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  1. <?xml version="1.0" ?>
  2. <ReqInfoFolioDetail>
  3.   <User>
  4.     <Login>fgeiger</Login>                          <!-- User login [required, string(50)] {usrLogin} -->
  5.     <Password>2GO4@ruba</Password>                <!-- User password [required, string(20)] {usrConvertPassword} -->
  6.   </User>
  7.  <Folio>
  8.     <FolioId>1698844</FolioId>                       <!-- CRS unique folio id [required, integer] {folUId} -->
  9.     <Personal>1</Personal>                       <!-- Determine if personal folio details should be returned, domain 1-yes, 0-no [optional, integer] {n/a} -->
  10.    <Note>1</Note>                               <!-- Determine if folio notes should be returned, domain 1-yes, 0-no [optional, integer] {n/a} -->
  11.      </Folio>
  12. <!-- Folio note search criteria -->
  13.   <Note>
  14.    <NoteType>MB</NoteType>                   <!-- Note types, multiple types must be separated with comma, typical: ME-Email, MO-Other, WN-WebBrochure, see API document for full listing [optional, string(2) each] {nteNoteType} -->
  15.    <ArchiveContent>2</ArchiveContent>  
  16.    </Note>
  17. </ReqInfoFolioDetail>
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