Oran Mini - Fish vs. Fishing

Jul 31st, 2011
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  1. [13:02:53] * Iona goes and knocks on Henry's door early in the morning of the 72nd, then.
  2. [13:04:12] <Iona> "Mr. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenryyyyyy!"
  3. [13:05:08] <Henry> "Eh?" Henry's up fairly early, getting his shop ready to open, but it's still a bit too early for this shit.
  4. [13:05:22] * Henry opens his door with a questionable look.
  5. [13:05:40] <Iona> "I need to buy some cloth from you. Like, a bunch of cloth. I need to make IMPORTANT THINGS."
  6. [13:06:17] <Henry> "Oh, hello Iona... well... I don't usually open for another hour, but certainly. Come on in if you like."
  7. [13:06:49] <Iona> "It's an emergency! Lives are at stake!" Iona scurries in.
  8. [13:07:46] <Henry> He takes off the apron he has on and tosses it aside. There's a small pot of porridge cooking over his fireplace, and the place seems to be decorated with hanging dresses, a couple of suits, shelves full of odd little knick-knacks, and other things.
  9. [13:07:59] <Henry> "Is that so? Oh dear... What will you need, then?"
  10. [13:08:24] <Iona> "Um. Lots of light colored-cloth. Whatever you aren't using is fine, I just need to make some banners."
  11. [13:09:37] <Henry> "Do you need me to create the banners for you? I could extend my service to that, certainly, but how, may I ask, will banners help a life and death situation?"
  12. [13:09:50] * Henry moves to grab some rolls of light blue cloth.
  13. [13:10:38] <Iona> "Um...because they'll convince people that the fishing contest is a terrible thing and shouldn't happen?"
  14. [13:10:52] <Iona> "Banners signifiy importance!"
  15. [13:10:57] <Henry> "The... fishing contest."
  16. [13:11:05] <Henry> He says as he gives a curious look.
  17. [13:11:08] <Iona> "Yes."
  18. [13:11:27] <Iona> "All those poor fish, cruelly murdered just to inflate some fishermen's egos. ;_;"
  19. [13:11:36] <Henry> "I... see."
  20. [13:11:44] <Henry> "Hm." he's clearly in thought about this.
  21. [13:11:55] <Henry> Does he encourage the crazy or miss out on a sale?
  22. [13:12:30] <Henry> "Well, I suppose I can... understand your urgency."
  23. [13:12:58] * Henry starts getting all the cloth.
  24. [13:13:00] <Iona> "Yay! I knew I could count on you! You are a true defender of JUSTICE and AWESOME."
  25. [13:13:48] <Henry> "I wasn't under the impression that they would actually be killing the fish, however. Is that the case? They're not throwing them back?"
  26. [13:14:11] * Henry makes idle chatter as he starts pulling some sheets out, and measuring lengths.
  27. [13:14:47] <Iona> "....Even so, that's damage that will scar a poor fish for life ;_;"
  28. [13:15:07] <Henry> "Mm. How big will you need these?"
  29. [13:16:14] <Iona> "Hmmm. Big enough to be nice and visible."
  30. [13:17:17] <Henry> "Will you be displaying them vertically or horizontally?"
  31. [13:17:50] <Iona> "Hmmmmm."
  32. [13:18:00] <Iona> "How about some of both? O:"
  33. [13:18:16] * Henry begins cutting some lengths of cloth, then.
  34. [13:19:37] <Henry> "You seem quite passionate about this, Iona. They mean a lot to you, don't they?"
  35. [13:20:22] <Iona> "Yep! Fish are my best friends!"
  36. [13:21:01] <Henry> "I admit that I am not as in tune with aquatic life as I could be, though Gordon has been quite an interesting companion." He indicates the huge Tentacool, who's chilling out nearby in a basin half filled with water.
  37. [13:22:12] * Iona stares at Gordon. O:
  38. [13:22:25] <Henry> "Aaaand I think this is enough cloth for what you'll need... Will you be doing the rest yourself?"
  39. [13:22:42] <Iona> "Probably! Unless you want to help. How much do I owe you?"
  40. [13:23:03] <Henry> "I don't usually just sell cuts of cloth... Let's call it 300 gold imperials."
  41. [13:23:30] <Henry> "No, perhaps 200."
  42. [13:23:52] <Henry> He seems indecisive.
  43. [13:23:57] <Iona> "How about 250?"
  44. [13:24:08] * Iona is terrible at bargaining :3c
  45. [13:24:14] <Henry> "...yes, I think that will do."
  46. [13:24:30] <Henry> He smiles and rolls the cuts of cloth into a neat bundle and wraps them with twine.
  47. [13:24:38] * Iona happily hands over two fiddy :D
  48. [13:24:57] <Henry> "Oh, excuse me, my breakfast is probably close to burning. Thank you very much for the business, Iona! And erm, good luck with your campaign?"
  49. [13:25:05] * Henry takes the money. :3c
  50. [13:26:03] * Henry quickly moves and takes his porridge off the fire, setting the iron pot on the table nearby.
  51. [13:26:09] <Iona> "Yep! You should totally stop by the square later! It's gonna be great!"
  52. [13:26:17] * Iona heads out and possibly scene changes!
  53. [13:26:18] <Henry> "If there are any other services I can provide for you, please let me know. Oh, erm... hm."
  54. [13:26:23] <Henry> "Perhaps..."
  55. [13:29:14] <Iona> ANYWAY. Sometime around noon, Iona has her banners (with slogans like 'The Fish Wish to not be a Dish' and 'Fish are Friends, not Food') draped around the town square and is loudly barraging passers-by with whatever rhetoric she can improvise.
  56. [13:31:12] <Raven> Raven strolls on by while making rounds of the town...and...stops and stares. She looks to the banners, then Iona, then back to the banners...
  57. [13:32:18] <Iona> "Hiya, Raven! Did you know that ninety million fish die every year as a result of fishing contests?"
  58. [13:32:22] <Iona> "It's terrible ;__;"
  59. [13:33:46] <Raven> She focuses again when she hears her name. "You're...protesting the fishing contest?"
  60. [13:34:38] <Iona> "Yeppers!"
  61. [13:35:54] * Terri 's sleeping in the nook of a tree.
  62. [13:36:21] <Raven> "...It's probably a good thing you haven't met Clarity...I - I don't think you're gonna have much success with this..."
  63. [13:36:40] <Iona> "I've met Clarity. She's got that Shinx that bites onto her sometimes."
  64. [13:36:50] <Iona> "...But anyway! You should uh."
  65. [13:37:11] * Iona looks around for something to write on, and grabs one of the banners.
  66. [13:37:25] <Iona> "Sign this petition! Tell the world that you will not stand for fishing contests!"
  67. [13:37:40] * Jack comes across Iona's display as he makes his way through the square, Taro beside him.
  68. [13:37:54] <Jack> He stops and eyes it dubiously, "Iona? What is this all about?"
  69. [13:37:57] <Raven> Raven stares at the petition totally at a loss for words.
  70. [13:38:29] <Raven> "Oh to hell with it," she grabs it and signs.
  71. [13:39:07] <Iona> "I'm protesting the fishing contest! It's a terrible thing and a hundred million fish die in fishing contest-related accidents every year. ;_;"
  72. [13:39:16] <Iona> "Won't you sign my petition?"
  73. [13:39:18] <Raven> "I guess it ain't any better then normal hunting regulations. Just I don't think you're going to find much sympathy for fish."
  74. [13:39:51] <Raven> "And stop making up stuff!" she bops Iona on the head!
  75. [13:40:10] * Terri snores. ZzzZzzzZzzzz
  76. [13:40:58] <Jack> "Hundred million?" he quirks a brow at Iona, "What is your source for this information?"
  77. [13:41:06] * Iona owws. "I'm not making stuff up."
  78. [13:41:29] <Iona> "I just have...highly secret sources! Top secret! Claaaaaaaaaaaaaaassified."
  79. [13:41:36] <Raven> "Uh huh."
  80. [13:41:54] <Iona> "Yeah. >:"
  81. [13:42:04] <Iona> "But that's not the point!"
  82. [13:42:29] <Iona> "The point is that fish are awesome and need support."
  83. [13:43:18] <Iona> "You wouldn't want to see Aina dangling at the end of a hook, gasping for breath, would you?" Iona holds up her Finneon, who tries to look adorable.
  84. [13:43:34] * Terri jumps out of the tree, and lands near Iona.
  85. [13:43:45] <Terri> "Why so loud?"
  86. [13:43:51] * Terri yawns.
  87. [13:44:02] <Raven> Raven stares at Aina for a bit.
  88. [13:44:55] <Iona> Aina staaares back. o:
  89. [13:45:01] <Raven> "She IS adorable..."
  90. [13:46:35] * Submission lumbers through the city square carrying a large bundle of lumber. He seems to be coming from the other side of town from his home. He stops momentarily in the midst of town, looking around. "Hmm..." he muses, putting his clutch of logs down on the cobbles.
  91. [13:46:50] * Terri blinks and stares at Iona waiting for her answer.
  92. [13:46:59] <Iona> Iona turns her attention to Terri. "Hey, mister! Are you aware of the trauma that so many members of the underwater community go through as a result of fishing contests?"
  93. [13:47:06] <Jack> "You have a point, but...this is a town tradition...and fishing is a way of life for many here."
  94. [13:47:11] <Jack> "Why just protest the contest?"
  95. [13:47:13] <Iona> "You should take a stand!"
  96. [13:47:17] <Iona> "Tat's what I'm doing, silly."
  97. [13:47:33] <Terri> " contest?"
  98. [13:47:43] <Raven> "Oh to hell with it," she grabs a banner. "I'll help you out for a bit. Parading Aina around like that is cheating!"
  99. [13:47:53] <Terri> "What's that?"
  100. [13:48:42] <Raven> Raven whispers to Iona, 'he's a bit sloooow.'
  101. [13:48:42] <Iona> "Where you're judged on the number of innocent fish you can yank out of the water and scar for life! Prizes for everyone! Horrible suffering for the fish ;_;"
  102. [13:48:54] <Submission> Submission's head doesn't move at first, but as he stands there, the words about the protesting the contest reach his ears and his head swivels towards the group centered around Iona. "What is all this?" he asks plainly.
  103. [13:49:07] <Raven> "Fishing, Terri." She mocks the motion of casting a line and reeling it in. "With a stick, and bait on the end."
  104. [13:50:12] <Terri> "I like contests. Prize too. Fish tasty?"
  105. [13:50:22] <Jack> "Fishing is a way of life for many here. Why are you only protesting this contest?"
  106. [13:50:24] <Iona> "I'm spreading the word that the fishing contest is a terrible thing and should be abolished! I mean, it's one thing if you gotta fish to eat for the day or something, even if you could just eat seaweed, but it's another if you're just catching fish for sport ;_;"
  107. [13:50:33] <Iona> (ahah, good timing)
  108. [13:50:58] <Jack> "Would you be happier, then, if a feast was held with the fish captured?"
  109. [13:51:08] <Terri> " good."
  110. [13:51:11] * Iona looks like she's about to burst into tears.
  111. [13:51:22] * Jack frowns, "Okay, maybe not."
  112. [13:51:42] <Iona> "Th-that's horrible. ;_;"
  113. [13:52:05] <Submission> "You are... protesting?" Submission asks, the longer word sort of pouring out of his mouth thickly. "Do you think we do not intend to eat them?"
  114. [13:52:38] <Iona> "But that's horrible ;__;"
  115. [13:53:48] <Submission> "Eating them is horrible? Didn't you just say it would be okay if you fish to eat?"
  116. [13:53:57] <Jack> "I have an idea," he ponders and smiles, "Why don't we...catch the fish. we catch other pokemon. Then they get friends, we get to have a contest, everyone wins?"
  117. [13:53:57] <Iona> "If you need to!"
  118. [13:54:07] <Iona> "...O:"
  119. [13:54:12] * Iona turns to stare at Jack.
  120. [13:54:15] <Iona> "That's an idea."
  121. [13:54:16] <Jack> "But...apricorn balls are pricey," he contemplates.
  122. [13:54:20] <Iona> "Hmmm."
  123. [13:54:45] <Raven> "You mean as oppose to eating them, actually capturing them? Hm."
  124. [13:54:58] <Terri> "I like eating. Fish tasty?"
  125. [13:55:03] <Raven> "Funny, I'd figure people would do that anyway."
  126. [13:55:11] <Iona> "No! fish are horrible and poisonous and taste bad."
  127. [13:55:14] <Iona> "You don't want to eat them."
  128. [13:55:19] <Submission> "I intend to eat my catch, as I have every time I fish. Those that do not get cooked are salted. Then we have food for later."
  129. [13:55:21] <Jack> "Even if people aren't keen on caring for pokemon, I don't believe Joanna has any water-types to care for yet."
  130. [13:55:55] <Terri> 1d20+6 food scavenger
  131. [13:55:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, food scavenger: 14 [1d20=8]
  132. [13:55:59] * Iona clutches onto Aina and whimpers at Submission ;_;
  133. [13:56:10] * Terri eats some berries he found earlier.
  134. [13:56:34] <Terri> "I No like poison taste bad!"
  135. [13:56:46] <Raven> "Oh you, he's not going to eat Aina. (hopefully)"
  136. [13:56:54] <Iona> "But. Um. A fishing contest that's to make friends, not food? That'd be a pretty good idea."
  137. [13:57:38] <Submission> Submission looks at Iona steadily. His face is stern but not contemptuous. "That is yours to do with as you will. Do you think me a thief?" Submission actually seems kind of irritated that he could be accused of such a crime.
  138. [13:58:36] <Iona> "I didn't say anything like that. But you shouldn't talk about eating fish so casually in front of poor Aina."
  139. [14:00:02] <Terri> "You eat poison badfish?" Terri asks Submission.
  140. [14:00:35] <Jack> "Well, that certainly would be my intent in entering such a contest," a faint smile comes across his features, "so I suppose I can sign if you'd be okay with that."
  141. [14:01:19] <Iona> "Yessir! That's a great idea, Jack." Iona beams.
  142. [14:01:21] <Submission> Submission stares sternly at Aina for a moment. "That is foolishness, girl. Should I ask the sharks to cease their habits? They are made as we all are to eat meat too."
  143. [14:01:48] <Submission> "Few fish are like that here," is his simple reply to Terri.
  144. [14:02:12] <Iona> "But they don't have the option to eat things that aren't fish to survive."
  145. [14:02:14] <Iona> "People do."
  146. [14:02:23] <Iona> "Even I do! I eat seaweed all the time."
  147. [14:02:48] <Raven> Raven taps Submission on the shoulder, and beckons for him to lean down a little (jesus why are you almost 7 feet tall)
  148. [14:02:51] <Terri> "I confuse. Fish tasty or fish poisonbad?"
  149. [14:05:27] <Submission> Again a long silence. "Fish are the livelihood of many here. Would you take away their trade? They would starve for lack of money." Then he turns to Raven and leans slightly. He's still damn tall.
  150. [14:05:41] <Raven> She whispers something
  151. [14:06:14] * Jack moves to sign the petition, motivated by pity more than anything. Empathetically, he warns, "I don't think you're going to get much support for this, frankly, but...good luck."
  152. [14:07:43] <Iona> "Thank you, Jack. I-I'll keep fighting!"
  153. [14:11:15] <Submission> Submission looks inot the distance, seeming to process what Raven has said. He says nothing for a time. Then, finally, "You have a lot to learn about life, I think, girl, but I respect your will to fight for your beliefs. I will not promise to oppose what puts food on my table, but trust that I fish only for food, not sport." With that, Submission turns, picking up his wood. He seems to be
  154. [14:11:15] <Submission> prepared to leave now.
  155. [14:11:20] * Iona settles back, spraying some water over Aina and then looking around for more targets - or for Raven to get done being all whisperlike with Big McLargeHuge.
  156. [14:13:14] <Raven> Raven smiles. "Same here. The hunt is for need, not want."
  157. [14:13:48] * Nephene takes a peek outside. Business was slowing down.
  158. [14:15:37] <Submission> Submission does give Iona a friendly smile, a show of his honest nature as he thunders off to his home.
  159. [14:16:32] <Nephene> Curious, she heads outside. "Odd. The square isn't usually this busy at this time of day."
  160. [14:17:31] <Terri> "Me still confuse. Bigman eat fish. Fish..."
  161. [14:17:35] * Terri looks Iona over.
  162. [14:17:44] <Raven> "He's just a bit blunt, Iona."
  163. [14:18:37] <Terri> "...person say fish poison yucky."
  164. [14:19:39] * Terri scratches his head.
  165. [14:19:47] <Nephene> "What's going on?" she asks no one in particular.
  166. [14:20:14] <Iona> "Um."
  167. [14:20:23] <Iona> "We were protesting the fishing contest, but now I dunno. ;_;'
  168. [14:22:56] <Iona> "I mean, it doesn't seem like it's going to do any good."
  169. [14:23:26] <Raven> "No, probably not."
  170. [14:23:43] * Iona siiiigh.
  171. [14:23:53] * Terri gets annoyed. "FISH TASTY OR POISONBAD?!"
  172. [14:23:54] <Kaingaskhan> Henry watches the proceedings from quite the distance away. <:3c
  173. [14:24:16] <Kaingaskhan> He quickly leaves once he hears Terri yelling about something.
  174. [14:24:25] <Raven> "But doesn't mean you shouldn't try. That and your idea to...befriend the captures IS kinda interesting."
  175. [14:24:34] * Jack winces at Terri's shouting. Taro doesn't seem to be enjoying it either.
  176. [14:24:45] <Raven> "If you want I could help you run that by the mayor or something."
  177. [14:25:26] * Nephene raises an eyebrow.
  178. [14:25:35] <Nephene> "What's wrong with the fishing contest?"
  179. [14:25:38] <Iona> "Fish are definitely poisonous. D:"
  180. [14:25:57] <Iona> "It hurts the fish! A million fish die every year because of fishing contests."
  181. [14:26:07] <Terri> "How many is million?"
  182. [14:26:59] <Nephene> "....okay, then." She doesn't bother asking where Iona got this statistic.
  183. [14:27:36] <Iona> "A million is a whole lot. A whooooole lot."
  184. [14:27:56] <Terri> "More than..."
  185. [14:27:58] <Raven> Iona almost gets another bop on the head...but at least this time she lowered the statistic!
  186. [14:28:08] * Terri thinks for a bit, wiggles his fingers and toes.
  187. [14:28:14] <Terri> "twenty?"
  188. [14:29:01] <Iona> "More than a thousand twenties!"
  189. [14:29:32] * Terri thinks about that, not really sure exactly how much a thousand is either...
  190. [14:29:40] <Terri> "That is...many many."
  191. [14:29:47] <Iona> "Yeah, it is!"
  192. [14:30:09] <Iona> "Anyway! We're protesting to change the fishing contest into a befriending contest!"
  193. [14:30:56] <Iona> "You catch fish in balls, so they have friends and don't get hurt!"
  194. [14:32:13] <Iona> "Don't you think that's a good idea?"
  195. [14:32:36] <Nephene> "Well, I suppose that's fine..."
  196. [14:32:38] <Terri> "Big man must no poison work"
  197. [14:33:50] <Nephene> "Generally, I don't fish for food, anyway."
  198. [14:34:09] <Iona> "Then sign here!"
  199. [14:34:18] <Iona> Iona waves the banner in her face.
  200. [14:35:40] <Jack> "Speaking of which," he considers, "have you shown this to Arawn yet? Given his new apricorn ball stock, support of this would likely be good for his business."
  201. [14:36:00] <Nephene> "Um...."
  202. [14:36:04] <Iona> "Hmmm. Arawn's the grumpy guy who likes seashells, right?"
  203. [14:36:04] <Nephene> "Oh, dear."
  204. [14:36:07] <Iona> "I could talk to him."
  205. [14:36:29] <Terri> "Me no want fish to go to land of broccoli and liver."
  206. [14:37:09] <Terri> "I will sign. How sign?"
  207. [14:37:32] <Iona> "Just take this pen and sign your name anywhere!"
  208. [14:37:57] <Terri> "Can you show?"
  209. [14:38:19] <Iona> "What? D:"
  210. [14:38:48] <Terri> "Show how sign."
  211. [14:39:04] <Iona> "Uh, you take the pen and sign your name?"
  212. [14:39:16] <Terri> "Show please."
  213. [14:39:24] * Iona demonstrates with her own name. It's scrawly and doesn't really look like English.
  214. [14:39:35] <BigTentacruel> Oh, question, is Joanna wanting an Onix?
  215. [14:39:35] <Terri> "OK!"
  216. [14:40:22] * Terri takes the pen and copies Iona's handwriting, except it looks even LESS like English.
  217. [14:40:31] <Iona> "Er."
  218. [14:40:35] <Iona> "...Oh well."
  219. [14:41:14] <Raven> "Petition or not I think the mayor would listen to your suggestion."
  220. [14:41:24] <Raven> "It's not like it'd...change the festival that much."
  221. [14:41:54] <Iona> "Okay! I'll try and track him down later. Which house is his?"
  222. [14:43:16] <Raven> "Could just take you there." (hell if I know what house is his D:)
  223. [14:43:16] * Jack points over in the direction of Arawn's shop.
  224. [14:43:32] <Iona> "Thank you. :D"
  225. [14:43:48] <Iona> "I guess that's really all I meant to do with the protesty thing, soooo."
  226. [14:43:55] * Terri yawns.
  227. [14:44:03] <Iona> "Thank you everyone!"
  228. [14:44:12] * Iona hugs Raven, hugs Jack.
  229. [14:44:18] <Nephene> "Hm. If that's all this is about, I suppose I can just go back to work."
  230. [14:44:44] <Iona> "Mmmhmm!"
  231. 14:44:50] * Jack seems a bit surprised, but returns the hug, "I suppose I should go see Arawn about those lure balls of his, then."
  232. [14:45:20] * Raven is totally hugged.
  233. [14:46:09] <Iona> "Yep! That sounds like a good idea."
  234. [14:46:23] <Iona> [/session?]
  235. [14:46:45] * Terri stares blankly, yawns, and heads back to the forest.
  236. [14:47:07] <Terri> "I go home."
  237. [14:47:24] <Iona> "Byeee~"
  238. [14:47:33] <Terri> "Bye, fish person."
  239. [14:48:55] <Raven> Raven drags Iona toward the mayor's house, who knows how negotiations go and if there will be fish feasts or not!
  240. [14:49:08] <Iona> (and yeah, that looks like [/session] unless dox wants to do that now)
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