尻を自然種類・The Natural Ass

shimetsukage Sep 16th, 2018 (edited) 69 Never
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  1. Oh how lovely
  2. the big bouncin' booty
  3. sizzlin' it appears
  4. whenever it's around
  5. so brazenly bodacious
  7. so perfect n' round
  9. I just can't help feenin'
  10. for that plump mound
  12. my beatin' heart form pictures as
  13. I wonder while I wander in thoughts...
  14. does she know her ass astounds?
  16. wow, how'd she get
  17. that phat plump ripeness so round?
  18. bettin' it was her momma,
  19. or auntie, or her grannie
  20. it had to be...err, uhm, it has to be
  21. that carried 'ass-gene', I decree!
  22. n' I love the special clap,
  23. it's like a hit, a mind slap,
  24. n' those sexy drops she pops...
  26. some may not know
  27. what I mean,
  28. when I call it the
  29. 'booty pop lock'
  31. up n' down, down n' up...
  33. usin' her hips
  34. as together they
  35. work in unison
  36. work it baby,
  37. show me those curves
  38. rattle my nerves
  39. with that bountiful
  40. booty's moves,
  41. n' gift me with
  42. a 'nice ass' grin
  43. what an
  44. awesome vision
  46. that sweet booty
  47. is to thy sight...
  49. see, a nice round
  50. big bouncin' booty
  51. is truly n' utterly
  52. a purely sin-sational
  53. n' sensual delight..!
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