Youtube Hacked by SEA

SyRiAn_34G13 Oct 1st, 2013 672 Never
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  1. --- Syrian Electronic Army ----
  3. All Youtube videos on
  5. Google
  7. ====================================================
  8. Go to video page
  9. Click white space, type '1337', press ENTER
  10. SAE h4ck5 text
  11. ====================================================
  13. The Syrian Electronic Army was here..
  14. Do not mistake US government shutdown, Syria will continue to defend herself, with all her power, the power that we have held in the hope that our enemies would come to their senses for the sake of world peace and the survival of civilisation.
  15. But if the world is silent, we will have no choice but fight this war to its end and that end won't be inside Syria alone.
  16. Rise up against the liars, rise up against the media that brought you horrors. Rise up before the reality of war spreads to your doors.
  17. Israel Is next
  19. 2013
  20. SyRiAn_34G13
  21. SyRiAn_SnIpEr
  22. Darkness Caesar
  23. // kinG oF coNTroL
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