Prank Day (Nora fluff)

Mar 14th, 2015
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  1. >“Hey Nora?”
  2. >“Yes Anon?”
  3. >“...Why?”
  4. >You are Anon, and today you are (forcibly) accompanying Nora Valkyrie on what she deems the 'greatest, bestest, most super-special-awesome day in all of forever.'
  5. >....That she created
  6. >Prank Day.
  8. >“Why what,” Nora asks as she stuffs many miscellaneous items into a sack before throwing it at you.
  9. >Fire crackers, whoopie cushions, spray paint...
  10. >Is that a water melon?
  11. >“Why many things,” you ask, “Why am I the one helping you with this? Why are you trying to create an entire day to pull pranks on people? Why do you have this much prank material to begin with? And Why is Ren just sitting there like this is normal?”
  12. >You point to Ren who is simply sitting on his bed sipping some tea before letting out a small sigh.
  13. >“She already changed out my chai tea for black after failing to make my highlight blue. This is my normal. You get used to it.”
  15. >“Why not?” Nora answers your questions all in one go before heading to the door, “Come on, the other students aren't going to prank themselves! That would just be weird.”
  16. >You watch Nora walking out with a back pack full of prank items. A girl who just decided to create an entire day for pranks all of her own accord...say that something would be weird.
  17. >“...Will I really get used to this?” You ask Ren.
  18. >He takes another sip of his tea.
  19. >“...Not really.”
  21. >“There they are,” Nora says in a whispered voice, her hands cupped around her eyes like binoculars.
  22. >She was just in white and pink camouflaged military garb, and heart shaped war paint on her cheeks
  23. >You didn't know if she was actually some magical fairy or if people were just stupid, but no one has noticed her all day.
  24. >That or they were just used to Nora being...Nora.
  25. >The two of you were in the court yard, spying on the other two members of JNPR, Pyrrha and Jaune, who were apparently having a small picnic together.
  26. >“After what you just did to CRDL, I'm scared to see your plan for-”
  27. >Nora holds up a whoopie cushion.
  28. >“Oh. Never mind then. So what's the plan this time?”
  29. >“I need you to cause a distraction to make Pyrrha stand up, then i'll infiltrate past their defenses and plant the device under the objective. When the subject returns to it's position the device will go off without a hitch.”
  31. >“You really take your pranks seriously, you know that,” You ask.
  32. >You turn for her answer, but she's already gone.
  33. >“W-what the? Oh bollocks.”
  34. >You look at the pair, thinking of how you can possibly make them stand up and distract them long enough for Nora to get the 'device' in place. You sigh and cup your hands around your mouth.
  35. >“Caw. Caw caw.”
  37. >There was no way this would ever-
  38. >“Pyrrha did you hear that,” Jaune stood up immediately, “Is it a nevermore? Are we under attack? What's going on?”
  39. >“...He's supposed to be the leader,” You ask yourself, face palming.
  40. >“Jaune, calm down,” Pyrrha stands up puts her hand on Jaunes shoulder, “Someone's probably just pulling a prank on us.”
  41. >“Y-You think so? Phew, that's good,” the blonde chuckled, “I, uh, I mean I wasn't scared...or anything, I was just, um, worried about yoooou.”
  43. >“Okay Jaune,” Pyrrha chuckled, somehow managing to see through the perfectly spoken cover up, “I'm happy you were looking out for me.”
  44. “>Oh man, there's no way that was enough time for-”
  45. >The two sit down, when an audible 'PRRRRRRRRRTTTTT' is heard.
  46. >“Huh, looks like Nora got there after all.”
  47. >“Anon are you okay?!”
  49. >You turn to see Nora running up to you, her weapon in hand.
  50. >“I heard a giant Nevermore coming, so I had to abandon the plan to come rescue you. No body left behind in this army soldier!”
  51. >“ abandoned the plan?” You look at her curiously.
  52. >“Yeah,” she shows you the whoopie cushion, “I mean the plan was funny and all, but-”
  53. >“I made that sound Nora.”
  55. >“You what?”
  56. >You look over and see Jaune consoling a flustered Pyrrha, her hands burying her face. You swear you could hear some kind of high pitched squeal.
  57. >sounds like...I'm sorry?
  58. >“...I think you can give Jaune and Pyrrha a pass on the prank war.”
  59. >“What? Why?” Nora pouts.
  60. >“Just...Just trust me on this one Nora...I think someone already got to them when we weren't looking.”
  61. >Nora looks over at her team mates, confused by what was happening.
  62. >Never the less, you manage to convince her, and the two of you pack up your 'supplies' and head for the next victim of the prank war.
  63. >“Who the hell got to them before we could?”
  64. >“...Never trust the school beans,” you mutter under your breath.
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