Butt Plug? Check. Pedicure? Check. Boyfriend? Check!

Jun 13th, 2017
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  1. [Script Offer] Butt Plug? Check. Pedicure? Check. Boyfriend? Check! [F4M] [Footjob] [GFE] [Wet Sounds] [Clothed Sex] [Panties to the Side] [Butt Plug] [Fucked From Behind] [Anal] [Cum on Soles]
  3. I know of only one sure way to make you drop everything and come fuck me.
  5. I enter the room, the only thing different about me is my pretty little feet. You just love the way they look after a fresh pedicure, so clean, so soft, my nails always painted your favourite colour. You wouldn't say no either way, but it's the enthusiasm that changes.
  7. And that's when you begin to worship. Anything you're doing at that moment is dropped the same way you drop to your knees.
  9. [laugh] I can't help but giggle as you kiss at the tops of my feet, kissing further up to my smooth, round ankles, and back down along my arches. Sometimes you even run your warm tongue along my arch, tracing the soft curve right down to my big toe.
  11. I already know that at this point you're already rock hard and your pants are about to explode right off your lower half. But you know you don't need to do that. My toes have years of practice taking off a belt and unzipping a pair of jeans.
  13. Once you're done kissing every inch of both my feet, you lift me in your arms and carry me to the nearest soft place. The bed, the couch, whatevers closest. Then you place me down and sit back on the floor, legs wide, eyes lusty and filled with anticipation at what my soles and toes can do to you.
  15. Then my beautiful feet get to work. My toes oh so skillfully unhooking your belt buckle and slowly sliding the thick leather from the loops in your pants. Then I squeeze your zip between my big and second toes and pull.
  17. [laugh] But sometimes you're impatient. You undo your belt and rip down your pants quicker than lightning.
  19. And there your cock stands. Erect and pulsing, twisted in pumping veins as it lays against your belly.
  21. You take a foot in your hands and kiss up my soft soles, all the way to my toes. You plant a kiss at the tip of each toe [giggle] it kinda tickles. But I don't mind. I just adore the love and lust in your eyes as you then run your tongue from my heel to the ball of my foot. And that's the moment I hear the first groan of pleasure from your lips. The look on your face as your tongue slips back into your mouth and my taste truly comes to fruition... [moan] I love when you taste me and the reaction as it blooms on your tiny little tastebuds [giggle]
  23. I know you can't wait any longer. The hunger in your eyes ignites and it warms my in my special place [giggle]
  25. You wrap your lips around my big toe and suck gently, slathering me in saliva as you suck each toe one by one. And when you're done, I bring my well sucked toes to my own mouth while my second foot finally finds your hard cock.
  27. Then I suck [sucking, moaning] Suck exactly the way you sucked me, sucking as I moan and run my soft sole across the smooth skin of your cock, my toes wiggling and caressing your length, right down your your balls. [giggle] My toes like to pinch and pull at your sack. Makes you gasp in surprise every time. [sucking, moaning] Then, once my toes are covered in both of our saliva, I take your cock between my toes and the footjob begins.
  29. [wet sounds]
  31. Mmm, that first moan as my toes slide down to your base, pulling back your foreskin to reveal that glorious head, is always a pleasure to hear. So deep, I feel it travel down your body and it vibrates into my feet which then tingles up my legs to my pussy, already starting to soak and drip with warm grool [giggle] It slides over my lips and down over the butt plug in my ass. I let out a small moan and tell you that I have a special surprise.
  33. Your eyes light up. You know exactly what I mean.
  35. I pull up my skirt with a moan [moan] and pull my pussy stained panties to the side to show you. My cunt glistens and my plug nestles comfortably between my cheeks. You groan at the sight and I feel your cock throb between my wet toes.
  37. I smile and take my feet from your eager dick, so eager to penetrate my tight ass that a bead of pre-cum beads at the tip then slowly trickles down to your balls. Mmm, a promise of what's to come [giggle] Pun fully intended.
  39. Then I stand and turn, my knees on the edge of the sofa, my naked soles facing you, my toes wiggling, inviting you closer. You come, and kiss, and stand, your cock quivering with both anticipation and movement. You pull my skirt up and gently guide my panties to the side and then [moan as penetrated] you slide so gently into my sopping pussy...
  41. As your cock glides through my silky wetness you feel the plug in my ass rubbing against you. You groan, your fingers digging into my ample ass, pulling me closer as you push deeper and deeper.
  43. Then the slow thrusting begins.
  45. [slow wet skin slapping]
  47. As you take your long pumps into my pussy I make sure that you have a view of my smooth soles each time you pull out to your tip. My toes still shimmer with our spit.
  49. [giggle] then I say those words you've been aching to hear ever since I showed you my plug... I look over my shoulder, one hand on my ass, spreading a cheek. My voice comes whimpery and broken by moans. "Fuck me in the ass."
  51. [wet sounds stop]
  53. You pull out and begin gently extracting the plug from my ass. I moan as it stretches and gasp as it finally pop out. Mmm, I'm so loose and ready for your cock.
  55. You push my ass down further, so that my heels are touching my cheeks. And then [gasp, long moan as cock enters ass] Oh, fuck, you slide your soaking cock into my tight asshole, so slathered with my pussy juice it glides in with ease. [moan]
  57. [wet sounds again]
  59. You pump in and out, groaning as my tightness grips at your cock down to the base. Your balls rub along my soles, from my heels, right down to my curling toes that caress at your smooth skin.
  61. [laugh] Already I know you're about to blow. You can't fuck my ass for too long, it's simply too good. My tightness is perfect around your girth, squeezing and pulling, wanting nothing more than to extract your thick, hot load. [moan]
  63. Then your fingers tighten on my ass, sometimes even your hand travels up my back to my hair, gripping and pulling as your cock begins to throb.
  65. Again I look behind and whimper those words you just love hearing: "Yes, cum on my feet!"
  67. [wet sounds stop]
  69. You slide out and grip your cock, knuckles white, aiming down as your jerk with desperation, your breathing laboured. Your head tilts back as you let out a loud moan and your first thick rope of cum slaps against my heel. [moan]
  71. You spray and spray, covering my silky soles in your hot love, filling every crease of my wrinkles until you drip from between my toes. After you're finished unloading all over my soles you slide your cock across the mess, pushing between my arches, moaning in post-orgasmic bliss as you use your cum for lube to slowly fuck my feet again.
  73. [moan] All I can do is moan at the warmth spreading across me, the way you just wanna keep fucking me despite it all, the way you grip and caress my ass, your breathing winding down, letting out tiny whimpers of pleasure.
  75. [laugh] I know exactly how to make you drop everything and come fuck me.
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