Actions of Terror

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  1. Actions of Terror
  3. Matched Play Mission
  5. The Kill Teams
  6. This is a mission for 2 players. Choose which player is the Attacker and which is the Defender. If one can’t be chosen, roll off, and the winner may decide. Each player chooses a faction keyword, and both players reveal their choices at the same time. They then both create a battleforged Kill Team of that faction.
  8. The Battlefield
  9. The battle may take place with any terrain or killzone. It is recomended to set up terrain that prevents LoS from corner to opposite corner. Both players then roll off. The winning player chooses a corner for their deployment zone. The deployment zone is any horizontal space within 7” from the corner. The losing player receives the opposite corner. Both players, starting with the Attacker, place an objective marker on the field, more than 9” from the edge of the deployment zone, 10” from another objective, and 3” from a board edge.
  11. Scouting Phase
  12. Resolve the Scouting phase as described in the core manual. The Defender cannot use Plant Traps on terrain features within 1” of an objective marker.
  14. Deployment
  15. Both players roll off and then alternate setting up, starting with the player who lost the roll off. A player’s models must be set wholly within their deployment zone. If a player runs out of models to deploy, then skip them. Continue to set up until both players Kill Teams are fully deployed. After all models are deployed, the Attacking player secretly marks one of their models as the “Bomb Carrier”. A piece of paper or digital document should be used to secretly track the Bomb-Carrier. Once all models are setup, the battle round begins.
  17. Battle Length
  18. If at the end of battle round 3 the Bomb hasn’t been planted, the Bomb has been Defused, or the Bomb has Detonated, the game is over.
  20. The Bomb
  21. One model on the Attacker’s Kill Team is carrying the Bomb. When this models ends the battle round controlling an objective, it may Plant the Bomb. An objective marker with the Bomb should be marked with a marker and a dice marked to 1. The Bomb cannot be removed from the objective. Only one objective may carry the Bomb at a time. At the end of each battle round after the bomb has been planted, increase the number on the dice by 1. When the dice goes beyond 6, the Bomb Detonates. If the bomb detonates, models within 6” of the Bomb go out-of-action, models within 12” take a mortal wound, and models within 24” is hit by a strength 6 ap - heavy 1 attack. If the bomb goes below 1, the Bomb is Defused.
  23. If the Bomb Carrier goes out-of-action before planting the bomb, replace their models with a Bomb marker. Any model that comes within 1” of the Bomb at any time in the movement phase may carry it. The marker now follows that model until they either go out-of-action, or come within 1” of a friendly model, at which point the Bomb may be given to that model instead at the end of the movement phase.
  25. Victory Conditions
  26. If the Bomb Detonates before the game ends, the Attacker wins. Otherwise, the Defender wins.
  32. Hotwire
  33. Attacker Tactic
  34. Use this tactic at the end of the battle round in which any objective you control has the bomb. Increase the dice counter by 1. No more than 1 Hotwire Tactic can be used per battle round.
  35. 1 Command Point
  37. Defuse
  38. Defender Tactic
  39. Use this tactic at the end of the battle round in which any objective you control has the bomb. Decrease the dice counter by d3. Once per game, when you use this tactic, you may add 1 to the result of the d3 to a maximum of 3 after the dice is rolled. No more than 1 Defuse Tactic can be used per battle round.
  40. 1 Command Point
  46. If the Attacker wins, they gain 2 Morale, and the Defender loses 1 Territory
  48. If the Defender wins, they gain 1 Morale and 1 Material, and the Attacker loses 1 Material.
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