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  1. <p>Questions related to empathy:
  2.   <ul>
  3.     <li>What role does empathy play in your life and how has it helped you?</li>
  4.     <li>How does empathy help you build better software?</li>
  5.     <li>Why is empathy important for working on a team?</li>
  6.     <li>Describe a situation in which your ability to empathize with a colleague or teammate was helpful.</li>
  7.     <li>When do you find it most difficult to be empathetic in professional settings?</li>
  8.     <li>How can you improve your skills when faced with these scenarios?</li>
  9.   </ul>
  10. </p>
  12. <h3>Answer:</h3>
  13. <p>In my current job as a customer service manager, empathy is integral to most of the decisions I make. Being able to empathize with customers and co-workers pain points has helped tremendously when working on solutions. Applying that empathy to building better software will be a tremendous help both in understanding what exactly my customer needs and understanding how best to work with my coworkers. Having empathy within a team of coworkers is essential to keeping morale high. Over this last holiday season, the husband of one of my coworkers was diagnosed with cancer. While the holidays are the busiest season for us, myself and the rest of the team empathized with her and were able to support her in any way we could. I find it most difficult to be empathetic in a professional setting when I feel like my colleagues aren't valuing the work that I'm doing. To combat this, I continually remind myself that most people have enough going on with their own work so that while they might not show it, they probably do value the work that I'm doing.</p>
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