled. “And to get your mind off those sore legs of yours. Just do what comes naturally.”
  537. He was about to ask what she meant when the hand on the back of his head pushed him gently but firmly into her tits. Tentatively, he opened his mouth, tasting the sweet flavor of Grace’s skin and taking in a mouthful of Grace’s intoxicating scent. At that, her thumb moved up an inch on his cock, barely teasing the edge of his cock head. He looked up, but Grace had nothing more to say, just that disarming grin she had down so well.
  539. With another urging from the hand on his head, Damien licked again, and was again treated to more stimulation from Grace’s hand on his cock. If that was her game, he was all too eager to play it. He latched onto her nipple and sucked. His tongue darted out, playing back and forth. When her hand began to pump, he lost his breath.
  541. It was slow, yes, but it was the only thing that mattered. Those wonderful fingers grazing up and down his length, tight but not fierce, careful but not bashful. He pushed his face further into Grace’s bosom, tongue on the attack, twirling and lapping at her nipple.
  543. “Good boy,” said Grace. “Just like that.”
  545. The bindings on his wrists caught, preventing him from diving further into her tit. He snorted in frustration, but didn’t dare stop. The hand on the back of his head dug into his hair, fingernails grazing against his scalp, while the hand on his cock grew faster. It’s pumping became more precise, slowing at his cockhead and twisting before running back down again. To keep him on edge, she would dip away from his sensitive tip and greedily grope his balls, swallowing them with her warm palm and giving them a light squeeze before returning to his shaft.
  547. As her nipple got harder and drenched with his saliva, Grace rolled her head back and moaned, then ran her hand through his hair, almost like petting him.
  549. “Deep breaths, in and out. Good boy. Keep it up,” she cooed.
  551. No matter how focused Damien may have been, it was never enough to get Grace to abandon her teasing or lose her composure. She sat up straight, looking down at him, cheery and in control. Damien sucked mightily on her nipple and perked up when her hand grew even faster, but no amount of suction or licking could get it to pump fast enough. Somehow, even with everything Grace had put him through, climax eluded him.
  553. His bindings kept reminding him how restricted he was. Grace’s guiding hand on his head also prevented him from pulling away to catch his breath and recuperate. Any sort of resistance only slowed the hand on his cock while the other forced him back onto her breast. Frustrated, Damien bit down.
  555. Grace moaned, a shiver running through her body, and the pumping hand rewarded him heartily. She shifted to his cockhead, cupping it in her palm as she rotated her hand, then closed her fingers and brought her hand up and down on his head. He thrusted into her, feeling an orgasm building up, but her hand drifted away and settled back on his balls.
  557. Growling, Damien bit down again, and once more Grace moaned, but her hand left his cockhead alone, content to pump and twist around his shaft.
  559. “Please!” he mumbled into her breast. “I’m begging you!”
  561. But to talk he had to stop sucking, which only earned a tut from Grace. Her hand stopped.
  563. “You’ll get it when you’ve earned it.”
  565. He gnashed his teeth, eyes red with tears, but went back to her tit anyways. If he could just find some trigger, some sensitive spot, maybe she would finally…
  567. He planted kisses around her nipple, and her hand went back to work, but its movements were lazy. Unfocused. Nothing like the skilled gripping and pumping from before. He tilted his head, reaching his tongue lower on her breast. Her hand continued with more of the same. Moving back up, he traced circles with his tongue, lapping up the salty taste of her skin, spiraling inward before smothering her nipple. This time, her motions actually had life to them. She squeezed tight with her pointer and thumb, rolling her fingers in a tight ring along his shaft before hitting his cockhead and brushing against his tip.
  569. Jaw and tongue sore beyond exhaustion, Damien almost stopped there, but his arousal wouldn’t allow it. He would find a way. Leaning further forward, he took Grace’s hard nipple and clamped it between his molars.
  571. The effect was instant.
  573. A trill, stretched out moan escaped her lips and her hand clamped down on Damien’s cock. She jerked fast and efficiently, fingers wrapped around him in a fierce grip, swiveling all over his cock. At the peak of each pump, she would roll over his tip, ensuring to smother every last inch of his exposed member.
  575. Damien practically squealed in delight, but this time, he didn’t forget his job. He kept biting—not rough, but still hard—and kept his misbehaving hips from thrusting and ruining everything again. With each practiced pump, Grace drew him closer and closer, driving him like a train toward that impossible bliss of light. He closed his eyes, giving in everything to that wonderful hand.
  577. It disappeared.
  579. Damien cried out, pulling away from Grace and staring at her in shock. It was going to be different this time! He thrashed about, tugging on the bindings harder than ever before.
  581. “No! No! I earned it!”
  583. “You did a very good job and I’m proud of you. But you haven’t earned it yet.”
  585. “You can’t leave me like this!”
  587. Grace wagged her finger at him and clicked her tongue. “Now, now, your doctor knows what’s best. And don’t forget what I said about behaving with that mouth of yours.” She pulled out the gag from yesterday and waved it around. “You don’t want to have to go back to this, do you?”
  589. Damien shrunk back down into the bed. If he could just get these straps off, god, the things he would do! But this powerlessness, this complete vulnerability—no amount of anger or despair could will him to cum, not under Grace’s careful eye.
  591. He watched as Grace walked about the room, humming to herself, busy tweaking his equipment, checking his straps, and inspecting his legs. She was, strange as it might sound, actually being a doctor.
  593. That is, until she saw his cock starting to soften.
  595. Sighing, she pulled up a stool between Damien’s hanging legs. A small smile appeared on her face when his cock twitched in anticipation. With a swing of her head, she drew her hair back and leaned forward, resting her chest on the bed and, conveniently, smothering Damien’s cock between her breasts. She crossed her arms around her breasts and crushed them together. Damien sucked in a sharp breath as his cock was engulfed in cleavage, plush walls of skin holding him in a complete embrace.
  597. “You remember Beth, right?” Grace asked.
  599. Damien squinted, trying to think through the assault of sensations on his cock. “I guess?”
  601. “Well, she has been doing everything within her power to be annoying. Yesterday she asked me about you three times! Like there was something to untoward going on. She wouldn’t just take ‘stop worrying about it’ as an answer. Some of these nurses can be so nosy!”
  603. Scowling, Grace absentmindedly pushed her breasts up and down along Damien’s cock, forcing a moan up his throat. She moved with such a precise rhythm, her bosom writhing to massage every part of Damien’s cock all at once, yet from her expression, she hadn’t put an inkling of thought or effort into it.
  605. “And behind my back, she manipulated who’d be your nurse after you were transferred, trying to get another busybody who would’ve asked way more questions than any nurse has business asking. It’s like they don’t think your doctor knows what she’s doing!”
  607. Her arms tightened, pressing her tits even harder into Damien’s cock. His eyes went wide and he arched his back to drive himself deeper into Grace’s embrace, which accepted him happily.
  609. “I’ve been working here ten years, and she just started last month! What does she know? Who does she think she is, questioning me?”
  611. Grace uncrossed her arms, instead moving her hands to push her breasts together, shifting her grip to undulate the pressure consuming Damien’s cock. With long, slow circles, she ran that heavenly cage of malleable breast up and down Damien’s length. Grumbling to herself, Grace looked out the window, not needing to watch her chest to know exactly what she was doing.
  613. Damien started panting after several minutes under Grace’s careful ministration. Cycle after cycle of her tits massaging his cock, he could once more feel the stirring deep within his balls. He tried to fight it off, silently cursing himself for allowing that bit of hope, but Grace was too skilled, too relentless. As hard as he might fight, Damien could not deny his body.
  615. The moment his arousal headed toward that peak, however, Grace took her hands away, allowing nothing but the weight of her tits to hold Damien’s cock between them. He desperately tried to thrust into them, but all he managed to do was spread them apart. Without Grace to hold them, he’d never find the stimulation he needed.
  617. Damien waited in silence as his arousal faded. But his cock barely had the chance to relax before Grace pressed her breasts between her arms and devoured his cock again.
  619. “I know I shouldn’t let Beth get me all worked up, but I can’t help it! I’ve finally found the perfect patient and all she can do is get in the way! I bet she’s working with Janice. Oooh, Janice is just the kind of person to do this to me, too!”
  621. Grace threw her chest up and down, eyes growing darker with her tone.
  623. “Who put that stick up her ass? I swear, next time this happens, I am going straight to the administrator! The moment she sees behind that sly little smile Janice always wears, she’ll kick Janice straight to the curb like she deserves! And Beth, oh, I’m sure I can come up with something for her.”
  625. Faster and faster her breasts pumped, dragging Damien closer and closer to the edge. He screamed at himself to stop, to pull away, but his hips didn’t obey him. They couldn’t. That blissful cocoon of Grace’s bosom squeezed and caressed, kneaded and hugged every inch of his cock to oblivion. No matter how hard he tried to close his eyes, plug his ears, the tempest of pleasure bombarding his cock would not be ignored.
  627. Grace furiously ran her breasts up and down now, compacting them further with her arms, lighting Damien’s body up with pure ecstasy. He finally surrendered to them, thrusting with all his might, begging to himself, to Grace, to anyone who would hear that this time, this time he could finally cum.
  629. “After all the years I’ve given this hospital, I won’t be driven out by two little annoyances. If they insist on pushing me, I’ll make them regret the day they messed with Doctor Grace!”
  631. She stopped. Damien cried out and threw his hips against her bosom, but she was already pulling away, straightening her hair, standing up and smiling, content with herself. The sore, red, painfully-erect cock before her only grew her smile, and as Damien moaned and flailed in the wake of the terrible denial, she leaned down and kissed the tip of cock.
  633. He collapsed, staring at the ceiling, panting and sweating the pain away. This was to be his existence. Every day, she would find a way to make him hope. She would coo at him, smile at him, act like the most caring doctor in the world, then steal it all away in an instant him like pulling a rug from under his feet. His legs might heal in time, but she’d find a way to keep him here. There’d be some excuse she’d make, some deal she’d land with someone to move him, keep anyone from noticing, and repeat the process all over again.
  635. He flinched when Grace pat his head.
  637. “You’ve done such a good job today. I’m proud of you. I think you’re ready for a reward. Tomorrow. Sleep tight.”
  639. With a kiss on his forehead, she was gone.
  641. Damien did not get much sleep that night.
  644. **
  647. The next morning, Damien wasn’t woken up by a nurse like he expected. He woke far later than usual alone. Did he sleep through the nurse’s visit? Or was maybe today was different somehow? He caught himself mid-yawn. Oh. The reward. A new way to do the same thing she’d been doing the last couple days, most likely.
  649. Damien tried the bonds on his hands. They were new. Tighter, too. He frowned. He’d been hoping Grace wouldn’t have been paying attention to them and let his struggling wear them out, but it was clear that wasn’t the case. And just as he was thinking of another way to get out, the door opened.
  651. “Good morning, dear,” said Grace.
  653. Today was definitely different. In addition to the usual conservative doctor’s coat and business casual, Grace was wearing white silk stockings that hugged her toned legs. Her grin was brighter and her steps had more bounce to them, like a chickadee bouncing to the new warmth of the first day of spring.
  655. The click of the deadbolt lock sliding into place made Damien jump. He stared at her as she walked across the room and set a bag down on the counter. What was she thinking behind that smile?
  657. Carefully, like it was some sort of medical procedure, Grace removed her coat, then began to unbutton her shirt. When she pulled it off, Damien could see a white silk bra that matched her stockings. Her skirt dropped off as well, exposing matching pantyhose. After folding her clothes up, Grace pulled a pair of similar silk gloves and turned around to show her grin off to Damien. Watching his reaction, Grace slipped the gloves over her hands with unhurried purpose, then wiggled her fingers to test them out.
  659. “Well?” she said, presenting the ensemble to Damien.
  661. Disturbed perversions could take nothing away from Grace’s body. Her skin was flawless, begging to be touched. Damien could feel his hands ache in the absence of it. Her fitness made her shape solid but not rigid, feminine but sturdy. Somehow the beauty of her hair came through so much more vehemently without clothes to distract from it, a soft mocoa that glimmered in the morning light. And a moment later, through the stale hospital air, he could catch the first hints of her saccharine lilac scent.
  663. “I can see someone has already made up their mind about it,” she said.
  665. Damien followed her gaze to his member, already half-hard and rising. Grace controlled it more than he did at this point.
  667. “You’re so quiet today. Excited, maybe?” she asked.
  669. “No,” he lied.
  671. “Ooh, scared then? Even better.”
  673. She approached the bed, grabbed the straps on one of Damien’s arms, and began to do fiddle with it. Damien strained to get a good look. Was she going to let him go? Did she trust him that much?
  675. He felt a hint of slack on the strap and immediately pulled his wrist away, but it was still stuck fast. Only by twisting his body was he able to get a better look.
  677. Grace had shifted his binding to some sort of flexible metal arm attached to the ceiling. From the arm’s length, she could have his wrists suspended however which way she liked. Once finished with the first wrist she moved to the other.
  679. “What are you doing?” said Damien.
  681. “Just getting you ready.” She kissed his head. “Don’t worry, we’ll get started soon enough.”
  683. “Why are you doing this?”
  685. “So many questions. Is that anxiety rising in your voice? Whatever could be causing it?” A wing reached over and pat him on the head. “Just relax. You’ll understand in a moment.”
  687. He didn’t want to understand in a moment, he wanted to understand now. But with no leverage, all Damien could do was suffer the wait.
  689. Once Grace had him all strapped up, he tested the metal arms’ robustness. Unfortunately, they didn’t move an inch. Only when Grace moved the arms herself via a small panel in the wall behind Damien did they budge. His wrists were pulled up, forcing him into a sitting position until his weight just barely started to come off the bed. Then the metal arms moved outward to hold his arms in a ‘Y’ position. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but he didn’t have any leverage to struggle. It took all the strength in his arms to start lifting himself off the bed. His legs felt even more like dead weight than before.
  691. “Perfect,” said Grace, examining Damien. “Are you ready to get started?”
  693. She didn’t wait for an answer. Like a lover coming to bed, she slipped in behind Damien, hugging him with the entirety of her body. That pristine touch of skin he craved so madly before drove his senses aflame. Her silken fingers grazed across his chest as if searching for something with all the urgency of a middling tortoise. Her legs cupped his hips, embracing them with sinfully smooth and iron strong thighs. He heard her suck in a long, deep breath of his neck.
  695. “Mmm.” She hummed contentedly. “Do you know why I became a doctor?”
  697. Damien stayed silent. How could he possibly know the answer to that?
  699. Her hands wandered lower, to his stomach, now tracing circles around his belly button. “Come, dear, you can at least guess.”
  701. “Y-you like the coat?”
  703. She let out a gentle chuckle. “No.” Her gloved hands shifted to his thighs, fingertips digging in while they roamed. “Try again.”
  705. What was the point of this maddening game? “You like to help people?”
  707. “Hmm,” she said, her breath teasing Damien’s ear. “I suppose that’s close enough.” Her hands reached out as far as they could along Damien’s legs, almost making it to his knees, before dragging themselves painfully slow and leaving a trail of goosebumps behind them, ending their journey ever so lightly on Damien’s cock.
  709. He shuddered.
  711. “It’s because there’s nothing more rewarding in the entire world than seeing my patients happy.” Using only her fingertips, she travelled down his length, hitting him with a wave of dizziness. “Aren’t you happy?”
  713. Damien choked on his answer. One would be satisfying to speak. The other would be true.
  715. Grace cared for neither. “You will be.”
  717. Like that, the miraculous torture began. Steady and thorough, her fingers explored the breadth of his cock starting with light, almost tickling touches on his shaft, leading into a cursory palming of his balls with one hand while the other dared to brush up against the ridge of his cockhead.
  719. Her clinical yet graceful attentions were punctuated by breaths against Damien’s neck and ear, even and warm but growing hot whenever he writhed or twitched. He heard her smile, cute and elegant, subtle as the sunlight bleeding through the gaps in the blinds.
  721. Her merciless skill was maddening. The touch of her hands he had known before, but the thin layer of silk had transformed it to something else altogether. The friction of fabric amplified every twist, grope, or stroke, never abrasive but utterly soothing. Like her hand was made of cream.
  723. “Are you feeling better?” she whispered into his ear as if trying to hide her words from an eavesdropper.
  725. He whined, fidgeting, trying to push her off his back, but his efforts yielded nothing. One of her hands left his cock, running up his chest to pull him tight against her. He instantly regretted the resistance, wishing to see that hand go back to what it was doing.
  727. The two pricks of Grace’s nipples dug into his back as her breasts rubbed into him. The heat of her body merged with his own and his face began to throb, surely red as an apple.
  729. Even quieter than before she spoke. Damien wouldn’t have been able to hear it had her lips not been close enough to touch his ear. “Let’s not misbehave today, okay? You’ve earned this reward, I’d hate to have to take it away.”
  731. Her sultry voice was so thick he could taste it. It tasted like caramel.
  733. Her rogue hand descended. He almost breathed a sigh of relief before the hand stole it away from him by grasping his balls. The other hand make a circle with its index finger and thumb, then ran it gently over his cockhead, letting it grow and shrink to match his thickness as it moved.
  735. “Aren’t you so lucky to have a doctor like me?”
  737. Grace’s gloved hands plucked his defiant response right out of his throat, replacing it with a low moan. Grace hummed, happy with his reaction, and quickened her ministrations. While still reserved, Damien could now sense a hint of purpose in their movements, like a hunter that had caught its prey and now just needed to fetch it.
  739. Damien knew exactly where this was headed. She would lead him to the edge, then yank him back and leave him wanting. Even as her grip tightened and her silk touch dug in deeper, he tried to shy away, to deny the reality, to bury his hopes in a mound of despair. But no matter how deep he hid them, Grace’s fingers dug them up and cradled them, nurturing them into a brilliant bloom.
  741. Clamping his mouth shut, Damien turned away from the ballet her hands were performing on his cock in a desperate attempt to put it out of his mind. The elbow of Grace’s wing nudged him back. He closed his eyes tight and focused on the darkness. Grace nibbled on his ear and dashed the darkness away. Despite knowing the futility of it, he pulled on his bindings once more. Nothing.
  743. Her hands danced, each with a full grip of his cock, twisting and tumbling about, one directly underneath the other, pumping with poise and vigor and wakening the storm of orgasm. Each silken stroke burned his face hotter, stirring his loins and chipping away his self-control. He was her plaything. His body was completely vulnerable to whatever she wished upon it. Time was hers. Her desires would be realized, whether Damien put up the resistance of a hundred men or succumbed under a feather of pressure.
  745. Faster Grace worked, breath hot against Damien’s neck, her radiant grin growing ever wider. Those perfect hands accomodated every need, encompassing his entirety with a precise grip and even strokes. It was at that moment, teetering on the edge of release and witnessing the depth of her aptitude, Damien gave in.
  747. Grace didn’t stop.
  749. Damien yelled out in shock, his climax hitting him with such ferocity and speed that he almost passed out. Cum spewed from his cock like a fountain, reaching impossibly high with spurt after spurt. It splattered over Grace’s gloves but she didn’t care, instead continuing to pump and coax Damien through it all, faster and faster. Each ejection only seemed to encourage them further. Finally, after shooting out far more than Damien had ever seen himself release, he was empty. Finished.
  751. Grace’s hands were not.
  753. It started subdued, distant echoes to the cacophony of Damien’s orgasm, but as he evened out, the continued workings of her hands bubbled to the forefront of his attention. Leisurely they moved, one cradling his shaft and the other shifting back and forth over his tip, smearing the wealth of his release all over.
  755. “Grace, stop, that’s everything,” he said. His voice was cracking.
  757. “Oh?” The undertones of her caramel voice were thick with deviousness. The hand on his tip cupped his cockhead and twisted, forcing an awkward, guttal noise out of Damien’s mouth. “You begged for this for days and now you’re not interested? That doesn’t make any sense.”
  759. Damien wiggled his hips, but Grace’s own were right behind him, holding him tight, and her hands were hungry, greedy for more. Each hint of weakness from Damien immensered them further into their work, eager to find something else to exploit, another angle to attack him with.
  761. “Stop!”
  763. One of Grace’s hands swallowed his balls, clutching them tight enough to send shivers through Damien’s body. The other took his cockhead into a fist and made tiny little strokes, just enough to build friction on his tip and tease the ridge of his head.
  765. Damien grew delirious, the fire from his cock searing across his nerves and boiling his mind. Those extraordinary gloves that had once guided him along the path to bliss now chained him to a firestorm of sensations. The exquisitely smooth grain of silk glided effortlessly over his raw, reddened cock, each motion amplified a thousand upon a thousand times, pleasure heightened beyond comprehension.
  767. “That close already? Go ahead, dear,” said Grace.
  769. Damien hadn’t realized he was thrusting into her hands as much as he could. Grace shifted her hand on his head to pump his full length, quick and deft, focused on one thing only. Even through the haze of overstimulation, Damien could make out the rumbling in his loins that Grace had familiarized him oh so well with over the last couple days. He squinted his eyes shut, focusing on her hands, imploring them to bring him over the edge so this could at last be over.
  771. With one last jerk on the hand on his balls, Damien overflowed. He threw his hips as high into the air as possible, gasping, watching in incredulity as he came again. Grace’s silk hand stroked hard and fast, yearning for more, for everything Damien could give it. Even as rope after rope of cum shot over him and Grace’s glove, it would not be contented. Only when Damien’s thrusts yielded nothing did it slow, starting with a rough, tight grip at his base to push those last few oozings out of his cock.
  773. Damien watched and waited for her to finally cease, for that hand to find rest and relieve itself of Damien’s member, yet it never did. Just like last time, Grace moved cautiously, with purpose, but without end.
  775. “I… I can’t,” panted Damien. “Please, please…”
  777. “Shh, shh, shh,” she whispered. “It’s alright. It’s okay.”
  779. Thankfully, she eased up, moving one hand to lightly stroke his shaft, ignoring his balls and cockhead, while the other ran a pair of fingers in small circles around his tip. While her touch was still fire on his delicate skin, Damien at least didn’t feel like he’d pass out.
  781. “Why are you doing this?” he asked.
  783. A wing curled up and wiped the tears off his cheek and Grace smiled. “This is your reward for being such a good patient. I’m giving you exactly what you wanted.”
  785. Damien wheezed as Grace laid a dangerous kiss on his neck and nuzzled her head against his.
  787. What could he possibly say to escape this? What would please her? Where was her motive?
  789. “What do you want?” he asked.
  791. “For you to cum.”
  793. Her hands picked up again, eating up more of his cock in their grasp, tweaking tiny things like the pressure of each fingertip, the angle of her wrists, the length of her strokes, and the gaps between her fingers. Damien’s tender cock noticed everything. Even soaked in the cum of two excessive orgasms, her gloves slid along his length freely, squelching at the peak of each pump. Yet it still wasn’t enough. Still Grace demanded more.
  795. The last of Damien’s strength howled against his bindings. Each time Grace ran her hands up his cock, a cold lightning shocked his body and he threw that inferno against Grace and her bindings. But they held. As surely as heavy iron shackles.
  797. The world darkened. Grace brought her wings around them like a giant, feathered cocoon, closing them off from the rest of the world. His breath caught as her mouth drifted close again, sweetening his ears with that divine, teasing voice.
  799. “Shh, just relax. Give in. It’s alright.”
  801. Her hands spun and played along his cock, lively and sure, determined and relentless. With the light of his defiance squelched, all he could do was close his eyes and grit his teeth against the unforgiving waves of pleasure that slammed into him again and again. For a brief moment, he could hear Grace’s heart beating against his back, her excitement like a bell ringing in an empty room. He could see the glimmer in her eyes from watching her little dear succumbing to her will once more. He could touch the wanton desire in her body to push Damien beyond his limits.
  803. But it all washed away in a second. Grace’s gloved hands flew along Damien’s cock in a blur, rigorous but impatient, twisting with full, vicious grips, shouting their demands through Damien’s head with absolute clarity. Damien’s hips buckled and once more Grace threw him into the overwhelming rush of orgasm.
  805. This time, there wasn’t an ounce of control over it. Damien’s entire body tensed and spasmed into Grace’s grip. A pathetic shot of cum surged out and landed on her lovingly jerking hands. She hardly noticed. Pump after pump she searched, fighting for each dribbling, each pulse of cum, no matter how small. Wrought with exhaustion, Damien collapsed limp into her embrace. He stared at those undaunted hands, hoping against hope that this would be the last, that Grace would at long last release him, or at least be too tired and give him a rest. Anything.
  807. For once, his hopes were answered.
  809. Her hands left his cock and she kissed him on the cheek. He sighed, eyes blinking as he looked around like he’d just woken up. Grace hopped off the bed, cheery as if she’d just drank a bottle of sunlight, and waggled her gloves at Damien.
  811. They were soaked through and through with his cum, no longer pure white but a dirty grey, see-through in parts and still dripping in others. Damien didn’t know it was possible for his body to produce that much.
  813. “So, how are you feeling?” Grace chirped.
  815. Damien uttered a groan. He wanted to lie back down.
  817. “Great!” Grace carefully removed her gloves, then washed her hands before putting her normal clothes on and laying Damien back onto the bed.
  819. As she was finishing with his straps, he found the strength to speak again.
  821. “When… when…”
  823. “When what? When am I going to let you go?” Grace bent down and kissed him on the forehead. “Why, when you don’t want to.”
  825. With that, she skipped out the door, pleased as peaches.
  828. ---
  831. CHAPTER 2: Heavenly House Call
  834. Damien was sick.
  836. It had started out as a mild stirring in his stomach, something like hunger, yet twisted and restless. Over the next few hours, it had grown worse and worse, stewing in his gut until he felt like it would burst.
  838. After calling his boss to tell him he wouldn’t be in today, Damien collapsed into his bed, lightheaded. He laid his hand on his pounding forehead, contemplating how long he’d have to suffer through this. For hours he hovered between nausea and dizziness, trying to sleep, to push the sickness away. Only after a healthy dose of pills did the symptoms subside and allow him rest.
  840. When he woke up, he found the headache and stomachache both gone. He allowed himself a smile and sat up. His body ached, but overall was behaving much better now. Maybe all he really needed was a few hours of rest.
  842. The doorbell rang.
  844. Damien groaned and stood up. What terrible timing. Who on earth was at the door? He almost never had visitors and he wasn’t expecting any packages. Some door-to-door salesman? A discontented neighbor? The possibilities grew more and more daunting until he finally reached the door and looked through the peephole.
  846. His breath caught and he stumbled back. The reality of the situation was far, far worse.
  848. The visitor was Doctor Grace.
  850. Damien held his forehead, memories of his imprisonment in the hospital flashing back to him. The days of teasing and denial, Grace’s haughty grin taunting him as she watched him squirm in his bonds, helpless to stop her. And when she was done with that, it was the milking, the relentless, maniacal milking that drove him half to insanity. It was by sheer luck the hospital administrator had found out what Grace was doing and had Damien released.
  852. How the hell Grace had found Damien’s house was a mystery, but that didn’t change the situation: she was here, now, and she wanted something. It didn’t take an expert to guess as to what that might be.
  854. The doorbell rang again. Should he stay quiet, let her think he wasn’t home? No, she’d just take that as an excuse to break in. If it came down to it, he could call the cops on her.
  856. “Go away!” Damien yelled.
  858. “Let me in.” He could see a devilish grin appear on her face through the peephole. “You’re sick, dear. You need a doctor.”
  860. What? How did she know? The only person he’d told was his boss! Was she listening in on his calls?
  862. “I’ll be fine! I don’t need you!” he said. “Besides, I’m feeling better already!”
  864. “I insist. Doctor’s orders.” That thick, sweet voice pulled at him, stirring the animal part of him that wanted to throw open the door and let her have her way. Damien quickly buried that urge and pulled his hand away from the doorknob.
  866. “Leave now or I call the cops!”
  868. Grace tutted and frowned. “Oh well, I guess I’ll need your help already. I really was hoping he’d be more cooperative. Go ahead, Anima.”
  870. Who was she talking to? Damien’s gaze darted around, searching through the peephole, but Grace was the only one he could see outside.
  872. It didn’t take long for the other one to show up.
  874. Just to the door’s right, an angel phased through the wall as if it weren’t there, floating just above the ground with wings extended but not flapping.
  876. “Hello,” she said. She spoke without inflection or expression, like her voice was a vessel to carry words and nothing more.
  878. Damien gaped.
  880. The first thing that stuck out about the angel was her height—the excess of it, actually. She was easily over six foot and well on her way to seven. Her clothing was… out of place, to say the least; a thin, wispy dress of pale green to black gradients that left her shoulders bare. Her neck was lined with something like armor. She stood with her back straight and her posture balanced, as if standing atop a blade of grass. Her eyes methodically scanned the room before her, scrutinizing Damien as if judging him, though her face betrayed no conclusions. He met her gaze: a blank, pure white stare lacking both pupil and iris but not focus. She looked incapable of producing even a sliver of humor.
  882. Eventually, her eyes made it back to Damien and there they rested as the silence between them grew longer and longer.
  884. “Uh, can you leave?” he asked.
  886. “I cannot.”
  888. “Why?”
  890. “You require aid. I cannot leave until such has been administered.”
  892. “I can assure you I’m fine.”
  894. “I have been told otherwise.”
  896. Grace’s silken voice came through the door. “Let me in, Anima.”
  898. Anima dropped herself softly to the ground and reached for the deadbolt on the door. Damien grabbed her wrist.
  900. “Please, don’t.”
  902. She cocked her head the tiniest bit. “She is a licensed professional. I do not understand your concern.”
  904. She shrugged off Damien like he was nothing more than a fly and opened the door.
  906. Grace had two types of smiles. The first was lively, as bright as a child playing on a swing in the park. It was comforting and cozy like diving underneath a sea of soft sheets and curling up into a ball. It was also disarming, sweeping the legs right out from underneath your anger and pulling you from the freezing, swelling depths of sorrow. The second smile was devious. Sly and clever, her mouth would twist with more sneer than grin, more intent than emotion. Through her eyes you could see the threads of her thoughts weave a dangerous pattern and the gears of her mind click and turn with hollow sounds. It was the smile of trouble.
  908. And it was the second smile that Damien saw her wear when she stepped into his house that day. The second smile that played along her face as she put her hands behind her back and sized up the place, eyes focused with thought. The second smile that spoke louder than words as she finally turned to Damien, predatory blue eyes latching onto their prey. She slowly closed the door behind her and slammed the deadbolt shut.
  910. “Hello again, dear. I’m saddened you haven’t called on me at all.”
  912. “Never felt the need,” he answered.
  914. Damien scanned his surroundings. He didn’t know how fast Grace was, but he did know her strength. Once she got ahold of him, it would be difficult to escape. The front door was not an option, which meant he’d have to make for the back. Anima, Grace’s not-so-little helper, was behind him on his right, so he’d his first move would have to be ducking to the left.
  916. “Anima, I believe our patient is going to insist on being troublesome. Please restrain him.”
  918. Damien blinked, surprised, and started to dodge, but Anima had the initiative and speed. She seized his shoulder, yanked him close, and held him tight. Her wings then open and curled around the both of them, hugging him tight against her body.
  920. Seconds. Anima had him helpless in seconds. And he hadn’t even had the chance to react! No wonder Grace brought her along.
  922. Damien tugged at his arms, but the awkward way Anima was holding him left him no good way to move. Her grip was unwavering and firm. As he struggled, he noticed Anima’s height put her breasts level with his head and his struggling only seemed to bury him further into them.
  924. Grace pointed to the couch. “Take him over there and get him ready like I told you. I need to wash my hands before handling him.” She winked at Damien. “Wouldn’t want that sickness to get any worse.”
  926. Damien glared at her. She didn’t care about his health. This was just an excuse. He was about to say something to her when Anima shifted her grip and picked Damien up. He clamped his mouth shut to keep an embarrassing yelp from getting out.
  928. Anima kept her eyes forward, calm and focused, like hauling a grown man around was the most typical thing in the world.
  930. She sat down, placing Damien in her lap. Her size made him feel like a child. She then moved to grab his shirt and pull it over his head, but as soon as her hands left his wrists, he hopped to his feet in a motion to escape. He’d hardly stood up before she hooked her arm around his waist and dragged him back down to her lap, this time leaving the arm there to hold him while he was relieved of his shirt.
  932. To Anima, he was no more than an invalid.
  934. “You do know Grace is crazy, right?” he said.
  936. “Doctor Grace,” said Anima.
  938. “Whatever.” He was starting to doubt Grace was even a real doctor.
  940. “My observations do not sympathize with your supposition. I have no reason to think her ‘crazy’.” She reached for his pants, but he pushed her hand away, earning the first hint of emotion he’d gotten from her: a glint in her blank eyes that could very well have passed for a frown. It vanished in the breadth of a thought.
  942. “Please cease struggling. Doctor Grace is only trying to help,” said Anima.
  944. “You wouldn’t say that if you knew her.”
  946. “She is a medical professional. She is concerned for your health.”
  948. “She is concerned for my dick.”
  950. “And,” said Grace, walking into the room, “That is an important part of your health.”
  952. “How is playing with my dick going to clear a cold?” he said, turning to Grace.
  954. “Anima, his clothing, please.”
  956. “Of course,” said Anima.
  958. Damien was ready to push Anima off again, but she was done with any pretense of politeness. With a single hand, she collected his arms and pinned them hard against her body and once again embraced his head with her soft breasts. Now free, her other hand went down to his waist, undid his button and zipper, and began the slow process of relieving him of his pants.
  960. Grace didn’t help. Instead, she loomed over them, watching, that devious smile clear on her face and her tongue running over her lips as her meal was readied. Damien half expected her to start drooling.
  962. Anima, of course, was entirely oblivious of this, dutifully carrying out the doctor’s orders with complete precision and efficiency. Once finished, she wrapped the other arm around Damien and held him even tighter. There would be no escaping.
  964. “Doctor,” she said, as if presenting Damien.
  966. “Thank you, Anima. I knew I picked the right assistant.”
  968. “You picked her because she’s strong and doesn’t ask questions,” said Damien.
  970. “Now, now, don’t be rude, dear. Anima has expressed interest in learning a few things about nursing, and she’s been superb so far. It’s not fair to give her a hard time just because she’s a beginner.” Grace knelt down. “Let’s see here…”
  972. Damien scowled and turned his head away. Forgetting his situation, he got a faceful of Anima’s breast.
  974. “How wonderful! You’re already hard.” Grace looked up to Anima. “You see, many patients will lie about the truth of the situation, but it’s important as practitioners of medicine that we discover that truth in order to prescribe the correct treatment. Our patient here resisted help and attempted to make us believe that there was nothing for us to help with, but now we can see he is clearly in need. Watch how he responds to my touch.”
  976. The moment Grace’s hands wrapped around his cock, a thousand brutal, blissful memories flashed through Damien’s head. It was the same touch that both tortured and soothed him, the practiced rigor of an expert matched with the smooth caress of Grace’s skin. He buried his face further into Anima’s breast, heat steaming from his face, and clamped his mouth shut.
  978. “Interesting,” said Anima, staring at Damien’s shame with that muted gaze. “It is exactly as you state. I am, however, perplexed at the cause. Why would one refuse aid if such is needed?”
  980. “Pride or stubbornness,” said Grace, continuing her inspection of Damien’s cock. “This one has a streak of both.” She pinched his cocked and shook it back and forth, giggling when Damien twitched. “That’s part of the reason why he’s my favorite.”
  982. Grace proceeded with her ‘inspection’, poking and prodding and Damien’s cock before moving onto the rest of his body. Purposefully, she molded his body with her hands, running them over every inch of exposed skin, droning on to Anima about how to examine the body, what to look for, and other academic things, though Damien suspected more than half of it was bullshit. Grace’s favorite part was stating how she didn’t need to touch Damien’s cock to make it respond.
  984. And Anima was the perfect little student through all of it.
  986. “I think that about does it,” said Grace, standing up. She managed to tear her eyes off of Damien’s cock long enough to meet Anima’s gaze. “Any questions?”
  988. Anima cocked her head, looking down at Damien as if considering further questioning, but she ultimately said nothing. Grace turned around and started heading toward Damien’s bedroom, beckoning for Anima to follow.
  990. “Come, bring our patient, and we can continue the lesson.”
  992. Anima stood up. The way she was holding Damien tight against her, he still had no way to escape, and at her height he could barely even get his feet on the ground. He swung his legs back and forth, trying to knock Anima off balance, but she hardly noticed.
  994. “I would advise you cease this struggling. You are making this more difficult than it need be,” said Anima.
  996. “How about you let me go, then I’ll stop?”
  998. “That is out of the question. I would have expected you to understand this by now.”
  1000. “I guess we can’t all get what we want,” Damien grumbled.
  1002. When they made it to Damien’s bedroom, his hopes fell. Grace was finishing tying straps to the bed, one for each of his limbs. Those would be far less forgiving than Anima, and it left both angels entirely free to focus on their treatment.
  1004. “Fantastic,” said Grace, piping up. “Thank you so much for bringing him, Anima. If you would, place him on the bed and hold him down while I get him strapped in.”
  1006. “I’m not sick!” said Damien.
  1008. Grace shot him an exaggerated frown. “I know doctors can be scary, dear, but you know me. You can trust me.”
  1010. “I can trust that you’re insane!”
  1012. Anima put Damien on the bed and, quick as a fox, was on top of him, her hands holding his arms out toward the straps. Damien squirmed and threw his knees into her back, trying to throw her off, but she remained planted. The moment the first strap went tight on his wrist, a wave of dread flushed over his entire body, chilling him to the bone. With Anima’s help, the rest of the straps were on in seconds and, once again, Damien found himself at Grace’s mercy.
  1014. He closed his eyes, doing everything to keep from looking at Grace and seeing that sadistic, diabolical smile... or letting it arouse him.
  1016. “Alright, Anima, on your knees, like me, and scoot up until our knees touch,” said Grace, kneeling on the bed and pushing Damien’s head up on her lap.
  1018. The bed shifted under Anima’s weight as she did the same. Damien’s head was now resting on both their laps right where their knees came together.
  1020. “Now watch and take note of what I do. First, you have to get a hand under his head and lift it up to your breast.”
  1022. Grace’s hand snaked under Damien’s head and pulled him up just like she’d explained.
  1024. “Since our patient is so stubborn, it will take some encouragement to get him to start sucking. This is why we need both hands free.”
  1026. Damien’s entire body tensed the moment Grace’s hand found his cock. She gave it a tertiary stroke, light and slow, before tightening up on his cockhead. It took everything in his power to not give her what she wanted right away.
  1028. “You need to make it clear to the patient the reward here. And the punishment. If the patient refuses to cooperate, he cannot receive the proper stimulation. Therefore, you should use milder techniques to prevent the patient from growing comfortable.”
  1030. Grace’s hand shifted. Two fingers traced the rim of Damien’s cockhead, idly circling around his tip before running up and down his length. Those fingers continued to attack Damien’s cock, searching for every vulnerability and exploiting them but never giving him even close to what he wanted. He squirmed and squirmed, trying to escape, but her fingers followed him wherever he went. After several minutes of Grace’s teasing, Damien could take it no more and took her nipple into his mouth.
  1032. A low moan rolled out of Grace in response. “Lovely. Good boy, Damien.” She looked up to Anima. “See? It’s important to be persistent. Now, watch how I move my hand.”
  1034. Her fingers turned into a fist on his cock then began to pump slowly up and down. At the peak of each pump, Grace twisted her wrist, knowing where the movement would do the most damage.
  1036. “It’s a very simple procedure, but the execution is important. Most men feel much more around the head of the cock as opposed to the shaft.”
  1038. Her hand traveled his length again, hitting him with another wave of pleasure.
  1040. “What I’m doing now isn’t much and the patient knows this as well. Only with further cooperation will the stimulation increase and, therefore, the patient’s chances of release.”
  1042. To punctuate her point, she pulled Damien’s face further into her breast to the point it suffocated him. For a moment, he considered ignoring her. The joy he’d get from the defiance and seeing her demonstration messed up would just about be worth it. But when he hand cupped the head of his cock and rotated, the idea faded away. He closed his lips harder around Grace’s nipple and gave it a healthy licking.
  1044. In kind, Grace’s hand accelerated. She was still precise and calculated but now with a staggering vigor to each stroke, amplifying the pleasure that shook Damien’s body and sending him further toward that precious release.
  1046. “Good!” She pat the back of his head and smiled down at him before turning to Anima. “Don’t forget the positive reinforcement. Now, do the same as I am. Here.”
  1048. Grace let his head drift away from her tit, but only to allow Anima to come forward as well. Grace took Anima’s hand and guided it to the back of his head, right next to where hers was, and together they brought his face into their breasts. Two nipples now waved in front of him, inches from his mouth, waiting. Anima pushed his head further up.
  1050. “Not too hard, let him latch on, first,” said Grace.
  1052. Damien’s mouth hovered half-open. Part of him felt guilty seeing Anima dragged into this, but at the same time, she hardly seemed conflicted about subjecting Damien to Grace’s treatment. When he wondered what it would be like to have both their hands on his cock, stroking, devoting themselves to him as he sucked on their nipples, however, it didn’t take long for him to make a decision.
  1054. Anima gasped when Damien closed his mouth over her nipple then jumped when he ran his tongue over it.
  1056. “Good, good, now remember to reward him!” said Grace.
  1058. A second later, Anima’s hand enveloped Damien’s cock, wrapping up his tip while Grace worked his base. He immediately thrusted into their working hands, moaning as he sucked, urging them to go faster.
  1060. “He’s responding so well!” said Grace. “Go ahead and get into it a little more, Anima.”
  1062. Their breasts squished further together and their hands guided Damien’s head deeper into their softness. At the same time, their hands began to move faster. Anima’s touch was methodical. Plain and firm, her hand pumped with a crude yet eager motion, swirling around his cockhead exactly as Grace had demonstrated, just without the subtle precision Grace clearly had. The Doctor, on the other hand, was mischievous, using a confident motion to encourage Anima while sneaking down to grope Damien’s balls whenever he started to relax.
  1064. “I…” For the first time that day, Anima’s rigid voice stuttered. “I do not understand the purpose of this exercise.”
  1066. Damien could practically hear Grace smile at that.
  1068. “We do this to nurture the patient’s dependence on us and build a trusting relationship. The patient needs to understand they should come to us for all of their needs.”
  1070. “This… ahh… this sensation, I have not felt it before. I am unsure what it means.”
  1072. “Just enjoy it. You’re supposed to.”
  1074. “No, it’s something else. I think…”
  1076. Anima let out something like a tiny whimper. Damien had only a second to wonder what it meant before something warm filled his mouth. He opened his eyes wide. It was obvious what it was from the taste. Milk.
  1078. “Oh!” Grace’s eyes lit up. “You’re lactating! Wonderful! Here, guide him to your breast more, let him drink. And be sure to keep pumping with your hand.”
  1080. As Anima continued to leak, Damien continued to suck. Both Anima and Grace rewarded him with smooth, strong strokes travelling his length, Anima teasing his tip and Grace massaging his balls.
  1082. “The sensation is agreeable,” said Anima.
  1084. Anima’s hand on the back of Damien’s head pushed him further into her bosom while Grace moaned and worked his cock faster. Memories of her brutal teasing, stopping just before the point of orgasm, came back to Damien. This was just like last time. She’d act like she was losing herself in the moment to give Damien a sliver of hope to hold onto, then dash it at the worst time, leaving him aching and desperate. Powerless.
  1086. But he couldn’t stop himself. The concentrated effort of two hands on his cock was impossible to ignore. Anima’s simple but earnest technique contrasted so well with Grace’s sly and focused movements. Their hands explored his every inch together, over and over, relentless and devoted.
  1088. Damien squinted his eyes shut and clamped down hard on Anima’s nipple, making her whimper and her fist clamp down on him tighter. He threw himself into their hands as hard as his hips would allow, begging for release but dreading what may come. Closer and closer it came, building like a balloon in his balls, yearning to escape.
  1090. Grace’s hand immediately stopped.
  1092. But Anima’s didn’t.
  1094. Damien’s eyes flew wide open and he cried out as the first jet of cum shot out of his cock, soiling Anima’s still-working hand and earning a surprised flinch. He moaned with abandon and kept shooting into her hand, a wordless ‘thank-you’ on his lips.
  1096. “No! No, no no!”
  1098. Grace scrambled to pull Anima off his member, but the damage was done. Her blissfully-unaware hand kept pumping robotically, extracting several shots of cum, splattering it over their hands and Damien’s stomach. He was fully immersed in afterglow, staring up at the ceiling. Anima tried to urge him back onto her breast, but he was lost in another world.
  1100. “Drat,” Grace said, looking at Damien’s drooping cock. “It’s thoroughly spent. It’ll be at least another twenty minutes till it’s ready again.” Sighing, she got up and left, returning with a small wet towel and cleaning up the mess, eyeing Anima as she did.
  1102. Anima said nothing.
  1104. Once finished, Grace crossed her arms beneath her breasts and scrunched up her mouth in thought. She frowned. “I should’ve been more careful. Of course you wouldn’t know when to stop, Anima. Oh, well.” She waved Anima over. “I’m going out for a bit to pick up a few things to help our patient out with his condition. Watch over him, make sure he stays put, and get him hard.”
  1106. Anima cocked her head. “How would you prefer I do this?”
  1108. Grace grabbed Anima’s tits and pushed them together. “You’re quite well-equipped here. Put them to use.”
  1110. Anima nodded, then walked to Damien’s side as if to resume nursing him, but Grace shooed her away. “No, no, no, not like that again. He won’t be needing that treatment again for a while. I want you to use your breasts in a more direct manner.” She then pointed to Damien’s cock.
  1112. Anima looked down to her breasts, then Damien’s cock, then back to her breasts. “Apply my bosom to his member?”
  1114. “C-o-c-k,” said Grace. “No need to be so clinical with your language. Give him some paizuri.”
  1116. After a short pause, Anima stepped over to Damien’s cock, then bent over until her breasts were dangling down onto his tip. There she stood, frozen, staring at nothing.
  1118. Damien snapped his mouth shut to keep from laughing.
  1120. “Anima, dear, that’s not going to help,” said Grace.
  1122. “This is a direct application of my bosom to his mem—cock, correct?”
  1124. “Yes, but you need to move them. The motion is an important part of the stimulation.”
  1126. Anima started swaying back and forth.
  1128. “No!” Grace scurried over and straightened Anima out. “You have the essentials right but the execution is all wrong. Posture yourself so you won’t kill your back tittyfucking him for more than a few seconds. I need you to be doing this the entire time I’m gone. Come, over here.”
  1130. Grace took Anima to the foot of the bed. Anima briefly met eyes with Damien, though he couldn’t pick up any more emotion from them than he had the first time.
  1132. “Alright, on your knees,” said Grace.
  1134. Anima complied.
  1136. “Now let’s just—” Grace shifted Damien’s bindings to scoot him closer where his legs dangled off the the bed. “—move these. There. Lean forward.” Anima did so, burying Damien’s cock within her bosom. “See? His cock is right there. It’s much more comfortable now, isn’t it?”
  1138. A long silence drifted through the room before Anima answered. “Yes, it is. Should I apply the movement now?”
  1140. Grace smirked. “As impressive as your breasts are, they’re not going to do everything on their own. Use you hands like this,” she said, pushing her own breasts together. “And make sure to use different motions. Move in circles, lines, up and down, forward and backward, anything to keep him stimulated.”
  1142. Anima laid her hands on her breasts just like Grace had demonstrated, crushing them together. Damien’s cock disappeared entirely within their softness. He sucked in a breath, his cock awakening to the smothering pleasure Anima was drowning it in. She started by rotating her breasts in small circles while staring intently at her chest as if the slightest lapse in attention would somehow be disastrous.
  1144. Squirming, Damien tried to pulling away, knowing that letting Anima continue this for any amount of time would lead to exactly what Grace wanted.
  1146. “What is the medical significance of this procedure?” asked Anima.
  1148. Shaking her head, Grace laid her hand on Anima’s shoulder. “You let me worry about the medicine, okay? Rest assured, this is completely necessary.”
  1150. “Very well.”
  1152. Grace watched her trainee smother Damien in those heavenly tits as they devoted themselves to awakening his member.
  1154. “This is… agreeable,” said Anima.
  1156. “Now you’re getting it! Just keep that up, I’ll need him rock hard when I get back.”
  1158. Grace shot Damien a ravenous smile and left.
  1160. Damien began pleading mere seconds after the door closed behind Grace. “Please, stop.”
  1162. “I was instructed to do the exact opposite.” Anima looked up from her work. “Did you not hear our conversation?”
  1164. “You’re really going to keep doing it just because she told you? You ever tried to have an opinion of your own?”
  1166. “I would prefer to continue.”
  1168. Grace was already corrupting her. If this went on, Anima would end up another lustful maniac like Grace, though without all the emotion. What if he became the target of Anima’s obsession, too?
  1170. Damien moaned. Anima had reversed the circular motion with one of her hands, stirring new levels of bliss within him. Her plentiful tits dove deeper into their work, finding new ways to stimulate him. But as good as they were, he had to stop this. Now.
  1172. “Aren’t you suspicious at all about her motivations?” he asked.
  1174. “Your supposition is nonsense. She is a doctor. It is obvious she is concerned for the well-being of her patients.”
  1176. “That’s just—” Damien’s breath gave out as Anima quickened her pace. “That’s just it! She doesn’t care! All she wants is to use me as a sex object.”
  1178. “She has assured me these measures are all necessary to relieve your symptoms.”
  1180. “C’mon, you’re not stupid. You have to have some sort of grasp of how the human body works, and you know that rubbing my dick isn’t going to help anything!”
  1182. “I disagree. Your body has shown overwhelmingly positive responses to stimulation.”
  1184. “That’s—ahh…”
  1186. Anima shifted her breasts again, pressing them together forcefully in a liquid motion away from her body, then in reverse. Her attentions were now focused on his cockhead, swirling it in a impossibly-soft cocoon of pliable skin. Damien tried in vain to pull away.
  1188. The longer those divine breasts worked him, the more he wanted to give in. Soon he’d probably give up on escaping and let Anima have her way.
  1190. “Please, think about it! Pleasure isn’t the same as health. Just because it feels good doesn’t mean I’m getting better.” said Damien, his voice cracking.
  1192. And, for a moment, Anima stopped.
  1194. “Your point is valid.” She looked up to him, then back to her chest. “Invoking pleasure in the patient may merely be masking symptoms as opposed to treating them.”
  1196. “And there’s no reason why ‘treating’ my dick would help a cold, which is in the sinuses!”
  1198. Anima frowned at him. “I shall still defer to Doctor Grace for the medical specifics.”
  1200. “Why don’t you try deferring to common sense?”
  1202. A long silence passed between them, Anima’s eyes boring deep into Damien’s. If he would’ve had the freedom to, he probably would’ve fidgeted uncomfortably.
  1204. But while there was still doubt on her face, that didn’t stop her from moving her breasts again.
  1206. “This argument does hold weight. I… I am not familiar with any properties of the male physique that would imply treatment of the member would improve function of the sinuses.”
  1208. Gritting his teeth, Damien swallowed a moan as Anima’s breasts grew his cock harder and harder. She was finally putting the pieces together, but he didn’t have much time before those tits took him over the edge. Damien nodded enthusiastically. “Yes! See? That’s why Grace has to force me to do this! Because I know it doesn’t help, it’s just for her own sick pleasures. She’s crazy!”
  1210. “You hypothesis is rather extreme. Doctor Grace may have more vested self-interest than most, but that does not alone meet the definition of crazy.”
  1212. “You at least accept that this isn’t for my health, but for her pleasure, don’t you?”
  1214. “That does seem the most pertinent conclusion.” Anima blinked. “Yes, I suppose, without further information, it makes the most sense that this is not for the purpose of assuaging your sickness.”
  1216. “Then let me go.”
  1218. “I shall. But understand, should further research support Doctor’s Grace’s position, I shall continue to aid her in carrying out whatever medical procedures she deems relevant.”
  1220. Damien hardly had to worry about that, assuming she went to a source of information besides Grace.
  1222. “Yeah, yeah, just undo the bonds!”
  1224. Anxious, Damien tugged at his wrists, motioning for Anima to get them free first. But as the seconds passed, the only movement Anima made was to continue hammering at his cock with her breasts. She made no move to help him.
  1226. “I find this procedure unexpectedly satisfying,” she said.
  1228. Damien wanted to yell. Really? Just when he’d thought he’d figured her out!
  1230. “I will require you to orgasm first,” said Anima.
  1232. “Why!?”
  1234. She responded with another vacant stare straight into his eyes. “Please release into my cleavage.”
  1236. With that, she quickened her pace, swallowing the entirety of Damien’s cock into her bosom. He watched even his tip disappear into the breadth of her tits as she kneaded them back and forth, up and down, faster and faster, her facial expression betraying no hint of effort or even excitement in her actions. To her, this was the simple execution of an already-determined outcome. She would continue this paizuri, he would cum, and that was that.
  1238. “Please release.”
  1240. “Let me go already!”
  1242. “No. Cum.”
  1244. Slamming his eyes shut, Damien moaned recklessly. Even without experience, Anima’s earnesty and desire made her technique irresistible. Relentlessly those breasts caressed Damien’s member, perfectly supple and silky, embracing him from all directions at once, leaving nothing unattended. Surrendering to her cleavage, Damien began to thrust.
  1246. “Ejaculate.”
  1248. Damien’s mouth flew open to the point his jaw hurt, uttering broken moans and grunts with no regard for how they might sound. Pleasure exploded from his balls, forced up through his cock by Anima’s vigorously-working chest. Cum shot up into the air once, then again, landing on Anima’s face in two distinctive trails and pooling in the gap between her tits. Gradually, she calmed her motions before dropping her hands down to her sides while staring at the result of her work.
  1250. Her stoic gaze moved up to Damien’s face. “You still wish to be released?”
  1252. “Yes, of course I do!”
  1254. “I will require a condition.”
  1256. If she wanted to make him cum again…
  1258. “What?” Damien asked cautiously.
  1260. “Should circumstances lead us to meet under any such conditions in the future, I should still desire to do this again.”
  1262. “You want to tie me down and tittyfuck me?”
  1264. Anima stood up. “The bonds are not a requirement of this condition. All I wish is, at some point in the future, to stimulate your member with my cleavage until you orgasm. At regular intervals, if such is agreeable.”
  1266. “Uh…” Damien looked Anima up and down. If Grace wasn’t involved, well, Anima wasn’t all that bad. Misguided, yes, but she didn’t seem unreasonable. And with as skilled as she was with her tits, it’s not like Damien wouldn’t be enjoying himself. Not much of a price for his freedom.
  1268. “Yes.”
  1270. “You agree to this condition?”
  1272. “Yes, I agree, now get me loose!”
  1274. “Very well.”
  1276. She walked over to the side of the bed and, graciously, undid the bonds on his wrists. The moment his hands were free, Damien went for the bindings on one ankle and Anima went for the other. Damien let out a long sigh of relief, stretching his legs and smiling. Looking at Anima, he nodded.
  1278. The dual strands of cum from earlier were still on her face, dripping down to the armor on her neck and her cleavage.
  1280. “Thanks,” he said.
  1282. “You are welcome.”
  1284. She didn’t seem to care about them.
  1286. While much better off than a moment ago, Damien still wasn’t out of this yet. Grace was going to be back soon, and he needed to be long gone by then. He had a couple ideas for places to go,  one of them being the police station.
  1288. Damien quickly cleaned up and threw on his clothes (Anima watching wordlessly all the while), grabbed his keys, phone and wallet, and made for the door. He paused.
  1290. “By the way, uh, Anima?”
  1292. “Yes?”
  1294. “You might want to work on your bedroom talk before next time. I mean, ‘ejaculate’? No one says that.”
  1296. “I shall endeavour to improve.”
  1298. Nodding one last time to Anima, Damien turned and reached for the doorknob, a great dread lifting off his back.
  1300. The knob turned before he reached it.
  1302. The dread returned twofold.
  1304. He had no time to hide. The door opened in an instant, but at the same time, it took aeons. Damien watched, petrified, eyes quivering at the what he knew he would find.
  1306. The shock on Grace’s face disappeared quickly, morphing into that sly grin he knew so well.
  1308. “My, my, you know I don’t like it when my patients get out of bed.”
  1310. He had to act.
  1312. “Get out of my way!” he hollered.
  1314. Damien charged forward, shoulder first, straight at Grace, but the only thing he hit was open air. She sidestepped him and shoved her fist into his kidney. A brutal wave of nausea slammed into Damien and he fell to his knees, gasping for air.
  1316. Grace gracefully scooped Damien up and threw him over her shoulder. Holding his gut, Damien watched with desperate eyes as the outside disappeared behind the door. The lock clicked into place with gruesome finality.
  1318. The room was hazy in Damien’s vision. His lungs grasped for air but couldn’t find what they wanted. Only when he was flipped over and thrown onto the bed did air come rushing back into him. Between hard coughs he breathed in as much as he could. When his mind finally came back to the moment, he found his arms were already strapped to the bed and Grace and Anima were both standing at the foot of the bed, talking.
  1320. “And how did our—my patient get out of bed?” Grace asked, scowling at Anima with arms crossed.
  1322. “He offered a sufficient argument,” Anima said.
  1324. “And what would that be?”
  1326. “He pointed out the inconsistencies of your treatment and his symptoms.” Anima looked at Damien. “From my observations, he is presenting no symptoms at the moment. Treatment against his request appears unnecessary.”
  1328. Grace put a hand on her forehead. “I thought I explained this to you, Anima. Patients often make poor decisions concerning their own health and it’s our duties as their caretakers to ensure they get what they need.”
  1330. “I understand. However, the treatment you have prescribed does not seem to match the illness presented. While your statement holds merit, the patient has also offered satisfactory doubt.”
  1332. Grace frowned in thought and for a moment—just a moment—Damien thought Anima had won.
  1334. “I guess it’s too much to ask that you simply accept my judgement as a professional. Alright, then. While it’s too late to do it today, tomorrow I will fetch my medical journals and citations on this treatment. If those agree with me, will that be enough for you drop this?”
  1336. “That will satisfy me.”
  1338. Oh no. No, no, no! Damien sat up, pulling at his bindings, and yelled at Anima. “Are you serious? There’s no way whatever she’ll give you is real! She’s playing you!”
  1340. “I must allow her some modicum of trust. Do not worry, I will review her proof with a critical eye.”
  1342. “Trust? She hasn’t—”
  1344. Grace’s wing swooped in and stuffed Damien’s mouth full of feathers. “Goodness, dear, you are determined to avoid what’s good for you. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you.” She pat Damien on the head. “I’ll cure that sickness right away.”
  1346. Damien spat her wing out and glared at her.
  1348. A few hours later, after they’d all eaten (with Grace hand-feeding Damien and enjoying herself far too much with it), the two angels had snuggled into bed with Damien, Anima in front of him and Grace behind. Damien was surprised to find Grace undoing the bonds on his wrists, but she wasn’t able to let him go free, however.
  1350. “Anima, please keep our patient in place.”
  1352. “Certainly.”
  1354. The next second, Damien’s face was shoved into Anima’s breasts while her other hand wrapped around his back and clung their bodies close while conveniently pinning his arms to his sides. He felt like a stuffed animal.
  1356. “Wonderful.” Grace laid a hand on his side, giving him a light pat while nustling up close behind him. “Isn’t this so much more comfortable than having your arms ties up?”
  1358. Damien hated to agree with her, but it was. Not that he had any more freedom of movement, though. Anima was far too strong to let him go.
  1360. “Goodnight,” said Grace. “The both of you will need to make sure to get your rest. Damien, especially.” She then whispered into his ear. “I’ve got plenty planned for you.”
  1362. Damien struggled, but just as he expected, nothing came of it. He was comfortable enough, however, and today had been exhausting. He decided to make the most of what he had, relaxed into Anima’s cleavage, and closed his eyes. Concentrating on his breathing, he drifted off, losing track of time, allowing himself a moment of repose. Sleep gnawed at the edge of his mind. Just as his eyes very starting to droop however, a sensual whisper invaded his ears.
  1364. “I’m not done with you yet, dear.”
  1366. A hand snaked down between his legs and secured his cock in its grip. Damien mumbled, still drowsy, and tried to slip away, but with Anima clutching him like a body pillow and Grace spooning him, there was no room to escape. Grace’s hand began to pump with all the urgency of a sloth.
  1368. “Did you somehow think I would let your little escape attempt go unpunished? I thought you knew me better than that,” Grace pouted.
  1370. Damien tried to give her a snappy reply, but his words were muffled by Anima’s breasts. When he tried to pull his head back, he found Anima’s grip on it entirely uncooperative. Was she awake? Damien pushed against Anima, jostling her, but she didn’t respond. Out cold.
  1372. “Are you enjoying yourself there, all cuddled up with my nurse? A rough first day with a new patient, I think, but she still shows promise. Or maybe you love the feeling of being helpless before me, knowing what I’ll do?”
  1374. Her strokes sped up and her voice drilled deeper into his brain. Damien twisted his ear away from Grace, but her breath followed him wherever he went.
  1376. He grew hard in her hand.
  1378. “There it is. Good boy. You know, you surprised me today. I was sure you were too spent for another round after my nurse’s little mistake, but merely twenty minutes later when I came back, I find out you’d already given another load to Anima.” Grace nibbled on his ear. “Could it be you like her?”
  1380. Deep in Anima’s bosom, Damien blushed so hard he felt his face would light on fire.
  1382. “Mmm, how cute. I’ll have to cure you of that, though. I’m your doctor, no one else.”
  1384. Grace pushed Damien’s cockhead up against Anima’s bare belly, rubbing it over her smooth skin and leaving trails of precum behind.
  1386. “What would she think, you dirtying her stomach like this while she’s sleeping? I don’t think she’d appreciate it.” Her hand pumped faster and her grip tightened. “And so energetically, too. Are you just going to let yourself cum all over her? Do you not have any self-control?”
  1388. Damien mumbled his frustration into Anima’s breasts again. Like it or not, however, Grace’s hand knew what it was doing, and trapped as he was, it was only a matter of time before it got what it wanted. The familiar pressure began to build in his loins. Moaning, he writhed between the two angels, trying to concentrate on anything but the pumping hand on his cock.
  1390. “Look at you, you’re so adorable! It’s so cute how hard you’re trying.” Grace planted a kiss on his neck. “Such a wonderful patient you are. Maybe we shouldn’t make such a mess on her stomach, it’d get all sticky between the two of you.” She let a pause hang in the air. “No, I have a better idea, dear.”
  1392. She pulled his tip lower. Damien’s head grew so hot it could’ve exploded. His every thought was now on where Grace was directing his cock. Breaths came out in rasps.
  1394. Grace, however, didn’t stop at the one place he feared. His tip brushed against Anima’s underwear and went down past it to settle between her thighs. Then, using just her hips, Grace plunged Damien forward.
  1396. An involuntary moan rambled out of Damien’s mouth. The supple, creamy walls of Anima’s thighs welcomed him eagerly and sent lightning bolts of pleasure running through Damien’s body.
  1398. Grace’s legs reached out and hooked around Anima’s, putting Damien’s hips in a perfect little prison. He was now completely at the mercy of Grace’s hips.
  1400. And they wanted him to fuck Anima’s thighs.
  1402. Damien let out another desperate moan as Grace forced him forward again. What kind of person was he for letting this happen? For enjoying it?
  1404. To his surprise, Anima’s smooth thighs clamped down on him, crushing him tight between them. He looked up, expecting to find her awake, but her eyes were still shut. This was entirely on instinct. Each plunge into their tightness drove Damien mad.
  1406. He finally managed to get out something not stifled by Anima’s breasts. “Stop, please!”
  1408. “Oh, dear,” Grace whispered into his ear, “That was never going to happen.”
  1410. She slammed Damien deeper into Anima’s thighs than ever before.
  1412. It was too much.
  1414. Bliss surged throughout Damien’s entire body and his vision went white. Mouth gaping open, his hips went tense and dove him into the silky walls of Anima’s thighs as far as they would go. Cum rocketed out, splattering all over, smearing on Anima’s legs as Grace continued to force Damien in and out. He grit his teeth as hard as he could, trying to stay focused, to keep from passing out, to keep from screaming from the indescribable pleasure of it all. Relentless, Grace kept thrusting, shoving his mind into the pool of ecstacy over and over again.
  1416. Finally, when Damien could give no more did Grace release him. He collapsed like a rag doll, panting, blinking, trying to recover while Anima still held him close.
  1418. Grace softly stroked his arm, nuzzling her head into his neck and smiling.
  1420. “Did you enjoy that?” she asked.
  1422. Damien was still catching his breath, he could hardly answer.
  1424. “Good. Because it’s going to be a very long time before I let you cum again.”
  1426. Damien swallowed. Hard.
  1429. ***
  1432. The morning came rather abruptly to all of them with a demanding and resounding knock on the door.
  1434. Damien was still stuck in the haze of waking. Anima simply opened her eyes, looked down to Damien, then back up, like a robot that had just turned on. Grace, however, was the fastest among them, already sitting up and looking toward the door.
  1436. “Visitors?” she asked Damien.
  1438. He kept his mouth shut. Whoever it was, Damien wasn’t expecting them. But maybe he could use their arrival to his advantage and escape.
  1440. “Ask them who they are,” said Grace. “And don’t mention us.”
  1442. “Who is it?” Damien yelled at the door.
  1444. “Miss Thessa Renalyd demands entrance.” The voice was male, however.
  1446. The color drained from Grace’s face in an instant.
  1448. “Damnit! How did she know!?” Fuming, she threw off the covers and jumped out of bed. “We’re leaving.”
  1450. “What? Why should I leave?” said Damien.
  1452. He opened his mouth to yell for help, but Grace slapped her hand over it first.
  1454. “Anima, secure him and get ready to go. And be quick about it.” She looked down to Damien. “We’re running from my boss.”
  1458. ---
  1461. CHAPTER 3: Beleness Mercy Hospital
  1464. Andrew was a fine young lad, Grace decided. In the peak of his twenties, confident, sociable, and without a worry in the world. His eyes practically sparkled when he spoke and his laugh was full and genuine. He would’ve been in perfect health, too, except for the construction accident that had taken half a leg and broken most of the bones in the other, but from his enthusiasm, he might as well have been a fortress.
  1466. One Grace was itching to tear down.
  1468. “I can’t wait to get back on the job and show Conner my prosthetic,” said Andrew. “Chris and Brad, the two guys you saw leave, they’re buddies from work. What they’re gonna do is tell Conner I’m absolutely fuckin’ pissed about my leg, that I blame it all on him for breaking the crane, and when I come back, I’m going to act like my leg’s still intact and wait for the perfect moment to pretend like he tore it off again!”
  1470. Grace covered her mouth, chuckling with Andrew and letting her wings flutter. “Oh, no, you’re awful!” She put her hands on her hips. “You know, confessing your planned sins to an angel isn’t supposed to clear your conscience so you can do it anyways.”
  1472. Andrew grinned. “I’ll take a video and send it to you. What’s—”
  1474. “Ah!” Grace raised a finger and pushed the tip of her wing to Andrew’s mouth. “I need to finish the examination first, and I’ll need you to shush for a moment.” She raised her stethoscope. “Can’t get a good reading while you’re yapping.”
  1476. “I’m all yours,” said Andrew.
  1478. You already were, thought Grace.
  1480. Humming to herself, Grace played the stethoscope across Andrew’s chest. Normal heartbeat, of course. She was never worried about that, but it was important to pay attention to detail. She’d never stopped being a doctor, even if she had other things planned.
  1482. For the next few minutes, she worked through the physical, taking readings, making small talk and slipping in medical questions where she needed. Then, they reached her favorite part.
  1484. “Pull up your gown, please. I need to take a look downstairs,” she said, her voice a punctuated perfume.
  1486. A flicker of doubt touched Andrew’s brow. “Isn’t that usually something a guy would do?”
  1488. Grace pressed a hand softly onto his chest and a wing onto his shoulder. “It’s nothing to be worried about. I’ve done this test a thousand times, I know how to keep it quick and professional.”
  1490. That did it. “I’m not worried.” He tried to shrug off Grace’s wing. She kept it there.
  1492. “Your gown, then?” she asked.
  1494. “Alright.” Andrew forced a plainly pained smile and lifted his gown.
  1496. Grace had to keep herself from licking her lips. Yes, now she would tear him down. Her wing slipped behind him, pretending to support his back, though Grace really just wanted to keep him from leaning away. Not only did she need a good look at his face, but she wanted to make it clear where their eyes would be locked the entire procedure. Much slower than necessary, she bought her hand down to his balls, taking a greedy handful.
  1498. “Go ahead and cough,” she directed.
  1500. He did, but it was weak.
  1502. “Again.” Her fingers dug in further as her icy eyes plunged deep into his own.
  1504. The second cough was much stronger.
  1506. “And one more.”
  1508. His last was strained but clear.
  1510. Finally, Grace withdrew, standing straight up and away from Andrew while pulling her wing back. Her hand, however, took a detour. Instead of coming right off of him, it wandered upwards, her fingers just starting to encircle his shaft. Barely cupping him, she let her hand travel his length all the way to his cockhead. Then, to push the movement from a curiosity to something more, she gave a tiny stroke, no more than an inch, back down before removing her hand.
  1512. “Thank you for being patient with me, Andrew. I’d love to stay and talk with you more, but I’m swamped today. Remember, you can always call the nurses if you need anything.”
  1514. Without giving him a chance to reply, Grace turned on her heel and walked out.
  1516. Grace’s smile screamed from her mouth pure satisfaction. She caught herself mid-laugh before coughing and straightening her face. The look on his face! The utter, complete confusion! He had locked up and the recurring thought running through his mind had been plastered all over:
  1518. Did she just stroke me?
  1520. A chill of bliss ran down Grace’s spine and she fought back another chortle. Heavens above, if she could get that look from every man that went through this hospital, she would die from the delight within a week. But even better was the expression that came after. It was much more subtle, of course, as it came with no concrete thought. It was a realization, one that flickered across the face in a single breath. One only a trained eye noticed, and Graces’ had drank it deeply.
  1522. Fear.
  1524. That microsecond when rationality struck that tight, strained layer of arousal and surfaced for just long enough to imprint a more powerful and infinitely more salivating thought:
  1526. I can’t stop her.
  1528. Grace stopped in front of a door, the clicking of her high heels echoing for a moment before stopping with her. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes. She needed to stay focused, stay prim. It would not do to be deluging depravity all over the place. It was so thick anyone would have noticed. Grace laid a hand on her chest as she exhaled, then looked down at her cleavage. Smirking, she undid the top button of her shirt. A deluge might be too much, but perhaps a little leak wouldn’t hurt.
  1530. Her pager buzzed.
  1532. She deflated. Rolling her eyes, she pulled it out and looked. Thessa. Crap.
  1534. She strutted down the hall, back straight and eyes forward. The smile from a moment ago had vanished, but she didn’t need to let the nurses see a frown, either. Most of them were too busy with their own duties to give Grace a mind. A few greeted her, and Grace was sure to return the hellos with grace.
  1536. The walk was much more like a climb. Even though Thessa’s office was downstairs on the first floor, the journey wore her down the farther she went. By the time she was at the double-doors leading to the office, she was aching. Tugging her doctor’s coat, she pushed the doors open and walked in.
  1538. Thessa Renalyd was what anyone would expect from a dragon at first glance: tall, imposing, beautiful, and powerful. She had smooth, well-kept ginger hair that tumbled down her back, a single swinging braid the only ripple in an otherwise seamless flow. Grace always felt she wore it too long, but then again, the woman was so busy meddling with other people's affairs that it was understandable she didn’t take a close enough look at herself. Maroon scales covered her limbs, cleaned to a fine shine that reflected the sunlight just well enough to make it uncomfortable to stare at directly. Thessa’s arms were crossed as she looked over the wall of bookcases in front of her, tapping a claw against the scale of her forearm. The constant ticking bugged Grace, but she said nothing. She didn’t need to give Thessa more ammunition.
  1540. Thessa’s dark green eyes drifted from her bookshelf to Grace and the ticking stopped. Unfolding her arms, she walked over to her massive oak desk and motioned for Grace to take a seat.
  1542. “Thank you for coming. And so quickly too.”
  1544. Grace sat down. “It’s always busy out there, but you caught me between patients. Lucky, I guess.”
  1546. Thessa’s greeting was polite, but her eyes were analysing Grace, trying to find a way through her professional outward demeanor. Grace met them as if to say, ‘Good luck.’
  1548. “I intend for this impromptu meeting to go quickly so you can get back to it.” Thessa grabbed a folder off her desk, her dragon claws carefully opening it and flipping through the papers inside. “I’ve of course had many compliments on your work. A great majority of your patients come in and out of here in a timely manner with nothing but good things to say about you.” She paused on one sheet of paper and read off of it. “‘Constant professional attention. Even though I was just one of her patients, I never felt ignored.’” She turned the page. “‘I always felt wonderful in her hands. I almost want to get injured just to come back here!’” She lowered the folder. “There’s plenty more along the same vein. Your male patients are head-over-heels for you and your female patients enjoyed your care, though I never seem to get quite as many compliments from them.”
  1550. Grace let that comment settle on its own. Thessa was reaching for something.
  1552. “The praise doesn’t stop at your patients, either.” Thessa picked up another folder and shook it. “This one is full of compliments from your co-workers as well.”
  1554. “Is there anyone in particular I should thank for the compliments?” asked Grace.
  1556. “The forms are anonymous, you know that.” Thessa smiled. “But I can tell you they’re not all from just one person. Your department likes you.”
  1558. Grace didn’t need Thessa telling her to know that. Though it wasn’t universal.
  1560. “Then—sorry of I’m missing something—but I’m not really sure why you’d need to buzz me down here in the middle of the day,” said Grace.
  1562. “I’m sharing with you the positive feedback first to let you know I didn’t bring you here just to criticize you. You’re a wonderful doctor, Doctor Grace.” Thessa pulled out a third folder, this one much more thin than the others. “But I do need to bring this up.”
  1564. Grace kept her smile on, arms crossed in her lap. She needed to pay attention to figure out where this information had come from.
  1566. Thessa read from the folder. “‘Doctor Grace didn’t cover up enough. Her shirt, which could’ve easily been buttoned up more, was revealing too much, and I didn’t feel comfortable enough to say anything about it. I hope not all of your doctors are this prudish.’”
  1568. Grace’s smile twitched. It was rare a patient reacted so negatively to a few loose buttons, and the first time they’d disliked it so much they put in a comment about it.
  1570. Thessa moved on. “‘I’m sure it was entirely unintentional, but Doctor Grace’s hands kept moving toward private places while she leaned over my bed or sat at my bedside. Please let her know to be more careful in the future.’”
  1572. That patient was either entirely oblivious or gay. Grace would have to get better at reading them.
  1574. Thessa lowered the folder for a moment. “Now, I understand different patients have different ideas of what is acceptable, and at times that can be quite difficult to read, but in the realm of sensuality, always stay on the safe side. I’m sure you don’t want to be sued for a minor misjudgement.” Thessa looked Grace up and down. “What you’re wearing now is appropriate and I can’t say I’ve ever seen you dressed too provocatively, so I’m assuming these comments are simple mistakes or anomalies.”
  1576. Thessa left a moment of silence hang in the air, eyes expectant toward Grace. “I appreciate the confidence,” said Grace. She wasn’t going to try and explain herself; no good would come from that. It only told Thessa there was something to explain away.
  1578. Although, Thessa’s intonation on the ‘too’ had made her fidget. She dressed exactly how her patients liked: nothing more, nothing less.
  1580. Well, maybe a bit less sometimes.
  1582. Nodding, Thessa went back to the folder. “‘While Doctor Grace’s flirtatious and overly-casual attitude may put other patients at ease, it only frustrated me. That may not be inappropriate according to your rules or whatever, but I know if my girlfriend was in the room with us, she would’ve have a thing or two to say about it.”
  1584. Damn! Grace gritted her teeth. She knew exactly who wrote that, too. He’d been admitted with no emergency contact and no wife listed, so Grace had assumed he was unattached. And when he’d shown frustration during ‘treatment’, Grace had attributed it to pain, not herself.
  1586. “I will not patronize you by asking if you’ve read our policies on interactions with patients,” said Thessa. “You’ve been a doctor for nearly ten years, you know what they are. But I can’t just let comments like this go. They lead to harassment lawsuits that this hospital can’t afford.”
  1588. God, you love to run your mouth, don’t you? thought Grace. But are you really talking about what this hospital can afford or what your job can afford?
  1590. “Doctor Grace, please acknowledge this so we don’t have to linger on it. It’s distasteful to talk about and much better shelved in the past.”
  1592. “I understand, Miss Renalyd.”
  1594. Thessa looked back to the folder then paused, her eyes shifting to Grace. “Thessa is fine, Doctor.”
  1596. Grace straightened her back, regaining some of her smile. Thessa hated being called by her last name. Made her feel old, she’d said.
  1598. “Thankfully, this is the last one,” said Thessa.
  1600. Doing her best to keep her face unreadable, Grace nodded.
  1602. “‘I think Doctor Grace is embarrassing me on purpose. I’ve never been naked in front of a doctor so many times. I mean, I know it happens sometimes, but Doctor Grace tells me I have to strip for everything. Going to the bathroom, changing my IV drops, checking my heartbeat, my blood pressure, even examining my bruised ribcage! I’m no doctor, but there can’t be a reason for that, right? I’m sorry if I’m wrong about all this, I’m just worried. Especially when it seemed like she was purposefully rubbing her thighs against me while I was naked.”
  1604. The last sentence made Grace winced, but she hid it right away. That patient she remembered as well. Usually, the excessive nudity opened them up for a more gradual escalation, but he’d never gotten hard, even with Grace’s encouragement. Her mistake had been pursuing him too hard.
  1606. “Now, doctor, we don’t have any procedures to strip the patient during IV changes, do we? Or taking blood pressure readings? Or checking their pulse? Or is my knowledge out-of-date?”
  1608. “No, we do not.”
  1610. “Was this patient lying, then?”
  1612. That was a trick question. Thessa knew he wasn’t, and even if he was, that didn’t matter for this discussion. She was giving Grace the chance to trap herself.
  1614. “No, he wasn’t.”
  1616. “Then why did you keep having him strip?”
  1618. He was never the one removing his clothing—Grace had been quite attentive in that aspect. No reason to correct Thessa, though. The bigger problem was how to answer and that was likely the reason why Thessa had picked out this specific comment. There was no good answer, not that Grace could come up with on the spot.
  1620. Seeing Grace conflicted, Thessa continued.
  1622. “Your nurses tell me you spend much more time alone with your patients than any other doctor. Now, if it was any other doctor, and they weren’t getting these kinds of comments, I would attribute it to a passion for their job. But I don’t know what to think when it comes to you.” Thessa motioned to the folders full of compliments. “I want to believe these. I know you’re a good doctor, both in the medical aspect and the social one. I know you made it here because you do have a passion for your job. But where are these comments coming from, then? Help me to understand you, Doctor Grace. Let me help.”
  1624. Grace’s face had gone blank. What was this, some kind of therapy session? Who exactly was Thessa pretending to be? Her ignorance of the situation was only surpassed by her misunderstanding of it. Grace had made a few miscalculations, that was all. In many ways, this talk had helped, she supposed. It told her she needed to be more careful, more precise. It also told her she’d need to know who she could count on. Patients came and went, and after today, she’d know better how to analyze them, but Thessa had mentioned nurses making comments too. Starting today, she would be vetting them more thoroughly.
  1626. Grace realized Thessa had been staring at her wordlessly the entire time she’d been running through her thoughts. Quickly, set sat back up straight and wiped the dumbfounded look from her face. “Thessa, hearing these comments is very important to me. It’s how I learn to be better at my job. And they’re telling me, today, that I need to be more professional. I… do have some moments of weakness when I wish I could just talk to my patients like a friend and forget that they, in fact, aren’t. They’re clients. They need me at my best, all the time, and that’s what I intend to give them.”
  1628. Thessa gave Grace a hard look. Her gaze bore into Grace, trying to look further, beyond her words, beyond her visage. Under their duress, Grace was a statue. Thessa had to buy that explanation, and the only way that would happen was if Grace embraced it wholeheartedly. So Grace remained, as plainly as she could, an angel.
  1630. “As long as you take the feedback to heart, there’s nothing more to say,” said Thessa. She closed the folder, laid it in a pile with the others, then interlocked her hands. “I know this wasn’t easy to sit and listen to calmly and maturely. For that, I thank you. I want to reassure you that this wasn’t to embarass or shame you, but rather to give you an opportunity to improve. And no matter how many criticisms you get, I will always first aim to help you move past them rather than of dwell on punishment. Now, is there anything more you need from me?”
  1632. “No.”
  1634. Grace immediately knew she should’ve paused before saying that, but the answer was already given. Besides, she needed to get out of here as soon as possible.
  1636. Nodding, Thessa leaned back in her chair. “Alright, then. I’ve got no more reason to keep you.” She motioned to the door.
  1638. “Thank you, Miss Renalyd,” said Grace as she stood. “Rest assured, I’ll take everything I’ve heard today to heart.”
  1640. “I’m eager to see how.”
  1642. It took all Grace’s will to keep her facade up until the door to the office closed behind her. Walking back, Grace could hear her high heels hitting the ground hard with each step. It didn’t matter who saw her stomping through the halls. For a while, she didn’t even think about where she was going. It just needed to be away from Thessa.
  1644. Eventually she made it back to her department, paused and took a deep breath. If she didn’t blow off some steam, the nurses were going to notice. She had just the patient in mind. Alex was her most recent ‘project’, someone she’d been preparing. For days, in fact. She took off toward his room.
  1646. Hopefully none of the nurses needed her, because she intended to spend the next hour dragging him to the edge and holding him there until he grovelled for release.
  1649. **
  1652. The first step would have to be the nurses.
  1654. As head of the trauma department, Grace had a lot of control over who she worked with. In the past she’d simply rotated the nurses’ shifts and patients such that none of them would be able to observe the precise patterns Grace would follow with her “special” patients. Special patients were those that met the right criteria: few or no visitors, staying for several weeks, unlikely to cause a fuss, unattached to anyone who might get nosy on their behalf, and, mostly importantly, in need.
  1656. It was something in their eyes, Grace had found. A transient shadow. A fog that passed over their graze. A silent yearning as they watched Grace talk. It spoke with thunderous words: “I need you to help me.”
  1658. And Grace always helped her patients.
  1660. Most of Grace’s help involved quick, subtle teasings with patients who would be out of the hospital within days. Things like leaving the room too cold and wearing a tight shirt or leaving it too hot and unbuttoning one too many buttons. She might sit on the bed with the patient and rest her hand on their stomach just above the waist. Sometimes she would insist on being present when they needed to use the restroom, or have them take off their pants for procedures that didn’t require it. She also enjoyed being a ‘hands-on’ doctor—touching wounded areas of their body and asking how it felt, then letting her hands wander off, only to withdraw right before they made it too far. Just thinking about it made her mouth water.
  1662. But it would all be ruined if she didn’t know which side her nurses were on. Apparently, holding a good reputation wasn’t enough any more. The strategy of working around them had to end. Instead, she would have to confront them. Carefully, of course.
  1664. She would start today with Aurora. Aurora was one of the shorter nurses, always full of energy and more words than her mouth could get out sometimes. With only a year at Beleness Mercy, she was newer than almost all the others, too. Grace found her in the break room.
  1666. “Oh! Doctor Grace!” Aurora stumbled back from the break room sink, the cup in her hands almost tumbling out of her grip.
  1668. “Good morning, Aurora. Surprised to see me?”
  1670. “What? Oh, no, I just, well, you don’t usually use the break room. At least, in the mornings.” She smiled and spat out a nervous laugh.
  1672. “You’re right, I’m usually in my office. But today I seem to have run out of cups.” Grace walked over to the pantry, opened it, and started to fish out some foam cups.
  1674. “You came to the right place. Nice to see you here!”
  1676. Grace smiled to herself. Aurora hadn’t quite gotten past the whole ‘walking on eggshells’ around her boss yet. Perhaps that would work to Grace’s advantage today. She gave the room a quick glance. No one else was around.
  1678. “You’re quite energetic. I envy you, you know. Some days are really taxing,” said Grace.
  1680. “Oh, it’s just, you know, how I am. Lucky me, right?”
  1682. “Just earlier today I was checking up on a patient—broke both arms and had a neck brace. Couldn’t hardly move. Cases like this come through all the time, of course, but I still found myself wishing I could help him somehow.”
  1684. “Yes, I, uh, I do get that feeling myself sometimes!” Aurora grew stiff and her eyes darted around the room. Probably wasn’t expecting a friendly break room conversation to wander off like this.
  1686. “Can you even imagine? Being completely helpless, at the whim of whoever walked in the room. For me, it’s just thirty minutes or so I was with him but he had to live it. Trapped, bound, unmoving.”
  1688. “It’s just awful to think about,” said Aurora.
  1690. “All I wanted to do was… reach out. Touch him. Let him know I was there for him. Use whatever part of me I could to guide him to a place of comfort. Or even pleasure.”
  1692. Keeping her face contemplative, Grace watched Aurora out of the corner of her eye. Her breaths were slow and heavy. Sweat had begun to drip down her face, and as the silence went on, she swallowed.
  1694. “Y-yes,” Aurora said, half to herself. “Yes. Help him out. Of course, that’s what we’re here for, right? Sit by his bed, talk to him, let him think about when things weren’t so bad.”
  1696. Grace glided across the room to Aurora, breaking the nurse out of her thoughts by laying a hand on her shoulder. “But what’s hurting him most is his body.” She let her hand slider off Aurora’s shoulder and sneak down her arm. “I want so much to help that, too.”
  1698. Aurora’s eyes met Grace’s, lips sealed tight with tension, her arm trembling as Grace’s slid along it. Then, just as the skin of their hands touched, Aurora snapped out of it, stepping back and bumbling.
  1700. “O-oh, I’m so sorry, Grace, I mean, Doctor Grace, I was just coming, I mean, came in, I mean, walked to the break room for a quick little drink and I got it and now I have to back, sorry, really busy!”
  1702. She scrambled out the room, her mouth spewing out words the entire time. Smirking, Grace crossed her arms. Yes, that one would do.
  1705. **
  1708. Not wanting to arouse suspicion, Grace waited until the next day to approach the next nurse, Trish. She was more composed than Aurora and, of all the nurses, she was one of the most experienced. Known for her blunt wit, most anyone could relax around her. Trish was probably the most social of the nurses, the one organizing events or showing up with a round of coffee for everyone in the morning.
  1710. And, as far as Grace could tell, just as likely to reject Grace as to side with her. Grace would have to be more careful with her. Unlike with Aurora, however, Grace couldn’t count on ever catching Trish alone, so she opted for the next best thing: with a patient.
  1712. “There are plenty of things you can do with only one kidney! Running, rock climbing, hunting, dialysis...” Grace heard the nurse’s voice through the door. Yes, that was definitely Trish in there. Putting on her most charming face, Grace entered.
  1714. “And don’t get me started on all the nicknames you can use now. 1-Bean Counter, You Sunk My pH Levels, John Diss ‘em, the list goes on,” said Trish. She turned to the sound of the door. “Oh, hey, Doctor Grace, how’s it going? What brings you to my humble abode?”
  1716. “I was actually going to see if I couldn’t clear Mr. Willis here for an early release. He’s been doing fantastic since the surgery.”
  1718. “I’ll say.” Trish flexed her arm. “I’ve got all this and Willy here puts me to shame!”
  1720. Trish was a much more intimidating package than Aurora. Where Aurora was smooth and almost fragile, Trish was far more rigid and athletic. With defined abs, thighs, and arms, Trish could pick a grown man up and toss them across the room with one hand. Combine that with the natural strength angels had and she could be truly frightening, should she ever try to be. It didn’t help that she was a smidge taller than Grace at six-foot and change.
  1722. Grace sat down next to Mr. Willis and began her tests. Her attention was only half on them, however.
  1724. “How has Mr. Willis been doing, Trish?” asked Grace.
  1726. “He’s been a real character these last couple days. Started wolfing down his meals in minutes and having the gall to ask for more!”
  1728. Mr. Willis protested, but Trish wagged a finger at him. “Someone worked really hard on that chicken-fried steak, most of all the chicken! So you should spend more than two minutes appreciating it!”
  1730. Mr. Willis smiled, which got Trish grinning too. “No, he’s been great, doctor. I think it’s about time we kicked his sorry ass outta here.”
  1732. Grace raised an eyebrow at Trish so the nurse half-heartedly added, “Oops, sorry about the language.”
  1734. “No, no,” said Grace. “Don’t let me keep you from talking about what you want to do to his ass. I’m just taking tests.”
  1736. Trish snorted and looked away. Grace suspected it was to hide a blush, but said nothing.
  1738. “Would you say Trish here’s done a good job?” Grace asked Mr. Willis.
  1740. “Hey!” said Trish. “I’ve done a great job!”
  1742. “Yeah, she’s a really good nurse, I’m a lucky man,” said Mr. Willis.
  1744. “Is she now?” Grace hummed to herself, fiddling with her papers, then frowned. “Well, in all my hubris I seem to have made a mistake myself. I grabbed the wrong form.”
  1746. “Memory’s the first thing to go when you get old, doctor. Better starting looking for a retirement home,” said Trish.
  1748. “And it sounds like Trish has volunteered to fetch the vials I also forgot for the blood sample. Thank you, Trish.”
  1750. “Sore loser.”
  1752. Grace shrugged at Mr. Willis. “Sorry, Mr. Willis. We’ll be right back.”
  1754. Trish gave him a cheery wave and the two of them left the room.
  1756. “You certainly seem confident today,” said Grace, walking beside Trish.
  1758. “What can I say? I’m on top of things. I could handle anything the world could throw at me right now.”
  1760. Grace saw the opening she was looking for.
  1762. “Oh? And what if you walked in on a patient with an erection?” she asked.
  1764. “Ignore it like a real professional. C’mon, Grace, I’ve seen it a hundred times, that’s hardly much of a challenge.”
  1766. “An erection he was making sure you noticed.”
  1768. “I—” Trish scrunched her mouth up. “Alright, honest answer or textbook one?”
  1770. “You’re always welcome to be honest with me, you know that.”
  1772. “Probably jerk him off.”
  1774. “Of cour—” Grace’s tongue stopped working. Of all the things she was expecting going into this, Trish taking the lead was not one of them.
  1776. “What’s that look for?” said Trish. “I mean, we’re alone, he’s needy, and I’ve got two perfectly good hands. It’s a win-win.”
  1778. Was she joking? She had to be joking. Or had Thessa already gotten to her? She might’ve been an agent trying to get Grace to admit to something. “Really,” said Grace.
  1780. “I just don’t see why everyone’s so uptight about doing anything sexual around here. Just because we’re all angels doesn’t mean we’re prudes. If the guy’s got a problem a handy’s gonna solve, then I’m not going stare at him and twiddle my thumbs.”
  1782. Grace crossed her arms. “Are you sure about that?”
  1784. “Yeah.”
  1786. “Why don’t you prove it, then.”
  1788. “Are you… offering me a chance to?” Trish’s cheeks flushed.
  1790. “How about this: I’ve got a checkup with a patient in 403 in about… fifty minutes. If you happen to be there, maybe we can check more than his heart rate.”
  1792. “Yeah. I mean, I’ll be there,” said Trish.
  1794. “We’ll see.” With that, Grace turned off. She couldn’t hide her smile any longer. What luck! Trish had been a huge unknown for Grace, but now it was looking like she’d be one of her most trustworthy nurses! But she couldn’t get ahead of herself. She checked her watch. In fifty minutes she’d see the truth.
  1796. The time passed quickly and soon enough, Grace found her way to the door to 403. Curious, she peered through the small vertical window. Inside, Trish was standing up straight, fiddling with her hair and fixing her clothes, doing her best to look clean and confident.
  1798. How cute, thought Grace. A lascivious smile grew on her face as she opened the door.
  1800. “Doctor Grace.” Trish snapped to attention, arms at her sides, then realized how uptight she looked and forced herself to relax.
  1802. “Calm down.” Grace spoke deliberate and soothing. The hurdle here would be teaching Trish she was allowed to enjoy herself. If she was this high-strung, her nerves would get the better of her and she’d get cold feet.
  1804. Trish was discovering it was one thing to talk about comforting patients in a room with no one else and another to be there committing the act.
  1806. “Yes, Doctor Grace.” Trish swallowed.
  1808. “You can just call me Grace. It’s fine.” She laid a comforting hand on Trish’s shoulder, then walked past her to the bed where Carter, her patient, was lying down. He was looking at Grace with confusion but unable to speak it. The accident that put him in the hospital had, among other things, damaged his vocal chords. Perfect for training a nurse like Trish as it meant they wouldn’t be needing a gag, which might have made her uncomfortable.
  1810. Trish didn’t yet understand that these patients wanted it. That was also to be part of today’s lesson.
  1812. “Hello, Carter. Remember me? I’m your doctor, Doctor Grace.” Grace laid on the sweetness in her voice.
  1814. He nodded, still unsure.
  1816. “Wonderful. This is Trish, and we’ll be assisting you today. How are you feeling?”
  1818. Carter cocked his head, looking between the two, then delved Grace’s eyes as if to ask a question. That puzzlement only made her smile grow. This was one of her favorite moments with a patient. The internal questioning, grasping for answers, on the cusp of discovering exactly what Grace intended to do, and then the gape of awe when her fingers wrapped themselves around the patient’s cock.
  1820. It was a struggle to keep her hand steady. Today, that was Trish’s job.
  1822. “Trish, could you come over here? Over the other side of the bed.”
  1824. Trish approached, eyes hungry, and sat down opposite Grace. “Here?”
  1826. “Perfect.” Grace scooted further onto the bed, trapping Carter’s waist between the two angels. He tried to pushing himself further up the bed in an effort to free himself, but Grace snatched the arm he was using for leverage and held it firm. Shock splashed upon his face. He tried yanking his arm away, but Grace was far too strong for him.
  1828. Grace didn’t mention it to Trish, but she’d come in here yesterday after recruiting Trish to tease Carter a bit. She wanted him ready. She’d also considered using Alex as Trish’s first patient, but Grace had been working on him too long. She didn’t want Trish’s inexperience to accidentally ruin him.
  1830. Staring straight into Carter’s panicked gaze, Grace laid a hand on his chest, letting it wander up to one of his nipples before drawing lazy circles around it. At the same time, she brought a wing to his cheek and cupped it.
  1832. “My nurse, Trish has a very important procedure she needs to do. I know you’ll enjoy it. But, if you insist on being troublesome, well, I’ll say I’m just looking for an excuse to tie you up.”
  1834. “Doctor,” Trish whispered to Grace, “Isn’t this a little… forceful?”
  1836. “This patient, like many others, needs your help, Trish. Most of them don’t realize it. It may seem forceful, but it’s for their own good. Also, it’s better to use a little too much force at first and realize you don’t need it later than to not use enough and regret it.”
  1838. Trish nodded, accepting the lesson.
  1840. “Now, Trish,” Grace spoke up, eyes still fixed on Carter’s, “Please begin.”
  1842. “At once, doctor.”
  1844. As Trish’s hands went to Carter’s hospital gown, he offered another wave of resistance, squirming between the two angels and trying to free his arm. When he reached for Grace with his free hand, though, she slowly shook her head, reminding him of her threat. After a moment of hesitation, he backed down.
  1846. “Oh, my,” said Trish.
  1848. Grace didn’t need to look to know why Trish had spoken. Carter was at full mast.
  1850. “You were right,” Trish whispered. “He really does want it.”
  1852. “Then let him have it.”
  1854. Trish took a nervous glance at Carter, but Grace flared out her wing, hiding them from each other. Trish needed to focus on the task now. Biting her lip, Trish reached out and finally took his cock in hand.
  1856. Carter strained his neck, trying to look at what was happening.
  1858. “Don’t worry about watching her, Carter. Just close your eyes and focus on the feeling.”
  1860. The moment Trish began to pump, Carter fell back into the bed, gaping. Instinctively, he tried to wiggle free, but Grace had him well-secured. Soon, his movements became pleasured instead of panicked.
  1862. This one was more well-behaved than most, thought Grace. She’d chosen well for Trish’s training.
  1864. Several moments passed, Trish giving simple strokes with her hand, eyes fastened on Carter’s member and a wealth of emotions on her face. Anxiety, deviousness, satisfaction, hunger, all mashed together into something unique. Carter had started breathing hard. A small part of him still held out for escape, as his eyes were wandering around the room, looking for something to use. Grace knew they wouldn’t find anything and soon, they wouldn’t care to.
  1866. “Use your other hand too, dear,” said Grace.
  1868. “Yes, doctor.”
  1870. Grace could see the moan imprinted on Carter’s face as Trish’s other hand joined in, swallowing up his balls in a greedy grip. Now both hands were deep into the task, groping and pumping with purpose. The longer Trish worked, the more curious and experimental she became. She twisted her wrist with each stroke, varying her speed as Carter responded to her motions. The hand on his balls shifted to his tip, cupping it and rubbing in circles as the other quickened on his shaft. Grace watched Carter carefully. She couldn’t let Trish get carried away, but she did want to give her enough leeway to start enjoying herself. When Trish clasped both hands into fists and started pumping Carter’s length viciously, his reaction told Grace it was time.
  1872. “Stop, Trish.”
  1874. Trish was so involved in her charge that the words didn’t register right away. Her hands slowed and she looked up to Grace. “What was it?”
  1876. “We’re not here to do something as... basic as masturbating the patient to orgasm as quickly as possible. He could take care of that on his own whenever he wanted to. We’re professionals. We do our job thoroughly and entirely, no matter how long it takes. Quality over quickness.”
  1878. After Grace said that, Carter shot her a pained look and once more tried to pull himself free, but a raised eyebrow from Grace was all it took to calm him down.
  1880. “So, more steadily?” asked Trish.
  1882. “Yes. And be sure he doesn’t cum.”
  1884. “Ok.” Trish nodded. “Okay, yes, I can definitely do that.” Her eyes were alight with a new craving as her hands descended on Carter’s cock once more. Gluttonous, even.
  1886. Carter winced.
  1888. Grace’s pager buzzed and, after glancing down at who it was, her attitude soured.
  1890. Trish’s hands jumped, but didn’t leave Carter’s cock. “Who-who’s that?”
  1892. Grace pat Trish’s shoulder with a wing. “Calm down. It’s fine. It seems I have to leave, though. You can continue if you want and I’m sure Carter would appreciate it, but you will no longer have my supervision.” She leered at Carter, leaning in and speaking with a heavy voice. “And if she does continue, I expect you to behave. Or I promise she won’t finish what she started.”
  1894. Biting her lower lip, Trish looked back to Carter. The poor man was sweating like a pig.
  1896. “I’ll keep going.”
  1899. Good girl, thought Grace. She had a bright future ahead of her. Grace motioned Trish over and whispered in her ear. “Remember, no orgasms. You may spend as long as you like with him, but he can’t release.”
  1901. “Of course.”
  1903. “And don’t be afraid to use your wings, too. They’re excellent tools.”
  1905. “My wings?” Trish drifted off. “I’ll… I’ll give it a try.”
  1907. Grace looked at Carter. “Thank you for being such an understanding patient. I’ll be back to check up on you later. Bye!”
  1909. Carter was too busy staring at Trish as she grinned, looming over him like a graceful savior. Or a merciless demon.
  1911. As she closed the door behind her, Grace’s couldn’t help but feel a pang of envy. It was Trish’s first time delving into a marvelous world and another step forward in her career, finding new ways to truly care for her patients.
  1913. The walk to Thessa’s office was just long enough for Grace to lose most of her annoyance with the interruption by the time she stepped inside.
  1915. This time, Thessa wasn’t the only one in her office.
  1917. To the right of the desk, hands clasped together below her waist, was an absolute monolith of an angel. An estimate put her at 6’7”, far taller than even Trish. Her face was completely emotionless and the gaze from her blank, pure white eyes bore straight through Grace like she wasn’t even there. Her clothing was exotic to say the least: armored portions around the neck and face, as well as gauntlets on her arms with long, wispy decorative cloths laying over the forearm. The rest of her dress was a dark, deathly green growing pale toward extremities, the same color as the four wings that hugged her body in resting position. As soon as Grace’s inspection made it back to her tits, though, her eyes bulged. Good heavens above, the size of them! Grace couldn’t help but gape. Were they real? They had to be, right? What sort of angel gets implants? Forcing herself to blink, Grace snapped out of her stupor. This was Thessa’s office. Not the place to be staring at someone’s chest.
  1919. “Thank you for coming, doctor,” said Thessa from behind her desk. “I know it’s short notice, but I felt this was important enough. I’ve already had a chat with the other department heads about it, but I wanted to talk with you alone.” She gestured to the angel to the right. “This is Anima. She’s an archangel.”
  1921. That would explain her size, thought Grace as she looked Anima over.
  1923. “Pleased to meet you, Anima. I’m Doctor Grace.”
  1925. Anima gave a curt bow. “Greetings.” Her voice lacked a modicum of emotion.
  1927. “Anima will be joining our nurse staff for a short time,” said Thessa, “And I’m assigning her to your department. It seemed the most appropriate for her purposes.”
  1929. Grace’s smile flickered. So that’s what this was. Archangels were angels with actual jobs—duties, to be precise. Guarding the gates of heaven, healing the hopelessly corrupted with radiant light, that sort of thing. So for one of them to suddenly show up here was bizarre. It didn’t happen randomly. The fact that Thessa was assigning this one to Grace meant she intended for Anima to keep an eye on Grace. How Thessa recruited an archangel was a mystery, one Grace might investigate later. For now, she had to deal with the issue at hand.
  1931. “I’ll do my breast, I mean, my best to welcome her. I’d love to have her,” said Grace. She turned to Anima. “What sort of prior training do you have?”
  1933. “I am a novice in entirety,” said Anima.
  1935. “She’s here more for the learning experience as I understand, correct?” said Thessa.
  1937. “Correct.”
  1939. They weren’t even trying to hide Anima’s true purpose here.
  1941. “Well, I can think of a few places we could use you,” said Grace. “When will you be starting?”
  1943. “Right now, actually,” said Thessa, getting up from the desk. Walking over to Anima, she held out her hand. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Anima, and I hope you learn what you came to learn here.”
  1945. Anima stared at Thessa’s outstretched hand, then back to Thessa. “What does this gesture imply?”
  1947. Grace bit down on her lip to keep her grin from growing wild.
  1949. “You shake it. With you own,” said Thessa.
  1951. “Understood.” She unceremoniously seized Thessa’s meaty claw and, as instructed, shook. Hard.
  1953. Unfortunately for Grace’s amusement, Thessa’s dragon strength kept her arm from flopping about like a wet noodle when Anima shook it. She grasped Anima’s hand with her other as well and said, “Not quite that way. It’s supposed to be quick and gentle, but firm. A greeting, nothing more.”
  1955. The intensity of the shake calmed. “A curious method of greeting, but I understand. Thank you for showing me.” Without a touch of inflection to her voice, it could be hard to tell if Anima was being serious or sarcastic.
  1957. “You’re welcome. Now, if you would follow Doctor Grace, she’ll show you where you’ll be working.”
  1959. With her hand free of the violent shake, Thessa flexed her grip and rubbed her palm with her other hand. She tried to be subtle about it, but Grace still noticed. Angels were always stronger than they looked and Anima likely even moreso.
  1961. Anima stood directly in front of Grace, towering over her and blocking out the light. Although Grace suspected she wasn’t trying to be imposing, that’s how she felt. “Please lead the way,” said Anima.
  1963. “Sure.”
  1965. Anima followed Grace as she left the office. So close, in fact, Grace could feel the gravity wells on her chest pulling her back.
  1967. “No need to stay so close,” said Grace. “Most people wouldn’t be comfortable at this distance.”
  1969. She drifted back a few feet. “Is this appropriate?”
  1971. “Yes.”
  1973. “I apologize for the discomfort.”
  1975. “Don’t worry abou tits. About it.” Grace bit her traitorous tongue. She needed to get those watermelons off her mind.
  1977. It was hard to get a read on Anima. The image she gave out was one of a robotic, severe drudge, but something told Grace there was more to it than that. The way Thessa had ambushed her with Anima meant Thessa saw something in Anima, some way to use her to her advantage. And archangels didn’t get their charges because they were incompetent. Grace would need some way to keep tabs on her while she was here. Thessa said she would be here ‘a short time’. Maybe Grace could have her new friends in the department watch Anima while Grace was unavailable.
  1979. In the midst of her contemplation, Grace noticed a lack of footsteps. She looked over her shoulder back to Anima and saw she was not walking but floating, her legs dangling barely an inch above the ground.
  1981. “You… might want to stop floating and walk, instead. The patients might find it unnerving,” said Grace.
  1983. Anima dropped to the ground and transitioned into a smooth stride without a word. Grace silently wondered if all archangels were like this.
  1985. “Because of your lack of training, I’m afraid I’ll need to keep you with a partner at all times, is that alright?” said Grace.
  1987. “It is acceptable.”
  1989. If Anima had an opinion about whether or not she preferred it, it was locked tight behind that monotone voice. At least she was acting agreeable.
  1991. “The nurses are I are a very tight grope—um, group, that is. You may feel out of place at first, but everyone here is quite welcoming. Just give it some time.”
  1993. Anima said nothing.
  1995. When they made it to the nurse’s station, Grace stopped. “All right, here we are. This is the trauma center, my department.” She opened her arms to present the place. “You’ll be in and out of a lot of these rooms, meeting a lot of different people. Even if you don’t participate in nurse’s duties, I will ask you remain professional, as you’ll be representing the hospital around patients.”
  1997. Anima cocked her head. “Act professional? I do not believe I understand what this entails.”
  1999. Either Anima was a very good actor, or hopelessly clueless. “For now, try to stay quiet and observe what your partner does. I have faith you’ll be able to pick it up from that. Remember how Thessa acted toward you when you met?”
  2001. “Yes.”
  2003. “She was acting professional.”
  2005. Anima blinked, still staring blankly at Grace. “While I do not yet comprehend your meaning, I will take you at your word. Who is to be my partner?”
  2007. Grace turned and leaned on the nurse’s station counter. “Aurora? I need you for a bit.”
  2009. The diminutive nurse scrambled over. Grace couldn’t help but take some pleasure out of her stunned reaction to Anima, especially when her eyes lingered on Anima’s chest.
  2011. But she hadn’t brought Aurora over to amuse herself. “Aurora, this is Anima,” said Grace.
  2013. Aurora shot out her hand. As Anima reached to take it, Grace almost dove in to stop her, but the handshake occurred without casualties. Anima was a quick learner.
  2015. “Anima’s new here, and she wanted to see what it was like to be a nurse. As a favor to Miss Reynald, I accepted her and offered her a place to learn. Would you mind if Anima shadowed you for today?”
  2017. “Of course not!” Aurora’s face brightened.
  2019. “Wonderful.” Grace gave Anima a grin before turning back to Aurora and motioning for her to lean in. Her next words were whispers. “Be sure not to teach her too much, okay? And after she leaves for the day, come to my office and let me know what all happened.”
  2021. Aurora’s expression reflected hard determination. “Can do, doctor.”
  2023. Grace broke away and turned to Anima. “I’ve got plenty to do, so you may not see me again today. Again, it was a pleasure to meet you and I hope you have an educational experience while you’re here. Let me know if you need anything at all and I’ll chest it ou—check it out for you.”
  2025. “I shall endeavour to make the most of what is given. My thanks.”
  2027. Once safely in her office, Grace’s clean posture and bright smile evaporated. Thessa had pulled a good one on her with Anima. How had she gotten in touch with an archangel? What were Anima’s real motives? What bra size did she wear? Grace rubbed her temples. No, those questions didn’t matter, not if Anima was going to be gone soon. For now, she’d trade Anima off between herself and trusted nurses. Hopefully that would satisfy both Anima and Thessa. Continuing the new nurse training might be difficult like this, however.
  2029. Standing up, Grace straightened out her doctor’s coat. She was going to have to spend some time with Alex. Only hearing his agonized moans after another session of relentless edging could clear her head.
  2031. The walk to his room was a short one, as Grace liked to keep her special patients nearby. She entered to a delightful sight: Alex, strapped to the bed, gagged, with his face practically illuminating desperation at the sight of Grace. Her nethers began to stir and she had to hold back from pouncing on him right then. Locking the door behind her, she pranced forward, unbuttoning the top few buttons of her shirt and finally giving her tits some air.
  2033. Alex’s eyes followed her hand as she pet him on the head, smiling, deciding how she would enjoy him today.
  2035. “And how are we doing today, Alex? Better than yesterday?”
  2037. He yelled into the gag, incomprehensible, but clearly wanting to speak.
  2039. “Oh, you wanted to say something? Alright, but you know the rules.”
  2041. Grace took the gag off, but was ready to stuff it back in the moment he tried something.
  2043. “Grace, please, I—”
  2045. “Doctor Grace.”
  2047. “Doctor! Doctor Grace, please, I need to cum. I can’t think about anything else. I couldn’t sleep last night, and every time I think about you, I get hard for hours before it’ll go away. I can’t do this anymore. Please let me cum.”
  2049. If Grace was wet before, she was drenched now.
  2051. “We’ll see. Have you been a good patient?”
  2053. “Yes! Yes, I’ve done everything you wanted. I didn’t tip off the nurse, or try to call for help, or anything!”
  2055. “I’ll think about it.”
  2057. Alex opened his mouth to beg more, but got a mouthful of gag instead. Eye wide, he tried to spit it out, shaking his head and pushing it with his tongue, but Grace had it fastened tight. His arms and legs shook against their bonds.
  2059. Running her hands through her hair, Grace positioned herself between Alex’s bound legs. She flipped his hospital gown open to expose a sorely red and painfully-throbbing cock. Seeing it, she couldn’t help but lick her lips. Poor Alex thought he might get to cum. If he only knew half of what she had planned for him.
  2061. As she reached for his cock, she watched his face, drinking in the pain, the hope, and the fear all raging through his expression. When her hands closed their grip around him and began to move, however, the only thing left was bliss. Bliss as she caressed him from tip to base, working him with precise, practiced hands. Her smooth skin glided effortlessly down his length in full, deliberate pumps. When one of her hands snuck down to knead his balls, she delighted in the way his body seized up. Grinning, she persisted, watching him arch his back, lost to the pleasure.
  2063. “I’m not familiar with this procedure.”
  2065. Grace jumped back, snapping her head to the voice. Anima was standing in the room, that blank stare drilling into Grace.
  2067. How? How had she gotten in? The door was still closed and she can’t have imagined Anima got the key. And where was Aurora? Dread hit her gut like an iron ball. Thessa. This is what she’d planned. Anima had some trick up her sleeve that had gotten her here, and now, she was going to report this back to Thessa.
  2069. “Please, continue. I did not wish to interrupt,” said Anima.
  2071. Grace’s expression blanked. “What?”
  2073. “I was instructed to ‘stay quiet and watch’. I see that my inability to follow these procedures has resulted in an undesired disruption. I will refrain from voicing my curiosity in the future.”
  2075. “What?”
  2077. Anima stood in silence for a moment. “I’m afraid I do not know how to further explain the situation.”
  2079. Was she serious? Did she truly want Grace to continue? Was she apologizing for catching Grace in the middle of jerking her patient off? Or… Grace narrowed her eyes, entertaining another thought.
  2081. “Do you know what this is?” asked Grace.
  2083. “As I explained, I am unfamiliar with the procedure.”
  2085. “And do you know what this is?” she said, pointing to Alex’s erection.
  2087. “It is the male reproductive organ. Currently erect, implying excitement, but attributable to many other routine bodily functions as well.”
  2089. “And you saw what I was doing?”
  2091. “Application of tactile stimulation. Yes. It is most likely the explanation for his penis’ current state.”
  2093. “And you don’t have any questions… about that.”
  2095. “On the execution of the procedure? No, I am not a doctor. It is not my area of expertise. I am merely curious as to the purpose.”
  2097. By the gods, she sounded sincere. Anima had no idea what was going on here. If Thessa planned to use her to sniff out Grace’s activities, she had grossly underestimated Anima’s ignorance of the world. To be fair, so had Grace, but today, the cards had fallen in her favor. Anima could be her ally. And, if she was careful, Thessa would never know.
  2099. Straightening herself out, Grace gestured to Alex. “As you can see, my patient’s in a clear state of discomfort.”
  2101. Anima analyzed Alex with a stare. “Yes, his body is showing signs of distress.”
  2103. “It’s common with severe physical trauma for that discomfort to linger or for the accident to put a heavy mental strain on the patient. Therefore, doctors can use stimulation such as this to divert attention away from the trauma. It’s an effective way of helping them move past the accident.”
  2105. “Indeed. He appears significantly more distressed now that you have ceased treatment.”
  2107. Anima’s blunt compliment lifted Grace’s spirits. For a second, she even considered asking Anima’s help right there, but reconsidered. That was too aggressive. She had time to introduce Anima to this properly. Plus, she didn’t want to risk her precious Alex on a trainee.
  2109. “I need to continue, but I think my patient is a little too nervous to undergo this procedure in front of a stranger. Sorry. I wish you could stay and learn some more.”
  2111. Anima took the news without any reaction. “Unfortunate. But my original purpose for coming here was to deliver a message from nurse Aurora. The question about the procedure was mere curiosity.”
  2113. Aurora had sent Anima to deliver her a message? After Grace explicitly asked her to keep Anima with her all day? She sighed. “What’s the message?”
  2115. “They ran out of cups in the break room.”
  2117. Grace pinched the bridge of her nose. What was going through Aurora’s head? Could there be some hidden context here? Or was she really sending a message that trivial through Anima? Grace gave it a moment of thought. Then sighed.
  2119. “Thank you, Anima. When you return to Aurora, would you kindly remind her you are to spend the remainder of the day at her side, not running errands?”
  2121. She nodded and left, without bothering to open the door and instead walking through it. So that was how she got in so quietly.
  2123. Shaking her head, Grace moved back between Alex’s legs. There was still much to be done. Leaning forward, she smothered Alex’s cock between her tits and hugged them together tight to the point they oozed out between her arms.
  2125. “You know, things weren’t always so complicated,” she said as she began to push her breasts up and down. “Giving a needing patient a titfuck was as simple as locking the door, undoing your top, and going at it. But now with paranoid nurses, patient feedback forms, and nosy bosses, you have to make certain arrangements.”
  2127. Putting her concentration on her chest, Grace shifted her arms to push harder and into specific parts of Alex’s cock. First, she slowed at the head, fluctuating between a crushing and a light pressure, tweaking it as his body responded. Then she dipped lower, leaving his cockhead in the open air as her smooth skin smothered his balls and shaft in walls of ecstasy. Desperate from the assault, he tried thrusting into her chest, prompting her to pull back entirely.
  2129. “Dear, please, I need you to behave.” After seeing him calm back down, Grace’s breasts swallowed his member once more. “If you were my patient a year ago, I would’ve been able to come here first thing in the morning for an hour, then come back for another hour at the end of my shift! Those days were wonderful. But now I have to break up my time to keep the nurses from getting suspicious.” She watched Alex’s expression writhe with his body. “I can see you’re jealous. I know, I know. But just because I can’t spend as much time with you doesn’t mean I care about you any less.”
  2131. Grace shifted her hands to the sides of her tits, rubbing them in circles into Alex’s cock. Using her back, she added a subtle up and down motion to her paizuri as well. The undulating pressure was relentless. More guttural noises of raw desire leaked out of Alex’s mouth. Grace smiled. From the way he forced his eyes off of Grace and stared at the ceiling, she could tell he was doing his best to keep from thrusting into her again. For being such a good patient, she rewarded him with more.
  2133. Alex practically screamed.
  2135. “I feel that exact way sometimes,” said Grace. “I swear, some of the nurses from the other departments were even screened before they got hired. My nurses know how to fill out forms, transfer patients, and monitor drug pumps, but when I get transfers from other parts of the hospital, there’s a fifty-fifty chance they’ll mess something up if someone doesn’t hold their hand.”
  2137. Alex’s twitching had calmed. Grace sensed he was close and slowed her pace to a crawl. Moving her hands to the bottom of her breasts, she changed to a more vertical motion, giving more attention to his head. She delighted as her silky breasts glided over his rough, distressed cock. Now robbed of the stimulation he needed, Alex’s fervor boiled over again. The straps on his limbs snapped taunt. Glaring, he thrust his cock into her bosom. Smiling and meeting his gaze, she leaned into his thrusts, letting him think he could push himself over the edge, but at the last second she stood up.
  2139. Defeated, Alex slumped. Tears ran down his face. Concern struck Grace’s face and she hurried to his side.
  2141. “Oh, dear, no, don’t cry.” Grace brought a hand to his cheek and gently wiped a tear away. Extending her wings, she wrapped the two of them in a cocoon of white warmth. “I was thinking about your request, you know.”
  2143. Alex blinked out another tear before meeting Grace’s gaze, hope in his eyes.
  2145. “I need you to understand something very important.” Her soft, caring face twisted into a dark, debauched grin. “You are never, ever going to cum under my care.” The hand that had once cleaned his face was now slithering down his chest. “I will force the most divine pleasures into your body over and over and over again, but you will never find release. I will drive you to such heights you will ascend from your poor, anguished body, but the moment heaven seems within reach, you will come crashing back down.” Her hand found its prey and wrapped itself firmly around it. Alex was whimpering now. “And each day, you will fear my visits, treading fiercely in a sea of despair, only to find that when I arrive, I was what you needed all along.”
  2147. His violent thrashing rang rapturous in Grace’s ears as her hand started its masterful stroking. Closing her eyes, she drank in the agonized sounds of his pained breathing, his stifled moans, his wearied muscles, and his dying hopes. She let her hand move faster to draw them out more. A prolonged, lingering breath wafted from her mouth, thick with relief and desire. Yes, this was what being a doctor meant. This was how she was always meant to treat her patients. She looked down at Alex to let him see her depraved smile once more.
  2149. Grace heard the lock on the door behind her click. And in the moment between the sound registering and her reaction, the palace of her ecstasy crumbled to dust.
  2151. She spun around, withdrawing her wings and bringing her hands together in front of her, desperately hoping she didn’t already know who it was.
  2153. Thessa’s bitter face told her the grim truth.
  2155. “I would prefer to say I’m disappointed,” said Thessa, walking toward Grace, “But in truth, I knew this had been going on for some time, I just hadn’t seen it in person.”
  2157. Grace fought to keep poised and upright, but the well of rage stewing within was doing its best to make her scowl.
  2159. Using her tail, Thessa pushed Grace aside and got a good look at Alex. She closed her eyes and shook her head. “Which number is he?” she asked.
  2161. “I don’t number them, Miss Renayld. They’re my patients. They have names. This one is Alex.”
  2163. “Surprising. I would have expected someone who used others in such a debauched way to see them more as things.”
  2165. “Do not doubt how much I care for my patients. Alex means a lot to me.”
  2167. Thessa’s nostrils flared, but she didn’t reply. Instead, she pulled off Alex’s gag, then went to his bonds, undoing the straps on his hands with her claws and the straps on his legs with her tail. As she reached for the last ones, Grace fidgeted. Weeks she’d worked on Alex. Weeks.
  2169. “Wait,” said Grace.
  2171. Thessa slowed, turned back to Grace, then continued, pointedly watching Grace as the bindings finally came off. Alex didn’t move at first, looking between Thessa and Grace, blushing at his exposure.
  2173. Thessa glanced at his erection and smirked. “Don’t you have something to take care of?”
  2175. Grace’s face went awash with panic. “No, don’t!” She reached for Alex as he got up off the bed, but Thessa swatted her hand away. Alex paused and looked back at Thessa.
  2177. “Do it,” said Thessa.
  2179. No! Grace’s panic splashed plain on her face as, mouth gaping, she watched Alex walk into the bathroom and close the door behind him. Her work! Her precious work! If he finished in there, she knew she would never see that tortured face or hear those pained moans again. Yet Thessa was watching, waiting for her to try to stop him again, and while Grace was strong and agile there was no way she could overpower Thessa. Not like this, at least. So she gnashed her teeth, tore her eyes away, and waited.
  2181. Thessa said nothing.
  2183. They only needed to stand there a few seconds as Alex’s unrestrained moans told them when he was finished. Grace did everything in her power to keep from crying, from lashing out, from screaming at the contented Thessa standing before her. The fiend! The absolute scum! Thessa would never understand what she’d stolen from Grace, all she knew was that she’d caused her pain.
  2185. “Are you satisfied?” asked Grace. Her usual saccharine voice was now venomous.
  2187. “No,” said Thessa, frowning. “I wanted to help you, Doctor Grace. I wanted to rid you of this.”
  2189. “You could’ve helped me by leaving me alone.”
  2191. “I couldn’t have done that and you know it. I will not have my hospital corrupted by deviants like you.”
  2193. “I’ve devoted my life to my patients. I spend every day sacrificing all I can for them. And Alex? I gave him everything he wanted and more.”
  2195. “You used him.”
  2197. “Used—” Unable to hold the rage down, Grace lifted a hand and jabbed a finger at Thessa’s face. “I do not use my patients. I treat them however they need to be treated.”
  2199. Thessa’s tail gently pushed Grace’s finger out of the way as she walked up to Grace, closing the distance until their chests pressed against each other. She looked down at Grace.
  2201. “Let me make something clear. If the people above me didn’t love you so much, I’d have kicked you out years ago for what you do. But, since I can’t, and you insist on staying, that means I will protect my hospital with whatever means I have at my disposal. If I need to hunt down every single patient of yours and visit them at random times until I catch you doing this like today, then that’s what I’ll do. It doesn’t matter to me.”
  2203. Grace pushed her body back at Thessa. “And I will do whatever I have to to give my patients the care they need. If you feel you have to get in my way, then I’ll take that as a threat against their health, and I will do anything to protect their well-being. I wouldn’t leave this hospital, even if I wanted to, because it seems like the patients here need my help the most.”
  2205. Thessa stepped back. “That’s your choice.” She turned to leave, but paused. “One last thing: you will always have the power to end this. Should you ever decide you want this to stop, or realize what you’re doing, or even just need help, my office door is open. I never wanted to be your enemy, and never do—but if this is who you are, then that is what I’ll be.”
  2207. With that, Thessa was gone.
  2210. **
  2213. For the hundredth time, Grace dug her fingers into her face then slowly lowered her head, letting her hands comb through her distraught hair. The soft, stained light of her office held back the night outside and the open patient files on her desk yammered at her with wild cursive. Her nurse plan was in jeopardy. Her favorite patient had been taken from her. Her old routines and safety measures were useless. Thessa had declared an open war. Grace had tried to use work to get her mind off the situation, but without another Alex, there was nowhere for her pent-up stress to go. She needed to think, but in her state, there was no hope of that happening. Sighing, she opened the next new patient file and began to read.
  2215. As her eyes ran over the pages, they woke from their dreary slumber. Grace readjusted herself in her chair and leaned in closer. Broken legs. No family. No relationships. Off-and-on job. Could she really have gotten so lucky? The more she read, the hungrier she grew. He was perfect. She looked at the name.
  2217. Damien.
  2219. Well, Damien, she thought to herself, you’re about to get the best care you’ve ever had in your life, whether you want it or not.
  2223. ---
  2226. CHAPTER 4: Between a Rock and a Soft Place
  2229. Damien woke with a gasp.
  2231. He squeezed his eyes shut and held his aching forehead. Grace. Anima’s tits. There was that dragon there too, Grace’s boss, chasing her, trying to get her to stop, then there was an argument, and Anima…
  2233. Damien gritting his teeth. She’d dropped him! In midair! The ground had come up so fast, but something must’ve stopped him, because Damien wasn’t dead. Far from dead—comfortable. Very comfortable. Squinting the rising sun out of his eyes, Damien raised his head and found himself somewhere entirely unrecognizable.
  2235. The room was ostentatious. Dominated by red, everything before Damien screamed wealth. The window drapes were embroidered with fine patterns of gold thread prickling through a sea of maroon made of cloth that looked heavy enough to be a hazard. Across the room, a couch and a set of plush chairs gleamed with their own spice of color, ranging from gold on the edges to white speckles on the otherwise red cloth. A range of furniture, all of the finest oak, lined the room, leaving no space unused. This room alone was probably worth as much as everything Damien owned and more.
  2237. He looked down and pushed in on the bed. Whatever the mattress was made of, it was heavenly. He was surprised he could even wake up from a slumber that comfortable.
  2239. The click of high heels grabbed Damien’s attention. He looked up just in time to see the door to the room open. It was a tall, self-assured dragon with scales the same shade as the room. Damien remembered her from the chase yesterday: Grace’s boss. Aside her was a woman in a single-piece black dress with fringes of white on the collar, cuffs and hem, and determined to keep her head down.
  2241. “Good afternoon, Damien,” said the dragon as she approached the bed. “Was your sleep restful?”
  2243. “Yeah,” he said, scratching his head. “I’m sorry, I don’t really know what’s going on right now.”
  2245. “Of course.” The demure woman behind the dragon grabbed a chair and slid it up to the bedside just before the dragon sat down on it. “I can understand this is all a bit confusing.” She held out a beefy claw. “I’m Thessa Renalyd.”
  2247. Damien was a touch taken aback at the civility. He’d gotten precious little of it the past couple days. Smiling, he took her claw and shook. “Damien. Though, I guess you already know that.”
  2249. Thessa’s handshake was as confident as she sounded. “Yes, my doctor did raise quite the ruckus with you, unfortunately. But let’s leave that for later. Are you doing well?”
  2251. “I think so, yeah. I mean, I didn’t break anything, did I?” Damien patted his body down. “Last thing I remember is falling.”
  2253. “You’re quite alright. I may not attend patients much any more, but I do have an M.D. I took a look while you were out.”
  2255. Damien half-smiled. While Thessa’s intentions may have been pure, the last few times a doctor had had hands on his body, it wasn’t to make sure he was okay. “So, where am I?”
  2257. Thessa leaned back in her chair, a proud smile on her face. “This is my home. Specifically, this is one of my guest rooms. I hope you have found it to your liking.”
  2259. Liking? The luxury made Damien dizzy. “It’s… pretty nice.”
  2261. “‘Pretty nice,’ hmm? I suppose I’ll take it.”
  2263. “I mean, well, it’s really nice. Too nice! I know I’ve got no room to complain as someone leeching off your care.”
  2265. Thessa chuckled and leaned forward, resting a claw on Damien’s side. It was much warmer than Damien expected. “Relax. I was fooling around. You’re my guest, you’re welcome to enjoy yourself as much or as little as you’d like here.”
  2267. “I’ll try. Sorry, been a crazy couple days.”
  2269. “I can see.”
  2271. At that moment another servant entered the room. She bowed before addressing Thessa.
  2273. “Your guest is waiting in the front living room.”
  2275. “Ah. Good timing, then. Are you up to a short walk?” Thessa asked.
  2277. Damien stretched out his legs. “Yeah, I’m good. Where to?”
  2279. “Someone wants to have a talk with you.”
  2281. ‘Someone’? That was ominous. “Who?”
  2283. “I’ll introduce you properly when you meet her. Come.”
  2285. The lack of information tickled his nervousness, but he kept it to himself until they made it to their destination.
  2287. It wasn’t hard to tell who the guest was. It was an angel so tall she may have even had a couple inches of Anima. From atop the her towering stature, she watched them enter the room. Just as distinctive as her height, however, was the second pair of arms clasped behind her back.
  2289. Her stunning grey wings, though retracted, had an enormous wingspan. Her hair, a long cascade of blonde dirtied with a splash of brown, crashed down her back and shoulders in waves, glinting as it subtly shifted in the sun. Her dress looked like something Greek, a single cloth the same grey as her wings swirling along her form, culminating at a low, wide collar. A single cut traced down her side, allowing room for her legs to breathe. On each arm she wore an elbow-length satin glove pure white at the hand but fading to grey along her arm.
  2291. She paid Thessa no mind, locking eyes with Damien instead, her smile soft and considerate. As Damien came closer, however, he got the feeling there may have been a hint of something less forgiving to it. Pity? Hubris?
  2293. Thessa gave Damien a gentle urging toward the colossal angel. “Damien, this is Adrianne. She’s an archangel of Intrinsicality and she has a few questions for you.”
  2295. Adrianne extended a hand. Damien shook it, trying not to think about how it hurt his neck just to look her in the eyes. “Damien,” he said.
  2297. Adrianne brightened. “It is a pleasure. I am Adrianne. Why don’t you have a…” She looked around the room. “Hmm, we’re a chair short.”
  2299. The pair of hands that had been resting quietly behind her rose and began shaping odd gestures so fast Damien could barely follow. A second later, something struck him in the back of his legs, causing him to grunt and fall onto it. He twisted around to look at what it was, relieved to find it was just a chair.
  2301. “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot how fragile humans are,” said Adrianne, her second pair of hands once again calm. “Are you hurt?”
  2303. “What was that?”
  2305. A breeze of confusion touched Adrianne’s face. “It was a chair. Do you not know of them?”
  2307. “I…” Damien stopped himself. She reminded him a bit of another angel he knew. “I know what a chair is. I meant how did it get over here?”
  2309. “Yes, of course. I used divine powers to relocate it where I needed it to be.”
  2311. Damien pointed to her dormant hands. “Is that what you were doing with your hands?”
  2313. If Adrianne had brightened before, now she was practically glowing. “Yes, it was! How observant you are.”
  2315. “So like telekinesis.”
  2317. “I understand that you may liken it to lesser phenomena in order to comprehend the concept, but a primitive ability such as telekinesis is purely within the mortal realm.”
  2319. Damien had the feeling he was being chastised. “Sorry.”
  2321. “No, no, not at all!” Adrianne’s voice lifted as if nothing had happened. “I would not blame a human for that sort of misunderstanding.”
  2323. “Ahem,” said Thessa. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but if I remember, you were going to ask Damien about something?”
  2325. “Indeed. It seems I’ve let my idle fascinations get the better of me. I have a duty to fulfill.” She cleared her throat. “Have you met any archangels lately?”
  2327. Damien crossed his arms. “Angels, yes. Archangels? I’m not exactly sure how to tell the difference.”
  2329. The response hit Adrianne hard enough to make her flinch. “That’s… no, you’re right. You have no experience with this as a human. It would only be easy for an angel to tell. How might I explain it…” Adrianne trailed off.
  2331. “I might be getting ahead of the conversation a bit, but let me answer for you, Damien. You have.”
  2333. “I have?” It didn’t take him long to work out who. “Anima?”
  2335. Thessa nodded while Adrianne gasped.
  2337. “You didn’t tell him beforehand, did you?” Adrianne asked Thessa.
  2339. “No, I didn’t.”
  2341. “So he figured it out all on his own? Incredible.” Adrianne stared at Damien like he was made out of solid gold. The blunt attention made him blush.
  2343. “Does this have something to do with your Intrinsicality title?”
  2345. “Exactly it. While archangels are gifted with divine concentration, patience, and skill, sometimes the execution of their duties is disrupted.” Adrianne placed a hand on her chest. “It is my job to remove to disruption so the archangel may return to their calling. How did you—” Adrianne started.
  2347. “I’m terribly sorry, Adrianne, but Damien here just woke up from a exhausting ordeal and I know there are more important things you wanted to ask him. Maybe you should get to those first, and we can see if he’s still up for more afterwards?” said Thessa. She shot him a wink and he nodded back to her.
  2349. “Of course, I’d hardly be a proper archangel if I put poor Damien through any more distress.” She leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs. “As you’ve so astutely stated, I am here regarding Anima. It’s been over a week since she’s left her station as an archangel of passage, leaving the burden for other archangels to assume. There are many that need to be guided in the realms between life and death and we cannot afford to have one of our guardians disappear so. Thessa has told me you and Anima have spent some time together. Has she mentioned why she has not returned?”
  2351. The question hit Damien rather abruptly; he was still coming to terms with the fact that Anima had been divinely entrusted with a vital task and, somehow, had been carrying it out successfully.
  2353. “I, uh, well… no. I mean, I didn’t even know she was an archangel until a minute ago.”
  2355. “She never spoke about her divine duty? Where she was from?”
  2357. “No. I don’t think…” Damien scratched his head, thinking back to the past couple days. “The only things I really remember about her are her brea—br—I mean, brevity! And, uh, how she could go through walls.”
  2359. Thessa’s gaze sharpened when he started stumbling over words, but Adrianne didn’t seem to notice.
  2361. “What would you say she was most interested in, then? What might have been keeping her here?” said Adrianne.
  2363. Damien fidgeted.
  2365. Sensing his unease, Adrianne pivoted the conversation. “I know I’m asking a lot. But please understand, I do it out of concern for Anima. There are consequences for what she is doing. Disruptions in the worlds beyond Earth are always noticed by those with dishonorable intentions. If archangels show weakness or discord, they will take advantage. If you want to protect her, know that answering me is the best way to do so. I am not an enforcer—I am the one that makes sure one is not needed.”
  2367. While her consideration was welcome, it wasn’t entirely the reason for his silence. It was impossible to tell how Adrianne would react to the details. He looked to Thessa for help.
  2369. “You spent all day yesterday with Doctor Grace, correct?” said Thessa.
  2371. “Y-yes.”
  2373. Thessa rolled her eyes and waved Damien’s concern off. “I have an idea of what might have happened then. Go ahead and tell her.”
  2375. Fidgeting, Damien sat up straight in his chair, trying to keep eye contact with the contemplative Adrianne. “Well, Anima was mostly interested in following Grace’s instructions, which involved a lot of sexual acts.”
  2377. Adrianne sighed and nodded. “So it’s sex this time. Anything in particular?”
  2379. “She seemed very interested in what she could do with her breasts.”
  2381. “She does have an abundance there,” said Adrianne. “Did she give any indication she was sated or close to it?”
  2383. “The opposite.”
  2385. “Goodness. Do you know where she might be now?”
  2387. “I’m not sure. You don’t have any way to tell? Like, an angel radar?”
  2389. Adrianne raised an eyebrow. “Divine powers are not within the purview of humanity for interpretation.” Then she smiled. “Also, it would be archangel radar.”
  2391. Damien turned to Thessa. “Do you know where Grace lives?”
  2393. Thessa nodded. “If Anima is still with Doctor Grace, she might be there.”
  2395. “I will go there at once, then.” She held up a finger, looking at Damien. “I have more I wish to speak to you about, though. Please remain here until I get back.”
  2397. “I don’t—”
  2399. Without another word, Adrianne stood up and walked out, leaving Thessa and Damien to stare. When the front door closed behind her, they exchanged glances.
  2401. “Gone as quickly as she came,” said Thessa, standing up. “Archangels certainly have unique mannerisms. I’d keep my wits about me if I were you. If she wants to talk to you again, she’ll find a way—and she might not choose the most convenient time for it.”
  2403. “Does she even know where Grace lives?”
  2405. “I hope so.”
  2407. Damien leaned back in his chair. “I think I’ve had about enough of dealing with archangels.”
  2409. “Good luck untangling yourself from them. Still feeling alright?”
  2411. Damien scratched the back of his head. “I guess so. More confused and overwhelmed than anything. Life’s been a whirlwind since yesterday.”
  2413. “That I can agree with.” She held out her claw. “If you’re up to it, I’d like to go over a few things with you in my study. Specifically, how to deal the our mutual problem.”
  2415. He accepted her claw and let her help him up. “The sooner the better. I’ve got a few questions, too.”
  2417. Thessa’s study was open and warm, with long, high windows letting the morning light in to cut through the dusty air. The walls were covered in bookshelves, thick volumes on a thousand different subjects watching silently as Damien and Thessa entered. Her desk was almost as large as the bed she’d let Damien sleep in, a polished oak, dark and rustic. Thessa offered a chair to Damien before stepping around the desk and sitting in the plush chair behind it.
  2419. Using her tail, Thessa opened a drawer, pulled out a manila envelope, and slid it across the desk to Damien. He took a look inside. It was heavy with forms, maybe a couple dozen of them, each with a wall of text and a line for a signature at the bottom.
  2421. “Here,” she said. “Be sure to read all of them. These are what I—what we can use to finally do something about Doctor Grace,” said Thessa.
  2423. Damien started skimming the first form. “How? This reads like a… legal document?”
  2425. “Yes. By signing that, you will be making a promise to testify against Joanna, should I be able to make a solid case against her.”
  2427. “Joanna?”
  2429. “Doctor Grace’s first name. She hardly uses it.”
  2431. “Ah.” Damien flipped through a few more pages. Each had a place to sign. “And I have to sign all of these?”
  2433. “You don’t have to sign anything, dear. It’s your choice. But I can’t do anything about Doctor Grace if you don’t.”
  2435. “Surely there are other people she’s done this to that want her stopped.”
  2437. Thessa crossed her legs. “You are not the first patient she’s molested, true, but none of her other victims have wanted to go on record about it. Some disliked what she did, but were either too intimidated to take action or just wanted to put it behind themselves. One man I almost had convinced, but the day before I was to present the accusations, he got cold feet and set me back months. As for the rest of her victims, well, they just enjoyed it.” Thessa pointed to the forms. “Those are because of the one who backed out on me. If I try bringing up accusations against Doctor Grace again without a first-hand witness, I’ll lose my credibility and with it any chance of doing things through official channels.”
  2439. “So they’re insurance.”
  2441. “Yes.”
  2443. “Seems like a lot to sign for just a promise.”
  2445. “It’s more than that. Some of those documents are concerning the state I found you in.”
  2447. “Huh? You mean after the chase?”
  2449. “Yes, that one. Given that you fainted and that I didn’t want Doctor Grace getting her hands on you, I brought you here instead of taking you back home and I gave you medical treatment. Nothing serious, but it was still something, and I’d rather not get sued for it later. Also, there is typically a charge for emergency services like I provided. Those documents are in there to clear that situation up.”
  2451. Seemed a bit paranoid, but Damien could understand her position. She hardly knew him, and with so many of Grace’s former patients turning their backs on Thessa, it wasn’t unwarranted.
  2453. “So if I sign all of these, we can go after Grace?”
  2455. “I can go after her. You can try to build a case against her yourself, but I believe you would be much better served as a piece of evidence in my case as opposed to the foundation of your own.”
  2457. “Alright.” Damien set the documents down and began to read, following the lines of text with his finger as he went.
  2459. “You said you had some questions as well?”
  2461. “Oh, yeah.” He paused, finishing the paragraph before talking again. “What exactly happened at the end of that chase? I fainted after Anima dropped me.”
  2463. Thessa smirked. “I was surprised by it too. Luckily for the both of us, I was able to react quickly enough and catch you before you hit the ground. Grace wasn’t too happy about it, but she didn’t do anything more than glare at me as I flew away.”
  2465. Nodding, Damien continued to read.
  2467. “Anything else?” asked Thessa.
  2469. “Mmm. One sec.” He had more to ask, but it was hard to come up with the questions while he was reading. “Is this normal for Grace?”
  2471. “What do you mean?”
  2473. “I mean, like…” Damien looked up from the paper. “Has she followed any of her patients to their home?”
  2475. “This is actually the first time that’s happened. If you’re wondering why, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer. Doctor Grace hasn’t acted any different to indicate a new motive. In fact, that reminds me: I was going to ask how Grace had been acting around you. Maybe you noticed something.”
  2477. He shrugged. “I’d never met her before, so I couldn’t tell you if anything was out of the ordinary besides the excessive use of restraints, hours-long edging sessions and her insistence that it was all for my own good.”
  2479. The next few pages went by slowly. The documents were written painfully precise with most of each paragraph a slog of legal language. Damien had to stop and re-read sentences many times.
  2481. “What else were you wanting to ask?” said Thessa.
  2483. “What should I do if Grace shows up again?”
  2485. “I’ll give you my number. Tell her you’ve called me, that should get her to leave.”
  2487. Hopefully. Grace didn’t seem like someone who gave up easily, but she didn’t seem too keen on confronting Thessa, either.
  2489. After signing another page, he turned to the next and started to read. Not halfway through it, he skipped down to the bottom and signed. He couldn’t keep his mind on the conversation and read these documents at the same time. Going through the first few was enough; there wasn’t anything unexpected in any of them, and even if there was, he didn’t know legalese well enough to figure out if Thessa was up to something.
  2491. “Who exactly is Adrianne?”
  2493. “Ah, the angel. We met a while back while she was performing other duties and I recently asked her for some help. That’s how Anima ended up here in the first place.”
  2495. “How exactly does Anima fit into it?”
  2497. “I wanted an archangel who was curious about medical institutions and practices but at the same time wasn’t all that experienced with life on Earth. Anima fit the bill and, while I know she doesn’t often show it, was enthusiastic about the opportunity.”
  2499. “Why those qualifications?” Damien asked, signing the documents one after another.
  2501. “It had to be an archangel so Doctor Grace couldn’t turn her down or just reallocate her to another doctor. That would’ve been disrespectful, even for her. The interest in medicine was so she’d seem genuine to Doctor Grace. I didn’t want her experienced with how things worked on Earth so that she didn’t get caught up with our feud. Unfortunately, I underestimated how willing and capable Doctor Grace was at manipulation. I thought she would simply work around Anima, not make an ally of her.”
  2503. How long had Thessa known Grace? Because the Grace he knew would do that in a heartbeat. “What did you want Anima to do in the first place?”
  2505. “I needed a witness. I didn’t know about you or if any of her future patients would be willing to help, so I took action to get someone else, someone objective and more likely to help me.”
  2507. “So this whole thing turned out exactly opposite of how you wanted. That’s some rough luck.”
  2509. “That’s not even mentioning the trouble Adrianne is dealing with now. Yes, it didn’t turn out well. However,” she reached over, picking up the stack of papers Damien had just finished signing, “With these, I’ve gotten what I wanted in the first place, so it’s not all bad.” She thumbed through the stack. “With these signed, I’ll need you to stay here. I would hate to see this all go for nothing. Doctor Grace is surprisingly good at putting her nose into things.”
  2511. Damien nodded. “I can tell.”
  2513. Thessa stood. “I’ll go get these filed. Feel free to explore the grounds as you wish. I look forward to our continued relationship.”
  2515. She offered a claw and Damien took it. The language was a bit more familiar than he would’ve used—they’d still just met the day before—but he didn’t see any harm in it. And with Grace no longer a problem, things were looking up.
  2517. “Me too.”
  2520. **
  2523. The rest of the day was calm and decadent. Thessa’s kitchen had wonderful food, filling Damien to the brim, and the weather was clear and warm which made his leisurely walk around the mansion ground calming and refreshing.
  2525. When the hour grew late and drowsiness started to claim him, he was happy to hop back into the huge and sinfully comfortable bed Thessa had prepared for him. He was soon drowsy and drifting off to sleep.
  2527. But he didn’t quite make it.
  2529. “Damien.”
  2531. “Holy fuck!” Damien jumped straight up in shock. Arms and legs flailing, he shot off the bed and spun around to see who it was. Through the moonlight trickling into the room, he made out the shape lying on his bed. Adrianne.
  2533. This was not how his picturesque day was supposed to end. Thessa had warned him this might happen, though. “Adrianne? Why are you here? You scared the hell out of me!”
  2535. Her gaze fell. “That was not at all my intent, I simply wished to speak with you. In my haste, I forgot entirely the limitations of human senses. I will be more considerate in the future.” She put a hand to her heart, sighing in relief.  “I am relieved you are okay. When you leapt up like that, I grew worried.”
  2537. “Why did you wake me up?”
  2539. She cocked her head. “As I said, I wished to speak with you.”
  2541. “Did you ever consider perhaps waiting until morning?”
  2543. She took a moment to look out the window, then back to Damien. “You are trying to joke with me. I know humans converse at night, I’ve seen it often before.”
  2545. “There’s a difference between being at, say, at bar, and in bed. In one place you talk with people. The other, you don’t.”
  2547. “Ah, I see.”
  2549. Her tone didn’t agree.
  2551. “Why didn’t you turn on the light? I can barely make anything out in here.” Damien started stumbling about, hands outstretched, toward where the light switch was.
  2553. “You can’t…” Adrianne covered her mouth with a hand. “That walk is adorable! What is it for?”
  2555. Scowling, Damien stopped. “Can you just turn the light on?”
  2557. Light filled the room, splashing into Damien’s eyes. He squinted and waited for his eyes to adjust.
  2559. “It’s fascinating how the simplest of tasks like turning on a light can involve so many complications for humans,” said Adrianne. “I wonder why you designed a light that causes you such trouble.”
  2561. Once he could see, Damien turned to Adrianne. “First, I didn’t design it. Second, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Third, why are you on my bed?”
  2563. “I have tried sleep. I was wondering what it would feel like to lie down in a bed for a while.” She pushed on the mattress. “I suppose I can understand the appeal.”
  2565. “Well, can you get out?”
  2567. “It hasn’t been nearly long enough to simulate a typical rest period. I shall stay.”
  2569. “Can you attempt to simulate a rest period somewhere else?”
  2571. “No, I still wish to talk with you.”
  2573. Damien shrugged in defeat. “Alright, I’ll…” He looked at the empty spot on the bed next to Adrianne. It was plenty spacious for two. “I’ll grab a chair.”
  2575. He turned around to get one of the plush chairs from the far side of the room, but before he could take a step, one had zipped across the room and stopped at his feet. He looked at Adrianne just in time to see her second pair of hands lower back down. Hard to tell if she was being helpful or showing off.
  2577. “Alright,” he said, plopping into the chair. “What did you want to talk to me about?”
  2579. Adrianne smiled. It was a clever smile but sparked by something more impulsive, more honest. “How do humans come to terms with the fact their lives are disappointingly short?”
  2581. She certainly came out swinging. “Um. That’s… that’s sudden. And not easy to answer. Where did that question come from?”
  2583. “I wanted to ask how you deal with being so inferior to archangels but decided that would be rude, so I settled on something in the same vein.”
  2585. Damien rested his forehead against his palm. “Okay, but why do you want to know the answer?”
  2587. “You’re just so fragile, so helpless. You never get a chance to grow old, spend a third of your life lying down—which, by the way, I’m not entirely sold on—you devote untold amounts of resources toward frivolous things, you need archangels looking after you every step of the way, yet all of you seem so fine with it. How is that?”
  2589. Damien thought on it a while, but even after grinding the thought rough in his head, realized he had no good answer. “Well, we just are? I mean, I could come up something that sounds satisfying, but I have a feeling it would only really be true for me, not humanity at large. I don’t think anyone knows. Not any one person in particular, at least.”
  2591. Adrianne tapped her chin. “So you’re saying your individuality is the key to your prosperity. I can see how that might be difficult for me to recognize.”
  2593. “I don’t—you know what, sure. Individuality.”
  2595. “You are quite intelligent for a human, you know.”
  2597. “Thanks?”
  2599. How much of that statement was based on experience and how much was based on her assumptions of humans?
  2601. Damien waited for Adrianne to follow up with another question, but as the seconds went by, he realized she didn’t have anything more to say. The silence stretched on. Damien shifted in his chair, trying to think of something to say. This probably seemed perfectly normal to Adrianne: she’d come in, asked her question, and now she was testing what it was like to lie down. No need to mind the human in the room.
  2603. “So, did you find Anima?” he asked.
  2605. “Unfortunately not. I spent the rest of the day searching for her, but have yet to come up with anything.”
  2607. “You know, one thing’s been bugging me. Something you said earlier. After I told you what Anima was doing here, you said it was sex, ‘this time’. She’s disappeared before?”
  2609. “You caught that? You continue to surprise me. Yes, this would be the fifth time Anima has neglected her duties.”
  2611. “Fifth? And nothing bad’s happened to her because of it?”
  2613. “Thankfully, no. But the more she does it, the more I worry. I know to her they are innocent diversions, but as I said before, there are real consequences. Last time a demon managed to use the disruption to sneak onto Earth. Our enforcers had to send it back and they were none too happy with Anima. Or me. But from her actions, it sounds as if their words fell on deaf ears.”
  2615. That sounded like Anima.
  2617. “You know,” said Damien, “When you first told me what your job was, I figured it’d be pretty tame just watching after other archangels, but it sounds like there’s some real troublemakers out there.”
  2619. “Hah!” Adrianne barked, sitting up. “My duty requires immense skill, concentration, and persistence. I am constantly swamped by the volume of work I must complete. No human could possibly understand the weight of the responsibility on my shoulders, nor the fragility of the world beyond yours. Archangels live on the edge of a blade and would have fallen off long ago but for my guiding hands.”
  2621. Damien blinked. That sounded more than a little exaggerated. “It does seem that way.”
  2623. Taking a deep breath, Adrianne straightened out her hair. “I didn’t mean to speak so… bluntly. Maybe my impression of you has made me forget you are still merely human and cannot have knowledge of such things. Please, do not take offense from my sudden reply.”
  2625. “No, it’s fine.” Damien eyed her cautiously. Better change the subject. “So, uh, what’s with the arms?”
  2627. The moment the question was out of his mouth, he considered that he might have been able to phrase that a little more tactfully. Adrianne, however, didn’t seem bothered. “As you have already witnessed, they direct my divine power to move objects. Much like pulling strings, if you will. I can, of course, summon more arms, should I need to use my power more intensely, but most of the time, four is plenty.”
  2629. Oh, yes, of course she could summon more. Because why wouldn’t she be able to? “But why can’t you just make things move by thinking about it? Why do you need your hands to do it?”
  2631. Adrianne smirked. “I will forgive the question, as you are human. But such an ability is preposterous. It would be wild, imprecise, and wholly unbecoming an archangel.”
  2633. “I see,” said Damien, not seeing what she was saying.
  2635. With nothing more to ask her, Damien was at a loss. He’d been hoping she’d get off his bed by the time their talk had ended, but it appeared that wasn’t going to be the case. He looked at the bed again. Even as large as Adrianne was, there was room for him, and it wasn’t like she’d be the one feeling strange about it. Shrugging to himself, he got up and hopped into bed beside her.
  2637. “The last few days have been taxing on you, haven’t they?” asked Adrianne.
  2639. Damien had to keep from spitting out a sarcastic laugh. “Would you believe me if I said no?”
  2641. Adrianne smiled. “It is all right to admit moments of weakness. I think no less of you for it.”
  2643. He flinched when her touch descended upon his head, not expecting the gesture of comfort. Her hand ran idly through his hair, fingers curling just enough to dig into his scalp, the softness of her gloves letting her glide along his head effortlessly. Back and forth she massaged, saying nothing. It was shockingly gentle.
  2645. Damien’s eyes were about to roll into the back of his head. “How did you get so good at this?”
  2647. “I need to be versed in all methods of persuasion. Sometimes, all the convincing an archangel needs is a nice massage.”
  2649. That sounded awfully human.
  2651. “Do you enjoy this?” she asked.
  2653. “Yes.”
  2655. “Allow me a little more, then.”
  2657. Two more hands laid on his shoulders and the fourth pushed against the small of his back, urging him onto his stomach. He gave no resistance. The bed shifted as Adrianne adjusted herself, planting her knees on either side of Damien. With her full weight to bear, the efficacy of her ministrations multiplied tenfold.
  2659. Damien moaned into the pillow.
  2661. That got a giggle from Adrianne. “Do humans always make such silly sounds?”
  2663. “Only when—oh, my god that’s incredible—something feels good.”
  2665. She leaned in and spoke softly, “Then I will give you something heavenly.”
  2667. With precise motions, her gloved hands delved into Damien’s body. Two focused on his shoulders, kneading into the rough knots of muscle on his back with their fingertips while the other two dipped lower, digging into his sides. Her fingers pressed deep into their massage, escalating in pressure until he thought it would hurt but stopped just short, caressing his soreness with exact intensity until it faded away.
  2669. Damien moaned again and this time Adrianne was able to stifle her responsive laughter, keeping her focus on the task at hand.
  2671. Once the knots on his shoulders dissolved, Adrianne’s upper hands laid atop each other, palms open, and began rotating in small circles. At the same time, she shifted from her hands to her forearms with the other two arms, swiping across Damien’s back like windshield wipers, working gradually from the bottom to the top and back down again.
  2673. “You wouldn’t be available to do this every night, would you?” Damien mumbled into the pillow.
  2675. “While I wouldn’t mind, there is much I need to do, and my time here is likely fleeting.”
  2677. She didn’t sound excited about the last part.
  2679. “Why’re you bothering to do this, anyways? Not that I’m complaining, of course.”
  2681. Adrianne’s hands moved again, this time all four working in concert, cupping his skin and pushing it up his body in waves toward his neck. The satin of her gloves slid across his skin like water along the beach. “Why, I would’ve thought that answer was obvious. I am an archangel and you are a human. It is our duty to care for you, regardless of what our station may be.”
  2683. “Even the ones as important as you?” Damien said, sarcasm heavy on his voice.
  2685. “Certainly.” The massage paused. “What was that tone I heard?”
  2687. “Nothing.”
  2689. Adrianne continued without pursuing further. “Hmm, you’ve tensed up again. I’ll have to go over your back once more.”
  2691. Damien had no issue with that.
  2693. “Angels have been mankind’s guidance and protection since as early as both have existed,” Adrianne explained. “While not every human can get a personal massage from an archangel, it is natural for any one of us to do as we can for any one of you.”
  2695. Damien laughed into his pillow. “I can think of one angel in particular that’s been having some trouble with that concept.”
  2697. Adrianne’s voice darkened. “Today’s angels have taken their freedom far beyond what their decency should allow.” It softened again before she continued. “But angels are not the same caliber as archangels. We did not inherit their weaknesses.”
  2699. “I don’t mean to sound unappreciative, but it wouldn’t kill you to show some humility every now and then.”
  2701. “There’s no practical reason to.”
  2703. “I’m pretty sure humans would appreciate it. Try saying ‘I’m sorry’ sometimes. I’ve noticed you never apologized for any of your mistakes.”
  2705. “Archangels do not make—”
  2707. “Adrianne, I’m not going to buy that. I’ve met Anima.”
  2709. Her hands stopped and Damien felt her weight on the bed shift. There was a moment of silence before she said, “Alright. I will try. I just hope you consider the… peculiarity of what you’re asking.”
  2711. “Yeah.” Did archangels just not apologize to each other?
  2713. “How are you feeling now?”
  2715. Damien realized her hands were simply laying on him instead of moving. He tried arching his back to pull his head up off the pillow, but the moment his head began to rise, his back turned to goo and he plopped back down. There wasn’t a trace of soreness or even feeling along his spine. It was like he was floating face-down in a pool. Minus the drowning.
  2717. “Good god, Adrianne, I think you’ve turned me into jello.”
  2719. “I will take that as a compliment.”
  2721. The bed groaned as Adrianne moved off of Damien. He stretched out his weary arms and pushed into the mattress in an attempt to flip onto his back, but his muscles just wouldn’t respond like they were supposed to. After a couple tries, he gave up.
  2723. “Um, can you flip me onto my back?”
  2725. She chuckled. “Certainly.”
  2727. Once reoriented onto his back, the fatigue of the day hit him like a truck. His eyes grew heavy as iron and his body melted into the bed. Sleep was going to take him, whether he wanted it or not.
  2729. “Thanks for the massage,” he mumbled.
  2731. “It was my pleasure.”
  2734. **
  2737. The first thing that tipped Damien off the next morning was the servants’ demeanor as he approached the mansion gate. They were stiff and grim, watching him with too-careful eyes. When he met their gaze, they did not look away. They wanted him to know they were watching him.
  2739. Damien did his best to walk tall and act unconcerned. In truth, he’d wanted to leave through a back door or side exit, but the entire mansion grounds was enclosed in a ten-foot high wall and the only other gate out was chained shut.
  2741. Finally at the front gate, Damien grabbed hold of it and tried to swing it open. When it didn’t budge, he grumbled and looked at the nearest servant, a tall, disciplined-looking woman.
  2743. “It’s electronic,” she said, answering the obvious question. “The control box is on the other side of the gate.”
  2745. Relief washed over Damien. He thanked her for the explanation. At the other side of the gate was an oni with several inches on him, dark skin, and a demeaning look. Behind her, he could see the controls for the gate.
  2747. “Can you open it? I need to leave.”
  2749. “I’m afraid I can’t. You have not been given permission to leave.”
  2751. Damien took a moment. “Excuse me?”
  2753. “Miss Renayld has directed that you remain here.”
  2755. “Why?”
  2757. “I did not ask.”
  2759. Frowning, Damien turned back to the mansion and half-walked, half-jogged back inside. What possible reason could Thessa have for keeping him here? Was there something more she wanted to talk to him about? Or did she just want to say goodbye before he left? He supposed it was a little rude to leave without a thank you, but he’d honestly had enough of this place. Adrianne was nice, and Thessa had been a good host, but Damien needed normality. There’d been too much chaos in the past couple weeks.
  2761. Damien found Thessa standing in her study, flipping through papers with a careful eye. When Damien entered, she looked up, smiled, and gestured for him to take a seat. He chose to stay standing.
  2763. “Hello, Damien, how are you doing this morning?”
  2765. “Fine. You look busy.” He knew she was being curt, but the longer he stayed here, the more he wanted to leave.
  2767. “With someone finally willing to speak against Grace, I’ve been busy trying to set things in motion. While it will take time for this to fully resolve, it’s important to document and report as soon as you can. ‘Hurry up and wait,’ as they say.” She set the folder down on her desk, noting Damien hadn’t taken a seat. “Can I help you?”
  2769. “Actually, yes.” He thumbed at the door. “Your servants wouldn’t let me leave. I figured you still needed me for something.”
  2771. “Not at the moment, no, but I will be sure to tell you when I do.”
  2773. “So… I can leave now?”
  2775. “Of course not.”
  2777. The hair on the back of Damien’s neck stood up and his feet started to itch. They wanted to run. “Could you maybe explain why?”
  2779. “Did you… oh, my, you didn’t did you?” Thessa walked around behind her desk, grabbed a few papers out of one of the drawers, and started skimming through them. “‘I, Damien, do declare, et cetera, et cetera, bind myself to this contract.’ And there’s your signature.” She walked over and held the paper out for him to see. It was one of the papers he’d signed yesterday concerning Grace.
  2781. “That doesn’t explain anything. That was just saying I’d testify against Grace.”
  2783. Thessa shook her head. “No, that’s what the other papers I were reading said. You did sign those, of course, but you signed these, too.”
  2785. Damien’s heart fell. “I thought they were all the same.”
  2787. “I told you to read everything.” She pulled the paper back. “This concerns your debt.”
  2789. “My what?”
  2792. “Your debt. The medical treatment following the fall two days ago, as well as the amenities I provided during your stay here. Meals and boarding, mainly.”
  2794. He did recall her mentioning something about that. “You said yourself you did do much.”
  2796. “You were attended by a licensed doctor, nonetheless.”
  2798. “And staying here? You’re actually charging me for that?”
  2800. “I was going to, but thanks to this signature, you don’t owe me a penny. For any of it.”
  2802. “Then why are—”
  2804. “Your debt is no longer monetary. What you owe me is time.”
  2806. “Time doing what?”
  2808. “Whatever I ask of you. It is not unconditional, of course, but most anything that does not danger your health or capital I may ask.”
  2810. “This can’t be legal.”
  2812. “It is a reasonable, temporary agreement of exchange between two consenting adults. I am not aware of any laws restricting that.”
  2814. “I want to leave, Thessa. I’m not going to be your indentured servant.”
  2816. Thessa shook her head, frowning. “I think you misunderstand you position. You had a choice. You made it. There are no ‘take backs’, and any attempt to wiggle out of your due will only succeed in annoying me.”
  2818. “You tricked me into this!”
  2820. “I specifically did not. I gave you documents, told you to read them, and went so far as to say signing them was your choice. You could have signed the ones about Doctor Grace and ignored the rest. You could have negotiated a different deal with me. You could have paid me cash instead of time for services rendered.” She walked over to Damien and stood in front of him, staring him down. “You chose none of those.”
  2822. Leering, Damien stepped back. “Fine.” Arguing with her was clearly going nowhere. Seemed like the only way out of here would be on his own. He’d have to find someplace to get over the wall then try to escape after sunset.
  2824. When he turned to leave, however, Thessa stopped him, grabbing his shoulder. “Your tone tells me you do not completely understand. Let me show you.”
  2826. “Let go.”
  2828. He jerked his shoulder and, surprisingly, Thessa let go. She walked past him, stopping at the door.
  2830. “Come.”
  2832. Damien crossed his arms. “Why?”
  2834. With the speed of a whip, Thessa’s tail zipped across the distance between them and jammed itself into Damien’s pants. It found his cock and seized it, twirling down its length and wrapping up his balls. Damien tried to step away, but her tail squeezed and pulled, forcing Damien to walk forward.
  2836. Her tail had become a leash and its grip was a collar.
  2838. “I don’t intend to be cruel, but neither to I tolerate insubordination. When I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it,” said Thessa.
  2840. “Don’t you think you’re being a little bit unreasonable?”
  2842. “Me? You are the one who is refusing to abide by the contract you just signed.”
  2844. Damien reached for Thessa’s tail, but she squeezed his cock again until he pulled his hands away. He was helpless.
  2846. “Now come,” said Thessa.
  2848. Thessa strode out of the room, her pace quick but unhurried, leaving Damien to scramble after her. He didn’t want her tail going taut.
  2850. They traversed Thessa’s mansion in that arrangement, Thessa poised and unconcerned, her dragon’s stride covering ground easily, and Damien, his face red, fast-walking behind her.
  2851. He was a stirring pot of emotion. Thessa, the first person who’d seemed unconditionally helpful in this mess, had betrayed him. But at the same time, she really hadn’t. What had made him think it was okay to blindly sign papers that had been shoved in front of him? That’s something he’d never do normally… right?
  2853. To top it off, he could feel the gaze of every servant they passed. Damien did his best to avoid eye contact, knowing he was already blushing, but knowing they could see it made his face even hotter. Most of the servants paid the two no mind, though one or two reacted with surprise. Damien was either not the first to be subjected to something like this, or they were very well disciplined.
  2855. Thessa finally stopped his walk of shame outside in the front yard.
  2857. “Look,” she said, pointing to the walls.
  2859. Still stewing with defiance, Damien considered turning away, but that thought died quickly. It was much easier just to look.
  2861. “Do you know know how high they are?”
  2863. “I’d guess ten feet.”
  2865. “Close. Twelve. Do you see any place to climb them?”
  2867. “No.”
  2869. “Do you know how many servants I employ?”
  2871. “No.”
  2873. “Good. I will say it’s plenty enough to keep an eye on you. And not only that, many of them patrol the grounds around the clock. So someone will always know where you are, and even if you somehow manage to give them the slip, you’ll have to avoid every single other servant before scaling a wall you have no means to.” She tugged on her tail, pulling him close. “I don’t want to be a brutal taskmaster. I didn’t want to have this conversation at all. But do not think just because I am friendly, I am also soft. Work with me. We can have a polite, cordial relationship until your debt is paid. Or you can continue to fight, and I will make this miserable. Am I clear?”
  2875. Damien was turned away, still looking at the walls, but Thessa grabbed his chin and forced him to look her in the eyes.
  2877. “Am I clear?”
  2879. “Perfectly.”
  2881. “Good. You can return to your room now.”
  2883. Damien glared at her, but followed her instructions. Any excuse to get away from her.
  2885. The entire trip back Damien was scowling. What luck. Hopped right out of one shitty situation and straight into another. Thessa didn’t use straps like Grace, but the walls around her mansion were close enough.
  2887. Once back in his room, he collapsed into his bed and stared at the ceiling. In a way, he was more pissed at himself than Thessa. She’d laid the forms out in front of him, mostly upfront about what they were about, and let him sign them at his own pace. Maybe by engaging him in small talk while he was signing them was an effort to distract him, but he could’ve easily ignored her. He’d chosen on his own to stop reading the forms past a point and just started signing. He smacked a hand over his eyes. What a fool he was. First Grace had exploited him, then Anima, of course he should’ve suspected Thessa.
  2889. All this moping didn’t help him escape, however. He needed to find a way out.
  2891. “Damien.”
  2893. “AHH, FUCK!” He leapt straight into the air. “Every fucking time with you angels! Why are you like this!?” Grabbing the bed post to balance himself, he glared at the newcomer, Anima.
  2895. Her typical empty stare met his glare. “I do not understand.”
  2897. “Warn me! Or be noticable! Or something! Don’t just appear out of nowhere!”
  2899. “I did not ‘appear out of nowhere’. I floated here. It is a very typical means of transportation.”
  2901. “‘Floated’. With no footsteps to hear. Anima, I can’t see through walls and I sure as fuck don’t have eyes on the back of my head.”
  2903. She considered the reply. “Noted. I apologize for floating here. I shall walk next time.”
  2905. “That’s not… ah, forget it.” Damien fell back onto the bed, then lifted his head to look at Anima. She wasn’t wearing her usual green and black dress, but instead a nurse’s outfit. One that was in no way meant to fit a woman of her size. In addition to that, Anima had apparently decided the chest buttons were entirely optional, leaving her breasts exposed.
  2907. “What’s with the outfit?” he asked.
  2909. “Doctor Grace provided it. It was too constraining, but I have since alleviated that issue.”
  2911. “I can see. So can everyone else, I imagine.”
  2913. “Thank you.”
  2915. Damien wasn’t sure that comment warranted a thank you, but the point seemed moot with her.
  2917. “What are you doing here?”
  2919. “Doctor Grace was worried about you and wished for me to ‘check up’ on you.”
  2921. “What?”
  2923. “Doctor Grace was worried about you and wished for me to—”
  2925. “No, no, I heard you, I just meant, like, really? She was worried about me?”
  2927. “I see no reason to doubt it. She still considers herself your doctor and the conditions on which you left were not encouraging. Therefore, she worried.”
  2929. “Uh huh. And so you came here just to see how I was.”
  2931. “Yes. Though, I admit to a more selfish motivation as well. When previously we met, we forged a contract. I wish to proceed with the fulfillment of said contract.”
  2933. “I’ve had about enough of contracts for today.” He crossed his arms. “What contract are you even talking about? I don’t remember signing anything.”
  2935. Anima stepped forward, looming over Damien. Despite the lack of emotion on her face, she was still a touch intimidating. “Are you refusing?”
  2937. “I, well, no, I just don’t know what I’m agreeing to.”
  2939. “Remove your pants and underwear.”
  2941. “Wait, what?”
  2943. “If you cannot, I volunteer to liberate them in your stead.”
  2945. Anima reached down and unbuttoned Damien’s pants before he reacted. “Hey!” He grabbed Anima’s hand and manage to stop it before it delved any deeper.
  2947. “You said you were not refusing,” said Anima. She came even closer, her voluptuous chest now pressed into Damien’s face. It sparked a memory from when they last met. Anima was calling it a contract, but at the time, it was just a short conversation.
  2949. “This is about that paizuri, isn’t it? I said I would let you next time we met,” said Damien.
  2951. “And we have met. Barring a lapse of memory, this is the next occurence of such meeting as well.” She scooted in, pressing her breasts to his face once more.
  2953. “Okay, I get it, those are your tits.” He pushed them away. “Does it have to be right now?”
  2955. “The urge is… powerful,” said Anima, her eyes piercing through Damien. “I do not understand it, but I harbor a strong desire to compel your participation should you refuse.” She paused. “I believe I have the capacity to resist such a desire, however.”
  2957. Damien rested his head on Anima’s chest, thinking. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to, but that encounter with Thessa had been draining. He could ask Anima to wait, but she wasn’t sounding too confident in her ability to hold back.
  2959. In the middle of his thoughts, Anima laid a hand on the back of his head and pushed him further into his bosom. Curious, Damien looked up at her.
  2961. “I enjoy the presence of your head there. Leave it as long as you wish.”
  2963. Damien smiled. If there was one thing he could count on, it was the Anima’s straightforwardness. Never nervous or self-conscious, she did as she wished or as she was asked, and that was that. She had no qualms about breaking into Thessa’s mansion to get her paizuri or his house to follow Grace’s instructions, or—
  2965. Wait.
  2967. “Anima, can you phase other people through walls with you?”
  2969. “Such a thing is possible should they be touching me.”
  2971. “Can you get me out of this mansion?”
  2973. “If the physical barriers of this place are your only obstacle, yes, I have that capability.”
  2975. “Will you?”
  2977. Anima blinked and a long moment passed. “I admit my capacity for conversation is limited at the moment due to my insistent urge. May I resume your undressing and subsequently stimulation of your member?”
  2979. Damien clicked his tongue. He’d have to ask later. “Sure.”
  2981. No soon was the word out of his mouth than Anima had his pants at his ankles and buried his cock in her cleavage. She started at it for a second as if surprised she’d actually managed to get to that point. Then, giving Damien her usual empty eyes, she pressed her tits together and rubbed them up and down.
  2983. Immediately, Damien was assaulted with pleasure. He wondered why he’d been hesitant about this in the first place. His hands clenched into fists and he leaned back on the bed, allowing himself to enjoy the depths of Anima’s ample chest. Maybe it was time to actually enjoy something today. He closed his eyes.
  2985. It was at that moment Adrianne burst into the room.
  2987. “There you are!”
  2989. Damien started and yelped, almost stumbling from the bed, but Anima kept him solidly in place. In fact, she didn’t even turn to acknowledge Adrianne, instead continuing her work as soon as Damien had recovered from his shock.
  2991. “What is WITH you angels and barging in on me!?” said Damien.
  2993. Adrianne didn’t even look at him. “Do you realize how long you’ve been absent, Anima?”
  2995. “I am aware.”
  2997. “We went over this last time. There are consequences to leaving your duty unattended.”
  2999. “I am aware of this as well.”
  3001. “Then what are you—Anima, at least look at me.”
  3003. Ignoring Adrianne, Anima continued, staring at Damien’s cock like it might escape the moment she looked away. Damien looked between the two, wishing he could shrink away or become invisible.
  3005. “I am capable of continuing conversation in this manner,” said Anima.
  3007. Adrianne rolled her eyes and walked up to the bed, sitting down next to Damien in order to look Anima in the eyes. “If you understand the consequences of neglecting your duty, why are you still here?”
  3009. “I would have expected the answer to be evident from the events occurring presently.”
  3011. “Wh—” Adrianne looked at the paizuri, then to Damien as if it was the first time seeing him.
  3013. Damien blushed, doing his best to focus on what Anima was doing and completely failing.
  3015. “This is why?” asked Adrianne. “How in the heavens above is this more important?”
  3017. Damien chimed in. “Adrianne, I don’t think—”
  3019. Adrianne slapped a hand over his mouth. “Please, Damien. We’re speaking.”
  3021. Damien grimaced.
  3023. “It is a compulsion I do not understand,” said Anima, dutifully pressing her breasts along Damien’s length. “The more time passes whilst I know I can do this but am not, the greater the desire to do so becomes.”
  3025. “Is this compulsion really so powerful as to make you neglect your duty?”
  3027. “Again you ask a question which the current situation has already answered.”
  3029. Adrianne pressed a palm to her forehead, watching Anima as she continued her paizuri. The longer she watched, however, the more her exasperation turned to curiosity.
  3031. “What is the point of this, even?”
  3033. Damien tried to explain. “It’s—”
  3035. Adrianne’s second pair of arms gestured, and the bedsheet whipped around Damien’s mouth, gagging him. “Damien, please understand. You’ll need to refrain from speaking while archangels are having a discussion.”
  3037. Fine, thought Damien. Not like he had anything to say anyways.
  3039. “Anima?”
  3041. “The task is enjoyable. It gives my excessive chest utility, the physical stimulation is pleasurable, and it has a satisfying effect on Damien.”
  3043. As if on cue, both archangels turned to Damien, who, at the moment, was in the throes of pleasure. Anima pushed her breasts even harder together, extracting a moan from Damien while they examined him.
  3045. Looking away, Damien tried not to think about their stares, but he couldn’t hide his intensifying blush.
  3047. “It is interesting, to say the least,” said Adrianne. “And you achieve all of this just by rubbing your breasts against his member?”
  3049. “In varying rhythms and intensities, yes. I was taught that it is much more effective if you do so.”
  3051. There was a long gap in conversation after that. Damien kept his eyes averted and focused on the two smooth pillows flowing back and forth over his cock, swallowing him in a cocoon of relentless pleasure. He let out a deep breath and smiled when Anima shifted her attack, pushing her breasts in large, slow circles concentrated on his cockhead.
  3053. “Move over,” said Adrianne.
  3055. Damien snapped out of his trance. Adrianne had gotten off the bed and onto her knees next to Anima. She took her arms out of her sleeves, letting the top of her dress fall off and expose her breasts. While she wasn’t as well equipped as Anima, there was still plenty there.
  3057. Damien swallowed. He tugged at the gag, but whatever Adrianne had done to put it there was keeping it tight.
  3059. “I am not in need of assistance,” said Anima.
  3061. “I’m going to do this either way, so you can either move yourself opposite me where we can both get to him, or we can fight over who sits where and get nowhere.”
  3063. Staring at Adrianne with something someone might call annoyance, Anima considered the argument, then compiled.
  3065. Sweat trickled down Damien’s face as he stared at the two archangels, breasts in hand, their eyes eating up Damien’s cock like a five-star meal. Then, at once, they dove in.
  3067. Damien found true heaven. Where Anima’s tits had been a gentle, fluctuating cage of creamy flesh, adding Adrianne’s made it a perfect chaos. Adrianne had a mildness that contrasted perfectly with Anima’s heat. Her chest, while smaller, was also more dense, allowing Anima’s breasts to ooze over them when they pushed together.
  3069. Adrianne watched Anima carefully, positioning her hands in the same place to give an optimal push into Damien’s cock. Having an extra pair, however, she was able to push their tits in from the side as well, redirecting all that flesh right back onto Damien.
  3071. At first, the two stroked him at a calm, even rhythm. But when Adrianne’s hand advantage came into play, Anima scooted forward and pushed in harder. Her overwhelming chest spilled over Adrianne’s and swallowed Damien’s cock completely. Not to be driven off, Adrianne did the same.
  3073. Damien’s cock bore the brunt of it.
  3075. He moaned, gritting his teeth, doing his best to hold on. Wave after wave of creamy breasts crashed into Damien, smothering his cock in a sea of bliss, allowing it to breathe only for a second before pulling it under again. The two warring archangels pressed harder and harder against each other, Anima intent on getting her fair share and Adrianne too stubborn to relent.
  3077. “This is the whole of it?” Adrianne asked.
  3079. “It is easier to do more alone. Should you remove yourself, I can show you.”
  3081. “I refuse.”
  3083. So they continued, up and down, up and down, hypnotic in their cadence. The two were driving their breasts so hard into each other their faces were almost touching. And as the pressure grew to unbearable levels, Damien moaned again.
  3085. “Wait,” said Anima.
  3087. The two instantly stopped. Damien’s opened his eyes wide and looked between the two of them, mumbling for an explanation.
  3089. “Doctor Grace has told me not to permit orgasm.”
  3091. “That deviant? The one who got you into this? I wouldn’t listen to her,” said Adrianne. Damien wanted to kiss her for that.
  3093. “She is the expert. I defer to her knowledge.”
  3095. “She’s the expert?” Adrianne didn’t seem so sure. “There are people who are experts at this?”
  3097. Anima nodded. “Doctor Grace has years of education and training with knowledge of the human body.”
  3099. “And she told you you should stop at this point?”
  3101. “Yes.”
  3103. Anima looked down at Damien’s sad cock, hard as a rock and begging for more. Adrianne followed her gaze. They sat there in silence a moment, then Anima started pushing in again. Adrianne countered. Anima pushed harder and Adrianne did the same.
  3105. “You should do as she instructed,” said Anima.
  3107. “And not you?”
  3109. Soon, their four breasts were attacking more intently than before, swirling and smashing over Damien’s cock. Smooth walls seized Damien and squeezed, undulating relentlessly, focused on one thing and one thing only. He thrust into the surging mass of breasts and moaned again into the gag.
  3111. “Oh!” said Adrianne.
  3113. Like a fountain, Damien’s cock splurt into the air, spattering the breasts around it. Adrianne watched the cum shoot out in wonder, shocked even when some landed on her face. Anima, undistracted, continued to run her tits up and down, concentrated on extracting as much as possible.
  3115. After their skilled ministrations got several shots out of Damien, he tried to lay back and relax, only to find Adrianne and Anima still deep in their competition. This time, however, Damien’s overstimulated cock was a very unwilling victim. He grabbed each of their shoulders and tried to pry them apart.
  3117. Only after Damien’s action did the archangels realize there was another person in the room.
  3119. “What is it?” asked Adrianne.
  3121. “Humans have a limit,” said Anima, standing up. Cum was still dripping down her face and breasts. “They must have a certain amount of rest between releases.”
  3123. “Of course.” Adrianne stood up as well, though she had the presence to wipe the cum off herself. “I… I’m still not sure I understand your urge Anima, and either way, the problem is still the same: you need to come back.”
  3125. “I will consider your request.”
  3127. “It’s not something to consider, it’s something you need to do.”
  3129. “I shall return once I have made my decision.”
  3131. “If you don’t help pass the dead, we’re going to be facing a rupture between worlds! Undeath! Cracks that ill-intentioned fiends might exploit! Think of the consequences of your actions, Anima!”
  3133. “Farewell.”
  3135. “Don’t be stubborn about—”
  3137. Anima zipped up, straight through the ceiling, faster than Damien had even seen her move before. Adrianne was left annoyed, arms crossed and glaring at the spot where Anima had phased through the ceiling.
  3139. Damien tried to talk through the gag.
  3141. “Oh! I will get that removed right away.” Adrianne’s second pair of hands made a few quick gestures and Damien could speak again.
  3143. “Thanks,” he said.
  3145. Adrianne nodded. “Certainly.”
  3147. Drained, Damien fell back onto the bed. “Do you know when she’ll be back?”
  3149. “Unfortunately not. She’s one of the more unpredictable ones.”
  3151. Drat. He lost his chance to ask her for help. But, he thought as he looked at Adrianne, still staring at the ceiling, maybe he wasn’t out of luck.
  3153. “Adrianne, do you think you’d be able to get me out of here?”
  3155. She turned, puzzled. “‘Get you out of here?’ Is the walk to the gate too far?”
  3157. “If only that was the problem. Thessa’s refused to let me leave.”
  3159. “She does not seem like the unreasonable sort of person who would do such a thing. Did she say why?”
  3161. “Because I’m in her debt.”
  3163. Adrianne nodded. “Ah, yes. Debt is indeed important and should be respected. If that is the reason she is keeping you here, I do not believe it is my place to interfere. Archangels like myself are often only transient presences here; it would be rude for us to be meddling in mortal affairs.”
  3165. Damien paused, thinking about what might convince her. She said angels were supposed to protect humans, right? “Adrianne, please. I’m going to go crazy if I’m trapped here. Thessa isn’t the kindest master, either. I can’t get out of here without your help.”
  3167. The words melted Adrianne like butter. She stood up straighter, put a hand over her heart, and nodded. “Well, it may not be prudent to constantly be meddling, but I would be remiss if I ignored a human in need. Just this once, I shall help.”
  3169. “Thank you.”
  3171. “Not at all. It is my duty. I shall speak to her immediately.”
  3174. **
  3177. “Dinner?”
  3179. “Yes, that’s where our conversation ended,” said Adrianne. “She didn’t have time to discuss much at all, really, and directed that the both of us come to dinner so we could talk about your debt.”
  3181. Adrianne and Damien walked toward the the dining room with a servant silently following. Damien had noticed there was always one nearby ever since his enlightening chat with Thessa.
  3183. Thessa’s dining room was as impressive as the rest of her mansion, every inch covered in glamourous finery. The table was long enough for twenty people easily, and its length was covered in decadence. Thessa herself was seated near the end of the table, talking with a servant serving her food. As Adrianne and Damien entered, she stood, smiling and waving them over.
  3185. “Adrianne, please, take a seat. I’m not sure what archangels usually eat, but I hope you won’t be disappointed with the roast duck. There’s also a salad, fruit, and a large assortment of drinks to choose from.”
  3187. Adrianne nodded. “Thank you, it sounds wonderful,” she said, and seated herself.
  3189. “Damien, I of course have a meal preparing for you as well, but I’ll need you to come over and stand beside me while we wait.”
  3191. Damien narrowed his eyes. Thessa had something in mind, but there wasn’t much to do about it. Besides, he was hungry. He didn’t want to anger Thessa and miss his meal. Begrudgingly, he stood alongside Thessa and waited.
  3193. “So, Adrianne, how is your progress with Anima going?”
  3195. Adrianne’s calm smile twitched. “Well enough. We had a productive discussion earlier. I’m sure she’ll be back in no time.”
  3197. “That’s great to hear! I hope you have found my hospitality acceptable in the meanwhile.”
  3199. “Your residence does seem impressive in comparison to other homes I have seen while here. What you have offered has been quite satisfactory.”
  3201. “I’m glad. Ah! The salad.”
  3203. Servants approached, bowls in hand, and placed them before Adrianne and Thessa. The portions were abundant, but he supposed dragons had larger appetites. Thessa looked much more excited about salad than Damien had even been.
  3205. “Damien, could you come a bit closer?”
  3207. He hesitated just long enough for a servant behind him to urge him forward.
  3209. “Thank you. Now remove your pants.”
  3211. “What?”
  3213. “I would like you to dress my salad. You cannot do that with your pants still on.”
  3215. “All...right.”
  3217. Exposing himself in such a formal atmosphere made him blush, but at the same time, it wasn’t like Adrianne and Thessa hadn’t already seen him down there. He hadn’t forgotten Thessa’s threat, either.
  3219. “Thank you,” said Thessa.
  3221. Without any sort of warning or ceremony, Thessa grabbed Damien’s dick and began jerking him off. Her massive claw swallowed the whole of him up instantly.
  3223. At the same time, Thessa turned to Adrianne. “You brought up an interesting topic earlier. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to discuss it with you. You want to settle Damien’s debt, is that correct?”
  3225. “Yes.”
  3227. While she still managed to converse with Thessa, Adrianne’s attention was locked on Damien. Even worse, her eyes weren’t on his cock, but his face, soaking in every detail of the effect Thessa’s claw was having.
  3229. “Am I distracting you?” Thessa asked Adrianne.
  3231. “What? Certainly not.” She barely glanced at Thessa to answer the question.
  3233. “Just making sure. So, the debt: how are you offering to settle it?”
  3235. Thessa’s work was starting to pay off. Damien was now rock hard, his lip quivering as he fought to keep a straight face. Thessa’s claw had no interest in teasing or playing with him. It was going to make him cum as quickly as possible. Thessa switched between two simple but potent motions—a quick, tight grip on the shaft, pumping while flicking her wrist, and a slower, more intense palming on his head that smeared precum on her hand.
  3237. Adrianne was captivated by Damien’s reactions. The more Thessa worked him, the more intensely she stared. Damien was blushing hard enough to melt his cheeks.
  3239. Yet somehow, she kept up the conversation. “I’m afraid I own no goods and therefore no means of monetary compensation. How much does he owe you?”
  3241. “For a few hours of medical attention, plus room and board for a couple days, just a few thousand dollars. He will work it off in a few months.”
  3243. “Months? It sounded more severe.”
  3245. “From his perspective, it may be.”
  3247. Of course it was! A few months stuck here would be hell!
  3249. Staring so directly at his face, Adrianne must’ve picked up on his thoughts. “Either way, I’d still like to help.”
  3251. Damien would’ve given her a wink, but Thessa’s jerking made it hard to concentrate on anything else. Without even glancing at him, she accelerated her already brutally-efficient tempo. When her scaly grasp clamped down harder, Damien couldn’t help but moan.
  3253. Thessa nodded. “While I can appreciate your desire to help, I still need compensation of some sort.”
  3255. Adrianne placed all for hands in her lap and sat up straight. “Thessa, I came to this conversation knowing I could offer nothing. I have no money, nor could an archangel possibly offer her time in place of a mortal’s. I am simply asking you to forgive the debt as a favor.”
  3257. “Hmm.” Thessa sat back in her seat, humming. The fact that she hadn’t straight-out rejected the idea was encouraging. “As a favor?”
  3259. Even as she chewed on the thought, her claw flew across Damien’s length, determined to get what it came for. With the conversation taking a break, Damien had nothing else to concentrate on other than the rapidly-building pleasure in his cock. Over and over Thessa pumped, without pause, without mercy, growing Damien harder and harder until…
  3261. “Thessa,” he gasped.
  3263. “Ah.” She brought her salad bowl close. “Continue.”
  3265. His entire body shook as he came. Thessa directed his cum straight into her bowl, steadily stroking him through the orgasm, squeezing out as much as possible with one last slow pull from the base to the tip.
  3267. “Oh, my,” said Adrianne.
  3269. As soon as Thessa released him, the servant behind him took him in her grasp and gave his cock a wipe down with a moist towelette. It felt surprisingly pleasant.
  3271. “Delicious,” said Thessa, taking a bite of her salad. “I will miss it.”
  3273. Damien perked up.
  3275. “Considering you were gracious enough to get me in contact with Anima and considering what all her presence has gained me, I believe it would be an equivalent exchange for me to transfer Damien’s debt to you and hence call us even.”
  3277. Damien frowned. That wasn’t—
  3279. “I accept.”
  3281. Adrianne spat out the answer before the offer was hardly out of Thessa’s mouth. What was she so spirited about?
  3283. Thessa, too, seemed taken aback, but quickly regained her smile. “Fantastic. I’ll have the proper documents filed transferring the rights to you until you deem appropriate to return them to him. They should be ready for you to sign tomorrow.” She raised a glass. “For now, let’s toast on our negotiation.”
  3285. Her plate untouched, Adrianne poked around a moment before finding her glass and tapping it to Thessa’s. “Our negotiation.”
  3287. They both took a sip. Thessa gestured to the chair beside Adrianne. “Take a seat, have something to eat. You’re Adrianne’s now.”
  3289. As he walked around the table, Adrianne’s slightly-too-bright smile followed him. He did get what he ultimately wanted: freedom from this mansion. But what exactly was Adrianne thinking?
  3291. The rest of dinner passed without note. Damien kept his head down, enjoying the food and trying to think about what he’d do next. Thessa addressed him as if nothing had happened between the two of them. While she may have felt justified doing what she did, her demeanor didn’t annoy Damien any less.
  3293. At least it was behind him. Hopefully. He tried getting a read on Adrianne as the three of them chatted, but she was the same as ever. Damien’s hope was that she was simply proud of herself for being able to do what Damien asked. Also, she did it with such earnesty that Damien couldn’t hold avoid a pang of guilt for playing on her protective nature.
  3295. Once they wrapped up, Thessa thanked them for their time and left, busy with something or other, and Adrianne and Damien departed together.
  3297. When the dining room door shut behind them, Adrianne promptly picked Damien up.
  3299. There was no warning. One second they were walking side-by-side, and the next, Damien was bundled up in her many-armed embrace, held horizontally against her chest with no idea what to think of it.
  3301. “Uh, why are you carrying me?”
  3303. “Doesn’t owning you mean I get to carry you around everywhere?”
  3305. “You own my debt. And no.” Adrianne didn’t seem all that enthusiastic about that explanation, so he kept going. “I guess it’s something you could do, but nothing says you have to. Or should.”
  3307. “Ah, I understand.”
  3309. She continued down the hallway, Damien still bundled up in her arms, making no move to drop him.
  3311. “Am I allowed to give my opinion on this?”
  3313. “Of course.”
  3315. “I’d like to be let down.”
  3317. Adrianne rubbed his head and smiled. “Thank you for your opinion.”
  3319. Then continued walking.
  3321. Welp, guess that conversation’s over, Damien thought. He didn’t try to press the point any further. Being carried like this was hardly the worst thing he’d experience in the past few days. The way Adrianne was holding him cuddled against her, his head softly pressed into her bosom, left no room for complaint.
  3323. After what she did for him, if this was what she wanted, he’d happily oblige.
  3325. Humming to herself, she carried him back to the bedroom. The bed was much more comfortable knowing that tomorrow Damien would be able to go back home. True, his house wasn’t nearly as nice as Thessa’s, but this place was starting to suffocate him.
  3327. When Adrianne slipped into the bed beside Damien, he sat up.
  3329. “You’re sleeping here?”
  3331. “Of course. You need someone to watch after you. Also, I want to be here if Anima shows up again.”
  3333. “I…” Something told Damien arguing either of those points would be a wasted effort. He made this bed, now he had to sleep in it. “Okay.”
  3335. “Here.” Adrianne opened all four of her arms, offering an embrace.
  3337. Damien, scooted closer, cautiously at first, but once Adrianne got her hands on him, she plopped him straight in her lap.
  3339. “There you go. Lie back and relax.”
  3341. Letting Adrianne’s hands guide him, Damien leaned back into her body, resting his head squarely between her breasts. This reminded him a lot of the night she’d given him that wonderful massage, and if that was what she was planning now, he couldn’t wait to get started. Smiling, he closed his eyes.
  3343. “Are you comfortable?”
  3345. “Very.”
  3347. “Good.” She pet his head idly as she spoke. “I do sometimes wonder how humans manage without angels. You’re all so small.”
  3349. “Some times are easier than others,” Damien admitted. “I do appreciate the help.”
  3351. Her lower hands crept downward, sliding along his body, and grabbed the bottom of his shirt. Without asking, she pulled it off him, passing it to her other hands before tossing it away. Damien squirmed. He’d slept without his shirt on yesterday, so this was probably just Adrianne getting him ready for bed. That’s what he told himself as her hands crawled along his chest and back, threatening to move lower.
  3353. “So, uh, what are you going to do now that you own my debt?”
  3355. “For now, I will hold onto you.” Her upper arms snuck under his and wrapped around his chest, pushing him further into her bosom. “Later I may have use of the leverage.”
  3357. That sounded utilitarian. “What kind of use?”
  3359. A hand moved up to his head, digging into his scalp with steady, powerful rubs. “You don’t need to worry about things like that. You’ve been through enough. Enjoy what I’m giving you.”
  3361. Damien readjusted himself again, trying to keep from sinking entirely into Adrianne’s body, but she was content with where he was. Her strong thighs closed around his and clamped shut.
  3363. He’d be lying if he said it wasn’t cozy snuggled up to her like this, but her silence combined with the way her hands were moving was not helping his nerves.
  3365. “What about you?” he asked. “You were, uh, talking like you were going to leave once this Anima business was done.”
  3367. “It’s true I don’t intend to linger, but the longer I am here, the more I realize the disconnect between the realm of angels and Earth. Look at you. Tossed around between deviants and dragons like a toy, no one to look after you when you needed it. And it could’ve happened to any human. So defenseless.”
  3369. Her tone twisted then mellowed, like she was making up her mind about something as she spoke.
  3371. Her hands creeped lower.
  3373. “What do you plan to do about it?” he said.
  3375. Adrianne shook her head. “I told you you didn’t need to worry about those things. Enjoy this.”
  3377. “But what’re you—” A hand slipped over his mouth, smothering his words, and forced him deeper into her breasts.
  3379. “You’re a real handful, aren’t you? It’s alright, I have hands to spare.”
  3381. Damien reached to pry the hand from his mouth, but two more seized his wrists and pulled his arms away. On instinct, he tried to yank himself free, but it was far too late for him to change his mind. More and more hands reached for him, closing around his legs, arms, and head, wrapping his body in an overwhelming and lecherous embrace.
  3383. Several gloved hands crept into Damien’s pants, not even bothering to remove them, and hungrily enveloped his cock. The moment their hold was sure, they started jerking him with a firm grip but a patient pace. His pants stretched to the point of tearing with all the movement, but another hand graciously undid the button and slid them down, fully exposing Damien before  dipping down to fondle his balls.
  3385. Wrapped up in her grasp, Damien couldn’t help but think of the subtle differences between now and last night. She still had her composed precision but at the same time, her touch was unrestrained. Needing. And she had no interest in letting Damien’s wants get in her way.
  3387. Adrianne still wore her calm, disarming smile, petting Damien like a scared dog, whispering as he writhed in her grip. “I’m sorry, Damien, I just can’t help myself,” she said. “It’s fine, don’t worry. Calm down.”
  3389. As her words reverberated through his head, he took a moment to think. What was he worried about, really? Why struggle?
  3391. His doubt must’ve showed somehow because Adrianne brightened up.
  3393. “There you go. Show me that face again. Let me help you.”
  3395. Damien realized Adrianne wasn’t just holding him down—many of her hands were massaging him, rubbing meticulous circles all over his body, kneading his skin with her satin touch. The shock her sudden advance had riled up drained out of him, coaxed away by her many hands.
  3397. “I wish I could show you how adorable you look right now.”
  3399. Damien couldn’t count the hands attending him. Two hands flicked his nipples between their fingers. A menagerie of hands molded the curve of his back, gliding across his skin with a caress while subtly urging his hips forward. Silky palms pumped up and down his shaft relentlessly, grips unyielding and purpose clear. Over his cockhead, a dozen teasing fingers drew in circles and curves, enveloping it with myriad dexterous caresses.
  3401. All of this happened each and every second of Adrianne’s attack.
  3403. Sensing weakness, Adrianne adjusted. Every gloved hand on his cock now devoted itself to stroking, interlacing their fingers as if praying. When there was no room left to hold, they reached for his thighs, his balls, any inch of skin not already smothered in satin.
  3405. “I’m right here, Damien. Cum. Let out as much as you want.”
  3407. Thrusting into her hands, Damien let out a powerful moan. His body tensed up and released, each spurt coaxed out by Adrianne’s expertise and immediately lost within the mass of moving hands. They continued to pump and caress without pause, insatiable, searching for more.
  3409. “Ahh.” Adrianne’s sigh was loud and drawn-out, a drunken smile on her face as she inspected one of her cum-soaked hands. “It really is that easy, isn’t it?” Another one of her hands snuck into Damien’s hair and pet him from brow to nape. “I’m sorry for the sudden assault. You looked so helpless, so needing that I had to do something.” When she saw pain on Damien’s face, however, her eyes creased with concern. “Is something wrong?”
  3411. She finally removed her hands from his mouth, allowing him to speak. “Once! Only once! Stop!” he yelped. “I can only cum once!”
  3413. Adrianne looked down to her still-stroking hands and back to Damien. “Are you sure?”
  3415. “Yes!”
  3417. After a second of consideration with disappointment clear on her face, her jerking slowed to a stop. She withdrew her hands from his cock, each stained with the cum they’d so eagerly extracted a moment before.
  3419. After catching his breath Damien said, “I’m not a toy, you know.”
  3421. “Of course I know. You’re a human.”
  3423. Damien took a deep breath to cool down. “Can you let go now? I need to stretch”
  3425. “Must I?”
  3427. “Yes.”
  3429. The extra arms vanished as if they were never there and Adrianne eased Damien back into a sitting position before releasing him. After a good stretch he turned on Adrianne, arms crossed, but just as he opened his mouth to start lecturing her, the words caught in his throat.
  3431. She was absolutely genuine. Seeing her worried expression, her open posture, the way she kept her attention entirely on him and weighted the seriousness of the situation as heavily as he did, he just couldn’t admonish her. Truly and wholly she believed she was helping him. Protecting him. It wasn’t the shallow sort of sincerity he’d seen from Grace, whose concern for him came only from the desire to protecting a toy she could play with later, but a wholesome kind of anxiety, like a mother has for a child.
  3433. Heat rushing to his face, he turned around.
  3435. “Did you have something to say?” said Adrianne.
  3437. Damien mulled for a moment. “I appreciate the apology. I know you generally don’t do those.”
  3439. Her soothing smile returned and she pat his head. “Have I told you you have a very… pettable head?”
  3441. “I think I figured that one out on my own.”
  3443. Adrianne’s impressed gasp didn’t surprise Damien. He’d probably blow her mind if he told her he’d memorized multiplication tables.
  3445. “Well, I think that is enough for tonight. You are clearly tired,” said Adrianne.
  3447. “I was just about to say that myself.”
  3449. Damien fell onto the bed besides Adrianne, closing his eyes.
  3451. She gave him one last pat before whispering, “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.”
  3454. **
  3457. The next morning, as promised, Thessa had the transfer documents ready and Adrianne was all too eager to sign. Damien, however, made sure to read them carefully before signing as well.
  3459. Adrianne was all too happy to carry Damien out of the mansion, drawing stares from the servants they passed. Damien was too excited to leave to care about them.
  3461. As Adrianne stepped outside, she looked at Damien. “Where would you like to go?”
  3463. “Home. Please.”
  3465. “Where do you live?”
  3467. “I’ll point it out. For now, just head west.”
  3469. She nodded, and with a flurry of wings, they took off.
  3471. Damien wished he could say this was the first time he’d flown with an angel. This time, at least, it was pleasant. They were bare to a harsh wind, but the sun was out and Adrianne held him close. There was no one to run from, and no sudden drop at the end. He still hadn’t gotten the chance to lecture Anima about that.
  3473. Adrianne remained focused on flying and with Damien pointing out the way, they were soon at his apartment. Using the breadth of her massive wingspread, Adrianne let them down slowly, her bare feet landing with hardly a sound, then placed Damien down as if he were made of glass.
  3475. Unable to hold back a smile, Damien stepped toward his front door.
  3477. Adrianne stopped him.
  3479. “Do you live with anyone else?”
  3481. “No.”
  3483. “Then perhaps I should go first.”
  3485. Intruders? Who would be in his house? If someone saw the chase between Grace and Thessa, maybe they’d gotten nosy and were poking around. He’d been gone a little while, maybe robbers? Either way, Adrianne wasn’t messing around.
  3487. Shielding Damien, Adrianne eased the door open.
  3489. “Damien!”
  3491. Grace plowed past Adrianne and wrapped Damien up in a bear hug, humming with happiness and swaying energetically.
  3493. “I’m so glad you’re back!” Her arms crushed him tighter against her. “I was worried about what that fiend would do to you. Are you okay?”
  3495. Her grip was starting to suffocating him, but before he could complain, Adrianne had stepped in and removed Grace from him.
  3497. “Who is this?”
  3498. “Who is this?”
  3500. The two angels asked Damien the same question simultaneously.
  3502. “Adrianne, this is Grace. Grace, Adrianne.” The experience of introducing Grace to anyone like she was some sort of friend was disorienting, yet he still hadn’t come up with a good response to her unexpectedly frank greeting.
  3504. “This is the deviant, then,” said Adrianne.
  3506. “‘Deviant’? Have you been talking to Thessa? I’m a doctor, not a deviant.”
  3508. “You’re the one who convinced Anima to stay here and neglect her duty.”
  3510. “What on earth are you talking about? Anima’s been a helpful nurse and I’ve taught her a few things, but nothing about neglecting duty.”
  3512. A new voice entered the conversation. “Doctor Grace has no fault in my decisions.”
  3514. Damien and the angels turned to see Anima emerge from deeper within the apartment.
  3516. Damien rolled his eyes. “Is everyone just squatting at my place now? Does no one have a house of their own?”
  3518. “Anima and I were cleaning up. Someone made a mess here,” said Grace.
  3520. Damien narrowed his eyes at her.
  3522. “Have you made your decision yet, Anima?” asked Adrianne.
  3524. “I am still in thought.”
  3526. “Then perhaps—”
  3528. “Hold on a sec,” said Damien. “I’m not going to stand awkwardly in my own front door while all you angels—”
  3530. “And archangels,” said Adrianne.
  3532. “And archangels do your angel and archangel things. I’m going to have a nice cup of coffee.”
  3534. The four of them got settled and Damien fixed his coffee just like he promised. He did so without offering anyone else a cup. With the crowd he had here, he figured he’d need the whole pot for himself. Sniffing the piping hot drink, he sat down at the dinner table.
  3536. “What do you need in order to return to your duty?” asked Adrianne.
  3538. “A method of removing my urges,” said Anima. “Failing that, a method of relieving them.”
  3540. Grace chimed in. “Your urges are perfectly healthy, Anima. You shouldn’t—”
  3542. Grace cut off when Adrianne slapped a hand over her mouth. Behind his coffee, Damien grinned.
  3544. “I am unaware of any method to removing your urges,” said Adrianne. “And without knowing their origin, it would likely be unsafe to do so.”
  3546. “Then I will need to relieve them somehow.”
  3548. “The volume of work your duty asks of you does not give time for such frivolous things. You will need to learn to cope.”
  3550. “That is unacceptable.”
  3552. Damien stifled a laugh. It’s not so much that he found Anima’s predicament funny, but rather the fact the two of them were negotiating like sales sharks over something with profound otherworldly consequences and the point of contention was how Anima would get her rocks off.
  3554. Adrianne crossed her arms and put a hand to her chin, dipping into thought. Grace tried to comment, but Adrianne still had her hand clamped solidly over her mouth. After a moment, Adrianne said, “How much time would this diversion cost you?”
  3556. “I would require several hours of each day to adequately calm the urge.”
  3558. “Hours?” Adrianne grumbled, tapping on her chin.
  3560. Hours!? thought Damien. Was it really that strong?
  3562. “Would five hours be enough?”
  3564. “Of each day? I believe that would be sufficient.”
  3566. “And the remainder of your time would be spent shepherding the dead.”
  3568. Anima nodded.
  3570. “I usually try not to make such concessions, but I believe I have a workable solution. First, I will assign another archangel of passage. It will take some time before they can do the work as well as you, but for now, it will suffice to cover the extra time.”
  3572. “Wait, you can just hire another?” asked Damien.
  3574. Adrianne gave him the same as Grace for speaking up.
  3576. “Second, you will have access to Damien for as long as you require within that window to satisfy your urge.”
  3578. “What?” said Damien, but with Adrianne covering his mouth, it was just “Mmph?”
  3580. “You are in my debt, Damien. This is how you will repay it,” said Adrianne. She looked at Anima. “Is this acceptable?”
  3582. Anima gazed at Adrianne a moment, then Damien. “It is.”
  3584. “Wonderful!” Adrianne took her hands off of Damien and Grace, clapping them together. “The matter is settled. Please return to your post.”
  3586. “I wish to be able to take the five hours whenever I wish,” said Anima.
  3588. “As long as it takes no longer, it’s up to you.”
  3590. “Then I wish to have Damien right now.”
  3592. “WAIT!”
  3594. Everyone stopped and stared at Grace, who was now standing and glaring at the other two angels.
  3596. “Damien’s been drained regularly these past couple days, hasn’t he?”
  3598. Adrianne and Anima exchanged glances.
  3600. “Adrianne doesn’t know better, but I expected more from you, Anima,” said Grace.
  3602. “I deemed it necessary at the time,” said Anima.
  3604. “I don’t know what better?” said Adrianne.
  3606. “At least tell me you’ve been milking him properly if you’ve let him cum,” said Grace.
  3608. Anima and Adrianne remained silent.
  3610. “Really? You’ve been letting him stop at one?”
  3612. “He asks to stop after the first orgasm,” said Adrianne.
  3614. “Adrianne, what the patient wants and what the patient needs are rarely the same.”
  3616. “What do you mean?”
  3618. Grace grinned and looked at Damien. “I’ve got a lot to teach you, Adrianne.”
  3620. About ten seconds later, Adrianne defenestrated a kicking and protesting Grace. The moment she was out the window, Grace caught herself and flew back up to the window, ranting, but Damien slammed it shut and closed the blinds, thanking Adrianne for her help.
  3622. Nope, thought Damien as he sipped his coffee. Not gonna let that happen.
  3624. Even as Anima scooped him up and whisked him off to the bedroom for her five hours, he continued to smile. It would take some getting used to, but this might just be alright.
  3628. ---
  3632. CHAPTER 5: A Tale of Two Archangels
  3633. “We appreciate your interest in the position, but we’ve decided to go with another candidate at this time. Thank you.”
  3635. Damien scowled at the email. Another rejection. He buried his head in his hands amidst a grumble. He knew when he started applying for a job he’d see more than one of these emails, but that didn’t help make the sting any less harsh. And his bills weren’t likely to take pity on him either.
  3637. “What is it?”
  3639. Damien looked up to Adrianne who was sitting across the table, sipping some coffee with concern in her eyes.
  3641. “Job rejection number twenty-something. The last mechanic shop within reasonable driving distance, too.”
  3643. “They make a mistake in refusing you. I’m sure your skills are fine.”
  3645. ‘Fine?’ Shaking his head, Damien looked back at his phone. Adrianne’s pep talks still needed some work. At least she was trying.
  3647. “You have been spending a lot of time on job searching. Perhaps you should take a break?” she asked.
  3649. “Bills don’t take a break and I’m running out of savings. Can’t afford to.”
  3651. “Really? Is money so important you must subject yourself to this?”
  3653. The question gave Damien a sour smile. Sometimes he was jealous of that sort of innocence.
  3655. He checked his bank account and sighed. It wouldn’t last much longer.
  3657. Curious, Adrianne stood up and walked around the small table to get a look at what had exasperated him.
  3659. “Funny how my livelihood is tied to this measly little number,” he explained.
  3661. “It does not seem that measly.”
  3663. He couldn’t tell if that was another attempt to encourage him or simply ignorance.
  3665. Adrianne laid two gloved hands on him, one petting his head, the other on his shoulder. “You will be fine.”
  3667. The way she said it, he almost believed it.
  3669. Leaning back in his chair, he let his thoughts wander elsewhere as Adrianne continued to massage his scalp. A couple weeks ago when all this madness involving Thessa, Grace, Anima and Adrianne had ended, he was hoping life would calm down or maybe find some semblance of normalcy. He wasn’t so lucky and the lack of a job was only part of it. Anima returned every day, sure to the deal she’d made with Adrianne. And Adrianne herself, well...
  3671. “Not to sound rude or anything, but why are you sticking around?” he asked. “You made it sound like your job kept you busy when we first met.”
  3673. Adrianne smiled her thoughtful smile, ruffling Damien’s hair at the question. “Anima has been one of our problem children and, as the one who made the deal to keep her in check, it is my responsibility to ensure it continues as agreed upon. Of course, it’s also nice to to keep the company of a human as well.”
  3675. ‘A human,’ she said. Not Damien himself. In truth, though, it was nice to have her around, if only as someone to talk at. If Anima was his sole company, he might develop the disposition of stale bread.
  3677. The doorbell rang.
  3679. Adrianne and Damien both turned to it just in time to see Anima float through the front door. It had taken Damien a while to get her to announce herself like that instead of popping up behind him and scaring him pale.
  3681. “Hello, Anima,” said Adrianne.
  3683. Anima ignored Adrianne, instead making a beeline toward Damien. Nervous, he leaned away, but Anima seized his wrist and wrested him out of his chair and Adrianne’s soothing petting.
  3685. “Woah! Hey, what—”
  3687. “I require you,” said Anima.
  3689. Assuming her statement enough of an explanation, she pulled him away toward the bedroom.
  3691. Adrianne spoke up as Anima dragged Damien away. “I know he’s yours, but you should consider a degree of politeness rather than—”
  3693. Anima slammed the bedroom door closed with a wing, cutting Adrianne off. With one motion, she threw Damien at the bed and was on her knees, hands grabbing at his pants.
  3695. “This clothing is a hindrance. Cease use of it.”
  3697. “I’m not going to walk around naked, Anima,” said Damien, leering.
  3699. “Eliminating clothing requires less time from you and allows me freer access to your member. I do not see a downside.”
  3701. The moment the button popped open, Anima had his pants at his knees. Without bothering to remove her pale green dress she swallowed his cock whole with her tits. She paused, taking in the moment, but only for a split second before crushing her tits together and beginning a powerful, mechanical paizuri.
  3703. “I’m noo-ooh-ooat—” Damien was interrupted by the rush of pleasure Anima’s tits forced into him. “—not going to live naked for you to save a couple seconds. I still—mmm—still need to do things outside like shopping.”
  3705. Though talking to Damien, Anima’s eyes were fixed on his cock, her methodical motions earning the whole of her attention. “Adrianne is still here. Delegate such activities to her.”
  3707. “I’m not going to ask Adrianne to do basic living tasks I can easily do myself. Besides, you know her attitude toward—ahhh—toward humans. It wouldn’t make sense to her for an archangel to do a human’s bidding.”
  3709. “This… is correct. Though undesirable.”
  3711. While her tone said nothing as usual, her paizuri grew agitated, the motions rushed and imprecise. She dropped the subject and maintained silence, leaving the rustle of her thin silk dress against Damien’s cock the only sound in the room.
  3713. Deep in thought, her instinctive skill took over. Her hands shifted, pressing her breasts harder into together and allowing them to completely swallow Damien, even at the ebb of her rhythm. Her pace varied, moving from determined to methodical, aggressive to patient. On the rare occasion her cleavage surrendered his tip to the open air, her hot breath would rush over it, sending a reverberating chill down Damien’s spine. Fully succumbed to Anima’s skill, Damien moaned, leaning back and sucking in a loud breath.
  3715. Anima took this as a prompt to attack, wrapping her arms around her tits in a hug and locking Damien in a prison of soft, merciless pleasure. Her eyes bore through him, their cold gaze merely observing as if the Anima behind them and the one giving the paizuri were two different angels.
  3717. Her breasts swirled around Damien’s cock, pressure building with each pump. Damien gnashed his teeth, trying to hold on, but the precision and persistence of the attack had worn him down.
  3719. “Anima, I’m gonna cum.”
  3721. She did not look up. “Yes, that is the intent.”
  3723. Insensitive to Damien’s state, Anima continued crush his cock. Her breasts slid up and down faster and faster, slick with precum and hungry for more.
  3725. A lightning storm of bliss shocked his body. His hands clenched as he thrust, soiling Anima’s cleavage with rope after rope of cum. Her breasts didn’t bother to slow. They were intent on forcing as much out as possible. Unable to keep up, Damien spasmed and let out one last splurt, covering Anima’s emotionless face before he went limp on the bed.
  3727. Anima showed no interest in stopping.
  3729. When his raw cock began to protest her tireless attention, Damien raised a weary hand. “H-hold on, give me a second.”
  3731. “I still have several hours and I am not finished.”
  3733. His cock began to burn and he sat up, trying to get some leverage to escape. “I know, but it’s starting to hurt.”
  3735. “Pleasure is not a requirement.”
  3737. At this, she sped up, making Damien yelp. His body found strength and he pushed himself out of her tits. “Anima!”
  3739. She stopped, frozen in place, cum slowly dripping down her face as she stared at him. A long silence passed.
  3741. “Of course. Forgive me, I was overzealous. I do not wish to cause you pain.” After a moment, she added, “I much prefer your expressions of pleasure.”
  3743. Damien closed his eyes and relaxed. “That was—you can’t just—ugh. Thanks for stopping, at least.”
  3745. Anima opened her cleavage. “Please return your member to its proper place.”
  3747. He raised an eyebrow at her.
  3749. “I will give you time. I simply prefer to have it amongst my chest.”
  3751. Watching Anima carefully, he scooted back to the edge of the bed where she happily engulfed his cock. This time, however, she did not immediately start hammering away at it.
  3753. “When will you be ready?” asked Anima, her hands poised to resume.
  3755. “Just… just give it time. I’ll tell you. It’ll take at least a few minutes.”
  3757. Her eyes drilled into his before he could stand the unrelenting gaze no more. Did Anima always have to be this… direct? Surely there was more to her, more than this carnal desire for paizuri. Did she like her job? Did she like Earth? What hobbies did she have?
  3759. Damien opened his mouth, considering asking, but after a glance at her, reconsidered. He’d gone down that road before. Right now the only thing on her mind were her tits and his cock and how best to mash the two together.
  3761. Snuggled comfortably between her tits, his cock slowly regained its vigor. Damien could’ve remained quiet for a little more rest, but he didn’t want Anima to get overeager again.
  3763. “Okay—”
  3765. Anima immediately resumed her zealous attack, but Damien held his hand up to stop her.
  3767. “—but slow! At least for now.”
  3769. “I understand,” said Anima, and toned it back.
  3771. It was a little less than two full hours before Damien pried her off, too exhausted to continue. Collapsing back onto the bed, he stared at the ceiling, taking deep breaths to regain himself. Anima, her dress and face absolutely drenched in all the semen she could extract, stood up and cocked her head at Damien before sitting down beside him, back stiff as a board.
  3773. “It’s okay to relax,” said Damien.
  3775. Her posture loosened a little.
  3777. This was always how it went with her. Business, then silence. He’d tried to start a conversation many times before, but he might as well been trying to get a stone to bleed. Each question that didn’t relate to paizuri was answered with as few words as possible. Even leading questions that he’d hoped would get her to open up or ask questions herself hit a dead end. At this point, he was starting to lose hope that this would ever become more than a tittyfuck meetup.
  3779. Yes, she was gorgeous. Yes, her sexual forwardness was appealing. Yes, she was often considerate of Damien’s requests. After weeks of getting absolutely nothing out of her, though, it was starting to wear.
  3781. Damien looked over at Anima’s cum-soaked face. She couldn’t be that simple, could she? There had to be something more there, right?
  3783. “What are you thinking about right now?” he asked.
  3785. “I enjoyed the sensation of paizuri with my chest still clothed. I think I may attempt it more frequently in the future.”
  3787. He gave her a moment more to speak, but nothing came of it. “That’s it? You’re not even thinking about cleaning up? I mean, you’re covered in semen.”
  3789. She looked downward at her front. “Yes, you have suggested in the past that I give my appearance more attention.” With that, she got up and walked to the bathroom. Damien heard the sound of running water shortly after.
  3791. Maybe Damien just wasn’t asking the right questions. Or maybe Anima wasn’t in the proper state of mind to answer them during these sessions. But it was so hard to get time with her outside of them due to her job.
  3793. Damien rolled his eyes. Even Anima had a job. For a second he considered asking advice before realizing she would have even less of an idea of how to get a job than he.
  3795. Anima returned, he dress cleaned by whatever divine methods she’d always used, but her face still glistened with residue. She’d probably just smeared his cum around with water.
  3797. Groaning, Damien stood up and pointed her back to the bathroom. He’d have to show her how to do it properly. Again.
  3800. **
  3803. An errant slice of sunlight woke Damien to a quiet room. Anima had left for her job and Damien, exhausted, had fallen asleep hard. He checked the time. Ten thirty. Longer than a job seeker should be sleeping in. With a grumble, he forced himself up.
  3805. Once dressed and awake, he entered the hall to the sound of chatter. Confused, Damien paused to listen. Two voices were coming from the kitchen. One was clearly Adrianne, but the other he couldn’t quite place. Anima’s voice was too distinctive to mistake, so it couldn’t’ve been her. As he walked down the hall toward the conversation, realization dawned on him.
  3807. Oh no.
  3809. Bursting into the kitchen, he froze at the sight of Grace and Adrianne talking over coffee. Adrianne was paying attention, even enjoying herself with a slight smile, while Grace’s all-business expression quickly devolved into a grin.
  3811. “Hi, Damien! Adrianne was just filling me in on—”
  3813. “Out!” Damien stomped over to the front door and swung it open. “Now.”
  3815. Adrianne tried explaining. “Damien, she’s not planning anything, I just wanted—”
  3817. “It doesn’t matter. She’s leaving.”
  3819. “Really, dear, I was only concerned.” Grace tried to melt him with her caring smile, but Damien had built up plenty resistance. “Can a doctor not follow up with her patients?” She shook her head, but started walking toward the door nonetheless. “In the interest of respecting his wishes, I will be leaving, Adrianne. We can talk more later.”
  3821. “Of course.”
  3823. “And Damien, don’t forget to come in for a—”
  3825. He slammed the door the moment she was out.
  3827. “Didn’t you throw her out the window the last time she was here?” said Damien.
  3829. “I did. Circumstances are different now.”
  3831. Damien threw his hands up. “How!?”
  3833. “She no longer intends to force anything upon you.”
  3835. “You believe her? Adrianne, it might come as a surprise, but angels lie. That one more than most.”
  3837. Adrianne’s expression sharpened. “Of course they do, they are not archangels. I am aware of the presence of deception, young Damien, and I felt none from her. It gains her little as long as Anima and I are here to watch over you.”
  3839. Damien glared at her through gritted teeth. He didn’t know what Grace had said to her, but something had convinced her and woe be it a human judge her for it.
  3841. “Why was she here, anyways? You said you wanted something from her.”
  3843. “What I wanted is of no consequence to you at the moment. A hu…” She trailed off, lowering her head with a deep breath. After a moment of silence, she looked back up to Damien, laid a hand upon her chest and softened her gaze. “It would not do for an archangel to speak to her charge in such a heated manner.” With effortless grace, she glided over to the couch, sat down and extended her hand. “You will sit next to me.”
  3845. Cocking his head, Damien took a cautious step toward her. She spoke it as a command, but her body language said it was more an invitation and the dichotomy was dizzying. Was this her finally making an effort to be more polite or was it something else?
  3847. “Come. I do not wish to repeat myself.” She pat the spot on the couch next to her and extended her arm further.
  3849. Now he just felt awkward standing in the middle of the room. Letting go of his hesitation, he walked over to the couch.
  3851. Adrianne’s many hands were quick to accept him, pulling him snug against her side. One guided his head to her shoulder while another rested on his hip. The closer of her broad wings also extended, wrapping around his shoulder in its fluffy, expansive embrace.
  3853. Her warmth immediately flushed through him wherever they touched. It was a mild, soothing reminder of the divinity this larger-than-life woman held within. Damien felt his eyes starting to droop.
  3855. “I am… sorry for… presuming,” she said.
  3857. That snapped Damien right out of it. An apology from Adrianne? Unsolicited? While he’d been telling her to try being more humble for weeks now, he hadn’t expected his words to find purchase.
  3859. “Presuming?” he asked.
  3861. “Yes, that… that is the issue here, is it not?”
  3863. Damien thought about it a moment. Grace was the root of his irritation, yes, but that wasn’t all, was it?
  3865. While he mulled over it, one of Adrianne’s hands drifted to his scalp and began to scratch it.
  3867. Damien fought a moan back.
  3869. Even when she wasn’t concentrating on it, Adrianne could make her hands work wonders. The way her satin gloves complimented her delicate touch on Damien’s most vulnerable spots could probably send him straight into a coma if she wished. Instead, for now, she was content with a simple petting motion from his forehead to his neck.
  3871. If it was a tactic to butter him up, it was working.
  3873. “I guess it is,” he said.
  3875. “I presumed you would not mind Grace’s presence here. The proper course would have been to ask.”
  3877. “It’s…” Damn, it was hard to stay angry like this. “It’s fine. She’s gone now.”
  3879. Adrianne nodded, petting Damien a few more times before asking, “How was your time with Anima?”
  3881. “Anima?” Odd. Adrianne usually avoided the subject. “It was fine. It’s really hard to tell what’s going on in her head, though.”
  3883. “Certainly.” She brought another hand over, idly tracing shapes on the bare of Damien’s forearm. Though warm, her touch ran a chill through him.
  3885. “Do you know her at all?” he said.
  3887. “Well enough to get her to return to her duties when she becomes distracted. Outside of that area, however, no. I generally do not have the time to get to know every archangel I come across.”
  3889. “Has she ever, well, shown interest in anything?”
  3891. Adrianne looked down at Damien, giving him a pitying smile and a haphazard rub. “Damien, you will need to stop trying to view archangels through the lens of a human. Interests, emotions, compulsions, ambitions, all those things are of humanity. Archangels pick and choose what suits them and discard the rest.” She laid a hand on her chest. “I am an exception. I require the full breadth of emotion in order to empathize with the archangels I help and therefore understand the best way to solve their problems. Anima, however needs little: focus, determination, wisdom, and perhaps a dash of empathy. Anything more could cripple her.”
  3893. “Cripple? What specifically about watching the dead move on could cause that serious of a reaction? I mean, I understand how it could be emotionally draining, but crippling?”
  3895. “You’re forgetting something. The very thing that has us in the situation we are in. Archangels do not always handle strong emotions well. After a short time on Earth, Anima was exposed to and subsequently dominated by lust. Imagine if she knew anger. Or even worse, love.”
  3897. True. If Anima understood love, then watching every human connection be broken up by death would reduce her to tears. “I hadn’t really thought of that. Although it seems like Anima’s perhaps been showing a little more emotion than when I first met her. Yesterday she pounced me. She’s been assertive before, but never so needy.”
  3899. “It is to be expected after spending so much time on Earth. Archangels are deeply connected to the flow of the world. When we reside so close to the tempest of emotion that is humanity, we cannot help but pick some of them up ourselves.”
  3901. “And you?”
  3903. “As I said, I am an exception. While I do feel my emotions more pronounced than usual, it is nothing beyond my discipline.”
  3905. That was a lie if Damien ever heard one.
  3907. Adrianne shifted, pulling Damien in closer while letting her hand drift up his arm to his shoulder. “Speaking of emotion, you have been troubled these last few days. Would you like to talk about it?”
  3909. “It’s… nothing.” Damien tried and failed to avoid a blush. “I’m sure I’ll be past it soon.”
  3911. “Let me rephrase, then. I am not releasing you until you tell me about it.”
  3913. With that, her grip tightened, securing Damien with her overwhelming strength. Meanwhile, the hand in Damien’s hair continued to stroke kindly.
  3915. Damien forced a laugh. “A little pushy after that stunt you just pulled with Grace, don’t you think?”
  3917. Her smile widened. If he hadn’t known better, he would’ve called it a smirk. “We are talking about you, Damien.”
  3919. He tested her hold on him. Nope. He couldn’t budge an inch. “I don’t know if now is the best time to talk about something like that.”
  3921. “Of course it is. And if it is not, I suggest you make it so, elsewise you shall be stuck here a while.” She flared out her massive wing and curled it further around Damien, almost enveloping him. “And I would not recommend pitting your patience against mine.”
  3923. “It’s nothing. Really, Adrianne.”
  3925. “That’s fine, you may squirm as much as you wish. I hope you do not mind if I continue to pet you.”
  3927. She ruffled his hair before delving back into her scalp massage, digging her fingers deep with each scratch.
  3929. Despite himself, Damien couldn’t quite nail down what kept him silent for the next few minutes as Adrianne attended him with wings and hands. Part of it was his stubbornness, for sure. Another part was a rebellion against how Adrianne coddled him. Yes, he enjoyed it, but damn if he would admit it. Lastly, there was an annoyance. No, an anger. Not at Adrianne, not at Grace, not really at anyone, now that he thought about it. But it was an anger of helplessness. Ever since the accident that had landed him in Grace’s care, he hadn’t been able to accomplish a single thing on his own. It was all he could do to manage the bare minimum for a functioning adult, and even at that he was struggling.
  3931. And as he juggled those three thoughts, trying to find one to blame for his defiance, he made a decision.
  3933. Silence just wasn’t worth the trouble.
  3935. “I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up. I don’t have any power in my own life anymore,” he said.
  3937. “And why would you say that?”
  3939. “Anima takes up hours of my day and leaves me exhausted. Grace is still poking her nose around here for some reason that can’t be good. I’ve utterly failed at finding a job for months now and when time comes to pay next month’s rent, I’m screwed! When did this all happen? Is it my fault?”
  3941. “No, of course it is not.” She gave his arm a squeeze. “But it’s normal to feel that way. You’ve been caught up in some very interesting events. It would be strange if you were able to land on your feet and move on as if nothing happened. Humans aren’t meant to be so callous to change.”
  3943. “I guess so.” He could’ve done more, though. There was a right way to handle this, he just didn’t know what it was.
  3945. “I think what you need right now is to relax.” She leaned over, her excessive body almost overwhelming him as she pressed her forehead against the top of his head. At the same time, the hand that had a moment ago offered a comforting squeeze ventured dangerously low.
  3947. Damien’s face burned as hot as a furnace. Adrianne had made no move to disguise her intent. She knew he was watching. In the nexus of her caring embrace, it was clear she would spare no shame—she would do whatever she thought she needed to do to help.
  3949. Purely out of instinct, he grabbed her creeping hand.
  3951. “Relax,” she said as another hand drifted downward, gently prying Damien’s hand away from her encroaching one.
  3953. “I’m not sure about this.”
  3955. “You are allowing your stress to control you. There is no need to think of others all the time. Allow me to indulge you.”
  3957. With the speed of a sloth, her gloved hand popped the button on his pants and undid the zipper. His aching bulge could feel her touch through his clothing. It twitched as Adrianne’s hands began to expose it.
  3959. But even as kind as Adrianne’s offer was, even as gentle as she was being, Damien couldn’t relax. Some small voice in the back of his head was telling him somehow this was something he couldn’t enjoy. Yes, he needed his strength for Anima, but that wasn’t all. There was something else, something more compelling.
  3961. “Lie back and let me drain all that anxiety out of you.” Adrianne cupped his cheek, her smile glowing. At the same time, she grabbed his boxers and started to ease them down.
  3963. “No.”
  3965. Her benevolent face flinched. “I can’t help if you don’t let go.”
  3967. “I know, but I can’t.” Though every bit of instinct resisted against it, he pulled his boxers out of her grip and back up along with his pants. “I can’t.”
  3969. Adrianne was frozen. Damien could tell she was doing everything in her power to retain her composure and to her credit, she was doing a damn good job.
  3971. “Yes… Yes, certainly, if that’s how you feel, I won’t press.”
  3973. A pang of regret hit Damien as her hands withdrew and he zipped back up. It would’ve been so easy to let her continue, but something just wasn’t right.
  3975. “Sorry.”
  3977. “‘Sorry’?” Adrianne shook her head. “Do not be concerned for me. I am an archangel and strong enough to weather a reproach.” She gave his shoulder a squeeze. “I am far more concerned for you.”
  3979. If there was one thing Adrianne picked up from Earth, it was the ease with which she could lie. It was an important lie, though. A necessary one.
  3981. Damien almost felt sick.
  3983. “I’ll, uh, go now,” he said, getting up. “Errands to run and all that.”
  3985. Adrianne gazed at him from a dignified, proper pose, hands in her lap and face passive. “I wish you well.”
  3987. Damien hoped so.
  3990. **
  3993. It was night when he got back from running errands. He’d been finding excuses to stay out longer, but as his arraigned time with Anima grew closer, he knew he’d have to find his way back. His mind raced in the car, rocking back and forth between anxious and ashamed. Grace was still out there, watching him as today had shown. She wasn’t stupid enough to try the straightforward approach any more, not with Adrianne and Anima still around, but her presence meant she had something up her sleeve.
  3995. At the same time, Adrianne was waiting back there. Logic said her presence should put him at ease, as she was not merely considerate but outright doting. Yet she still agitated something within Damien as if picking at a scab. It was clear her disposition came from a life devoted to helping others, but at the same time, she’d forgotten how to mind her own business as well.
  3997. Damien’s knuckles turned white as he squeezed on the steering wheel. It was such an ungrateful thought, put that way. She did want to help. But… why? The excuse she’d given him of looking after Anima held weight for a little while, but she spent so much of her time concerning herself with Damien. What did she get out of it? Was it just some hollow instinct, a response she never bothered resisting that she’d picked up from her lifestyle? Or was there a depth to her Damien couldn’t see?
  3999. These questions clouded his mind as he shuffled up to his door and went inside.
  4001. As expected, Adrianne was still there.
  4003. Not as expected, she had prepared dinner. And it didn’t smell the least bit offensive.
  4005. “Feeling hungry?” said Adrianne.
  4007. “Uh, yeah, for sure,” said Damien, his approach toward the kitchen cautious. “What is…?”
  4009. “It is an arrangement of what I could find,” she said, holding out a hand toward a plate on the table. A simple dish and, from the looks of it, Adrianne wasn’t being coy or modest. It was literally what Damien had in the fridge and cupboard, chopped up and stir-fried then thrown atop some rice. “I felt as though if I could not alleviate your stress in one way, perhaps I could try another.”
  4011. A sudden itch flared up on the back of Damien’s head, but he did his best to ignore it. “Thanks, I guess. I mean, really, thanks, not just guessing.”
  4013. Adrianne nodded with her benevolent smile as if accepting thanks was the most natural thing in the world for her.
  4015. Damien sat down in front of the plate, staring, trying to figure out if he was more surprised by the gesture or the fact that he’d never considered Adrianne could cook. Cooking was a basic part of human life, but archangels never needed to eat. Maybe the enjoyed it more than he thought and it was a common thing. Maybe Adrianne’s job involved cooking. Maybe it was just something they naturally knew. There might be some massive cooking sub-culture among archangels that he never—
  4017. Damien shook his head. He was going to bury himself in his own thoughts like that. With a plate of hot food in front of him, the next logical step was to eat it.
  4019. Adrianne sat down next to him, intertwining her top pair of hands and resting them on the table in front of her. She watched Damien as he ate, saying nothing. After a minute or so, however, the silence was too uneasy for him to ignore.
  4021. “So, uh, what did you do today?” he asked.
  4023. “I learned to cook.”
  4025. Welp, that was one question answered. “Just today, huh.”
  4027. “Yes, just today.”
  4029. He forced down another bite, but his chewing and swallowing seemed to be getting louder. Did Adrianne not hear it?
  4031. It was in that moment he realized he had nothing to talk to her about. He didn’t know her hobbies or, hell, if she even had them. She had more direction and ambition than Anima but Damien didn’t really know where they were aimed. Was there some sort of archangel hierarchy? Recognition? Did they retire? It was just like yesterday with Anima: he found himself sitting in front of someone he knew but actually didn’t know at all.
  4033. One of Adrianne’s hands under the table rested on Damien’s knee. “I can see you are thinking very intently about something,” she said.
  4035. “Sorry, it’s just quiet. I feel more natural talking with people over a meal.”
  4037. “If that’s the case: what would you like to talk about?”
  4039. What are your aspirations? “How was your day?”
  4041. She smirked, but answered. “It was fine, as you say. Busy, as ever, but typical.”
  4043. “Busy? Was it that hard to learn cooking?
  4045. “Just because I spent time here does not mean my duties have evaporated. Every moment you are gone or unavailable, I am away, attending to what must be done.” She rubbed his knee. “Cooking is a simple human concept. I learned it without trouble.”
  4047. “Oh.” It’d taken him months to make something presentable. He took a sheepish bite of the plate Adrianne had prepared. “Not bad.”
  4049. “You needn’t be modest. An archangel has chosen to serve you dinner.”
  4051. He rolled his eyes. Typical. Even if he did teach Adrianne how to be polite, there was no way she’d lose that arrogance.
  4053. “Is there anything more I can get you?” she asked.
  4055. “No, I think I’m good.”
  4057. “Nothing?” Her hand crept further up his leg and squeezed.
  4059. He chewed awkwardly, watching Adrianne. Her upper arms were benign, holding her chin up, and her smile was warm and unassuming.
  4061. Her lower hands, however, were very intent. And with her sweet smile on, she advanced them further.
  4063. Damien swallowed. Hard. “Um, Adrianne…”
  4065. “Yes?”
  4067. He heard a click as they undid the button on his pants.
  4069. “You don’t have to—”
  4071. She raised a finger to his lips.
  4073. “Damien. Tell me to stop and I’ll stop. But if not… let me help.”
  4075. Whatever willpower had torn him away from her earlier had whittled away.
  4077. “O… Okay.”
  4079. Adrianne’s smile bloomed with delight as his response. Her lower hands vanished and she stood up. Damien’s confusion was quickly answered.
  4081. “It would be a waste to delegate this to a simple jerk under the table now that you’re being honest with yourself. Come.”
  4083. Adrianne urged him by the hand to his bedroom. Not a second after he sat on the bed, four deft hands were disrobing him with equal parts grace and urgency. Once he was naked, Adrianne knelt down before him, bringing herself to eye level. A pair of her hands groped his cock, electrifying him with their eager satin touch, while the other laid gently on his cheeks, dwarfing his face with their size.
  4085. Adrianne gazed directly into his eyes.
  4087. “I want you to lie back, take deep breaths, and think about nothing but yourself, Damien. I will do everything for you.”
  4089. He nodded and obeyed.
  4091. His cock was instantly swallowed by flesh and satin. Adrianne used two hands to pump at a leisurely pace while the other two pushed her tits together around him. Moaning, he arched his back at the assault of stimulation, closing his eyes and trying to focus.
  4093. Adrianne moved everything in concert. When her gloved hands slowed, her flowing tits took over. When the sensation of soft flesh began to overwhelm Damien, she would relax her tits and allow her hands to take the lead once more. She tuned the rhythm of her ministrations precisely to the beat of his body, leading it when he became relaxed and soothing it when he sung tension.
  4095. Each minute of her onslaught felt like hours.
  4097. “Isn’t it so much better when you accept your urges?” she asked.
  4099. All Damien could do was moan in response.
  4101. Adrianne’s approach was so much different than Anima’s. While Anima was indeed skilled, she treated paizuri much more like a race. The end goal was to overload Damien with pleasure instead of stretching it out like Adrianne. As Adrianne renewed her grip on Damien and another wave crashed over him, he wondered if he could ever talk Anima into trying this.
  4103. Unfortunately, that was all he had time to wonder about.
  4105. “Adrianne.”
  4107. The two of them turned to the doorway. Anima’s blank eyes stared back.
  4109. “You have placed yourself in an inconvenient location.”
  4111. “Just give me a moment, Anima,” said Adrianne.
  4113. “Please, Anima,” added Damien.
  4115. For that, however, he got a vaporizing stare from Anima. While her expression gained no fervor, he swore he could feel heat where her gaze hit him.
  4117. After melting Damien beneath her eyes, Anima swooped in, nudging Adrianne from her spot and leaving Damien’s member wanting.
  4119. “Thank for preparing him. That is enough,” said Anima.
  4121. Adrianne stood up with grace, despite Anima’s roughness. “I could help.”
  4123. “Unnecessary.”
  4125. Adrianne waited for an explanation Anima was all too eager to withhold. After a staring contest Anima’s mercilessly empty stare won, Adrianne nodded to both her and Damien. “I’ll leave you, then.”
  4127. Damien spoke up. “You don’t have to—”
  4129. “Yes, she does,” said Anima.
  4131. Damien snapped his mouth shut. Anima wasn’t kidding around. He waited for the door to close behind Adrianne, eyeing Anima the entire time.
  4133. The moment the latch clicked, Anima burst into motion, her movements stiff but precise. Before he even realized what what going on, she’d fastened one of his wrists to the head of the bed, using the same bindings Grace had long ago.
  4135. “Anima, what are you doing?”
  4137. “I am restraining you.” She moved to circle around the bed to the other wrist.
  4139. “Give me an explanation, don’t just do it.” He reached to undo the binding with his free hand, but one of Anima’s wings reached out with blinding speed and slammed his hand back down long enough for her to come around the bed and bind it as well.
  4141. “What the heck?”
  4143. “It is necessary.”
  4145. “Why?”
  4147. Anima knelt down and smothered Damien’s painfully-stiff cock in her bosom. “I have deemed it so.”
  4149. And she began.
  4151. Anima’s technique had always been so elementary, efficient and routine that when she started by crushing her tits together as hard as possible and smearing them along his cock without rhythm or pattern, he knew something was wrong.
  4153. He swallowed hard, watching her, quivering whenever her reckless stimulation dragged him closer to the edge, as concerned as he was aroused.
  4155. Meticulous or not, Anima’s attack hit all the right places, and soon Damien couldn’t even concentrate on watching her. Waves of pleasure hit him over and over, closer and closer together. He moaned.
  4157. “Anima, I’m gonna—”
  4159. But the moment he spoke, she stopped. Completely. Her hands were resting on his legs and her eyes were locked on his, waiting. Eagerly patient. He tried to look past her vacant stare like he had so many times and for once, he thought he saw something.
  4161. “Are you alright?” he asked.
  4163. “Your concern for my health is touching but unneeded.”
  4165. “No, I mean like, feeling alright. Mentally.”
  4167. “Please do not distract me.”
  4169. She remained motionless, watching Damien, his cock still enveloped in her cleavage. He wanted to say something, but he wasn’t sure what. She was dodging all of his questions, and each one only seemed to aggravate her. Sure, she hadn’t admitted anything, and her face was still blank as a fresh piece of paper, but her actions told him plenty.
  4171. Just as he started to soften, Anima readjusted. She moved her hands away from her breasts and looped them around his legs.
  4173. “Hey, what’re you—ahh!”
  4175. Anima lifted his lower body off the bed. She then brought her wings around, using their elbows to push her tits together, and began to jerk his legs up and down in a crude thrusting motion.
  4177. With Damien’s legs in her grip, she had complete control. If he tried to leverage his hips to get more friction, she would relax, counteracting his thrust. If he tried to scoot forward to get leverage with his upper body, she would scoot just as far away. No matter what he tried, his cock didn’t get an ounce more of contact than what she allowed.
  4179. And what she allowed was maddening. She varied the speed of his thrusts, shifting from jackhammer to gentle the second he felt release churning within, then accelerating when he started to relax. Her wings, too, demonstrated excellent control, easing the pressure on his cock to whatever teetered him perfectly on the edge.
  4181. He tried watching her, hoping the visual stimulation would be enough, but the pitiless leer bearing back at him made him look away.
  4183. Damien lost track of time, only measuring the passage in peaks and valleys. Over and over Anima would switch tactics, from soft and steady to hard and calm to angry and intense. More than once Damien caught himself drooling.
  4185. Finally, Anima forced his thrusts in earnest, hammering away at the supple grip of her breasts over and over. Moaning, Damien writhed in his bonds, concentrating on the beautiful release barreling towards him.
  4187. Anima stopped.
  4189. The shock of loss of swirling pleasures made Damien gasp and he pulled at his bonds in vain.
  4191. “Let me cum!”
  4193. “You have had ample opportunity to release into my chest.”
  4195. “You keep stopping.”
  4197. “I am merely resting. If I am doing so at a time inconvenient for you, I am not sorry.”
  4199. “Yes, it’s inconvi—wait, did you say ‘not’?”
  4201. “Resuming.”
  4203. Damien’s protest died to the groan Anima forced from him the moment her tits bore down on him. His body was nothing more than a tool to penetrate her cleavage. He fucked her tits at her whim, helpless to do anything but watch.
  4205. Anima analyzed every cue his body gave her with brutal precision. Whenever he got comfortable watching her, she would lean in, pressing her chests further into his cock, and stare while slowing his thrusts. Every twitch and wince when she hit something particularly blissful would lead to her focusing on it until Damien couldn’t control the sounds coming out of his own mouth.
  4207. Damien glared at her, no longer caring if she saw his frustration. He needed to cum.
  4209. She return his glare with nothing. Although after a moment, he realized she was speeding up. Her wings flared out, mashing her breasts together harder. He saw her muscles flex as she yanked his legs up and down. Damien arched his back and concentrated on the building pressure, the slick, smooth tits swallowing his cock, the brutal rhythm Anima compelled his body to obey.
  4211. He closed his eyes and let his mouth hang open, release a second away.
  4213. And then nothing.
  4215. Anima withdrew, dropping his legs back to the bed and standing up.
  4217. “No! Not again! Please, a little more!”
  4219. For the tiniest fraction of a second, so fast he couldn’t tell if he was seeing things or not, a sliver of emotion painted Anima’s face. A smirk.
  4221. “My time with you for today is at its end. I must return to my duties.”
  4223. “Just a tiny bit more! Not even a minute!”
  4225. “I am compelled by my contract with Adrianne. Worry not, I will return at the usual time to repeat the process.”
  4227. “Anima, don’t!”
  4229. And she was gone.
  4231. “Fuck’s sake.” Damien looked at his throbbing member, wet with the excessive precum Anima had extracted. He tugged at his wrists, but the bindings held. “Fuck!”
  4233. “Damien?”
  4235. Adrianne’s voice never sounded so sweet. “Yes! Come in!”
  4237. The door swung open. After a single step in, Adrianne froze, looking the bound and naked Damien up and down.
  4239. “Do you need help?”
  4241. “Yes!” He didn’t mean to sound short with her, but what the hell? It was obvious!
  4243. Adrianne nodded and moved toward his cock.
  4245. “No, not there!” He shook his arms. “Here! The straps!”
  4247. Adrianne paused. It was only a split second, her eyes looking between the bindings and his cock, but the idea was still there. Thankfully, an idea is all it remained. She undid the bindings and Damien sat up, holding his aching back.
  4249. “Damn. Thanks, Adrianne.”
  4251. “Of course. Did Anima forget to undo the straps before leaving?”
  4253. “No, she left me like that on purpose. I think… I think she was angry.”
  4255. Adrianne shot him a doubtful look. “Anima has no need for anger. She must have simply forgotten.”
  4257. “No, I’m pretty sure her mind was focused entirely on me.”
  4259. “What would you say about her actions indicated anger?”
  4261. “She was really short with me and wouldn’t answer my questions.”
  4263. “So, like usual?”
  4265. Damien shook his hands vehemently. “I could hear it in her voice!”
  4267. “I think you were imagining it.”
  4269. “She didn’t even finish me off!” He said, gesturing to his fully erect and raw dick. “I usually have to slow her down!”
  4271. Adrianne’s eyes lingered, hunger in her gaze. Biting her lip, she said, “Did you need any help…?”
  4273. Damien grumbled and rolled to his side. A minute ago before Anima had run off, the answer would have been yes. Resoundingly yes. But now the thought of ejaculating just made him angry. Like it was admitting defeat. “No, I’m—just no. You said Anima doesn’t feel most emotions, right?”
  4275. Adrianne nodded. “Most. Though a concentrated amount of time on Earth could distort her emotions in unexpected ways.”
  4277. “Enough to feel anger?” He paused. “Jealousy?”
  4279. “Of course not.” Adrianne waved a hand in dismissal. “She’s an archangel, Damien, and you would do well not to underestimate her self-control.”
  4281. The bed creaked and Damien turned to see Adrianne climbing into the bed next to him. His eyes must’ve asked the obvious question for him.
  4283. “I will be sleeping with you tonight,” she said as if it was the most logical next step. “If Anima returns for you, I need to be here to speak with her about her behavior.”
  4285. “That doesn’t really mean—”
  4287. “Also, if she means to tie you up again, you would have no means of resistance on your own.” All four of her arms slipped around Damien and hugged him tight, nustling him snug up against her. With their difference in size, his head ended up directly between her breasts.
  4289. “I appreciate the gesture, but I’m not sure it’s necessary. Besides, she won’t be back until tomorrow night.”
  4291. “That’s fine. I will remain here regardless.”
  4293. That was that, he supposed.
  4295. Damien relaxed despite himself, her warmth easing his mind and her unabashed touch grounding his thoughts. She was right; there was no point in worry about Anima too much right now, they could talk with her when she got back.
  4297. “Comfortable?” she asked.
  4299. “Yes, absolutely.”
  4301. “Good.”
  4303. He listened to Adrianne’s breathing for a little bit until it slowed into the deep, even pace of sleep. He could feel himself drift off and soon was out cold as well.
  4306. **
  4309. Damien opened his eyes to a dark room, groggy. What had woken him at this hour? And why was he on his side? He never slept on his side. As he tried to roll over, however, he found himself stuck. Or, to be more precise, held. A pair of strong angel arms hugged him tight around his chest into the much larger, softer Adrianne. Her breasts offered a fine pillow as they oozed out over his shoulders.
  4311. And down at his waist, Adrianne’s second pair of hands had slipped into his boxers and were attentively exploring his cock. Their grip was light and varied, like they had stumbled in there without realizing it.
  4313. “...Adrianne?” said Damien.
  4315. No response.
  4317. He tried turning to her, but with her arms holding him fast, he was forced to twist his head awkwardly to get a look at her face. Her eyes were closed. She was asleep! That liar. Hadn’t she been the one to tell him archangels didn’t need sleep?
  4319. One of her gloved hands found his balls and gave them a squeeze while the other drifted across his inner thigh.
  4321. “Adrianne?” he asked, a little louder.
  4323. Still nothing. Damien squirmed in her grasp, trying to get some leverage or perhaps slip down underneath her arms, but just as he started to dip, Adrianne’s thighs clamped down on his own, locking him in place.
  4325. “Oh, c’mon! Adrianne!” he nearly shouted. “This is—”
  4327. A fifth hand emerged from behind and slapped over his mouth. Damien’s eyes went wide with shock. In addition, the hands in his boxers seemed to have found their target. One took his shaft and the other gripped his frenulum.
  4329. And they began to pump.
  4331. The last time Adrianne had used more than four hands, things had escalated quickly out of control. Was she already awake and just faking? No, Adrianne wasn’t one to play games. If she wanted to do this, she’d do it without the pretense.
  4333. He first reached for her thighs, hoping to pry them open, but it was clear his strength wasn’t near enough. Next, he tried tickling her, hoping it would get her attention, but apparently she wasn’t ticklish, either.
  4335. All the while, he grew harder in her grip. Firm hands of satin glided up and down his cock, confident and unfaltering, bringing back fond memories of the rapture when last they held him. Each struggle only seemed to encourage them, their pace escalating from languid to middling then modest.
  4337. Tensing up, he thrashed outward into her arms. He grabbed the pumping hands at the wrist and tried to wretch them off. His strength, of course, failed to impede the archangel.
  4339. Jerking his head, he forced it up and out of its supple pillow, hoping to shake off his satin muffle, but a surge of strength from Adrianne buried him even deeper into her bosom than before. Damien breathed hard through his nose, frustrated with his weakness. No matter which way he grabbed her pumping hands or her iron thighs, Adrianne was utterly unimpeded.
  4341. Almost as if to taunt him, another hand emerged, this one patting his head affectionately. He grumbled at it. Perhaps it would be alright to just enjoy this. It’s not like Adrianne was leaving the choice to him.
  4343. Even limited to two hands, Adrianne had the dexterity to drive him crazy. Her fists fucked him harder and accelerating to a reckless pace. Deft hands drove their blissful satin touch into him over and over. Overwhelming, they dragged Damien to the edge and he slammed his eyes shut, thrusting into Adrianne’s gleefully-working fists.
  4345. Stars danced in his eyes as he came, bliss shattering his frustration into a million pieces. Even as cum shot from his cock, he thrust into those wonderful hands, wanting everything they could give and more.
  4347. Adrianne was all too eager to accompany him. Yet after the last of his release soiled his underwear and her hands, her pace didn’t miss a beat. If anything, they were growing more eager as if egged on by the taste of prey. Yelping into Adrianne’s gag, Damien flailed about. He grabbed, twisted, pinched, and pulled wherever his hands could find purchase, but nothing phased her.
  4349. She had her hands on her prize, and she was going to milk it for all it was worth.
  4351. Telling her to stop had worked before, but while sleeping, Adrianne’s hands moved on instinct. Where could such a perverted impulse could have possibly come from?
  4353. Damien’s ears filled with the lecherous squelch of wet skin against damp gloves. At the same time, her sure grip grew tighter, forcing up a twisted, foreign scream from the depths of Damien’s gut.
  4355. Through all this, a single hand continued to pat Damien’s head as if he were a dog that she was giving a belly rub to.
  4357. Each stroke felt like an eternity, like it was the last one Damien could possibly handle before exploding. Muffled shouts and moans tore Damien’s throat apart, yet the lightning storm of sensation ravaging his body would not allow him silence.
  4359. His second orgasm caught him mid-scream and pulled it right from his throat. His eyes flew open and his entire body went stiff as Adrianne continued to stroke, coaxing out more and more, even though he hardly had more than a dribble to offer.
  4361. It was then, finally, Adrianne’s hands showed some sort of mercy. While she didn’t release him, her pace slowed to a crawl and her grip loosened. Damien relaxed. Tried to relax. If there was no way out of Adrianne’s many-armed grip, then the best way to handle this was simply to look on the bright side.
  4363. He looked up at the wall, trying to see if he could catch a hint of sunlight coming from the window, but saw nothing. It was still pitch-black out, which meant he’d be stuck like this for a while at least. Another lazy stroke from Adrianne made him tense up, but he kept his composure. She was done, right? She had to be done.
  4365. Thankfully, at least about that, Damien was right.
  4368. **
  4371. Adrianne awoke. Reflexively, she brought her arms in to hug Damien, but caught nothing but air. She sat up in bed and looked around. He was gone and the sun was up. Had she slept in? Sleep was so unpredictable—she couldn’t imagine being forced to do it every night of your entire life, especially for humans, as short-lived as they were.
  4373. Her nose perked up and a new smell caught her attention. She looked down. Where was it coming from? Was it her? Eyes narrowing, she brought her hands up to her nose, then blinked it surprise. It was her. Specifically, her gloves. She turned them around to get a better look and under her critical eye she noticed dry white stains all over them. What in the heavens…?
  4375. Looking at the bed, she saw whatever it was had spilled onto the sheets as well. A fair bit of it, too. Strange. And from the location, it was right around where Damien’s—
  4377. Adrianne covered her mouth.
  4379. Oh, goodness.
  4381. But how? Did Damien take care of himself in during the night? If so, why had it not woken her? Better yet, why had he not woken her? Surely he knew she would readily accommodate him. The image of Damien, frustrated, blushing and trying to relieve himself all alone panged Adrianne’s heart.
  4383. But then she reconsidered. Her gloves were covered in Damien’s release as well as the sheets. Had he done it on her hands deliberately? Without somehow waking her up? No, that didn’t make sense. There was no way for him to maneuver himself around to do that, not with where Adrianne had been lying down and where the sheet’s stain was. If he hadn’t done it, however, then the only other way for Adrianne’s gloves to be dirty with his seed was if… if she’d done it.
  4385. Adrianne stared off into space. Her? But she didn’t remember anything. Had she done it in her sleep like a sleepwalker? A sleepjerker? She supposed it was possible and without any experience sleeping it was hard to predict how it would affect her.
  4387. Especially around Damien.
  4389. She raised her four hands, her gaze contemplative. She imagined what it would’ve looked like with Damien’s tiny body overwhelmed by her own, squirming beneath pleasures no human could’ve ever dreamed of knowing without an archangel. Her fingers curled around something invisible as her mind’s eye saw Damien surrendering to the smooth, ruthless pumping of her skillful hands.
  4391. Adrianne was panting. A fiery pulse, both foreign and entirely familiar, glowed within her nethers. She ran her hands through her hair, trying to calm herself. This was precisely was Anima had fallen victim to as well. Yes, Adrianne knew it was happening to her, too, but she had experience with these things. Power to resist them. But right now, all she wanted to do was find Damien, force him down, coddle and indulge him until more than just her gloves were soaked with his cum.
  4393. She hugged her chest in with a pair of arms like they could hold her desires in. Control. She was an archangel, not some raff. These thoughts had no power over her.
  4395. At the same time, she wondered where Damien was.
  4398. **
  4401. Damien was pouting.
  4403. Arms crossed, he stared at the steering wheel. Here he was again. He was old enough to know that driving and walking around the city for the better part of the day in order to avoid talking with Adrianne wasn’t exactly mature. He also didn’t care. Much.
  4405. It wasn’t that was angry with her for it, she’d just, well, caught him off-balance. Anima, too. It was like, the three of them were so close to having something good going on, but something always came up or didn’t quite go the way Damien had wanted. He liked Anima’s enthusiasm, as odd as it was, and after the shitshow that was Grace and Thessa, it was nice to be around someone you knew was incapable of being anything but honest. And it wasn’t like he was physically unsatisfied with her sessions, either.
  4407. He frowned. Thinking of it that way made it sound like she was a prostitute. And at the core of it, that’s what bugged Damien. Coming and going just for a tittyfuck was shallow and had worn through his nerves. If she’d just give him some kind of conversation, or stayed around long enough for them to do something other than smash their bodies together, he’d have been fine.
  4409. Adrianne was her own mess. It was wonderful to have someone so thoughtful and selfless around just to listen to Damien’s troubles. She even helped him out with small chores from time to time. And, while she’d made a point to let Damien know she was available for other sorts of comfort, she’d been completely in control of herself.
  4411. This morning in bed, however, had throwing everything into disarray again. It’d shown him that, even if she would accept his rebukes, the desire building up within had a bursting point, regardless of her insistence to the contrary. Not to mention she had the same problem Anima did: she never talked about herself. Sure, she was much more graceful in conversation, but Damien hardly knew her, either.
  4413. He’d spent all day thinking about how to solve the problem. He could kick Adrianne out and force her to move on, but that seemed cruel to someone who’d been so kind to him in the past. Plus, he had no idea if she’d even listen to him. She was an archangel, after all.
  4415. He could try to renegotiate the deal with Anima. If the paizuri was only every other day, that would give him more time to recuperate and maybe have some energy for Adrianne. He might also be able to spend some time with Anima that didn’t involve her tits. Directly, at least. When Adrianne had made the deal, however, it had sounded like there wasn’t much flexibility with it. And, again, he couldn’t say whether or not they would respect a human’s request to meddle with archangel matters.
  4417. The issue might resolve if he got a job. Then he’d spend most of his time away from Adrianne, which could cull her urges a bit, plus it would force them to restructure Anima’s agreement, since there was no way she’d be able to have her sessions with him while he was at work.
  4419. Damien scratched his head. Actually, Anima might not care about that. And Adrianne’s urges may only get worse if he was gone the whole day and then monopolized by Anima when he got back. Now that he thought about it, getting a job could be the worst possible thing to do.
  4421. Groaning, he hit his forehead on the steering wheel. This was borderline hopeless. Not even running away would work. It was literally Adrianne’s job to find lost or neglectful archangels; he couldn’t imagine it would be any more difficult for her to find a human. Even if somehow she couldn’t find him, there was another angel lurking out there, waiting for the moment to strike: Grace.
  4423. Just the thought of her made his stomach churn.
  4425. Throwing an army of thoughts at the problem wouldn’t help anyone, though. He needed to talk through it, and Adrianne was inside waiting for him. Not to mention Anima would be showing up shortly. So, doing his best to wipe the dread off his face, Damien dragged himself out of the car.
  4427. Someone tapped his shoulder.
  4429. Damien spun around faster than he meant to and stumbled. It was Anima.
  4431. He raised his hands and stepped back. “Hold on, just a second!”
  4433. Anima stood there, motionless and wordless. After a moment, she said, “What is it you wish me to hold on to?”
  4435. Oh. She wasn’t dragging him away. That was nice. “Um, nothing, actually. I just wanted you to give me a moment before… doing anything.”
  4437. “The moment is given.”
  4439. He straightened himself out. “So, uh, hi.”
  4441. “Hello.”
  4443. “Is there any chance we could maybe talk about something first? Before, y’know, the carrying away part.”
  4445. Anima’s gaze wandered for a second before locking back onto Damien. “I was hoping to propose something similar.”
  4447. “You were?”
  4449. “Yes.” She paused. “I have taken some time to consider my recent behaviour and have come to the conclusion that it was unnecessary.”
  4451. Self-reflection from Anima now, too? “Unnecessary?”
  4453. “I do not own you, nor can Adrianne claim you, by word of our contract. I acted needlessly possessive.”
  4455. “I, uh, agree.” It was only fair he be honest back, right? “Is there something wrong? A reason why you acted that way?”
  4457. Anima blinked at him. “Again you ask such a curious question. Why would something be ‘wrong’?”
  4459. Damien frowned. He’d have to take the victory he could get it, though. There were other things to talk about. He pointed up to the apartment. “Do you want to—”
  4461. “Yes.” She could not get the answer out fast enough. Grabbing his hand, she led him upwards.
  4463. Adrianne, as expected, was there, sitting in the dining area. Her posture was dignified, two hands resting on the table, the other two holding a cup of tea. The smile that greeted Damien didn’t have its usual warmth. In its place was formality.
  4465. She nodded to him and gestured to the chair across her. “Welcome back, you two. Damien, please take a seat. Anima, could you give us a moment?”
  4467. Anima nodded and released Damien, opting to stand off to the side.
  4469. Damien took a deep breath and sat, crossing his arms, hoping to hide his already-sweaty palms. “You’ve clearly got something on your mind,” he said.
  4471. “And you, yours.”
  4473. “You first.”
  4475. She opened her mouth as if to say one thing but stopped and nodded. “I am sorry about what happened last night. Archangels must hold themselves to a higher standard of control.”
  4477. “Apology accepted.”
  4479. He waited for her to say something more, but her silence told him that was all she was thinking about.
  4481. “That’s all that was on your mind?”
  4483. Adrianne drew in a heavy, drawn-out breath and placed her tea on the table. “Damien, let me be clear. I have apologized thrice in my entire life. Twice to a human. Both of those were to you, and both within the last few days. From my perspective, you have made the mistake of believing that, in spending more time on Earth, I would change myself to match its inhabitants’ proclivities. This is wholly false. I am kind to you and apologize to you because you are important to me. Hence, I will maintain my attitude toward you, but these continued flawed expectations must cease. I will not apologize for every action you deem erroneous. I will not deign myself to meet every social assumption humans have for other humans.” She pushed her hair back behind her ear. “That said, I promise to also make efforts to accommodate your standards. There is a middle ground we can both be content with, we simply need to find it. I do hope I my words are not overly harsh.”
  4485. Damien was floored. The longer Adrianne had gone on, the more his skin tingled and his body heated up. The last thing he was expecting from Adrianne was a reproach. Her words, however, made sense. He had been treating her like a human and he knew she’d considered them lesser. Of course she would be annoyed with him. The realization that they lived in separate worlds hit him in the gut. Yes, the truth of it had always been there, but accepting it—rather, Adrianne forcing him to accept it—made him sick.
  4487. Thankfully, Adrianne allowed him all the time he needed to process her words. She was nothing if not patient.
  4489. “I guess I should apologize, then,” he said.
  4491. Adrianne raised a finger. “Consider my previous statement. Humans give apologies much lighter than archangels and your actions, while grating, were understandable for a human. Do you think I want an apology?”
  4493. This sounded like a test. To make sure he understood. Damien lowered his head in thought for a moment before saying. “I’m sorry for not treating you properly.”
  4495. When her face warmed with a small, polite smile, Damien knew he’d made the right choice.
  4497. “Now that I’ve said my piece, it’s only fair you have a moment to speak as well,” said Adrianne.
  4499. Oh, yeah, he’d come to say something too, hadn’t he?
  4501. “Whatever, uh, thing, arrangement, routine or something we have going on here isn’t working out. I mean, you and Anima both want something and I can’t give it. There’s got to be some way—”
  4503. Adrianne raised a hand and he stopped.
  4505. “I suspected you’d bring this up and I understand.” Her expression had lost the warmth from a moment ago. “I considered solutions as well, but could not come up with anything on my own.”
  4507. “On your own?” She wasn’t talking about who he thought she was talking about, was she?
  4509. A hand laid on Damien shoulder. “Hello, dear,” said Grace.
  4511. Damien leapt out of his seat, away from her, then pointed, shouting at Adrianne. “Her? Why on earth would you ask her for help!?”
  4513. “Damien, calm down,” said Grace.
  4515. “I’m not talking to you!”
  4517. “It’s alright,” said Adrianne. “She’s not going to try anything. I made sure of that.”
  4519. “That still doesn’t explain why, out of every single other person out there, you’d go to her!”
  4521. “Because we need a third party to arbitrate this and she’s the only one that knows you and Anima both outside of Thessa, and Thessa had no interest in helping. She was annoyed with Anima for essentially betraying her. Also, I was not aware you were so vehemently adverse to Doctor Grace’s help until a couple days ago.”
  4523. Why did everyone insist on calling her Doctor Grace like she deserved respect?
  4525. “Okay, well, now that you are aware, let’s go ahead and get her out of here.”
  4527. “Nonsense,” said Grace, taking Damien’s seat. “Come, sit down and we’ll talk through this.”
  4529. “Grace, get out of here.”
  4531. “No,” she replied with a smile.
  4533. “Damien, I assure you, she’s only here to help,” said Adrianne.
  4535. A pair of arms slipped around Damien from behind, wrapped him up and held him snug against a much larger body.
  4537. “Doctor Grace,” said Anima.
  4539. At least Anima seemed interested in protecting him.
  4541. “Hi, Anima,” Grace said with a little wave.
  4543. “Why don’t you two take a seat and we can discuss our arrangement,” said Adrianne.
  4545. “That does seem prudent. I shall allocate time once I am finished with Damien.”
  4547. Or… maybe her grabbing onto him wasn’t motivated by protectiveness.
  4549. Anima started toward the bedroom, holding Damien in front of her, but Adrianne was up and in her way instantly.
  4551. As a result, Damien became crushed between the two enormous archangels.
  4553. “Please remove yourself,” said Anima. “I have assured you time later.”
  4555. “This cannot wait.”
  4557. Anima pressed harder into Adrianne.
  4559. “It shall.”
  4561. Adrianne pressed back. Their breasts were now pushed so hard together, Damien couldn’t breathe. He tried to push the two apart, but they hardly noticed.
  4563. “I will not—” said Anima.
  4565. “Look at yourselves!” said Grace. “All that energy wasted on arguing that you could’ve put toward more productive things. And have either of you looked at Damien? The poor dear looks like he can’t even breathe.”
  4567. The archangels looked down simultaneously then parted, letting Damien free. After a couple ragged breaths, he started to thank Grace, then realized what he was about to say and instead grimaced at her.
  4569. She grinned back.
  4571. “Now, all of you, come to the table, sit down, and let’s talk.”
  4573. Adrianne and Anima both watched each other, but slowly made their way over to the table. Damien went to his chair, but remained standing.
  4575. “To my understanding, the agreement you two made when we were all here last is still in place, correct?” said Grace.
  4577. “That is correct.” They said in unison.
  4579. “And—I know you’ve told me a lot, Adrianne, but I need to be clear—what precisely are the problems you now have?”
  4581. “Anima is taking up too much of Damien’s time and energy. She has also become rather possessive of him as well, lately,” said Adrianne while leering at Anima.
  4583. “Adrianne has been attempting to encroach on my time with Damien. She has also been seducing him so he would not have the stamina to properly satisfy me.” Anima met Adrianne’s leer, though her face remained as plain as always.
  4585. “I’m being tossed around between these two like they own me. I need time to recharge. And a break from this routine,” said Damien. He looked between Anima and Adrianne. “Most of all, I want more than small talk. If they’re demanding all my time, I want to actually know them. Who they are.”
  4587. Adrianne and Anima both glanced his way before turning to Grace. Damien shivered inwardly. It was clear Grace had become the negotiator here.
  4589. “I think these are all reasonable grievances, yes?” said Grace, making a point at looking each one of them in the eye. “Anima, only some of Damien’s time was promised to you, not him in entirety. Adrianne, you’re experiencing unintended side-effects of the contract you agreed to. Damien, you have received a fair bit of help from these two angels in—”
  4591. “Archangels,” said Adrianne.
  4593. “Archangels in the past and owe your due. Now, we need to find a way to break up Damien’s time in a way that satisfies all parties here.”
  4595. “My owed time with him must remain,” said Anima.
  4597. “No one said it wouldn’t, Anima,” said Grace.
  4599. “It sounds like you’re chopping up my schedule and serving it like a cake,” said Damien.
  4601. “Yes, but in a way you find agreeable too,” said Grace.
  4603. Damien crossed his arms and looked away, unable to stand her smug look any more.
  4605. “The first thing I will suggest is that we increase Damien’s window of obligation to eight hours,” said Grace.
  4607. “Eight—” Damien started.
  4609. “This is acceptable,” said Anima.
  4611. Damien elevated his voice. “Eight hours!? That’s most of the day! How am I supposed to do anything else?”
  4613. “That does seem a bit much,” said Adrianne.
  4615. “I’m not done yet,” said Grace. “Anima and Adrianne, you will alternate days of the week with Damien.”
  4617. “I think eight hours will work out fine,” said Adrianne.
  4619. “This decreases my aggregate time,” said Anima.
  4621. “Anima, you cannot monopolize Damien, as Adrianne said. You’re getting more time with him per day in exchange for sharing. That is the essence of compromise.”
  4623. Damien was still feeling a lot like desert, but he kept quiet. This was all too calculated from Grace. She was setting something up and he didn’t want to fall into it with an impulsive comment.
  4625. Anima stared at her wordlessly for a long moment. “Very well. There are still no restrictions on how I spend the time owed, correct?”
  4627. “Actually, that is my next point. Damien is rightfully distraught over how you have been using your time and we wouldn’t want Adrianne to fall into the same routine as well.”
  4629. “Do not underestimate my self-control,” said Adrianne.
  4631. “Yes, but I’m advocating for Damien’s side, now. What I believe Damien needs with you two is more personal time. Stimulating conversations instead of stimulating his cock. Correct?”
  4633. She looked at Damien expectantly. His eyes narrowed, but he couldn’t see through her just yet and, as irksome as it was, Grace was right. He nodded.
  4635. “That brings me to the condition. You two will grant him sufficient leisure time and time to do something outside the bedroom instead of in it. Is that fine?”
  4637. Adrianne crossed both pair of arms, looking between Anima and Grace. Anima gave away no such indication of thought, instead drilling her vacant stare through Grace’s skull.
  4639. “I’ll accept that condition,” said Adrianne.
  4641. “This does not mean we’re restricted from any bedroom activity, correct?” asked Anima.
  4643. “By this agreement, no, though in practice it would be up to Damien,” said Grace.
  4645. Anima turned to Damien and cocked her head slightly.
  4647. In was then, his gaze drifting between Anima and Grace, that he saw the wedge Grace had planted in the agreement. To Anima, he waved his hand dismissively. “Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to paizuri.”
  4649. “Then I agree as well,” said Anima.
  4651. Damien smirked at Grace, waiting for her to drop the other shoe. At seeing his smile, however, she seemed content to let him and gestured for him to do so.
  4653. “You said Anima and Adrianne would alternate days of the week. And saying it like that leaves one day unaccounted for. Let me guess: you want it.”
  4655. Anima and Adrianne both looked at Grace with a hint of surprise. Grace simply shrugged and said, “A broker does deserve to be paid, don’t you think?”
  4657. “A day a week is excessive,” said Anima.
  4659. “And Damien has no interest in spending time with you,” added Adrianne.
  4661. “I know, I know, I expected the backlash. Let me add to that: on my day, Damien’s compulsory time is nothing. Zilch. If he chooses to spend it with one of you, that’s that. But the day cannot be given to either of you.”
  4663. Now this was unexpected. No forced time with her? Then what was the point?
  4665. “If he is truly not required to spend time with you, and the day can’t be claimed by Anima, I could agree to this,” said Adrianne.
  4667. “I don’t trust you,” Damien said to Grace. “What else is going on here?”
  4669. “Nothing. I mean precisely what I say. This agreement won’t compel any time from you on my day.”
  4671. “This condition is acceptable to me as well,” said Anima.
  4673. Dammit. That just left Damien. There was something more going on here, he just didn’t have the foresight to see it. At its face, the agreement was fine. He wouldn’t have to spend any time with Grace. But she wouldn’t just throw that clause in there for no reason.
  4675. With the three angels’ gazes bearing down on him, he had to choose.
  4677. “Fine,” he said. Whatever Grace was planning, it wasn’t in the letter of the agreement. It would come later. He’d have to keep his eyes and ears open.
  4679. “Let’s shake on it, then.”
  4681. They all turned to Damien and extended a hand. Adrianne extended one to the other two simultaneously as well. One by one they shook, each giving varied looks to the others. Anima’s shake was hard and jerky, while Adrianne’s firm and flowing. Grace made a point to brush her fingers along Damien’s palm as she withdrew.
  4683. “Now that that’s settled, I think we should celebrate, don’t you?” said Grace.
  4685. “It is a relief to have things cleared up,” said Adrianne.
  4687. Anima just reached over and grabbed Damien’s wrist.
  4689. “Don’t worry, Anima, I’m sure Damien is thinking the same thing,” said Grace.
  4691. “I—”
  4693. Adrianne grabbed his other wrist.
  4695. Damien felt a nervous heat rising in his arms. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, it was just that every instinct in his body told him to do the exact opposite of whatever Grace said.
  4697. “You’re too tense, Damien,” said Grace. “Let us relieve you.”
  4699. “I’ll be here,” said Adrianne.
  4701. “Doctor Grace is a medical professional, you may at minimum trust her in this,” said Anima.
  4703. Damien swallowed. He was going to have to get used to the idea of at least being around Grace from time to time. “Alright,” he said. At least they were asking.
  4705. “Wonderful,” said Grace.
  4707. All three of them got up at the same time. Adrianne and Anima, both refusing to relinquish the wrist they seized, awkwardly led Damien around the table and to the bedroom right behind Grace.
  4709. “Brings back memories,” said Grace, looking at the bindings Anima had left. “I’m glad to see they’re still being used.”
  4711. Damien hardly had time to grimace at her before Adrianne and Anima dragged him down onto the bed, one on each side. Hands and breasts swarmed him all at once, drowning him in a sea of pliable flesh before he had a chance to cry out.
  4713. “We’re mature women here, we can share,” said Grace. Damien not only felt but heard the bed groan as she added her weight as well, though with the archangels’ colossal bodies currently inundating Damien’s, there was no way for her to join.
  4715. “This part is mine,” said Anima, wrapping her arms around Damien’s head and hugging it betwixt her breasts.
  4717. “He needs to be able to breathe,” said Adrianne, and used her arms to pry Damien just far enough away that her tits could consume him as well. His head was now well and truly sandwiched between their chests.
  4719. “If you two are going to claim his head, scoot up and I’ll take care of him down here.”
  4721. Damien felt a hand slip into his pants and expose his already-erect cock.
  4723. Adrianne and Anima glanced at it, then back at each other, realizing in their haste they’d given up the most important part of Damien’s body. Begrudgingly, they scooted up higher towards the head of the bed to expose his lower part for Grace. Damien was hardly freed, however, as the cage of breasts and arms soon became a cage of thighs. The two archangels interlocked their legs, Anima’s thigh offering a pillow while Adrianne’s smothered his face.
  4725. He took a quick breath to make sure he could breathe. Instantly, the intense scent of femininity hit him in the gut, shocking him stiff. It smelled heavenly.
  4727. When a Grace’s thighs clamped around his naked cock, he was forced to gasp in another noseful. This time he outright spasmed from the sensations.
  4729. “Looks like someone missed me,” said Grace. Damien could barely hear her over the thigh earmuffs, but he hardly cared enough to shoot Grace a glare even if he could see past the mountains of legs holding him.
  4731. Adrianne and Anima both crushed themselves even tighter together. Damien hacked and tapped them, trying to tell them to stop. Thankfully they were paying attention.
  4733. “Be careful, Anima,” said Adrianne. A pair of gloved hands started running their fingers through Damien’s hair.
  4735. “I am capable of gauging the proper tightness of my grip. Do not lecture me.” She, too, lowered a hand onto Damien’s head and began scratching.
  4737. Their attentions alone could’ve lead Damien to the height of pleasures alone. The fine scent, the malleable thighs comforting him from every side, and the rapturous massage of three hands over his scalp all drove Damien crazy.
  4739. But then Grace began to move.
  4741. It was subtle. Subtle enough not even Damien had noticed at first. Then it became a tickle. Something so small he wasn’t sure it was there, a ripple lost beneath the waves Adrianne and Anima made.
  4743. And now it was a swaying, slow but unmistakable. Then, almost as if Grace knew Damien had realized what was happening, she stopped on his tip, rubbing her legs back and forth over the head.
  4745. Damien moaned.
  4747. Adrianne and Anima’s touch grew rough. Adrianne tried to add her other two arms to his head, but there was no room and Anima slapped them away. Adrianne’s thighs clamped down for a moment in annoyance before she caught herself and gave Damien back just enough slack to breathe.
  4749. “Patience,” said Grace, noticing the commotion. “This isn’t a competition. We’re working together.”
  4751. Adrianne settled for holding his hand. Hard.
  4753. Grace settled into a languid rhythm. Each stroke of her thighs sent a thousand shocks through Damien’s body. Her muscles were firm enough to grip Damien’s length when she flexed, but doughy enough to coddle him when she relaxed. She gave him no pattern to adjust to, drilling in and lulling whenever she wished. Occasionally she would twist, giving fresh attention to new spots that renewed those white-hot blades of pleasure.
  4755. Then she stopped, content to hold him while playing her fingers along the tip. It was absolute torture. Damien squeezed Adrianne’s hand, trying to tell her something was wrong.
  4757. “Grace? Why did you stop?” Adrianne asked.
  4759. Grace switched from her fingers to her palm. Damien’s vision went white. “There’s no rush. I didn’t want things to end too quickly.”
  4761. “You are letting him cum, right?”
  4763. “Of course I am. This is supposed to be a celebration.”
  4765. “Do we have to?” asked Anima.
  4767. Damnit, was she still angry with him!?
  4769. There was a silence, one much longer than Damien was comfortable with, before Grace closed her thighs with renewed vigor and resumed her stroking. “Yes, we do. It’s important for Damien to trust us, now of all times. We could, however, let him cum more than once. How many times would you like to cum, Damien? I’m sure we could accommodate any number.”
  4771. With his free hand, Damien raised a single finger. Another hand grabbed his and forced another finger up.
  4773. “Twice? Awfully brave,” said Grace.
  4775. “Doctor Grace, please let go of his hand,” said Adrianne. “He said one.”
  4777. Grace chuckled. “Well, I think it’s impossible for him to say anything at the moment, but I was just kidding. Once is enough.”
  4779. She settled into something more comfortable. It was a steady yet urging pace, a warm swelling of softness that pulsed up and down. Adrianne squeezed his hand to remind him she was still there, but all he wanted was more.
  4781. Grace hummed to herself when Damien started thrusting into her thighs. Contented, she crossed her legs, compressing his strained cock even further, and quickened her pace.
  4783. On queue, Adrianne and Anima started closing their vices. Valleys of welcoming thighs filled his vision and immobilized his head. Above him, he felt four perfect breasts oozing onto his head. He tapped Anima’s thigh, but she just grabbed his hand and held.
  4785. “There we go. It’s alright, Damien. I’m not going to stop. Just give in,” said Grace.
  4787. Faster her thighs pumped. Harder they choked him. His breaths came out hard and hot, exacerbated by the oppressive pressure of the forest of legs entangling him. Faster, faster. When Grace tensed her thighs over his head one last time, Damien went taut.
  4789. Damien shoved himself as far into those hungry thighs as he could, crying out into the suffocating flesh fastened hard around him. The first shot came out with enough intensity to blind Damien and his vision was still dancing when the second spewed out over Grace’s lap. Over and over he shot, panting, giving up everything he could. When he finally collapsed, Adrianne and Anima loosened enough to let him breathe normally.
  4791. Grace, however, didn’t even pause.
  4793. The first jolt of pain hit him when she suffocated his tip, and another when her hand snuck underneath and seized his balls. Grace’s thighs were not sated by a single release. He let out something between a moan and a yell when the pain hit him again.
  4795. “Doctor Grace,” said Anima.
  4797. “Yes?”
  4799. “He has already cum.”
  4801. “Oh?”
  4803. Grace continued, forcing another squeal from Damien.
  4805. “His actions lead me to believe he wishes us to stop,” said Anima.
  4807. “Don’t worry, I’m just making sure I got everything.”
  4809. With one last slam of her thighs, Grace relented.
  4811. “Goodness, Damien, you’ve made quite a mess. Even Adrianne and Anima got some of it,” said Grace.
  4813. He heard a pair of lips smack. “It tastes wonderful,” she added.
  4815. Two other pairs of lips made the same sound a moment later.
  4817. “I taste nothing,” said Anima.
  4819. “It’s good, but I’m afraid I’m without a frame of reference,” said Adrianne.
  4821. “Uh, do you think you three could… let me go?” said Damien.
  4823. “Of course,” said Adrianne.
  4825. None of them moved.
  4827. Grace laughed. “Alright, I’ll be the first.”
  4829. The bed creaked and lifted up a touch. Damien waited, looking between the two archangels. They were in the middle of a staring contest.
  4831. Anima never lost those.
  4833. With a proud shake of her head, Adrianne let Damien go and hopped off the bed. Anima gave him one last squeeze before doing the same.
  4835. “Anima, Adrianne, could I bother you for a moment with Damien?”
  4837. Anima started to get back on the bed to latch onto Damien, but Grace shook her head. “No, nothing like that, Anima.”
  4839. “What are you planning, then?” said Adrianne.
  4841. “I just want to talk with him in private. It’s been a while.”
  4843. Adrianne crossed her arms. “If he’s fine with it.”
  4845. His mind went back and forth. Alone time with her was a risk, but it was one he’d probably be running into more and more. Plus, this was a good chance to get to the bottom of whatever her scheming was leading to.
  4847. “Yeah, it’s alright,” he said.
  4849. Adrianne nodded. “We’ll be in the kitchen. Call and we’ll come.”
  4851. Damien nodded, and the archangels left the room.
  4853. The instant the door closed, Grace’s arms and wings flew open and swallowed Damien in a many-limbed hug. Her wings tickled his neck and back as they wrapped him up and her arms, quick and iron strong, pressed him snug into her body.
  4855. Her saccharine scent brought back so many memories.
  4857. “I really missed you, you know,” said Grace.
  4859. “I’m not buying it.” Damien’s voice was gruff and he made no attempt to hide it.
  4861. “I know, I know. But it’s the truth.”
  4863. “Whatever.”
  4865. Grace gave him one last squeeze before releasing him. Laying her hands to his shoulders, she smiled.
  4867. “I’m happy they’re treating you well. At least, well enough. Better that I’m here, though.”
  4869. “We were just fine without you.”
  4871. “Yes, of course you were.” Grace lowered her arms to her sides. “Did Thessa do anything to you?”
  4873. Damien scowled. “Whatever she did or didn’t do is none of your business.”
  4875. Grace shook her head. “Dear, when are you going to drop the act?”
  4877. “There is no act.”
  4879. “No?” Grace took a step forward. Damien matched it backward. “Then why are you still here? Why are they?”
  4881. “What do you mean? They’re still here for the exact reason you said: I owe them.”
  4883. “Oh, so you’re still in denial. That’s fine.”
  4885. What the hell was she getting at? “I’m not in denial about anything.”
  4887. “Tell me, dear.” Grace took another step forward and again Damien backed away. “How do they treat you? Are they kind? Do they always ask before taking?”
  4889. “They’re far kinder than you. And while they’re flawed, at least they’re working to fix that part of themselves instead of embracing it!”
  4891. “Yes, it’s quite an advanced case, I see.” Grace took another step forward.
  4893. Damien’s back hit the wall. “Don’t think about trying anything or I’ll call for Adrianne and Anima. They actually care about me.”
  4895. “You still don’t understand. I’m not going to try anything. Besides,” said Grace, frowning. “I don’t care about them. Before you, they are less than the dust I scraped from my shoes last week.”
  4897. “Then what are you—”
  4899. Grace kissed him.
  4901. Her hands were behind his head and her lips were upon his in an instant. It was no small kiss, no fluke or peck or stolen breath. She dove into it, her tongue eager to explore, to seek out his own tongue and play along with it. When she couldn’t get enough, she opened her mouth even wider, connecting their breaths and sealing their lips.
  4903. Damien was horrified to find himself not shoving her away.
  4905. Just as he thought to push her tongue back, she withdrew, but only just enough to end the kiss; the distance between their faces was nothing. As she spoke, he could feel her breath splash against him.
  4907. “I want you, dear,” she said, her voice a whisper. “I want you in a thousand million different ways. I want everything you are. And I will have it. Do you know why?”
  4909. Damien’s heart was pounding too loud to think.
  4911. “Because you want me back.” Her hand traced the side of his head, along his ear, brushing against the hair of his neck to rest on his shoulder. “You decided, somewhere, sometime in those days on my bed that I was everything you needed and the things I did are the things you want. Anima drains you half to death with her tits and you love it. Adrianne rapes you with her hands and you love it. You love it because it reminds you of me. Of what I did for you.”
  4913. Her face was so close he could taste her heat. Her passion. His mouth hung open without him realizing it. Grace adorned the sweetest smile and took the back of head in her hands.
  4915. “I could kiss you again and you would revel in it. I could fuck you right here, right now, and you would crumble to pieces before me. But I won’t. Because before you can have me, truly have me, you need to be honest with yourself.”
  4917. “You’re just saying what you w-want to be true.”
  4919. “You could’ve left these two long ago. Or you could’ve made it clear to them they had to stop when you wanted. But you didn’t. You let them indulge themselves, even encouraged it. Even when I kissed you, you said nothing. That’s how I know the truth.” Grace placed a hand on his chest, her smile now sorrowful. “I do care about you. In ways they can’t. You’re so precious to me I wish I could just pick you up and run away with you. But not yet. Not yet.”
  4921. Her wings curled around him and pushed him into another tight yet brief hug. When she broke away, Damien was shocked to see the creases of true pain on her face. Her eyes were so anguished he almost felt sorry for her.
  4923. With a sincere attempt at a smile that never quite made it to the edges of her mouth, she nodded. “I’ll be waiting for you. When you’re ready,” she said.
  4925. And then she left.
  4927. Hearing the door open, Adrianne and Anima both peeked thier head in, quizzitive looking pointed at Damien.
  4929. Grace was insane. Absolutely bonkers. Off her rocker. Damien had spent every ounce of his energy pushing her away, resisting her, denying her, avoiding her, and she thought that mean he loved her? Whatever the fuck planet she came from, it was not Earth.
  4931. “Damien,” said Anima.
  4933. “Yeah?”
  4935. “Are you trying to imitate me?”
  4937. “Huh?”
  4939. “You were staring off into space.”
  4941. “Yeah, no, I’m fine, just a little weirded out.”
  4943. Adrianne looked down the way Grace had left. “What did Doctor Grace say to you?” she asked.
  4945. “Nothing intelligible. She thinks I like her.”
  4947. “Really?”
  4949. “Yeah, dunno why.”
  4951. “Oh. It’s getting late, do you want to go to bed?”
  4953. “Hmm?” He looked between them. Huh. Guess they wanted to sleep together now. Made sense. “Sure, I just gotta clean up first.”
  4955. “Okay, we’ll be waiting.”
  4957. Damien nodded, then reached to take off his shirt before he realized he was still naked. It didn’t matter how crazy Grace was, he would be sharing his bed with two gorgeous archangels from now on. Not her.
  4959. Shaking his head, he dropped Grace from his mind. There were other things to worry about now.
  4963. ---
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