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  1. Hello,
  2. I'm writing to apply for the Member Services Director position. My name is Kye Taylor (1400899). I feel like I have considerable experience in assisting with enquiries through Euroscope, Slack and even through social media, whether it be software-related or general enquiries. I am currently helping within the graphics department where I can with posters, banners and videos. I feel like this has given me good experience within the graphics team, knowing how they do things and how the team works would allow me to merge in with their current systems. [ringer reference here] I have worked closely with Loui with marketing-related matters, so we will be able to keep this close bond when creating exciting and interesting projects.
  3. Though only a new mentor, I feel that I have managed the admin side quickly and effectively, session reports done there and then, with students able to progress through. This, I would imagine, can be translated across to answering tickets, emails and forum questions. Also, I'm a part-time teaching assistant. I feel that this will vastly improve my understanding of other people's roles and my ability to help and support them. Though unrelated to the web department, I am a computer science student, with this knowledge I think this it is ideal for helping with the web tickets and supporting there when needed. As I am still an S2 I have my Heathrow Tower and Gatwick ground mentoring validation which I feel will help me manage the Moodle courses though I know the content will be provided I could provide a second pair of eyes and check before submitting it.
  4. While still one of the new people around VATSIM, I have spent a considerable amount of time getting used to and familiarising  myself with the procedures, Code of Conduct and regulations. As I think you are aware I try to set time out to help people and I would like people to look to find me if they need some help. By applying for this role I think this will be able to answer and assist with more queries. I am always reachable via email and Slack so I feel like I can exceed the 7 hours weekly hour requirement.
  5. I feel like I could give an interesting perspective the team as I am a relatively younger person, 17, and I think this could give the division a greater perspective on the VATSIM community and its users.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to look over these applications, and I am looking forward to hearing your response.
  9. Kye.
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