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Filipina Trike Patrol 10

hatawa_hatawa Sep 12th, 2012 482 Never
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  1. This much is true: When the rubber meets the pavement in the World of Filipina porn, it is attached to three wheels. In their 10th volume of Pinay pussy-splitting adventures, the Trike Patrol gang pulls out all the stops. From plucking spinner Mayka from a field, slammin’ scandalous Anne behind her sisters back, shopping for adorable sisters April & May, propositioning cute off-duty bargirl Lalaine and commandeering a trike to scoop up cock-curious Trixie, the TP boys put all of the finishing touches on their latest compilation of cum-loving courtesans.
  3. Genre: Asian, All Sex, Interracial
  4. Cast: April, May, Trixie, Anne, Mayka, Lalaine
  5. Size: 1 887 MB
  6. Duration: 128 min
  8. http://pornfilmen.com/pornofilme-porn/12177-filipina-trike-patrol-10.html
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