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  1. Dear Cocaine,
  2. It is my duty to inform you of your idiotic narrow minded statements.
  3. Let me start by pointing out that you in fact are just as bad as any other bully. You stated that I would be lucky not to be swatted by you (CocaineSubmarine). To my knowledge, swatting is a federal crime. And now that you openly admitted that you want/will swatt me, if you ever did. I could simply return to this discussion and you'd be the reason for your demise. Instead of putting so much time in being a keyboard warrior, why not take a look at your statements. Let me begin with this one:
  4. 'She was forced to move from school to school to avoid being ridiculed every day for the rest of her life.'
  5. You act as if public school was the only option she had. She had other means of education at her disposal, and I'm sure any requirements would have been disregarded considering the conversation she was in. She had the options of: Home Schooling - Independent Study - Learning Centers and some of which I cannot think of at the moment. Public school was not her only option.
  6. Onto the next, shall we?:
  7. 'And even if she did sleep with a guy that had a GF, lots of girls do that and this girl was depressed and looked for any type of companion ship'
  8. So, you are saying that if a girl is depressed, its ok that she sleeps with other people's significant others? So, when I was feeling a bit down. I'd just go out and fuck every girl I came across, for the sole reason of 'I was depressed'. What kind of logic is that.
  10. And with that I bid you adieu.
  11. [picture here]
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