emocat (also, lesbians)

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  1. [19:13:45] <Natalie> Nat drags Ammy away and waits until eeeeeverybody is gone before letting out a deep breath and shaking a bit.  "Okay."
  2. [19:13:59] <Natalie> "T-This might sound kind of weird."
  3. [19:14:23] <Natalie> "But, I'm me, right?"
  4. [19:14:44] <Amaryllis> "You are Carbuncle. What's wrong?"
  5. [19:15:18] <Natalie> "I know!  I mean... I think I know."  Nat reaches up and.. itches under her bangs for some reason.
  6. [19:15:38] <Natalie> "The crystal showed me.. I got to see her again."
  7. [19:15:49] <Amaryllis> "Who?"
  8. [19:15:53] <Natalie> "..."
  9. [19:15:57] <Natalie> "Ahh.... Eh..."
  10. [19:16:08] <Amaryllis> "Eiko?"
  11. [19:16:08] * Natalie shrinks down a bit. "I think I forgot her name again already..."
  12. [19:16:14] <Natalie> "Right!"
  13. [19:16:36] <Natalie> "Only she's much prettier, and... uh... well..."
  14. [19:16:58] <Natalie> Headshake headshake.  "I didn't see her though, I WAS her.  And that wasn't really so strange..."
  15. [19:17:10] <Natalie> "... But then she actually acted like me..."
  16. [19:17:16] <Natalie> "And it felt so weird."  Itch itch.
  17. [19:17:36] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps she took on characteristics from you, or you from her."
  18. [19:17:39] <Natalie> "Horns are really itchy."  Scratch.  "I never itched up there before."
  19. [19:18:20] <Natalie> "But it's just... so much!  The roles we're playing..."  Sniff.  "It's what she's doing too."
  20. [19:18:35] <Natalie> "That can't really be her, right?  It HAD to be me!"
  21. [19:18:38] <Amaryllis> "What do you mean?"
  22. [19:19:03] <Natalie> "In the thing the crystal showed me," Nat stands up and spins around.  "She had a servant, and wore pretty dresses..."
  23. [19:19:11] <Natalie> "She didn't have to hide her horn though."
  24. [19:20:27] <Natalie> "But," Natty puts hands at her hips again, "When nobody was looking she snuck out.  Just like I did last n- ... er, I mean, like I would... probably do!  Yeah!"
  25. [19:20:32] <Amaryllis> "The people know what Eiko is. She need not hide it. Nor has any desire to, I imagine." Ammy starts peeling back Nat's bandages and gets new ones ready to apply. "You'll make it suspicious if you scratch at this too much. I'll have to replace them..."
  26. [19:21:10] <Natalie> "Hnnn... it's not like anyone ever looks, though."
  27. [19:21:58] <Natalie> "I mean, it might be the... was it Levvie who said that?  That summoners and eidolons are.. linked or something?"
  28. [19:22:00] * Amaryllis changes them out anyway. "And what difference would it make to you, if Eiko Carol and the Eidolon Carbuncle were one and the same? Would it make any?" Ammy steps back after finishing the bandage change.
  29. [19:22:17] <Amaryllis> "It is far more likely you simply adopt each other's mannerisms and quirks, however."
  30. [19:22:22] * Natalie stops to ponder. "I... don't know."
  31. [19:22:42] <Natalie> "She's my summoner and I want to help her!  If I was working this hard to protect me it would just be... weird."
  32. [19:22:50] <Natalie> "But you'll be with me to know that I'm me, right?"
  33. [19:23:00] <Amaryllis> "Of course."
  34. [19:23:21] <Natalie> "O.. Okay.  I feel a lot better now.  Thanks, Ammy."
  35. [19:23:33] <Natalie> "Maybe it was just that link, and maybe she's why I act like I do..."
  36. [19:23:51] <Amaryllis> "You're welcome Nat." Ammy pauses a moment. "What was her servant like?"
  37. [19:24:23] <Natalie> "... Unfamiliar.  It was more like.... what are the servants called when they only come into a room every now and then?"
  38. [19:24:53] <Amaryllis> "Boring?" Ammy smiles a wry smile.
  39. [19:25:33] <Natalie> "Hee hee... maybe.  I don't know if they were friends or not.  Only that they called her 'my lady'... instead of 'milady.'"
  40. [19:25:40] * Natalie grins. "I really like the way you pronounce that, you know."
  41. [19:25:58] <Amaryllis> "The words are one and the same, milady."
  42. [19:26:22] <Natalie> "It's all in how you say it!  A boring, old servant takes the time to say 'my lady.'"
  43. [19:26:37] <Amaryllis> "Are you scared? Of what you may find as you learn more about yourself?"
  44. [19:26:43] <Natalie> "... Yeah."
  45. [19:26:56] <Natalie> "I almost got really mad back there."
  46. [19:26:57] <Amaryllis> "I am too. I'm glad we can share that."
  47. [19:27:16] * Natalie headtilts a bit. "You're scared about what you'll learn about yourself? Or about me?"
  48. [19:27:30] <Amaryllis> "What if I said both?"
  49. [19:28:02] <Natalie> "That's a little weird... but I guess I understand.  Don't worry, I might have promised you before, but I'll promise again now: I'm always me, no matter what happens!"
  50. [19:28:21] <Natalie> "Even if I turn evil, or get eaten, or am actually a summoner, or turn into old-me again..."
  51. [19:28:40] <Natalie> "Well, most of those things probably won't happen, except the last one."
  52. [19:29:06] <Amaryllis> "Of course."
  53. [19:29:19] <Natalie> "... One more question."
  54. [19:29:31] <Amaryllis> "Yes?"
  55. [19:29:43] <Natalie> "Err... am I bad for worrying about my new friend?  Even though I ran off without telling you?"
  56. [19:30:23] <Natalie> "He probably WILL be okay if we leave him behind and take an airship, he's tough!  ... I think I'm just selfish."
  57. [19:30:45] <Amaryllis> "I was immensely worried. There is little to stop you from forgetting all you know and living the rest of your life thinking yourself a human orphan, never finding your memories and who you really are."
  58. [19:30:58] * Natalie handhips again. "But I couldn't just let Leeny win like that! Her hate for eidolons isn't even a real thing! I..."
  59. [19:31:01] <Natalie> "..."
  60. [19:31:28] <Natalie> "Yeah... I guess I was stupid for not thinking.  I shouldn't have run off at all, and I guess I shouldn't have met Terry at all."
  61. [19:31:32] <Amaryllis> "That is all. Terrato...I would like to meet him someday, but Celina is yet a dangerous force."
  62. [19:31:54] <Amaryllis> "And bringing her to Terrato against her wishes can only end in misery."
  63. [19:31:57] <Natalie> "She doesn't get how fake she is!  If she can get along with me, she can get along with him."
  64. [19:32:00] <Amaryllis> "Or one or the other."
  65. [19:32:04] <Amaryllis> *for
  66. [19:32:19] <Natalie> "... He might get mad and eat her for real though."
  67. [19:32:25] <Natalie> "So that's a thing."
  68. [19:32:53] <Amaryllis> "She harbors a deep resentment. Remember what I said about the one story everyone has?"
  69. [19:32:53] <Natalie> "Anyway, that's it, you can go help them now if you want.  S-Sorry I kept you."
  70. [19:33:06] * Natalie cuts herself off. "Right, but.."
  71. [19:33:22] <Natalie> "She's not writing her story alone.  I'm sneaking in a few chapters for her."
  72. [19:33:26] <Amaryllis> "She has not found her own. Her story is still that of Burmecia's. Not just that, but her idea of Burmecia."
  73. [19:33:41] <Natalie> "So only time can heal it, nnn?"
  74. [19:33:58] <Amaryllis> "She is living a life defined by such a story. Her reaction is not surprising, merely inconvenient and burdensome."
  75. [19:34:06] <Natalie> "If she only gets along with me because she thinks I'm human..."  Headshake.  "There's nothing I can do."
  76. [19:34:07] <Amaryllis> "And, as I have said, dangerous."
  77. [19:34:26] <Natalie> "I bet I could beat her in a fight though.  Just a hunch!"
  78. [19:34:45] * Natalie stands up and stretches. "Buuuuuuuut it's better not to find out if that's true or not, right?"
  79. [19:35:00] <Amaryllis> "Let's not test that. At least until you've graduated from moogles." Ammy teasingly messes with Nat's hair.
  80. [19:35:16] <Natalie> "Hmph!  It's ON next time I meet him!"
  81. [19:35:38] <Natalie> "But..."  Nat makes an idle snap-kick at the air.  "... For now, I like it."
  82. [19:35:57] <Natalie> "Being human is really nice, 'cause even if I'm an amnesiac I still learn things I probably couldn't if I weren't."
  83. [19:36:09] <Natalie> "So no matter what the truth is I'm glad I get to stay like this."
  84. [19:36:34] <Amaryllis> "I would rather Celina learn to temper her vengeful thoughts than to have her bested in combat. It'll make our path forward that much easier."
  85. [19:36:56] <Amaryllis> "It's not a bad life. Certainly not as lonely as one might otherwise find themselves."
  86. [19:37:07] <Natalie> "Something tells me though..."  Kick, kick, spin.  "... If there's anyone whose role is to teach her that, it's probably me."
  87. [19:37:19] <Natalie> "Bridging the gap between eidolons and... well, everyone else one at a time, right?"
  88. [19:37:26] <Amaryllis> "I only wish we were returning to Lindblum under more auspicious skies."
  89. [19:37:41] <Natalie> "... Oh yeah, they're gonna find out we're phonies, aren't they?"
  90. [19:37:51] <Natalie> "That's kind of a problem too, meant to ask about that."
  91. [19:37:51] <Amaryllis> "I think we would both like to see that happen."
  92. [19:37:54] <Amaryllis> "Will they?"
  93. [19:38:05] <Amaryllis> "That sounds like a challenge."
  94. [19:38:05] <Natalie> "If they try to pry!"
  95. [19:38:19] * Natalie smirks again. "Then we'll just have to beat them!"
  96. [19:39:05] <Amaryllis> "I imagine, however, that we'll be occupied with less playful matters."
  97. [19:39:28] <Natalie> "So," scribblescribble.  "I'm gonna write some of this down so I don't forget it."  With the diary flipped open the 'calmdowncalmdowncalmdowncalmdown' page is clearly displayed to Ammy's eyes for a few second, since it's filled with terrified scribblings.
  98. [19:39:48] <Natalie> "If they ask, tell them I... scolded you for getting knocked out or something, 'kay?"
  99. [19:40:03] * Amaryllis frowns a moment at the page, then reaches over and hugs Nat.
  100. [19:40:10] * Natalie sniffles.
  101. [19:40:23] <Natalie> "... Thanks."
  102. [19:40:30] * Amaryllis nods silently.
  103. [19:41:11] <Natalie> Anything else?
  104. [19:42:01] <Amaryllis> "I am also terrified," Ammy begins to whisper in a shaking voice. "that when we return to civilization, my...habit will return as well. If I fail to stay my hand once more, will you still remain at my side?"
  105. [19:42:36] <Amaryllis> "I cannot avoid it, if I am to find the conclusion to my story, but nevertheless..."
  106. [19:42:42] <Natalie> "... I'm me."  Nat clings tighter.  "And you're you.  No matter what you do, you're always you- and that means you're always my friend, got it?"
  107. [19:43:13] * Amaryllis nods again.
  108. [19:43:25] <Natalie> "Nothing bad'll ever happen to you, not if I can help it.  And I'll never leave... never for real."
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