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  1. Campervan Salad Bowl Sink
  4. A campervan sink needs to be small, lightweight and, if you're on a tight budget, cheap. I spent a long time searching for the ideal campervan sink and eventually found a salad bowl in a shop. It's small but big enough to get a frying pan in, it's not too deep, medium-weight and very cheap. It has a mostly flat bottom, which is essential as it would make washing up difficult if it was too bowl shaped. I cut a hole in the bottom easily enough with my drill and jigsaw and a camping sink waste fits into the hole. I fitted the sink by placing it upside down on the oak ply worktop, drawing around it and cutting one centimeter inside the line...then siliconing the sink into place.
  6. Since this photo was taken, I had a tap fitted to the read left hand side of the sink. I chose this position because I knew I would mostly operate the tap with my left hand while brushing my teeth. As a campervan sink doubles up as a kitchen and bathroom sink, you have to think about how you will be using it in several ways, plus on what side you will be placing washed crockery.
  8. The sink's been in use for over two years now and has held up quite well. It's not perfect anymore but it still works and I'm happy I went this route. Little decisions like this have helped my van stay really lightweight....1.5 tonnes.
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