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  1. # Why should you be selected to be a staff members for this server? And what qualities make you a better staff member than anybody else? Tell your experience using bots and doing technical work in the server as well
  2. #### I have quality experience into being a member of staff because being an digital artist,a singer,rapper not associating with irrelevant people trying to disrupt the sect.I have been a mod in  Playas Club which later turned into boujee,I was admin for Dream Gang,I am sure I have the experience for staff because a discord server isn't that easy to take care of but when it comes toy skills I am aware of every cause and effect in and of the server.Well,I have been on discord as a Jamaican with no hope,every server I join I'm like the odd one out because of my race and it's hard to fit in most times when U don't understand the human special affairs or common interests and hypothatical errors these days because of verbal communication.I started singing and rapping to make much better in socialising but being on staff would be a great responsibility and an honour for the server and fellow Jamaicans,I could make a change in rapture and create prosperity.I al strict with whatever I'm doing and I have not done I will forced to take actions as the staff members are prone to do.Otherwisw being in vc enjoying ourselves is relevant and is okay but I will just hold bondage on members who go overboard with what there doing as well as being intact when a member of staff is present.Staff isn't even about getting clout or having the power just to get noticed or get revenge,it is to lead all the members in the correct path but as I said a little fun doesn't hurt.
  3. With bots i know how to use every command for it secruity secruity purposes which includes bans.kick..etc but interms of roles not quite tbh
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