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  1. <b><size=40><align="center">storm37000's SCP: Secret Laboratory Server</align></size=40></b>
  2. <b><size=30><align="center">Please visit our <link=""><color=#cdf><u>website</u></color></link> and join our Discord!</align></size=30></b>
  3. <b><size=30>Rules:</size=30></b>
  4. 1. No advertising of other servers or anything associated with them.
  5. 2. Do not use cheats, glitches, hacks, or exploits!
  6. 3. No spawn-camping.
  7. 4. No actively intentionally hurting the objective for your team.
  8. 5. Keep mic spam to a reasonable level, music/memes are OK, ear rape is NOT.
  9. 6. If a player asks you to stop doing something that is annoying them, STOP!
  10. 7. Any racism, harassment, inappropriate jokes, or pornographic content will not be tolerated and will probably result in a mute!
  11. 8. Please don't team up with the enemy team(teams you cant win the round with).
  12. 9. Respect all staff. Anything they say is final and don't tell them how to do their job!
  13. 10. Use common sense.
  15. <b><size=20><align="center">By joining the server you agree to all statments above and our terms of use and privacy policy (both found on our website).</align></size=20></b>
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