In Her Defense [EG] [Action] [Anon] [Sunset Shimmer]

Nov 3rd, 2016
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  1. >It's been about a couple of years since the Everfree incident.
  2. >Sunset Shimmer and her friends have graduated from CHS, and continue to live their lives.
  3. >You approach Sunset, sitting with Twilight Sparkle in their usual seats at Sugarcube Corner.
  4. "Hey, Sunny!" you beam. She returns the favor with a wave and her lovely smile.
  5. >Then enter you, Anonymous. You were a student of Crystal Prep, and graduated around the same time.
  6. >You had gotten to know Sunset when you caught her at the mall by chance, and you ended up being pretty good friends!
  7. >...Though it probably helped that she was fairly friendly in the first place.
  8. >You take a seat next to her--maybe a bit too close for her liking.
  9. >Twilight seems a bit miffed, as if you had interrupted a conversation.
  10. >"So, what brings you here," says Sunset, "I know you don't usually go out like this alone."
  11. "Oh--uh," you stammer, "I just dropped by to get a gift for my best friend, but it looks like she's already here!"
  12. >Sunset giggles, her face slightly red. Twilight smiles a bit, calming down.
  13. >That was a lie though, you knew that Sunset would be here today.
  14. >There's not a doubt in your mind: you're in love with her.
  16. >You felt it a few years ago at the Friendship Games.
  17. >You were determined to crush Canterlot High's team.
  18. >...At least, that's what you said. You weren't actually on a team. You were part of the crowd though, and lucky you! You got front row seats to one of the best light shows you've ever seen! It was life-threatening, sure, but wow!
  19. >Under pressure, Twilight had transformed into a being she called "Midnight Sparkle," and in response, Sunset had turned into some kind of magical goddess! Twilight called it "Daydream Shimmer." What a dork.
  20. >But the name did fit. You'd only seen beauty like that in your wildest dreams! This was the same girl rumored to be the tyrant of Canterlot High?
  22. >"'Checking out my pendant' again, Anon?" Sunset teases. You blush profusely. You must have been looking at her while you were thinking.
  23. "Uh, well--it's an interesting pendant, being magical and all."
  24. >Twilight rolls her eyes. She begins to say something, but then Sunset flinches.
  25. >Twilight reaches over. "Hey, are you alright, Sunset?"
  26. >Sunset leans over. "I can sense some magic. Be careful." she whispers.
  27. "Everything okay, Sunny?" you ask.
  28. >You hear an awful screech, and a giant bird crashes through a window!
  29. >Screams of panic fill the bakery, people scramble for an exit.
  30. >Twilight gets back on her feet. "Sunset, what is that?!"
  31. >"I--I'm not sure! It looks like a roc, but it's too small!"
  32. >The roc shrieks, and launches itself into the crowd.
  33. >"Twilight, hold it back so I can get everyone out of here!"
  34. >Twilight motions with her hands and an aura appears around the roc, stopping it in midair. Sunset leads you and the crowd outside.
  36. >"Everyone, stay calm," says Sunset, "Twilight has this under control!"
  37. >Twilight is hurled through a window, and the roc follows suit. A flurry of screams wails out, and people run for cover.
  38. >You and Sunset run over to Twilight, who is covered in scratches and cuts.
  39. >Sunset kneels beside her, "Twilight, can you move?!"
  40. >Twilight groans and sits up. "Sun...Sunset..." She motions toward her pendant. Sunset nods and helps her up.
  41. >"Anon, find a safe place to hide, we'll handle this."
  42. "What?! Not a chance! I can take care of myself, but I'm not letting this glorified pigeon kill you!"
  43. >"Anon, NO!" says Sunset, as you make a dash for the roc.
  44. "Hey, birdbrain!" (Oof, that was lame.) "Nobody hurts my friends! Get over here so I c--"
  45. >The roc divebombs you, knocking you across the road.
  46. >Sunset and Twilight rush towards the roc, grasping their pendants. They pony up and are enveloped in a harsh light. In an instant they emerge transformed, ready for battle.
  48. >Twilight wings over to the roc, using her telekinesis to throw it away from you.
  49. >It pecks at Sunset, but she throws a punch, nearly grounding it.
  50. >As the battle rages on, all you can do is lay there watching, useless. God this hurts. You can barely keep your eyes open.
  51. >It's been like this for a while now. A monster appears, Sunset and her friends pony up and fight it, and you're just there. Standing on the sidelines, unable to do anything of note.
  52. >Dammit, how's Sunset supposed to love a guy that can't even defend himself?
  53. >Sunset is finally able to get a hold of the roc, though it still manages to put up a fight. "Twilight, now!" she yells, her hands glowing.
  54. >Twilight's hands also begin to glow, and beams shoot out, covering the roc in a red and purple light.
  55. >The last thing you see before you black out is a regular bird in the place of the roc.
  57. >Ugh, your head is throbbing! You try to get up but your arms hurt like hell.
  58. >"Hey, he's awake!" cries a familiar voice. Your eyes focus, and you find yourself face to face with Pinkie Pie. You're in Twilight's bedroom, and it looks like the other girls are here too.
  59. "Pinkie...? Where's Sunset?" you moan.
  60. >"She's in the other room with Twilight and the bird." replies Applejack.
  61. >Bird...? Oh, right.
  62. >Rainbow Dash chuckles, "Man, you got really roughed up out there! You're lucky your arms weren't shredded to pieces."
  63. >You look at your arms. Yikes, that's a lot of bandages!
  64. >You try to get up again.
  65. >"No, no, don't get up, you need your rest." Rarity says, lightly stroking your hair. You brush her off.
  66. "Please, I'm fine. I need to talk to Sunset."
  67. >The girls look at each other. "Fluttershy, give me a hand." says Applejack. She and Fluttershy help you up slowly. You flinch in pain.
  68. >"Are you sure you're alright?" Fluttershy asks. You nod and the three of you head towards Twilight's work room.
  70. >The room is filled with...devices you don't quite recognize. Twilight is sitting at a computer while Sunset observes the bird.
  71. >"The bird's fine, Fluttershy, don't worry." says Sunset, not even turning to look.
  72. >"Oh, um, that's good, but that's not what we're here for."
  73. >Sunset faces her. "What is it you need then?"
  74. >"Sunset!" Twilight says excitedly. "It's just as you thought!" Sunset rushes over.
  75. >It seems your concerns will have to wait.
  76. >You and the girls sit down as Twilight explains.
  77. >"Somehow, this bird was infected by Equestrian magic, and it was turned into a roc!" says Twilight.
  78. >"This isn't good," says Sunset, "all of the other monsters we've fought were human in the end, weren't they? Now it's affecting wildlife."
  79. >"Right, and what I can't figure out is why! All of the previous transformations were because the infected wanted more power, but animals shouldn't have that kind of desire!"
  80. >All of this sounds serious, but you can't help but feel it's going over your head a bit.
  81. "Is there anything I can do to help?" you manage to say.
  82. >"No, Anon," Sunset says softly, "You need to rest. Just leave it to us, okay?"
  83. "...Right, sorry."
  84. >She's right. They're the ones with the magical powers after all.'d just slow them down.
  86. >You peek under your sleeves. Yup, they're still there...
  87. >Your arms have been covered in crystals for the past week, and it's worrying you. The day after the roc attack, your injuries had miraculously recovered. Your skin was shiny, but you had assumed that was just sweat.
  88. >As you reach towards Sunset's doorbell, you feel hesitant. What if you cause more trouble for her? What if...whatever this is spreads to her?!
  89. >No. You know that telling her now would save a lot of tears.
  90. >DING-DONG!
  91. >...
  92. >No response.
  93. >You ring it again. Still nothing.
  94. "Damn!"
  95. >After cooling down a little, you decide to call her phone.
  96. >A soothing voice picks up. "Hey! You need something?"
  97. >You sigh in relief.
  98. "Sunny, can we meet up soon? It's urgent. Where are you?"
  99. >"I'm at the library with Twilight," she titters, "you know how she is about books!"
  100. >Twilight. Of course. You're glad no one is around to see your face.
  101. >"I kind of wanted to get a few things too, so we might be here a while."
  102. "Hmph! I swear, that place is like a second home to you two!" you tease.
  103. >Sunset sounds like she's stifling a giggle fit. Your joke couldn't have been that funny, could it?
  104. "I'll be there in a bit, okay?"
  105. >She doesn't reply.
  106. "Sunset? You there?"
  107. >A loud thump rings out, and muffled yells pierce your ears.
  108. "Sunset?! What's going on?!"
  109. >A sudden buzz makes you jump. You can hardly hear her over the noise. "Don't come here Anon, it's not safe!"
  110. >That's all you need to hear. You start your motorcycle and speed to the library.
  112. >OH, JESUS! That explains the buzzing: the library is surrounded with giant mutated wasps!
  113. >You see the other girls heading towards the entrance, already transformed. Danger...they're in danger, Anonymous! You've got to get in there!
  114. >You duck just in time for a wasp to barely miss you. The stinger rips a huge hole in your jacket. In a panic, you accelerate and ram into the library doors.
  115. >You struggle to get up from the wreckage. "Anon, what are you doing?!" Sunset helps you up. "You shouldn't have come here, you're going to get yourself killed! Just look at you right now!"
  116. "I'm fine, dammit!" you shrug her off. "I'm not gonna let you endanger yourself like this anymore!"
  117. >She grabs you by the shoulders. "No, Anon! You're getting out of here, now!"
  118. >The others enter, and Sunset looks over. "AJ, hold Anon down and get him to safety! Rarity, there are people in that back room, block it off so the wasps can't get them!" She dives, avoiding a wasp. "Dash, Pinkie, keep the ones outside busy, and Fluttershy, see if you can talk to these things!"
  119. >"C'mon, Sugarcube. Everything'll be fine!" says Applejack, lifting you over her shoulder.
  120. >Twilight is struggling to hold back some wasps, and one breaks free. It flies towards Sunset, stinger first!
  121. >Oh god.
  122. >Dash swiftly grabs and holds the wasp back.
  123. >She's--she's bleeding!
  124. >The wasp struggles, flailing its stinger.
  125. >Your best friend is screaming in agony!
  126. >Everything but the wasp and Sunset is blurry. The wasp is free from the other girl.
  127. "NO!"
  128. >You let out an unearthly roar, and are released from your bonds.
  130. >You burn.
  131. >You burn with the desire to protect the one you love.
  132. >You leap at the wasp, pinning it to the ground. Your heart races.
  133. >The wasp pierces you, but the pain subsides and your assailant falls lifelessly, now a normal wasp.
  134. >You don't quite understand, but that doesn't matter now. What matters is that you can protect Sunset.
  135. >The battle turns in your favor. You and the others are able to fend the wasps off. Beams fly everywhere, cleansing the wasps of their magic.
  136. >Their numbers dwindle, but the buzzing only gets louder. You can't let them hurt her. You must destroy them!
  137. >You hear a pained scream from Sunset and rush to her side.
  138. >"Sunset, just hold on a little longer, we'll get you out of here!" Fluttershy says, comforting her.
  139. >"Th-there's more!" Sunset gasps out. Bookcases topple over, revealing an even bigger wasp!
  140. >"That must be the queen!" shouts Twilight.
  141. >Fluttershy approaches the queen. "Please, you have to stop!"
  142. >The queen bellows, her voice reverberating through Fluttershy. "YOU HAVE KILLED OUR CHILDREN, YOU HAVE INVADED OUR NEST. THERE IS NO PUNISHMENT SUITABLE BUT DEATH."
  143. >It swings back, about to charge. You leap at it, and dig deep into its body. The queen wasp reels, trying to shake you off. You bite down hard, and it lets out a hellish screech.
  144. >The wasp drops dead, now unable to host magic.
  145. >What...
  146. >What did you just do?
  148. >"Could you hand me that book over there?" asks Sunset.
  149. >You grab a book about programming off the shelf.
  150. "Here you go, Sunny."
  151. >"Thanks, Anon." she says with a warm smile.
  152. >She's still recovering from that sting. Luckily, there haven't been very many magic infections while she's been in the hospital.
  153. >"You've been standing around ever since you got here. You can pull up a chair, I don't mind." You do so.
  154. >For a second, it looks as if she could cry.
  155. >"I'm...I'm worried." she says after a moment of silence. You pet her head gently.
  156. "Hey, don't be. The doctor said you'd be out of here soon, right?"
  157. >"It's not that--I'm worried about you, Anon." You feel a pang of guilt. "You suddenly getting magic, and that--that thing you turned into."
  158. "Maybe I've just been hanging around you guys so much that I caught something!" you joke. She doesn't laugh.
  159. >She looks down. "Maybe so."
  160. >She has a point though. This looked as if your whole body had crystallized. Your helmet felt like it was part of your head, and those teeth you had... You've also noticed the crystals on your arms growing thicker.
  161. >But that doesn't really matter, right? You have the power to protect Sunset now!
  162. >She looks at you with a stern face. "Once I get out, we're doing some tests, okay?"
  163. >You mustn't let her find the crystals. You wouldn't want to lose your power, would you?
  164. You stand up. "That's not necessary, Sunset. You don't have to worry about me."
  165. >Sunset reaches for your arm, but you back away. You can't let her know.
  166. >She slowly turns away, dejected. She picks up her book and opens it.
  167. "Sunny? You okay?"
  168. >"Please leave."
  169. "What? No, Su--"
  170. >"Get out, now!" she snaps.
  171. >...
  172. >You leave the room as she says, feeling as if the wind were knocked out of you.
  174. >Sunset rejects any subsequent visits from you. You can't handle this, you have to know she's okay.
  175. >For the past few nights you've been sneaking up to Sunset's room, keeping guard.
  176. >She sleeps so peacefully... She makes these little whinnies once in a while. Sometimes you can hear her mumble in her sleep about... Prince's celery? You couldn't quite understand.
  177. >You've thought about kissing her or caressing her, but you don't want to risk waking her up.
  178. >...To be honest, you feel kind of creepy--watching a lady sleeping, having all these thoughts about her.
  179. >But you know she's safe, and that's all you could ask for.
  180. >Occasionally, you've dozed off at the windowsill. She almost caught you once without even looking. She must be able to sense your magic.
  181. >It's nearly dawn. You should leave.
  182. >You take one look back at her.
  183. "Sleep well, sunshine."
  185. >Finally, today's the day Sunset's getting out of there! You can hardly contain yourself.
  186. >Figuratively and literally.
  187. >The crystals have spread to your head, covering your face and neck. You've noticed it's been taking longer and getting more difficult to transform. Perhaps you're growing stronger and it takes more focus?
  188. >You ride off to the hospital, making sure your scarf covers your entire neck.
  189. >You're unsurprised to see the others there. Spike jerks his head in your direction and barks. The girls give you a wave, which you return awkwardly.
  190. "Shall we go inside?" you ask, walking to the entrance.
  191. >Pinkie stops you. "Wait wait wait!" She has that grin on her face. "Twilight's going to ask for her. We have to hold the party out here, because they wouldn't let me bring the party cannon in there."
  192. You look around. "Huh? I don't see it or any decorations."
  193. >Pinkie looks exasperated. "Well, of course not, silly! It's a surprise!"
  194. >...Oh, that Pinkie!
  195. >Everyone chats while Twilight goes to get Sunset.
  196. >"Why're you leaving your helmet on? It's pretty hot out here, you know." Rainbow asks you.
  197. "Uh--well I--"
  198. >"Look out!" Spike barks. The seven of you are bowled over by a dark blur.
  199. >"Oww, what was that?" Rainbow says, rubbing her head.
  200. >"I don't know," says Applejack, "but it's headin' for Sunset and Twilight in the lobby!"
  201. >The girls transform and make a dash for the lobby. You attempt to change as well, but you can't focus enough and decide to just get in there.
  203. >Sunset is pinned down by a dog with black fur and glowing eyes. Twilight limps towards her slowly.
  204. >You're not that familiar with magical creatures, but you recognize a hellhound when you see one.
  205. >Rainbow Dash speeds towards it, but just as fast the dog knocks her back and returns to Sunset. Applejack makes an attempt to grab it, but is flung back when it headbutts her.
  206. >Twilight finally gets close to the hellhound, and grabs it by the tail. It swiftly turns around and clamps down on her hand. It stares her down, and she's unable to look away.
  207. >Come on, you have to do something! Transform, dammit! Transform!
  208. >Suddenly, Sunset is enveloped in a familiar light! A wave of magic forces the hellhound off of Twilight. The light dissipates, revealing a transformed Sunset.
  209. >In a swift move, as the hound is caught off-guard, Rainbow flies it towards Applejack. Applejack delivers a heavy kick, knocking the beast to the ground. The hellhound dazed and helpless, Rarity holds it down with a force field.
  210. >The rest of the girls blast the creature, and it changes back into a small dog. It gets up fairly quickly and pants. Fluttershy looks overjoyed to see that it's alright.
  211. >You and the others rush over to Twilight and Sunset.
  212. >"It doesn't look like it broke the skin, Twilight. You want me to get you some ice?" Sunset says, worried.
  213. >"That would be nice." Twilight says, hugging Sunset.
  214. >A sound like broken glass stops Sunset on her way. She looks down at her feet, and carefully picks up a shard of a crystal.
  215. >Wait, crystal?
  216. >"Where did this come from?" asks Sunset.
  217. >Good job, sideline boy.
  218. >"It probably came off of Anon, darling," Rarity suggests, "you've seen what he turns into."
  219. >"He didn't change this time though." says Applejack.
  220. >You slip out before the others get too suspicious.
  222. >You run. You don't know how long you can, but you run.
  223. >You can't let them know. You can't.
  224. >Maybe they'll forget about it in a few days. All you have to do is just lay low, right?
  225. >One day, you check your house. It looks like someone brought your bike back. You don't see anyone there, but you feel it's best not to go in.
  226. >Running through backyards and alleys takes a toll on your stamina, but they haven't found you yet.
  227. >"Guys, I see him!" shouts a raspy voice. Damn! How the hell did they find you?
  228. >You get your answer as they come into view. Your Sunset is with them. You must run.
  229. >Rainbow gives chase, but is tripped over by a roc. Another one?
  230. >Multiple creatures in the distorted image of common wildlife appear. They don't go after you, but they head for...the girls?
  231. >Are they helping you?
  233. >The animals swarm your pursuers, intent on keeping them away from you.
  234. >"Please stop!" Fluttershy begs. The animals do not let up.
  235. >Rainbow yells, "Anon, don't just stand there, do something!"
  236. >You just stand there. The creatures are helping you, but...
  237. >A sudden pink explosion flings the animals off the girls. Grasping their pendants, they use this opportunity to change into their superpowered forms.
  238. >As they fight back, you feel an irrational anger building inside of you.
  239. >Your arms crystallize entirely, and you jump towards the fray! You throw multiple punches, defending your allies.
  240. >"What the heck is wrong with you?!" Applejack says, grabbing you. Your teeth grow monstrously, and you bite down on her.
  241. >She gasps in pain, struggling to even scream. Applejack falls to the ground, a normal human.
  242. >Sunset has the fury of a thousand suns in her eyes. She nearly floors you with a strong punch.
  243. >She just hit you.
  244. >Your best friend just hit you.
  245. >The animals focus their attacks on Sunset. can't take this!
  246. >Everything goes white.
  248. >You are in control. You've had enough.
  249. >With a wave of your arm, you punish every single one of Sunset's assailants. They fall, dried up mockeries of their original forms.
  250. >You leap into the air, and hold down Sunset with telekinesis. A coat of crystal spreads across her body, protecting her.
  251. >Your opponents are in shock. The bespectacled one yells, tearing up, "Anonymous! Stop it! Why are you doing this?!"
  252. >You crane your neck in its direction.
  253. "She will be safe. I am only protecting her."
  254. >"How?! How is she safe like this?!" yells the normally quiet one, distraught.
  255. You answer, not expecting them to understand. "Nothing can hurt her. Nothing will get in or out of that. If anything tries, I will destroy them."
  256. >"We're giving you one last warning, Anonymous! Let her go or we'll make you!" one of them shouts. It doesn't matter who.
  257. >You raise your arms, ready for defense. Your foes rush at you, intent on endangering your Sunset.
  258. >Viciously, you grasp your foes and drain them, one by one. They lie there, defeated, no longer able to cause harm.
  259. >Now--now you shall stay here. Your Sunset shall be harmed no more.
  260. >Thank you, Anonymous.
  262. >Something isn't right. You hear a cracking sound. Turning to your Sunset, you see a faint light coming from newly formed cracks. This must be rectified.
  263. >You are taken aback as the crystal explodes. Is Sunset alright?!
  264. >Your Sunset is unharmed. She emerges from her safety, eyes glowing.
  265. >Her voice echoes, "Anonymous! You've gone far enough. It's time for this to end!"
  266. >You back away, but you are struck by a laser!
  267. >She--she hit you again!
  268. >Your grasp on your magic loosens, and flows back into the others.
  269. >You have to defend yourself.
  270. >What should you do?! You don't want to harm Sunset!
  271. >They rise slowly into the air, hands and pendants glowing.
  272. >Defend yourself, Anonymous.
  273. >You're at a loss. You don't want to hurt them.
  274. >Your enemies fi█re a rainbow██ of light, dest█ro█yi██
  275. >The girl██s fire a █rainb█ow of light██, ki█ll█
  276. >Your friends fire a rainbow of light, saving you.
  278. >Oh...
  279. >Your body aches.
  280. >But your mind feels clearer than ever.
  281. >Your eyes adjust to the light, and you find yourself inside your room.
  282. >That couldn't have been a dream, could it?
  283. >The door slowly opens, and Sunset peeks inside.
  284. >"You're awake! Thank goodness!" she says, entering the room.
  285. >You look away from her. What can you even say to make up for what you did?
  286. >She sits on the bed. "You feeling okay?"
  287. >You can't respond.
  288. >"Anon, please say something."
  289. "...It hurts."
  290. >She caresses your head. "I know it does. I speak from experience." She looks down, as if recalling a bittersweet memory.
  291. "That's not what I mean, Sunny." She tilts her head slightly. "I nearly killed all of your friends, and who knows what else I could have done if you hadn't stepped in?"
  292. >She pulls a small plastic bag containing a crystal shard out from her coat. "Look."
  293. "Please don't remind me. I'm sorry."
  294. >She giggles. "Anon, this didn't come from you, this came off of the hellhound at the hospital."
  296. >You look up at her. This doesn't make any sense to you.
  297. >"This is a piece of the carapace from a Parasprite," she says, putting her arm around you. "It's a type I've never seen before. I call them 'Crystal Parasprites;' you can probably tell why."
  298. You take the bag and examine it. "Why was this on the hellhound?"
  299. >"These Parasprites seem to breed through magic. That's why all the creatures attacked where we were, because of our magic." She places a hand on your arm. "You know those crystals that were on your arm?"
  300. "How--how did you find out?"
  301. >She rolls her eyes and pats your arm.
  302. >Oh. You laugh sheepishly.
  303. >"Those crystals were Parasprites. They were using you as a host to breed, Anon. They used your desire for power to grow! It's not your fault."
  304. Tears start to flow. "But if I wasn't so reckless and overprotective in the first place, none of this would have happened and nobody would have gotten hurt!"
  305. >Sunset embraces you. You feel warm.
  306. >"It doesn't matter now. It's all over. Don't worry."
  307. >You sob into her shoulder, grateful for your friend.
  309. THE END
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