Session 2-A - SO MAGENTA

Jul 23rd, 2011
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  1. [03:30:49] <@Paradox> It is Spring 55, and a B-E-A-UUUUTIFUL day for the beach. It is HOT HOT HOT, the water is COLD COLD COLD, and the skies are TRUE BLUE and CLEAR.
  2. [03:31:05] <Nephene> ALCOHOOOOOOL
  3. [03:32:45] * Henry is dressed only in white, self-sewn swimming trunks decorated with red hearts as he's head to the beach. He's got a satchel slung over his shoulder with some supplies for the day, as well as bringing his camera. He never seems to be without it.
  4. [03:34:28] * Nephene relaxes on a folding beach chair, content to take in the beach atmosphere.
  5. [03:35:06] * Henry drapes out a couple of towels out on the sand, Bernard and Herbert hanging out somewhere nearby.
  6. [03:35:55] <Henry> "-and this is what Imperia lacked. The nice, refreshing atmosphere of a quiet beach getaway with pure, clean air and sparkling waters."
  7. [03:36:45] <Nephene> Amon is carefully balancing on an umbrella. Even on vacation, he takes his training seriously, just like a familiar old man.
  8. [03:37:49] <Flynn_> "Well, they had all that. It was just crammed with tourists so it was a bad idea to go."
  9. [03:38:18] <Nephene> "I'd imagine that even if you -could- go, it wouldn't be all that great."
  10. [03:38:34] * Henry has a look around the beach, checking out who's arrived, as well as the scenery. Herbert waddles around, trying not to get sand in his shoes, and Bernard is sunbathing.
  11. [03:38:35] <Nephene> "From what you two tell me, it's just....crowded there."
  12. [03:38:41] <Henry> "Quite."
  13. [03:39:11] <@Paradox> "But I bet there'd be a ton of hot babes there," pipes in Cedric, who is wearing ridiculous sunglasses, lots of sunscreen, and THE BRIGHTEST MAGENTA swimming trunks.
  14. [03:39:14] <Nephene> "I mean, a little company would be nice, yes, but just how much is enough?"
  15. [03:39:32] * Nephene winces at Cedric's trunks. It is physically painful to look at.
  16. [03:39:47] * Arawn is far less relaxed. He's not completely downdressed for the occasion; he's lacking his shirt - so scars, including the freshest on his shoulder - are quite visible. He's also carting around that hulking scythe of his, though he's doing so under a parasol. So it's more like he's just... watching.
  17. [03:39:48] <@Paradox> 1d8
  18. [03:39:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d8: 7 [1d8=7]
  19. [03:39:59] <@Paradox> 7 damage to everyone who looks at Cedric~
  20. [03:40:08] <@Paradox> SO MAGENTA.
  21. [03:40:26] * Flynn_ CRITICALLY AVERTS HIS EYES.
  22. [03:40:58] * Henry twitches visibly from the scarring color.
  23. [03:41:20] <Raven> Raven...strolled down to the beach eventually, actually dressing somewhat feminine for once, with a skirt instead of typical outdoorsy wear - with her companions in close pursuit and a guitar slung over her back. blinded from a distance. "Oh my what on earth is that -"
  24. [03:41:29] * Nike is also a bit on edge, sitting on the sand, dressed in a long, slit skirt, with a white shirt over top. While she might look fit for the beach, the sword at her side stands out. She looks over the others having fun, but makes no move to join.
  25. [03:42:00] * Henry decides to physically divert his eyes and check out the ocean. Sure is water.
  26. [03:42:50] * Flynn_ is just wearing some dark blue swim trunks and an old tank top that looks two sizes too big. The beach is no place for dressing up!
  27. [03:42:51] * Nephene wears a simple dark blue bikini with a hip wrap.
  28. [03:43:31] <@Paradox> Rylan Melikos sits next to Raven. "So, you play the guitar, huh?"
  29. [03:44:05] * Henry decides not to answer Cedric's comment and instead goes for a dive in the water, leaving his things behind with Bernard.
  30. [03:45:25] <Raven> Raven, who was momentarily blinded by a great light of some sort, is somewhat starteled. "Hm? Oh! Mr. Melikos. Hello. I...actually just recently found it sitting on my doorstep, I honestly don't have a clue how to actually play it, let alone read music. Just been toying around with it for now."
  31. [03:45:34] * Nephene moves her chair over next to Nike.
  32. [03:45:46] <Raven> She is, however, also quite curious where in the region did Cedric get pants that BRIGHT.
  33. [03:46:13] <Nephene> "Pardon. Just....need a moment to recover."
  34. [03:46:24] * Flynn_ is just sitting on a towel, soaking up the rays with Flora. She seems to be enjoying it at much as he is. Ruben is circles. Really fast. Damn demented bird.
  35. [03:46:54] <Nike> "I wouldn't blame you, Nephene." Nike had made sure to keep her eyes closed at just the right moment. But she had seen that brief glimpse.
  36. [03:46:58] * Nephene blinks several time, as if clearing something from her eyes.
  37. [03:47:46] <@Paradox> "Pft, whatever. My shorts are -fabulous-. Let's get away from these haters and go hit some waves, Quartz lady!"
  38. [03:48:03] <@Paradox> Cedric grabs the tirtouga under his arm, like a surfboard, and runs out into the waves.
  39. [03:48:22] * Arawn has, fortunately, failed to notice Cedric's existance. He gets out from under his lone parasol, letting out Spring as he does some stretches. The hoppip pretends to stretch with him. Hoppips can't really stretch, afterall.
  40. [03:48:25] <Nephene> "What have you been up to? I haven't seen you around lately."
  41. [03:48:27] * Henry swims out of Cedric's way with a grimace.
  42. [03:48:38] * Terri climbs down from a tree, and wonders what all the fuss is going on about.
  43. [03:49:10] <@Paradox> "Oh, is that so Miss Raven? Well, I could teach you if you like! The musical arts are my passion, I would would not mind sharing them~" says Rylan.
  44. [03:49:12] <@Paradox> 1d100
  45. [03:49:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 39 [1d100=39]
  46. [03:50:39] <@Paradox> Spring floats over to Flora, happily introducing himself.
  47. [03:50:59] <@Paradox> Flora for once doesn't dash behind Flynn for cover.
  48. [03:51:02] <Nephene> A brief breeze sends the Riolu off-balance and tumbling into the sands.
  49. [03:51:19] <Henry> Bernard looks over at Amon with a bit of a smirk.
  50. [03:51:42] <Nephene> Amon growls in slight frustration. This was important, dammit!
  51. [03:51:48] * Terri just wanders up to someone. "Hi."
  52. [03:51:54] <@Paradox> (Henry, wis check)
  53. [03:51:55] <Terri> Boris following Terri close behind.
  54. [03:52:00] <Henry> 1d20+6
  55. [03:52:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 1d20+6: 26 [1d20=20]
  56. [03:52:01] <Nike> "I've been staying with my family for a while. After the bandit raid, I helped my father maintain the weapons we managed to scavenge."
  57. [03:52:10] <Terri> (Haha, oh wow.)
  58. [03:52:37] <Flynn_> "Oh, a Hoppip. Arawn, is he yours? I didn't think grass types were really your style."
  59. [03:52:43] <Raven> "I' honored if you would!" she says as she unwinds it from her back. "I honestly have no back ground at all in it, just always wanted to learn..."
  60. [03:52:48] <Nephene> "Mmm. Well, at least your time was productive."
  61. [03:52:58] <Nephene> "Please tell me you could find time for yourself, though."
  62. [03:53:33] <Arawn> Arawn pulls his weapon from the sand as he watches Spring floating away. "Hey, where're you going?" and like that, he ends up following the hoppip over to... "Oh? I don't think I've seen you around here."
  63. [03:53:34] <Nike> "I'm here today, aren't I?" Nike mentions, looking up to Nephene
  64. [03:53:48] <Nephene> "True enough!"
  65. [03:54:06] <Nephene> "It took some doing, but I figure the patrons can last a few hours without their usual tonics."
  66. [03:54:11] <Raven> "and Maki, don't drag Hei too far off, he's still a fresh from the egg!"
  67. [03:54:16] <Flynn_> "You haven't? I mean, I guess you're inside all the time, but our shops aren't too far apart." Flynn gives him a kind of bewildered face.
  68. [03:55:46] <@Paradox> Suddenly, Henry is pulled under the water!
  69. [03:55:48] <Flynn_> "Though, I guess you don't really go to the restaurant much, hm."
  70. [03:56:00] <Arawn> "...?" he taps his chin in thought. "...When did we get a restaurant?"
  71. [03:56:31] <Nephene> Amon sets up his umbrella right next to Bernard....and assumes the same position, this time with the umbrella -open-, blocking out the Scraggy's sun.
  72. [03:56:33] <Henry> "Hrkfrblrbl!"
  73. [03:56:40] <Raven> (oh my)
  74. [03:56:54] <Raven> (is that...noticable to anyone on the shore?)
  75. [03:57:04] <@Paradox> (roll WIS to try and see)
  76. [03:57:14] <Raven> 1d20 bay watch.
  77. [03:57:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, bay watch.: 14 [1d20=14]
  78. [03:57:18] <Flynn_> "Oh geez. I've been here since the beginning of the season." He absently grabs the bird out of the air. "Stop that, you're making people nervous. Don't mind the bird, he's a"
  79. [03:57:30] <Terri> 1d20-3
  80. [03:57:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-3: 14 [1d20=17]
  81. [03:57:31] <Nephene> 1d20-2 DARING RESCUE?
  82. [03:57:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, DARING RESCUE?: 14 [1d20=16]
  83. [03:57:44] <Nephene> (( 14 SQUAD IS GO ))
  84. [03:57:46] <Flynn_> 1d20+8 who's the most observant of them all
  85. [03:57:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, who's the most observant of them all: 23 [1d20=15]
  86. [03:57:48] <Raven> (aaah yeah)
  87. [03:58:03] <@Paradox> Roll INT, Flynn
  88. [03:58:07] <Flynn_> ...;_;
  89. [03:58:12] <Arawn> "...Well, I haven't heard anything about that, so..." he leaves that just kind of hanging.
  90. [03:58:22] <Flynn_> 1d20
  91. [03:58:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, 1d20: 17 [1d20=17]
  92. [03:58:30] <@Paradox> Oh god what just happened to Henry
  93. [03:58:57] <Flynn_> "Wait a second...hey. Wasn't Henry swimming out there?! I don't see him anywhere!"
  94. [03:59:44] <Arawn> "...?" Arawn takes a look, his... remark getting lost in the face of more important things, potentially. Straight towards the water he goes!
  95. [03:59:49] <Raven> Raven scans the shoreline..."Uh..."
  96. [04:00:31] <Nephene> "Oh, dear. What's going on?"
  97. [04:00:56] <Raven> "Hold that thought, Mr. Melikos" she puts down the guitar and gets up..."Oh jeez, where is he..."
  98. [04:01:22] <@Paradox> Suddenly, from the water, bursts a huge Tentacruel
  99. [04:01:31] <Nike> "Something that made my joke in bad taste." Nike stood up, and rushed for the shoreline. She pursed her lips and whistled, hoping Baldur had a connection from the river to the sea.
  100. [04:01:56] <@Paradox> and I mean HUGE. It's the size of a house.
  101. [04:02:35] <Flynn_> "...Flora. Get ready."
  102. [04:02:42] <Raven> "Uh..."
  103. [04:02:52] <@Paradox> Henry dangles uselessly from one tentacle, being held high in the air.
  104. [04:02:58] * Arawn has his scythe out, hollering for Spring to come join him. This thing is... well, it's a -bit- intimidating maybe.
  105. [04:02:59] <Raven> "Oh jeez."
  106. [04:03:02] <Flynn_> (It's a BEACH PARTY, is it already sunny?)
  107. [04:03:19] <@Paradox> 1d100
  108. [04:03:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 59 [1d100=59]
  109. [04:03:23] <@Paradox> DM says no
  110. [04:03:33] * Henry coughs and sputters as he dangled from the tentacle.
  111. [04:03:40] * Nephene stands up, and holds up her hands to communicate a lack of threat.
  112. [04:03:51] <Henry> "HELP!"
  113. [04:03:52] <Nephene> "Um.....hello!" she calls out to the Tentacruel.
  114. [04:04:03] <@Paradox> The Tentacruel responds by shooting a poisoned sting at Raven
  115. [04:04:07] <@Paradox> 1d20
  116. [04:04:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 12 [1d20=12]
  117. [04:04:19] <Raven> "Ow! what the hell!"
  118. [04:04:31] <Nephene> "Okay, that's just not nice. Let's....settle down, and -maybe- try to talk this out."
  119. [04:04:34] <Nephene> "What's wrong?"
  120. [04:04:52] <Nephene> As she tries to mediate (however poorly), she reads the aura of the large Tentacruel.
  121. [04:05:03] <@Paradox> 1d8+1d12+14 damage
  122. [04:05:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, damage: 25 [1d8=7; 1d12=4]
  123. [04:05:07] * Henry flails around like a caught mouse.
  124. [04:05:14] * Terri runs over to the giant thingy.
  125. [04:05:22] <@Paradox> The large tentacruel throws Henry down hard
  126. [04:05:25] <Raven> " didn't really hurt, but -"
  127. [04:05:30] <Nephene> "Okay!"
  128. [04:05:38] <@Paradox> Luckily, he lands on Amon's umbrella, softening his fall.
  129. [04:05:43] <Nephene> "We're sorry for.....being here at the beach? Was that it?"
  130. [04:05:47] <Henry> "OOF!"
  131. [04:05:56] * Arawn is at the edge of the beach, weapon ready. The moment that it fires at them, well, that seals the deal for him, it seems. "I can do something good with you...!"
  132. [04:06:03] <Nephene> Again, the Riolu tumbles. This day was -such- horseshit.
  133. [04:06:17] * Terri charges into battle. "BAD ANGRY SEA MONSTER THINGY!!"
  134. [04:06:20] * Henry shakes his head, wincing as he gets up. o.x
  135. [04:06:39] <@Paradox> (SPEEDS/DEX)
  136. [04:06:44] <Raven> Raven marches over to Nephene - "Is that thing like Ol' Pincher's equally pissy cousin?"
  137. [04:06:56] <Arawn> (14 DEX / 12 Speed )
  138. [04:07:00] <Flynn_> (8 dex, 3 spd. THE SLOWEST)
  139. [04:07:10] <Nephene> "I'm not sure. Let me try to smooth things over."
  140. [04:07:14] <Terri> 23 dex/8 spd
  141. [04:07:29] <Nike> (15 DEX / 12 SPD, if Baldur can make it here)
  142. [04:07:29] <Raven> (22 DEX, 10 speed, Maki)
  143. [04:07:31] <Henry> Henry 5, Herbert 4, because Bernard can't arse himself to help at the moment.
  144. [04:07:32] <Nephene> (( 20 Dex, 10 speed ))
  145. [04:07:36] <Nephene> ((Amon. ))
  146. [04:07:45] <Terri> (Boris)
  147. [04:08:02] <Flynn_> (In PTA EXP can be spread around however you like, right?)
  148. [04:08:23] <Henry> (That's dependant from GM to GM)
  149. [04:09:11] <Raven> She hurries back to her belongings and readiers her rifle. "don't see things goin' smoothly..."
  150. [04:09:17] <@Paradox> (who did I miss)
  151. [04:09:26] <Henry> (Henry 5)
  152. [04:09:29] <Flynn_> (THE SLOWEST \o/)
  153. [04:09:49] <@Paradox> Terri's turn!
  154. [04:09:51] <Nephene> (( NOT SO SLOWEST ))
  155. [04:10:11] <Terri> "BAD SEA MONSTERY THINGY!"
  156. [04:10:22] * Terri rushes to the creature.
  157. [04:10:31] <Terri> and RUSTY AXE
  158. [04:10:31] <Raven> "Terri - what are you, oh dear."
  159. [04:10:34] <Terri> 1d20
  160. [04:10:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20: 8 [1d20=8]
  161. [04:10:39] <Terri> ac2
  162. [04:10:41] <Flynn_> "...Uh oh."
  163. [04:10:41] <@Paradox> The Tentacruel is fully on the beach at this point, huge tentacles acting like legs on the sand.
  164. [04:11:27] <@Paradox> Terri hits!
  165. [04:11:51] <Terri> 7d10+5+6+6+6
  166. [04:11:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 7d10+5+6+6+6: 70 [7d10=7,2,10,8,7,5,8]
  167. [04:14:32] <Raven> Raven shoots the damn thing! (or tries to.)
  168. [04:14:36] <Raven> 1d20 ac6
  169. [04:14:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, ac6: 8 [1d20=8]
  170. [04:14:47] <@Paradox> miss!
  171. [04:14:51] <@Paradox> Neph's turn
  172. [04:15:11] * Nephene goes right for the pressure points!
  173. [04:15:19] * Raven shouts many obsence things as she manages her rifle...
  174. [04:15:41] <Nephene> 1d20+10 DC 15 Pressure Points
  175. [04:15:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, DC 15 Pressure Points: 20 [1d20=10]
  176. [04:15:58] <Nephene> 1d4 rounds immobilized
  177. [04:15:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, rounds immobilized: 1 [1d4=1]
  178. [04:16:15] <@Paradox> 1d100
  179. [04:16:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 53 [1d100=53]
  180. [04:16:46] <@Paradox> Neph's attack doesn't seem to do much!
  181. [04:16:50] <@Paradox> Nike's turn
  182. [04:17:09] <Nephene> "Oh, dear."
  183. [04:18:20] * Nike frowns, and draws her bow. "Nothing for it. Let's do this!" She fires an arrow from her newly claimed Boulder Bow!
  184. [04:18:26] <Nike> 1d20
  185. [04:18:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, 1d20: 1 [1d20=1]
  186. [04:18:49] <Raven> "...must be the wind today," she shouts at Nike.
  187. [04:18:59] <@Paradox> Arawn~
  188. [04:19:05] <Nike> "Must be," Nike growls, disappoint
  189. [04:20:04] * Arawn takes the opportunity from Nike clearly being not used to her newly retrieved weapon to dash along one of the beast's tentacles, going straight for the main body. CHARGE D:<
  190. [04:20:06] <Arawn> 1d20
  191. [04:20:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, 1d20: 12 [1d20=12]
  192. [04:20:20] <Arawn> 7d10+5 (But resisted D: )
  193. [04:20:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, (But resisted D: ): 41 [7d10=3,10,5,9,4,2,3]
  194. [04:20:24] <Arawn> Er
  195. [04:20:33] <Arawn> 8d10+5 , right, bonus damage
  196. [04:20:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, , right, bonus damage: 35 [8d10=4,3,1,8,5,7,1,1]
  197. [04:20:40] <Henry> (ROLL EVEN LOWER)
  198. [04:20:48] <Arawn> (D: )
  199. [04:21:01] <Raven> (dicemaid.)
  200. [04:21:10] <Raven> (nuf said.)
  201. [04:21:47] <@Paradox> The Monster does not seem impressed.
  202. [04:21:54] <@Paradox> Flynn's turn
  203. [04:22:00] * Arawn stares down the monster D:<
  204. [04:22:36] <Flynn_> Flynn runs over to Raven, making sure the poison doesn't get into the bloodstream and that the wound isn't going to get infected.
  205. [04:22:48] <Flynn_> 1d20+8 remedial first aid
  206. [04:22:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, remedial first aid: 13 [1d20=5]
  207. [04:23:02] * Henry is clearly quite irritated as he stomps over and grabs his things. "If you wish to have at me, then so it will be!" He sure has some guff, talking to it like that. Judge Blinders, Follow Me! engaged!
  208. [04:23:22] <Raven> "Oh, um...thanks. Wait, have we met? Oh nevermind this isn't the time for that."
  209. [04:23:51] <Nephene> Amon pulls his head out of the sand just soon enough to catch all of Henry's bravado. What does this fool think he's -doing-?
  210. [04:24:16] * Henry gets his camera ready.
  211. [04:24:30] <Flynn_> "It really isn't. But first aid training can at least come in handy."
  212. [04:25:15] <@Paradox> The Tentacruel looks for a target...
  213. [04:25:38] <@Paradox> HENRYYYYYYY
  214. [04:26:02] <Henry> (=D)
  215. [04:26:05] <@Paradox> 1d20
  216. [04:26:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 7 [1d20=7]
  217. [04:26:08] <Henry> Interrupt! Henry stands abnormally still, not even making an attempt to dodge the attack! He raises his camera...
  218. [04:26:13] <Henry> The attack can't miss!
  219. [04:26:23] <@Paradox> 5d10+1d12+14
  220. [04:26:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 5d10+1d12+14: 55 [5d10=10,4,3,10,6; 1d12=8]
  221. [04:26:27] <Henry> 1d20+6 Action Photo+
  222. [04:26:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, Action Photo+: 20 [1d20=14]
  223. [04:26:30] <Henry> PASS
  224. [04:26:32] <Henry> What did I just snap?
  225. [04:26:36] <@Paradox> Henry is attacked by a POISON JAB.
  226. [04:26:58] <Henry> "Oof!" he stumbles backwards, but manages to capture the move. He grins.
  227. [04:27:04] <Raven> "Oh jeez. Henry, we -seriously- need to get you some armor or something."
  228. [04:27:34] <Henry> "Y-yes..."
  229. [04:27:34] <Arawn> Woah, what? Did it just go for that... hey, wait, that's the same guy from the bandit attack, isn't it? Oh, right, more important things right now. "Spring, now!"
  230. [04:28:04] <Arawn> 1d20 SEED BOMB etc
  231. [04:28:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, SEED BOMB etc: 5 [1d20=5]
  232. [04:28:32] <Arawn> 5d10+1d6+7 neutral damage
  233. [04:28:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, neutral damage: 39 [5d10=8,7,1,8,2; 1d6=6]
  234. [04:28:59] <@Paradox> Baldur's turn, Nike!
  235. [04:31:55] <Nike> Suddenly, from water where the river met the beach, a large, beautiful scaled water snake swam to the call of Nike's whistle. It was Baldur, blasting through the water with such speed, he whipped up a storm!
  236. [04:32:27] <Nike> 1d20 Twister AC2
  237. [04:32:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, Twister AC2: 3 [1d20=3]
  238. [04:33:11] <@Paradox> The storm breaks uselessly against the giant monster!
  239. [04:33:21] <@Paradox> Maki's turn
  240. [04:33:34] <Raven> "Maki, take him DOWN!"
  241. [04:33:40] <Raven> 1d20 thrash AC2
  242. [04:33:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, thrash AC2: 16 [1d20=16]
  243. [04:33:52] <@Paradox> (oh no not this again!)
  244. [04:34:08] <Raven> 5d20+14; 1d2 turns
  245. [04:34:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, 5d20+14: 84 [5d20=14,16,5,15,20]; turns: 2 [1d2=2]
  246. [04:34:19] <@Paradox> The Giant monster looks quit ehurt
  247. [04:35:43] <@Paradox> Amon's turn, Nephene
  248. [04:36:14] <Nephene> "Amon! Show them the Five Shooting Stars Technique!"
  249. [04:36:26] <Nephene> 1d20 AC3 Sky Uppercut
  250. [04:36:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, AC3 Sky Uppercut: 12 [1d20=12]
  251. [04:36:48] <Nephene> 3d20+1d6+13 damage!
  252. [04:36:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, damage!: 30 [3d20=7,3,3; 1d6=4]
  253. [04:37:32] <@Paradox> BONK
  254. [04:37:36] <@Paradox> Punching jellyfish
  255. [04:37:52] <@Paradox> BORIS
  256. [04:38:20] <Nephene> Amon bounces off the jellyfish. -Such- horseshit.
  257. [04:38:35] <Terri> AERIAL ACE
  258. [04:38:36] <Terri> 1d20
  259. [04:38:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20: 16 [1d20=16]
  260. [04:38:38] <Terri> nocrit
  261. [04:38:57] <Terri> 3d10+18
  262. [04:38:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 3d10+18: 44 [3d10=9,9,8]
  263. [04:40:21] <@Paradox> SLICE
  264. [04:40:25] <@Paradox> Boris hits hard!
  265. [04:40:27] <@Paradox> Herbert's turn
  266. [04:40:30] <Henry> "Clip its power, Herbert, and make it your own!" Herbert concentrates and glows. Power Swap! Herbert attempts to replace the tentacruel's attack and special attack with 6 and 11, respectively. Can't miss, but can it affect it?!
  267. [04:42:13] <@Paradox> 1d100
  268. [04:42:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 20 [1d100=20]
  269. [04:42:16] <@Paradox> DM SAYS YES
  270. [04:42:33] <@Paradox> 14 and 16 respectively for it
  271. [04:42:41] <Henry> Herbert feels mighty!
  272. [04:42:59] <@Paradox> FLORA
  273. [04:43:23] <Flynn_> "Flora! Drain him, just like we practiced!"
  274. [04:43:37] <Flynn_> 1d20 AC2 MEGA DRAIN
  275. [04:43:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, AC2 MEGA DRAIN: 3 [1d20=3]
  276. [04:43:47] <Flynn_> (oh horseshit. :| )
  277. [04:43:58] <Henry> (You probably didn't want to anyway)
  278. [04:45:19] <@Paradox> (yyyyeah you really didn't)
  279. [04:45:39] <@Paradox> Flora is too wise to drain a Liquidy Oozed tentacruel, no matter what Flynn says.
  281. [04:46:14] <@Paradox> "COWABUNGA, DUDES!"
  282. [04:46:17] <@Paradox> 1d20
  283. [04:46:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 11 [1d20=11]
  284. [04:46:33] <@Paradox> A tirtouga comes out of the surf, slaming into the Tentacruel.
  285. [04:46:49] <@Paradox> 2d20+10
  286. [04:46:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2d20+10: 33 [2d20=15,8]
  287. [04:47:08] <@Paradox> The Tentacruel looks around for a target again...
  288. [04:47:45] <@Paradox> 1d20 FUCK IT YOU'RE ALL TARGETS
  289. [04:47:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, FUCK IT YOU'RE ALL TARGETS: 11 [1d20=11]
  290. [04:47:58] <@Paradox> 3d10+1d12+11 Water Pulse
  291. [04:47:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, Water Pulse: 44 [3d10=8,6,7; 1d12=12]
  292. [04:48:10] <Raven> Maki flops :B
  293. [04:48:18] <Raven> "Can't say I didn't see that coming!"
  294. [04:48:19] <Flynn_> Flora looks refreshed.
  295. [04:48:46] <Henry> (Man, why is Action Photo+ a trainer action)
  296. [04:48:51] <Terri> "Whoa!"
  297. [04:48:56] * Henry can't do shit and just protects his camera.
  298. [04:49:29] <Henry> Herbert looks fine.
  299. [04:49:52] <Henry> Bernard, on the other hand, is significantly less happy from being pelted with water.
  300. [04:50:21] <@Paradox> < WHY I SAY >
  301. [04:50:22] * Arawn braces against the oh god water everywhere, now soaked. His scythe is steaming the water off of itself. Spring, meanwhile, doesn't look bothered. It's kind of refreshing. Kind of.
  302. [04:50:29] <Nephene> Amon and Neph take similar defensive stances, attempting to stay standing against the torrent.
  303. [04:50:35] <@Paradox> Terri's turn!
  304. [04:50:48] <Terri> "MEET MR. CHOPPY!"
  305. [04:50:50] <Terri> 1d20
  306. [04:50:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20: 19 [1d20=19]
  307. [04:51:01] <Terri> 7d10+6+6+6+5
  308. [04:51:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 7d10+6+6+6+5: 58 [7d10=5,8,3,2,8,7,2]
  309. [04:51:04] <@Paradox> CHOP CHOP CHOP
  310. [04:51:15] <@Paradox> Terri gets x1 Tentacruel Tentacle for his inventory
  311. [04:51:23] <@Paradox> Raven!
  312. [04:51:35] <Raven> Raven takes aim again! pow!
  313. [04:51:38] <Raven> 1d20 ac6
  314. [04:51:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, ac6: 8 [1d20=8]
  315. [04:51:48] <Raven> (imgoingtokillher.)
  316. [04:52:13] <@Paradox> Nephene's turn!
  317. [04:52:47] <Terri> Boris also looks very wet, nearly ko'd and angry.
  318. [04:53:09] * Nephene advances, delivering a furious flurry of blows!
  319. [04:53:15] <Nephene> 1d20 AC 6 fists
  320. [04:53:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, AC 6 fists: 18 [1d20=18]
  321. [04:53:22] <Nephene> 3d12+25 damage!
  322. [04:53:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, damage!: 41 [3d12=7,2,7]
  323. [04:53:44] <@Paradox> The Tentacruel is looking quite hurt, but it won't stop!
  324. [04:54:01] <@Paradox> Nike gets water and seaweed off her person
  325. [04:54:02] <@Paradox> ARAWN
  326. [04:54:49] <Arawn> 1d20 Still busy meleeing the thing's head D:<
  327. [04:54:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, Still busy meleeing the thing's head D:<: 7 [1d20=7]
  328. [04:54:56] * Nephene looks around for Amon, who is floating in the water nearby, just barely conscious!
  329. [04:54:56] <Arawn> (Aww that probably failed)
  330. [04:55:11] <Nephene> As soon as she can, she scoops up the Riolu, and gets him the hell out of there.
  331. [04:55:13] <@Paradox> DINK
  332. [04:55:18] <@Paradox> FLYNN
  333. [04:56:45] <Flynn_> Flynn, now gone from peeved past angry into seething fury, produces a tremendous frying pan from god-knows-where and charges the damn thing.
  334. [04:56:58] <Flynn_> 1d20 AC6
  335. [04:56:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, AC6: 20 [1d20=20]
  336. [04:57:05] <Henry> (Haha, oh wow)
  337. [04:57:08] <Arawn> (ALL THE FURY)
  338. [04:57:19] <Flynn_> (...what do I even do for a trainer crit)
  339. [04:57:25] <Nephene> ( Max damage. )
  340. [04:57:34] <Flynn_> ...18 damage
  341. [04:58:15] <@Paradox> PAN'D
  342. [04:58:34] <@Paradox> .... and it falls over, splooshing jelly everywhere.
  343. [04:58:38] <@Paradox> deadcruel.
  344. [04:58:52] * Henry stares a moment. Did he really just kill it with his frying pan?
  345. [04:58:56] <Nephene> "Amon! Just hang in there, bud! Breathe deep!"
  346. [04:59:01] <Arawn> 1d20+2 oh god down it goes STABILITY CHECK
  347. [04:59:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, oh god down it goes STABILITY CHECK: 4 [1d20=2]
  348. [04:59:15] * Arawn falls clear off of the tentacruel and down into the water gracelessly D:
  349. [04:59:21] <Nephene> 2d20+10 HP healed
  350. [04:59:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, HP healed: 46 [2d20=16,20]
  351. [04:59:29] <Raven> Raven...goes to scoop up Maki "I'm sorry buddy I didn't mean for you to get hurt like that..."
  352. [04:59:32] <Henry> "...Whew." he falls flat on his ass, 6 HP left. He's not feeling like much of anything at the moment. He takes a snapshot of the deadcruel before it's chopped up though.
  353. [04:59:35] <Henry> 1d20+6
  354. [04:59:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 1d20+6: 20 [1d20=14]
  355. [04:59:48] <Henry> (Wild Photo)
  356. [04:59:52] <Nephene> "Come on, little guy. Let's get up."
  357. [05:00:06] <Nike> Nike coughs, putting away her bow. " wasn't supposed to be like this..." She wanders to the shoreline, looking for anyone who needed help.
  358. [05:00:12] * Nephene eases the Riolu's pain, particularly around the bruises.
  359. [05:00:12] <Henry> "...Herbert, Bernard. You two alright?"
  360. [05:00:17] * Henry breathes in and out rather pained.
  361. [05:00:19] <Terri> (Im still here for the Beach party, or did I just screw up things horribly, and cause a time paradox?)
  362. [05:00:40] * Flynn_ is still panting with white-hot culinary rage. WHO WANTS SOME FRIED FUCKIN JELLYFISH.
  363. [05:00:59] <Nephene> Amon simply opts to laze on Nephene's head.
  364. [05:01:01] * Arawn pops back out of the water, steam coming off of the blade of Red Harvest as he pulls it up with him. And is looking at the tentacruel with fanatical eyes.
  365. [05:01:03] <Nephene> Enough was enough.
  366. [05:01:21] <@Paradox> < I AM NOT ALRIGHT. This day is such -horseshit-. He got my suspenders wet! >
  367. [05:01:48] <Nephene> She simply pats the Emanation Pokemon on the head....and his ears perk up.
  368. [05:01:49] <Nephene> THe day.
  369. [05:01:52] <Nephene> It was....
  370. [05:01:53] <Nike> "Baldur? Are you going to be okay?" Nike asks. The Milotic lets out a sad noise, but otherwise already starts to tend to himself.
  371. [05:01:54] <Henry> "They'll be fine once they've hung up to dry a bit." he says idly, though he smiles a little bit.
  372. [05:01:55] <@Paradox> As Arawn begins to dismember the Tentacruel, he finds an egg within it! :C
  373. [05:01:59] <Nephene> .....yes. It was horseshit.
  374. [05:02:03] * Arawn wastes little time in climbing up the things body and beginning to cut out... is it an eye? Some sort of gem? It's that glowing red thing in its forehead and--...huh?
  375. [05:02:04] <Nephene> THIS ONE UNDERSTOOD.
  376. [05:02:07] * Terri goes and checks on Boris.
  377. [05:02:10] <Raven> Raven frowns as she sits back down near her stuff, with Maki quite unconcious in her lap. " was supposed to be fun too."
  378. [05:02:17] <Nephene> This one knows!
  379. [05:02:32] <Terri> (Boris has lol2HP left.)
  380. [05:02:35] <Arawn> Well, this wasn't what he expected to find at all. He'll bring it down to the others once he's finished getting -glorious materials-.
  381. [05:02:51] <Terri> "Good work, Boris!"
  382. [05:02:53] * Terri hugs Boris.
  383. [05:02:54] <Nephene> With that, he scampers off to meet Bernard. He even takes down the umbrella, barking excitedly all the while.
  384. [05:03:00] <Terri> Boris just kinda :|s
  385. [05:03:10] <Terri> and tries to dry himself off.
  386. [05:03:12] <Flynn_> Flynn searches the Tentacruel for some of the nice, quality cuts. Who knows, maybe jellyfish steak will be the next big thing. And if not, it will probably be good given enough garlic and salt.
  387. [05:03:41] * Henry watches Bernard and Amon idly, and checks his camera. ...Dry. Good. And the photo? ...Developed perfectly. Excellent.
  388. [05:04:08] * Henry reaches over and rubs at Herbert's 'hair' a bit.
  389. [05:04:33] <Henry> "Probably would have simply went down without your help there. Thank you, Herbert. You did well."
  390. [05:04:49] <Nephene> Who -knows- what the little one is going on about?
  391. [05:04:59] <@Paradox> The Tangela rubs up against Henry's leg.
  392. [05:05:06] <Nephene> Regardless, he shakes Bernard.
  393. [05:05:12] <@Paradox> He seems to have grown fond of Henry quickly, despite the initial mistrust.
  394. [05:05:29] * Henry smiles at that.
  395. [05:05:35] * Nephene breathes a sigh of relief, and returns to her chair.
  396. [05:05:36] <Henry> Bernard is just sort of leaningawayfromriolu.jpg
  397. [05:05:48] <Henry> What the devil is this thing shaking him for?
  398. [05:06:15] <Henry> Wet suspenders and now a wet dog shaking him. Truly this WAS a horseshit day.
  399. [05:06:40] <Nephene> Yes! It was! Indeed!
  400. [05:06:54] * Henry eventually pushes himself to his feet and has a look around.
  401. [05:07:10] <Henry> "Urgh... thank you. I apologize if stirring that creature was somehow my fault."
  402. [05:07:17] * Henry says to everyone, generally.
  403. [05:07:32] <Nephene> "I have no idea what he's getting excited about."
  404. [05:07:40] <Nephene> "He's happier than he has been in a while, though."
  405. [05:07:52] <Henry> "Oh, I meant... the jellyfish, not your Riolu." he looks.
  406. [05:08:12] <Henry> "He does seem excited, doesn't he?"
  407. [05:08:57] <Henry> "Regardless... this has been some day already. Exhausting... If I relax any further it may as well kill me."
  408. [05:09:09] <Flynn_> "Heeeeeeey! 'Scuse me! Can I get someone to help me carry these cuts into town? There's a ton and I can't carry much!" He indicates one of his skinny, skinny arms.
  409. [05:09:51] * Henry is likely even skinnier than Flynn with 6 str.
  410. [05:10:07] * Nike pats Baldur, and lets him go on his way, before turning to Flynn. "I can help with that. Arawn? You going to be okay with all your finds?"
  411. [05:10:22] <Flynn_> (6 str buddies o/)
  412. [05:10:25] <Nephene> "I should be able to help out."
  413. [05:10:26] <Henry> "Yes, I'll help as I can, but first..."
  414. [05:10:36] <Arawn> "You're not the only one..." Arawn is still fiddling at the core of the beast, trying to carefully procure the... eww that's actually kinda gross. "I'll manage, don't worry, Nike. Hey, can you pass me a bag? From under my parasol~"
  415. [05:10:38] <Nephene> "Amon. You can talk to your friend later. We've got to haul something back."
  416. [05:10:42] * Henry walks back over to the shore, peering into the water.
  417. [05:10:50] <Henry> "That pokemon... I think I would like one. Yes."
  418. [05:11:00] <Nephene> THe Riolu immediately falls into silence, releases Bernard, and simply bows respectfully before meeting his Trainer.
  419. [05:11:18] * Terri offers to help carry stuff.
  420. [05:11:22] <Raven> Raven...gathers her things and walks over slowly to help. "Well...guess practicin' this thing will have to wait."
  421. [05:11:36] <Henry> Bernard just kind of watches Amon go, muttering something privately to Henry under his breath.
  422. [05:11:38] * Arawn looks down at Henry. "Hey, prettyboy. You looking for one?"
  423. [05:11:46] <Terri> "Huh, I can help carry..."
  424. [05:11:54] * Nike is about to throw Arawn his bag, before stopping, and just bringing it over to him instead.
  426. [05:13:58] <Flynn_> Flynn's voice carries...and carries...and carries. Being a motormouth with a loud voice can have its uses.
  427. [05:14:05] * Henry looks over at Flynn, thinking. "I wonder how palatable it is... Either way I suppose I can return later."
  428. [05:14:20] * Nephene takes a large haul. She's stronger than she looks.
  429. [05:14:39] <Raven> Raven takes as much as she can, 8 STR ain't much an improvement.
  430. [05:15:00] * Terri takes as much as he can, and Boris perches on top of his head.
  431. [05:15:04] <Terri> 1d20+6
  432. [05:15:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20+6: 7 [1d20=1]
  433. [05:15:06] * Henry helps with the cuts.
  434. [05:15:13] <Henry> (Oh, whoops)
  435. [05:15:18] <Henry> (Sorry Gar, I missed Arawn's line)
  436. [05:15:21] <Henry> "Hm?"
  437. [05:15:27] <Terri> (Oh. No one else rolled str...)
  438. [05:15:30] <Henry> "If by one, you mean one of these pokemon, I may, why?"
  439. [05:15:38] <Raven> "I'm Raven by the way, the local town guard. Guess you're new around here yourself, eh?" She mentions to Flynn.
  440. [05:15:59] <Arawn> Arawn descends from the jellyfish, leaving his weapon stuck in its core for a moment... but carrying something else with him. It's a little... goopy. He takes the bag from Nike even as he offers it up. "Here."
  441. [05:16:15] * Henry takes the goopy thing, grimacing a bit. "What is...?"
  442. [05:16:25] <Arawn> It's... well, under the slight red goop, it looks like... "It's an egg."
  443. [05:16:33] * Nephene catches up to Nike.
  444. [05:16:41] <Nephene> "And I thought I could have a real vacation for once."
  445. [05:16:52] <Henry> "...Oh! Hm, was it... guarding its young here? I see..."
  446. [05:17:20] <Nike> "It's a shame. We should go to this new restaurant, and just relax there for the rest of the day. I'll buy."
  447. [05:17:34] <Arawn> "Or something. I don't really care to know what an egg is doing inside a Pokemon, you'd be better asking Maka," he shrugs, handing the egg off to Henry - and then he hops right back up, climbing the Tentacruel to get back to work.
  448. [05:17:41] <Henry> "Thank you. You're the smith, correct? I believe Arawn was the name? Thank you, Arawn. I'm Henry Whitacre, the tailor. If you need something-"
  449. [05:17:41] <Flynn_> "Well, I've been here for a few weeks now, but yeah, that's the long and short of it. I came down from the city. I like it a lot better here...somehow, it's quieter AND more exciting."
  450. [05:17:43] * Terri also puts the one tentacle he chopped off in his backpack.
  451. [05:17:45] * Henry watches him go.
  452. [05:17:49] <Nephene> "Oh, no. It's quite alright."
  453. [05:17:52] <Nephene> "I'll buy."
  454. [05:18:14] <Arawn> "Alright. Nice to meet you," Arawn calls down, filing the name away so he can forget it later.
  455. [05:18:22] * Henry puts the goopy egg in one of the towels he brought and quickly washes his hands off. :I He will need to see a breeder about this. He has no idea how to take care of an egg.
  456. [05:18:37] <Raven> She nods, "City dweller myself till I got stationed out here. It's something else..."
  457. [05:19:18] * Henry gathers his things and carries what little of the tentacuts he can, he's had enough relaxation for today.
  458. [05:20:28] <Raven> She continues to watch Aarawn and Nike go about the business of harvesting the creature, curiously.
  459. [05:21:56] <Arawn> (I think Nike was helping to haul off Jellyfishsteak)
  460. [05:22:11] <Raven> (oh, misunderstood something then.)
  461. [05:23:16] <Raven> "Do things from the creatures you hunt?"
  462. [05:24:14] <Arawn> "...Hm?" He looks a little surprised at being addressed, pulling himself away a little to look down at Raven. "Sorry?"
  463. [05:25:31] <@Paradox> (you guys can continue to RP if you want, but I'm going to bed. NIGHT)
  464. [05:25:52] <Raven> "I've noticed you got a habit of harvesting things from carcassses. Curious what you use them for."
  465. [05:26:16] * Terri delivers the whatever he was moving to whever it was Flynn wanted them.
  466. [05:27:56] <Arawn> "Oh, yeah," Arawn nods, getting back to his work. "Materials harvested from Pokemon... done right, of course, are extremely potent. And prey as well-grown as this..."
  467. [05:29:10] <Raven> "Better to put the remains to use then let them rot, yes...granted I don't know what even ticked the bitch off in the first place."
  468. [05:29:53] <Raven> "Hmmm, ya know...I got something I wanna commision through you and your boss. I'll...get the resources together and drop by sometime later."
  469. [05:30:28] <Arawn> "...Mmm? Alright," Arawn shrugs. "I'll... take a look at what you offer, yeah."
  470. [05:32:19] <Raven> "Won't be anything fancy, but should be an interesting project...I'll get back to you on that though...I...where the hell are we supposed to take this shit anyway?" she refers to the tentacruel slices. "Ah well, catch you later."
  471. [05:32:44] * Arawn thinks that's /session
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