Hospital RP's - Rion!

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  1. dismisses Nenet's concern over him getting too tired by helping around the hospital. He didn't really mind if he did, after all, it was his job to take care of the injuries of others as the only medic around with medical ninjutsu. Sighing, he moves up to talk with the person currently surpervising the groups of workers and directing them on what to do.
  3. As soon as he got close to the man, he was immediately received a wide smile. The two of them had already gotten acquainted uring other construction jobs as Rion always goes around healing and treating the injuries anyone gets during these types of jobs, so it was normal that he would try and get acquainted with the supervisor's of the construction as it would make it for a more efficient way of work, if they could help direct the injured to him.
  5. The pink haired teen's presence was beneficial to them as the workers wouldn't need to spend money on treating their injuries, risk worsening them in case they needed to work more in order to gain the money to get it treated. It was even worse in case they didn't know a Doctor or Healer as El-Qaral does not possess a hospital yet, but with Rion around, they haven't really been worrying about that lately.
  7. With the supervisor's help, he would get the materials needed to treat and clean injuries as well as a tent where he could attend people one by one. Apparently they would be sent to him and he would not have to go to them this time. The supervisor was apparently making anyone who got injuries or something else that they want checked up to his barrack, though those that come to him, unless they got something severe, would be those that are taking breaks to rest as to not make a giant line.
  9. With that, his job had now started. One by one, the teen would attend the people entering his tent. Their injuries would range from somewhat severe to simple minor scratches that despite not seeming like much, if left untreated and uncared for, could become a serious infection in the future.
  11. While doing this thing of treating people, Rion makes sure to only use his chakra on somewhat serious injuries or injuries that would somehow affect the work of a person, as several of these workers could not afford to stop working if they wanted money to keep helping their families. Only when it came to minor wounds that wouldn't really impair their efficiency on the job, would he treat them normally.
  13. Besides injuries related to the construction site, there would also be some people who are mildly sick, but who had come to work anyways as they couldn't afford to miss it. Rion made sure to take care of these people as well, offering them some herbs and telling them if they should stop working in order to rest, so they can get rid of whatever they had. Though rarely they listened to him.
  15. A few hours would pass on like that, and the teen was starting to become quite tired at having to do this all alone and honestly, without real rest, as a person would enter his tent as soon as the pacient he was treating left. He didn't mind it though, he liked to help people and received anyone who entered the tent with a small smile.
  17. There would be a time when someone would not have entered his tent and he wondered why, he then got out to take a look and noticed that there was no one around. It was then that the supervisor appeared at his side, thanking him for his hard work and calling him out to take some rest, to drink water and eat something.
  19. Apparently he had finished treating the wounds of everyone. Someone would only appear in case they got a new wound, which was probably unlikely as people started to get more careful with their job lately, some saying it was weird to have a male medic, specially one so young having to look after their wounds, and for free. Rion laughed that off and simply shooks his head as he took the break together with the supervisor.
  21. Feeling quite tired due to spending half or so of his chakra, he says his goodbyes to the supervisor and walks away. He needed to rest after working so much.
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