[COMM] Pokeballs: Not Just for Trainers (CV, hyper)

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  1. Resting on a log deep within the frozen woods, Articuno opened his eyes to the sound of creaking trees and wind whistling through branches. In the nearby clearing, a large, white pokemon glided down, flapping his wings as little as possible. Lugia landed with a solid “whump” in the snow, shaking the powdery snow from nearby trees, and folded his wings before looking towards Articuno. With a big smile on his beak, the ice bird hopped off his log, flapping over to the pokemon he admired so much. “Lugia! What a wonderful surprise, and so far away from the whirl islands!” he called out before giving the legendary a slight bow.
  3. Lugia nodded. “Yeah, my mate’s been after me a bit about eggs, so I figured I’d come pay you a visit, because, y’know...” he trailed off, gesturing vaguely with a wing before picking back up, “but hey, you seem rather focused on my tail today - yes, I noticed - maybe we should continue this discussion while you indulge yourself and it a little?”
  5. “Ah, thank you, sir. But I must insist, there’s a cavern right this way; an Ice-type like me is at home in the snow, but it must be rather uncomfortable for you.” Articuno felt his heart flutter a little at Lugia’s direct offer, and decided not to correct him on what, exactly, he had actually been staring at.
  7. After a polite faux-refusal, Lugia followed the ice pokemon. In truth, he was glad to be out of the snow and wind. He shook off the snow gathered on his body, found a nice, wide area, and promptly flopped down on his back. The legendary sighed and let his legs splay to the sides, showing off an impressive pair of balls. Now that he was out of the cold, they slowly began to swell back to their full size, almost as wide as his legs were long. Articuno stared, enthralled by the expanding orbs, only to be shaken from his daze by a gentle nudge from his superior’s tail. “Hey, Arty, Hoenn to Arty... I asked how you were doing.” The snow bird shut his beak with an audible clack and glanced away towards the thick, white tail, blushing heavily. “Ah. Very well, right this moment, hm? But more generally, what have you been up to?”
  9. Articuno shifted back and forth, trying to calm his heart, before cautiously stepping up onto the offered appendage to knead at Lugia’s tail. “N-not much, sir. I’ve kept mostly to this forest since winter ended, and that one Team of humans who kept poaching the residents seems to have disappeared,” he replied. Dipping his wings down, he lightly brushed over the thick, strong tail with his primaries, earning a pleased hum from... from the other side off those huge, captivating balls... Articuno shook his head and set about rubbing, kneading, and brushing at the tail while continuing, only a bit distracted, “mostly just resting and grabbing some berries or unfortunate Rattatta. Left me plenty of time for thinking about stuff like the sounds of wind, the merits and risks of venturing closer to the humans...” With a smile, he thought to himself, ‘...and those huge, sexy cock and balls!’
  11. With an amused smirk, Lugia lifted his head to watch the blue bird between his legs. “Lots of thought towards that third one, yes?”
  13. The bird in question squawked, tensing up. Lugia flinched from the talons digging into his tail, and Articuno quickly stepped off and rubbed at the area with his wings. “S-sorry. Did I really say that out loud?”
  15. “Either that or I’m developing telepathy. But, actually, I did come here to talk about something related to that. It involves you getting quite familiar with my sack, so if you want to get all cozy with it and my shaft, well, it might actually make this go over easier.” In truth, the thought of the bird getting all flustered and horny for him was exciting Lugia, too, and his massive cock began to ease its way out from its sheath.
  17. “I- surely you don’t- I mean, of course I- but-” Articuno tripped over his words, anxiously stepping back and forth and fidgeting with his wings, made only worse when the legendary pokemon before him gestured invitingly to the huge shaft growing from just past those enormous, blue-grey balls. Eventually, he settled on stepping forward in a daze, straddling the dick and marvelling at its size - his entire body barely stretched sheath to tip! “Oh man, I’m dreaming, aren’t I? What a great dream...”
  19. Lugia smiled and reached a wing down, gently stroking down the bird’s back and drawing out a sort of strangled moan. “You’re not dreaming, but I’m about to say something kinda crazy. So bear with me, okay?”
  21. “Yes sir...” Articuno’s wings wrapped around the shaft, savoring the powerful heat and musky scent of his leader’s dick. It was even better than his greatest fantasy, and he wanted nothing more than to keep attending to the Pokemon’s member.
  23. “Ooh, keep that up,” the larger legendary crooned, swishing his tail along the floor, “anyway, my mate wants kids. Adorable little Lugias running around. I’m inclined to agree, but... well, I’m not naturally fertile. Plenty of goo, but nothing productive.” He paused while Articuno turned, gave a noise of acknowledgement, and buried his beak between Lugia’s big, round balls, lapping up sweat and arousal. “I need some life, freely given, to give her the means for new life. You’re very dedicated and loyal to me, and clearly lust quite strongly for me. Would you kindly, in one great, final service to me, feed yourself to my cock and become my cum?”
  25. The smaller bird froze - despite his Ice typing - and slowly looked up at Lugia, past the thick, hot shaft. “I’m sorry, sir, I must have misheard you. You want me,” he gestured to himself, “to go in there,” swept his wing out to the twitching tip, “and... digest or something?”
  27. “Yes. Consider it an act of ultimate loyalty, a chance to touch and stroke my genitals to your very last, or - and I hope you don’t think this - some sort of karmic punishment for your lust.” Lugia rested his wing on top of Articuno, pressing him into his shaft and pulling him up along its length. “A part of something greater, even. Part of me, and a vital part of my progeny.”
  29. “Well, it’s... that all sounds great, but it’s a bit... final, isn’t it? I mean, no going back on-”
  31. “Would you like to get covered in my cum first to see what it’s like?” Lugia interrupted him with a tongue as silver as his wings, a calm, commanding look on his face, the effect of which was slightly offset by the tip of his prick nearly poking him in the chin.
  33. “Oh, Lugia above, yes please!” Articuno had leapt to the ground and the words were out of his beak before he realized he was saying them. He immediately covered his beak with a wing, but still nodded in the affirmative.
  35. “Good. And remember, if you like it, I’ll gladly let you feel it for the rest of your life.” The larger pokemon rolled to his side and stood up, brushing some dirt off. Now upright and aroused, the legendary’s shaft towered over the smaller pokemon, and the sheer volume of his balls forced Lugia to straddle slightly to keep them under him. It bobbed forward, nearly bopping Articuno on his feathered head before Lugia's wing wrapped around it.
  37. Slack-jawed in almost religious awe, Articuno reached a wing up, brushing a few blue feathers against its stunning heat. Unthinking, he took a step forward, nuzzling the firm shaft and wanting the musky scent to never leave his beak. A moan escaped him when he opened his beak, licked the looming cock, and shivered in delight. One step, then another, until the ice bird was nestled right between Lugia's sensitive, shifting balls. He spread his wings, hugging those plump orbs as he pressed himself against the base of the larger legendary’s cock, and leaned back to try to rub his own dick against the soft skin. A thought at the back of his mind pointed out how disrespectful it might be, humping against Lugia without his express permission, but after he spared a quick look up the length of the mighty shaft, any doubt was washed away amidst a flood of lust and desire: the guardian of the seas had stuffed his tip down his throat, and was happily bobbing away, with a wide, white wing-hand stroking and squeezing the rest of his length.
  39. Articuno immediately lost track of time, remaining in his lusty haze stronger than any Salazzle could conjure up. He had only one thought: pleasure Lugia. Eventually, the larger pokemon swept him back, away from the enormous member, with his tail. Articuno began to protest, but his complaint died in his throat when he saw what was happening: with an almost predatory grin, Lugia was leaning forward, aiming the tip of his divine cock towards Articuno, and stroking rapidly. The smaller legendary barely had enough time to close his eyes and open his beak before a veritable wave of hot, thick cum splashed over him. He swallowed what landed in his beak and fluffed his feathers, in time for another shot to soak into them, his leader’s heat and love dripping around and into his plumage. More and more coated the bird, until finally, a break got him to shake some jizz free from his head and open his eyes. In front of him, Lugia panted, satisfied, though his cock was clearly ready for a second round, still hard and dripping the last dregs of his orgasm hardly a foot from Lugia’s face.
  41. Lugia was the first to speak, between heavy breaths. “So, I won’t force you, but you did seem to enjoy that a lot. Even saw you do the bathing feather thing.” Articuno found himself nodding along, and even took a cum-dripping step forward as the sexy, sexy predator continued, “and, with your infatuation with me, well, this is the logical end step: get me off, get closer to my cock than... well, anyone in years, and let me infuse their body with my seed, fading away to, in a way, become my progeny.”
  43. Once more, a part of his mind protested, shouting about death and irreversibility, but the bird stepped forward regardless, leaning his beak up to the hot, musky cocktip and pressing in.
  45. It was hotter than the - in two ways - legendary cumbath, and the heady musk filling his head swept away all but the hardiest of fears. Once more lost in that pleasurable daze, Articuno found himself thinking of the act more as sex than being consumed. He pulled his wings in tight as they squeezed in, and even the bird’s breast posed little challenge to the stretched tip. His legs were then forced back along his long, blue, cum-stained tailfeathers. The sensation of the cum-slicked tunnel against his shaft, already rigid and overstimulated from getting Lugia off, was more than Articuno could bear; he squirmed and wriggled within the shaft, every movement serving not only to pleasure both pokemon, but also to worm his way in deeper, swiftly descending towards those plump balls. Legs and talons followed, joining the rest of his body in the hot, tight, musky dick, but then... he stopped.
  47. Sitting back with a smile, Lugia held the upper part of his shaft tightly in one hand. He had always secretly admired Articuno’s billowing blue tail, how it swished about so easily in the breeze. He preferred his own powerful butt-decoration, of course, but the Ice-type’s tail... looked nice. He hefted his cock, and the flexible feathers flicked to one side. A quick breath of air across his tip, and the tail goes back. Lugia began stroking himself, now hastening his prey’s descent, and the tail swiftly slipped in with no resistance.
  49. By the time the smaller pokemon came down from his climax, his beak already poked into a more open area. Head, then wings followed, and his deep, panting breaths filled his lungs with the most potent scent of his leader’s cum he had experienced yet. In no time at all, Articuno was bathed, literally, in Lugia’s cum. Surrounded by heat and a predatory environment, instinct gripped the smaller pokemon. Before he could stop himself, he beat his wings, thrashing shortly against his confinement. However, all that came of it was a moan and a shudder from the guardian of the seas. Shaking off his panic, though, a seed of worry remained. “S-sir?” he asked, curiously sloshing his wing through the pool of semen, “will this be painful? Digesting, that is. I should’ve asked earlier.”
  51. Lugia went to shake his head, realized Articuno couldn’t see him, and settled on gently cupping his balls in an attempt to comfort the bird. “Not at all; I’ve heard it’s rather like your leg falling asleep, only without the pins and needles.” He had started stroking himself absentmindedly, and made himself stop. He and his mate needed the soon-to-be fertile seed, and Arty would surely come back as a Ghost-type to haunt him forever if he wasted him. “Well, and that it’s your entire body.”
  53. The ice bird began to feel sluggish. The air felt thicker to breathe, his wings grew heavier, and then... just weren’t there. He wanted to tell Lugia about it, and to wish him luck, but it seemed he had no breath to form words. With a vaguely contented smile on his softening, dripping beak, Articuno let himself sink into the very cum he’d fantasized over for years. In his final thoughts, he was happy to so uniquely help Lugia.
  55. Lugia pressed a wing against the splendid orbs between his legs. No sign of any solid birds. He glanced back towards the mouth of the cave, and grimaced, anticipating the bitter, freezing wind against his exposed shaft. When he stepped closer, however, he found the winds had died down, and while it certainly wasn’t warm out, the temperature was at least bearable. He blinked, and looked once more at his sacrifice’s resting place. “Huh. Fair enough.” With a leap and beating of his great wings, Lugia took once more to the skies, the added weight from his trip filling his resolve and determination to get back home, mount his wife, and breed her like she’d never been bred before.
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