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  1. /* Don't Wanna Read? No problem skip to end. */
  4.                               ______                          ______            
  5.                              / _____)                        / _____)            
  6.                             ( (____  _ _ _ _____  ____  ____( (____  _____  ____
  7.                              \____ \| | | (____ |/ _  |/ _  |\____ \| ___ |/ ___)
  8.                              _____) ) | | / ___ ( (_| ( (_| |_____) ) ____( (___
  9.                             (______/ \___/\_____|\___ |\___ (______/|_____)\____)
  10.                                                 (_____(_____|                  
  12.                                             ## Hacking Today for an Entertaining Tomorrow.
  16. Dear Cyberworld Participants,
  18.      During the past few weeks, we've been hittin' cyberspace hard brotha's.  So hard, we spent weeks tryin' to get this release for our brothas. So let's do a lil' summary before we go on. Lately, things aroun' the government, aren't lookin' too good. We need to change that.
  19. Government is suppose to work for all o' us. So to do tis' we will be giving you quality destruction of some of 'em governments. From all aroun' the world. The Chinese need to work on stop censorin' all our asses. It's time to stop isolatin' and start minglin'. Knowledge is
  20. free for a reason. 'N right now you have a bad reputation with us, China. First Foxconn, then China Telecom, and now eighteen of your biggest governmen' sites. Now, we got a few more stuff goin' on in Asia. Turns out India enjoys a lil' bit of censorship, and backdoorin' their people's phones.  Not good India. Let's start out by rootin' your corrupt educational system. Knowledge is suppose to be free, just as China learned you will too, mofo. Now let's see what we have here in the middle east, Saudi Arabia. This ain't your classic Aladdin fairy tale, we got the super rich, and the slaves. That's all. And don' think you can move up from poor or rich in Saudia Arabia, you won't get anythin' if you were born poor. So we just root up all your sites.
  21.      Speakin' of sites, we also got some nice Mastercard leakin'. And speakin' of big companies there's a nice dump of Farmers Insurance. No one likes being scammed and let down from their own insurance company, so stop doin' what you doin' or we'll leak it all, mofo. 'N speakin' of American Businesses, we got you some of 'em government sites too. Enjoy the Library of Congress, Grants/ , and some nice National Data sauce. You'll love this sauce, more than jerk sauce on som' nice chicken. And just for you, we'll throw in some nice Greencard data, in case you want your own.
  22.      We've got a storm of destruction coming your way. We began our work by creating an intricate target list, and then finding vulnerabilities. With our ongoing interest with the Chinese government, and their own cyber affairs, we decided it would be most clever to
  23. root a couple of their boxes. We aimed our cyber-glock and mugged loot from several vaults. It is said, "He who controls the seed controls the food supply; and he who controls the food supply controls the world.", today we have challenged China's authority once more. We hacked
  24. all their agriculture and some technological interests including: Red Grain Seed Industry Technology Co.LTD (Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Crop Breeding), Jilin Province Zhuang 100 Million Seed Industry Co. LTD, Institute of Argo-food Technology, Jilin
  25. Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Plant Protection Research Institute, Jilin Tonghua Technology, Guro'erluosi Population and Family Planning Network/Family Planning Bureau, Jilin Jinong Prataculture Science and Technology Development Co.LTD/Grass Industry Science and Technology Development, Jilin Academy of Agricultural Fruit Tree Science and Technology Development Co, Guo'erluosi Technology Network, Jilin Tonghua Spark Program, Animal Science Branch, Northeast of China Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center, Baishan Spark Science and Technology Network, Northeast Agricultural Research Center of China, Argp-Biotechnology Research Institute, Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences. We also have included all their emails, due to our inability to speak Chinese we decided include all user entered data. Now while targeting Asia, we went into India. India has a notorious educational institute for corruption. In other words, you need to be bestowed with money from birth in order to earn an education. To cause nice destruction we hacked into, it includes not only student data but answers to their national test equivalent to an "SAT". While working on hacks in Asia, I came upon a BBC Panorama investigation of Saudi Arabia. It described a nation composed of a few "super-rich" and a majority of slaves. All these slaves live in extensive slums with the inability to receive education. To cause transcendent destruction, we decided to hack all sites. Yes, all of them. Now, instead of obtaining and including all the terabytes of data we instead included the usernames and passwords to all the sites. All retrieved from pivoting one of their SQL servers.
  26.         After our tour of Asia, we enter the western nations, specifically USA. Due to their blatant corruption, such as NDAA and the congress of tyrants, we decided to do a quick and masterful tour of the country. We began with with some simple intrusion,
  27. then which in turn allowed us to exploit access to We've looted all information but included any confidential information, including logins. As our last act against government we also hacked a server containing Greencard info as well as national
  28. private data, including employment information and welfare; as can be found in the directory "statedata". In order to take full advantage of our stay at the USA, we decided to hit couple of corrupt corporations. Farmers Insurance, as every other insurance does, denies
  29. insurance even when one truly does need it. As a result, you will find a sample of data looted from Farmers Insurance. The other corporation, one the internet is familiar with, Mastercard, has also been included in our tour.
  30.         Now as we put our cyber-glock away for next time, we encourage the absolute destruction of our victims. It is your duty, if you are reading to do so. Everything you need is now at your fingertips to truly yield the power of destruction. This being our largest leak
  31. yet, we hope as a regular participant of the internet, you enjoy such data. Remember, knowledge is free, and destruction is bliss. A philosophy we promote, we recommend, we enjoy, and such has become part of a rather hedonistic view than as a duty. With logins and information included, feel free to exert the greatest havoc without restraints. Without further delay, the leaks.
  33.                                                          The Hackers with Swagger,
  34.                                                                                Swagg Security
  35. Torrent to the Mega Leak(Please Seed):
  36. -:- -:-
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