Squishy Character Sheet

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  1. Squishy, the Slug Merchant
  2. > What is this character's species/race?
  3. He comes from a race of sluglike beings that inhabit a far-off, backwater planet. Due to being slow and very physically vulnerable, his race has evolved to take advantage of whatever they can to survive—camouflage, breeding predator animals as protection, and--as their sapience increased and they eventually joined the galactic stage, trickery and deceit.
  5. > What are some notable traits about this character? What's his personality like, and describe him physically.
  6. “Squishy” is not his real name; it was a nickname Luke came up with when they first met, and Squishy adopted it as a pseudonym. He’s slow to trust and prefers finding the best way to come out of every interaction with an advantage over creating deep, meaningful interpersonal relationships. Of course, he’s a businessman first and foremost, so he’ll keep up a friendly and cordial face, though it can sometimes come off as fake.
  7. Physically, he resembles a large earth slug; big, fat, and squishy body, with a dark grey coloration, two silvery stripes down either sides, and a few dark-blue spots along his back. He has four thin, spindly limbs which he uses as legs and arms, with three fingers and toes on each “hand” and “foot”. His “face” consists of two feathery feelers in place of eyes, and two short, fat feelers on either side of his mouth. He has a strong, pungent, almost cloying “musk”, which seems to originate from the slimy coating down the front of his body.
  8. Though the Hotel translates all speech, Squishy still often speaks in squeaking and burbling with the occasional broken-English sentence—a facade he puts up to come off as harmless to his potential customers.  
  10. > What can he do in the Hotel as his job?
  11. As a businessman he is well experienced in customer service, so HR may be perfect for him. He also may set up a side business opening a shop in the Hotel; even if there isn’t any need for one, he’s still stuck in his ways. He provides goods—both from the remains of his ship and what he can find in the Hotel—for whatever they can be traded for: Jojo’s jewels, Voidfeather’s feathers (both of which he repurposes into trinkets and baubles that he can resell), even sexual favors. When the Hotel establishes contacts with other planets, Squishy can also head out to procure even more items that he can sell or that the other residents need; though he may be reluctant to go to some planets/galaxies, due to the circumstances below.
  13. > The Hotel takes in people who are lost, have nowhere to go, who are left wandering or are not missed. Why is this character lost?
  14. Being a shady, deceitful businessman, Squishy’s done his fair share of dirty dealings and screwing people over. However, he eventually pissed off the wrong person, and ended up with an entire planetary Merchant’s Guild out for his head. He fled with everything he had, both to find a place to start over and to escape the bounty hunters being sent after him.
  16. > Most people who arrive at the Hotel are hurting in some shape or form. How does he arrive at the Hotel, and how will he be once he's had some time to recover and flourish?
  17. > What does he need to flourish? Will Anon, Asterion or the staff have to do something to get him going? (This is kind of a plus, as I can make a quest out of this character.)
  18. The story of how he crashed into the Hotel varies every time he tells it, but one common theme is being ambushed by a fleet of bounty hunters and shot down. He’s just grateful that both he and most of his merchandise survived. Once he’s able to set up his shop, and as long as he can make his deals and do his business, he’ll be a happy slug.
  20. > How does this character relate to other characters?
  21. He may not be very well liked by the residents, but he can provide them with what they need; materials and tech for Nito’s projects, upgrades and materials to repair Synthboi, varieties of alien alcohol for the Bar, etc. May take advantage of the more naïve/unintelligent characters, and may become the target of pranks from Luke as a result.
  23. > Try and describe a funny/endearing/captivating moment for your character.
  24. >Be in the Hotel during the /minoh/ Holiday Special
  25. >Squishy still hawking his wares in exchange for whatever he can trade them for
  26. >no Christmas spirit at all
  27. >bah_humbug.gif
  28. >later that night, he's visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future
  29. >it's just Onsen, Luke, and Nito/Black, respectively, screwing with him
  30. >Nito provides the effects, while Black provides the big, scary figure
  31. >Voidfeather cameos as "the old business partner he screwed over for profit" by using his eldritch void powers to peer into and project Squishy's thoughts and memories
  32. >the next morning, Slugboi is passing out gifts like candy
  33. >he doesn't even make any deals for sexual favors in return(!)
  34. >he's back to his old self by the following week's episode, but it's nice while it lasts
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