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Sep 8th, 2017
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  1. [10:05] <~Dyne> lol schizo
  2. [10:06] <WorkSight> wait, what?
  3. [10:06] <WorkSight> damnit Schizotek, I didn't finish my app for a reason
  4. [10:13] <Schizotek> laziness?
  5. [10:14] <Schizotek> what am I supposed to spare their feelings?
  6. [10:14] <Schizotek> also it wasn
  7. [10:15] <Schizotek> wasn't a closed recruit, i had no idea who would app
  8. [10:15] <WorkSight> Schizotek, because I didn't actually want to get in
  9. [10:15] <~Dyne> just lmao about all of this
  10. [10:16] <~Dyne> and yes you are supposed to spare their feelings and not be a sociopathic idiot, 'lol NEPOTISM GUYZ LOL'
  11. [10:16] <WorkSight> Schizotek pulled a Trump
  12. [10:17] <Schizotek> this is an internet elfgame. knowing someone better is a perfectly acceptable factor to take into consideration
  13. [10:17] <~Dyne> yeah but you don't fucking announce it to a bunch of strangers
  14. [10:18] <~Dyne> where;s winston_paine when you need him to tell people not to pull the internet cabal shit
  15. [10:19] <WorkSight> #acolytecabal
  16. [10:23] <Schizotek> hmm narrowed down firesights replacement to tricky nutsack and sullat
  17. [10:24] <Schizotek> anyone know anything about their posting habits?
  18. [10:24] <WorkSight> better than mine
  19. [10:25] <Schizotek> tricky, on a scale of 1-10 how shitty are you?
  20. [10:25] <~Dyne> yeah just lol if you think they're gonna wanna play after that shit
  21. [10:26] <Schizotek> listen mr negative nancy
  22. [10:26] <Schizotek> actually you're probably right
  23. [10:27] <WorkSight> Schizotek, I'm about par with you
  24. [10:27] <WorkSight> which means 4 posts and I'm gone
  25. [10:33] <Tricky> Yeah, Schizotek, I'm a hard pass at this point. I appreciate the consideration, but I'm not exactly digging how all of this has gone down.
  26. [10:43] <WorkSight> Sormus, I didn't even do more than roll stats and list the shit from my original career
  27. [10:43] <WorkSight> thats as no-effort as it gets
  28. [10:43] <WorkSight> I had no name, no bio, no advances
  29. [10:45] <Schizotek> i mean lets be real. that totally could have been an earnest worksight app
  30. [10:45] <WorkSight> Look, I'm flattered that you had a crush on my not-a-prostitute character
  31. [10:45] <WorkSight> but that was just kind of creepy
  32. [10:48] <Schizotek> what calling a camp follower a prostitute? its a well known euphemism the book explicitly makes light of in its description
  33. [10:49] <Esser-Z> Schizotek, not all camp folllowers are prostitutes
  34. [10:49] <Esser-Z> some are just like
  35. [10:49] <Esser-Z> cooks
  36. [10:49] <Esser-Z> or family
  37. [10:49] <Esser-Z> or merchants
  38. [10:49] <Esser-Z> There's a HUGE assortment of people who would follow ye olde armies
  39. [10:52] <Schizotek> if you really want me to go back and edit that post to "useless scavenging hobo" or something ill do it. but your the one who keeps bringing it up in the channel
  40. [10:53] <&Sormus> Esser-Z: and looters
  41. [10:53] <Esser-Z> yeah
  42. [10:55] <~Dyne> camp followers mostly loot bodies and help teh army
  43. [11:02] <WorkSight> Schizotek, I don't care enough about your game to put effort into it right now.
  44. [11:03] <Waci> holy shit Schizotek going all out on proving sometimes not posting is better than your posting
  45. [11:04] <Schizotek> ouch
  46. [11:06] <Waci> like
  47. [11:07] <~Dyne> schizo is oddly addicted to camp followers ALWAYS being prostitutes
  48. [11:07] <~Dyne> i wonder why
  49. [11:08] <Waci> "don't GM-fiat a player character into prositutio nwhen the player tells you not to" and "don't tell people you're ditching them in favour of people who don't want to be in your game" are somewhere below "don't show your turd to someone on the first date" in terms of how hard it is to figure out
  50. [11:10] <Waci> GM-assigned genders is also weird in a only-explained-by-catpiss way but
  51. [11:10] <Waci> catpiss I guess is secondary since you just went and killed the cat and then peed on it yourself
  52. [11:11] <Esser-Z> yeah
  53. [11:11] <Schizotek> i didnt gm fiat him into a prostitute?
  54. [11:12] <Schizotek> or say that camp followers are always prostitutes
  55. [11:14] <WorkSight> Does someone want to find the log files of Schizotek telling me that my character is a prostitute, and saying that camp followers are prostitutes, followed by pointing out that the book example of a camp follower is a prostitute?
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