My Rol Can't Be This Ant

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  1. [17:49:11] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> That aside, Edwin's got those bandages still on, but he's probably okay enough to remove them at this point. He just thinks they're cool-looking/is too cautious. Either way, he's at least back in a tent that isn't the medical one, so that's alright with him.
  3. [17:50:07] <Scuttlebug> O  S H I T  W A D D U P
  4. [17:50:44] <Scuttlebug> ok jk but damn i have a headache, lemme pop a pill and then hit me up w/ who you wanna hang with
  5. [17:50:51] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Oh, okay.
  6. [17:51:22] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Yeah, was gonna ask if Shinny can contact Noa of the Night.
  7. [17:51:35] <Scuttlebug> what does edwin have to do with that
  8. [17:52:10] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> I ASSUMED WE'D DO A SCUTTLEBUG SUPPO
  9. [17:52:14] * Phantom_Thief_Edwin is now known as Flamy
  10. [17:52:23] <Flamy> BECAUSE YOU NICKED INTO THAT
  11. [17:54:15] <Scuttlebug> SHIT
  13. [17:54:28] <Scuttlebug> >TAKING GIANTREE SERIOUSLY
  15. [17:55:13] <Scuttlebug> Yes though, you can do comms now
  16. [17:55:35] <Scuttlebug> noa herself is the source of the radio waves in the first place or whatever
  17. [17:57:05] * Flamy is now known as Nagare_Shinobu
  18. [17:57:31] <Scuttlebug> I AM NEENJA
  19. [17:57:34] <Scuttlebug> HE IS NEENJA
  20. [17:57:38] <Scuttlebug> SHE IS NEEEEENJA TOOOOO
  21. [17:57:40] <Scuttlebug> I AM NEENJA
  22. [17:57:41] <Scuttlebug> WE ARE NEENJA
  23. [17:57:46] <Scuttlebug> BUT I BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE NEENJA TOO
  24. [17:57:58] <Scuttlebug> ahem
  25. [17:58:04] <Scuttlebug> RINGRINGRING
  26. [17:58:08] <Scuttlebug> RINGRINGRINGRINGRING
  27. [17:58:11] <Scuttlebug> [dial-up noises]
  28. [17:58:31] <Nagare_Shinobu> After finding a suitably subtle place (and ensuring that nobody would follow him at all), Shinobu set up the comms, feeling that Noa might have something interesting to tell him. And hey, she did. "Nagare Shinobu, reporting in."
  29. [17:58:50] <Scuttlebug> ... Oh shit I timefucked myself, hold on, lemme think if this is before- hmmm yeah i guess it would be
  30. [17:59:14] <Nagare_Shinobu> Afore Norn? Fuck, you're gonna write smut, aren't you? Goddammit.
  31. [17:59:19] <Scuttlebug> So Steyr hasn't rendezvoused with the rest of the group yet, meaning you actually get a chance to talk to your much fairer boss.  Sure.
  32. [17:59:30] <Scuttlebug> nah man norn is pure
  33. [17:59:41] <Nagare_Shinobu> aight good man
  34. [17:59:41] <Scuttlebug> if i wanted one of my characters to get smutted into sexytimes i'd make it tielle or something
  35. [18:00:44] <Scuttlebug> "6I read you, loud and clear," The other side responds.  You can tell it's not the Kokonoe expy because Noa's voice is purple.  "6Hehe, good work out there.  So what's your report?"
  36. [18:03:39] <Nagare_Shinobu> Noa's not an asshole, but strangely, Shinobu prefers Steyr talking. Must be the conditioning. "Figured I'd just check in on you and Chief, and see if you two were alright. That aside, we're currently pursuing the God-Generals Eric and Mistelle. You think they'll lead us to the Big R?"
  37. [18:07:49] <Scuttlebug> "6Hmm.  According to my calculations, that is indeed who they have ties to.  Mind you, though they officially work for our government they report to him first and foremost, and we haven't had contact with him ourselves in a long time.  You're the first to get the chance to meet him in a while, aren't you proud?"  The other side giggles a bit before continuing.  "6Oh... Sorry, I'm supposed to sound official.  Yes, please continue pursuit.  Don't engage in combat with them unless they're the aggressors if you can help it.."
  38. [18:08:37] <Scuttlebug> "6As for Steyr... we should rendezvous soon, so she'll be hearing your next report.  I'm checking her signal.... no abnormalities.  Should be on schedule."
  39. [18:11:05] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Yeah, that's real great. Meet the guy who founded our fair country and then turned out to be an omnicidal dragon. I'm ecstatic... actually, yeah, I am," Not many people could say that they killed Sir Rolant, now could they? "So she's alright, then. By the way, did she tell you anything after I left?"
  40. [18:13:44] <Scuttlebug> "6Hmmmm?  You're asking me to reveal our secret girl-talk?"  NOW she's starting to really sound less official.  "6Well, sorry to disappoint, but she just gave the same attitude-y remarks as usual.  About how you're going to die and we need to get your replacement and all that."  Noa attempts to soften the blow by acting like a grandmother and smiling so hard you can practically hear it over the radio.  "6But, I think you're doing fine!"
  41. [18:15:06] <Scuttlebug> "-ide there?"  Another voice can he heard in the background yes i know that isn't how radios work but this is a fantasy setting shut up.  "-ng to check it out!"
  42. [18:15:41] <Scuttlebug> "6Oh.... Um, excuse me a second."  Noa sounds nervous, and in the following seconds the sound of somebody bursting inside her cockpit can be heard.  She doesn't even have the courtesy to mute her mic.
  43. [18:15:54] <Scuttlebug> "Hello?"  Says the young man's voice.
  44. [18:16:58] <Scuttlebug> "6H... Hello.  I know you're interested, Varos, but I'm a little busy."
  45. [18:17:58] <Scuttlebug> The other voice sounds flustered.  "O-Oh!  I didn't mean to eavesdrop, I promise.  I just... heard a voice so I thought somebody was in there.  And I could feel you were nervous about something.  Is everything alright?"
  46. [18:18:42] <Nagare_Shinobu> "... Typical of her as usual," Is his response to the Steyr part. As for the guy, he remains silent. So someone was allowed into Noa's NS? Interesting. Must be a friend of hers. Wait, would any of Noa's friends, aside from the other NSes, be alive by now?
  47. [18:19:40] <Scuttlebug> "6Y-Yes... If you must know, I'm checking up on our agents."  Yes, because Ellamae is, remember?  In fact, Noa was like the super popular ojousama among dragons 600 years ago, so any that are that old probably know who she is.  Hell, if you asked Marah, she'd know her.
  48. [18:20:32] <Scuttlebug> "6Is Elle feeling better?"  "She's a little distraught, but..."  "6Alright, thank you for taking care of her.  Now don't mind me."
  49. [18:20:51] <Scuttlebug> Some more noises follow, and you can tell Noa's alone again..  "6Phew!  That's not supposed to happen.  Um... where were we?"
  50. [18:24:05] <Nagare_Shinobu> Well, not like Shinobu knows. "Going on about how Steyr loves me." And would you ask a manakete about military secrets? Rolant's enough. "So I guess some friend decided to drop by your NS?"
  51. [18:26:25] <Scuttlebug> Oh, I mean before she was a military secret, but yeah, guess she is now, huh.  "6Oh!  Yes, sorry, I didn't think you'd be able to hear that.  Strange... I'll need to adjust the transmission controls later.  Ahem.  Yes, speaking of love, I do believe Steyr told you she'd be deploying?  You'll get to rendezvous with your beloved within the month.  And how goes... the target?  Any complications yet?"
  52. [18:29:21] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Other than that one incident where she brushed me off, none yet. Likes to call me useless, though. Know anything about the Shuttle-class, in terms of personality?" Best to not tell Noa that he's dating with Norn.
  53. [18:31:20] <Scuttlebug> "6Well, it's been a very long time... and remember, that one can take many forms unlike the rest of us.  There is something... but I don't think it's relevant to the mission.  So I'm sorry, but there's not much I have to tell you."
  54. [18:33:30] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Say it anyway. We can't risk much in this mission."
  55. [18:36:42] <Scuttlebug> Noa pauses for a long time, as if debating whether to follow the command or not.  After what feels like entire minutes, she finally complies.  "6Alright.  Many of us agreed to participate in Rolant's project out of necessity or false promises we were given, but that one was Rolant's..."  A beat.  "6Betrothed, in human terms.  Or perhaps you could call it 'infuatuation.'  Either way, they were close, much closer than any of the rest of us were."
  56. [18:38:39] <Nagare_Shinobu> Bad alert, bad alert."Fantastic. There's a chance that one of you NS are going to betray us. I'd say that we should hope that whomever they are, they won't... but we really oughta prepare for the worst."
  57. [18:39:54] <Scuttlebug> "6Mind you, that sort of info's confidential and on a need-to-know basis, so just in case, don't go flaunting that I told you, alright?  But... yes, it's as you've surmised.  Any relevance to the mission that information might have is in the possibility that you may be being led into a trap or worse, so remain ever vigilant.  Of course, it could always be needless paranoia, too, hence my hesitation."
  58. [18:40:31] <Scuttlebug> "6Ahem!  Either way, good work so far.  I'll let your boss know that I received your report when we reunite.... and good luck."
  59. [18:42:43] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Tell the chief to not kill herself out there alright?" A little beat, as if he's hesitating. "... Oh, and to pack something warm to wear. Actually, don't tell her that one."
  60. [18:44:38] <Scuttlebug> A sigh.  "6We both know she wouldn't listen to something that even if I did.  But... yes, wilco.  Over and out."
  61. [18:44:43] <Scuttlebug> +like
  62. [18:48:34] <Nagare_Shinobu> > Special conditions unlocked?
  63. [18:49:13] <Scuttlebug> Yeah, that's a way to put it
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