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  1. http://www.KidsInSandbox.info - A video of woman forcefully and repeatedly shoves a small dildo in and out the peehole of a man's penis.
  2. http://www.ScrollBelow.com - A series of pictures as you scroll down the page. The pictures start off innocent and cute in context followed by shock images of things like fish in people's asses and old people naked.
  3. http://www.2girls1cup.ws - The famous video of nude girls pooing in each other's mouths and vomit the result back and forth.
  4. http://www.PainOlympics.info - A video that switches back and forth between 2 scenes- one of a man cutting his penis off with a knife and then cutting his balls out and the other a man cutting off his scrotum with what seems to be a dull hatchet.
  5. http://www.1man2needles.com - A gif of a man inserts and removes needle through his testicles. Upon removal of the second needle a liquid stream shoots out from the needle hole.
  6. http://www.lolshock.com/ - An index for the rest of these sites? They all seem to have the same creator.
  7. http://www.prolapseman.com/ - A picture of a man with an anal prolapse wearing red spandex pants (with a hole exposing his ass) and red and yellow striped socks.
  8. http://www.WalkTheDinosaur.com - A gif of two computer animated male dinosaurs (maybe Raptors?) preforming the 69 position.
  9. http://www.LolTrain.com - A picture 4 bottomless (soccer playing?) men in the spoon position anally penetrating the man in front of them.
  10. http://www.FruitLauncher.com - A gif of a woman pushing an orange out of anus as she pushes another orange in her vagina.
  11. http://www.MilkFountain.com - A picture of a woman having sex with a man is sprayed by 8 other women's milk enemas.
  12. http://www.Homewares.org - A picture of woman on her back holding her knees while covered in shit (with special care for her vagina and face). She is sucking on a dildo and a small amount of her feces looks to be recent expelled.
  13. http://www.JapScat.org - A man ejaculates in a woman's mouth. She then takes the sperm and inserts it into her anus, and finally defecates on that into the man's mouth. He then vomits it onto the ground.
  14. http://www.DadParty.com - A man is penetrated orally and anally by two transgender women (what is the correct term?) on a couch.
  15. http://www.Hai2U.com - Picture of an Asian woman vomiting on a man penis- probably as the result of her choking on it.
  16. OMG. I just looked and I am not even half way done. What am I doing?
  17. http://www.BottleGuy.com - A picture of a nude man standing by a lake with a large (40 oz?) bottle inserted into his rectum.
  18. http://www.Turdgasm.com - A video that starts with one Asian girl pulling down her pants and defecating. Then her and other Asian girl vomit on each other. Then one girl defecates in the other girls mouth.
  19. http://www.VomitGirl.org - A video of a girl vomits a large amount of thick material onto a another topless Asian slowly over at least a minute. She does so calmly while staring at the camera, and smiles for the last little bit.
  20. http://www.1Priest1Nun.com - A woman dressed as a nun removes a man dressed as a priest's pants and then proceeds to eat a large amount of feces with her face between his ass cheeks. He then smears whats left all over her face.
  21. Am I being descriptive enough with these? I don't really feel like describing the texture of the feces... Also, I am watching these without sound so as not to wake my wife. Onward...
  22. http://www.BowlGirl.com - The video starts with a Asian girl in front of a bowl filled with what is probably. She then struggles to trigger her gag reflex by sticking one whole hand and then fingers from another into her throat. She succeeds in vomiting more, and then drinks some of the bowl's contents.
  23. http://www.EelSoup.net - The videos starts with a bowl of still living and moving eels is inserted into an Asian girls rectum via a funnel and then expelled- much to the other Asian girl's amusement.
  24. http://www.GoatseGirl.org - A video of a man anally penetrates a woman and cums inside her. She then pushes her rear into the air and expels the semen. As she pushes it out, she develops a prolapse. She holds the end of her rectum outside her anus as another man masturbates and ejaculates onto the prolapse. The two men then talk to the camera.
  25. I don't know if I can go on. The next one is about clowns? Oh, shit.
  26. http://www.ClownSong.com - A video of man standing in a bathroom spreads his anus open with both hands (I'd guess the diameter of the hole is about 6") while taking steps backward closer to the camera. Thankfully no clowns involved.
  27. http://www.PhoneJapan.com - A short gif of an Asian girl vomiting (corn?) onto another Asian woman already covered in vomit.
  28. OK, I tired of typing "Asian". I am omitting it in future descriptions. Must go on...
  29. http://www.WormGush.com - A short video of a woman defecating into another woman's open mouth. The URL alludes to feces being expelled- it first "worms" out and quickly turns into more of a "gush".
  30. http://www.WhipCrack.org - A person with fake breast and a large erect penis bounces up and down in the cowgirl position. The URL refers to the motion of the bouncing penis.
  31. http://www.FunnelChair.com - A woman uses a specially designed toilet chair with a tube that goes down to a man's mouth.
  32. http://www.LOLHello.com - A picture of one man rimming another man who is grabbing his penis. They are both dressed in underwear and "wife beater" shirts and are covered in feces.
  33. http://www.MudMonster.org - A man is almost completely covered in feces and is masturbating.
  34. http://www.NutAbuse.com - A woman pulls on a leash tied around a man's scrotum as another woman holds him in place. She then proceeds to kick and knee his testicles.
  35. http://www.SuckDude.com - A flexible blond man performs autofellatio.
  36. http://www.TubGirl.me - A picture of a girl shooting a stream of brown colored liquid into the air that is landing on her face. She is sitting in a bathtub and wearing stockings and a (hard to see because of the splashing) mask.
  37. The end is in sight! So much feces. They should have sent a poet.
  38. http://www.LemonParty.biz - Picture of three old, nude men: one on his back, one kissing him, and the other one giving him a blowjob.
  39. http://www.1man1jar.org - A man sits a jar that then breaks while inside of him. The next few minutes are quietly (I'd be screaming) spent slowing picking glass shards out of his anus as large amounts of blood ooze out.
  40. http://www.Meatspin.biz - Close up of a shemale (I really don't know the correct term, but you can tell by the thong tan line) having anal sex while his/her penis spins counter-clockwise. A counter counts how many rotations you have seen, and declares you gay after a certain number.
  41. http://www.TheHomo.org - A chubby man dressed in some lingerie and a blond wig suck on a dildo while masturbating with a water bottle and a dildo in his anus.
  42. http://www.Selfpwn.org - A picture of a fit, nude, black man with his penis in his own mouth.
  43. http://www.Goatse.bz - The famous goatse picture- a man spreading his anus with both hands to a wide diameter with the camera having an good angle down his rectum.
  44. http://www.BlueWaffle.biz - A picture of a hairy vulva with many large, pus-filled sores.
  45. http://www.MerryHolidays.org - Quite a long video with a man doing various holiday related sexual acts including a paddle, a Santa mask, dildos, a raw turkey, clothes pins, more dildos, a pumpkin, a blow up sheep, ect. There is lots of penetration of himself and the other objects.
  46. http://www.HowToTroll.org - A gif that looks like a loading youtube video.
  47. Can I do it? I'm so close, but I am really losing my will. I know some deep soul searching is going to follow this. I need to go have a drink before I continue.
  48. http://www.2Girls1Finger.org - Girls kiss, throw up on each other, throw up on the camera, play with the vomit on the ground, and throw up on the camera. Then one girl defecates a log into the other girl's mouth, and they proceed to pass the clumpy piece of excrement back and forth between mouths. Then more poo and smearing.
  49. http://www.2Guys1Stump.org - A nude man on a sex swing is anally penetrated by the leg stump (cut off slightly below the knee) of another nude man.
  50. http://www.3guys1hammer.ws - Three large, old, nude men play in the shower.
  51. http://www.1guy1cock.com - A man deep throating another man from 2 different perspectives.
  52. http://www.1girl1pitcher.org - A tied up blond woman is forced to drink her own pee and drink a man's pee. Then untied on the ground, she eats he stand over her as she eats his feces and smears it on herself.
  53. http://www.4girlsfingerpaint.org - From the makers of 2 girls 1 cup comes this video with a similar theme. Four girls defecate, eat feces, finger paint using the feces as paint, and vomit.
  54. http://www.donotwatch.org - This site seems to have crashed. I just checked again for some reason (my mission felt incomplete). Just a guy in a tube eating a lot of various textures of feces.
  55. http://www.warmandfuzzyfeeling.com - The scene is set on Christmas day with an old couple. In slow motion and with smiles on their faces, she opens a box with a puppy. As she pulls out the puppy, it appears to have a large human penis almost as long as the dog.
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