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  1. Oscar Downtime List:
  2. - speak to sophia to get an idea of what happened while they were away + state of the town + needed supplies
  3. - get stuff for custom spell
  4. - exchange usage of enhance ability to kurdotch for $$$ + speeding up/improving his work (perhaps x gold per times cast)
  5. - procure needed livestock using locate plants/animals + speak with animals (both rituals)
  6. - get herbs for hemic's alchemy, try to set up a garden of rare herbs so we can have sustainable potion brewing
  7. - see what magic items kawky has to offer
  8. - try and make a push towards getting more medical supplies + try to find a doctor, see if they will take on students to train basic medics
  9. - mining on days where others plan to make trips
  10. - get some sort of bell/alert system for when daybreak is under attack/something dangerous is happening and spread the word to group up in the tavern when you hear the bell
  11. - use any leftover downtime to train in investigation
  12. - get new clothes
  13. - try to procure studded leather armour
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