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  1. To start with, I am not going to go through any process of proving myself or my claims. also the entirety of what I am saying is lunacy and should be taken as such.
  3. I have seen a lot of questions being risen about LSD, towards its manufacturing, distribution, and the like. I would like to try to set a few records straight as best as I can.
  5. Lysergic acid diethylamide can only be produced in a large, high tech lab. The process could theoretically be memorized, or copied from a tech that is found online, but it is much more reasonable to assume that anyone that has made it has a very extensive knowledge, with multiple years of experience, in organic chemistry.
  7. Now, what labs have the equipment to even produce such a difficult drug? The only labs (in the USA) that have these resources would be roughly the top 20 organic chemistry universities, and some of the largest corporations that do research and deal with chemistry. Now, even if you have access to these labs, the harder part is getting the precursors, to make the drug. In the USA, more likely than not you would need a good connection (family member, close friend, etc.) to even have a chance to obtain the precursors needed to create LSD. Now, lets assume that somehow you obtained these chemicals, the question is how hard is it to make LSD? the answer is hard. Very very very hard. Most tech's are over 150 steps, and dozens of pages, and the whole process can take well over a week, so how is LSD produced without the person producing it being caught? Well, it can be created in steps, and each piece can be saved for later. also, if you have a couple Kilos of precursors, you only need to make 1 batch a year. From the people I have met, and the stories I have learned, the most common place to get genuine LSD is from pharmacology majors, who have days of lab time reserved for projects, and since they frequently can be making a new drug with a new patent, then can file to have their research not published, and have privacy in the lab (this only comes from multiple years of experience int he study, and direct permission from their professor). The process is done in multiple steps, and is done with complete secrecy. When a batch of LSD is made, it is usually in the tens of thousands of doses range, and only one or two batches is made a year for the area. This fact is confirmed for where I live and do business, so I am assuming it is true at the other big universities. I also believe there are some large underground labs, that produce huge quantities of LSD then go dark for multiple years (like the Family), and most of that LSD is what is found online, like SR, SMP, and the like. In addition to this, there is a legend, whether it be true or not, of a barrel full of LSD going missing from the governments files, and was never to be found again. The estimation of the amount of LSD in this barrel was over 100 million hits. Since LSD can be kept for absurd amounts of time (if kept in the right conditions) it is quite possible some LSD out there today could still be from this barrel from the 1950's.
  10. Now, what role is played in the distribution of LSD on the black market once it is made? In the case of the universities, those who make the LSD pass it on to others, who pass it on to others, eventually books are made from the liquid, and pages are cut from the books, and sheets are cut from the pages, which are sold at parties to local dealers, who in turn sell strips to those who want to trip. In my area, the order goes 1 hit (1 tab) 1 strip (10 tabs) 1 sheet (100 tabs) 1 page (1,000 tabs) 1 book (10,000 tabs). also available are vials, which contain a minimum of 100 doses per vial. Being the fact that I am low on the distribution chain, I deal with sheets. I buy a sheet, and it usually takes me from 2-3 weeks to sell a sheet, unless I go to a big venue, such as a concert. If there is a party, that contains only the people from the local area, I am the type of person that helps distribute LSD through towns, which does end up reaching high schools, though I would tell anyone who is under 18 to not partake in any drugs, especially psycho actives, as there is not much medical research into the effects that they have on non-fully developed bodies. I sell LSD to survive. Working a normal 9-5 does not cover my bills. The current blotter art I have is a section of the Decleration of Independence, my market is my local college, and anyone that wants to buy.
  12. I also sell the other fun drugs, like MDMA, Cannabis, etc. and I enjoy the other tryptamines, such as 25i-nboh, AMT, MET, etc. I am a very laid back and relaxed person, and enjoy making friends as often as possible. I also think every single person should try LSD at least once in their lives. I have met people who have cooked LSD and MDMA, I have a close companion who used to sell a sheet every week, and would see news articles of the product getting found and the people busted, and I have friends who have had their family members die from OD on various drugs. Everyone in the supply chain makes money, everyone understands the risk, and everyone loves the rush, whether they admit it or not. Also, the truth is that most drug dealers, and distributors, work 9-5's, and probably help support the community more than most people. This might only be with those who have done LSD though, as I do not want to get in close with the Meth, Heroin, or Coke dealers. (though I know plenty)
  14. The entirety of this has been written from TOR, and regardless if the NSA is watching or not, they don't give a shit about someone like me, so low on the totem pole. All they care about are the big busts, which they can boast about, to get more government funding. It is sickening, really.
  16. -Backpack
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