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  1. "Good girls." The now domineering son speaks before outright pushing the ginger haired futa from her standing position and down to her knees. He makes sure to sway his hips to the side and bring those gigantic nuts directly before her features, the load he busted deep inside of his Mother's fat ass doing little to lessen the monstrous size of his gonads. Each one is larger than one of her clenched fists and radiate his brain slowing musk right into the cute slut's face, Anon humping forward and planting her nose right between the perspiration laced orbs carrying a little bit of semen that oozed out from his Mom's fat ass when they fucked moments ago. His eyes dart towards the mocha-skinned beauty with a knowing grin, reaching towards her head and threading his fingers into her dark-locks.
  2. "She'll slobber on my balls and you'll take the tip. Whoever does the best job is the first I pin to the ground and make a Mommy again, alright?"
  3. Hanging the prospect of breeding before them like a prize he proceeds to brush his now drooling cock tip across the black haired MILF's lips, coating them in a thin veneer of his fragrant juices before pulling her in. Even with two sexy skanks kneeling before him his mind continues to wander to his sister far away, berating himself for not shaping her into a proper cocksleeve before she had even left on her journey. Her pale, freckled ass in some tiny panties that barely function as dental floss dominating his thoughts, thinking of how nice it'd be to have her plant her ass into his lap in public, tug his zipper to the side and bounce on his dick in public, hiding the tummy bulge with her hand and silently begging for him to flood her womb and give Mommy some grand kids.
  4. Pokenuts07/07/2019
  5. Soon, the Anons wishes were slowly coming true. Both fat milfs sat before him, silently worshipping his sticky plump cock. The ginger haired cutie let out a soft sigh of delight as those fat nuts rested against her nose, as if she had seen a cute collection of Joltik or something. Her nose sniffed and poked at them, moving her head back and planting her wet lips against them as she kissed, slobbered and sniffed them. The thick musk stung her nostrils like every bimbo he had slapped them with before, quickly growing addicted to the scent as her beautiful friend alongside her planted her own lips against that drooling tip. Their soft gentle "mwahs" and "hmmfs" floated throughout the room as his mother soon made her shaky way towards the three, ass gaped and drooling as she tugged up her pants to hide that jizzy mess. She dropped to her knees behind her son, clamping her hands around his toned ass as she ogled at it
  6. "D-Does my cute boy like being kissed d-down here as much as Mommy?"
  7. Far away, as if connected by some ethereal Giratina magic or some bullshit, Anons Sister felt a twang below in her groin, right atop her button that danced with cute short black hairs. She shuddered, her flat bangs quivering as she lowered her head and thought of nothing but her brother. She almost giggled in the center of the store, thinking about how later she'd open her phone, find the photos she'd transferred from his phone when he last left it lying around and grind her plump tight cunt along the edge of her rented rooms bed at the sight of his fat pole. She snatched up a handful of pairs and tucked them into her basket, the thing overflowing with far too many lewd clothes as she made her flat chested and wide hipped small frame towards the counter, presenting her ID of course
  8. Owain07/07/2019
  9. Anon was in absolute heaven, flanked on all three sides by curvaceous, cock craving sluts who all seemed eager to worship a different part of him. His fat, musky rod easily parting those full lips of the dark-skinned slut craving that portion of him, delivering onto her the delectable taste of unwashed dick mixed with one of her friends saliva. He gently pats her on the head before slinging his hips forward, dunking that broad tip into her maw for a cleaning and smearing the translucent pre-cum into her muscle as he pleases. Meanwhile he simultaneously rocks and drops his hips upon the ginger woman's face, repeatedly teabagging the hung futa and thwaping against her nostrils to further smother her in raw, masculine heat and the comforting warmth that follows. The boy's motions occasionally dunking an entire nut within the ginger woman's maw, pressed cheek to cheek with sweaty nut flesh and letting her feel the gooey release churning behind the smooth skin of his sack before he reels backwards and lets her get back to work. "Yeah, totally..." He mumbles quietly as his Mom finds herself between his admittedly bubbly ass, inheriting a bit of her genes and carrying a nice, cushioned tush with a wide hole pretty much begging to be licked, tongue deeped and played with.
  10. ...!
  11. *That strange sensation rolls through Anon's body before something compels him to pull his phone from his pocket and have a quick and lurid photoshoot. He snaps multiple photos of his fat cock surrounded by the curvaceous woman, making sure to bring attention to how broad and juicy his cock is, how fat and round his balls had become and the vapid expressions of all the woman completely devastated mentally by the thought of being railed by him. He sends off the bunches of photos to his sister with the caption "Wish you and your perfect ass were here. :heart: Tell me when you're on your way back and I'll save up for you." He sends it off with one last video at the tail end, chronicling the sounds of sucking, licking and whorish sniffing and groaning as his newly formed harem of MILFs go to town on his crotch and ass.
  12. Pokenuts07/07/2019
  13. They all worshipped in rhythm, the fat balled futa suckling on one of his fat nuts before swapping to the other, fitting an entire one in her mouth over and over until her cheeks and lips were coated in spit and an occasionally curly pube, the woman panting and moaning underneath. She wanted to win the prize of being next, even if she didn't exactly have a hole to impregnate. Above, the mocha skinned hottie suckled on his tip eager, an inch or two more snaking into her mouth as she sucked and choked on his fat rod like it was a life force. Both her hands rested upon her friends shoulder and the boys stomach, patting him gently and feeling his tickly snail trail beneath. Behind, that hungry mommy groped either of his cheeks and spread them, admiring his similarly plump rump to hers as she stared at his exit. Her nose quickly pressed up against her, tongue hanging from her mouth in a disgustingly depraved fashion as she inhaled in his musk and lapped at his taint, paying attention to that smooth skin as her hands worked in circles. He'd surely bust soon, any normal man would be a mess on the ground by now, she thought, eyes rolling again as she felt thick droplets of his jizz escape her gaped hole, staining her tights even more in her squatted position
  14. His sister had reached her rented room by now, chucking her purchases onto the bed as she checked her phone as she entered the bathroom. She let out a high pitched squeak at the messages, ignoring her mothers missed calls as she slowly slid through his messages. The video played at her particularly, shifting her fat thighs side to side as she quickly tapped out a reply: "You're such a depraved faggot, don't send me this gross shit ever again, aren't those moms friends?!". She let out a huff from her nostrils, swaying on the spot before tugging the waistband of her shorts down below her crotch, taking an upsidedown picture of her wet camletoe to him before tossing her phone away
  15. Owain07/07/2019
  16. Anon's eyes glazed over and he became dead to anything that didn't involve the trio of cock slobbering whores between his thighs, the gingers experienced ball worship already succeeding in helping restore the potent reserves of creamy jizz that he had unleashed before. The boy's mindless humping succeeding in dragging those drool-slathered orbs across the ginger's face, marking her as another one of his bitches and sure to make her eager to get pounded and bloated with semen even if she can't carry his child. Meanwhile his dick repeatedly rams into the chocolate goddess' mouth, vicious pumps that send it curving down into the inviting sleeve of her esophagus and visibly bulge each time he bottoms out inside of it. His asshole winking extremely hard while his Mother draws long saliva lines along his taint, sending his sack jumping atop the ginger's lips and deeply satisfied groans leaving his maw. He swings his hips backwards, effectively smothering her underneath the voluminous ass cheeks more fit for a girl than a boy before his climax hits him like a train.
  17. "Nngh..."
  18. He manages to hold back just long enough to start recording on his phone, keeping evidence of him claiming the new inductees into Anon's Yoga breeding bitch club. The black beauty having her esophagus packed with semen, burst after burst of glue thick spunk splattering haphazardly across her insides and practically demanding she swallow if she wants to breathe. Without missing a beat he reels backwards and gives her a single wad of sticky semen before dunking it down the ginger's throat instead, mashing that fat, musky dick down to the root and helping her sate her cum thirst with a few eruptions. He pulls free mid orgasm, raining down a few ropes of spunk upon their defenseless faces while resting upon his Mom's face as his seat. The sight of his sister's pussy outline keeping him hard and aroused despite her insults, quickly typing out a message and sending it off along with the video. "They are. Mom got a taste too. The second you get back I'm making sure I pump every last drop of all of this deep inside of your needy little cunt, sis. You can say you don't want it with your words but...If you send me another picture like that I'll pound you no matter what you say."
  19. Pokenuts07/07/2019
  20. Both girls before him gagged and moaned, each getting a helpful drink of seed as it was shot directly down their throat. They both stuck their tongues out lewdly, batting their lids seductively up at the camera as he filmed his final few ropes across their faces, the horny woman tasting their new Yoga Instructor as he marked them. Both their hands squeezed and groped him wherever they could, the ginger hottie returning to his fat twitching sack as she seemed almost obsessed, sniffing and rubbing her face against it as the chocolate model gently rubbed her cheek alongside his knob, feeling the thick ropes of jizz cool between them both. His mother gagged and groaned against his bubble butt, slobbering all over his asshole as she rimmed him, skating her trained tongue along the rim of his hole as she groped at his bare cheeks
  21. "So, who won?" the darker girl whined, her voice shaky from having her throat fucked and filled as the other girl continued drowning in balls, the anons Mommy tugging her face free and pushing him upright somewhat, letting out long husky breathes as her sweaty face was coated in his scent
  22. His sister was clenching her phone in her hand now, waiting for it to buzz as she had her shorts down around her knees. She skimmed over the message, choking back a groan or two as she watched his eruption on video, a shaky finger typing back "I don't wanna go anywhere near you if you're giving into moms stupid fat ass, no thanks". She let the message float off by itself for a moment, before almost tears spilled out of her eyes from pure lust, turning around and snapping a well modeled picture of her phat apple shaped ass as she tugged her panties aside, showing off her bare plump asshole and needy virgin still covered. She let go of her butt, letting it clap together as she sent off one final message
  23. "I want your fat cock so bad big bro"
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