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  1.  - Player observation sheets have no place in a release build
  2.  - First thought: Cheap cashgrab with big C&D potential
  3.  - Game froze for several frames when taking a look at the weapon room
  4.  - MAS-36 is the only weapon that feels remotely satisfying to shoot
  5.  - Weird shadows all over the place
  6.  - Why pinstripes?
  7.  - Counter obscured by box
  8.  - Moving back from the final room towards the stairs, hugging the wall to the right results in the game spazzing out when reaching the corner. Reproducable on both walls going up the stairwell
  9.  - Overall impression: No motivation to start this ever again. Assets slapped together in a day and released hoping that the minions angle would generate views and downloads
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