Double Dragon 2

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  1. [00:21:51] <Ellamae> Once upon a time, Ellamae wondered just what was going on. Edwin and Kiuru are having the time of their lives, Eileen, on the other hand, would never say anything. And...just what is Nihi reading up on, anyway?  With many questions, she opted to...actually talk to Nihi proper for the first time in a while. Hey, she might have relevent insights or something! Not normal
  2. [00:21:51] <Ellamae> ones, of course, but insights all the same. Open the door, get on the floor--she never went off the floor, she walks--everybody walk the dragosaur. Like those dragons in 2020 that are basically fucking dinosaurs, but more dragony. "Hi, Nihi~"
  3. [00:23:52] <Giantree> Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dragon.
  4. [00:26:03] <Giantree> You're lead down the stairs - in fact Noa would naturally be aware that you're going down to you and probably talk a bit, but eventually make your way into the Forbidden Archive, wherein the autismdragon is still standing in place staring at nothing.  "Hello, Elle," she responds without skipping a beat.
  5. [00:34:07] <Ellamae> ARKS. Yeah, she does do some talking with Noa, but man, after catching up to 150 years it makes the following subsequent talks just a mite bit shorter in comparison. ...Of course they could have talked for hours and it wouldn't matter, only dragons doing things here. Speaking of dragons doing things here, WAIT A MOMENT. "H-hey. Noa can call me Elle if she wants, since she knew me by the name when I went by it, but why are you calling me that?" If they talked about it together (maybe they ARK MIND WITH EACH OTHER, crazy shit)...well, that's p dorb honestly, she might be fine with that.
  6. [00:40:16] <Giantree> They did, and I mentioned that in the writeup earlier, but that's okay because Nihi tells you now anyway.  "We spoke... extensively... regarding knowledge we have gathered... in our respective situations.  As Arks, our communication ability... also extends to a range where we do not require verbal speech to transmit information... as the signals we can send to one another contain the information needed."
  7. [00:40:48] <Giantree> "As such... I have learned of the time you spent together... and the name you once used in the past.  As well... as the antics you participated in many years ago..."
  8. [00:48:22] <Ellamae> "T-the antics, huh." Oh boy. She's...well, if she seems young acting now, shoulda seen her before. Antics, indeed. "Well! I guess you can call me by that name if you like it more, I guess. But...well, Eileen's acting all weird. What's up with that?"
  9. [00:49:30] <Giantree> "She has been a victim of the social phenomenon known as 'cuckold.'"  Here it goes.  "I have observed... that a large number of members of this group have requested information pertaining to that subject... and all of them have been given the same answer."
  10. [00:51:13] <Giantree> "In the interest of pursuing a romantic relationship with an individual who had shown affection toward her... she grew affectionate toward said individual conversely, after which the latter instead pursued a romantic relationship with somebody else with very little prior warning.  She was greatly negatively affected by the event, despite claiming otherwise.  This is... what has happened, to my knowledge... and in interest of better understanding it... I have read popular literature pertaining to the subject in great amount."
  11. [00:53:12] <Giantree> "Interestingly, this is the reverse of the common interpretation of the phenomenon wherein a female, often an wife committing adultery, leaves her husband (or otherwise romantically involved male) for a male specimen with stronger physical and personality traits.  I have also observed that the latter male, in approximately 76.77% of cases, is also forceful in the relationship and violates the female without her consent, making her interested in becoming romantically involved with him due to emotional thrill and excitement."
  12. [00:54:49] <DevaliousL> What happened to our innocent little autism-loli
  13. [00:54:52] <DevaliousL> Where did we go wrong.
  14. [00:54:55] <DevaliousL> I blame Edwin
  15. [00:55:14] <Flamy> ^
  16. [00:57:35] <Ellamae> "...Oh." She obtains the missing piece of the puzzle, and everything begins falling into place. "Ooohhhhh--is that--I. I see."  The idea of Nihi extensively researching it--that's what those books are aren't they--nearly has her in fits, but, well, she hid she was a dragon easily enough, keeping in the giggles is easy enough! ...Or, it would be if she STOPPED. She's making
  17. [00:57:35] <Ellamae> it clear that she's read every single one of those books. "...Huh. In that case, why not try cheering her up? You've been together for years now, right?"
  18. [01:02:01] <Giantree> "Conversely once more, after the event I had left an observation module on Eily's position out of concern for her declining health, and witnessed an intimate moment between her and another male during which she forcefully attempted to enter a position required to initiate the human reproduction process with him.  He, too, viewed her as being unsuitable to engage in a romantic relationship with, and both have isolated themselves from others since."  Jesus she doesn't stop.  "As I have observed that this is an ordinary turn of events for human relationships... I have decided to leave her almne so as to not stir up her emotions further, as I do not fully comprehend them myself and as such view the human mind under emotional stress as an unstable entity."
  19. [01:05:28] <Ellamae> ...Was... "Was the male in question Lucas, by any chance?" It's explain why he, too, has gone missing.
  20. [01:05:37] <Giantree> "Yes."  She doesn't even wait to answer.
  21. [01:14:03] <Ellamae> MAN. "...All these people having love troubles, but if I ever tried getting in there, it'd be basically inviting them to a death trap on top of everything else." ... "Still though, it's good to understand what's troubling people, even if you don't know entirely know why, I guess. A lot of people are...emotionally charged, so a lot ARE pretty unstable...but it'd be boring
  22. [01:14:04] <Ellamae> if they were predictable, as well. It'd make dealing with em easier, but it'd definitely be more boring."
  23. [01:16:23] <Giantree> "... Yes."  Nihi remarks softly.  "I am.. still uncertain whether the Nameless One interprets our relationship together as a sexual one or related to the purposes of procreation, as she seems to not understand that such a thing is impossible.  However... I feel it unnecessary to inform her of such, as she has not yet engaged in procedures that would lead into the human reproduction process, aka. 'sexual intercourse.'  Therefore I continue to view our relationship as non-romantic in nature."
  24. [01:23:59] <Ellamae> "She, uh, doesn't understand a lot of things." That's why she keeps having to heal her...hold on there was something else actually. "Well, I suppose she'll figure out what she wants eventually. I'm sure she'll be happy with however it goes, though. That said, it slipped my mind to ask earlier. ...Why did she smell like dragonbreath?" Yeah that had to have left a mark.
  25. [01:28:06] <Giantree> "I have imbued her with part of my soul with which to better defend my person from those that would seek my life, and also to assist with her personal goal in enacting vengeance.  As she is a simple-minded individual, I found it unnecessary to deliberate or request thought on the matter, and also her combative ability is capable enough to where I am not worried, as I will regain the shared power at the end of her lifespan."
  26. [01:32:04] <Ellamae> "Well, I kinda figured that. She venging against a dragon?" A lot of people do that, though not with as much gutso as THE NAMELESS ONE which Ellamae calls Nanashi cause she's got that eastern flair, and it's like, 'N/A N/A shi' she thought it was clever
  27. [01:33:03] <Ellamae> "...T-that said, she's kind of fragile. You should probably worry a little bit. I've had to patch her up from near mortal wounds on multiple occasions."
  28. [01:33:08] <Raitaki> that's the worst thing i've ever heard
  29. [01:33:12] <Raitaki> and i'm counting bad puns
  30. [01:33:15] <Giantree> nice
  31. [01:34:13] <Giantree> "That is correct.  I am able to provide her the defensive capabilities of my scales temporarily, while she utilizes her swordsmanship capabilies.  However... our unison mode has not yet been activates, so I only have an estimate on what it will be capable of."
  32. [01:34:56] <Giantree> "That said... I am unconcerned.  However, I would like to remain here and learn about topics that have been hidden from mortals for some time.  Therefore, if you have nothing else to ask about..."
  33. [01:42:51] <Ellamae> "Oh, best of both worlds. ...Alright. Alright, though. I won't keep you from...those forbidden books." ... "But I think I'll read one of romance books. That's fine, right?" Might as well! It's still, uh, interesting in its own way.
  34. [01:46:35] <Giantree> "Understood.  My recommendation... is this one.  I do not... feel the emotional connecction to the characters or events that reviewers have spoken of regarding its plot... however, I understand that they were meant to be conveyed and evoked in the reader.  As you still allow yourself to express emotion, perhaps you will be able to appreciate it as it is intended."  She hands you a trashy romance novel about a woman who falls in love with a knight who engages in violent passionate acts with her and has armor that sparkles in the sunlight but eventually meets a bandit who is really hairy and also falls for her.  It takes place in a fictional city called 'Spoons.'
  35. [01:51:36] <Ellamae> "...Alright, alright." Maybe she'll like it? She's working on dragon time, so she's got all day to regret this decision. Maybe trashy romance novels she doesn't want to think about is her cure for awful romance situations that she doesn't want to think about? Great success?
  36. [01:52:23] <Ellamae> ...When she eventually finishes (hurriedly), she doesn't feel these connections at all. It felt like a waste of time, and in being so, helped her keep her mind off things. Great success!
  37. [01:54:06] <Giantree> nice
  38. [01:56:40] <Ellamae> /B
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