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  1. Candidate Interview Questions
  3. *A knowledge and ability, or the aptitude to gain the knowledge and ability, to operate a broad range of communication equipment.*
  4. _1a Can you tell us about your experience with radio/telephone communication equipment and a time where you had a fault with equipment, what steps did you take to ensure the task at hand was not compromised?_
  6. *Possess oral and written communications skills of a very high standard with particular emphasis on literacy and clear, concise and effective oral communication.*
  7. _2a If you were working in a loud and busy work environment and you had to communicate with someone on the telephone or radio how would you ensure that messages were relayed and received correctly?_
  9. _2b How have you handled working with someone who you felt was not good at communicating?_
  11. *Demonstrated sound judgement and a high level of initiative, together with the ability to work well under pressure in an emergency service environment.*
  12. _3a How do you handle situations where the workload is considerably higher than you anticipated?_
  14. _3b Describe a situation in which you feel you were especially effective in adapting to an unanticipated change._
  16. *Ability, or the aptitude to gain the ability, to effectively interpret, process and disseminate spatial data in a variety of media.*
  17. _4a Please tell the panel about your experience with street atlases, topographical maps and electronic mapping. Please give us an example of how, and what, maps can be used for, and what important features a useful map would have._
  19. *Be able to work as an effective team member.*
  20. _5a Describe a time when you received critical feedback from a team member or supervisor what was your response and actions?_
  22. _5b Which kinds of people have you found it difficult to develop relationships with?_
  23. _Why is that?_
  24. _Can you give us an example?_
  25. _What steps have you taken to enhance your effectiveness in this area?_
  27. *Keyboard competence, minimum 35 WPM with 95% accuracy. Demonstrate a high level of computer literacy in a Windows based environment.*
  28. _6a What is your experience in information technology, and multitasking tasks or programs on computers?_
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