I Kain Upgrade Your Eidolon

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  1. [12:10:03] <Kain> Last time on Kaingame... the party had visited the anachronistic ship Enterprise, perched safely in a bank of clouds far above the location of New Cleyra and a nearby abandoned temple of Bahamut.
  2. [12:11:30] <Kain> With proof of an ancient civilization and more information about the being Theta found in Renegade's attic, they decided to return to Treno - only for Theta to remember at the last moment that General Celeste had asked to see them. The geomancer and his cute girlfriend abandoned the wagon to take care of this pressing bit of business because SOME PEOPLE just couldn't wait a few minutes.
  3. [12:11:56] * Kain looooks at a certain dark knight
  4. [12:12:05] <Cheerleader_Cat> Hi!
  5. [12:12:19] <Kain> We open back in New Cleyra as Theta and Lenore have just disembarked from the wagon.
  6. [12:12:33] <Theta> The narrorator forgets the part where we tripped over a dragon's horde and stuck it in the hat of holding.
  7. [12:12:52] <ACuteBlackMage> "Let's go!"
  8. [12:13:07] <Kain> You can still see the wagon in the distance, just barely. Damn, chocobos are fast.
  9. [12:13:25] <Theta> "Well hopefully this won't drag on too long," he nods and off they go
  10. [12:13:34] <Kain> Wishful thinking.
  11. [12:14:31] * ACuteBlackMage starts barreling towards yeah.
  12. [12:15:30] <Theta> (;-;)
  13. [12:15:32] <Kain> The town is still buzzing with the grand news of the return of the missing explorers and dragon knights, and smiles for miles can be seen as the two of you walk -or barrel - along the quaint pathways through the twisting woods scattered through the town. The dragon knight office/barracks lie just ahead of you.
  14. [12:16:43] * ACuteBlackMage bursts in to the barracks with a "Hi~!"
  15. [12:16:46] <Kain> The two dragon knights keeping guard nod at you as you approach and one opens the door for you.
  16. [12:17:37] <Kain> General Celeste waits inside, seated at the same table as before, but with a stack of paperwork in front of her. No sign of that intern or that perky subordinate.
  17. [12:18:02] <ACuteBlackMage> (awwwww)
  18. [12:18:05] <Theta> (how can they be perky if they have no -)
  19. [12:18:09] <Theta> "Good day, General."
  20. [12:18:27] <ACuteBlackMage> (LEWD)
  21. [12:18:34] <Kain> It's actually been clarified - rats aren't flat, just Celina~
  22. [12:18:55] <ACuteBlackMage> (p-poor celly)
  23. [12:19:15] <Kain> She glances up as you enter and looks a bit surprised. "Oh? There you are. I had received word you were leaving town. Good, have a seat if you like."
  24. [12:19:43] * Kain is now known as General_Celeste
  25. [12:20:07] * ACuteBlackMage plops.
  26. [12:20:11] * Theta plops down. "We did nearly forget, yes."
  27. [12:22:24] * General_Celeste continues signing paperwork as she speaks. "It's to my understanding that we have you and your companions to thank for the rescue of the missing. Considering you came back the same day you left to investigate I have to say I grossly underestimated your abilities."
  28. [12:22:57] <ACuteBlackMage> "It happens all the time, don't worry~"
  29. [12:23:36] * Theta contemplates if this refers to the missing people or the underestimating
  30. [12:25:41] <Theta> "That said I imagine it was a situation where if enough people investigated, well, they would have overcame it."
  31. [12:27:09] <ACuteBlackMage> "Yeah, the only problems were the mechanical guardians! They were pretty tough."
  32. [12:31:12] <General_Celeste> "Perhaps so, but that wasn't what happened. You people are heroes. Furthermore it seems you're previously acquainted with the master seargent that was sent to aid us. Small world, it would seem. In any case, the reason I asked you to come over was because the High Council has instructed me that in the event of a rescue or conclusion to the investigation, the parties responsible should be
  33. [12:31:12] <General_Celeste> invited to Burmecia to receive their due reward. In these circumstances I imagine you'd all get commendations, possibly a little pocket change as well. There's no hurry, but now you know. If you do happen by Burmecia, you would do well to stop by the Senate Palace to check in with them."
  34. [12:31:40] <ACuteBlackMage> (whoa words)
  35. [12:32:22] <General_Celeste> "That said... there are other things we need to discuss as well."
  36. [12:32:47] <ACuteBlackMage> "Oh! Okay...thanks! But do go on."
  37. [12:33:07] * Theta makes a mental note that they need to visit the palace of ratopia. "Mhm?"
  38. [12:36:11] <General_Celeste> The general looks up, making eye contact with Theta and frowning. "It's concerning the alleged events that happened there. Word from the rescued and the green-haired lady in your company seem to match - the presence of an airship with technological prowess far beyond anything we've heard of. Is this true?"
  39. [12:37:15] <Theta> "Yes. It, in a manner, belongs to Bahamut."
  40. [12:37:23] <General_Celeste> "...I see."
  41. [12:38:22] <ACuteBlackMage> "Mhm. It's pretty weird. He's the one who placed the warp.
  42. [12:38:24] <ACuteBlackMage> "
  43. [12:39:14] <Theta> "I do not know why he neglected it as of late while making it possible to board, but the actions of Eidolons are not something I can explain."
  44. [12:40:59] <General_Celeste> "In that case, I would like to ask you to try and keep its presence a secret outside of this town. I've already asked a few of my guardsman to go around and ask the same of the people here. If such a thing truly exists, then it could spark an international incident if word gets out. Technology we don't understand is technology that is far too dangerous for anyone to use. And the first thing
  45. [12:40:59] <General_Celeste> people are going to do if they hear of this place is attempt to explore it and loot it of said technology. In the worst case scenario, a war could break out as one of the great nations attempts to secure it for themselves. I would appreciate it if word didn't get out - not even to our own senators in Burmecia. Especially not to our senators."
  46. [12:42:24] <Theta> "Funny."
  47. [12:42:30] <Theta> "That was Bahamut's concern as well."
  48. [12:42:49] <ACuteBlackMage> "Ammy made a bit of a mistake there, didn't she?"
  49. [12:42:52] <General_Celeste> "Then the old god is more prudent than I had imagined."
  50. [12:43:09] <Theta> "I don't have issue with your desire, though it seems there are others who are already aware of it."
  51. [12:43:10] <General_Celeste> "Not... necessarily. I think we can still contain the story here in New Cleyra."
  52. [12:43:15] <General_Celeste> ""
  53. [12:43:21] <General_Celeste> "That is a grave concern, then."
  54. [12:43:34] <Theta> "We were ambushed by a mercinary who was seeking articles we did recover from it."
  55. [12:43:56] * General_Celeste suddenly looks rather troubled. "Oh dear."
  56. [12:44:19] <ACuteBlackMage> "And now we don't know where she is. It's probably far away, though!"
  57. [12:44:44] <General_Celeste> "A female mercenary? What race was she?"
  58. [12:45:05] <Theta> "Human, and yes, she, well, blasted off."
  59. [12:45:14] <ACuteBlackMage> "Ammy...sent her and a dragon flying! It was amazing!"
  60. [12:45:25] <General_Celeste> " I'll have to look into it. I'm not familiar with anyone like that working in the area."
  61. [12:45:45] <General_Celeste> "Which could mean she simply avoided New Cleyra itself."
  62. [12:46:03] <ACuteBlackMage> "She had dark skin, didn't wear much, had a huge weqpon!"
  63. [12:46:30] <General_Celeste> "Now, why does that sound familiar...?"
  64. [12:46:30] <ACuteBlackMage> (*weapon)
  65. [12:46:32] <Theta> "Other than that, you should be aware there is sentient life on that vessel still, though they have no desire to leave it and are self sufficient."
  66. [12:47:12] <ACuteBlackMage> "Didn't introduce herself though, I think..."
  67. [12:47:17] <General_Celeste> She stares at you a moment. "...This is a bit hard to believe, but I have no choice but to take your word for it. All the more reason for secrecy I suppose."
  68. [12:48:08] <ACuteBlackMage> "oh, and she used magic too, if it helps! Checked weaknesses...didn't see her use other magic."
  69. [12:48:32] <Theta> "Discression is probably the best course of action until Bahamut can be consulted. That and security."
  70. [12:49:29] <General_Celeste> "The Queen of Alexandria is supposedly his summoner at present. I'll draft a letter to Her Highness myself then, I suppose."
  71. [12:50:21] <General_Celeste> "I doubt she'll allow me to speak with Bahamut without me revealing why I need to, but I may as well try."
  72. [12:50:32] <ACuteBlackMage> "Hmmm, good idea!" Mentioning Eiko pops into her head but she sets it aside.
  73. [12:52:11] <General_Celeste> "In any case, that covers both things I wished to speak with your group about... We could use more go-getters like your team, to be honest. Have you considered military life?"
  74. [12:52:49] <ACuteBlackMage> "Uh...well..."
  75. [12:53:43] <ACuteBlackMage> "We still have things we have to do. On our own." She straightens up a bit.
  76. [12:53:43] <General_Celeste> "No non-Nezumi has made it into the Dragoons to date, but the normal armed forces were open to people of all races not that long ago., but no I don't suppose you're the type."
  77. [12:53:44] <Theta> That's a hilariously insensitive question to ask a Genome or a doll if you think about it but it doesn't quite click there for Theta. "Can't say I have."
  79. [12:54:24] <General_Celeste> (Hurr hurr)
  80. [12:54:42] <ACuteBlackMage> (Ffffffffff)
  81. [12:57:24] <General_Celeste> "Very well then, I hope you two have a nice day.  It's a shame you're leaving already, New Cleyra has quite a few attractions for the aspiring adventurer. Usually when people pass through all they see is a bunch of dancers and lightning rods, but we actually have a fairly diverse culture here."
  82. [12:58:18] <General_Celeste> "I especially recommend visiting on New Years, if you haven't other plans."
  83. [12:59:00] <ACuteBlackMage> "We'll definitely consider it!"
  84. [12:59:20] <Theta> "Unfortionately we are somewhat on a tight schedule at the moment, but I believe we have to pass back this way as well."
  85. [13:00:42] <General_Celeste> She nods. "Then I shouldn't hold you up any longer. Take care, and thank you for your help. You'll always be welcome in New Cleyra."
  86. [13:02:29] <Theta> "And thank you as well," Theta gets up to leave.
  87. [13:02:55] <ACuteBlackMage> "Thanks! Seeya!"
  88. [13:03:13] <General_Celeste> She waves you off and continues signing paperwork.
  89. [13:05:07] <General_Celeste> As you leave the building, however, you bump into someone in passing - a nezumi woman with white fur, wearing a dancer's outfit and a basket of fruit over her shoulder. She catches her balance quite easily, but she regards you with surprise - as you see her face, she appears to be... Celina?
  90. [13:05:29] * Theta squints.
  91. [13:06:14] <ACuteBlackMage> !
  92. [13:06:37] <Theta> "I thought you were off with those Returners."
  93. [13:06:45] <General_Celeste> ???: "Oh, excuse me! Forgive me, I wasn't watching where I was going. ...wait a moment, aren't you... Sir Theta and Miss Lenore?"
  94. [13:07:27] <General_Celeste> ???: "Returners? ...did something happen to Celina?"
  95. [13:07:40] <ACuteBlackMage> "Hey Celly!" ... "...did you get hit on the head?"
  96. [13:07:55] <General_Celeste> ???: "Oh, I'm sorry, let me introduce myself."
  97. [13:08:31] <ACuteBlackMage> "oh. You're not Cellu? Sorry."
  98. [13:08:32] <General_Celeste> ???: "I'm Celina's... sister, Fiona."
  99. [13:08:34] * General_Celeste is now known as Fiona
  100. [13:09:07] <Theta> "Huh."
  101. [13:09:18] <ACuteBlackMage> "Oh! She never told us she had a sister..."
  102. [13:09:36] <Theta> "Which is odd since she apparantly wrote to you about US."
  103. [13:09:46] <Fiona> "Well, erm..."
  104. [13:09:55] <Fiona> "It's a rather complicated issue."
  105. [13:10:19] <Theta> "God she is such a jerk." >:T
  106. [13:10:21] <Fiona> "But nevermind that, is she well?"
  107. [13:10:50] <Fiona> She winces just a bit.
  108. [13:11:06] <ACuteBlackMage> "Oh. Okay then. She left us to join the Returners! I hope she's okay..."
  109. [13:11:58] <Fiona> "Really? I wonder what made her decide to... Did she at least leave on good terms?"
  110. [13:13:06] <ACuteBlackMage> "Yeah, she did! It was rather sudden, though, caught most of us off guard! Weird..."
  111. [13:13:51] * Theta shrugs
  112. [13:14:01] <Theta> "I nevert saw eye to eye with her. Hard to say."
  113. [13:14:22] <Fiona> "She..."
  114. [13:15:51] <Fiona> "She saw a lot of pain and suffering at a young age. It's hard for her... it was difficult for me to let go of the past as well. Sometimes I wonder if I have..."
  115. [13:16:27] <ACuteBlackMage> "It was after she met Sir Fratley, though, so maybe that had something to do with it..."
  116. [13:16:55] <Fiona> "Sir Fratley? That must have been quite the experience for her! I'm a bit jealous, actually..."
  117. [13:17:06] <ACuteBlackMage> "oh, yeah, I always felt bad for her and what happened to her..."
  118. [13:17:33] * Theta has a rather smartassed reply to that but Fiona doesn't really deserve that, so just nods.
  119. [13:17:44] <ACuteBlackMage> "He seemed pretty cool, yeah!"
  120. [13:17:58] <Fiona> "...I'm sorry if she's said anything upsetting to you, Sir Theta, but... deep down, she doesn't really mean it. I have faith she'll overcome her prejudices with time."
  121. [13:19:20] <Fiona> "And in the end, it's fine if she never mentioned me... ...after all... I'm not supposed to be here..." she says, quietly, looking down at the ground.
  122. [13:19:38] <ACuteBlackMage> "Huh?"
  123. [13:20:49] <Fiona> "I'm..." she glances at the dragon knights near the building, and waves you over to follow her away.
  124. [13:23:01] * ACuteBlackMage follows, quietly.
  125. [13:23:18] * Theta glances to the guards and has a feeling this is going to be fishy but follows anyway
  126. [13:23:45] <Fiona> Once she's led you out of earshot, she turns to you, her tail drooping a bit.
  127. [13:25:55] <Fiona> "I'm not Celina's biological sister. I'm... a copy of her, created by an Epitaph back in Durandal, at the Glutton's manor. I have her memories, but since that day I've started to become a different person in my own right... If she never mentioned me, it was probably because... she was terrified of me. Just as I was terrified of myself, when I realized. ...we remet and reconciled on her way
  128. [13:25:55] <Fiona> out of the Forgotten Continent, however..."
  129. [13:25:55] <ACuteBlackMage> "What's up?"
  130. [13:26:45] <Theta> "Oh. Oooooh."
  131. [13:26:47] <ACuteBlackMage> "Oh, so you're like that copy of Nat! Oooooooh."
  132. [13:27:06] <Fiona> "There was a copy of miss Natalie?" she looks shocked.
  133. [13:27:07] <Theta> "...Why would she not mention this after Natalie confirmed it as well?"
  134. [13:27:08] <ACuteBlackMage> "That...explains a lo
  135. [13:27:23] <Theta> "Oh wait cause she's a jerk." >:T
  136. [13:27:33] <Fiona> She winces again.
  137. [13:28:09] <ACuteBlackMage> "She probably didn't want us to worry, because Fiona seems really nice!"
  138. [13:28:25] <Fiona> "That would be... comforting to think, at least."
  139. [13:29:26] <Fiona> "It's difficult, trying to be one's own person when you have the feelings and memories of someone else... but I think I've managed to do well so far."
  140. [13:29:39] <Fiona> "I don't know why I'm even alive, still..."
  141. [13:29:56] <Fiona> "But I'm thankful."
  142. [13:30:36] <Theta> "Well, either way, I can't really comment on how you should percieve things, but this seems like a nice enough place to be and you seem to be well..."
  143. [13:30:49] <ACuteBlackMage> "'re a lot like the other manufactured races..."
  144. [13:31:02] * Fiona nods. "I've been going back and forth between New Cleyra and Burmecia, working as a dancer."
  145. [13:31:24] <ACuteBlackMage> "Er, is this okay
  146. [13:31:48] <ACuteBlackMage> "is it okay to call them that?"
  147. [13:32:09] <ACuteBlackMage> (I hate backspace being near enter)
  148. [13:32:49] * Theta thinks on that. "It's a complicated question because I do not know exactly what is so different about this Epitaph."
  149. [13:35:22] <ACuteBlackMage> "Hmmm. Yeah, they have memories built in..but then again, a lot of the black mage girls act similar..."
  150. [13:35:36] <Fiona> "Am I like the Black Mages...? I suppose I am, in a way."
  151. [13:36:14] <ACuteBlackMage> "In a way!"
  152. [13:36:27] <ACuteBlackMage> Nod.
  153. [13:37:11] <Theta> "I suppose theo nly difference is you were born with the preconception you were another individual."
  154. [13:37:20] <Fiona> She reflects on that a moment.
  155. [13:37:29] <Theta> "The vast majority of us were, well, infantile, blank slates, so to say."
  156. [13:37:50] <Fiona> "There's something else ingrained into us, too..."
  157. [13:38:13] <ACuteBlackMage> "Mmm?"
  158. [13:38:32] <Theta> "Of course there's also the biological differences but - uhm?"
  159. [13:38:54] <Fiona> "I can't explain it, it's like... an urge to replace the person I resemble... And the power to do so. ...It's a frightening urge I've fought off."
  160. [13:39:25] <ACuteBlackMage> "Oh, that's..." She shudders
  161. [13:39:32] <Fiona> She does as well.
  162. [13:41:51] <Fiona> "I can't help but wonder if deep down, I really... AM a monster, like the Epitaph that spawned me."
  163. [13:42:03] <Fiona> "But... I'm sorry. I shouldn't trouble you with such things."
  164. [13:42:17] <Theta> "..." Well that was rather morbid.
  165. [13:43:30] * Theta ponders if monsters have self help groups. Mr. Prickles would know.
  166. [13:43:36] <ACuteBlackMage> "It's good you're being your own person! I think you're a great person and you're better than that urge!"
  167. [13:43:37] <Theta> But, alas, he is not here.
  168. [13:44:10] <ACuteBlackMage> "So, don't worry!"
  169. [13:44:42] <Fiona> She winces. "...I should probably be going. Again, I'm sorry, you don't even really have a reason to care about all of this...  Please take care, miss Lenore, sir Theta."
  170. [13:45:15] <ACuteBlackMage> "Okay! Good luck, Fiona!"
  171. [13:45:38] * Theta nods, and waves. "Farewell."
  172. [13:45:56] <Fiona> She waves goodbye, and then jumps away, into the treetop tier of the city.
  173. [13:47:32] <Theta> "What on Gaia is -wrong- with these people we are supposed to defeat."
  174. [13:47:53] <Theta> "The Glutton has more dangerous things in his mansion than your father does in the basement, that's for sure."
  175. [13:48:13] <ACuteBlackMage> "I dunno..."
  176. [13:49:34] <ACuteBlackMage> "That thing with the voice was freaky!"
  177. [13:50:35] <Theta> "Well okay there was that but I'm sure The Glutton has like, five of those."
  178. [13:50:48] <Theta> "...Speaking of which we should try to catch a wagon."
  179. [13:51:40] <ACuteBlackMage> "oh! Yeah!" Off she goes!"
  180. [13:53:35] <ACuteBlackMage> (*-" at the end)
  181. [13:54:09] <Fiona> Returning to the area where the chocobo wagon was, you see it just now returning from Treno.
  182. [13:54:21] <Fiona> About a good a time as any to head out, looks like.
  183. [13:54:34] <Fiona> Goddamn, chocobo wagons are fast.
  184. [13:54:35] * ACuteBlackMage hops on~
  185. [13:54:37] <Theta> "Those things are that quick?"
  186. [13:54:58] <ACuteBlackMage> "Wooow~"
  187. [13:55:07] <Fiona> The old nezumi pulls up to the two of you and sweeps an arm back. "All aboard! Still got your money, so don't worry 'bout paying again."
  188. [13:55:25] <ACuteBlackMage> ~
  189. [13:56:37] * Theta hops in, then.
  190. [13:56:40] <Theta> "Sorry about that, sir."
  191. [13:57:42] <Fiona> He reaches forward and scratches both chocobos on the backs of their heads. "Just another quick trip and we can get all rested up~ What would you like today, beauties, gysahl pie? Gysahl stir fry? Gysahl soup?" he leans back and flashes a smile at you that's got a few gaps. "No worries, sonny. I understand how it is when you got somethin' you have to take care of."
  192. [13:58:39] <Fiona> "Everyone got their arms and legs inside the cart? No? Well too bad then, we're off anyway! Yeeehaw!" He flicks the reins and the wagon starts rolling along with a jerk as he makes a 180 back towards South Gate.
  193. [14:00:57] <Fiona> The wagon rolls along at high speeds, passing through the underpass in a flash, and past Dali before you can say "Snot-nosed Gudo". South Gate stands proudly before you, not having seen this much land travel since before airships were invented.
  194. [14:01:39] <Fiona> It only takes a few minutes for the gates to open again and the chocobos to pass through, the enormous gated wall built into the mountainside looming over you as you sail on by.
  195. [14:02:24] <Fiona> In only half an hour after you've left New Cleyra, the sun has vanished and Treno's bright lights loom in the distance.
  196. [14:03:11] <Theta> "And to think this took us a whole day on foot."
  197. [14:03:42] <ACuteBlackMage> "Mhm~"
  198. [14:04:21] <Fiona> The nezumi looks over his shoulder. "People underestimate travel by chocobo! They fell out of use after airships and aircars were invented, but they're heckuva swift. We had a bit of a problem with the livestock gettin' devoured though, so there was a period of downtime."
  199. [14:04:49] <ACuteBlackMage> "Oh my!"
  200. [14:05:21] <ACuteBlackMage> You now see Lenore as George Takei
  201. [14:05:48] <Fiona> The wagon begins to slow as you near the gates of the city, and the Nezumi pulls you all into a small open-air building that's a cross between a stable and a railroad station. "Allright, here we are!"
  202. [14:05:52] <Theta> "Heard about that. Understand it's resolved now..."
  203. [14:06:01] * Theta hops on out. "Thank you again, sir."
  204. [14:06:34] * ACuteBlackMage curtsies. "Thanks!"
  205. [14:07:05] <Fiona> "Yep, yep! Don't be shy, now, we're open every day, so anytime y'all need a ride, stop on by!"
  206. [14:07:37] <Fiona> The gates of Treno are pulled open as you approach, and once again you find yourself in the city that never sleeps.
  207. [14:08:45] <Theta> "Now...where to first then..."
  208. [14:08:53] <ACuteBlackMage> "Hm! Wanna stop by my house or yours first?"
  209. [14:10:24] <Theta> "Probably best we speak with your father first."
  210. [14:11:39] <ACuteBlackMage> "'kay then!"
  211. [14:13:36] <Fiona> One confusing invisible magic labyrinth later
  212. [14:14:14] <Fiona> You arrive back at Lenore's house. As you enter, though, something - or rather, someone immediately catches your eye.
  213. [14:14:47] <ACuteBlackMage> !
  214. [14:15:08] <ACuteBlackMage> It'd be red but phone
  215. [14:15:28] <Cheerleader_Cat> 4!
  216. [14:15:30] <Theta> (more like buttphone)
  217. [14:15:54] <Fiona> There's a young man standing in the front room, his back turned to you. He has shoulderish length platinum hair, black robes with an intricate silver pattern on them, and a big, droopy hat.
  218. [14:16:08] * Fiona is now known as Renegade
  219. [14:16:48] <ACuteBlackMage> "Ah! Dad!"
  220. [14:16:56] <Renegade> Renegade glances behind himself as the noise, apparently he was concentrating on something. ...Holy shit, he barely looks any older than either of you.
  221. [14:17:34] <Renegade> "Ah, Lena. There you are. I just finished synchronizing my memories. You must be Theta."
  222. [14:17:42] * Theta expected this to be Blade so is confused at the moment.
  223. [14:17:42] <ACuteBlackMage> (I just realized that Renegade is a Tolkien wizard wtf)
  224. [14:17:51] <Theta> "Erm, yes, that would be correct."
  225. [14:18:28] <Renegade> "We've talked before but this time it's in person. I may as well introduce myself again. You may call me Renegade."
  226. [14:18:37] <Theta> (my headcannon is Invoker forever.)
  227. [14:19:44] <Renegade> "Your companions are currently in my library, if you're curious. They haven't seen me yet." he starts walking towards the stairway.
  228. [14:20:35] * Theta collects his thoughts and follows for now.
  229. [14:20:47] <Renegade> Typical immortaldad, doesn't even hug his daughter after not seeing her for a year.
  230. [14:20:53] * ACuteBlackMage follows!
  231. [14:21:16] <ACuteBlackMage> She hugs him instead!
  232. [14:21:34] <Renegade> "As I recall, we've just finished installing an upgrade to your eidolon."
  233. [14:22:28] <ACuteBlackMage> "An... Upgrade?" She says after she backs off.
  234. [14:22:28] <Renegade> "A memory enhancer. It should take time to kick in, but it should help her retainment issues."
  235. [14:22:28] <Theta> "I don't recall them actually saying what you promised them but that is a funny way to describe it."
  236. [14:22:50] <ACuteBlackMage> "Oh! Neat!"
  237. [14:23:14] <Renegade> He leads you up and into the library, where Ammy and Nat are.
  238. [14:23:37] <Renegade> Cast is currently busy I THINK, but Tree can nick up.
  239. [14:23:47] <Cheerleader_Cat> (But I already am!)
  240. [14:23:55] <Theta> (PAINT ME LIKE ONE OF YOUR TREE GIRLS)
  241. [14:23:57] <castfromhp> (huh?)
  242. [14:23:58] <castfromhp> (oh)
  243. [14:24:02] <Cheerleader_Cat> (... no just kidding)
  244. [14:24:07] * Cheerleader_Cat is now known as Natalie
  245. [14:24:40] <castfromhp> (uh, well, this is awkward, cause I don't really see Ammy NOT reacting to this or speaking up, but I kinda can't atm)
  246. [14:24:48] <Natalie> (i'll cover)
  247. [14:24:57] <ACuteBlackMage> (Feel)
  248. [14:25:03] <castfromhp> (Can we just say she went on an errand before Renegade arrived home?)
  249. [14:25:12] <Renegade> Hm, alright.
  250. [14:25:21] <Renegade> So in actuality it's just Nat there.
  251. [14:25:28] <Renegade> "Hm, the other one must have left already."
  252. [14:25:30] <Renegade> Nat - you see Theta, Lenore, and some other dude walk in to the library.
  253. [14:25:36] <Natalie> (Oh, I was going to say Nat knocked her over and had her way with her so hard that she fell unconscious but yeah that's probably cleaner and more PG-13)
  254. [14:26:13] <ACuteBlackMage> "Hi Nat!"
  255. [14:26:14] <Renegade> The place is still a rather neat-looking library-study sort of setup at the moment.
  256. [14:26:16] <Natalie> See while asleep?  No way, Nat used all that precious time to take the longest nap possible.  HOWEVER she also wears a probably-gaudy tiara while being curled up, too.
  257. [14:26:41] * Natalie cranks an eye open. "Nnn..."
  258. [14:26:52] * ACuteBlackMage tries gently shaking her awake.
  259. [14:26:58] <Natalie> "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn."
  260. [14:27:00] <Renegade> Prickles: "Hello! I'm here too!" the cactuar says, probably from within Natalie's deathgrip
  261. [14:27:08] <Natalie> Confirmed.
  262. [14:27:30] <Renegade> "...How unsurprising."
  263. [14:27:31] * Natalie rolls over and frees the cactus, sitting up and yawning loudly.
  264. [14:27:37] <castfromhp> (if Nat's still asleep, Ammy probably has a note left for her saying she went out)
  265. [14:27:39] <ACuteBlackMage> "Hey Prickly~"
  266. [14:28:02] <Renegade> Prickles: "But, erm... perhaps some assistance please? I seem to be lodged firmly in place."
  267. [14:28:13] <Renegade> Oh wait, there we go.
  268. [14:28:15] <Renegade> Prickles rolls free.
  269. [14:28:17] <Natalie> "... Oh."
  270. [14:28:21] <Renegade> Flump.
  271. [14:28:22] * Natalie frees him MORE. Cutie.
  272. [14:28:41] <Renegade> The cactuar faceplants on the floor, then quietly picks himself up.
  273. [14:29:17] <Renegade> The tiara Nat's wearing appears to make the ruby look like a part of it instead - and seems to have its own jewels glittering softly.
  274. [14:29:18] <Natalie> "Ohhhhhhh, what a nap...."  Nat streeeeeetches and gets up, blinking a few times at the wadded-up note Ammy left.  Ha ha!  Just kidding, it's probably neatly folded up and she spends a second reading it.
  275. [14:29:55] <Renegade> "In any case, what did you need?" he asks Theta, while moving over to one of the bookshelves, scanning the contents.
  276. [14:29:55] * ACuteBlackMage giggles a little, then hushes herself because IMPROPER
  277. [14:30:33] <Natalie> "Nnn... okay.  Ammy... Ammy... sounds familiar."  She nods to herself and then starts pointing at the others, mumbling.  "That's Lenny... Mr. Prickles... Mr. Epsilon..."
  278. [14:31:03] * Natalie stops on the last member of the group, holding a finger outstretched. "Uhh..."
  279. [14:31:14] <Theta> "Mostly whatever was not clear before we left."
  280. [14:31:19] <Renegade> "Renegade. We haven't met in person." he's not even looking at her.
  281. [14:31:29] <Theta> "Were you aware of the nature of the 'ruins?' Or who claims it?"
  282. [14:31:51] <Renegade> "Entirely." he says to Theta, pulling out a book and leafing through it.
  283. [14:31:54] <Natalie> "Oh!  That's why something sounded familiar!  Gotcha."  She doesn't even find it a bit strange.
  284. [14:32:26] <ACuteBlackMage> "Memory getting better, Nat?"
  285. [14:32:40] <Renegade> "Telling you would have spoiled the surprise, after all."
  286. [14:33:13] <ACuteBlackMage> "Hmm~"
  287. [14:33:23] <Natalie> "Hmm..."  Nat brings a finger to her chin.  "... Nope, not really!  I still only barely remembered you guys."
  288. [14:33:23] <Theta> "Well, alright. That makes it a bit easier then. Do you have any clue why Bahamut has neglected it?"
  289. [14:33:37] <Renegade> "Not a clue."
  290. [14:33:38] <Theta> "Especially when it seems it was more than just yourself who knew about it."
  291. [14:33:53] <Renegade> "Oh?"
  292. [14:34:02] * Natalie hushes and goes to eavesdrop. Important dialogue time.
  293. [14:34:03] <Renegade> He glances up from the book.
  294. [14:34:04] <ACuteBlackMage> "Yeah, we ran into someone!"
  295. [14:34:06] <Theta> "Did they not mention it?"
  296. [14:34:26] <Theta> "A mercinary attacked us on the way out, wanting weaponry we had brought out to research."
  297. [14:35:04] <ACuteBlackMage> "Ammy messed them up pretty bad."
  298. [14:35:05] <Natalie> "Attacked...?  Oh yeah, that was-"  Fortunately she has her diary this time, flipflipflip.  "When Ammy... uh, picked up a dragon and threw it?  Really?"
  299. [14:35:55] <ACuteBlackMage> "...I still have trouble believing it happened, and I saw it!"
  300. [14:36:04] <Renegade> "Hmph, I would have thought Lani would have provided more entertainment than that, really." he closes the book and slips it back onto the shelf.
  301. [14:36:11] <Natalie> (called it)
  302. [14:36:24] <ACuteBlackMage> (whoa)
  303. [14:36:35] * Theta :|'s
  304. [14:37:13] <ACuteBlackMage> "Oh, wait,'re the one who hired her?"
  305. [14:37:19] <Renegade> "She was under orders not to seriously harm any of you but it seems like that wasn't necessary."
  306. [14:37:37] <Renegade> "That would be correct."
  307. [14:38:07] <Natalie> "... Huh."  Natty takes this time to plop back on a couch or somesuch, still adjusting the tiara a bit.
  308. [14:38:34] <Theta> "I suppose your comment on the manikin that you had here being concious when you found her was also a farce as well, then."
  309. [14:38:34] <ACuteBlackMage> "I'd say she was the one seriously injured, if anyone!" She :/
  310. [14:38:58] <Renegade> "No, she was conscious when I found her. That was the oddity. None of the others were."
  311. [14:39:38] <Theta> "Isn't the case now either."
  312. [14:39:44] <ACuteBlackMage> "Hmm, weird!"
  313. [14:40:11] <Natalie> "Ohh, that was... whatwasit, whatwasit..."  Flipflipflip.
  314. [14:40:21] <Renegade> "More awoke from their sleep?" he glances over, pulling another book out. "I see. That may necessitate another visit soon."
  315. [14:42:58] <Natalie> "Oh RIGHT!  Amby, yeah?"  Fwomp.  "Hey Mr. Beta, did you go see her again yet?"
  316. [14:43:20] <ACuteBlackMage> "Not yet!"
  317. [14:44:10] <ACuteBlackMage> "We also found a crystal shard there."
  318. [14:44:17] * Theta shakes his head. He seems a bit stumped what else to ask since his biggest inquieries were a practical joke.
  319. [14:44:50] <Renegade> "Intriguing. Any clue as to the origin?"
  320. [14:45:07] <Theta> "I think I will return to my estate then. Can't imagine as is there's much we witnessed you were unaware of."
  321. [14:45:16] <Natalie> "Then- oh right!  I remember that one still... it was the one that showed me fighting the buggy-people and my summoner had white hair, right?  Seems right..."
  322. [14:45:30] <Theta> "From space." He says as he turns to leave.
  323. [14:45:36] <ACuteBlackMage> "Wait...buggy people..."
  324. [14:45:47] * Natalie tiltsmiles. "?"
  325. [14:46:06] <ACuteBlackMage> "Those were probably the Magus Sisters!"
  326. [14:46:09] <Natalie> "Yeah!  Three of them- a tall one, a fat one, and uh, what was the other..."
  327. [14:46:31] * Renegade slams shut the book he was looking through and turns around.
  328. [14:46:37] * Natalie ponders on it. "Really? Sounds like I heard that name somewhere before..."
  329. [14:46:48] <Renegade> "What's this about the Magus Sisters?"
  330. [14:47:26] <Natalie> "Hmm?  Oh, when we put the crystal together it shows me some of my old memories, right? " She shuffles into a cattier position.  "This time I was fighting them."
  331. [14:47:31] <ACuteBlackMage> "Hm, a glyph with a formula for calling one of them and a crystal with a memory of them in the same place....could it be coincidence?"
  332. [14:47:43] <Renegade> He also looks past you all towards Theta. " that it? No more inquiries? Not as curious as I thought you were."
  333. [14:48:10] * Natalie kind of gets in a position to hop out too, but doesn't quite yet.
  334. [14:49:26] <Theta> (I don't really know what else to ask about atm :<)
  335. [14:49:57] <Renegade> "In any case... how strange. I certainly don't recall seeing any glyphs when I was there. it possible they may have intentionally hid it from me?"
  336. [14:50:06] <Natalie> "Oh uh, what else..."  Nat continues anyway.  "We cast Reflect at each other and it bounced a bunch and a bunch and a bunch of times!  That's what it looked like, I'm pretty sure."
  337. [14:50:36] <Renegade> "Lena, do you have intentions to call the Magus Sisters forth?"
  338. [14:50:39] <ACuteBlackMage> "Yeah, Dad, I've been looking into forming a contract with them!" She shuffles her hand a bit on hatpin and pulls out a book and pulls it to the page with the copied glyph. "See?"
  339. [14:50:59] <Natalie> (1,1oh god did she just fulfill her life goal)
  340. [14:51:06] <Renegade> He moves forward to look, expressing more interest than you've ever seen him take in something you've done.
  341. [14:51:27] <ACuteBlackMage> (oh WOW)
  342. [14:51:31] <Renegade> (...)
  343. [14:51:40] <Natalie> (hahahahahahaha oh man)
  344. [14:52:14] <ACuteBlackMage> (but it was more supposed to be about finding a spell he doesn't knpw)
  345. [14:52:30] <Renegade> That TECHNICALLY fulfills it, but I'm going to say no.
  346. [14:52:32] <Natalie> "Geez, Lenny, you should've said something LAST time I brought that up!  I didn't remember THAT's who they were!"
  347. [14:52:34] <Theta> (lewdaga)
  348. [14:52:51] <Natalie> (I have a feeling she already knows lewdaga)
  349. [14:52:57] <Renegade> Have a destiny anyway, Lenore, because you're on the path to it at least.
  350. [14:53:25] <ACuteBlackMage> (she fulfilled the word of it but not quite the spirit of it. Thanks~)
  351. [14:53:45] <Renegade> "Very interesting..."
  352. [14:53:59] <Renegade> ""
  353. [14:54:11] <Renegade> "Lena, there is something I should say to you." he suddenly has a very serious expression.
  354. [14:54:21] <Natalie> (inb4 'you're adopted')
  355. [14:54:46] <ACuteBlackMage> (I'll go put it on my sheet...on my phone.........Tree please do it for me)
  356. [14:55:46] <ACuteBlackMage> "Yes?" She straightens her posture because holy shit seriousdad
  357. [14:55:57] <Natalie> (I'll do it postsession, remind me)
  358. [14:56:10] <Natalie> ((phone-sheeting actually isn't that bad btw))
  359. [14:56:24] * Natalie sits back down and shuts up.
  360. [14:56:40] <ACuteBlackMage> (mrph)
  361. [14:57:28] <Renegade> "I've come to realize that perhaps... I haven't been the best father. I tried my best to teach you magic, and would consistently get frustrated with you as you were unable to cast even the simplest Thundaga. But since you left home, you've started to come into your own, haven't you? You're insisting on using a suboptimal spellset, and still have a long way to go, but... I can see now just
  362. [14:57:28] <Renegade> how far you've come, and I wanted to say how proud I am of you, Lena."
  363. [14:58:10] <Natalie> Nat is wearing the most 'doushiou' face one can possibly imagine, though tries to keep it to herself and off to the side.  Poorly.
  364. [14:58:18] <Renegade> (Actually, make that Firaga)
  365. [14:58:26] <Renegade> (Why would he be teaching you thundaga)
  366. [14:58:27] <Renegade> (Derp)
  367. [14:59:37] <ACuteBlackMage> "Um...uh...." Sniff.  "Thank you dad!" She hugs him soon right oh god she's crying on him poor renny.
  368. [14:59:51] <Natalie> Natty's smile is super super super huge.
  369. [15:00:05] <Natalie> ... As soon as Lenny's covered in tears and not looking her direction she gives Renegade a thumbs-up.
  370. [15:00:25] <Renegade> Your awkward autistic dad just sort of stares, not really knowing how to react to oh god sudden emotional torrent. ...after a moment he puts his arms around you and hugs back, though.
  371. [15:00:54] <ACuteBlackMage> (immortal thf)
  372. [15:01:12] <Natalie> (he reads these logs you know)
  373. [15:01:32] <ACuteBlackMage> (oh boy.)
  374. [15:03:14] * Natalie hops up and streeeeeeetches again, turning toward the door after one last wave. "Oookay, I'm gonna go follow Mr. Delta. Thanks again, Renny!"
  375. [15:03:36] <ACuteBlackMage> After a bit of making her dad's shoulder damp she gets off him and wipes her eyes. "I'll...I'll be sure to find the other parts of this spell and finish it! Thanks a bunch, dad!"
  376. [15:04:10] <Renegade> He nods. "I'll look forward to seeing it. Good luck, Lena."
  377. [15:04:28] <Renegade> He smiles just a bit.
  378. [15:05:04] <ACuteBlackMage> "All right then! I'll be off, then, Dad!"
  379. [15:05:39] <Natalie> Does Prickles let himself get scooped out on the way up or does he insist on staying?
  380. [15:05:48] <Natalie> .... Scooped up on the way out.
  381. [15:05:49] <Renegade> Prickles is indeed scooped up by the Nat.
  382. [15:05:50] <Natalie> Wow.
  383. [15:06:02] <Renegade> But not scooped out.
  384. [15:06:04] <Renegade> He is not a pumpkin
  385. [15:06:41] <Natalie> He gets a ride on the kittytrain to Thetaville if he doesn't have pressing matters, then!  Of course, like a good friend, Nat leaves Lenny to do teary stuff with her dad and waits at the front door.
  386. [15:06:42] <Renegade> Renegade bids the lot of you goodbye for the moment, then, and returns to his studies. ...huh, come to think of it, he was looking through the books on Esto Gaza.
  387. [15:06:55] * ACuteBlackMage heads off after Nat~
  388. [15:08:19] <Natalie> "You ready already?  That was quick... um, Ammy didn't say where she went, but he'll probably tell her if she comes back, right?"
  389. [15:09:26] * Renegade is now known as Mr_Prickles
  390. [15:09:28] <ACuteBlackMage> "Right! Dad's not big on feelings, so I didn't want to torture him with them!"
  391. [15:09:48] * Natalie snrks. "Pfff. Well I w- .... err, nevermind."
  392. [15:09:56] <Natalie> Front door status: OPENED AS FUCK.
  393. [15:10:29] <Mr_Prickles> And out you go!
  394. [15:10:49] <Natalie> Now, a minigame where we fight off hungry thugs after the rich-looking teenage girl in a fancy tiara!
  395. [15:11:10] <Mr_Prickles> Okay
  396. [15:11:12] <Mr_Prickles> Roll initiative
  397. [15:11:14] <Natalie> Either that or we look for Theta and follow him since he's hopefully not THAT long gone by now.
  398. [15:11:19] <Natalie> 2d6 shit what's my init score
  399. [15:11:20] <Mr_Prickles> just kidding
  400. [15:11:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, shit what's my init score: 11 [2d6=6,5]
  401. [15:11:34] <Natalie> Dicemaid, you tease!
  402. [15:11:37] <ACuteBlackMage> Notbad
  403. [15:11:40] <Mr_Prickles> You probably catch up to Theta unless he's made himself scarce on purpose.
  404. [15:11:52] <Natalie> +8 to that and it's my athletics check for finding him.
  405. [15:12:02] <Natalie> Like the wind
  406. [15:12:26] <Mr_Prickles> Heading back to Cheatau Theta?
  407. [15:12:39] <Natalie> Hai desu, oniichan!  Unless he isn't.
  408. [15:12:43] <ACuteBlackMage> Indeed
  409. [15:12:46] <Theta> Yeah he just left when I said he was but not impossible to catch up to
  410. [15:13:18] * Natalie drags Lenore along and carries Prickles in a mad dash, waving at him like some psycho schoolgirl. "There he is, over theeere!"
  411. [15:13:21] <Mr_Prickles> You catch a gondola over to Theta's house shortly.
  412. [15:13:46] <ACuteBlackMage> ~
  413. [15:13:50] <Natalie> ~!
  414. [15:15:29] <Mr_Prickles> When you enter the house, Ambrosia is standing there in the foyer, and bows. "Welcome back." she says in a neutral tone of voice, before moving to the side and - oh she has a feather duster and she's cleaning the furniture. Huh.
  415. [15:15:57] * Mr_Prickles is now known as Ambrosia
  416. [15:16:50] * Natalie ducks behind the others, giving a small wave. It's kind of creepy that, despite all the talk about her, this mysterious person doesn't look or sound familiar even if it IS obvious who she is.
  417. [15:16:57] <ACuteBlackMage> "Hi! Is Theta
  418. [15:17:22] <Ambrosia> (before you retype that, Aori, all three of you entered together)
  419. [15:17:25] <ACuteBlackMage> (dammit, hit enter instead of backspace again)
  420. [15:17:53] <Natalie> (Yeah, I'm seeing it like we tackled him and dragged him home with us but he gave us the silent treatment)
  421. [15:18:02] <ACuteBlackMage> (that was why I was backspacing, be cause I realized that)
  422. [15:18:18] <Theta> (what? no. it just sorta got timeskipped :S)
  423. [15:18:32] <Natalie> (oh, booooooring)
  424. [15:18:58] <Theta> (Well when it goes from 'you see him' to 'you're at the house' it gets a bit ???)
  425. [15:19:11] <Natalie> (fair enough)
  426. [15:19:12] <ACuteBlackMage> "Hi Amby! Um, we have to talk...)
  427. [15:19:21] <ACuteBlackMage> *"
  428. [15:19:23] <Ambrosia> T-404 and Luna are in the kitchen, eating pizza and swapping stories about boys.
  429. [15:19:46] * Theta looks over to her, curious WHERE she got that at first. "Thanks. And you really don't have to handle that, Svi-Ambr...well, I have some things for you!"
  430. [15:19:48] <Natalie> We were gone three days and they've already got boyfriends?  Skanks.
  431. [15:19:55] <Ambrosia> "Oh? I apologize. I was under the misconception talking was optional."
  432. [15:20:38] <Natalie> "Hee.  Hi.  I'm... gonna re-meet the others, 'kay?"
  433. [15:20:45] <ACuteBlackMage> Giggle. "No, I didn't mean it like that!"
  434. [15:20:52] <Ambrosia> She nods at Natalie.
  435. [15:20:59] * Natalie gulps and leaves these two to interact with the best character, running off with her diary as a guide.
  436. [15:21:37] <Ambrosia> T-404: "Natnat, whassup?" :D
  437. [15:22:02] * Ambrosia looks over to Theta, curious.
  438. [15:22:34] * Theta puts a hand on Ambrosia's shoulder and guides her to a quieter room. "I found out a bit about your past, and who you are."
  439. [15:22:41] <Natalie> "Hi!"  Oh, that could've been fine with Amby being the focus too but this is okay!  "Um, nice to meet you again and all... holdonasecIdidn'tdrawyouinhere."
  440. [15:22:54] * ACuteBlackMage follows!
  441. [15:23:02] * Natalie flips in the diary and does awkward things, better let the others talk.
  442. [15:23:14] <Ambrosia> Nat and the mages interact for a bit, it's Ambrosia time~
  443. [15:23:50] <Ambrosia> She's led along into the room, and tilts her head when you stop. "Who am I?"
  444. [15:24:40] * Theta sits in a chair and puts his bag in front of him. "Your name is Svipul. You're what your people called a Manikin, and seeing how you're dressed I guess you recalled to some degree you were a servant."
  445. [15:24:58] <Ambrosia> "Svi...pul..."
  446. [15:25:01] <Ambrosia> She frowns.
  447. [15:25:27] <Theta> "Not a fan of it?"
  448. [15:26:01] <Ambrosia> "It feels strange to say..."
  449. [15:27:41] * ACuteBlackMage sits! "Yeah, and you all came from another world!"
  450. [15:27:47] <Theta> "I see. In the end it is your name so it's your choice what you are known as, but that is who you were."
  451. [15:27:57] <Theta> He pulls out the device he found in that one room. "Do you know what this is?"
  452. [15:28:07] <Ambrosia> The maintenance kit?
  453. [15:28:11] <Theta> Yes
  454. [15:28:56] <Ambrosia> Upon seeing it, her eyes fly open and she lurches backwards, hitting the wall, before curling up and throwing her hands over her head. "I'mnotbrokenpleasedon'tfixmeI'mnotbrokenpleasedon'tfixmeI'mnotbrokenplease-"
  455. [15:30:00] <ACuteBlackMage> "Whoa wait no calm down we know you're not! It's okay!"
  456. [15:30:22] <Ambrosia> Her breath has become erratic and she's started shaking.
  457. [15:30:41] * Theta puts it away slowly, then walks over to her. "Did you...just remember something? I didn't mean to scare you. Sorry."
  458. [15:30:49] <Ambrosia> "..."
  459. [15:31:04] <Ambrosia> She looks up at you, then stands, suddenly very calm again, as if nothing happened.
  460. [15:31:12] <Ambrosia> She tilts her head.
  461. [15:31:23] <ACuteBlackMage> "A-are you okay?"
  462. [15:31:30] <Ambrosia> "Why wouldn't I be?"
  463. [15:31:42] <Theta> "Mmmm..."
  464. [15:32:03] <ACuteBlackMage> "..." She blinks, then looks to Theta.
  465. [15:33:30] * Theta looks to Lenore, whispers. "I think she remembers more than she realizes. How should we discuss this? I think she wants to know but deep down wants to forget."
  466. [15:34:40] * castfromphone_ ( has joined #kaingame
  467. [15:34:41] * castfromphone ( Quit (Client exited)
  468. [15:35:05] <ACuteBlackMage> "Hmmmm. This is pretty complicated...maybe we should just take her there and let her remember at her own pace?"
  469. [15:35:51] <Theta> "I think we'll know how that'd work if she saw the pictures."
  470. [15:36:17] <ACuteBlackMage> "Then we start with that!"
  471. [15:36:39] <Ambrosia> She looks between the two of you, curiously.
  472. [15:36:41] <ACuteBlackMage> Nodded.
  473. [15:36:44] * Theta turns back to the bag. "While there we also found your room, and some pictures with you, and who I believe was your ... "
  474. [15:36:57] <Theta> "...Not really sure, you seemed close."
  475. [15:37:14] <Theta> "Would you like to see them?"
  476. [15:37:41] <Theta> "We also brought back your clothing."
  477. [15:38:29] * Ambrosia nods, after a moment. "Okay."
  478. [15:39:01] * Theta removes the collection of framed photos and lines them up in front of her.
  479. [15:39:20] * Ambrosia browses them, slowly.
  480. [15:39:32] <Ambrosia> Her expression doesn't change as she looks between them.
  481. [15:40:24] <Ambrosia> She then looks up at you, Theta. "...I don't understand."
  482. [15:40:46] <Theta> "What exactly don't you understand?"
  483. [15:40:48] <ACuteBlackMage> Frown.
  484. [15:40:49] <Ambrosia> "What was I doing here...? Who is this man? ...and why do I hurt when I look at him?"
  485. [15:41:49] <Theta> "You're here because a man named Renegade, Lenore's father, found you concious while exploring The Enterprise, which is the airship you came from."
  486. [15:42:22] <ACuteBlackMage> "Well, um, the truth behind who you are might be painful to find out. sure you still want to find it out?"
  487. [15:42:25] <Ambrosia> "Renegade... I remember the man who found me. A long time ago."
  488. [15:42:27] <Theta> "You lapsed into unconciousness shortly after, he brought you away from there, and you remained that way until three days ago."
  489. [15:42:35] <Ambrosia> "...I don't know."
  490. [15:42:50] <Theta> "The second question..."
  491. [15:42:53] <Ambrosia> She listens to Theta.
  492. [15:43:13] <Theta> "I can answer elements of it. Your race and my own are not exactly the same but we were made for similar purposes."
  493. [15:44:05] <ACuteBlackMage> "Theta, you might want to..." She trails off into silence.
  494. [15:45:04] <Theta> "Your race were created by these people to fufill a number of roles, such as being servants. Even today there are a few of you on The Enterprise. I think this man was the individual you served."
  495. [15:45:17] <Theta> "Beyond that, it's as Lenore says. I can help you with it but it is not all happy memories."
  496. [15:46:57] <Ambrosia> She frowns, visibly bothered, which is unusual. She looks at you and seems to relax a bit. "I feel conflicted. I will let you decide what's best for me."
  497. [15:49:26] <ACuteBlackMage> "Are...are you sure?" She leans frorward, frowning
  498. [15:50:38] <Theta> "Are you scared of what you might recall?"
  499. [15:50:46] <Ambrosia> "...I don't know."
  500. [15:51:06] <Ambrosia> "There's a feeling in my chest I can't explain..."
  501. [15:54:19] <ACuteBlackMage> " it painful?"
  502. [15:54:43] <Ambrosia> "Yes..."
  503. [15:55:21] <Ambrosia> "But I'm unhurt..."
  504. [15:55:37] <Ambrosia> She is so confused right now.
  505. [15:56:58] <Ambrosia> After a moment though, she speaks up. "The feeling goes away when I think about all of you, though."
  506. [15:57:28] <ACuteBlackMage> "..." She grimaces. "It's your emotions. You're feeling sad, I think, and it's normal to feel sad because something bothers you. Emotions aren't a bad thing, though!"
  507. [15:58:03] <Theta> "I have a theory on what two were much closer than just master and servant." He taps the photo with the wedding dress. "And you're realizing he, Lucian, is long gone from this world. I'm sorry."
  508. [15:58:25] <Ambrosia> ""
  509. [15:58:36] <Ambrosia> Her eyes glaze over for a second.
  510. [15:59:58] <Ambrosia> "Error, memory banks corrupted. Internal damage detected. Error, memory banks corrupted. Attempting automatic diagnostic. Diagnostic failed due to self-override."
  511. [16:00:38] <Ambrosia> Her eyes blink as she goes back to normal.
  512. [16:00:50] <ACuteBlackMage> Blinkblink. "Are you okay!?"
  513. [16:00:55] <Ambrosia> "...I don't think I want to remember who I am anymore..."
  514. [16:01:53] <Ambrosia> "Is it okay if I'm just Ambrosia?"
  515. [16:01:53] <ACuteBlackMage> "Well, if you don't want to, you don't have to!"
  516. [16:02:30] <ACuteBlackMage> "Sure! Right Theta?"
  517. [16:02:52] <Ambrosia> "...What's best for me?"
  518. [16:02:57] <Ambrosia> "I don't know..."
  519. [16:03:32] <Ambrosia> The manikin frowns, starting to wring her hands now.
  520. [16:04:07] * Theta frowns. "I'm sorry. This hurts, I'm sure. But looking at these photographs, and reading his diary, there were happier memories as well."
  521. [16:05:24] <Ambrosia> "If you want me to remember... then I'll try."
  522. [16:05:39] <Theta> "I don't really know what it's like to lose someone this close. But I imagine part of the reason you cannot recall is they believed it would be easier to forget everything than to cope with the painful times."
  523. [16:07:56] <Ambrosia> "..." she says nothing, looking up to you as if you have all the answers.
  524. [16:08:53] <Theta> "Honestly...I'm not sure what to think of that. It's dificult, and once it has been done it might not be possible to undo again. But this is an important part of who you are, or were. .."
  525. [16:10:06] <Theta> "And doesn't it also hurt a little to know you're forgetting that?"
  526. [16:11:47] <Ambrosia> "I think I will need time to decide."
  527. [16:13:18] <ACuteBlackMage> "That's fine! It's a big decision, after all!"
  528. [16:13:40] <Ambrosia> She picks up the picture of Svipul and Lucian in wedding attire.
  529. [16:14:05] * Theta nods. "i'd encourage you to try to remember, even if you don't want me to help. Experience makes us stronger as individuals, both the negative and the positive. And...well, these were very significant memories for you."
  530. [16:14:12] <Theta> "But ultimately it should be your choice."
  531. [16:14:50] <Ambrosia> "...thank you, Theta."
  532. [16:15:28] <Theta> "...On a related note are you feeling well? Your kind gets energy from the sun primarily, and not sure how that really works here. You seem alright though."
  533. [16:16:14] <Ambrosia> "I've been fine..." She seems confused a bit.
  534. [16:17:35] <ACuteBlackMage> "You sure?"
  535. [16:17:51] <Theta> "No matter what you decide though, you are welcome to stay here. And don't feel like you need to clean for the others." he gives her a hug.
  536. [16:19:37] * Ambrosia nods... and then is hugged. She returns the gesture after a moment. "But I want to."
  537. [16:19:51] <Ambrosia> Meanwhile on Nat's side, the girls have been catching her up on the lives of the black mages so far. Savannah's adopted a fuzzy black kitten that's been an utter handful - they're upstairs at the moment. Vivian has been attempting to learn the habits of nobility in order to blend in better. Luna has changed her hair color to blue, and T-404 says she's felt more alive lately. Apparently T-89
  538. [16:19:52] <Ambrosia> got a job too, but she didn't say what.
  539. [16:20:43] <Ambrosia> Savannah probably should have asked Theta before getting a pet, but these wacky mages, man.
  540. [16:20:47] <Natalie> Nat spent most of the time apologizing for forgetting about them but happily listening to their stories and adding new data to their own separate entries, which are all on the same page and makes it full as fuck and really funny to try to read.
  541. [16:21:34] <Natalie> Also her diary's full of notes on "how to pretend to be rich" so she just hands the whole thing to Vivian at one point along the line and entertains the others by trying to initiate catspeak despite being in humanform.
  542. [16:22:36] <Ambrosia> Magekitten doesn't even know what the fuck, man.
  543. [16:22:43] <Natalie> Meow!
  544. [16:23:12] * Theta joins back with the others then. "What happened to that fairy by the way?"
  545. [16:23:17] <Theta> "The kitten didn't eat him did it."
  546. [16:23:29] <Ambrosia> T-404: "Fimble? Oh yeah, where DID he go?"
  547. [16:23:40] * Natalie breaks from being silly. "Oh, hi!"
  548. [16:23:47] <Ambrosia> Luna: "Hm... I saw him yesterday... oh gosh, I hope he didn't, either!"
  549. [16:24:04] <Natalie> "Uh... that's a good question.  I wrote about him, but who was that again?"
  550. [16:24:08] <Ambrosia> Savannah looks in kitty's mouth for traces of fairywings.
  551. [16:24:27] <Natalie> "Okay then!"  Nat stands up proudly.  "It'll be an ADVENTURE!  Let's go find... whoever he is!"
  552. [16:24:49] * Natalie pauses and spins around on one leg to Theta first. "Oh right, how'd it go?"
  553. [16:25:11] * ACuteBlackMage goes over too. "Did somebody say ADVENTURE~?"
  554. [16:25:14] <Theta> "Ambrosia needs some time to consider her options."
  555. [16:25:42] <Natalie> "Time...?  Uh, well, okay.  If you say so!"
  556. [16:25:43] <Ambrosia> Ambrosia peeks in from behind Theta. Not as a result of leaning but from her natural headtilt.
  557. [16:26:12] * Natalie coughs and wears a grin. "She's still good to help us ADVENTURE, right?"
  558. [16:26:26] <Theta> "..." he looks around, feeling he had something else to do here... "Have you all met Queen Stella yet?"
  559. [16:26:35] <Natalie> "Who?"
  560. [16:26:47] <Ambrosia> Vivian: "Oh, I did. She's been kind enough to give me a few lessons."
  561. [16:27:29] <Theta> "The neighbor across the water. Good to hear she is king enough, I heard she could be prickly!"
  562. [16:27:43] <Ambrosia> Vivian: "It looks like nobility put a lot of emphasis on material things... she seemed really protective of these coins she had in birdcages."
  563. [16:28:10] <Natalie> ... How tall is Vivian again?
  564. [16:28:28] <Ambrosia> More or less the same height as Lenore.
  565. [16:28:28] <Theta> "Oh, right," He dumps a pile of fluffmonies on the table from bashing up robutts and dragons.
  566. [16:29:03] <Theta> "I'm curious about T-89's job, but this should be sufficient for you to get by for a bit and decorate some!"
  567. [16:29:21] <Ambrosia> Vivian smiles, tugging on her hat. "Thank you!"
  568. [16:29:32] <Natalie> Okay, this is a dumb idea but it's Nat.  "Uh-huh!  I sure wrote a lot about that... ooh, I think I have something that's left over from when I did that, lemme get it."
  569. [16:29:34] <Ambrosia> Speaking of her, T-89 comes through the front door just about now.
  570. [16:30:12] <ACuteBlackMage> "Hi! Welcome back!" :3
  571. [16:30:13] * Natalie disappears to go find whatever mysterious place the synthesis pool is located. Since everyone more-or-less stayed here for a while it's likely to be around somewhere!
  572. [16:30:25] <Ambrosia> Her hair is tied back in a bun with two loose strands of hair hanging below it, and she's wearing a very clean looking female business suit with a skirt.
  573. [16:30:57] * Theta looks over her curiously. "Are you working at that furniture store for nobles?"
  574. [16:31:06] <Ambrosia> T-89: "Oh? You're back. That was shorter than I expected..."
  575. [16:31:12] <Ambrosia> T-89: "Mm, no, but nearby."
  576. [16:31:13] <Natalie> Either way she somehow magically comes back with that Finest Quality Noble Dress she hasn't worn since like... session 3.  "Here!  I forgot how to even put it on by myself so you can borrow this if it'll fit."
  577. [16:31:29] <ACuteBlackMage> "Are those your work clothes? They're really nice!"
  578. [16:31:30] <Natalie> To Vivian obvs, she notices workingdoll AFTER this.
  579. [16:31:40] <Ambrosia> T-89: "Thank you."
  580. [16:32:34] <Ambrosia> T-89: "Actually, it's a modeling job."
  581. [16:32:53] <Ambrosia> Vivian: "Oh? T-thank you."
  582. [16:32:54] <Natalie> "Ohh!  That DOES sound kinda neat."
  583. [16:33:00] <Ambrosia> Vivian: "Are you sure I can have this?"
  584. [16:33:16] <ACuteBlackMage> "Oh, like what Theta wanted me to do?" :o
  585. [16:33:17] <Theta> "Chocobos are swift creatures. Made things much quicker on the return trip! And...modeling, hm?"
  586. [16:33:24] * Natalie ponders and her thoughts drift to different types of models before she shakes it off. "Oh! Yeah. Maybe it'd look better on you than it did on me!"
  587. [16:33:34] <Theta> "I'm surprised by your initiative to find employment, and how fast you did. Good job!"
  588. [16:33:53] <Natalie> "I don't really remember what wearing it was like, but it was probably hard to fight in anyway."
  589. [16:33:58] <Ambrosia> T-89 nods. "I have my ways." she says confidently, with a smile.
  590. [16:33:59] <Natalie> "And it's totally noble-looking!"
  591. [16:34:17] <Ambrosia> Vivian: "I'll go try it on right away!"
  592. [16:34:23] <Ambrosia> And there she goes, heading upstairs.
  593. [16:34:40] <Natalie> "Good luck!"  She gives a thumbs-up and shrinks down once she's gone.  "... It's probably gonna be too small, huh."
  594. [16:35:41] <ACuteBlackMage> "It's the thought that counts, Nat!" Patent shoulder
  595. [16:35:50] <ACuteBlackMage> *patpat
  596. [16:35:52] <Natalie> It's patented, Nat-only.
  597. [16:36:19] <Ambrosia> A minute later, Vivian comes back down, wearing Nat's old dress perfectly fine. ...Did it get a tiny bit bigger?
  598. [16:36:56] <Ambrosia> Vivian: "It fits wonderfully, but oh, could I ask you to do something for me, Natalie?"
  599. [16:37:08] <Natalie> :D  "That does look great!  But, uh, sure!"
  600. [16:37:19] <Ambrosia> She turns around. "Zip me?"
  601. [16:37:24] <Natalie> (11/10)
  602. [16:37:41] <ACuteBlackMage> (^)
  603. [16:38:03] * Natalie gives a weird nod and prances over, fiddling with it oh god how do these even work I don't have memories of this... just kidding it's only a zipper.
  604. [16:38:06] <Natalie> Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzip.
  605. [16:38:15] <Natalie> Just wait until we start putting on 20 belts at once!
  606. [16:38:24] <Ambrosia> Vivian: "There we are! Thank you."
  607. [16:38:35] <Natalie> "Hey Lenny, you knew me when I wore that, right?  What'd I act like then?"
  608. [16:38:50] * Theta seems happy to see everything in order. Then hrms.
  609. [16:39:08] <Natalie> (I like how we were going to go find Fimble and then were like 'naaaaaaah')
  610. [16:39:14] <Theta> "Lenore, what's going to happen if your brother is still in town and returns home?"
  611. [16:39:33] <ACuteBlackMage> "Really haughty, and you used lots of big wor-"
  612. [16:39:56] * Natalie turns to Vivian and nods. "Yep, that's nobles! Haughty, and lots of big war."
  613. [16:39:58] <ACuteBlackMage> "...I don't want to think about it."
  614. [16:40:21] <ACuteBlackMage> "Words, Nat!"
  615. [16:40:27] <Natalie> "Oh."
  616. [16:40:48] <Natalie> "I guess that's why I wrote all of those down in there..."
  617. [16:49:37] <Ambrosia> Vivian considers and turns her hat inside out, magicking it into some sort of lady's bonnet, which she fastens around herself.
  618. [16:49:39] <Theta> "Well, hm." He starts to make himself some coffee as he thinks over their next course of action.
  619. [16:49:41] <Ambrosia> She then holds up a hand to her face. "Pardon me, but were you transfixed upon my visage? You needn't be ashamed! Such is the beauty of a noble! Hahahaha~ *QUACK*" ...oh god what did Stella TEACH her.
  620. [16:49:45] <ACuteBlackMage> (oh, tree just got a power outage)
  621. [16:49:46] <Ambrosia> (Guess that line was too shocking)
  622. [16:49:46] <Theta> "We need to travel to Madin Sari soon, but - drop the quack part Vivian and it's perfect - feel we should make some preperations before then..."
  623. [16:49:49] <ACuteBlackMage> "U-uh, you don't need to quack!"
  624. [16:49:49] <Ambrosia> Vivian tugs at her bonnet. "O-oh... but Queen Stella did it quite a bit..."
  625. [16:49:51] <ACuteBlackMage> "That's because she's part duck."
  626. [16:49:52] <Ambrosia> "..."
  627. [16:49:53] <Ambrosia> Vivian frowns. Now she just feels stupid. :<
  628. [16:49:54] <Theta> "It's alright, I've done worse." patpat.
  629. [16:49:56] <Ambrosia> Savannah holds the kitty up in her arms, scratching it.
  630. [16:49:01] <Ambrosia> Savannah holds the kitty up in her arms, scratching it.
  631. [16:49:29] <Theta> "Where did you find him, Savannah?"
  632. [16:50:01] <Ambrosia> Savannah: "There was a family living in a shack that had a whole box full of them, and were just giving them away." :O
  633. [16:50:20] <Natalie> Nat spent that whole power out- I mean couple minutes gigglefitting.
  634. [16:51:32] <Theta> "Hm. Well least it has a lovely place to stay and tons of company here."
  635. [16:52:08] <Ambrosia> Savannah: "Mhm! I haven't decided what to name him yet, though."
  636. [16:52:22] <Natalie> "Pfffhaha!"  She wipes a tear from her eye.  "I think I wrote somewhere in there that the whole thing about being noble is about acting like you're better than everyone else, so when they think you're rich they won't even bother you... or... uh... was it something like that?"
  637. [16:52:40] <Natalie> "I wish I could actually remember how that game went..."
  638. [16:52:52] <ACuteBlackMage> "A name? Hmmm..."
  639. [16:52:58] <Ambrosia> Vivian: "You had a lot of experience, hm?"
  640. [16:53:01] <Natalie> "And you!"  A turn to the kitten.  Her Ruby stares into its feline soul.
  641. [16:53:04] <Theta> (Lt. Bonerfart.)
  642. [16:53:16] <Ambrosia> Luna: "How about... Nall?"
  643. [16:53:22] <Ambrosia> T-89: "Ezekiel?"
  644. [16:53:30] <Natalie> "... Oh, no, I think Ammy was the one who" goddamnit I spittook "came up with it all."
  645. [16:53:37] <Natalie> "That doesn't LOOK like something I'd do on my own..."
  646. [16:53:39] <Ambrosia> Vivian: "Mittens?"
  647. [16:54:02] <Ambrosia> T-404: "Meepo, like the geomancer!"
  648. [16:54:09] <ACuteBlackMage> "Ooooh, I like Mittens!"
  649. [16:54:26] <Theta> (damn it I laughed.)
  650. [16:54:32] <Natalie> "'Nall' is really fun and easy to say."
  651. [16:54:40] <Theta> "Meepwho?"
  652. [16:55:03] <Ambrosia> Savannah: "But Vivian, he doesn't have mittens... his paws are the same color as the rest of him." :< She waves the kitty's paw for him.
  653. [16:56:00] * Natalie inches closer to him, staring into his cat eyes. "How do you feel about all those?"
  654. [16:56:14] <Ambrosia> T-404: "I read about this geomancer. He was um... was he a goblin? And he could teleport and make copies of himself..."
  655. [16:56:33] <Ambrosia> Luna: "Are you sure that wasn't fictional?"
  656. [16:56:52] <Ambrosia> T-404: "I have no idea!" :D
  657. [16:56:55] <ACuteBlackMage> "That's pretty weird!"
  658. [16:58:12] * Theta looks the kitten over. He seems surprisingly stumped by this.
  659. [16:58:27] <Natalie> 1,1Can I roll nature to cattalk?
  660. [16:58:56] <ACuteBlackMage> Can I roll language to cattalk?
  661. [16:59:25] <Ambrosia> The little black kitten seems more interested in Fimble's flittering under the table. ...Oh hey, Fimble.
  662. [16:59:39] <Natalie> ... So much for ADVENTURE.
  663. [16:59:45] * Theta considers Odin if it's a black cat but realizez how terribly racist this is considering cats hunt mice.
  664. [16:59:57] <Ambrosia> Oh god
  665. [17:00:00] <ACuteBlackMage> "Oh! Fimble!"
  666. [17:00:06] <ACuteBlackMage> terrible
  667. [17:00:08] <Natalie> ^
  668. [17:00:20] <Natalie> "Oh!  You found him already?  ... That wasn't very exciting."
  669. [17:00:32] <Ambrosia> Fimble: "Huh? Hey!" He's carrying with him a small bag, which he stuffs in a little nook.
  670. [17:01:13] <Ambrosia> He flies up, staying clear of the cat. "What's the news?"
  671. [17:01:51] * Natalie just wears the goofiest grin with a moemoe clueless headtilt.
  672. [17:01:56] <Ambrosia> (And no understanding cat language for you peeps)
  673. [17:02:03] <Natalie> (BUT I'M A CAT)
  674. [17:02:07] <ACuteBlackMage> "Um, do you know anything about the Lufaine?"
  675. [17:02:11] <Natalie> (NYAAAAAAAA =^-^=)
  676. [17:02:13] <Ambrosia> Fimble tilts his entire body to match your headtilt.
  677. [17:02:24] * Theta snaps his fingers, tries to pick up the kitten.
  678. [17:02:36] <Theta> "Let's name him Garland."
  679. [17:02:52] <Ambrosia> Fimble: "Lufaine? Isn't that one of those human tribes?"
  680. [17:02:58] <Theta> "It's noble AND terribly ironic."
  681. [17:03:03] <Ambrosia> Fimble: "I don't know much about humans, you know!"
  682. [17:03:22] <Ambrosia> Savannah: "Ooh, I like Garland."
  683. [17:03:32] <ACuteBlackMage> "You've heard of them, though?;
  684. [17:03:40] <Ambrosia> Fimble: "I think so..."
  685. [17:03:40] <Natalie> "Wasn't that fr- oh nevermind, it kinda fits him, huh?"
  686. [17:03:54] <Natalie> Oh hey, her ruby's still exposed thanks to the tiara and all.
  687. [17:03:59] <Natalie> 1,1Laser pointer turns on.
  688. [17:04:06] <Natalie> 1,1On accident, duh
  689. [17:04:16] <ACuteBlackMage> "Garland isn't bad!"
  690. [17:04:18] <Ambrosia> The kitten loooks at the laser pointer, and hops out of Savannah's arms.
  691. [17:04:36] <Ambrosia> BOP, Fimble got in the way and tumbles to the table. :|
  692. [17:04:51] * Natalie cluelessly turns to watch him, unknowingly sending the laser across the room in the process.
  693. [17:04:58] <Natalie> Good thing it's just light this time, huh
  694. [17:04:59] <Ambrosia> Savannah grabs the kitten again. "No, stop that! You're not supposed to knock people down, Garland!"
  695. [17:05:16] <Natalie> "...?"
  696. [17:05:17] <Natalie> :3c
  697. [17:05:18] <ACuteBlackMage> (Pffffff)
  698. [17:05:22] <Ambrosia> The kitten just mewls.
  699. [17:05:29] <Natalie> (that was 12/10 right there)
  700. [17:05:43] <Natalie> (you are on a fuckin' roll today)
  701. [17:05:50] <Theta> (Was this a quote I'm forgetting)
  702. [17:05:54] <Natalie> (yes)
  703. [17:06:14] <Ambrosia> ('I, Garland, will knock you all down' from the original final fantasy)
  704. [17:07:45] <Ambrosia> Garland tries to look for that laser pointer again, squirming in Savannah's arms.
  705. [17:07:53] <Ambrosia> Savannah: "Sorry, Fimble! Dunno what got into him."
  706. [17:08:06] <Ambrosia> Fimble: "I'll just... uh, keep my distance."
  707. [17:08:17] <Ambrosia> The fairy flitters out of catreach.
  708. [17:08:36] <Ambrosia> Ambrosia finally speaks up after quite a bit of silence. "Where are you heading next?"
  709. [17:09:18] * Theta chuckles at the kitten's antics. "We will be heading back to New Cleyra, and from there Madin Sari, as I understand."
  710. [17:09:34] <ACuteBlackMage> "Ah, yeah!"
  711. [17:09:44] * Natalie turns to Theta. Whoosh the pointer sails across the walls. "Yeah... that sounds right."
  712. [17:09:48] <Ambrosia> "So you'll all be gone longer this time...?"
  713. [17:09:48] <Theta> "Should be back before the new years, however."
  714. [17:10:15] <Natalie> "New Year's.... nnnn, I think there's another thing I'm forgetting."
  715. [17:10:35] <Theta> "Yes. it will be a bit longer than the last time."
  716. [17:12:01] <Ambrosia> "Oh..."
  717. [17:12:08] <Ambrosia> She looks at you, then Nat, then Lenore.
  718. [17:12:48] <Ambrosia> The cat soars out of Savannah's arms, trying to chase the light.
  719. [17:12:59] <Theta> "Something wrong, Ambrosia?"
  720. [17:13:09] * Natalie follows him with her whole head again. Fwoosh.
  721. [17:13:21] <Ambrosia> "..."
  722. [17:13:25] <Ambrosia> "I like it when you're all here."
  723. [17:13:44] <Ambrosia> Garland: "Meow!"
  724. [17:13:57] <Natalie> "Huh, doesn't - meow - doesn't everybody?"
  725. [17:14:26] <ACuteBlackMage> "Oh, I know you do, but we have things we need to do!"
  726. [17:14:27] <Theta> (NOT LICH, BUT HE'S A JERK)
  727. [17:15:03] * castfromphone ( has joined #kaingame
  728. [17:15:29] <Ambrosia> Ambrosia inspects Nat a bit closer after a moment.
  729. [17:15:38] <Theta> "Well, the others are here as well with you! And we'll be back before too long."
  730. [17:15:41] <Ambrosia> Turnturnturnturn... oh shit she's in your face.
  731. [17:15:45] * Natalie leans close too. Probably enough to bonk her a bit.
  732. [17:15:50] <Ambrosia> BONK
  733. [17:15:56] <Natalie> With the tiara too, ow.
  734. [17:16:09] <Natalie> ... Okay not really 'ow' since it's not with like, full force or anything.
  735. [17:16:10] <Ambrosia> She doesn't seem phased. She just tilts her head.
  736. [17:16:15] <Ambrosia> Then looks over at Theta.
  737. [17:16:18] <Ambrosia> "...okay."
  738. [17:16:22] * Natalie tilts in the opposite direction.
  739. [17:16:35] <Natalie> "Why can't she just come with us again?"
  740. [17:17:14] <Theta> "...I suppose she could. The ruins was more because Renegade described it as being more menacing than it was."
  741. [17:17:59] <Natalie> "You said she wanted time for something, right Mr. Omega?  Being on an adventure is the best time to think!"
  742. [17:18:20] <ACuteBlackMage> "That it is!"
  743. [17:18:46] <Ambrosia> "You want me to come with you?"
  744. [17:19:00] <Natalie> "Um, actually the question's more like, do you want to come with us?"
  745. [17:19:27] <Ambrosia> She tilts her head, and after a moment nods.
  746. [17:19:42] <Ambrosia> Prickles immediately attaches to her beltline. Fusion complete.
  747. [17:19:46] * Natalie proudly handhips. "Then that should settle it!"
  748. [17:19:57] <Natalie> "I dunno what Ammy'll say..."
  749. [17:21:04] <Natalie> "... But who cares, she's already outvoted, right?  It'll be fun!"
  750. [17:21:35] <ACuteBlackMage> "Welcome to the team, then!"
  751. [17:21:37] <Theta> "I imagine something in the clothing we brought would be more appropriate for traveling though...and yes she'll just have to deal with it I suppose."
  752. [17:21:39] <Ambrosia> T-404: "Oh, I wish we could all go, but adventure's no place for a kitten! And someone has to look after the house..."
  753. [17:22:01] <Ambrosia> T-89: "Not to mention SOME of us are employed now..."
  754. [17:22:17] <Theta> And thus starts what Theta was also avoiding! "I'll keep something in mind for new years that maybe we can do as a group."
  755. [17:22:33] <Theta> "Depends on how the flight to Madin Sari turns out."
  756. [17:22:58] <Natalie> "Well I think it'd be fun if you all came too, but you DO have a home and stuff here... it's pretty nice, too, you should be proud of it!"
  757. [17:23:18] <Ambrosia> Vivian: "It's a wonderful home." she says with a smile.
  758. [17:23:37] * Natalie claps her hands together. "And I'll probably remember you all next time I'm here, too!"
  759. [17:23:40] <Natalie> "... Hopefully!"
  760. [17:23:59] <Ambrosia> 404: "Good luck, Natnat~"
  761. [17:24:11] * Natalie thumbs-up. "I don't need it, I'm good!"
  762. [17:24:23] <Ambrosia> She returns the thumbs up with a goofy grin.
  763. [17:24:55] <Ambrosia> Savannah: "Stay safe, Papa!"
  764. [17:25:08] <Ambrosia> Vivian: "Now, I don't think they're leaving RIGHT NOW, Savannah..."
  765. [17:25:21] <Natalie> "Oh yeah, Ammy's still gotta come back first."
  766. [17:25:39] <Natalie> "And then there's Renny... hey Lenny, why don't we ask him to come too?"  :D
  767. [17:25:59] <Theta> "Let's be honest this is a terrible idea."
  768. [17:26:16] <Natalie> #suikodengame
  769. [17:26:18] <Theta> "He'll hire assassins to harass us and watch from the sidelines finding it hilarious."
  770. [17:26:39] <Natalie> "Well that IS kinda funny if you think about it a certain way..."
  771. [17:29:26] * Ambrosia has just the very slightest smile.
  772. [17:30:45] <Ambrosia> (Do we want to wrap up about here for today?)
  773. [17:30:55] <ACuteBlackMage> "Uh...I dunno if he will, but I guess we can ask!"
  774. [17:30:58] <Natalie> The player mashes triangle and looks at what weapons/armor she can equip, then throws their controller if she's one of those 'NPC' party members who doesn't actually get to do battles.
  775. [17:33:46] <Ambrosia> In any case, for now we end another day of life in Gaia for our heroes. Preparations are being made to head to Madain Sari, though there's no particular rush. Where will adventure take them next?
  776. [17:35:04] <Ambrosia> Find out next time, on FFIX-2!
  777. [17:35:04] <ACuteBlackMage> Ffffff
  778. [17:35:11] <Ambrosia> </session>
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