Susannes Goodbye

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  1. Enter Castle Town. Castle Town was a conglomerate of what everything wrong with this community is. I can't believe I dedicated some of my time to this. I glance back and see the shit talk about Bee. What immature babies. I cannot accept that I took part in that disrespect and backtalk. You all proved that you are quick to destroy friendships with a simple flick of the wrist. Such as the following, Eddy, Bee, Paradiso and Shuegi. Either you're all good at pretending your friends with people, are just generally immature and selfish brats. We are 3 and a half months since those events occurred and much has changed in that time. I feel a level of empathy for Mr. Jevil. I came to know how hard it was to be the head owner of a fairly active server with a contentious population determined to walk the line on rules constantly.
  3. I will let Deltarune discords and her many splinters die a cruel and slow death. As I am tired of the same immature babies starting drama with their many splinters and they're ability to kill their friendships on a whim. I am getting grown. And I am losing time to deal with NSFW talk all day like it's a football locker room. So it's best I leave. You'll understand when you're older.
  5. So consider this my final farewell. This will be the last you hear of me. Once this is out I will continue to purge my friend list and move on in my life. I am part of new Discord Communities filled with people of my age and with my interests. I am pretty happy with it honestly.
  7. In the off chance that I run into any of you again, I suppose don't be afraid to say hi. But don't expect automatic kinship, that is something that has to be earned.
  10. Your Dear Friend, Grace.
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