PokePark Any% Route (March 15, 2016)

Dec 14th, 2015
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  1. PokePark Wii Any% notes
  3. -Tutorial
  4. Break crate (Red berry optimal)
  5. Friend Chatot (Chase)
  7. -Meadow Zone
  8. Play Bulbasaur's Daring Dash with Pikachu
  9. Talk to Treeko
  10. Friend Munchlax (Big Berry)
  11. Friend Turtwig (Chase)
  12. Friend Pacharisu (Chase)
  13. Friend Buneary (Chase)
  14. Play Bulbasaur's Daring Dash with Turtwig
  15. Friend Lotad (Fight) (If on the way)
  16. Talk to Treeko, cross bridge, spawn Caterpie
  17. Friend Caterpie (Chase) (If on the way)
  18. Friend Mankey (Fight)
  19. Talk to Croagunk
  20. Talk to Venusaur then leave
  21. Friend Croagunk (Fight)
  22. Friend Caterpie (Chase) (If you haven't already)
  23. Friend Lotad (Fight) (If you haven't already)
  24. Friend Treeko (Chase) (If on the way)
  25. Friend Spearow (Obstacle Hop)
  26. Friend Treeko (Chase) (If you haven't already)
  27. Play Venusaur's Vine Swing with Croagunk
  28. Friend Aipom (Chase)
  29. Friend Ambipom (Fight) (If on the way)
  30. Go to Meeting Place
  32. -Meeting Place
  33. Talk to Chatot
  34. Talk to Drifblim
  35. Talk to Misdreavus, take a photo, talk to Misdreavus again
  36. Talk to Electabuzz
  37. Talk to Corphish
  39. -Beach Zone (Look for Azurril, Slowpoke, Totodile, Staravia)
  40. Friend Corsola (Quiz)
  41. Talk to Feraligatr
  42. Talk to Piplup
  43. Get every other Pokemon listed above
  44. Drifblim Stop to Meadow Zone
  46. -Meadow Zone
  47. Get the lumber to Bidoof
  48. After 3rd lumber, friend Shinx (Chase)
  49. Finish lumber
  50. Talk to Bidoof again after lumber quest
  51. Friend Chimchar (Fight) and Bibarel (Fight)
  52. Friend Ambipom (Fight) (If you haven't already)
  53. Drifblim Stop to Beach Zone
  55. -Beach Zone
  56. Get Staravia (Fight) if you haven't already
  57. Get lumber from left of bridge and talk to Bidoof
  58. Play Pelliper's Circle Circuit with Spearow
  59. Get lumber from left side of bridge to Bidoof
  60. Get lumber from left side of tree to Bidoof
  61. Talk to Gyarados
  62. Play Gyarados's Aqua Dash with Bibarel (You need 25 friends)
  63. Talk to Feraligatr twice
  64. Talk to Lapras
  66. -Iceberg Zone
  67. Talk to Piloswine
  68. Talk to Teddiursa
  69. Bring the farthest Ice Block to Glalie
  70. Bring the other 2 nearby Ice Blocks to Glalie
  71. Friend Teddiursa (1/3 chance of it being Chase which is ~10-15 seconds faster than Quiz. Just do the Quiz tho)
  72. Go through the middle path and break the crate (Red Berry optimal)
  73. Friend Prinplup (Fight)
  74. Run into the switch to activate the chair lift
  75. Friend Froslass (Fight)
  76. Friend Quagsire (Big Berry)
  77. Friend Octillery (Fight)
  78. Ride back up the chairlift
  79. Talk to Froslass
  80. Friend Glalie (Fight)
  81. Friend Ursaring (Fight)
  82. Friend Primeape (Fight)
  83. Revive Mamoswine
  84. Talk to Empoleon twice
  85. Play Empoleon's Snow Slide with Glalie
  86. Drifblim Stop to Meeting Place (Get the berry in the crate if you haven't gotten a Red/Golden Berry yet)
  88. -Meeting Place
  89. Talk to Ponyta (350 berries)
  90. Talk to Ponyta again (1000 berries)
  91. Talk to Cranidos
  93. -Cavern Zone
  94. Hang right and talk to Mawile
  95. Talk to Aron
  96. Pick up the Iron Ore in the nearby crate and bring it to the other Aron
  97. Talk to Mawile again
  98. Friend Mawile (Chase)
  99. Talk to Dugtrio
  100. Hit open the box containing Magnemite
  101. Friend Cranidos (Fight) and Magnemite (Just talk to it idk it's weird)
  102. Talk to Marowak
  103. Friend Marowak (Fight)
  104. Break Diglett's crate
  105. Pick up the Big Berry and give it to Snorlax
  106. Pick up the rail and check the Drifblim sign
  107. Give the rail to Mr. Mime
  108. Talk to Gible
  109. Friend Gible (Fight)
  110. Talk to Mr. Mime
  111. ~Now you need Drifblim, Diglett, Raichu, and Torchic
  112. Talk to Drifblim and Diglett, Chase Raichu, Fight Torchic
  113. Play Bastiodon's Block Barrage with Pikachu (You need 50 friends)
  114. Friend Dugtrio (Again, just talk to it)
  115. Go check the cart and go to the Lava Zone
  117. -Lava Zone
  118. Friend Magby (Fight) (If on the way)
  119. Talk to Camerupt
  120. Friend Camerupt (Fight)
  121. Talk to Hitmontop
  122. Friend Magby (Chase) (If you haven't already)
  123. Take an Iron Ore to the Furnace and make an Iron Bar (Straight)
  124. Trigger the switch cutscene, then bring the lever to it
  125. Friend Golem (Talk to it)
  126. Get another piece of Iron Ore and make it into a top (Round)
  127. Bring Rhyperior the Iron Top
  128. Play Rhyperior's Bumper Burn with Pikachu
  129. Run up the ramp and Friend Charmander (Fight)
  130. Friend Meditite (Quiz)
  131. Friend Ponyta (Chase)
  132. Talk to Farfetch'd
  133. Friend Farfetch'd (Fight)
  134. Hit the switch and talk to Magcargo
  135. Fight Charmander again
  136. Play Blaziken's Boulder Bash with Pikachu
  137. Drifblim Stop to Meeting Place
  139. -Meeting Place
  140. Talk to Ponyta (Double dash is free)
  141. Talk to Duskull
  143. -Haunted Zone
  144. Play Tangrowth's Swing Along with Raichu
  145. Talk to Drifloon and go inside the house
  146. Follow Duskull
  147. Go talk to Gastly
  148. Friend Gastly (Chase)
  149. Talk to Gengar
  150. Talk to Dusknoir
  151. Play Dusknoir's Speed Slam with Cranidos
  152. Go into the Great Hall and activate the cutscene
  153. Talk to Misdreavus
  154. Talk to Gastly upstairs
  155. Friend Abra (Talk to it)
  156. Talk to Spinarak
  157. Give the Tough Thread to Misdreavus
  158. Go talk to Duskull (In the room next to Dusknoir's attraction called the library)
  159. Talk to Sableye
  160. Friend Sableye (Quiz)
  161. Put the book into the bookcase
  162. Play Rotom's Spooku Shoot-'em Up with Abra (You need 65 friends - menu left)
  163. Friend Drifloon (Talk to it)
  164. Friend Kakuna and Metapod outside the mansion (Talk to them)
  165. Go to the Meeting Place
  167. -Meeting Place
  168. Upgrade your speed again by talking to Ponyta (You'll need 1540 berries; 1500 for speed, 40 for upcoming attraction)
  169. Talk to Skorupi
  171. -Granite Zone
  172. Talk to Charizard
  173. Play Absol's Hurdle Bounce with Ponyta (40 berries needed)
  174. Talk to Hoppip
  175. Hit the switch and go across the bridge
  176. Hit the switch on the other side
  177. Talk to Flygon
  178. Talk to Blastoise
  179. Friend Blastoise (Fight)
  180. Do the platforming section just in front of the bridge
  181. Hit the switch
  182. Talk to Porygon-Z
  183. Friend Porygon-Z (Quiz)
  184. Friend Skorupi (Talk to it)
  185. Friend Bronzor (Talk to it)
  186. Friend Electivire (Fight)
  187. Run up the steps and hit the switch
  188. Ride the Rope Cart
  189. Friend Togekiss (Obstacle Hop)
  190. Talk to Drifblim and go to the Cavern Zone
  192. -Cavern Zone
  193. Friend Mawile (Talk to it)
  194. Friend Snorlax (Talk to it)
  195. Take Drifblim back to the Granite Zone
  197. -Granite Zone
  198. Talk to Flygon
  199. Play Salamance's Air Ace with Togekiss
  200. Talk to Jumpluff
  202. -Flower Zone
  203. Talk to Bellossom
  204. Talk to Shaymin
  205. Talk to Drifblim and go to the Meeting Place
  207. -Meeting Place
  208. Get the mirror from the top of the tree house
  210. -Flower Zone
  211. Put the mirror at the top of the stairs
  212. Play Raquaza's Balloon Panic with Rhyperior
  213. Talk to Shaymin
  214. Talk to Bellossom
  215. Use the Watering Can on the Gracidea Flower
  217. -Sky Pavilion
  218. Go up the ramp and talk to Piplup
  219. Go back down to the balloon and talk to Piplup
  220. Go back up to Piplup AKA Mew
  221. Play Obstacle Hop (fuck this one)
  222. Fight Mew (Spam Quick Attacks)
  223. Chase Mew
  224. Timing ends on last text box after re-talking to Mew (4th textbox)
  226. Save after fireworks and reset the console via Wii Menu
  228. ggs all around
  230. Typed route made by me
  232. Credits
  233. Heero_fred-basic route and understanding of mechanics of the game
  235. Deathline77-For a lot of Pokemon optimizations used in this
  237. RubberDuckyAssasssin3-Some Pokemon optimizations to the route
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