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  1. # BEAT 1:  "Why should I listen to you?"
  2. # either pitiful begging or FULL ON HATEFUCK ("you want to be rude? well... how about... you can go suck my dick!" "IF THAT'S WHAT IT FUCKING TAKES" -> so everything has to be sexual with you, relate to sexual relationship with Beauty re importance placed on sexuality)
  3. # BEAT 2: blowjob
  4. # fingers in mouth first, "is this what she does to you"
  5. # choices are interior, admitting being turned on
  6. # BEAT 3: explaining yourself
  7. # "give me one good reason why I shouldn't lock you up, nobody would care"
  8. # reference if you've already revealed yourself ("Well, I should have seen that coming")
  9. # beg, offer yourself as blackmail material, fight (failure)
  10. # BEAT 4: aftermath
  11. # same smug gloating as if he'd taken your votes, "you're going to tell your brother about this, right? well, tell him..."
  13. # President's cuts at the Beast in Pr6 are aimed directly at the player for fixating so much on sex
  15. # come on, you know what you were getting into when you showed up, don't act innocent now
  17. label pr5_start:
  18.     $ pr_outfit = 5011 ## Bomber Jacket v1
  19.     $ bs_outfit = "OUTFIT6"
  20.     $ m_outfit = 1
  22.     if renpy.debug_label:
  23.         $ store.first_suspicion = True
  24.         # TEMPORARY FLAGS
  25.         $ pr_iamawoman = True # Triggered if there's mention of the Beast being the sister or a woman in any path incl. pr1, pr4
  26.         $ pr1_twinsister = True # Triggered back in pr1
  27.         $ pr4_thebeauty_iamawoman = True # Triggered back in pr4
  29.         $ n5_goodtopresident = True # Triggered if you run n5 except if be an asshole and ask for his apology
  30.         $ pr4_success = True # In pr4 you can be cruel, or to try reach understanding, this flag will only trigger for the latter
  31.         $ xpr1_gaveaway = True
  33.     call music_stop_3
  35.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  36.     play loop7 "sfx/hardRain.mp3" loop fadein 5.0
  37.     background cruise night rainy
  38.     with Dissolve (1.0)
  39.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  40.     $, 5.0, "loop7")
  42.     call music_tango
  43.     call music_1
  45.     "And then... I convinced the President to turn the ship around."
  47.     $ calm_current_track(delay=3.0)
  49.     # MYSTERY ROOM
  50.     $ dissolve_to_mystery()
  51.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  53.     call s1_outfit_check
  55.     show s2 1heh2 at inslidedown
  56.     pn "Uh. How? You're going to have to back that one up and actually explain it in detail. That's a pretty big thing to gloss over."
  58.     show s1 2ugh7 at inslideup
  59.     bn "You do not want to know."
  61.     show s2 1heh3 at danceokay
  62.     pn "Yes, I really do. I need to know what the President thinks happened, if I'm to get my story straight. I really do need the details... even if you're embarrassed."
  64.     show s2 3heh5
  65.     pn "Besides, I thought we'd already established that you liked being embarrassed, so really, what's the harm?"
  67.     show s1 3hoy5sweatweak2 at dancemad
  68.     bn "Fine! Don't say I didn't warn you!"
  70.     call return_to_cruise
  72.     monologue tx bs nervous
  73.     "I'm.... not going to lie. I'd done my best at keeping my cool the whole cruise, done my best to just roll with everything..."
  75.     monologue tx bs ugh
  76.     "But with the kidnapping, with the stakes being so high, with direct pressure on me to fix something I barely even knew how to pretend to understand, it was starting to get to me."
  78.     monologue tx bs ughh
  79.     "...I mean, I knew what I had to do. The President was the one who had assumed control of the ship, so I should just be direct: get him to change the course to... here, I guess."
  81.     monologue tx bs enough
  82.     "I had to rescue the Beauty, I knew that much. She'd taken my place, and while I was still trying to figure out what that meant, I... I had to. I just had to."
  84.     monologue tx bs fang
  85.     "So I wiped the tears from my eyes and—"
  86.     clear monologue
  88.     pnc "You? Crying? Really? A crack in your perfectly self-assured image? I'm shocked."
  90.     monologue tx bs rage
  91.     "Shut the fuck up! This... this part gets intense. I don't want to hear another word out of you until I'm done telling it, or I'll stop. Fucking got it?"
  92.     clear monologue
  94.     pnc "Okay, okay. I \"fucking get it.\""
  96.     "Good."
  98.     stop loop7
  99.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  100.     sublocation bridge B
  101.     with Dissolve (1.0)
  102.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  104.     call music_up
  106.     if not seen("XNerd3"):
  107.         " I wiped the tears from my eyes, and opened the door. Surprisingly, he was alone, his lieutenant nowhere to be seen; I guess in all the chaos, she was busy elsewhere."
  108.     else:
  109.         " I wiped the tears from my eyes, and opened the door. It was just him... I guess I had to go this one alone."
  111.     $ store.x_skip_scene = "pr5_grandfinale"
  113.     show es pr ugh at stop with dissolve
  114.     $ renpy.pause (1.5)
  115.     show es pr rage1sweat at stop with vpunch
  116.     pr "No! I don't have time for you right now."
  118.     show es bs mad2 at bounce
  119.     bs "I know where—"
  121.     show es pr enough at stop
  122.     pr "I mean it! Now is not the time!"
  124.     show es pr pissed4weak at danceshake
  125.     pr "I don't know if you've noticed, but my fiancée has been kidnapped on the high seas, we have no way of contacting the outside world, and it turns out the ship has been running on autopilot the whole time!"
  127.     show es pr haa1 at danceokay
  128.     pr "I'm staying right here, at the radio, so we can get outside help, and I will not be distracted by you trying to cause trouble!"
  130.     show es bs why at stop with dissolve
  131.     bs "Are you done? Because if you're done... I know where the Beauty is."
  133.     show es pr wut2 at dancemad
  134.     pr "What? How?"
  136.     show es bs nervous at bounce
  137.     bs "I... uh... I overheard something while it was happening. Just... for once, just fucking trust me here. We need to go rescue her."
  139.     show es pr what3 at danceshake
  140.     pr "Are you serious? \"Rescue her?\" How do you propose we do that?"
  142.     show es bs serious2 at danceokay
  143.     bs "I have the coordinates of where they went! If we can follow them... we can fix this."
  145.     show es pr think at stop
  146.     pr "Even if I did trust you..."
  148.     if n4_stolevotes:
  149.         show es pr grit at danceshake
  150.         pr "...and given the horrible, manipulative stuff what you pulled with the Nerd, there's no way I possibly could..."
  151.     # if been nice
  152.     elif n5_goodtopresident:
  153.         show es pr bleh1 at danceokay
  154.         pr "...and while I admit that you've been decent to me this last week..."
  155.     # otherwise, if on President route
  156.     elif pr4_success:
  157.         show es pr well at danceshake
  158.         pr "...and literally nothing you have done in the past week has given me cause for that..."
  159.     else:
  160.         show es pr command at danceshake
  161.         pr "...and I don't know why you'd think I would..."
  163.     show es pr shout2 at stop
  164.     pr "...even if I did trust you, we absolutely are not going to go rescue her. "
  165.     show es pr mock1 at danceshrug
  166.     extend "For what, exactly? So you can impress her? So you can show how brave you are? How irresponsible."
  168.     hide es with dissolve
  169.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  171.     "I was stunned, and I felt myself starting to tremble... he was even going to fight me on this?! I knew I had to find a way to take control..."
  173.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  174.     ", not take control. I knew, deep down, there was no way out of this without somehow humiliating myself... I'd have to give up something..."
  176.     custom "You fucking coward!" "pr5_youfuckingcoward" "Rebel" "pink" 0 0
  178.     "The idea of degrading myself in front of him was... my heart was racing... no, there wasn't a hint of excitement in my fear, I refused to accept that."
  180.     show es pr rage1sweat at stop with dissolve
  181.     pr "It's stupid, and it's reckless! I represent the entire student body, and I have an obligation to be responsible—that means we don't rush off after kidnappers!"
  183.     show es pr shout1
  185.     if xpr1_gaveaway:
  186.         custom "I gave you my votes!" "pr5_alreadygavevotes" "Defeated" "blue" 0 0
  187.     if store.votes > 50:
  188.         custom "I'll give you my votes" "pr5_givevotes" "Defeated" "blue" 100 0
  189.     else:
  190.         custom "I'll give you my votes" "pr5_givevotes" "Defeated" "blue" -50 0 locked
  191.         custom "I'll give you my votes" "pr5_failvotes" "Ineffective" "lightblue" 0 0
  193.     pr "You can't possibly convince me to go along with a bad plan that's transparently nothing but a desperate last-ditch attempt to impress the Beauty."
  195.     show es bs heynow at bounce
  196.     bs "I..."
  198.     show es bs fedup at danceshake
  199.     bs "...I don't care about that."
  201.     jump pr5_start2
  202. label pr5_youfuckingcoward:
  203.     $ pr5_hatefuck = True
  205.     show es bs mad1 at stop with vpunch
  206.     bs "You miserable fucking coward!"
  208.     show es bs feh at bounce
  209.     bs "You keep fucking talking about \"responsibility\" and \"justice,\" but only to justify being a coward and refusing to rescue a woman who's in trouble?!"
  211.     show es pr think at danceshake
  212.     pr "You just don't get it."
  214.     show es bs nervous at dancemad
  215.     bs "You're right, I don't get it! Can you explain, please? How do you have the balls to accuse {i}me{/i} of being selfish, yet don't have the balls to do the right fucking thing?"
  217.     show es pr pissed1 at stop
  218.     pr "You can rationalize all you want, but I'd have to be an idiot to go along with a plan of your orchestration. There's always an agenda with you."
  219.     hide es with dissolve
  221.     monologue tx bs damn
  222.     "I was furious. How could he accuse me of rationalization when he was so obviously projecting?"
  224.     monologue tx bs nervous
  225.     "The audacity of that asshole! He was up in my face and so fucking {i}wrong{/i}, I just wanted to..."
  226.     clear monologue
  228.     show es bs hate2 at stop with dissolve
  229.     bs "Not this time, you miserable fucking spineless piece of cowardly goat-fucking shit! "
  230.     show es bs ugh with vpunch
  231.     extend "I just... Jesus tit-fucking Christ, where in the bloody fuck are your balls?"
  233.     show es pr wut2 at danceshake
  234.     pr "I... ugh, that's... why must everything be so rude with you?"
  236.     show es bs rage at bounce
  237.     bs "Is now really the fucking time for lectures on swearing? I'm just trying to tell you how I feel: it's not a fucking game!"
  239.     show es pr enough at danceshake
  240.     pr "Oh, and rudeness is the only way you understand how to express feelings now? "
  241.     show es pr shout1sweat at stop with hpunch
  242.     extend "Why is it so hard for you to just show some respect?"
  244.     show es bs ouch with vpunch
  245.     bs "Respect? What fucking more do you want? Will you {i}please{/i} turn the ship around so we can fucking rescue her? There, is that enough?"
  247.     show es pr pissed1
  248.     pr "Obviously not."
  250.     show es bs argh at stop with hpunch
  251.     bs "Then what? How much more respect can I fucking show? I'm sorry, do you want me to suck your dick first?"
  253.     show es pr command
  254.     pr "Joking around is hardly going to convince me that you're serious."
  255.     hide es with dissolve
  257.     "I mean, it was a joke when the words left my mouth, but... no, this really was a serious matter..."
  259.     show es bs nervous at stop with dissolve
  260.     bs "Who's fucking joking?"
  262.     show es pr look2
  263.     $ renpy.pause (1.5)
  264.     show es pr wut2 at stop with dissolve
  265.     pr "You're trying to tell me that you're being {i}serious{/i} when you say you'll \"suck my dick\" in order to convince me to listen to you."
  267.     show es bs rageblush1 with vpunch
  269.     hide es with dissolve
  271.     "...this really was serious, and I really wasn't willing to back down. I'd fucking show him how serious I was, if I needed to."
  273.     jump pr5_blowjob
  275. label pr5_alreadygavevotes:
  276.     $ store.x_skip_scene = None
  278.     hide es with dissolve
  279.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  281.     show es bs peek at stop with dissolve##3c
  282.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  283.     show es bs mad2sweatweak2 at danceshake##1
  284.     bs "Now just fucking wait here. You owe me."
  286.     show es pr stern2 at stop##2
  287.     pr "How do you figure that?"
  289.     show es bs aghastweak2 at bounce##4
  290.     bs "...because I literally gave you all my votes? I did that for you! I deserve to be heard out."
  292.     if x_motorcycle:
  293.         show es pr haa1 at danceshrughold##1
  294.         pr "And I agreed to help your sister with her motorcycle."
  295.     else:
  296.         show es pr uweh at danceshrughold##1
  297.         pr "And you said you didn't want a reward."
  299.     show es bs argh at stop with hpunch##1
  300.     bs "Well, I'm changing my mind now!"
  302.     show es bs rage at dancemad##3
  303.     bs "This is important. This is more important than anything else!"
  305.     show es pr wut2 at danceshake##2
  306.     pr "Do you really think impressing her with unrealistic heroics is some sort of prize to be won? This is serious."
  308.     show es bs ridiculousweak1 at stop with vpunch##4
  309.     bs "I'm fucking serious! I don't... I don't care about trying to impress her! I just want her to be okay!"
  311.     show es bs nervousblush1 at danceweak##3
  312.     bs "And if you're going to fucking turn this into something transactional, if you really must... "
  313.     show es bs hate1weak2 at bounce##1
  314.     extend "I just want to fucking help her."
  316.     show es pr what2 at stop##1
  317.     pr "I'm not the one insisting on making things transactional."
  319.     show es bs fangsweatblush1 at bounce##3
  320.     bs "Oh yeah? Then prove it! Let's do the right thing. For her sake."
  322.     show es pr rage1sweatweak at danceshake##2
  323.     pr "What do you even know about her sake? What's your plan? To sweep her away by acting like you're a hero?"
  325.     show es bs ughblush1 at stop with hpunch##2
  326.     bs "I don't fucking care about that! Dude, take the credit, I don't care. Take your prize, I don't care. I just want her to be okay!"
  328.     show es bs please at danceshake##1
  329.     bs "You can keep caring about all that fucking other shit all you want... but she's in this situation now because she wanted to protect me..."
  331.     show es bs sob1 at stop with dissolve##3
  332.     bs "...and I just..."
  334.     show es bs cry2 at danceweak##3
  335.     bs "...I just want to put that right. That's all I care about. Not about any shit with votes or prizes."
  337.     call music_down
  339.     hide es with dissolve
  340.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  341.     show es pr eyesrollblush at stop with dissolve##1
  342.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  343.     show es pr enoughblush with hpunch##2
  344.     pr "Okay, stop! You've convinced me. I don't want to hear any more incoherent ranting about how pure your love is, it's tiresome."
  346.     show es bs surrender1 at danceshake
  347.     bs " does this mean you're going to turn the ship around?"
  349.     show es pr say2 at stop
  350.     pr "Yes, of course I am. Now, will you please tell me the coordinates?"
  351.     hide es with dissolve
  353.     monologue tx bs bah
  354.     "I gave them to him, and as he punched them into the computer, well..."
  356.     monologue tx bs blah
  357.     " much as it felt bad to be beaten by such a smug jerk, as much as it felt humiliating to justify how sincerely I cared about the Beauty to him..."
  359.     monologue tx bs enough
  360.     "...and all my hopes of proving myself, dashed away, for some bullshit that the President would surely take credit for..."
  362.     monologue tx bs surrender1
  363.     "...I didn't want to win as much as I wanted to make sure the Beauty was okay."
  364.     clear monologue
  366.     call sl_exit
  367.     call music_stop
  369.     "So I held back my tears and kept looking forward... as the ship slowly changed direction towards where she was being held."
  371.     $ store.force_next = "sp23_start"
  372.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  373.     $ set_stat("day6", 3)
  375.     $ end_of_scene("President5")
  377. label pr5_givevotes:
  378.     $ store.x_skip_scene = None
  380.     show es bs geez at danceshake with dissolve
  381.     bs "Look, I'll... I'll give you all my votes. It's that important to me. I'll let you win."
  383.     if n4_stolevotes:
  384.         show es pr pissed4 at stop with hpunch##2
  385.         pr "Oh, really? Like the ones you stole from the Nerd?!"
  387.     show es pr wut2 at stop with vpunch
  388.     pr "How can you even be thinking about the Game at a time like this? We're in the middle of a maritime disaster!"
  390.     show es bs enough at danceshake
  391.     bs "I'm not! I don't fucking care about it, not when I'm worried about the Beauty... "
  392.     show es bs feh at stop
  393.     extend "but you're worried about saving face, right? \"Responsibility?\" I'm giving you a way to justify it."
  395.     show es bs hate2
  396.     bs "I don't want to win at the expense of her. So listen you fucking here."
  397.     hide es with dissolve
  399.     monologue tx bs rage
  400.     "I took a deep breath to steel myself. I could do this. I was going to fix it, even if it meant doing it the way you would have."
  401.     clear monologue
  403.     show es bs bah at danceshrug with dissolve
  404.     bs "You can either turn the ship around and accept my votes right now..."
  406.     show es bs hate1 at danceokay
  407.     bs "...come out looking like the hero who won the Game for democracy and justice or what-the-fuck-ever, AND was brave enough to rescue his fiancée..."
  409.     show es bs heh at bounce
  410.     bs "...or you could refuse, and I will raise the biggest stink to everyone who voted for you how you refused to accept enough votes to push you over because you're a coward."
  412.     show es bs mad1 at stop with vpunch
  413.     bs "The choice is yours. What's it going to fucking be? I'm offering you a win. Fucking take it!"
  415.     show es pr sting at danceshake
  416.     pr "..."
  417.     hide es with dissolve
  419.     "There was a long pause, as he tried not to look like he was thinking it over too hard."
  421.     show es pr sorry at stop with dissolve
  422.     pr "You say that, but..."
  424.     show es bs ugh at bounce
  425.     bs "But what? If you really cared about all the things you cared to claim about, this should be an easy choice. "
  426.     show es bs fang at danceshake
  427.     extend "Unless you really just don't feel like this is the win you want."
  429.     show es pr shout2sweat at bounce
  430.     pr ", that's you; you're the one who obsesses over winning. Stop projecting!"
  432.     show es bs what3 at stop
  433.     bs "Then you'll accept?"
  435.     show es pr bleh1
  436.     pr "Yes. Obviously I'll accept. But you'll have to send the votes first and you'll have to trust me."
  437.     hide es with dissolve
  439.     monologue tx bs enough
  440.     "I sighed. Did I really have a choice?, probably not. I'd just have to trust that, from everything I'd learned from him, he wasn't the sort of person to go back on his word."
  441.     clear monologue
  443.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  444.     $ remove_votes(store.votes, "President")
  446.     show es bs grrshut at danceshrug with dissolve
  447.     $ renpy.pause (1.5)
  448.     show es bs serious2 at stop
  449.     bs "There you go."
  451.     show es pr geh1 with dissolve
  452.     pr "Wow. Supermajority of votes. I actually did it."
  454.     show es pr challenge1
  455.     pr "Heh."
  457.     show es pr hah2 at bounce
  458.     pr "Heh heh heh."
  460.     show es pr heh1 at danceshake
  461.     pr "I mean, I should probably feel bad, but it's you, so... it's a bit hard to care, really."
  463.     show es pr mock1 at danceokay
  464.     pr "So is this feeling why you're always such a manipulative jerk? Because it's fun to trick people into doing what you want? {i}This{/i} is the part you enjoy, right?"
  466.     show es pr hah1 at stop
  467.     pr "How does this work, exactly? Do you rub their faces in it immediately after you get what you want, or do you wait for them to realize long after the fact?"
  468.     hide es with dissolve
  470.     "A knot started to form in my stomach."
  472.     show es bs nervous at danceshiftright with dissolve
  473.     bs "...what are you talking about?"
  475.     show es pr stern2 at danceshrug
  476.     pr "Come on. How little do you think of me, that you really think I was going to ignore information about where my kidnapped fiancée is? You really think I'm that pathetic?"
  478.     show es pr shout1 at stop with vpunch
  479.     pr "I was always obviously going to do it. I can't believe you thought I needed to be bribed."
  481.     show es bs heynow at bounce
  482.     bs "I..."
  484.     show es pr declare2 at stop
  485.     pr "Okay, I'm all done with gloating."
  487.     show es pr mock1
  488.     pr "No, actually, I'm not. You see? You can do the right thing, the thing that helps you out, {i}and{/i} the thing that's best for justice."
  490.     show es pr challenge1
  491.     pr "How does it feel, being hoisted on your own cynical petard?"
  493.     show es bs ohwell at danceshake
  494.     bs " does this mean you're going to turn the ship around?"
  496.     show es pr say2 at stop
  497.     pr "Yes, of course I am. Now, will you please tell me the coordinates?"
  498.     hide es with dissolve
  500.     monologue tx bs bah
  501.     "I gave them to him, and as he punched them into the computer, well..."
  503.     monologue tx bs blah
  504.     " much as it felt bad to be beaten by such a smug jerk, as much as it felt humiliating to have all my worries about the Beauty exploited..."
  506.     monologue tx bs enough
  507.     "...and my hopes of winning the Game, of proving myself, dashed away, for some bullshit that the President would surely take credit for..."
  509.     monologue tx bs surrender1
  510.     "...I didn't want to win as much as I wanted to make sure the Beauty was okay."
  511.     clear monologue
  513.     call sl_exit
  514.     call music_stop
  516.     "So I held back my tears and kept looking forward... as the ship slowly changed direction towards where she was being held."
  518.     $ store.force_next = "sp23_start"
  519.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  520.     $ set_stat("day6", 3)
  522.     $ end_of_scene("President5")
  523. label pr5_failvotes:
  524.     show es bs whysweat at bounce with dissolve
  525.     bs "Look, I'll... I'll give you all my votes. It's that important to me. I'll let you win."
  527.     show es pr heh1 at stop
  528.     pr "Hm, let me think about that. "
  529.     show es pr pissed1 at danceshake
  530.     extend "No. Not even if you did have enough for me to care about—which you don't. Sorry, it's just not worth it."
  532.     jump pr5_start2
  533. label pr5_start2:
  534.     call music_normal
  536.     show es pr command at stop with dissolve
  537.     custom "I'll do anything!" "pr5_illdoanything" "Pathetic" "pink" 0 0
  539.     pr "Forget it! Nothing you say is going to convince me that you're here right now for any reason other than to manipulate me into getting what you want."
  540.     hide es with dissolve
  542.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  544.     "I... I had to do something. I didn't like any of my options... no matter what, I was asking the President for a lot, and I knew I'd have to give a lot to get that, but I couldn't just do nothing."
  546.     show es pr shout1 at stop with dissolve
  547.     pr "Now, if you would kindly get out of my way. I don't have time to deal with you right now!"
  548.     hide es with dissolve
  550.     $ warn_suspicion(5)
  551.     rdialogue all
  553.     "I had to do something..."
  555.     call music_down
  556.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  557.     call sl_exit
  559.     "...but I found myself unable to bring myself to step up to it, and instead just let him forcefully shove me out of the room, the door slamming in my face."
  561.     "What could I have done? Nothing. Debasing myself in front of the President obviously wasn't an option."
  563.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  564.     sublocation deck night rainy
  565.     with Dissolve (1.0)
  566.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  568.     "Not too far outside, the Maid was waiting for me."
  570.     jump pr5_prefailstate
  572. label pr5_illdoanything:
  573.     hide es with dissolve
  574.     "...I gave up on trying to sound tough. What good was it doing me, anyway? I wasn't going to convince him through stubbornness, and it was so hard to keep it up."
  576.     # sad, pitiful
  577.     show es bs fedup at danceshake with dissolve
  578.     bs "'s not like that. It's not about me, it's not about... "
  579.     show es bs geez at stop
  580.     extend "look, you're the only one who can help her, so I'm begging you!"
  582.     show es bs enough at bounce
  583.     bs "I'll do anything! Whatever it takes, just... please, listen!"
  585.     show es pr look2 at stop with dissolve
  586.     "He seemed sincerely surprised by the outburst."
  588.     show es bs grit
  589.     bs "Please."
  591.     show es pr sting at danceshake
  592.     pr "Huh."
  594.     show es bs please at bounce
  595.     bs "Listen... you can take credit, you can spin it to everyone to be all about you doing the noble thing, humiliate me, whatever... I won't say anything... I just... all I want is for her to be..."
  597.     show es pr what2 at stop
  598.     pr "\"I can do anything,\" huh? Did you have something in mind?"
  600.     # blushing, just for a moment
  601.     show es pr geh1weak with dissolve
  602.     pr "...oh. I bet you did."
  604.     show es pr hah1 at danceshrug
  605.     pr "Why don't you say what you're really thinking? I don't think like you. I'm not dirty-minded and singular focused. So I'm sure I don't know what you mean."
  607.     show es pr command at stop with vpunch
  608.     pr "Come on. What does \"humiliate you\" really mean, when you have no shame? Do you miss the Beauty so much, you want me to treat you like she does?"
  609.     hide es with dissolve
  610.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  612.     "...but I knew, the moment he latched onto that phrase, what he had in mind. What he was trying to project onto me. That was what he wanted... to see me denigrated."
  614.     "Did he want me to suck his cock? Did he want to come on my face? I didn't know exactly what he had in mind, but... that's what came to mind..."
  616.     "...and I had to admit... imagining it..."
  618.     show es bs surrender1 at stop with dissolve##
  619.     bs "...I'll get on my knees, if that's what you want to see."
  621.     jump pr5_blowjob
  622. label pr5_prefailstate:
  623.     show es m huh2 at stop with dissolve##1
  624.     m "Did you get the ship turned around?"
  626.     show es bs surrender1 at stop with vpunch##
  627.     bs "I tried, okay! I fucking tried my best, but it was impossible. I couldn't..."
  629.     show es m mad at stop##2
  630.     m "That's not good enough."
  632.     show es bs cry1 at danceweak##
  633.     bs "I fucking tried! It's impossible. It is literally impossible. There's nothing I can do..."
  635.     show es bs cry2 at danceshake##
  636.     bs "I'm sure it'll work out somehow, I just... not with me. I'm not able to."
  638.     show es m scold2 at stop##
  639.     m "You're willing to just give up like that?"
  641.     show es bs sob2
  642.     bs "I... what choice do I have...?"
  643.     hide es with dissolve
  645.     "I couldn't handle her judgement anymore. I slunk away, defeated..."
  647.     call music_1
  648.     call sl_exit
  650.     "...and I never was able to rescue the Beauty."
  652.     jump game_over
  654.     # show es st please at stop with dissolve
  655.     # st "Is everything okay now...?"
  657.     # show es bs tch at danceshrug
  658.     # bs "No, I'm sorry, I couldn't find a way to convince him. There's nothing I can do..."
  660.     # show es st uweh at dancehop2
  661.     # st "What do you mean? But... but the plan!"
  663.     # show es bs uhh1 at stop
  664.     # bs "I'm sure it'll work out somehow, I just..."
  666.     # show es st oweh at danceshake
  667.     # st "I... I don't understand! No it won't! How could it, with both of us stuck here...? Do you have... is there some contingency I don't know about...?"
  669.     # show es bs uhhuh at danceokay
  670.     # bs "Uh, yeah. It's okay."
  672.     # show es st worrylooksweat at stop
  673.     # st "What is it?"
  674.     # hide es with dissolve
  676.     # "She squinted at me... this wasn't working, I could tell this wasn't working, there was no way I could withstand this kind of scrutiny with no idea what she was talking about."
  678.     jump pr5_failstate
  679. label pr5_failstate:
  681.     jump game_over
  683. label pr5_blowjob:
  684.     call music_up
  686.     show es pr glare1 at danceshrughold with dissolve
  687.     $ renpy.pause (1.5)
  688.     show es pr challenge1 at danceshake
  689.     pr " really are pathetic, aren't you? I really did think you were some sort of evil mastermind, but it's not like that, is it? You're just a hormonal idiot."
  691.     show es pr shout1 at stop
  692.     pr "Everything has to be about sex with you, doesn't it?"
  694.     show es pr geh1 at danceokay
  695.     pr "You're so absorbed by your sexual affair that you'll humiliate yourself in front of me, because... you really do believe that you care more about her than me, don't you?"
  697.     show es bs rage at stop with vpunch
  698.     bs "Then prove me wrong, and turn the ship around!"
  700.     show es pr hah2 at danceshrug
  701.     pr "Okay. I'll do it."
  703.     # eyes light up
  704.     show es bs regret3 at stop
  705.     bs "Ah—"
  707.     show es pr pissed1 with dissolve
  708.     pr "...but first, prove to me that you're serious about your intentions. Convince me."
  710.     show es bs geez at danceshake
  711.     bs "...oh."
  713.     show es bs whaa at stop
  714.     bs "How?"
  716.     show es pr think at danceshrug
  717.     pr "It's all about sex with you, right? "
  718.     show es pr command at stop
  719.     extend "This whole cruise, everything's been about your dick, your affairs, your pathetic attempts to drag your endless sex obsession into everything..."
  721.     show es pr grit at bounce
  722.     pr "...that's all you know, isn't it?"
  723.     hide es with dissolve
  725.     "He imitated my voice, exaggerating in a way I absolutely do not sound like:"
  727.     if pr5_hatefuck:
  728.         show es pr heh2 at stop with dissolve
  729.         pr "I mean, you even said it yourself, \"if that's what it takes, just please~~\""
  730.     else:
  731.         show es pr heh2 at stop with dissolve
  732.         pr "I mean, you even said it yourself, \"wah, I'll do anything, just please~~\""
  734.     show es bs noway2 at bounce
  735.     bs "I didn't—"
  737.     show es pr shout2 at stop with vpunch
  738.     pr "Shut up!"
  739.     hide es with dissolve
  741.     #show comment "TIER 2 CG1 MIDDLE-RIGHT - President choking Beast, serious glare" onlayer comment
  742.     #show cut temp8 with hpunch
  744.     custom "(Run away)" "pr5_runaway" "Defeated" "blue" 0 0
  746.     "Slowly, as if he was uncertain of himself at first, he placed his fingers around my throat, not daring to squeeze, just holding them there... I thought I'd be horrified, but instead I felt... I felt..."
  748.     show es pr shout1 at stop with dissolve
  749.     pr "You literally asked for this. Or did you change your mind? If you don't want me to turn the ship around, if this was just some ploy that you weren't serious about, walk away now!"
  750.     hide es with dissolve
  752.     "Then he leaned in close, glaring intensely at me, waiting on my response. I took a deep breath. I knew what was going to happen. I... I knew I really did have a choice. I could run, and... well, I could."
  754.     show es bs nervous at stop with dissolve
  755.     rdialogue all
  757.     bs "...I'm serious."
  758.     hide es with dissolve
  760.     "He put his hand on my face, seeming briefly surprised—was I softer than he expected?—before returning to his glare."
  762.     show es pr geh1 at stop with dissolve
  763.     pr "Serious about what? Serious about admitting that you're just a pathetic rebellious childish libertine who needs me, the responsible adult, to put everything right?"
  765.     if pr5_hatefuck:
  766.         show es bs ugh at bounce
  767.         bs "What are you waiting for? Whatever you're going to do, get it fucking on with!"
  768.     else:
  769.         show es bs tch at danceshake
  770.         bs "...if that's what it takes..."
  772.     show es pr shout2 at stop with vpunch
  773.     pr "Then let me hear you say \"YES!\" Come on, where's that ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT?"
  775.     show es bs enough at danceshake
  776.     bs "...yes."
  778.     show es pr look1 at stop
  779.     pr "..."
  781.     show es bs mad2blush1 at dancemad
  782.     bs "I said yes!"
  783.     hide es with dissolve
  785.     #hide comment onlayer comment
  786.     #hide cut with dissolve
  788.     "Suddenly, his grip on my neck tightened a little, not enough to choke, just enough to let me know who was in control."
  790.     show comment "TIER 2 CG3 MIDDLE-LEFT - His finger in Beast's mouth" onlayer comment
  791.     #$"dfog1", zorder=-1)
  792.     #with Dissolve (0.5)
  793.     #show cut temp6 with dissolve
  794.     #$ renpy.pause (1.0)
  796.     "Then I felt him pry my lips open, pressing his fingers into my mouth, pressing against my tongue so I couldn't speak... embarrassingly, the thought crossed my mind: maybe that was better. What did I have to say, anyway?"
  798.     show es pr mock1 at stop with dissolve
  799.     pr "Is this what she does to you? Is this what you think is so special and unique?"
  801.     show es pr look1
  802.     bs "Nn..."
  804.     show es pr what2 at danceshake
  805.     pr "You're disgusting. Pathetic!"
  807.     if pr5_hatefuck:
  808.         show es pr hah1 at stop
  809.         pr "Now why don't you follow through on that pathetic offer you made and get on your knees?"
  810.         hide es with dissolve
  812.         #hide cut with dissolve
  813.         #hide dfog1 with dissolve
  814.         hide comment onlayer comment
  816.         "I glared at him, scowling as he took his hand out of my mouth and let go of my neck, just so he could shove me down."
  818.         show es bs rage with hpunch
  819.         bs "Fuck you!"
  821.         show es pr challenge1
  822.         pr "You'd like that, wouldn't you? No, let's stick with your original suggestion."
  823.         hide es with dissolve
  825.     else:
  826.         show es pr heh1 at stop
  827.         pr "I can't believe I thought you were on my level... it's so obvious now that you're beneath me."
  829.         show es pr challenge1
  830.         pr "Hey, that's a good idea. Why don't we make that literal, too? You were so eager to beg for me to do anything... how about you get on your knees?"
  831.         hide es with dissolve
  833.         #hide cut with dissolve
  834.         #hide dfog1 with dissolve
  835.         hide comment onlayer comment
  837.         "I frowned, whimpering a little as he took his hand out of my mouth and let go of my neck, just so he could shove me down."
  839.     "He looked down at me, and I... ugh, I knew where this was going to go; nothing had even happened yet and I already felt filthy."
  841.     show es pr mock1 at stop with dissolve
  842.     pr "Well? What are you waiting for? Come on, the longer you take, the longer your precious girlfriend is going to have to wait... or is it not as urgent as you said?"
  843.     hide es with dissolve
  845.     "What a fucking asshole."
  847.     $ pr_outfit = 7011 ## Bomber Jacket v2
  849.     #$ renpy.pause (0.5)
  850.     #show comment "TIER 2 CG2 MIDDLE - Preparing for Blowjob" onlayer comment
  851.     #$"dfog1", zorder=-1)
  852.     #with Dissolve (0.5)
  853.     #show cut temp7 with dissolve
  854.     #$ renpy.pause (1.0)
  856.     "But... as much as I didn't want to admit that I knew exactly what he was thinking, act as if being in this position was new to me—because it was!—I knew if I did, it would just drag things out more."
  858.     "So I unzipped his jeans, feeling nervous at the sight of his bulge visible against his underwear... of course the sanctimonious fucker was turned on. Of course he was."
  860.     "...knowing that he was a fucking projecting hypocrite didn't actually make me feel comforted at all, though, so... I sighed, and pulled down his boxers, too..."
  862.     "...feeling surprised and indignant as his dick fucking well glanced me in the face when it popped out."
  864.     "I'd... I'd never seen one in real life before, certainly not so close up... it was gross. It was gross. I'm a lesbian. I'm a fucking lesbian and that is gross."
  866.     "I'm a fucking lesbian and that is gross and I didn't even know what to do with it. Was I really going to have to touch it with my mouth? And... ugh, the fucking {i}smell{/i}. Nothing had prepared me for that!"
  868.     #hide comment onlayer comment
  869.     #hide cut
  870.     #hide dfog1
  872.     hide es with vpunch
  873.     "I recoiled, but then he grabbed me by the hair, refusing to let me pull my head back."
  875.     show es pr mock1 with dissolve
  876.     pr "What happened to that douchey-looking side-pony you used to always have? It looked really stupid, but it'd make for a good handhold."
  877.     hide es with dissolve
  879.     "But that didn't stop him from pulling my hair anyway, shoving my face right into his junk... I could feel his cock pressing against my cheek, warm and firm, twitching."
  881.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  882.     show comment "CG1av1 MIDDLE-LEFT - Blowjob attempts. Ugh." onlayer comment
  883.     $"dfog1", zorder=-1)
  884.     with Dissolve (0.5)
  885.     show cut pr5cg1av1 at inslideright
  886.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  888.     bs "Ugh, this is so problematic..."
  890.     if pr5_hatefuck:
  891.         #show es pr cool at stop with dissolve
  892.         pr "Hey, you wanted to know where my balls are, right? You kept asking, so it must be {i}really{/i} important, huh?"
  894.         #show es pr pissed1
  895.         pr "Stick your tongue out."
  897.     else:
  898.         #show es pr geh1 at stop with dissolve
  899.         pr "Hey, you were the one begging me... stop pretending this wasn't exactly what you had in mind. For you, it's all about this, isn't it?"
  901.         #show es pr pissed1
  902.         pr "What are you waiting for?"
  904.     #hide es with dissolve
  905.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  906.     "...and then it sunk in, god, this wasn't even about sex, was it? I mean... not really. He just wanted to humiliate me."
  908.     #show es pr hmph2 at stop with dissolve
  909.     pr "Or don't. You're the one in the hurry. You can always still walk away..."
  910.     #hide es with dissolve
  912.     "...but I wasn't going to, and we both knew it."
  914.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  915.     show comment "CG1av2 MIDDLE-LEFT - Tongue stick out. Unsure / indignant" onlayer comment
  916.     show cut pr5cg1av2 at stop with dissolve
  917.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  919.     if pr5_hatefuck:
  920.         "What else could I do? I stuck my tongue out, unsure of what to do next... oh, who was I kidding, I knew exactly what."
  922.         "Wincing, expecting the worst from this novel experience, I... ugh, it's humiliating even just to say it, but... I gave his sack a small, gentle lick."
  924.         bs "Nn..."
  926.         pr "Oh, good, you found them! Any more funny comments? If you're still not convinced, please, take all the time you need! Laugh it up."
  928.         bs "...guh... I..."
  930.         pr "No, no, don't say anything. It's better when you don't speak."
  932.     else:
  933.         "What else could I do? I had no idea what I was even supposed to do with it, but... maybe I should just treat it like a pussy? I mean, it's still basically a clit, just weirdly arranged, right?"
  935.         "...well, maybe a little different. But still, that's all I knew, so..."
  937.         "...after a long moment of hesitation, I finally brought myself to kiss it—ugh, kiss him—and sure enough, it provoked a tiny reaction, just a little bit of a throb."
  939.         "Okay. I could do this. ...I didn't {i}want{/i} to do this, but I could do this."
  941.         "I gave it another kiss... okay, I could do this... then a small lick, slowly up his shaft..."
  943.         "I must have been doing something right, because I could feel him getting harder. Okay. I could do this. Just like regular oral. Start slow, set a pace, be patient..."
  945.         pr "Come on, this is what you were begging for; stop wasting time!"
  947.     show comment "CG1b MIDDLE-RIGHT - Overlay on CG1a, Blowjob forced on" onlayer comment
  948.     show cut_pr5cg1b with hpunch
  949.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  951.     "Then suddenly, he grabbed me by the tongue again, prying my mouth open as wide as he could, without any warning..."
  953.     "...using his other hand to yank my head forward by my hair, pulling me onto him, filling my mouth with his cock, leaving me staring up in surprise in spite of the obviousness."
  955.     "It was warm, and hard, and tasted like... ugh, fuck, I don't even know how to describe it, but it was overwhelming and..."
  957.     "...then he yanked me back again, so just his head was in my mouth. I caught myself, thinking, \"he wants me to suck on it, right? I better start...\", realizing with horror how easily I'd fallen into that mental state."
  959.     custom "...I was turned on" "pr5_iwasturnedon" "Honest" "pink" 0 0
  961.     "But still, what could I do? I started to suck on his head, immediately feeling him throb in response, taking a moment to roll my tongue against him, tasting him. I had to admit..."
  963.     "Ugh, it was gross! I glared up at him."
  965.     pr "Ha ha, heh... where's your smug monologue {i}now{/i}? Was all that rebellious nonsense of yours just because you wanted {i}this{/i}?"
  967.     rdialogue all
  969.     bs "Nnnph..."
  971.     $ set_stat("presidentday6", 2)
  973.     hide es with vpunch
  974.     "Then he grabbed me by the hair again, and I refused to acknowledge that I could feel my pussy twitching as he yanked my head forward, filling my mouth again..."
  976.     "...I refused to admit how easy it was to just let him take control and bob my head back and forth, thrusting into my mouth, drooling a little as his warm taste slid against my tongue."
  978.     jump pr5_blowjob_continued
  979. label pr5_runaway:
  980.     hide es with dissolve
  981.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  982.     "...but still, even though it had ultimately been my suggestion, even though I knew I could handle it, even though I knew it was the right thing to do..."
  984.     call music_1_1
  985.     hide_sublocation
  986.     hide es with hpunch
  988.     "...I struggled, just a little, and he instantly let go of me. I bolted, running out the door, bolting past the Maid waiting outside..."
  990.     sublocation deck night rainy
  991.     with Dissolve (1.0)
  993.     "...through the halls, waiting for my heart to stop pounding, waiting for... something else to stop throbbing, too. But I didn't want to admit that to myself."
  995.     "I definitely didn't want to admit to myself that the thought turned me on. That was... that was the wrong reason."
  997.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  998.     sublocation pool night rainy
  999.     with Dissolve (1.0)
  1000.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  1002.     "Eventually, when I finally managed to catch my breath, the Maid caught up with me."
  1004.     jump pr5_prefailstate
  1005. label pr5_iwasturnedon:
  1006.     $ set_stat("presidentday6", 1)
  1008.     show dfog2 with dissolve
  1009.     "...I could feel my pussy twitching, in spite of myself. Why? I had to admit I was turned on, but... ugh, it was so gross!"
  1011.     "I'm a fucking lesbian, I'm not attracted to him at all, I can't stand men, I thought..."
  1013.     " I eagerly bobbed my head forward to get a better mouthful of his cock, to get a better taste of him... it's what he wanted, right? What would he want, so I could get him off—"
  1015.     "Ugh! Why did I even care about that? I was horrified at myself for being just as pathetic as he said I was, and yet..."
  1017.     "...I felt a relief as he pulled firmly on my hair, bobbing my head back and forth along his cock, asserting himself and setting the pace... all I had to do was follow."
  1019.     hide dfog2 with dissolve
  1021.     jump pr5_blowjob_continued
  1022. label pr5_blowjob_continued:
  1023.     "He kept at it, pulling me along at a steady rhythm, letting me feel him throbbing in my mouth."
  1025.     hide cut_pr5cg1b
  1026.     hide comment onlayer comment
  1027.     hide dfog1
  1028.     hide cut with hpunch
  1029.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  1030.     # FX Come
  1032.     "Then suddenly, without any warning, he yanked my head forward as far as he could, too far, more than I could handle, and suddenly I was choking, coughing, struggling as he held me there."
  1034.     hide es with hpunch
  1035.     bs "(cough cough)"
  1037.     "Finally, just as I was about to gag, I managed to fight back enough to pull myself away, and I gasped, struggling to catch my breath."
  1039.     if pr5_hatefuck:
  1040.         show es bs grit at danceshiftright with dissolve
  1041.         bs "Guh... ugh... fuck you!"
  1042.         show es pr geh1
  1044.     else:
  1045.         "I saw him smirking down at me, and I had to avert my gaze, unable to handle it."
  1046.         show es pr geh1 at stop with dissolve
  1048.     pr "So that's what makes you squirm? You really are into some pretty depraved stuff, aren't you?"
  1050.     show es pr challenge1 at danceshake
  1051.     pr "But that's all it's about with the Beauty, isn't it? She helped you discover some new kinks and you've mistaken that for something more meaningful."
  1053.     show es pr command at stop with vpunch
  1054.     pr "It's just all about sex, and because you're so sex-obsessed, you've made the mistake of believing that's all everyone wants out of relationships."
  1056.     show es pr haa1 at danceshrug
  1057.     pr "I realize my mistake now. I thought it was all an act, but no, you've honestly deluded yourself into thinking that she's special to you. "
  1058.     show es pr what2 at danceshake
  1059.     extend "But she's not, is she?"
  1061.     show es pr pissed2 at danceokay
  1062.     pr "You've just always secretly wanted someone to treat you like the piece of lowly garbage that you are, because that turns you on..."
  1064.     show es pr mock1 at danceshrug
  1065.     pr "...and she just happened to be the first person to make you realize that. But anyone would do. Clearly anyone would do, since you're squirming at {i}me.{/i}"
  1066.     hide es with dissolve
  1068.     "Fuck him! As if he thought he knew me... he planted the seed of doubt, though; just a tiny suspicion that I knew I could disprove if I just thought it through..."
  1070.     show es bs enough at stop with dissolve
  1071.     bs "That's not true at all, I—"
  1072.     hide es with vpunch
  1074.     "Then he grabbed me by the hair, and yanked my head onto his cock again, mid-sentence."
  1076.     show es pr pissed3sweatweak at stop with dissolve
  1077.     pr "Shut up! Stop talking. Ungh... just keep working it."
  1078.     hide es with dissolve
  1080.     "...but it was so much easier to just not think it through at all, to just forget about it entirely and focus on his dick, fixate on that comforting taste and unsteady throb..."
  1082.     " close my eyes and admit defeat and worry about nothing save for if I was doing the right thing with my tongue to satisfy him."
  1084.     # wrists tied together over her head, not behind her back
  1085.     hide es with hpunch
  1086.     "But the next thing I knew, he was grabbing me by the arms, and when I opened my eyes again, I realized: he had taken off his belt and was using it to tie my wrists together."
  1088.     "Then he yanked my head off his dick, glaring at me."
  1090.     show es pr shout1 at stop with dissolve
  1091.     pr "Okay, stand up. Up against the wall."
  1092.     hide es with dissolve
  1094.     "I had no idea what it was he had in mind—I still don't, actually, now that I think about it—but soon enough, I was backed against the wall with my hands bound and him imposing over me..."
  1096.     "...pulling off my belt, then grabbing my pants by the waist..."
  1098.     bs "Hey, wait a minute, you can't—"
  1100.     "...but before I could even make it through the sentence, it was too late, he'd already torn my pants down violently and was now staring in shock."
  1102.     "Staring in shock at my extremely visible bare pussy."
  1104.     show es pr what3weak at dancemad with dissolve
  1105.     pr "What the hell...?"
  1106.     hide es with dissolve
  1108.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  1109.     call music_up
  1111.     "I knew I was in trouble immediately, and I wasn't sure if I could talk my way out of this."
  1113.     show es pr uweh at danceshake with dissolve
  1114.     pr "I..."
  1116.     show es pr heh1 at stop
  1117.     pr "Well."
  1119.     show es pr mock1weak at danceshake
  1120.     pr "I knew something didn't seem right about your behaviour, but I never imagined..."
  1122.     # if you've already revealed the truth
  1123.     if pr_iamawoman:
  1124.         # nervous laughter
  1125.         show es pr hehshut at stop
  1126.         pr "...heh, ha ha ha, heh heh..."
  1128.         show es pr geh1 at danceshake
  1129.         pr "...I guess I probably should have seen that coming."
  1131.         # if revealed from pr1
  1132.         if pr1_twinsister:
  1133.             show es pr geh2 at danceshrug
  1134.             pr "You even said you weren't him. Wow."
  1135.         # if revealed in pr4 only
  1136.         elif pr4_thebeauty_iamawoman:
  1137.             show es pr geh2 at danceshrug
  1138.             pr "You even said you had a pussy. Wow."
  1140.         show es pr what2 at stop
  1141.         pr "You even said it to my face, and I laughed. That's funny, isn't it? That's hilarious, isn't it? "
  1142.         show es pr shout2weak with vpunch
  1143.         extend "I bet you thought you'd get a good laugh out of it when I realized, huh?"
  1145.     # if not revealed in pr1, even if pr4
  1146.     else:
  1147.         show es pr gritsweat at stop with dissolve
  1148.         "He glared at me, and I was suddenly struck by how much bigger he was than me. Taller. And my hands were bound."
  1150.         show es pr what2
  1151.         pr "...who are you? You're not him. I've seen him in the locker room, and I know you're definitely not him. You're a ringer for him in every other way, but..."
  1153.         show es pr sting at dancemad
  1154.         "He reached for my pussy, but then stopped, seeming horrified with himself."
  1156.         show es pr what3 at danceshake
  1157.         pr "I don't know how you managed to trick everyone, but who the hell are you?"
  1158.         hide es with dissolve
  1160.         "I tried to summon all my confidence, but instead, all I could do was croak..."
  1162.         show es bs enough at stop with dissolve
  1163.         bs "...his sister. Twins. We're twins. Fraternal. ...obviously."
  1165.         show es pr what1 at bounce
  1166.         pr "I..."
  1168.     show es pr haa3 at danceshake
  1169.     pr "Secret twins. He has a secret twin. That's..."
  1171.     show es pr hah1sweat at bounce
  1172.     pr "...of course, when it comes to him, it would be something that stupid and overly dramatic. Of course. Unbelievable. Secret twins?!"
  1174.     custom "How stupid are you?!" "pr5_blowjob_howstupidareyou" "Smug" "red" 0 5 ends
  1176.     jump pr5_blowjob_finale
  1177. label pr5_blowjob_howstupidareyou:
  1178.     show es bs rage at bounce
  1179.     bs "Are you for fucking real?"
  1181.     show es bs mad1 at danceshake
  1182.     bs "I'm sorry, I thought we were just play-acting here. Are you seriously telling me that you didn't realize? You honestly had no clue? How fucking stupid are you?!"
  1184.     show es pr geh2 at dancemad
  1185.     pr "That's your defence for tricking me?"
  1187.     # if you said otherwise
  1188.     if pr4_thebeauty_iamawoman:
  1189.         show es bs argh at stop with vpunch
  1192.         show es bs enough at danceshake
  1193.         bs "What the fuck should I have done?"
  1195.         show es pr enough at bounce
  1196.         pr "I don't care!"
  1198.     show es bs fangsweatweak1 at stop
  1199.     bs "Yeah, well, how does it feel, being so self-obsessed with your petty rivalry with my shitty brother that you can't even tell the difference between him and me?"
  1201.     show es bs ugh at bounce
  1202.     bs "It's all in your fucking head! It's all about you! It's always been all about you! I wonder, does he even know you exist?"
  1204.     show es bs hate2sweatweak2 at dancehop2
  1205.     bs "Maybe that's why you didn't figure it out, because all you care about is projecting your stupid bullshit onto him, it doesn't even matter what he does or says. Wow."
  1207.     show es bs fedup at danceshake
  1208.     bs "You unbelievable fucking idiot."
  1210.     show es pr what2 at stop
  1211.     pr "You're as bad as him, though. No, you're worse. At least the real Prince wouldn't stoop to... this patheticness. "
  1212.     show es pr geh1 at bounce
  1213.     extend "And look, you're {i}still{/i} turned on?"
  1215.     show es bs mean at danceshrug
  1216.     bs "Ha ha, wow, big talk from a guy whose hate-boner for the Prince is so big that he'll ignore the fucking obvious just to get off on him."
  1218.     show es pr think at danceshake
  1219.     pr "I've already wasted too much time on you."
  1220.     hide es with dissolve
  1222.     custom "(Yeah, I wish)" "pr5_blowjob_iwish" "Concede" "lightblue" 0 0
  1224.     "I'd gotten to shout self-righteously at him and finally gotten to humiliate that fucking idiot for being so self-absorbed, right to his face..."
  1226.     $ next_end()
  1227.     rdialogue all
  1229.     "...but he started to let me down, all the same, quickly pulling his pants back up, then untying me, completely done with me, ready to shove me out the door."
  1231.     call music_1
  1233.     jump pr5_coverblown
  1235. label pr5_blowjob_iwish:
  1236.     call sl_exit
  1237.     call music_2
  1239.     "...or at least, that's what I wish I had done. But... come on, it wouldn't have worked. I knew even in that moment, I wasn't going to get the better of him."
  1241.     pnc "I'm sure you could have thought of something."
  1243.     "What did I fucking tell you about shutting up? Don't judge me! Don't even fucking say anything! There's no way I could have gotten out of that by being clever..."
  1245.     "I did my best, I just... I did what I had to do, okay?"
  1247.     "I wish I could have gotten the better out of him, gotten the moral victory, but... I had to rescue the Beauty. I had to convince him to turn the ship around."
  1249.     "...and I couldn't do if I didn't convince him to listen. So instead, when he shouted at me, instead of saying what I desperately wanted to..."
  1251.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  1252.     show black_curtain at curtainleft
  1253.     $ renpy.pause (0.2)
  1254.     sublocation bridge B
  1255.     $ renpy.pause (1.5)
  1256.     hide black_curtain
  1258.     call music_5
  1260.     jump pr5_blowjob_finale
  1261. label pr5_blowjob_finale:
  1262.     show es pr shout2sweatweak at stop with vpunch
  1263.     pr "You tricked me! You led me on, and... you lied to me, repeatedly!"
  1265.     show es pr gah1 at danceshake
  1266.     pr "I can't believe I was actually intimidated by you. I thought it was pathetic that you refused to act like a grown man, but I never thought... "
  1267.     show es pr what2 at stop
  1268.     extend "well, you're not {i}any{/i} kind of man."
  1270.     show es pr stern2sweat at danceshrug
  1271.     custom "...whatever you want..." "pr5_blowjob_whateveryouwant" "Pathetic" "pink" 0 0
  1273.     pr "What am I going to do with you?"
  1275.     show es pr rage1 at bounce
  1276.     custom "You can use me to hurt him" "pr5_blowjob_youcanusemetohurthim" "Ruthless" "purple" 0 0
  1278.     pr "Name one good reason why I shouldn't just tell everyone the truth and lock you away for the rest of the cruise. Nobody would even care."
  1280.     show es bs noway2 at dancemad
  1281.     bs "You can't just..."
  1283.     $ pr5_whattodo = True
  1285.     show es pr mock1 at danceokay
  1286.     pr "Ha ha, are you kidding? I can absolutely \"just\" whatever I want!"
  1288.     show es pr shout1 at danceshake
  1289.     pr "Do you know how lucky you are to have made it this far without anyone realizing? You're an outsider; nobody's going to respect you! Nobody would stop me. Nobody."
  1290.     hide es with dissolve
  1292.     "I... I had to say something, fast, or this was going to go from \"terrible\" to \"somehow worse,\" but... everything that came to mind..."
  1294.     show es pr command at stop with dissolve
  1296.     $ warn_suspicion(5)
  1297.     rdialogue all
  1299.     pr "In fact, I think you've wasted enough of my time anyway."
  1300.     hide es with dissolve
  1302.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  1303.     call music_1
  1305.     "...I couldn't bring myself to do anything that came to mind."
  1307.     "I sighed and slumped against the wall. This was it. It was over."
  1309.     show es bs hate2weak2 at stop with dissolve
  1310.     bs "Fine. Do your worst."
  1311.     hide es with dissolve
  1313.     jump pr5_coverblown
  1314. label pr5_blowjob_whateveryouwant:
  1315.     hide es with dissolve
  1316.     "I couldn't keep it up. I just... didn't have any fight in me... all I could do was whimper."
  1318.     if pr5_whattodo:
  1319.         show es bs surrender1 at stop with dissolve
  1320.         bs "...then do what you will..."
  1321.     else:
  1322.         show es bs surrender1 at stop with dissolve
  1323.         bs " can do whatever you want to me..."
  1325.     show es pr challenge1 at danceshrug
  1326.     pr ", squirming while you beg pathetically, really? When I thought you were him, I wasn't surprised by the dramatic flourishes, but... what kind of slut even {i}are{/i} you?"
  1328.     show es bs please at danceshake
  1329.     bs "You promised! ...come on, you said earlier that you'd help me if I just... so please, just stick to your word? You can do anything, just... please..."
  1330.     hide es with dissolve
  1332.     "I felt my knees go weak, and I just... that was the best I had; that was all I could bring myself to say."
  1334.     jump pr5_fucked
  1335. label pr5_blowjob_youcanusemetohurthim:
  1336.     hide es with dissolve
  1337.     "I took a deep breath, and tried to stop trembling long enough to speak. I'd gotten into this mess by being unable to make the smart decision, the calculated one..."
  1339.     "...I thought, maybe I could work my way out of it by being more like you. It was my only option, after all."
  1341.     show es bs whysweatweak1 at danceshake with dissolve
  1342.     bs "He's very protective of me, you know."
  1344.     show es pr hah1 at danceshrug
  1345.     pr "Ha! Really. He's got a funny way of showing it. And what, he's going to come rescue you if you get in trouble, so I better watch out?"
  1346.     hide es with dissolve
  1347.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  1349.     ", that would never work. At this point, the most manipulative thing I could do... is tell the truth."
  1351.     show es bs tch at danceshake with dissolve
  1352.     bs "No."
  1354.     show es bs mad2 at bounce
  1355.     bs "...but you can use me to hurt him."
  1357.     show es pr bleh1 at danceshrug
  1358.     pr "Oh, really."
  1360.     show es bs ohwell at danceokay
  1361.     bs "...yeah."
  1363.     show es bs uhhuh at stop
  1364.     bs "...think about it. If you... I don't know, I guess... had evidence of me being in a compromising position... you could use that against him."
  1366.     show es pr glare1 with dissolve
  1367.     "He seemed surprised, then paused, thinking it over."
  1369.     show es pr what2 at bounce
  1370.     pr "...who do you think I am, him? He's the one who thinks it's fair to treat people like pawns... "
  1371.     show es pr haa1 at danceshake
  1372.     extend "you might be a pathetic trickster, but I'm not going to hurt you just to get at him."
  1374.     show es bs why at stop
  1375.     bs "Good."
  1377.     show es bs fedup at danceshake
  1378.     bs "But he doesn't know that, does he? That's the thing about blackmail... you don't have to follow through. You just have to convince the other person you will."
  1379.     hide es with dissolve
  1381.     "Was I really doing this? Was I really trying to convince someone to take advantage of me to blackmail you? God, I thought, this had better work..."
  1383.     "...if I went through all this and I didn't even get the ship turned around as a result, I don't know what I'd do..."
  1385.     show es bs heh at stop with dissolve
  1386.     bs "He's cynical. He'll expect the worst. And he's protective of me. Think about it... you could beat him at his own game."
  1388.     show es pr query1
  1389.     pr "Hm."
  1391.     show es pr hmph2 at danceshrug
  1392.     pr "How can I trust you, though? You're already a proven liar... "
  1393.     show es pr heh3 at danceshake
  1394.     extend "how do I know this isn't a trick? Why would you want to hurt your own brother?"
  1395.     hide es with dissolve
  1397.     "I thought about it... and then I realized, I didn't need to think about it at all."
  1399.     show es bs hate2sweatweak2 at stop with vpunch
  1400.     bs "LOOK AT WHAT HE DID TO ME. Believe me... I want to hurt him more than you do!"
  1402.     show es pr challenge1
  1403.     pr "Heh. Oh, that's good."
  1404.     hide es with dissolve
  1406.     jump pr5_fucked
  1407. label pr5_coverblown:
  1409.     " can guess the rest. It was exactly as you predicted: I spent the rest of the cruise locked up in the cargo hold, we didn't rescue the Beauty, I failed, and everything was fucked."
  1411.     jump game_over
  1412. label pr5_fucked:
  1413.     "I tried not to think about how my pussy was twitching, in spite of the perilous situation I was in... no, I was going to be honest with myself, because of it."
  1415.     "I took a step forward, then another... then sunk to my knees, looking up at him, expectantly, hoping he'd... well..."
  1417.     "...hoping he'd follow through on the original plan. Hoping he'd stick to his word and turn the boat around. Hoping he'd give me... well... anyway, all I could do at that point was hope."
  1419.     show es pr geh1 at danceshrug with dissolve
  1420.     pr "I am honestly in awe. You're seriously {i}that{/i} desperate for my cock? Does your brother know how pathetic you are?"
  1421.     hide es with dissolve
  1422.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  1424.     "Then he grabbed me by the hair again, and gave me what I want."
  1426.     show es pr heh2 at stop with dissolve
  1427.     pr "Yeah, sure. I'll turn the ship around for you."
  1429.     show es pr hehlook
  1430.     bs "Nnph..."
  1432.     show es pr heh1
  1433.     pr "You know, I actually was worried that maybe you might tempt the Beauty into making a mistake, with your big, grandiose rescue gesture..."
  1435.     show es pr hehshut
  1436.     pr "...ah..."
  1438.     show es pr mock1
  1439.     pr "...but how can I be threatened when it turns out you're just a desperate slut who'll put out for anyone? She'll be fine. She'll be safe from you. So sure, I'll do it."
  1440.     hide es with dissolve
  1442.     "I tried my best to ignore his gloating, closed my eyes again and pretended I didn't notice the sound of him taking out his phone, taking pictures of me singularly focused on his dick."
  1444.     bs "Mm..."
  1446.     show es pr heh3 with dissolve
  1447.     custom "...yes" "pr5_swallow" "Honest" "green" 0 0
  1449.     pr "Ngh... do you want to swallow?"
  1450.     hide es with dissolve
  1452.     $ pr5_blushing = True
  1454.     "I was already flustered, already turned on, but for some reason, the thought of that... I felt my cheeks burning up, blushing."
  1456.     rdialogue all
  1458.     "...that'd be the ultimate humiliation, wouldn't it? Hearing me beg for him to come in my mouth."
  1460.     "I cried out, even more embarrassed by the sound of my voice muffled by his cock:"
  1462.     bs "No!"
  1464.     hide es with vpunch
  1465.     "Then suddenly, he yanked me off him by my hair, and I looked up, pitifully."
  1467.     show es pr mock1 with dissolve
  1468.     pr "That's fine. I wouldn't want you to do anything that you weren't ENTHUSIASTICALLY EXCITED about, now would I?"
  1470.     jump pr5_selfies
  1471. label pr5_swallow:
  1472.     hide es with dissolve
  1473.     if pr5_blushing:
  1474.         "I was already flustered, already turned on, but for some reason, the thought of that... I opened my eyes to look up at him, and I felt my cheeks burning up, blushing..."
  1475.     else:
  1476.         "I opened my eyes to look up at him, and I felt myself blushing even brighter..."
  1478.     " I thought about him filling my mouth with come, at swallowing it all down, at it dripping down my chin..."
  1480.     "...and in spite of myself, wondering what the fuck was wrong with me, I found myself nodding, unwilling to take a break from that warm taste of his long enough to speak."
  1482.     show es pr mock1 with dissolve
  1483.     pr "Did you say something? I didn't hear you."
  1484.     hide es with dissolve
  1486.     "This was my chance to say no, to pretend I didn't want it... so of course, I cried out, even more embarrassed by the sound of my voice muffled by his cock:"
  1488.     bs "Yes!"
  1490.     hide es with vpunch
  1491.     "Then suddenly, he yanked me off him by my hair."
  1493.     show es pr heh3 with dissolve
  1494.     pr "Too bad. You don't deserve it. That was pretty funny, though; I'll definitely make sure to tell your brother about that."
  1496.     jump pr5_selfies
  1497. label pr5_selfies:
  1498.     show es pr pissed1 at stop
  1499.     pr "I've got a better idea. Take your pants off... and make yourself useful while you do."
  1500.     hide es with dissolve
  1502.     "Then he pulled me by my hair again—fuck, I wished he'd stop doing that and just say what he wanted, it really hurt when he did!—until his balls were against my mouth."
  1504.     "Awkwardly, I pulled my pants off, feeling ridiculous and distracted by every twitch of his cock against my cheek as I licked where he wanted... ugh ugh ugh ugh, gross."
  1506.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  1507.     show comment "CG2 MIDDLE-LEFT - Sitting sex" onlayer comment
  1508.     $"dfog1", zorder=-1)
  1509.     with Dissolve (0.5)
  1510.     if _preferences.sfw:
  1511.         show cut pr5cg2a with dissolve
  1512.         $ renpy.pause (1.5)
  1513.     else:
  1514.         show cut pr5cg2a at transition_pr5cg2a
  1515.         $ renpy.pause (3.0)
  1517.     "The next thing I knew, he was sitting down and pulling me up onto his lap—ugh, fucking, again with all the grabbing, just painfully forcing me into place like I was an object."
  1519.     "But then his cock was under me, just sitting there as the lips of my pussy brushed against it..."
  1521.     bs "...nnn..."
  1523.     "...and I just couldn't help myself from murmuring and grinding, humiliated by how wet my pussy had gotten just from before, but... desperately wanting more all the same."
  1525.     "Then he pulled me right onto him, filling me up as my pussy twitched, as my whole body trembled, and..."
  1527.     bs "Ahngh, fuck... fuck FUCK..."
  1529.     "He just smirked and wrapped his arm around me, molesting me roughly."
  1531.     #show es pr heh2 with dissolve
  1532.     pr "All this time I've been treating you like a guy... for a self-obsessed slut like you, I've got a better idea. Trust me. This is perfect."
  1533.     #hide es with dissolve
  1535.     show dfog2 at stop with dissolve
  1536.     show cut_pr5cg2b at inslideright
  1537.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  1539.     "Then he handed me his phone—immediately, I was filled with dread even before I realized what he was doing—and placed it in my hands, putting it in front camera mode."
  1541.     #show es pr mock1 with dissolve
  1542.     pr "Do you like selfies?"
  1543.     #hide es with dissolve
  1545.     "Fuck."
  1547.     #show es pr heh3 with dissolve
  1548.     pr "I'm sure you're better at it than I am; I'll let you do the honours. Go ahead, take a few. I'll let you pick which one I'll send to him. Don't say I'm not fair."
  1549.     #hide es with dissolve
  1551.     "Fuck, was this happening? This was really happening. I gulped, and swallowed my pride, and... well..."
  1553.     "Suddenly, while I was taking pictures, trying to get a shot that maintained as much dignity as possible..."
  1555.     "—oh, who was I kidding, that was fucking impossible—"
  1557.     "...he started to bounce me up and down along his dick, hurting my waist with his clumsiness almost as much as each thrust gave me what I wanted..."
  1559.     bs "FUCK!"
  1561.     "...a brief moment of intense pleasure as he hit my g-spot, then passing by, leaving me longing for the next one. I let him take his phone back, unable to think straight."
  1563. #     dialogue "(Picture 1)" "pr5_picture1" 1 0
  1564. #     dialogue "(Picture 2)" "pr5_picture2" 1 0
  1565. #     dialogue "(Picture 3)" "pr5_picture3" 1 0
  1566. #     custom "Fuck you!" "pr5_picture_fuckyou" "Rebel" "red" 0 0
  1568. #     #show es pr mock1 with dissolve
  1569. #     jump pr5_photo_loop
  1570. # label pr5_picture1:
  1571. #     $ pr5_photo = 1
  1573. #     jump pr5_photo_finale
  1574. # label pr5_picture2:
  1575. #     $ pr5_photo = 2
  1577. #     jump pr5_photo_finale
  1578. # label pr5_picture3:
  1579. #     $ pr5_photo = 3
  1581. #     jump pr5_photo_finale
  1582. # label pr5_picture_fuckyou:
  1583. #     hide es with dissolve
  1584.     "If he was going to try to humiliate me, I wasn't going to make his job easier, at least."
  1586.     hide es with vpunch
  1587.     bs "Ugh... fuck you! This is just—"
  1589.     bs "AHH!"
  1591.     show es pr hehshut with dissolve
  1592.     pr "Fine, if you're going to pretend to be indignant, I'll just send the least flattering ridiculous-faced picture."
  1593.     hide es with dissolve
  1595.     bs "...nn... do what you will..."
  1597.     show es pr geh1 with dissolve
  1598.     pr "Hah."
  1599.     hide es with dissolve
  1601.     jump pr5_finale
  1602. label pr5_photo_loop:
  1603.     $ start_loop()
  1605.     pr "Hey, which one do you like best?"
  1607.     jump pr5_photo_loop
  1608. label pr5_photo_finale:
  1609.     $ renpy.pause (0.5)
  1610.     #hide es with dissolve
  1611.     "I sighed... ugh, how humiliating was this? But I picked out a photo all the same. I just wanted this over with."
  1613.     #show es pr heh1 with dissolve
  1614.     pr "Oh, of course you like this one. It's very fitting. Here, I'll send you a copy, so you can remember it."
  1615.     #hide es with dissolve
  1617.     $ add_votes(1, "President")
  1618.     # his vote message is "Hey, check out THIS slut"
  1620.     bs "...ugh..."
  1622.     jump pr5_finale
  1623. label pr5_finale:
  1624.     $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  1625.     hide cut_pr5cg2b with dissolve
  1626.     "I didn't want to think about pictures at all, I just wanted... I just..."
  1628.     "...I just kept trying to bounce on his dick, distracting myself, trying to get lost in the moment, moaning out softly... god, it made me think, why was he so fucking quiet?"
  1630.     "How am I even supposed to know how things are going if he refuses to emote past the occasional soft grunt? What the fuck was up with that?"
  1632.     "Whatever, fuck him, I just... who cares how he's feeling, I just wanted more; there's no way I'd ever get off, but at least I could enjoy..."
  1634.     pr "Ngh..."
  1636.     hide cut with hpunch
  1637.     hide dfog2
  1638.     hide dfog1
  1639.     hide comment onlayer comment
  1641.     "Then suddenly, without any warning, he shoved me off his lap completely, and I hit the floor, barely catching myself with my bound hands. Ow. OW."
  1643.     "Why had he...? Fuck it, I didn't care, I didn't care about the clumsy landing, I was too busy jamming my knuckle against my clit, giving myself what I needed so badly..."
  1645.     "...fuck me, I was so turned on, it was so easy to push myself over the edge..."
  1647.     hide es with vpunch
  1648.     bs "FUCK! AHHH..."
  1650.     "I trembled, my body shaking as the orgasm rushed through me, feeling humiliated about getting off in a situation like that... no, because of a situation like that..."
  1652.     sublocation bridge C
  1653.     with Dissolve (2.0)
  1654.     background cruise night cloudy
  1655.     with Dissolve (2.0)
  1656.     $ renpy.pause (2.0)
  1658.     call music_2
  1660.     "As I caught my breath, I looked up, wondering what the fuck the President was doing. He was just standing there, putting his pants back on, rolling his eyes."
  1662.     show es pr ugh at danceshrughold with dissolve
  1663.     $ renpy.pause (1.5)
  1664.     show es pr pissed1
  1665.     pr "Are you done? I need my belt back."
  1666.     hide es with dissolve
  1668.     bs "Ah..."
  1670.     bs "...then... fucking take it... you're the one who put it there!"
  1672.     show es pr challenge1 at stop with dissolve
  1673.     pr "Well, I don't want to interrupt anything. If getting off is more important to you than telling me where I should be pointing the ship..."
  1675.     show es pr glare1
  1676.     bs "OF COURSE IT'S FUCKING NOT."
  1678.     show es pr mock1 at danceshake
  1679.     pr "Ha ha, okay. It's a bit late for indignation, isn't it? Especially not after that cute selfie."
  1680.     hide es with dissolve
  1682.     "He reached down and untied my hands, putting his belt back on and buttoning it up."
  1684.     $ pr_outfit = 5011 ## Bomber Jacket v1
  1686.     show es pr think at stop with dissolve
  1687.     pr "Wow, why did I say that? That was {i}terrible.{/i}"
  1688.     hide es with dissolve
  1690.     "I scurried myself to get dressed as best as I could... trying not to think too much about my soaking pussy as I put my clothes back on."
  1692.     "Then it hit me, I thought: wait, wait, fuck, heterosexuality, right, they warn you about this, I had never even had to care in my life but—"
  1694.     show es bs tch at inslideup
  1695.     $ renpy.pause (1.5)
  1696.     show es bs please at bounce
  1697.     bs "Wait, you didn't... you know... um... like, inside me...?"
  1699.     show es pr haa1 at danceshake
  1700.     pr "Huh? ...oh. No. Obviously not. What kind of person do you think I am?"
  1702.     show es bs surrender1 at stop
  1703.     bs "...just checking."
  1704.     hide es with dissolve
  1706.     "By that point, I had picked myself up from the floor, my legs still trembling from the whole affair... ugh, I prayed it would be worth it, that it would work out..."
  1708.     show es pr stern1 at danceshrug with dissolve
  1709.     pr "Just checking after the fact. You know, you might look like him... but he's always two steps ahead of everyone else. You're apparently always two steps behind... being charitable."
  1711.     show es pr think at danceshake
  1712.     pr "...seriously, what kind of person do you think I am? Only a jerk would do that."
  1714.     show es bs gritsweatblush1 at danceweak
  1715.     bs "Says the person who just made me... do all that... "
  1716.     show es bs ugh at bounce
  1717.     extend "ugh, fuck it, fuck it, just... you're going to follow through on your word, right? You're going to turn the ship around?"
  1719.     show es pr pissed1 at stop
  1720.     pr "Yes, of course."
  1722.     show es pr sorry at danceshake
  1723.     pr "...come on, \"made you?\" I didn't make you do anything. "
  1724.     show es pr hah2 at stop
  1725.     extend "You were enthusiastic. Kinda pathetic, really. Don't pretend now like that wasn't because you wanted to."
  1727.     show es pr pissed2 at danceokay
  1728.     pr "Come on. How little do you think of me, that you really think I was going to ignore information about where my kidnapped fiancée is? We both know I'm not like that."
  1730.     show es bs surrender1 at danceshake
  1731.     bs "I..."
  1733.     show es pr declare2 at danceshrug
  1734.     pr "Okay, I'm all done with gloating."
  1736.     show es pr bleh1 at stop
  1737.     pr "No, actually, I'm not. You're going to tell your brother all about this, right? I've got a message for him."
  1738.     hide es with dissolve
  1740.     pnc "DOES HE NOW. I'VE GOT—"
  1742.     "...please don't interrupt. Please. Just... let me finish."
  1744.     show es pr pissed3 at stop with dissolve
  1745.     pr "This is what happens when you're manipulative, when you use other people to your advantage, when you lie and enact elaborate charades instead of just being honest..."
  1747.     show es pr shout1 at danceshake
  1748.     pr " catches up with you, every time. It gets turned against you. You set the tone, you set yourself up for this!"
  1750.     show es pr shout2 at stop
  1751.     pr "You cynically set your own petards... I hope you're not surprised when you get foisted upon them. This is what happens."
  1753.     show es pr glare1 at danceshrug
  1754.     $ renpy.pause (1.5)
  1755.     show es pr think at stop
  1756.     pr "I'm done gloating. It's not as fun as your brother made it out to seem. Sorry he's a jerk. I'm not impressed with you; you're kind of a desperate slut, but..."
  1757.     hide es with dissolve
  1759.     "He touched me on the cheek, and I... I didn't know how to respond... then his fingers touched my mouth, and... well, I tried not to suck on them. I tried. ...but I couldn't help myself."
  1761.     "Then he said... that is... he continued..."
  1763.     show es pr haa1 at danceshake with dissolve
  1764.     pr "...well, making you take his place so you can take the heat instead of him is pathetic, and nobody deserves that."
  1766.     show es pr pissed1 at stop
  1767.     pr "Come on, I'll help you go rescue the Beauty. It's not going to work out between you two, obviously. There's no future there. So... sure, let's go."
  1769.     show es pr pissed2 at danceshake
  1770.     pr "I'm not threatened. I'll help you. It's the right thing to do—maybe your brother will learn from this that not {i}all{/i} men are jerks—and I'll even let you take credit for it."
  1772.     show es pr declare2 at danceokay
  1773.     pr "You can be the hero, just for today."
  1774.     hide es with dissolve
  1776.     "I sighed, as he played with my lips, trying to hold back my tears... that was all that counted. I just had to keep looking forward. That was all that counted."
  1778.     call sl_exit
  1779.     call music_stop
  1781. label pr5_grandfinale:
  1782.     $ set_stat("day6", 1)
  1783.     if not store.x_skip_scene:
  1784.         $ renpy.pause (1.0)
  1785.         "...all that matters is, the ship got turned around."
  1786.         $ renpy.pause (2.0)
  1787.         $ set_stat("day6", 4)
  1788.     $ store.x_skip_scene = None
  1791.     $ store.force_next = "sp23_start"
  1792.     $ end_of_scene("President5")
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