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  1. Dis is mah storee dunt flam it k? i know dis isnt very good atm but i wil ficks it l8er!
  2. (AN. me adn Crow worked rly hard on dis)
  4. "OMG HAY GAIS!111" Called Nicole frum accross da classrum. "Omg hay, Cola!11" said da ofer and mai frends are kool and goffik and we stuk our middle fingures up at dem. "SO GURLZ WUT U WANNA DO 2DAY?11" said Cow passivly. (DIS IZ ME!) "noffing much" replied Bird. "BURD IS THA WORD!11" Shouted Chicken. "Shut up you idirots. We r ment 2 be kool and goffik. lets act it." gruntedly Raven in a deppressed voice.
  6. Lihtg (AN. from da anime Deaf Note.) took out is magicalsz sparkles wadn and killed L and Edwarty Kurren. adn den went to our skool bcuz he wanted 2 learn in Engrand (we liv in Englanfd) Russia, China, JaroaN, Ichigog, Kanji and Pukia were w8ing outside tha gaet. I sekritly liked China and my frend, Crow likked Rukia (she is a lesbo nigga dont like it gtfo). "KONNICHIWAS BITCHES!2 dey shuted wen dey saw us. and den da sky opened up above us adn dis HOOGE thing came out from da skie. Ihcdiao, Kenji and Fukia all took dees drugs or somefing and turned invisible. Ichigo took out his big thingy and defeted the mostntw thingy. it then turned to dust. The monster had hid Crow and Rukia ran over to her adn they both blushed.
  8. "OMFG NOOOOO!111" creamed someone behid us it was Edwardz girlfriend BELLUR SWACK!11 She took out a knige and walked towards Light. who took out his Sparkle Wand and killed Bellur. Crow scrome and Tukis gabbed her protectivly. Bird (ME!1) stared codly at the scene infont of meh. Brik walked ovur to Bellars body and nudged it with his foot. Lightoe had gon awyah.
  12. Revioew plz.
  14. CHAOPEPR 2!1
  16. Ichihog adn Gukia were wankling awae adn Cow ran up to dem and sed fanks for fisting her. (dey were at her house 'cause it was a party) and then we all herd Tamacars cat cumming behind us (it wuz a garden farty) his car was accross the road and as he walked towards us a FLYING PIG, hit him. and den we saw da eval witch Harrahe Fudgeshitoka waving her arms around and den a rock flyed out from da skie and hit him. Harrahe den got into a car and ran him over. "OMG HARIHU, LOOK OUT!1" we all scrome as a plaen came and landed on Haruhis car and killed him.
  18. " just happened?" said me. Pissy (from Pokemanz) warkled over to Veoky and hugged him "OMG LETS GET ABCK TO THE PART GAIS!1" "OMG YES!" said Frow. adn we carried on the party. I facked hume alone wit China bcuz we livved ner eachofer. a big thing came out of da skie and attaked us. China protected me adn then Ichigo came holding his big thingy and cummed and killed that monster.
  20. "OMG THANK U!" a cried. Chinman was hurt adn he waved his Azn wand and headled himself. (it had lead in it) and it hurt him but he waz all better.
  22. CHAPTER 3.
  24. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX
  28. "Ichigo!" Sed Tukia. Edwind (frum Full Metail Alchemist) wuas beating up Ichigo because he had ginger hair and called him short. Owlwin (CHANTIE DIS IS U) said "Omg u guys suck! Stup beating up Ichpoh" But they had already killed him. (OMG that bastard is finally ded!) Rukiar cried. "NUUU!" and den she was all "DARNCE SODE NO SHIRAY-ect" and tried to kill Edwart but Alphart got in da way and she stopped.
  30. Verokey, Burd and Corw saw and were cring. But i wusnt bcuz i hate Ichigo. "LETS GO DO STUFF WITH VOLCALOIDS!1" said Owlwind suddenly said. "WTF IS A VOLCALOID?" I sed (no srsly. wtf.) "LETS READ HENTAI MANGA INSTED" I saided. Veoky isnt a pedo like us so he said no and went home. Me, Chaowlwi adn Bird all went to read yaoi and yuri and stuff.
  32. We met up wit China and the other losers and went to eat pizza. (no one els is az important as China, amirite.) we saw Edwimp and Alphone while we were walking there and we bought them along with pizza for us. Me Owlint and Stabird went to a book shop to buy sex mangas. and then we saw JACON FACK in da porn section and we creamed. i nudged a bookshelf adn all da fikks came and laneded on him. Edwarty stabbed and killed him. "Omg finally Jacob Black is ded!11"
  34. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX
  36. Stp saying mad tings about da strooeis.
  38. CAPTER 4 DONT FLAM DIS 1 !11 Aster Edqsrd adn Alphones had killed Ichigo (fin Insane der u go) Crow (WAIT OMG. I TINK U MITE HAV A CARACTUR Crow i think) was rugging away fro, the Samrai Pissa Carts Spedy, Poly and Guideo were casing er and Veoky. Ligt wrote down there names in da Deaf Note and waving his wadn and hey died. Clouf (frum Finale Fantosy) was groping Owlwind and then Axel (frum Kinddung harts) came in and saw them and Axel wuz all "GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY WOMAN!1" Owlint has dark blu solder lenf hair, a small green skit, green boots and a red messager hat. She is a stubborn rude ass adn Clound and Axle are bof in love wit her.
  39. Rushai wuz all "OMG I WIL STALK YOU!1" to Chinar because he is cute. and Veoky who looks like a male verzon of Amy Winehouse wuz getting piced on. Then Pisty cae, and threw her balls at the pepul who were picking on him. Me and Crow both look awesome and therefore dont need a description. Axel and Clown were both figteing ovur Owlwind bcuz she is sexy. and then Edwartr came in wit his shit off. and told them to stfu and then Cloud wuz all 'OMG SHORTIE!' and Edwring was all "OMG I WILL KILL U FOR THAT!11" and he punched Cloud and then Alphone came and told Edwimp to stop.
  41. OMG COW IS BEING A BUTT. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX Obomba and Hialarry were out nuking wales and pandos bcuz dey suck. and den Birr Krintoe wuz all "YOU BASTARDS STUP KILLIN WAILS." Adn he threw Alpoarnts hed at dem and it bloo up!1 den Obomar got on his magikal unicorn and flyed awae. Edwaryu strated chasign him (iek Starzz ecpety Strazz haz a big long metal ting) Edwrat den shot a canbon at him while Bill wuz shuting at Hirraly. Sebartian den came and threw ferks at Obamas unicon and kirred itl.
  42. Obamra den falled off and brok his arm. Brick (frum Opkermans) den gut out hiz aid kite and fixed his amr. Obamr den tuld a judge ti put Edtwat, Alponey adn Bill Crinton in prizun bcuz dey had hurt him. THEN Clown and Axle were also put in prizun bcuz they had fighted eachofer bcuz dey both loved ChatOwlwin. Irony Man wuz flying arund after Spindaman and Barkman cuz dey stole his marsk and he warnted it back so he was FIRING HIS LAZOR at then and then one of them hit Owllint and then Clounf and Pixle beated up Irony man bcuz he had hurt der love. a mango then came warking up bhind Curtrow and she HAETS pandas so she scrome and ran awae frum it and cried in a cronder.
  44. CHAPRAT 6!1 XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX
  46. Bewbkey ranned up to Cow adn sed "my must rape Edwind, Alphone, Clown and Acle! Or else u wont be my breast frend anymaor!" Cow nodded and called to me. we den called to Carslide and he came ovur to help us decide on a pan to save dem. We decided we wud steal monay to bail dem out so we tried 2 robb a bank and we got a bit of money but it wusnt enough so XCOW den Carlsides wifey, Semi came and helped us wit da plan and kirred da garurdes and stuff so we culd steal the money. den wun dae as Carslide and Semi were driving hume dey got hid by anoder car and hell off a clife and dyed.
  47. Kenji (frum Breach) got out his big thingie and went inside Rukia to talk to her. Cow and me were loling at somefing adn den a pando came pup behind Cow and she creamed (SHE HATES PANFAAS) and ran awae behid China. "OMG YOU SRE SCRAYED OF PANDAS?" she asked "yes." sed Crow. he gagged her adn she hugged back. Cow has den trying to stop himself frum looking so embbarsed bcuz he got scrayed by a mango and Chin hugged her.
  48. Forky adn Missy were in da secret mating plaec and den Cow, Beuki, China, Russia, Jenji, Palkia and me were all der. Me adn Toris got up and tuld dem dat Carslide was ded. we den decided ewe wuld break Clown,Axle, Edwat and Alphat out of da prisun.
  50. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX
  54. CHAPTER 7!1 XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX Veoky, Owlring, Dung, and me are graguwating frum skool but we hav 2 save Edwring, Alhome, CLoonf and Axler. we decided 2 talk to Obamass to set dem free so we went to the blackhuse and assed if dey cud be set free and Oboma sed "OMG NU WAII!1 U WILL HAV TO RESCEUE DEM URSELFS!1" and he got in his magikal Unihorny and rieded it into da sunset.
  55. We den decided 2 get Kiddo and Marka (fum Suol Mater) and we made dem help us rescue da oferas. Grimlow, Uqillooarra, and Luppi were alsos der adn Turd wuz all "OMG" at Luppi bcuz he is kawaaii. we den decided we wud break dem out of prisun but it was a long way away so we had to walk troo da FOTEST UF SEKRITS. and dere were trools and faries and we were all 3gether I wuz with Luppi adn Cow wuz clinging to Chinas arm (if u culdnt tell Cow/ Insanity is in luv with China)
  56. Az we were walking troo da fooroest a badger came out of da bushes and Cow scrome bcuz she hates pandos. Grimmjow took uf his shit so he wuz shitless adn Maka and Rukia were walking together and tarking quietly. Kiffo wuz scromingg bcuz ddere wuz no symmertry in da forest so Quilliptus knocked him out and carried him awaie.
  58. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX I HOP U LIKED DIS CHAPRTER!1
  60. CHAPTER 8. Dis Chopter mite be scraay 4 childrne bcuz it has da Pefobear.
  62. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX
  64. +We dicem to go to sleep bcuz Edwradn and da ofets arnt important. but Owlingh wuz all "OMG NU!2 WE HAVE TO SAEV CLON!11 " But we werre tite so we sed moe. as we were sleping da PEFODEAR!11 came adn kidnapped Owlint adn we ddnt know bcuz we were sleeping. we we wok up we saw dat Owlitgn wuz gone and den Chinas panda came and sniffed around and sed something to China (he can spek mango) and den he was all "OMG CHANTIE WUZ KIDRAPED BY DA PEDOBEAR!11" he scrome and den Veoky wuz wearing a pinjk dress and wuz all "OMFG. OWLWIND WUZ KIDNNAPEED!2? $/22?/!1"
  66. We decided to look for Owlgroin bcuz she wuz our frnad. we then saw her tied too a treee and a beer wuz neckt to her adn she wuz criyng. China, Jenji adn Tootia went and beated up da EVAL BEAR and saeved Owling. we den saw a little girl named Resime Curren adn Cow hates children bcuz she sucks and killed it. and everyone wuz like "OMFG CUN WUT IS RONG WIT U?.?/,?1 HOE DARE U KIL A CHILD" and Cow wuz all "I hate children you bastards." and they Gassed and den Cow runned away. Chinar followed him into da forest. We den buryed da child Cow had killed and decided nut 2 lok for da EVAL MUDERER and her Azn friend so we warked off.
  68. DIS IZ CHAPTER 9!11
  70. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX
  72. So we were warkling through da foorest dat had big treez and a little stream ruggin trough it. and i missed Cow but he ran off bcuz he sucks. but he probably doesnt even car bcuz China followed him. Creo wuz shitting in a cave to hide frum China bcuz he doenst wunt to beeeeeeee near hum. but Chinar founded him and den he hugged her adn Cow blushed. and den DA POPE came out of da skie and smelled at dem and den he said "OMG COW!1 U THINK LIKE A MAPLE BUT U R IN LOVE WIT A MALE OMMGGG!1 Jesus Christ! omg you are so rong in da head, Jessica!11!" Cow crunged at hearing her rea; name bcuz she hates ut. and den China rooked at her and blashed. da Pope den got out his stick and waved it around and stabbed da floor with it. and sed "U ALSO KILLED A CHILD?/!1!1" 2W ? I SHULD HAVE U KILLED FOR DAT." Cow sed nothing but China asked him nut to and told him dat the child wuz a vampire.
  73. Me adn da others suddenly sed "OMG WE SHUD GO LOOK FOR COW AND CHINAOKTHX" so we den went back and went to find dem. we den found them in a cave with some guy in white clothes stabing above dem.
  75. OMG SURRY GURTS I WUZ AWAE 4 A WHIEL 3 XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX Dey den sawed dat da guy avou denis wuz da Poe3p and dey deb scrome and she trunted aroumd adn rooked at dem and smelled and dey farted. kampida maruyu kaite chick yuumb romane dye aiet adn dey licked it and had some cock and licked it.
  76. avftea da roman deyu den went off 2 go rook 4 Edwazurd, ALphone, Clod and Assix. dey watted awaye barck intu da foorest. China wuz blashing and den a BERSAT came our intfon of dem and den SWITSERLAND came out and shot it bcuz he is awesome. den da bear got agnry and stareed attarcking us. and he hit Eqwuilliajfd and kirred ihm. and den COLORNE MUSTSTAB came out of da booshes scroming someting about da bur being a DEAMEN and den Switzerland wuz all "HET OTJ ONNG HER!1 HE WUKL KILLD A BEAR!11" so we ranned off.
  77. Raoy MNustst den put on his groves and burnd saa Braur da Breast wuz named Akabuto. and den OMABA came out of da skie on a magic DRAGQUEEN and sed "I WILL LET EDWARD OUT UF JALE BCUZ I LOVE HIM" and he ranned off. five sex latert Edwrart wuz standing infrunt of us an den he saw Raoy and ranned up 2 hug him.
  79. chaopet 11 bcuz i culdbnt wait!11 XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX
  81. SO DEN WITH EQUCORRA DED Yaoi Lasagne burned his budy and den dey warrked off 2 save Alphart and da others. Raoy adn Edwind warked off sumwhere and den Roy sed "Edwart I luv u." and he kissed Edwantd and den dey had sex.
  82. Edward and Raoy were back wit da rest uf da groop again. de grup den set uf agen bcuz dey had 2 find da offetrs quackly. and den dey saw LEGOS, Mopo and Fat adn Smeargle (frum Lard of da Pings) Lerdolass also had his frands, Happy, Hemrinon and Boob. (frum Fappy Pooter) and den Winear came fum rund da trees and hagged Edwart. Obama saw dis and got agnry den shuted "BROOKLYN RAGE" and put Raoy and Winry in prisun.
  83. and den Edward got agnry den warked off in to da furest. we decided nut 2 look 4 him bcuz he is men. Obama forroed Edwad and den raped him.
  84. China and Cunt nwertr sitting neckt 2 eachother and I wuz shitting neckt to Luppi. and we were all arund a crapfire. and den Legoras sed he herd Orkes cumming adn he tuld us 2 run.
  86. SURRY I HUVNT BEN RITING MUHHC!1 I WUZNT INPIRES!111 XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX
  88. "OOOOOOMMMMGGGGGGGGG" WE ALE SCROME AZ A GIANT VAHPAT CALLERD A DEAF OOPLIECAM IN der wuz also a wanker and drschh. Legolaass shooted hiz arows at dem adn kirred dembut Cow gut hut bcuz he is stoopid. and den da Pope cam adn waved huxz stick and smelled and sed "OMG GOD JUB LEFGORAS!11!11" adn exploded den teleported.
  89. Caow wuz cring under da treeee adn China wux ner him. WE DEN saw a ponytaaae adn Missy threw balls at it adn cught it adn, Me, Cow, Pukia, Pissy, Gimmlowrt, Regoras, Kenji adn Ewuilloaw rided on it we den sawed Edwrardfres gost adn we scrome (dis us Edwart Kurren) adn we scrome a den dand Pohkneetah wuz scryaed adn burnded it. den da Pupe came adn sed "YE SHALLL NAWT PASTA"
  90. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX i hup u lik it!11
  92. SURRY I REFT 4 SO LUG!¬!1
  93. I HUD 2 GET NEWW INTERNT!11111
  95. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX
  97. Rehbar-Chin, Wereallleproctogreth (u dunt ned suh a lug naem bitch), Sricrner-Eahmali, Sund-layers adn da offers (u no who u r!11) weerre all protting wit da eval gais lik Greeeed, Bihll Crintoe adn Hirrally Crintow, Keichin (frum Suol Etter), Ehveny, Yura (frauk Inyuahda), AIZEN (grum Buhleach), VIsoouies (cawobai beepoop), Yahmi (frum Yu-gay-ho) adn Yahgaymi Light. To stup, Me, Toorist, Chignar, Owlflap, Veork, Luhpie, Tukis, Kanji, Raoyy Mustahave, Edwartd Ehlrike adn Winrar frum saevanf Alpratt.
  98. We were wanking troo da footest wehn we saw a big drahgon dat luked lik fires adn REHGBA-CHAN adn EPIC (i wull call Werallehpicke2gether that bcuz it uz esier) were ridding it 2wards us!11 (dey r frnads bcz dey are butt evil) Reebarn adn Epic luks vuyrry uhgry bcuz ahll eval pplz r!1 dey dan rude da drahgone 2wards us anc Uqiulliptus adn Edwart were all "OGM GET UT US FA6 WAYY!2" adn Epic adn Reahba were laffing and Ehpic sed "U CUN NAT SRUP US!11 WE R AWSM ADN WULL CICK UR ASS!11" adn Reba sed "YES! BURD, TOORIS PRAHPEAR 2 DIE!111"
  100. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX
  102. Dose praps r frum dA go flam dem her aht Xxxxemo4everxxxX on Dehvant art!1
  104. Asslow luk at mai gr8 urt on mai accunt!111
  108. -banana-
  110. Dey had fund Abama adn nao Ed was harpy. Al wuz all like "omg no we ned 2 find da offers!11" adn Edgewurt was like "OBJECSHUN.!" and Phenix wuz like "TAKE THAT!1" adn Godot thre cofee at dem. Osama den thre a bum at dem. adn dey al creamed like "OMG!" adn den Obama fanted. den a Pikacho cam adn used tundershuk to wank up Onama. Edwaurd wuz lik "NOOO OBAMAMA!" And Pikachug stupd adn Pomana wok up. Alphone den sed "Get 2 da hospittle" adn China sed "PANDAS WIL KIL U AL" And Rusha sed "No i like vodka" Mia Fat den cam in adn sed "U CUNNUT CRY UNTIL DIS IS OVAH." And Godpot sed "DATS MY LINE!" Adn Franzika sed "I wil whip u al!" adn she whuped Phenox. Den dey caried on wanking tru da forfist den dey saw Suicun den dey set Pikapod on itg adn it used fundershik adn Suagcoon lost adn den Ash cam adn thrw a pokebal at it adn cat it.
  112. Kiba had lust Makoba agen adn was luking 4 him. Adn Kiaba den mad an army of Lugia of evil so he cud find Makoba adn kill Yugi and take over the world. and get da philosiper stone adn a sandwich. Light was also wif Kiba adn wuz riting nams in da deaf not adn Ruk sed hi and wuz dating Ronald McDonald. He also got a McDunald aple pie. Kiba was aguing wif Ligte abut how to tak over da wurld. and to get Ryuk to a shrink.
  114. -
  115. Menwhil Mokaba had ben kidnaped by Brick adn Brick had jus gaved him piza. Brock wuz mising Ass so he kidnaped a new little boy. Max and May den came adn saw Mokaba adn den farted adn Brock wuz like "omg now i have to clen dis up." den Makaoaba sed "IL HELP BOCK!1" adn he fell over. Mac adn Mat wuke up and saw Brik clening den cuz dey farted and died.
  117. HOP U ENJAYED!11!11!1!
  120. -
  122. Ash had cat da Sweecun adn wuz harpy cuz it wuz rat. He caled Oak adn Oak sed "WEL DUN ARS! Giv it 2 me 4 resurch!11!" adn Ass sed no. Alhpones back felt wired adn den a pottal opend up in his bark. den Ed sed "OMG WATS DAT!" adn Rick Astley cam out adn statted sining "NEVER GUNA GIV U UP. NEVER GUNA LET U DOWN!1 NEVER GUNA TURN AROUND ADN DESSERT U!1" Den Alhpone ran away wif da offers adn den unicurns cam out of his purtal back adn Charlie and da pink and blue unihorn came out adn saw Rick Asrley and ran away. Den da tenage Mutant niga turtals came out adn karata choped Rick Assley adn a piza cam out of hum. Adn den Als back purtal started to shak adn changed culur and den a mustache and Hitler cam out. adn ran away. adn Peeps we like "OGM WAS DAT HILLER!11?/!1?" adn Alhpone was lkike "WAT? HUTLER CAM OUT OF MY BARK.?1" Adn den da portal closed. Den Lust adn Envy cam adn attaked. Ash released Treeko adn it used vine whipe adn Envy adn Lust ran away.
  124. Kaiba wuz making sumting dat cud mak gam caracter cum out of da gam or wutever. adn inside da game Dahlia Hawtone was like "OMG! A DOOOOR! THE DOOOOOOR! IT CAN SEE INTO THE FUTER! INTO YOUR MIIIIIND!11" adn Ron Delite was like "Omg im scared" adn Dey cam out of da door and into Kibas lab. Dahlia was being al cuet adn sweat. adn Ron was like "0_o''" adn Creamed and crayed. And den a Menos Grand adn it had a not suck on it saying "FUCK U. Y U FORGET ABOUT US? -Blech cast" And Kiba was like "...Bleech cast? Wus that... Sum orang kid? And... What hapend 2 dat shurt blund kid?" "I'M NOT SHORT!1" Dey herd from da distance. Anywat, Dahlia sed "Helo, sir... Mite i ask ur nam?" adn Kiba sed "The names Kiba, Seto Kaiba. RULLER OF DA NEW WORLD." "Ok. Helo Mr Seto.. Ruler of tha new wurld. adn wat iz ur nam?" she asked to Lite. and Lite sed "I am Yagami Lite. GOD OF DA NEW WORLD!1!" adn den Kiba sed "Wait wat." adn Lite sed "YEAH DATS RITE. I AM A GOD! TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER. O wate. I AM UR LEADDER." And Kiba sed "Omg." Ron den sed "DON'T FITE PLEEEEEEASE." adn everyone was lik "Were did u cum from?" adn Ron sed "Ive ben her da hole tim..." "OK." "anywat.." sed Kiba "U are now part uf my army to tak over adn mak a new wurld!1" adn den Lust cam bagging threw wid Engy fullowing. "SURRY I CUDNT DO IT! DA TREEKO NEW FINE WHIP!" "idiot."
  126. -
  127. Makoba was etting donuts and den he fund Homer Sampsun in a ox of dognuts. Mokaba screemd adn den Homer kidnaped him 4 eatting huz donuts. Brick cam in adn saw Humer stick in the window. but as he got clusser Himer got out adn skuashed Makobar adn ran uff.
  128. Brick den called Scuuby Doo adn Fred sed "k we wil be there." den Brock was scarred wen da Mistery Masheen cam threw da wall. Den Fred riped open da van door adn sed "OH YEEEEEAH" adn Velma sed "Ur nut cool."
  130. In da Furest as Ed, Al adn Ass were singing "IN DA JUNGLEEEEE~!1" Adn Firestar adn his hunting patty ran uff adn tuld da rest of da clan.
  136. Wen Firestart gut back he caled 2 his clan a meating adn sed "DER R 2LEGS IN DA FOORIST WE HAVE 2 CHACE DEM OUT!1!11!" Adn Lingstrap and Blambelcawl seid "YEAH!" Adn Lefpool was all "no dey wil go in dere own taim." but Firestarp sed "DEY R ETING R FOOD! I dunt tink dey wil leaver soon." adn Leafpill sed "OK."
  137. "OKAY! We wull attak dem nao!1 NO EXCUSES." Adn dey al agred.
  138. -
  140. Edwind and Al were stil nervouse adn da Ninja Turdles were falowing wif da rat guy. phonies of god and house adn "AAAAAAHH Omg im lust!" Adn Renji (C? I PUT HIM BAK IN!) Sed "I wull cler da forist wif my zankapto, Zabimaruy!1!" adn he sed sum stuff adn den he cut da forest down. Firestat wuz waching frum a distecne adn was like OMG. den he tuld dem 2 attak adn dey did adn Lingtal cam jumping out adn attaked Edward adn Alphones. adn al da offers attaked da ofters. SUDDENLY. Sebastean Mikales (Frum Juroshitsewji) cam out of da forist adn threw firks adn nives at da cats adn kild dem. al adn da ofers ran awae.
  141. Edward sed "Fanks man." adn Sebby sed "I wuz onlay ding it 2 prutenct mah mister Ciel." cars adn fly da pizza adn da wurld gayfay. "OMG SEAL!11 WAT HAPPIND 2 UR EY?1!" Arsked Ichigo "Nutting." sed cieel.
  143. "Mah evil cats i put in 2 kil dem al feild!1" sed Kaiba. "U shud jes tel me der nams adn den i can kil dem 4 u" sed Lite. "Ok." sed Kiba. "One of dem is Alphone Elrik, kil hum." "I wil do it sun!1!" sed Lite scare. "NAO. we ned 2 find Makona! i furgut abut hum! my stodup brother. DAHLIA! RON! U mus luk on da internat 2 se if u can find any informashun on who mite have Makoba." Ron sed "But siiiiiiiiir! Im nut gud at da interbwec!" adn Dahlia sed "Ur stupid i wil show you Ton." "OK."
  144. "Mow, i wil device an evil plan 2 send al of dem to EEGYPY!1! Were dey wil ba slavs 4 ever. MUAHAHAHAHAH!1!11!"
  146. -
  147. Homer had Makoba adn was making him bak donuts. adn den da Mistry mahine drive in adn Brik jumped ut adn sed "HOW DAR U KIDNAP DISS?./!" Adn Hmoure sed "He at my dognut." Brik den punched hum adn garbed Makona adn gut in da mistry machine adn druve off."
  151. Makoba wuz wok up bai Brik adn his pokermen planing pokerman sliver. Majoa wuz like 'BRIK CAN I HAV FOD? CHESKAEK.' And brock sed 'no u wil get fart.' adn Majoka wuz like upsit. piza den arrived at da dor adn Brok opeened it adn sa a ginga man and hot bird. adn dey sad 'piza dalvery 4 Brik adn Makoba' adn Brik wuz like 'MAKOBAS DID U ORDER PIZA?1' Adn Maboka wuz lik ' yes.' adn den Dahila lukd evil at RTin adn wuz lik talkin in2 her sekrit microwave 'kaiba we huv fund Markoba. shud we kil dis dud adn get hum?' adn Kiba wuz like 'omg how did u find him?1' adn Ron sed 'we ar amazin.' adn den Dahlia sed 'NO WE R NINJAS.' adn den Brik turned arund adn sed 'Y R U SAYN U R NINHAS?/!1 R u tryn to stel mah pokerman? R u frum team rokkit?11' 'WHO DA HEL IS TEM RIKET?1' sed Kaiba frum da microwave. 'KIL DIS DUD!1!1' sed Kiba 'OK' sed Dahila adn den Dahli gut up a gun adn shut Brik. Adn den Makoba was scared adn den telepotted 2 kiba. den Dahli adn Rin were like 'wel dat wuz a wast uf tim.'
  153. At Makaba adn Kibas house Kiba was like 'U IDIOT HOW DID U GIT KIDNAPED? AGAEN? HOW DID U GET HER?' Adn Makoba wuz like 'i can telepurt.' adn Kiba farted.
  154. Den Kiaba luked al evil like adn sed 'U HAV 10 SECUNDS 2 RUN. THERE IS NOWHERE 2 RUN. NOWHER 2 HIDE.' 'But den y shud i run?' sed Makoba. 'Bcuz i sed so.' Makoba wuz lik 'But can i eat dis fud first?' 'no'
  158. POKERMAN.
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