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  1. [13:46:19] <Nagare_Shinobu> I... hrm, yeah. Does Sylpi proceed to tell everyone that Ecky is actually Nagare.
  2. [13:46:21] <Nagare_Shinobu> *?
  3. [13:46:23] <Giantree> No.
  4. [13:46:35] <Nagare_Shinobu> Aight, cool. Good stuff.
  5. [13:46:41] <Giantree> She bullies everyone but never actually betrays her word
  6. [13:47:18] <Nagare_Shinobu> I'll uh... let you start, boss.
  7. [13:47:41] <Giantree> Granted, I don't think he SAID not to tell anybody, but, if you consider she knew that ninja existed (and used the term 'Shinobi,' which is probably archaic in this setting and not something that's regularly said anymore, even among those who do know that ninja exist), she probably had enough of an understanding of how they try to be sneakysneak, and didn't find it appropriate to COMPLETELY ruin his life yet
  8. [13:48:00] <Giantree> but the option's open need it ever be done
  9. [13:48:24] <Giantree> alright now i'm lying back down yeah good luck ping me if you need rulings or clarifications i guess
  10. [13:48:38] <Giantree> ... or if ramgirl does one, ping me then too
  11. [13:53:33] <Vena> Where the fuck is...Eckhart? Considering he's the most suspicious looking fellow around, Vena (or Vivi, as she may be more well known as) has made it a point to have a talk with him. Not even an accusation storm, just...a talk, really. Maybe something else, who even knows? So at some point, early morning before he goes and hits on girls or something, THERE'S VIVI, possibly
  12. [13:53:33] <Vena> speeding the girl hitting process along. "You said we might get along, but we can't do that if we never get a moment to talk."
  13. [13:57:20] <Nagare_Shinobu> Of course, his hit-on-girls is actually an excuse go hang out on the mountains to... meditate? Yeah, totally that. "You've got a point, Vi." The ninja turns to face the assassin. "So, got anything you wanna talk about?"
  14. [14:09:26] <Vena> "Well, we could get right to a point. You seem to be a man of business, if your wear and fighting style is anything to go by...but yet, your attitude seems to suggest otherwise. ...Who even are you? ...Aside from 'Eckhart', which is honestly getting uncomfortable to say."
  15. [14:13:47] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Me? I'm just the best," Eckhart smirks... not that anyone could actually see under that mask. "Do I need to say anything else?" Sylvera was easy to trust, but her... Eckhart can't trust an assassin. He knows this by experience! ... not like he's one himself.
  16. [14:21:34] <Vena> Totally a bodyguard. She said she was! "See, that's exactly what I mean. Your style of dress and attitude clash in ways that are frankly more unnerving than the zombie following us around. You'd think you'd dress in something that would conceal your...status of being the best just a bit less."
  17. [14:22:31] <Vena> "...Were we somewhere warmer, I'd suggest showing off the midriff?"
  18. [14:23:35] <Giantree> tablet picked up
  19. [14:23:48] <Vena> ganbatte
  20. [14:26:39] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Tch, you wouldn't get it, but when you're the best, why hide that you are the best? Anyone comes after you, you just kill them off. Though... I guess even in retirement, I'm still a spy."
  21. [14:27:03] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Even use my old tools and everything."
  22. [14:32:41] <Vena> "To catch potential enemies off guard with the...bestness, of course! And to keep a lower profile, so you don't have to spend all day killing off pursuers. Gotta leave time for work. ...That said, it'd seem you are using some pretty old tools. Shuriken see much less use nowadays, bit more conspicuous than knives. ...Though they do seem to have more style, so I guess it
  23. [14:32:41] <Vena> suits you?"
  24. [14:36:18] <Nagare_Shinobu> Alright, let's hopefully milk some info off of her. "So how about you? You don't seem like the sort to get into being a bodyguard." The noble's domain is Falchea Peak, the highest place in Cylea, and she's keeping the person she's meeting a secret... but what about her bodyguard? Did she know anything?
  25. [14:41:11] <Vena> "Well, it certainly pays well. I'd have to be an idiot to reject work given by nobles. ...And besides, a person in a suit of armor wouldn't accomplish much as a bodyguard if they can barely keep up with the person they're protecting, much less neutralize threats before they reach her." She shrugs! "...Well, except that other girl that manages to wave around an axe in the
  26. [14:41:11] <Vena> air while wearing a suit. Not entirely sure how such a person even exists. Everyone's just full of surprises, really."
  27. [14:45:26] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Yeah... we also have a sword-loving idiot, an undead guy, some bookworm on a horse, a chick on a wyvern, a prissy bitch who also is hot, some dog-human-wolf dude, and a chick on a pegasus with us," Eckhart shakes his head, unsure of what to make of this entire list. "Honestly, I might just jump ship the second the opportunity presents itself... and I know
  28. [14:45:26] <Nagare_Shinobu> where my friend is."
  29. [14:48:59] <Vena> "Personally, I'd say the first, third, and last of those are tied for the most normal person. Could change at any given moment, really. ...Though, I would say that all this nonsense has been grouped together for a reason. After all, it'd seem that God-Generals want our heads, specifically. Might be the sort of thing that might end up turning the war around."
  30. [14:49:44] <Vena> "...Frankly, it all reeks of 'something more is going on'. But, well, it still manages to pay enough for me to not care." She shrugs!
  31. [14:53:41] <Nagare_Shinobu> "They've got some pretty bad subordinates, if that pegasus chick's flunkies are any indication. They thought they could fuck me up, but I fucked them up in the end. Just proves that I'm the best, right? But if the God-Generals are after our asses, then I'll be glad to say someday that I killed a god."
  32. [14:54:21] <Nagare_Shinobu> Of course, he knows about the God-Generals, but this wasn't the time. Not until he could trust these people... which would be never.
  33. [15:00:15] <Vena> "Good, you've got a good attitude about that. Still, if I'm a bodyguard, and they're after us, and the one I'm protecting expected them to would imply that the one we're guarding is not just a normal noble, right? Should be obvious to anyone thinking about it, so I'll say that much freely. ...And considering we've run into all sorts of strange types, it means
  34. [15:00:15] <Vena> that I have to be careful of folk just...slipping into our ranks non-chalantly. If they don't expect to kill her directly, giving them our location would be enough to give us a bit more trouble than we'd like."
  35. [15:00:28] <Vena> "...Still not sure what to think of you, though." She frowns.
  36. [15:08:00] <Nagare_Shinobu> Sh- Eckhart gives a smug chuckle. "Just know that my target isn't Sylvera... unless she happens to be that friend of mine." Implying that his target to flirt with wouldn't be her and Vena. "And that I'm the best. Can't forget about that." Hopefully, Sylvera won't just expose you as the fraud you are.
  37. [15:15:45] <Vena> "Yeah, you're going to have to work pretty hard to drop that 'Useless' title. ...Speaking of which, Vivi isn't the name I actually use. It's Vena." That's the name she uses, yep. "I don't actually dislike the sound of Vivi though, so it's fine. Call me either."
  38. [15:18:47] <Nagare_Shinobu> Yeah, let's not talk about the "useless" thing. Triggers him too much. "Figured it wasn't Vivi, but it's definitely a cute name, not gonna lie." Eckhart's smile seems a little more genuine... not like people actually see that with that mask up.
  39. [15:25:40] <Vena> Gotta TRIGGER him, just a bit. "Uh, sure. Eckhart's hardly a good name though. Sounds like the name of some stuffy general." She seems a bit more resistant to being called cute than the average shukugirl! "Never too late to give yourself another name!"
  40. [15:29:38] <Nagare_Shinobu> She's edgy, of course she's resistant to cute, even if she's a shukugirl. "Challenge accepted, then. I'll get back to you once I find a good name. 'Till then... don't kill any more guys than I do." Turning his back to her, Eckhart begins to walk off, presumably to his previous intended destination.
  41. [15:31:29] <Vena> "Heh. No promises. See ya." Vena heads off as well, to...nowhere in particular!
  42. [15:33:09] <Nagare_Shinobu>  /C?
  43. [15:34:18] <Nagare_Shinobu> > Vena and Shinobu have attained a Support Rank of C!
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